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The Serene Empire of Tara

‘From sea to shining sea’

1. Capital: Rigour
2. Head of State: Her Imperial Majesty Liliana, First of that Name, Empress of Tara
3. Nation Breakdown: Great Power, 125 Points
- Administration
* Stability of the Government: 5
* Integrity of the Government: 4
* Competency of the Bureaucracy: 7

- Economics
* Competitiveness of the Economy: 5
* Development of the Coal Industry: 3
* Development of the Steel Industry: 3
* Development of the Petrol Industry: 1
* Development of the Chromium Industry: 2
* Development of Small Arms Industry: 1
* Development of Munitions Industry: 1
* Development of Automobile Industry: 1
* Development of the Agriculture Industry: 3
* Development of Shipbuilding Industry: 7
* Mechanization: 7
* Number of Specialized Workers: 6
* Urbanization: 4

- Military
* Quality of Standard Rifle: 2
* Quality of Field Gun: 1
* Quality of Machine Gun: 1
* Quality of the Army: 1
* Logistics Capacity of the Army: 1
* Quality of the Officer Corps: 2
* Competency of Army High Command: 2
* Quality of the Navy: 9
* Logistics Capacity of the Navy: 8
* Quality of the Officer Corps: 7
* Competency of Navy High Command: 7

- Culture & Nation
* Colonial Holdings: 5
* Homogeneity of the Nation: 1
* Nationalist Beliefs: 2
* Irredentist Beliefs: 2
* Population: 4
* Metropolitan Infrastructure: 4
* Road Network: 3
* Rail Network: 3
Well, you've always done splendid RPs, @Theodorable, and it's clearly time to bring Tara back, if you'll have me.
Always a sucker for a space NRP :) . How do you feel about megascale engineering?
Looks interesting so far! I'd like to hear more. Also, what are you defining as the basic fantasy concepts in re races and so forth?
Well, some more info on the magic system so's I can get to grips with it would be delightful, for a start :) .
Sounds jolly exciting; I look forward to the Discord and more information :) .
@Templar Knight, still interested :) . Sorry t'hear about the real life difficulties - everything sorted now?

Oh, and it might be worth pinging those who've previously registered their interest :) .
Given that we're playing in a post-Great Frost world (or at least, post first Great Frost), I think a bit of leeway on the resource numbers is no bad thing. Keeping track of a few critical ones makes sense and introduces an element of planning - and allows you as GM to inject an element of consequence into decisions - but you don't need to know how many chairs the citizens made in their down-time :P .

Part of the fun of this is going to be interaction between the city-states, figuring out how to spread our influence - and our cities - beyond the confines of our own little craters, and how to survive more long-term in the brave new sparkly cold world.

Sounds fun, and Frostpunk pulls at the heartstrings :) . Fighting the cold and the iniquities of one's fellow excellent start! It's generally a good idea to provide a guide - of sorts - as to what you're looking for in the form of your own nation (or in this case, city-state) sheet fairly early on...Helps with numbers and planning, as a general rule-of-thumb.
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