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In the aftermath following the Fire God’s departure, Dorian felt the exertion of the past weeks of training-travelling finally catch up with him, and sitting down now where he had previously stood by the fire, dropping his pack and gear aside as he started to settle himself in. Vardun was also silent for now, the Titan obviously either having nothing to say about the situation or being deep in his own thoughts.

He gave a tired salute to the priestly man who'd approached their fire.

"Feel free, its not strictly most of ours anyway."

He found that he had little mood for chatting with the newcomer, or many of his fellow Chosen, this had been a long road and some very intriguing developments, and the rest which the God from Below had advised would undoubtedly help to deal with both.

While Dorian's body was tired, his mind was working overtime. What in the world was he doing? Pacts with Gods, meeting total strangers from distant corners of the world who had similarly twisted or cruel figures of dark legend as he did, and what was now basically an idea of bringing the world as it was to its knees.

Not that Dorian necessarily disagreed with the latter idea, this world and his homeland had done him no favours in life, what little he had was through sweat and toil and that didn't amount to much before he'd found Vardun, and he wasn't completely unaware of the situation elsewhere beyond, or the Imperium that extracted its tithes of weapons from Braldurheim every season to equip its legions. The strong ruled over the weak in this world, and while he had no illusions necessarily of undoing that principle via the situation he was in . . . he saw no inherent contradiction in remaking the world via the same premise if they held such powers. And while he doubted some of the motivations of his unlikely companions or their patrons, he had no doubt in that.

So, with thoughts of the future ahead, and about the nature of newfound compatriots, and with no interruption from Vardun, Dorian drifted off to sleep next to the fire.
@Romero AFAIK yes, though your entrance will obviously be different than the rest.
@BurningCold Weird, when I looked for it it was a download. Whatever, let's go with it then.
@BurningCold I've tried activating it, and somehow its not working even though I've extracted the files.
@BurningColdNo, never had. I just know I haven't had too many problems with google docs.…

Here is a Doc I've started for it, hopefully I enabled the settings correctly. Have at 'er.
Alright then. I'm free (AFAIK) for the next two days whenever.
@Sierra Roger that, I'll wait then.
@dragonmancer@BurningCold@Silver Carrot

Whenever you guys wanna collab, I'm pretty sure we're all who've gathered around the campfire at Silverwick.

I have to agree with dragon, just pump the brakes slightly.

I am up for collabs though, though my time is limited mostly to after 5pm EST unless I'm otherwise here.
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