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Current Foxes are cunning creatures and not to be trusted... Sly things out for their own gain. The fables have wisdom, kiddies.
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though i understand the point of the "start private convo with yourself" function, it still seems like the most depressing thing one can do on this website
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Drink! And be merry, in good company. 'Tis Festag!


I'm just here to roleplay and have a good time.

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It's me. As a chibi. A friend drew it for me.
Now it's a weird bird.


Ah, the username. I was wondering when we'd get to this. Where'd it come from? That's an easy one I guess. It's a more "epic" way of describing my general ambivalence on a lot of subjects, and my "occasional" tendency to be completely unable to make up my mind about something that is generally pointless.
Who am I?

Well that's a bit existential isn't it? If you want to get to know me, invite me to an RP, or join one of mine. If you're looking for a co-GM or a 1x1 partner, send me a PM and we'll go over things. Not to toot my own horn here, but I think I'm a damn good writer. It's one of the few things I feel vain about. One of the others being my hair.


Judge for yourself what you think of me. My own description would be too biased in one way or the other to be accurate. I'm usually free cause that'll probably be my situation until I die. Which is a double edged sword. If I'm busy it's probably because I'm already making use of my free time elsewhere. Still, I like to chat on discord.

What Else?

Though I said I'd be interested in doing a 1x1, I've never done one before. They honestly don't seem that complicated though, and I think they'd be grand with the right partner.

My favorite colors are minty green, soft shades of orange, and most shades of pink and purple. Doesn't hurt to be easy on the eyes though. That's a deal breaker for me. Neon shit works great in Need for Speed and cyberpunk stuff, but anywhere else and it makes my eyes bleed.

I like music, a lot of it. Maybe most of it. Not pop though, or most rap. Country is a mixed bag. There, I think I listed all three controversial music genres.

Probably more stuff to say, but this glorified list already feels too listy for my taste.

I should talk about the RPs I like + a rant

Fantasy, high and low. Steampunk. Cyberpunk. Sci-fi. Stuff that doesn't keep count of arbitrary things like ammo and health. Let the players roleplay, dammit. If a character is running low on resources or gets shot or something, let the player roleplay that. Writing is an art, not a science. I'll brook no argument on that front. Good roleplayers know not to godmod infinite health poultices or something just because they aren't offering a fucking count for every trinket in their inventory. Sorry about that. noimnot


This my first time messing with a bio. I don't know what I'm doing and I don't really care enough to put in fancy headers and graphics. Maybe some day. Some day. I'd include a list of friends or something but if they don't know who they are already one of us is doing something wrong. I'll leave off with some personal writing I've done. Nothing special, mostly drabbles and bad poetry.

Update? I am now unreasonably proud of this bio and all the tlc I've put into it.

ah, unrequited love

Writing Project(s)

So this is where I'm going to be posting a bunch of short short short stories that all exist in the same continuous universe. You'll know what universe each short story belongs to because they'll have a boring title like "Exposition 1" and "Exposition 2" and so on. So that'll be one universe. Another might be like "Chapter, the First" and so on, or something equally pretentious. This is reserved for stuff that I actually feel vaguely proud of. Drabble shit and bad poetry will still be posted above.

its probably a robot

its slang for social classes and vocations

perceptive viewers will notice...

Roleplay(s) I'm In

Yeah, this'll either by compulsively updated or left to gather dust

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Is this open to all applicants? Even neophytes of WoD?
I am very very interested in this roleplay! It gives me a real Courage the Cowardly Dog vibe, but with underpaid workers that probably live off of ramen.
@Concept Well then I have no idea what's up with that. Too bad you had to drop out the sheet seems rad
So @krismer22 and @Concept are the same person riiiiight?
I think an RP centering around a child custody battle between a decent working gal and a deadbeat leprechaun sounds like a great time.
@Penny I'm interested in this! To be clear, is it a 1x1 or is it a small group that you're looking for?
Just wanted to say that I am hard at work on a character, but it's a bit slowgoing between my other real life commitments! I'm working on it though, rest assured.
<Snipped quote by BurningCold>


However I can only guarantee my interest if our task is unachievable and death is certain.
I haven't been on here in a while, life and such. Quarantine has certainly given me more free time to write. So I'm definitely interested, suicide mission with eldritch space horror is right up my alley.
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