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No you cannot be part of another faction. That would kinda go against the whole point of this. Maybe if there were too many people interested I could have a second team for the enemy or something, but that is not the case.

Try to keep it under 30ft. You can keep it pretty general and relative about how durable, maneuverable and damaging it is. Existing mechas are pretty basic. Most of them are a frame with armor with cannons, swords and jumpjets. You are theoretically allowed to put anything on your mech as it is supposed to be testing a new system of some kind, but try to keep it to one thing. Energy weapons in general need not be that one thing. They do exist and you can just have them even though they are not "standard." Oh and you cannot fly in atmosphere unless your mech transforms into a jet, in which case it can fly in jet mode.
I do still exist and do still intend to run this if anyone is interested, not that I can do anything to convince people to make characters.

Basically yes to all of that.

Technically, they are Monthas mechs that are assumed to be being sold/gifted to the Tethan Empire. It can also assumed that the empire also cannot produce mechs of that quality. These mechs are about twice as good as standard mechs and 50 percent better than what you will start with.
I guess I severely overestimated the actual interest in this. Half the people from the interest check haven't showed up and there have been no characters made. Am I doing something wrong? you know aside from childishly calling everyone out. I feel like this is a good way to burn bridges.
You need not create one now. Or ever if you do not want to. Mechs can and will be provided.
Still looking for players.
Thinking something like this for Zale's Standard mechs…

And then this for your starting mechs as a special squadron…
Don't post here. I like to organize characters myself =P…

Put up the ooc. feel free to talk and ask question there.
War has broken out between the Tethan Empire, one of the four great powers of earth and its most prized colony in space, Zale. The "rats" up in space fight for freedom and sovereignty over their own region of space against the oppressive noblemen of earth. A stalemate in the war has been reached with both sides taking a breather to regroup. It is now that a new unit will become known to human space, The ghoul squadron. A yet untested collection of soldiers with a diverse skill set, designed to complete operations without any support from the rest of the military. They are to be equally good as an infantry commando team and piloting mechs, the standard combat vehicles of ground and space.

Their first mission is one of great importance. At a neutral Colony controlled by Monthas, a giant corporation that became a country in its own right, Tethan Warships have been spied coming and going on a regular basis. Spies infiltrating the colony discovered that there was a massive testing range for new mechanical frames and underground facilities dedicated to their construction. It is assumed that Monthas is creating new machines for the Tethan war effort. This must be stopped. Ghoul Squadron will be deployed, infiltrate the base and destroy everything that they cannot carry back with them.

The information above is not perfect and could use some filling in, but should be sufficient to get us started.

You need not design your own mech, but if you do, know that it will simply be available to steal on the first mission and you will start out with something more standard. If you do not design your own mech there will be several available to choose from when the time comes.

One character submission at a time. I may allow multiple characters, but I want to judge them one at a time.
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