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Well, she has limbs now at least. I'll pick one for each of those soon. ish...
A bit later than I promised, but here she is. If you need or want me to change anything, let me know.

Made a mech. Feel free to take it if you like. I'll try to get a character and stuff done before the weekend.

Do the dragons regenerate their own wounds over time or are they repaired? How long does it take to get one back into action. This is not a critical question to answer.
Sounds good. Hopefully the last questions. How fast are they? I'm sure there's quite a bit of variance in miles or kilometers per hour, but I also mean to ask about input delay. Are these sluggish machines that we need to predict ahead of time how they will need to move or do they act as quickly as we can?
Are we looking at internal weapons like breath attacks or will we carry weapons into battle like an eva?
What's the height range for dragons?
So dragons would all be physically shaped as some conception of a dragon or are there more humanoid or otherwise varying body types?

Can someone crippled or disabled become a pilot? Would be neat to have someone who no matter what they have had to go through and what they will be forced to do in the future is fine so long as they have functioning limbs again or for the first time in their lives... and maybe regretting the mindset later.

No you cannot be part of another faction. That would kinda go against the whole point of this. Maybe if there were too many people interested I could have a second team for the enemy or something, but that is not the case.

Try to keep it under 30ft. You can keep it pretty general and relative about how durable, maneuverable and damaging it is. Existing mechas are pretty basic. Most of them are a frame with armor with cannons, swords and jumpjets. You are theoretically allowed to put anything on your mech as it is supposed to be testing a new system of some kind, but try to keep it to one thing. Energy weapons in general need not be that one thing. They do exist and you can just have them even though they are not "standard." Oh and you cannot fly in atmosphere unless your mech transforms into a jet, in which case it can fly in jet mode.
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