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6 days ago
Current New video coming out soon
11 days ago
I posted a new video on my youtube channel (finally), here's the link:…
11 days ago
I'm new here and bored as s***, if you wanna rp, PM me and do not leave and block me right before it starts, because then what's the point?


I'm a Youtuber, I'm on bandlab, and I have 2 other roleplay accounts on seperate Roleplay websites





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What's your style in writing?

I'm between Semi-lit and Illiterate. I start with at least 2 - 4 sentences then I go to one line as we go along because I'm lazy and I like it. sometimes I keep doing more than 1 sentence, depending on how many characters I'm playing as
Thank you
thank you
Hi, I just joined recently and I'm open for roleplay, so if anyone wants to PM me, go ahead and we can roleplay together
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