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Current @Cleverbird Was it Jocat? I got a notification he did one today.
3 days ago
Well I got called out of work today cause it’s slow. Woooo! Free day! More time to rp!
4 days ago
Oh Jeanne D’Arc I love that game. My favorite game on the psp in fact.
4 days ago
To be fair as a soda expert, I will say store brand cola is a breath of fresh air from Coke and Pepsi. But fuck RC cola.
5 days ago
Ok for real im not gonna lie the final end credits song for Steven Universe just hit me like a truck. For all the ups and downs, I enjoyed being a casual watcher of that show.


Heyo! I'm DamnTheGacha, I've been rp'ing for awhile now and decided to come and hang out here for some new company!
I like to think I'm a friendly person, and I hope we can get along just fine!
My interests include Rock Music, Anime/Manga, Fighting Games, RPG's, Writing (Obviously), Exploring the world around me, Learning and
studying new things or concepts, and listening to video essays in my spare time.
I play fate GO with some friends here on the site, HMU if you wanna talk some of that with me.
I'll be sure to expand here later.... This is just a rough draft if you will for later editing. NOW TO THE NEXT THING!

My RP interests -

Well lets see, my main genres of choice are Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy, and Steampunk. I also enjoy Post-Apocalyptic,Romance, and
R-18 stuff as long as it's paired together with another genre and a decent amount of other things going on besides all the other

Sometimes I do Fandom RP's, but I hate running non-OC characters. Just something about that.... bugs me y'know? So I'll run within
the universe but I would prefer to avoid directly interacting with established characters. That being said I prefer fandoms that
facilitate that criteria of RP well such as Pokemon, Star Wars, and to a certain degree Harry Potter.

As for group sizes, I do 1x1's via PM's, Small Group, and Large with a player ceiling of 6. I don't like groups getting too big since
people start getting flaky more often than not and that throws me off my grove hard to have to work around that every other day ya
feel? In a 1x1 Consistency is key, I can't stand a 1x1 where I'm expected to do the leg work, gotta work with me there huns.

I will make a more through open interest check later.... Eventually.

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You and I are a lot alike in these regards.

Welcome to the guild friend, it’s a large table with plenty of room for everyone so come and sit by the fire.
Hello and welcome to the guild! Hope you have a good time out there!
In I Caved- 15 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Welcome to the guild!

Please enjoy your time here and as someone who is going through similar feelings I hope you have a lot of fun!

Have fun out there!~
Welcome back to the guild! I hope some of your old friends are still poking around in these parts, and I hope you make some new ones as well!

Good luck!
In hey 2 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Welcome to the guild!
Welcome welcome! Hope you have fun here with us!

That’s precisely the kind of thing I wanted! A moment that meant something to you in your experience playing at a table with your friends! Not gonna lie I’m a big fan of Final Fantasy myself and a Lizardman beast tamer named clint is something I would believe seeing in there. Anything goes as long as there’s one person either playing someone named or there being an NPC named Cid!

My table had an animal experience with a Dark elf player who tried to scare the druid’s cat off the table and knocked down an oil lamp. Burned the cat pretty badly, but when the dark elf was confronted by the druid he just went “He did it” and pointed to our Champion Fighter who was building a strong friendship with our bard. Deception roll Nat 20 against a insight Roll nat 1. From that point on Champion and Druid’s friendship was completely over and it became a running joke that she held a grudge against him for almost killing her cat.

It’s wonderful that you got to experience a session that you were so heavily engaged in that you felt the weight of the decision over your animal companion. That sounds like it was an intense and immersive game to suck you into it that well. Thank you for sharing that with us all!

Hello! I'm DamnTheGacha! I'm a decently experienced Dungeon Master at this point, at least I'd like to believe I am! I'm forever a DM, but not for why you may think! I simply love when my players are engaged in my settings and fall in love with their own characters. There is simply nothing more rewarding than seeing people around the table smile, laugh, and go home with new memories of friends and adventures that they will never forget. To me, this is the heart of the great game Dungeons & Dragons!

So I'll get to the point, I want to hear YOUR stories! Yes you, right there, you reading this right now. Your story. Tell me about a character you're proud of or the tale of a glorious success or failure that lead you to a moment you'd never forget! Please, I insist, I want to hear!

My Rules

My Rules are simple!
1) Don't be a jerk to others
2) Don't get smutty here
3) Feel free to discuss, I'd love to
4) I'm not here to hear about D&D green text memes, I want to hear about YOU! Please don't copy or repost those here.
5) I played in 3.5, 4th, and 5th editions, I don't mind what edition the story came from or even if you wanna do another table top
6) Please no ranties

If you want to show off your character, follow standard character sheet protocol with a hider like so.

I really look forward to hearing about your favorite characters and stories! Please don't be shy!

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