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6 mos ago
Current Alright I can safely assume my rp's are in the grave again after the holidays. Welp, back to square one WHO WANTS TO DO A BLEACH OR ONE PIECE 1x1?!
7 mos ago
Cause getting made you want more, and hoping made you hurt more; Oh there must be, something wrong with me.
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7 mos ago
There's nothing you or I could do, so let the stars fall. 'Cause from up here, the sky's my thoughts and we're all so small, we're all sooo....
7 mos ago
Ok waiting for replies is going slow today so I'm working on a 1x1 interest check list that may or may not have a maid rp involved. I'M SO BORED RN!
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7 mos ago
Keioko Nobumoto… See you space cowboy…


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Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay with us at our guild!

May you make many friends and many memories.

I also like myself a good world building fantasy setting, if you're not intimidated by multi paragraph posting I suggest you start in the Casual Roleplay section, and when you feel ready to do so explore into Advanced. Personally myself I prefer 1x1 roleplays, and have found very satisfying experiences fleshing out character dynamics, world histories, and lore there as well.

Happy roleplaying!
This guy... he seems like a Dandy guy- In space.
Hi and welcome!
In Howdy 7 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Welcome to the guild Div, I hope you get to have many wonderful memories here.

Welcome to the guild! Love your profile picture!
<Snipped quote by DamnTheGacha>

Hey, sorry I honestly did not get notified about a message here!

Currently I’m set on partners, but I do however appreciate your interest in my pairings listed. Maybe we can RP in the future if you’re still around when I search again through my IC! ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ

Ah very disappointing! Well you never know. I have several interests here and you seem like a fun expressive person to rp with so I suppose we’ll call this a standing offer of my interest. If you want another partner, or if you find the need for a new one, please do keep me in mind I hope!
Trust me I get that whole vibe I do the same thing. Like literally, today. I wanna rp again too it hits you like a brick lol

Welcome back!
Hey! Some of your pairings interest me! I'd love a new partner, pm me if you wanna!
Hi! I was hoping to get my username changed to Higanbana please!
Hello! Welcome! Happy to have more people in the guild!
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