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2 mos ago
Current To throw my hate in this philosophical ring, to state life is meaningless or empty is to also imply that the inherent value is what you make it to be. Nihilism can also allow a positive point of view.
2 mos ago
Fallen behind on my school work on week one >.>
2 mos ago
Maybe I should make a MHA 1x1 interest check...
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2 mos ago
A song for the weary traveller~
2 mos ago
I think I'll be getting back into rp now.


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<Snipped quote by DamnTheGacha>

Hey, sorry I honestly did not get notified about a message here!

Currently I’m set on partners, but I do however appreciate your interest in my pairings listed. Maybe we can RP in the future if you’re still around when I search again through my IC! ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ

Ah very disappointing! Well you never know. I have several interests here and you seem like a fun expressive person to rp with so I suppose we’ll call this a standing offer of my interest. If you want another partner, or if you find the need for a new one, please do keep me in mind I hope!
Trust me I get that whole vibe I do the same thing. Like literally, today. I wanna rp again too it hits you like a brick lol

Welcome back!
Hey! Some of your pairings interest me! I'd love a new partner, pm me if you wanna!
Hi! I was hoping to get my username changed to Higanbana please!
Hello! Welcome! Happy to have more people in the guild!
Thank you!
Welcome to the guild!
Ah much thanks this is the first time I've ever had a problem. Thanks a lot!~
Hey I was just recommended by my google account to change my password for RPG and I was just wondering who I needed to talk to or how I would do that?
Welcome to the guild! Hope you have fun!
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