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There's bound to be something against that unless you are just volunteering time. In which case there is no such thing as overtime.

It's fine, I'm just super stressed at everything because I lost someone. I'm probably making it seem worse than it really is.

Yeah, I'm mostly angry at myself because the last time I saw them we got into a fight. And because I keep putting things off. Thanks for the support :).
<Snipped quote by Dark Angel>

Where is the company from? What do you do?

It's actually not a company. My moms friend is a lawyer, and she's making me assist her in the capital. So thats why I don't get payed.

Ugh i'm so so so sorry for being so slow. I just found out a friend of mine was killed in a car accident, and now I'm working overtime. Without payment. I'm not even home right now, I got stuck in another city :/. I'll post tomorrow, but I'm definitely not dropping this, it's just really stressful.
I haven't been able to check in, but I won't be able to post for a day or so. I'm stuck at another town for work, plus overtime. And I don't even get payed for the overtime :/.
Um... Guys? I started it... A few days ago...

Oh goodness I'm so sorry I don't notice >~<
I'll get a post up as soon as I get back from work !
Sooo Claudia is on the "good" side now?

I wouldn't say that, right now she's just thinking of what's best for her. And her pooch. Her pooch is her only weakness.

Plus Nemsemet is kind of a douche in her opinion.
Claudia turned to Tony, raising an eyebrow at the nickname. She turned her attention back to the room ahead, gun raised and ready to shoot. No more goons came, which either meant that they were all dead, or they were closing in and waiting for an opportunity to attack. Most likely the latter. After a few minutes there was a string of unintelligible words from the Blonde, Parry. After that Tony left the building, and she followed, still facing the building with her gun at the ready. She listened as he gave someone directions, before turning on her heel and following him to an old-fashioned car. She guessed it was stolen by the state of its window, and the fact that the barbaric woman was at the wheel. Claudia slipped into the backseat and kept an eye outside as the man took them through the route to wherever they were going.


They arrived not long after, heading to a garage of sorts. Tony spoke with a security guard before ordering the group to follow him. They progressed through a series of tunnels, in the dark. Not that she minded, she had frequented a few sewers as way of safe passage back in the day. She just hoped that others wouldn't do something such as scream about the filth and insects, especially that odd Parry person. They finally made it to the entrance to the bunker, and Claudia listened half-heartedly as Simba the were-lion briefed them on the state of supplies.

The bunker was fine, at least in better condition than her home. Home, she had left most of her weapons as well as her dog there. She would have to go back eventually, before her place got torched like Parry's. She was brought back from her thoughts once again as the aforementioned man came running back into the living space and practically tackled Tony. Claudia slowly walked over to join the group as Rikive and Tony pried the bawling mans hands off of the lycanthropes shoulders. Eventually they succeeded and weapons were layer on the table. The conversation turned to Nemsemet, and Claudia crossed her arms over her chest as a thought occurred to her. Should she tell these people who she was and who she worked for, or used to work for, or keep it to herself. The former option lead to more danger, but maybe if she contributed it would further their efforts to get rid of Nemsemet.
Sorry for being inactive, I have a very small posting window today because of a 4-5 hours long rehearsal in an hour. Will try to get a post up before that.
Claudia continued shooting, from the wall, steering clear of other bullets. She was outnumbered, even with the help of others. This house would be taken soon, if there was anything left by that time. It hadn't even been a week and she'd be dead because of her job. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Karram's movements, but chose to ignore him, so when the roots curled around her ankle it as a surprise. One moment she was flat against the wall, facing towards the shooters, and the next she was pulled back and caught by someone. Looking up, she realized that someone was Karram.

She allowed herself to be guided through the unfamiliar building towards the back. There were bodies in the kitchen, though it was hard to tell what they were due to their condition. So far she had suspicions of a lycanthrope or some other beast because of the carnage, some kind of celestial if the horrid smell invading her mouth and nose were any indication. She hated that smell, as well as most everything about beings from the other side of the supernatural street. Especially angels, all the ones she'd heard of and met were major snobs.

There was a large explosion, much closer than before. Too close. She growled, the sound muffled slightly by the once clean mask she was wearing. It had been pure and white, now it was dirtied by dirt and sweat. It seemed like a metaphor for life. Everyone started innocent, but in the end, every single person was guilty in some way. Claudia let out a bitter chuckle as she shook her head. Right, back to the present, as distasteful as it was. She took off her mask, shoving it back into her pocket. Might as well go with these people for now. Not like she'd be allowed back. If she did get out, she'd take the alley took get to the abandoned building she lived, grab her supplies and dog, and go from there.

"We need to move. Now." She informed the others in the room and shoving herself away from Karram. There was no point in aiding her, the wound had mostly healed except for the bullet shards still lodged in her calf. She would deal with those later, but she could walk fine now.
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