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All the efforts of the heroes looked to be doing in the giant. The thing was being pummeled bit by bit. What looked to be a cleanup job from that point suddenly swung back. Shatterpoint made himself known and started moving from hero to hero taking shots at them. The details of his abilities weren't that clear to Angel right away but she knew he was real bad news. Going up against him was a recipe for disaster. Before even really getting a chance to think about how she would fare against the villain her endurance was put to the test. Her own strength and durability scaled, on a head on fight she could potentially win. But there was more to a fight than brawn.

The shock from the hit to her side knocked her off balance. It hurt, the first real pain she'd felt as Angel. Though to be fair most of what she'd taken on thus far was small. One could only imagine how her body would have turned to jelly had she not been so solid. Crashing to the rubble that was the statue's head she grit her teeth. The strike just proved the point that she was not invulnerable and should be more on guard.

Where she was on the golem wasn't likely to be the best position. She'd dislodged Ceramix and the rest of the golem was likely to go down with how it was being hit, best she get out of the way. Lifting herself up she jumped to the ground. She didn't dare try and fly. Her lighter frame would be broken in an instant by another blow from Shatterpoint.
Harriet - Med Bay

Observing the couple of things about the new woman, Harriet made a mental note to ask about it later. There were plenty of other things to atend to first. They did just get back from a mission and someone just got a new body. And it was pretty clear that the transition was not going easy. "Right, I'll be back in a moment." She said while briefly placing her hand on Tibulass' shoulder.

Retrieving the medication she returned and offered a small tablet and a glass of water. "It might not be fun right now but you'll have to get this down. It'll work faster that way." Scooting a chair over by the door she took a seat. "It may make you a tad drowsy. We can work out something less potent once you're more stable."
I did a thing.

Having been thrown by Sue's attack, Janet had to take a moment to compose herself. Despite vision being obscured by her Ever Mist spell no one seemed to be hindered much by it. The Sky Captain also seemed to be able to sense past her Incognito. For what the Beacon had supposedly given her it was clearly useless. But the advancing Alexander was more of her concern at the moment. From what she'd seen the barriers were formidable, but not full proof. While it may block many attacks she could still hear him. Upon touching the ground her body collapsed and flowed through narrow cracks toward Alex.

The room began to hum as the mist began to vibrate. While she didn't quite have the same sense as Sue, the two were not that far apart. What was sound after all but a pressure wave? Chaotically stirring the air she hoped to regain some of her stealth from the magical Air user. Surely larger moves would be detected though. Reforming by Justine and Lily a bubble of water wrapped around them. The surface didn't stay pristine long though as it began to ripple. Acting as a massive speaker the bubble unleashed a high pitched, ear splitting sound. Windows rattled and shattered in their frames.


Walking up to Alicia, the Earth girl put a hand on her shoulder. "You can't always help this kind of thing happening. But like you said we will try our best to incapacitate them." Though the immediate threat was over there was still whatever was happening at the castle. Quite a few part of this outside battle had put their all into taking out the threat.

Raising her head she spotted Penny, or what was left of her, out on the ice. "Looks like your friend survived though." Taking her leave she walked over to the water's edge and raised the earth under the ice so it would stop moving and create a bridge. Running across she knelt down and helped Penny up. "That was quite impressive. I've been doing this a while but I can't say I've seen... Her words were cut short when the castle windows blew out and and the ringing sound reached them. At this distance it wasn't a concern but it was still distinctly audible.
Angel - Charity Attack

Seemingly largely ignored, the intent of the Rockers to harm was made all the more clear as the goons jumped off the statue and started attacking. It had been too much to gope that things wouldn't go this way. As other heroes began to make their move Angel flew into action. There was no way she could throw something so large even if she could scale her strength properly. Her small surface area against the ground alone would just cause what she was standing on to buckle. Though on some level that could be to their advantage. Using what space their was the woman flew above the statues head and dropped down. Density swinging drastically she went from being lighter than air to a 15 ton human shaped wrecking ball.

Now dropping the equivalent to a double decker bus on something so large or sound would be more like crushing a can on its head. But the angel wouldn't crumple like something hollow or spread the impact out over the dome head. Heels pointed down she was more like a dart rushing down, putting all the kinetic force into the space of her own two feet. And if that didn't crack the helm of the giant she was going to continue become more dense to make the entire thing more top heavy. Assuming she didn't outright smash her way through Angel intended to slowly topple or compress the Rockers' tank until it couldn't move.
Harriet - Medbay

Watching with curiosity, Harriet had stood off a bit. Though she could and probably should be making some kind of effort to assist Tib her old habits were kicking in. Probably didn't help that she still barely knew the crew all things considered. As the others reacted the sudden change to one of their crewmate the woman snapped back from her mulling. While she was familiar with the Funganoid biology, there was a lot that still hadn't been properly studied with this species. Realistically she was probably one of the few to be considered a specialist. This development was a new one to her, and nothing observed suggested it had even been possible. Looking at the others she began to shoo them away. "Alright everyone, unless you need some medical attention then let me attend to my patient and figure out what in the world is going on with Tibulus."

Turning back she looked at the again dead skeleton, or at least presumably. Hard to be sure. This would be a task to clean properly. Sighing for a second she turned and walked toward the bathroom that Tibulass had run off to. Stopping outside she spoke up. {color=green]"How are you feeling? Is it alright for me to enter?"[/color]
Shannon - Fighting the Ice Witch

The other magical girls around her had managed to escape the wave of water on their own. Casting a spell she lifted herself up on a column above the torrent of water. Perched above she watched for a few minutes as things unfolded. She would have dove in to attack the ice golem but it was over the water where she would have been less effective. She did pick out the core inside ever at a distance though. Breaking through and destroying that was likely the key.

To her advantage the golem leapt onto the ground to attack three other magical girls. The enemy did change into what looked like a more nimble form. She was going to have to hold it to get some solid strikes in. Raising her staff the column she was on lifted off in an arc. Riding it she made several swipes to shape the stone into a ten foot spike. Launching it at the ice golem she jumped down to the ground. Upon touching the ground she slammed her staff on the floor. Her spell rushed forward and the ground under the golem burst as it was pulverized into dust. Whirling it around the surface became loose as Shannon attempted to root the massive target with quicksand for the spike to land.
Angel - Charity Eve... Attack

There were things that people did that baffled Sarah at times. Most of them were not all that consequential but more irritating. But what was unfolding before her was far and away the most confounding. A group of villains burst through the floor in the middle of the largest gathering of heroes in Denver. Why would anyone in their right mind do that? Either they had an ace up their sleeve or they were supremely stupid. Whatever the case though the woman wasn't going anywhere, Angel lived for this kind of thing. Unless the threat went away then she was in the right place.

Other heroes were working of protect and move civilians out of harms way. There were mostly heroes by her so she didn't imminently move. The debris that came her way she stood firm with her wings spread to stop anyone behind her. Once that first threat was done she looked up as the massive stone figure rose from the ground. Everyone was scrambling to get in position, she could overhear some of the Wards from their higher ups. No doubt the PRT were doing similar. The new heroine didn't have those kinds of connections. Sarah wasn't entirely sure she could work with that kind of structure. While the organization had good intentions there were surely times where her strict moral code would cause some kind of issue.

Not being as in the know of the specific threats to the city, Really need to look through PHO , she did know that these guys were the the Rockers. Been making a mess of things as of late but she hadn't had the pleasure of running into them. A monster... hero... rushed up and was working to snatch several of the pickax wielding goons off the statue. Most seemed to be waiting for another to make the first move. As unlikely as it would be for them to be here for good intentions she would at least try and learn why they were here. Pushing off the floor Angel's density shifted to make her lighter. With little effort her wings carried and allowed her to hover in the air. Ready to shift again the woman stopped in front of the head of the giant a few yards away, eyes glowing. "I'll admit, you know how to make an entrance. Gesturing toward the scene surrounding them. "I do hope you have a good excuse for interrupting and putting innocents in danger. Can't say I would call this an ideal time." Was her approach a bit too passive? Maybe, but any amount of conflict they could avoid the better. And if nothing else she could stall a bit while the others prepare.
Janet - Ritual Chamber
@Card Captor@Majoras End@Ariamis

Things were beginning to get difficult. The dark magical girl launched an attack while protecting herself with her wind. While it couldn't be seen Janet could sense the vibrations through the air. She could dodge it, but more interlopers were just entering. Instead of being quiet the magical boy seemed hasty and irrational. Helga, a former ally, had somehow been converted. What's more she was now being used as a projectile. Fighting three or more on a level field was not going to end well.

Ducking down Janet's magical power swelled. "You will not touch her. Ever Mist!" Calling on a spell she hadn't used the room filled with a magical mist. Vision obscured Janet whipped around and snatched Helga mid flight and pulled her in the path of Sue's attack. Letting to of her target the monster girl vanished into the haze. The wind whirling around had little effect in improving vision. Largely free to move Janet moved to block Alex. Though he was protected by a barrier he wasn't out of her reach. From off to the side, mimicking Lily's voice she weakly spoke. " me." Manipulating the sound in the area she moved them subtly around to throw off other's senses. Where you would normally hear footsteps reverberating off a far off wall it now sounded closer. The rush of wind sounded elsewhere as everything seemed to move.

From outside the mist flowed out of windows and cracks forming a cloud over the top of the castle. She was clearly there, her magical presence gave that away. Incognito kicking in the disarray and encompassing presence hid her from most means of detection. Of course within the mist Janet could sense everyone and hear their movements. A haunting song began to echo throughout the chamber and hall. Wordlessly it called out for those that hear it to despair.

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