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Taking a break from RPG this weekend. May be away longer to take a break.
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Gah. RPs are so slow around this time of year.


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Spark - Something in the Dark

"Not the rain, no." Rubbing her hands together she leaned her head forward to keep the drops out of her face, the bill of her cap directing the flow of water away from her. "Makes things muddy and slick." Folding her arms she put her hands under her arms to warm them up.

In a moment of clarity she focused on the boy. "What are you doing out here? It's not safe to be out in a forest during a thunderstorm." As the patter of rain continued to fall she stepped forward. The lightning wasn't bad but there were rumbles in the background.

Oh yeah, there was also strange things going on. Did this kid count as strange? Not particularly considering her own situation. Odd perhaps that he would be out when kids were going missing. Did he match any of the missing kids? Going back she referenced all the pictures in the news in her head. Going through them in the blink of an eye she pointed back toward the houses. "You should go back inside."
If I have to get skipped forward I'm alright with that. It's part of the nature of RPs. Never going to get around that aspect I don't think. From my experience running RPs with a team things are hard to progress without skipping time eventually. We generally told everyone when we were going to skip and anyone that still had something to wrap up could do it in a "flashback" style thing. Everyone else moves forward while anyone having to tie loose ends could still do it they just need to define that it was before the present and catch up.


It didn't take long before Harriet arrived with Kaeci in tow. Not that she had to babysit the creature, but the woman suspected that at least part of the reason she was chosen for this task was because the Iilusian fancied her in an odd way. It wasn't like love as far as she could tell. More like instinct being turned on its head because she was a walking plant while her companion was somewhat insectoid so there was an unusual draw. Whatever the reason Kaeci acted differently around her. He was less likely to do something rash.

Aside from that factor she was one of the calmer crew members of the pirate group. Not having the same hormonal drives as many other species she focused on the task at hand. Here she was going to make sure that things didn't go south for her benefactor. While pirates were not the kind of group she ever intended to be a part of it was far better than some alternatives that awaited her.

Bipedal plant creatures were not usually hard to spot in a crowd as they were fairly rare. One with a human form was even rarer. Upon approach the leaves of her hair could be heard rustling ever so slightly as the air moved around her. Spotting Vanderos right away she made her way to the group. She glanced at Stryker and Carver for a moment before turning her attention back to Vanderos. "This them?"
There we go, a Shannon post. Anyone feel free to meet her as she put out a message through her Puchuu that she'd like to talk.

Ever since arriving the girl had been gathering information. Not that she didn't care for what was going on to get involved but there was clearly more than the magical girls and boys that had assembled already. There was also that too many things were going on and she had to recover her magic from a previous engagement.

She had yet to meet up with Lily or really anyone else. They seemed content with coming up with reasons for fighting each other. Other powers were at play as well. The Djinn Sisters were here. Not a pair she'd ever had the pleasure of meeting but their reputation for someone as connected preceded them. Unsurprisingly the Beacon and Mint were around. And others she was not yet familiar with. But the whole thing that brought them together was an evil force creeping in. Judging by the activity though they were getting bolder.

After stopping by the Beacon HQ there in Penrose, Shannon set out to find other magical boys and girls. Unlike the others she wasn't looking for a fight, but more to actually gather info and make connections. Talking and force each only get you so far but there was already enough of the latter. Rather than seek out anyone on their turf, that they might be protective of, she picked out a field just outside of town. Placing herself out in the open she wanted to make it clear she wasn't hiding. Anyone willing to accept the invitation would find her sitting on a rock with some meager food items. Eating wasn't much her thing and she didn't have that much money but she made do with what she had. At least she might have something to offer while they spoke. Of course there was the chance that no one would come but no harm in trying.
Edit: Oh, and by the way, Beacon members have been notified in the morning that Janet's disappeared, and Beckoners have requested a a city-wide search.

@Flamelord @Hammerman FYI, your characters should know about this.
Approved via PM.

I was just looking at this on my phone earlier, I get home and the title changes. Hmm....
Heh, Shannon still hasn't really done much either. Probably should give her some presence.
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