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@Zarkun Shinzui sounds like a sister blade to Darkheart.

After that intense mission Harriet headed to the med bay in a slight daze. Though she hadn't really shown that much concern throughout, the whole thing brought up less than pleasant memories. Despite not having the same physiological responses as before, once alone for a moment the recent events had begun to catch up with her. While attempting to run a few tests her hands shook. Clearly not able to do her usual routine for the moment the woman took a seat to wait for her patients.

Much to her relief it took some time for anyone to show. By that point she at least appeared composed. Some pretty severe injuries had been taken from the attack. They weren't anything that she couldn't handle thankfully. This kind of work she could focus on. And while she had them in she administered another dose to be sure no one would have any major side effects from the toxin she'd used on the mission. Once everyone was done she took some more doses and brought them to the the meeting where everyone else was supposed to meet.

Arriving a bit early she loaded a cartage into her a small injector. Motioning to it she spoke up to Stryker. "Best that I give everyone another treatment. That gas I used isn't something to take lightly.
Ariel - Sailing to Tenrou

After her encounter with Ethel, Ariel had been returned to normal thanks to Jarvis' assistance. Or what counted as normal for Ariel anyhow. Losing quite a bit of her own magic the young woman was feeling somewhat lethargic upon getting on the ship. Having gone below deck she took a nap before anything else.

Though she'd been permitted to join everyone on the trip she was going to try and stay out of the way as best she could. The trip should be fairly uneventful for her given she'd been around most of the passengers at her guild to know that she wouldn't be picking up any surprise magic. There were a few other people from other guilds though that might have some effect. But at the moment for some reason she wasn't sensing any magical draw like normal. There was something, but she couldn't place her finger on what it was. It did however feel unusually natural unlike most other magics that had a foreign sensation to it.

Whatever it was she didn't possess the ability, or perhaps the control, to pinpoint the source. It was one of the frustrating aspects of her magic absorbing ability. It just happened and she didn't know how to focus or stop it. After getting some rest she shuffled her way onto the deck of the ship. Fittingly she had her water magic and she leaned against the side to watch the waves. There was some commotion going on not that far away but she didn't feel like getting involved right now. One of the people in the group was the one she'd noticed along with Ethel. Though it was hard to tell why she had been drawn to him. Plus things seems to have become civil again. Sighing to herself Ariel shut her eyes and let the sea air rush by as they sailed.
@Vec Interesting. Wonder where they'll go with it.
More dragons.
I think I got stalled out too long and now I'm not sure what to post.
So if Angel were to try and assemble a team would any PCs be interested?
@GamerXZ Yes. I was thinking of making one but still have yet to post my current one. :P
Angel - Overhead

Despite the fact that Mantis had been injured, Angel continued to pursue Bladedancer and Magna Carta. From her vantage point keeping up wasn't that difficult. A couple times they turned a corner the heroine had to make the turn quickly so as not to lose them. However they did eventually dart out out of sight into an apartment building. There was no way to get inside without drawing attention as Angel. The woman may have already caused a stir flying overhead. An angelic figure in the air had a way of spooking people. Despite not being as large it was rather unfortunate that she shared that resemblance with the Simurgh.

Landing softly in the alley she transformed back to her normal self. The blue glow from before covered her body and her wings dissolved. The bulk of her frame came back. Sarah still was unsure exactly what state she was in during the transition to and from Angel. But at least it seemed that the threat had passed and she had an idea of where the girl that had killed that boy went. Not that Sarah wanted to be bothered with this information. No telling their civilian appearance. That was one advantage of her breaker status, she looked nothing like her secret identity.

Smacking herself on the head the woman stepped out onto the streets. Had to get her mind out of hero mode and get back home. Taking a moment to get her bearings it looked like she'd traveled quite a ways following the other two. Walking back would be a pain. Guess that means making a bus to get closer. Unless she stayed and tried to identify the criminals. "Dammit Angel. You're more trouble than you're worth." There wasn't a reply. Taking the hint she went to a nearby restaurant, waiting and keeping an eye out. How long she would be there was anyone's guess.
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