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11 mos ago
Current When you've replied to all the RPs you're in and you're just waiting for one of them to move.
2 yrs ago
Taking a break from RPG this weekend. May be away longer to take a break.
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3 yrs ago
Gah. RPs are so slow around this time of year.


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@13org I am calm. I think you misunderstand since text is a terrible medium be which to convey tone.

Yup! Any race that wasn't mentioned by @RoccanIronclad can be submitted to him for approval.

Both Jorogumo and Kitsune were player made.

It's actually written in the rules XD

They're not made by us, just submitted.
<Snipped quote by 13org>


I want to write my CS alreadyyyyy lol

Patience? From what I can see you asked like 3 hours ago.
@RoccanIronclad What is the cultural and technological state of humans in this RP? Is it modern times and then suddenly it's realized there are really monsters among us? Is this in the past before great advancements? Or are we talking an entirely different fantasy world?
No problem.


No. Different culture and creature. Similar look though.
Could be interesting.
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