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Janet - Hall of Judgement

Watching the surveillance Janet frowned. From all the evidence currently presented it leaned hard against her. There wasn't really much she could tangibly present the same way. Still the girl intended to stand her ground. Sugarsweet throwing an insult her way stung as well, though she couldn't blame her. Things since the attack had been hectic and Janet had only just started to adjust to being a monster girl before Alicia fixed that.

Trying not to lose her cool, she was obviously distraught about what had happened. After a long pause and a deep breath she preceded to answer. "I'm not disputing what happened. What you see there is me bringing in the bomb. But I was not the one in control. Justine von Visceral didn't convince me to join her, she invaded my mind with her magic." Hugging her arms around herself Janet shivered. "I was kidnapped from the home you gave me. That witch trapped and isolated me with that dress and took over my body. I became her puppet, exacting her will because my own was locked away. That wasn't enough though. When I could no longer fight it she forced dark magic into me until I became a monster girl so I would have no way back." Trembling she wiped tears from her face.

"I had friends here. I saw them when I came with that bomb. But I couldn't stop myself. I watched it all happen and I couldn't do anything about it. The Spark was supposed to protect me and it failed. Justine had everything planned out. The bombing was her using me as a pawn to deliver it." Stopping there Janet hoped that she'd made a good case. She didn't have any witnesses, and even if she did they probably wouldn't have been let in. Alicia was probably the only one that would stick up for her.
Janet Howell - Beacon Trial

Though she had willingly chosen to come and be tried, as the moment drew near the fear crept in. This could very well be where her story ends. Beacon wasn't know for keeping prisoners. And that was even for those that had done far less to Beacon. While Janet had seen many amazing things since becoming a magical girl, the Hall of Divine Judgement was both awe inspiring and terrifying. It was hard to describe but it definitely felt like where fates were decided.

Without much delay she had been placed front and center for all to see. Unsurprisingly it was stated that only the truth was allowed in this place. Not an unusual thing for a trial, but the only major difference was that magic existed here. Light users could tell if you were lying. So there was no skirting the issue. As the charges were outlined for the courtroom, Janet considered each carefully. Upon being asked for admission to her crimes she paused for a moment before standing firm. "I do not."

While she had more to say, the girl was versed well enough to know not to talk unless prompted or given permission. Plus speaking too much can get one in more trouble in this setting. Too much was at stake here. That short statement said though would not register as a lie.
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Shannon and Sakura - Downtown Penrose
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"From what I gathered you couldn't help missing the meeting. You were kidnapped after all. I'm just glad we could get you back safely." While Lily just tried to hake her hand, Shannon pulled the lightning girl closer and hugged her tightly. You can't just get away with some little gesture like that when a girl has the power of Friendship around. While embracing Lily she eyed Sakura for a second who was fidgeting slightly.

The Djinn girl had heard what Lily had said on approach and ideas were racing through her head. There were still too many people around to do anything though, so she was going to bide her time. Doing so was annoying because she knew they could grant such a simple wish. To Sakura's relief one of the party suggested leaving. "I agree with your friend. We've done all we can here." Shannon nodding in agreement the Earth and Djinn girl made a B-line for cover around a building, Shannon leading Lily along with her.

Once out of of sight Sakura took the opportunity to bow slightly. "Sorry for just barging in on the situation. You looked like you could use some help. But now that that's out of the way I should probably introduce myself. My name is Sakura. I've been around a little while but been trying to stay out of the whole mess that went down. Too much craziness for me." Smiling outwardly her internal voice was barking at her to get a wish granted. But Violet was going to take one first, which meant Sakura needed to coax another wish out of someone. Though she did want to get a little more info from Lily about what she'd unwittingly wished for.

Turning toward Lily the pink haired girl twirled around a couple times, dancing briefly to show off her outfit she whirled close to her target and whispered. "Thanks for the complement earlier. I wouldn't sell yourself short though. I bet you could pull off this look if you really wanted to." She waited for a response, though she expected the girl to be a little nervous.

Janet - Beacon HQ

Picking herself up, Janet made no move on way or another to the girls attacking her. She knew doing so would only make things harder. The blow she took wasn't that bad but it took her a moment to catch her breath. "I-I came here on my own. I know what happened but I'm innocent." Groaning slightly she was still recovering from being hit.

Offered medical assistance, Janet shook her head. "I'll be fine. Thank you though. But I'm here to clear my name. And I accept any precautions you wish to make for the proceedings." Incarceration was nothing new to Janet. What a different life, he had spent many years behind bars and knew what to expect for others to feel safe. At least this time it wasn't actually her fault. It was everyone else that needed convincing on that.
Violet & Sakura

Proving yet again to be a wealth of wishes, the Djinn Sisters found themselves witnessing the chaos in downtown. More and more magical boys and girls were showing up. Watching from afar the two deliberated. "That's a lot of people. So many with wishes to grant." The urge to just jump in and start granting was strong. But the twins had learned better about flaunting their magic in big groups. Better to single out a target. Keeps some of the attention down and allows to more wishes later. "I can go and talk to one of them. Who looks good to you?" Sakura surveyed all present with her Third Eye, all the information from which Violet recieved thanks to thei mental link.

"They all look tempting" Violet would reply as she also surveyed the sizable congregation of magicals down below "But the ones who I'm more tempted towards are the clone kid playing medic or the girl with the motorcycle who drove him here as I think we've meet them before, when we were out of costume"

"Hm... I agree. I think maybe the boy. We don't run into as many of then do we?" Stepping off the side of the building she twisted and caught hold of the edge. Parkour was something that the sisters did well. Thier excess of luck made the task easy even if they didn't have the skill, though they thankfully did. Walking over to the group she watched Alex work for a moment. Her attention wandered to the rune scralled chunks of pavement. Picking one up she hurried off to another wounded individual to keep them alive. Having demonstrated the use of the healing magic the Djinn girl held it up and spoke to Shannon. "Alright rock girl, take care of the rest." Gesturing toward the remaining healing stones.

Satified that Sakura got her point across she went back over to Alex. "There, your job just got a whole lot easier." With a confident smile the pink haired girl watched as Shannon cast a spell to charge the runes and send them flying in all directions to sustain the remaining injured.

Violet took a moment to watch her 'Sister's' plan before also making her way down the building. She however was making sure to stay out of sight and sticking to shadows as she went. There was plenty of opertunity to get a wish from someone here but it required subtlety.

With Sakura off helping out in plain sight, Violet was skulking around getting as close to Alex as she could while remaining out of sight. Not that distance was much of a issue when it came to their magic, it simply made things easier on everyone involved.

Stepping foot on land again was a surprising relief. Maybe it was the protective magic of the island but until they got inside it was not pleasant at all. Not that the island felt the best to begin with. Being sensitive to magic to begin with was annoying at times, but Ferrin's Aether magic didn't help. A majority of the sensations it produced Ariel didn't understand. It would probably make sense in time but right now it was like static. Annoying to be sure and it was distracting to say the least and painful next to that.

For a moment Ariel was distracted by the sight on the island and surrounding magic. Her attention was brought back into reality when the area was rocked by a roar. It wasn't just any old creature that could make that kind of sound. Whatever it was was big and powerful. Everyone could feel that, but it knocked Ariel off her feet like she'd run into a wall. When the roar finally stopped, it took her a while to even attempt to get up. "Damn. What the hell was that?" Shaking her head the woman rolled over and got back on her feet slowly. "What have we gotten ourselves into?"

As if on queue her phone began to ring. Answering she managed to say hello before Lily began to go on about why she didn't meet with her. Part of the info she knew, but it seemed that she was needed. "Alright, I'll meet you there." She would have asked for more details but there was urgency in the lightning girls voice. Shannon would just have to get the rest later.

Transforming and shifting into the Overcity, the Earth user was able to travel to the downtown area without attracting unwanted attention from the public. Within a couple minutes she arrived to see the aftermath of the attack. Other magical girls and boys already on scene working to save the lives of those that had severe injuries. "Tell me what to do." She herself didn't have the tools needed to heal anyone. Though it looked like the others were bringing people to the magical boy present.
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Shannon Bron - Penrose Hotel

Despite normally being more nomadic, ever since the big attack by evil forces Shannon's Puchuu saw it fit to station here at the magical epicenter. Her somewhat unique ability to cross to and from the Overcity proved useful for transporting many back after the groups got separated.

Now things had been somewhat quiet, but from what the Puchuu girl understood there was potential for more activity on the horizon. A large group of girls had been taken by a dark magical girl for some purpose after already having been captured before that. But until something came of that she wasn't going to be worrying needlessly about it. A power vacuum had been made and it surely would be filled. Light and dark alike were vying for a piece of it. So that in mind Shannon busied herself with repelling monsters that began popping up.

One particular den proved to be problematic for the Earth mage. This was because the monsters, though they lived on the surface, would tunnel in a way to escape. Their magic allowed them to swim through the soil. And every time she would track down their new den they would slip away and make a new one elsewhere. Slightly frustrated after once again losing her targets Shannon began to think through who she knew that could help.
Janet - By Beacon HQ

Yes, Alicia heard her! And even more was in a rush to find her discretely it seemed. Janet had to admit to herself she was a little surprised. They were friends and all but there was the chance that the girl would have alerted all of Beacon about her presence. This was going much better than anticipated. "Go to Lake Prairie. It's not too far but it should be safe for us to meet there. I'll be on the South end near the old fishing dock." Before saying anything else she slipped away. Likely no one would find her but being so close to the Beacon HQ the water girl didn't want to take the chance that someone with Third Eye might pick up on her presence. It was lucky that the mark she once had was gone otherwise it would have been much more obvious.

Janet - Lake Prairie

Lake Prairie was one of the lakes dotted around the Penrose area. The city wasn't known for its lakes but they were nice to have around to visit. This one had neighborhoods on the East, some camping to the North, and scattered dwellings and private property along most of the rest. The old dock on the south was something of a local landmark. Nothing special about it really, as no one used it because it was falling apart, but the land it was on had a trail that ran by it. Back in the day people would come by and fish since the owner let the locals use it. But as things do it fell into disrepair and was replaced elsewhere.

Kids still knew about it though as a "secret" place to meet up. Ridiculous stories were made up about the place that everyone knew weren't true but were fun to tell anyway. Either way this is where Janet now waited for Alicia. Submerged the girl's body blended with the water. While she particularly like what she'd become it did have its perks.
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