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Current When you've replied to all the RPs you're in and you're just waiting for one of them to move.
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Taking a break from RPG this weekend. May be away longer to take a break.
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Gah. RPs are so slow around this time of year.


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Would appear Harriet is stuck by herself again as LokiLeo is unable to post at the moment. I will think about what I will do next as Harriett appears to be cursed and people vanish when she shows up.
You know, this is the one RP that I've actually stuck with even when things slow down. Suppose it helps that the GMs don't up and vanish like a lot of other RPs I've joined. You plan and have a direction, even if it can't move all that quickly.

Anyway, not sure how much you guys hear this but I want to thank you guys for keeping this thing going. Keep up the good work. @Caits@Zarkun@Expolar
So has anyone messaged @SilverFox to find out if they're still in this?

Last seen 2 years ago, last post 3 years ago. Uh... Wrong @Silver Fox
The maintenance is going well, and they hope to be back up tomorrow.

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2 tru.

Wow. Wonder what happened that would take a service down for so long.

So they had a little time to mingle. Three minutes didn't sound like a lot of time but it was something she supposed. There was such an assortment of people to interact with she really wasn't sure where to start. Speaking of the number of people coming in was rather large. Surely they would be split up into smaller squads, which would make getting to know one another easier in a group.

The loud and obnoxious one made a jab at all the non-humans in the room. Harriet was pretty sure she fell into that category now despite still being mentally human. So she didn't seem to be someone she wanted to talk to to start. Moving away toward the bar she glanced over the various options. Since her transformation things she used to enjoy her body cleaned up a lot. Things like liquor didn't have the same punch it once did because her body filtered a ton of it out before the buzz even had the chance to impact her. She'd probably throw up before she ever got drunk again. Still it was a good conversation piece and it seemed the fish woman took interest in what was there.

The question posed was rather open ended about which was better. Glancing over the labels none of them seemed to jump out at her. Though that was likely because of the above mentioned making them not enticing. The woman knew that she would have loved some of these. Either way she tried to remember what was good to her. "Good? Hm, the Talorian Rum is good. They use a sort of cane equivalent that's local to that planet. Gives it a unique flavor from your typical human rum." She reached out and grabbed the bottle in question and poured a couple glasses. Though it wouldn't have the same effect anymore at least it was a way to break the ice.
Harriet is 5' 3" so she's a fair bit below average.

Interacting with Aaron and Moses @LokiLeo789.
Contextual Mentions: @Silvan Haven@Lyla@LPRKN@Lmpkio@Hekazu

Arriving from off world, Harriet found herself in an extremely unfamiliar environment. It wasn't the scenery around her or the people per se, ever world had its unique creatures after all. No the unusual factor was that this was a world rich with magic. It's existence wasn't a surprise for the plant woman, she'd heard plenty about it and seen a little. But her path had lead her into the world of science and technology.

Having learned at an early age that she had zero affinity for magic its pursuit seemed rather foolish. Being stubborn she sought to pave her own way and reputation. All things considered that had been going well. Without telling the whole story her life reeled after she became infected with a organism that completely changed her body and soul. Joining such an organization as The Kindred would have been scoffed at by her old self. But through no logical reasoning of her own it sounded attractive and right.

Though she may feel like she was in the proper place she was still very much adjusting to all of it. Her new biology had a strange connection with nature that she couldn't grasp. For lack of an explanation she could feel the trees and the grass breath with her. It may be nothing but she could swear that it was true. On top of that was the new sensation that The Soul Bond gave her. Being aware of other people beyond her five senses was eye opening and ever so slightly unnerving.

All of this presently confused her to no end as she made her way toward Wesville. The woman's green eyes wandered around from time to time as if she was seeing things when nothing was there. What had she gotten herself into? She would have been much more at home drifting through space than on firm soil. And she was entirely aware of the irony of that given she could take root and live quite comfortably in a single spot. Equipment packed she couldn't shake the feeling that she was not prepared for what they would be facing. Did conventional weapons even work in this situation? Ever the soldier such thoughts ran through her head constantly, running against the grain that her new life was going.

Her lock box hovering beside her the terrain made even a floating box odd to haul around. It contained her armor while her pistol was strapped to her waist and her sheathed blade and Photon Lance were mounted on her back. It probably wasn't that often that a stranger walked into town armed as she was. With the odd link Harriet could tell that there were a number of Kin not that far away. However there were a couple much nearer, likely late arrivals like herself headed to join the others. Despite having a direction to go the less than planned out roads had her doubling back several times as she attempted to intercept her companions.

More than once she was stopped and asked questions by the local guard about her weaponry. However she did eventually find the two she had sensed. The woman really had no idea what to expect, but she most definitely did not expect to see a man with a fro from a time long gone accompanied by a chimp that also had a fro. All things considered it wasn't the most unusual thing she'd ever seen but quite a surprise all things considered. The reaction passed quickly and she approached Aaron and Moses. "Hello there. I don't suppose you've found your way through these streets to the others yet have you?" On a brief reflection it occurred to her that her own appearance as probably just as surprising, if not more. Plant based humanoids were not the most common among the stars. There were others but they didn't quite look as human as she did.
As per my talk with @Silvan Haven, I am removing my previous post for Harriet so she can be somewhere to actually interact with someone else.
Is this still active?

Yes. Though the OP still needs a bit of updating.
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