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Current When you've replied to all the RPs you're in and you're just waiting for one of them to move.
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Taking a break from RPG this weekend. May be away longer to take a break.
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Gah. RPs are so slow around this time of year.


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For those that may have missed Janet's updated CS.

@Shifter_Master Not in particular. I typically like to see how people use wishes for things. I suppose they could show up at the Beacon disaster.
Not that much time has really passed IC. But it feels like the Djinn Sisters haven't done much in a while.
I have no particular plans as far as relationships are concerned.
@BrokenPromise Sorry for the massive delay. I was just at a loss for a long time and have had things I needed to take care of IRL.

Accepting the hug without any objection she returned it as well. Going to respond to celebrating, Regina cut the option short with a rather decent suggestion. "We could always do both. I could make us something back at the hotel." Transforming to her civilian appearance she turned toward the street. "We can take the bus to that side of town."

Taking a trip to the hotel Shannon couldn't help but feel that she'd missed something important. Time would tell though. She also had to make contact with the Beacon again and get any info they might have on the threat. Keeping any magical talk off the table until they arrived the three just appeared to be a trio of kids headed home.

Getting a hotel room without a parent could be tricky at times. Thankfully the earth mover had enough connection to usually get someone to take care of the transaction. Having picked a room on the fifth (top) floor they had access to the roof as needed which was usually a good escape route. While she hadn't really planned for anyone staying over she did get a room with space for visitors. There was a single bed, a couple armchairs, love seat, coffee table, and a dresser with a TV. Not that much room for anything else without making the place cluttered. It should work for their needs at least. And if seened they could probably work something out to get a extra mattress. "Here we are. Make yourself at home." Shannon hopped up and sat down at the foot of the bed.
Ariel - PW Guild Hall

Ethel being a tad shorter, Ariel glanced down at the girl. She didn't look familiar at all. Shaking her head to Nolan's question she answered. "Never met to my knowledge." She glanced at the front door again as if still expecting someone to come through looking for the girl in front of her. But so far no one seemed to have come for her.

Leaning down slightly she leveled her eyes with Ethel's "I couldn't help but notice you looking around earlier. Are you trying to find someone or something?" Sighing slightly she dropped her head for a moment. "Sorry, I should probably introduce myself first. It's been a crazy day. My name is Ariel Gratas. What is your name?" Offering a hand to shake she patiently waited for an answer as she smiled softly.
Lydia - Neighborhood

Well, the children proved human after all. Everyone was occupied fighting their own foes which mad things difficult to coordinate at all with pretty much anyone. Other than the children looking possessed there wasn't much indication with just who she should be siding with. The sound of shattered class caught her attention.

The clatter of shards reminded her of an incident she had caused with her powers. It was early on, a time when she had been more experimental with her powers and less cautious. Overloading herself at the time the resulting surge had busted the window on the room and fried ever electronic nearby. Everyone was lucky the place hadn't caught fire and no one else got hurt.

Her little day dream ended as she watched casually four children carrying off another. It took her a moment to process Liz's protest to what was going on. It seemed reasonable that the kids were the aggressors here, stealing away other's family. Eyes darting to two of the kids that were almost upon her. As the children dove at her Lydia ducked and ran toward Curtis. While the scaly humanoid was doing his best to beat down the one's attacking him she figured he could use help. Whether the fists would land or not the electric woman intended to assist. That was without entirely ignoring the ones after her already who were hot on her heels. Grabbing Kurt's massive arm she tried to guide him toward a light pole. "Come, you will be safe!"
Well depending on the effect Lydia wants it might not take that much when applied properly.
@Leaves You can kill a horse with a cattle prod BTW.
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