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My son is back up and walking, and school is OVER, thank God. So Hopefully my world will be returning to normal, as will my posting time.
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Got a 2yr old in a full leg cast, finals, and work deadlines that are piling up at the moment. Bare with me. I will get through this and return to normal activity levels.
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I apologize for the delay, my 2yr old blew out his knee on Monday and we've been in and out of hospitals. I HAVE to do school work tonight, if I finish I'll post.
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Working on my taxes. Will get to posts tomorrow.
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Wednesdays and Weekends are still school work days for me for 3 more weeks. Also, started a new job last week and I'm just realizing how unorganized they are. So bare with me while I situate.


Hello there. My name is Kate. I was born in 1987 (Do the math so I don't have to update every year!), and I live in the south eastern united states. I've been role playing through chat rooms or forums since I was 12. I have a deep wealth of life experience from which I draw to enlighten and enrich my role play. I'm almost finished with my PhD (It couldn't come any sooner!!!). I'm a very open person. If you have a question, feel free to ask. In regards to role play, I tend to prefer original characters and I have folders of hundreds of characters I've made already or reference pictures for characters that have yet to be made. I prefer anything not slice of life pretty much, and I definitely lean towards darker themes. I will do X rated material when it fits the story, but my stories will never revolve around that. I'm comfortable with forum, pm, emails, etc. I have LOTS of reference material if you'd like a sample of my work. I play mostly females, but occasionally will develop a Male that I'm comfortable exploring. When I'm in to a story, I can often find time to post daily or multiple times per day. At worst, I can definitely post at least once a week. I prefer long-term partners/ story lines. My longest partner I role played with was multiple stories over about a 10 year span. I'm an introvert, so finding new partners is always very difficult for me. My post style tends to be multi- para to para depending on my partner and the speed of the story. I generally match the complexity of my partner's posting, though posts with dialog for example may be shorter.

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She half laughed, taking a swig of her drink and thinking about his question for a minute. "Wouldn't remember if I had... but I don't think I ever shit myself to death... I can't imagine anyone here would let me live that one down without reminding me every day." Despite the visor, her face was strangely emotive. Her smiles were warm and genuine and the apples of her cheeks shifted the visor on her eyes every time the corners of her lips raised.

"Last night?" The visor lifted slightly, probably the closest thing he'd see to her raising her eyebrows as she gave him an obvious glance over. "You're doing pretty good for yourself then. Haven't seen you fall over yet. That sleep can be killer sometimes." She finished her coffee and tossed the cup in the bin sitting next to the coffee station. "Germany sounds fun... Afghanistan is too fucking hot. You look like you did alright for yourself though." She scoffed mildly at his comment about her not going near the front lines. "Don't you worry about me hot shot... I jump out of the planes right alongside all you fucking nuts every battle. I'm a sniper though... I sit back and save your assess until one of your kind fucks up and lets something come up behind me... see... hardly any scars." She made a little show of holding out her arms and doing a quick spin around. "I don't get injured... I go out with the extraction... or I'm dead. Not much in between."

She smirked on just one side and leaned back against the wall, looking over his shoulder for a moment and surveying the faces again... there were still people missing and morning mess was almost over. Those fucking scientists couldn't do their jobs right if all they had to do was piss into the fucking wind. Dumb shits. "Anyways... guns to clean... gear to get ready. You'll probably have a couple days to settle in, but front lines happen almost daily around here... especially if you don't get respawned." She kicked off the wall and started towards the exit. "I'll see ya around hot shot.... and I'll try not shoot you when I do."
Tria's eyes flicked to the clean cut newbie as he addressed her. It was the slightest of head turns... her visor spared her from much of people's ability to read her face. It was for the best, as her eyebrow couldn't help but raise at the pretty boy. "Heh... yeah. Supposed to be a morale booster I think... ya know... pumpkin spice in the fall.... peppermint in the winter. Remind you there's an earth still out there somewhere that has seasons that you used to be able to celebrate." She took another swig and shifted to her side, reaching out to grab the man's arm and pull him slightly towards her and out of the way of the line that was trying to move around him.

"If you ask me... getting ripped apart by bugs is better than dying shitting yourself... but hey - to each their own." She crossed her arms over her chest and let the wall hold what little body weight she had. "So you're part of the new shipment yeah? Too pretty to be old news... plus I'm fairly certain I'd remember seeing your face around. I'm guessing this is your first tour?" Behind the visor, her eyes searched him for scars quickly. Even if you were respawned, you'd hold scars from training or the times that you lived... perhaps unless you'd never lived through a battle before. That would be a crappy soldier to ship to the front lines. She hoped they sent people like that back. Not that they'd remember if they'd died before anyways... for all they knew, they'd just basically be waking up from a deep sleep. "What's your spec?" He could be a mechanic or something... someone who never left the ship. He was a little clean for that... but maybe he hadn't started working yet.
[color=92278f][/color]As another surge of men and women entered the mess hall, Namai glanced over her shoulder, then broke into a grin, elbowing Tria harshly in the side. "Look... warm bodies." Tria twisted in her seat and stood up slightly, too short to see over all the big dumb heads filling the room. "Ohhhh... fancy... they don't even have scars yet!" The big guy sitting next to her frowned down at her tone of voice and looked back at the new recruits making their way to the buffet... "Yeah, well I bet ten bucks that twat right there screams like a girl and pisses his pants when he dies..."

Tria laughed and backhanded his bicep. "Shut up... you love it when girls scream... besides... who says you don't scream like a girl and piss yourself every time YOU die... not like you'd remember." Tria laughed and slid back down in her seat for a second. "I don't scream like a girl... and I don't piss myself!" His pride was wounded, but Tria just kept that sly smile on her face. "Sure ya don't Beasty... of course not... your scream is very manly! ........ and you shit yourself." A roar of laughter erupted from the table and Tria pushed off, standing up with her mostly empty tray. "It's been fun assholes! But not too fun... I'm going to get some fucking tar and getting out of this place. The zombies'll start piling in soon and I fucking hate catching people up. Toodles motherfuckers!" She turned to head away and Namai gave her a playful swat on the ass as she passed. She dropped her tray in the clean up pile before heading for the coffee station. What they called coffee in this place was more like a thick caffeinated syrup. Took some getting used to, but definitely gave you the pick-me-up you were looking for if it didn't knock you on your ass first. She weaved her way through the bodies - generally easier than most but she had to watch out for people who didn't even notice her because she was so short. When she got to the table, there was some newbie there, looking confused.

"Here... it's not as hard as it looks... you just grab a cup... stick it here... then up here's your options. First one's black... second one is french vanilla... third one is whatever mystery flavor of the month... Just push..." A thick stream of liquid began pouring from the machine into the cup that she'd placed on the landing. "Then the real trick is... until you've got your sea legs... I suggest you stop it like... halfway and either fill up the rest with milk or water... your preference. But otherwise, it might make you sick the way it clings while it goes down." She took her full cup, not cut with anything like she'd suggested and shrugged at the newbie before taking a sip. "Up to you though... just don't complain later when you're exploding out both ends." The newbie's eyes widened with concern and disgust and apparently they decided they didn't want coffee as bad as they thought, because they turned and walked away without a cup. Tria smirked and took another sip, leaning against the wall next to the coffee station and letting her eyes wander the room for a second... there were still faces missing... but respawns could take a day or two depending on how many zombies they needed to make. Must have been a lot of casualties this time.
Tria didn't take long... being most likely the smallest person on the ship, and definitely the BEST sniper... she had plenty of people she was comfortable hanging out with. Kind of a "little sister to everyone" type. She jaunted over to an open spot at a table full of big guys and dropped her tray down with a satisfying "SMACK" to get their attention. The nearest man, a big honking scarred up gorilla turned with a scowl only to catch Tria's wide, amused grin.

"Hey there Beasty!"

The man half growled, but his scowl couldn't hold out to against the smile that pulled the corner of his lips. "Tria! God damn you... you're lucky I didn't snap your damn neck!"

"Awww... big bad scary man! Please don't hurt me!"

She laughed and stuck her tongue out at him childishly, climbing in to a seat and playfully jamming her elbow in his side to remind him that he takes up too much space. "How the fuck are ya? Did you respawn? I can't tell... you're always so fucking ugly." She sneered at him, stuffing a strip of "bacon" in her mouth and chewing obnoxiously.

"Oh shut up, ya runt." He gave her a playful shove back before picking up his mug and taking a swig. "No... I survived! I get to keep my trophies." He held up his arm to display an angry looking cut that wrapped his bicep. It had already been treated and sealed, but the skin was a little puffy and red still.

"That aint shit. What'd ya do? Trip and land on your scope?"

Tria's chuckles were joined with others from around the table and the man sneered at her again before giving his own light-hearted choff. "What about you little lady? Anybody step on you this time?"

"You know I don't fuckin respawn. I don't need that shit... I'll hold out til they figure out how to give me new eyes with that shiny new body." She tapped her visor just as another, rough looking tall and lanky woman shoved in to the spot next to her, forcing her to be pressed up against the man's side. "Ey fucktards! Bastards yap your mouths enough, the whole fuckin galaxy knows which one of you's is pretty pink pussies!" She laughed at herself, dreadlocks tapping at her shoulder as she leaned in to peck Tria on the cheek. "Toots... beautiful as ever. Shining fucking angel in this place. How many times have I told you to cover up when you go out in public?"

Tria smirked and shoved back, adjusting in the seat comfortably between her two larger companions and taking to her food. "Yes, MOM... I'll try and remember next time. Not used to being stared down by lessies and dicks every day... you'll have to forgive me."

The group at the table continued their banter, just as most tables were. The day or two after a battle were usually slow and comfortable... lots of food, cleaning weapons and gear, playful banter, and general dumbassery. It helped with morale. The higher ups tended to stay out of it.

Bright and early the morning after a battle, the ship was always a bustle of commotion as soldiers traded stories of heroism, stupidity, death, and survival. Comradery and mischief abounded. Those who survived filled in those who’d been reborn sans any memories of their unfortunate demise. The survivors traded looks at their new scars and battle wounds. Officers tended to stay out of it all. The grunts needed their time to unwind. War was a dirty business after all.

Tria’s survival mornings always started with the blaring of old rock music. Something about it always made her feel ten feet tall. The music brought her from the deepest sleeps straight into the black consciousness that was her natural lack of vision. See Tria was born completely blind. Others told her that her natural eyes were a pleasant, uniquely light green in color, but she’d never really seen color anyways. Her hand reached out and patted along the surface of the table next to her bed until they found her visor. It wasn’t the best model… a little big and bulky, more like goggles than glasses, but they worked. She slid it in to place over her eyes and clicked the fasteners on the sides in to place. Without her goggles, she would have never become a sniper really. What these goggles lacked in style and flare, they made up for in functionality… long range scanning, the ability to scan through most typical barriers, analysis of the thickness and composition of barriers… everything was the same color… light versus darkness, but she couldn’t really miss something she’d never had right?

She sat up, her back a bit stiff and sore from all that… sitting still that she does in battles. Tria had one of the best survival records on the ship. Her visor was to thank for that mostly… it allowed her to stay far away from any actual fighting, picking off enemies from such a distance that the biggest threat to her was that she might miss extraction. She swung her legs off the bed and massaged her knees gingerly for a moment. Tria was, by most standards… tiny. She only stood 4’10” … 11” if she really tried to stretch. She didn’t weigh more than 95lbs soaking wet and well fed. While some might see this as a disadvantage, Tria had developed quite a comfortable position as the battalion’s “little sister” of sorts. Standing up from her cot, she stretched with a yawn before setting to it.

Within an hour of wake up, the mess hall was a roar of chatter. Tria waltzed in fashionably late, clad in her trousers and a simple black t-shirt with her chestnut brown hair hanging free to her shoulders. A couple of days of lax rules about appearance were always helpful for morale. The men and women around the room were broken up into their usual clicks, recounting and entertaining themselves. Tria hardly glanced around the room on her way straight to the serving station. She snatched a tray off the pile and slapped it on down on the chute before she began plucking options off the line… some yellowish mush they named “egg substitute”. Strips of meat labeled “bacon” that everyone was pretty sure had never met a pig’s ass in history… fake fruit… maybe real bread. Tria was always gifted with the ability to eat much more than seemed reasonable for her size. When she’d filled her tray with the limits of what she was allowed to take, she scooped it up along with a mug of black tar “coffee” and turned to survey the tables for an empty seat.
It's been a while. My long-time roleplay partner has moved on and I've sat alone, without a story to indulge in. I have 20 years of role play experience and generally fall in to the multi- para to para roleplay range depending on my partner and the story. I have many, many premade characters and am more than happy to create an original character to accommodate a story. I'm comfortable with violence, gore, and sexual content as long as it enhances the story. Hard pass on potty play or pointless, extensive abuse that is meaningless to the plot.

I'm looking for something to get lost in... for days, weeks... months. I'd love someone to spin story after story with, falling in love with the characters and their world. If that sounds good to you, please send me a message.
I'd be interested in talking about 3 or 4!
How chaotic sounding! >_> I might be game. Do you have any ground rules for this?
Oh the deadness :/
Yes sir, though suspiciously
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