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don’t be alarmed if it says I’m online but I don’t reply right away.
sometimes I’ll just get on to look at the website for 2 minutes before getting off. :^)

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@Kuro thank you! for both the welcome and directing me to which person to talk to. <3
I’m darline. I’ve been stalking the website for a couple days now and finally made an account.

I wanted a different username but it’s taken. the person who owns it has been, what the site says, “MIA” for 5 years so I will be talking with a mod to see if I can snag it anyway. c;

I like animal role-plays and slice of life in either a modern or medieval setting, but that’s not all I do! just what I mostly do!

I hope to make a friend or two here. c: I have nothing else to do besides work and run, so I will be posting here on my off time!
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