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It was to arthur. Apologies for any confusion

As always any questions dont hesitate to get in touch!
Apologies all round for the delay. As you all know my personal life is in a little bit of a state right work and work decided to join it in the crapper this week!

Nevertheless an update for you all!

@wxps350 Arthur and Kaleo @tenma tendo

Ken looks round and seems a little intrigued as you start to scribble. He looks at you quizzically but there is warmth in his eyes as he watches you. Even as he reaches out a hand to take the note to Arthur puts up his hand and speaks up.

Ken brielfy looks up from the note with a mischevious grin

“Oh no that would be telling. All I’ll say is that it will help you in Saffron and be a valuable addition to your team. Don’t take my word for it…. Go see for yourselves! Maybe you’ll have an adventure or maybe you’ll meet your doom.”

He gives another little grin before reading Kaleo’s note. He looks thoughtfully before speaking up and you can tell he is choosing his words carefully wanting to bring the topic up without putting you into the spotlight.

“This lad brings up a point about advanced training techniques mainly non-verbal communication. I very much doubt any of the trainers you meet around Saffron will have grasped such advanced techniques. It’s complicated and takes years of practice and a unique bond between Pokemon and trainer in order to use. Very few trainers, even in the Pokemon league opt for such a complicated style of commands to their Pokemon. Nevertheless it is possible and the sooner you start the better. You might make mistakes but so long as you learn from them there is nothing that can stop you.”

The session goes on a little later but the numbers start to dwindle even after your question with parents dragging their kids off to other activities. The child surrounded by his family is swarmed by a gaggle of grandparents and lifted off despite his numerous protests of “just 5 more minutes”

Soon it’s just you two and Ken sat on the grass and though you can see the sun starting to go down and know he has a big part in the festivities he is in no hurry to rush you. If you have any more questions ask them and I’ll answer them for you in pm to make a post. When you’re all run out of questions he gives a small smile.

Nodding at Kaleo he grins even as he hoists himself to his feet with some difficulty and grins

“You should watch Elder Algenon battle tonight in the Elder’s battle at the Tournament tonight son! His rattata is ancient but their bond may give you something to think about!”

He reaches out a hand to you Arthur and shakes it firmly looking into your eyes

“Will your father battle at the tournament tonight son?”

Whatever your reply he nods and grins indicating how he hoped to/ would like to have faced him before wheeling round and leaving you both standing alone together.

Leaving it open to you guys. Interact… awkward nod and go find your folks? Very much up to you!

@savo Perri and Lisette @rune_alchemist

Perhaps it’s Perri’s attire, his revelation or the deliberate catwalk sachet but his appearance leaves a pregnant pause that seems to hang awkwardly in the air. Both twins seems shocked into silence. Even Sid who had been deliberately looking the other way with a sullen frown is suddenly looking at both of you with rapt attention his mouth curving upward in a definite smirk.

The silence stretches out until Sid gives a massive snort of laughter and both twins just collapse laughing. It goes on for a little while and you stand their awkwardly (I can imagine Lisette might just be on the point of giving someone a smack and walking off) but just before that moment Ryan (perhaps noticing) seems to collect himself enough to snort

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry” he’s wiping his eyes as he looks looking earnestly at both “It’s just…. I don’t know what we were expecting but that was not it”

He's smiling trying to manage the situation

"Look it looks we're all getting off on the wrong foot." He gives you an ingratiating smile and snatches up two bottles holding them out too you."

On closer inspection you find the bottles not to be alcohol but a sort of light brown colour (think energy drink like red bull or monster) though you notice no label or marking on the bottles. Ryan gives a small smile

"Home-brewed family recipe. Call it a peace offering... on all counts." He smiles " and you don't need to worry about getting entry to the Pokemon Party"

He smiles pointing to a window about 3 floors up on the window

"see that window in 2 hours that window will be wide open. I can promise you that"

It's your matrix moment do you take the brown bottle or run back to the festivities.

Update will be tomorrow! Thanks for everyone's patience
Phew. I hope that wasn't too stereotypical and gross. I felt Tatiana was almost too statically happy. This won't change her personality really. It's just to add some depth.

Awesome posts from both of you. Need to raise my game!

I think ill wait for you to reply to galahad @vietmyke before posting again if thats ok?
Very very nice we've got a nice little blend here :) I look forward to seeing what arthur adds to the party!


I think this is a good point for ryan and sid to jump in but let me know if you want to post against first

Once arthur is in the mix I'll get an update up
Alright, done. Lemme know if anything needs to be changed.

i like it
only bit to get rid of is the bit about andrew's dad catching scrapper in a curbstomp battle. You will catch scrapper in the sanctuary.

Once that's gone feel free to add him to the character sheet section and make your initial post.

Give the ic a read and use any of the information from my first few updates to get yourself involved.

Any questions! Don't hesitate to ask me.

I'll wait for @savo and @wxps350 though I'm really delighted by how well you both are posting tenma ( I really like the question and think we can get this moving) and rune. It's great stuff and hopefully we can get this rp moving a little.

@rune_alchemist I promise you will have more to work with next update!
@deathbringer this might sound like a silly question, buuuuuut we are getting different gym leaders this time around, right? And their typing won't be the same as the original gym leaders before them? Aye or nay?

I was personally going with a mix. Some of the same guys some different. Ive never specified so i could change if needs be depending on how you guys go with the story but i see this as taking place after ashs journey. So for example brock and misty left their gyms to travel so different there. However i have a few gym leaders that were awesome and i think it could be cool to expand their character a little. For those I will keep the same I was going to use a merge of their teams based across the different games and tv series to create you something different to look at.

That being said sabrina was a kid and i could never see her leaving her gym. So she will be Saffron gym leader but a bit older and wiser. Thats part of the reason im pointing you at saffron first so we can develop the story together and then expand
Awesome, I'll get one up later today!

Just to double check though, we are allowed to use 1st Stage evolutions for Gen 1 Pokemon that got introduced in Gen 2, correct?

Hey! Is this RP still open by any chance?

I have one slot available so feel free to throw up a character!

I can post regardless of whether Savo does, if need be.

I'd just rather see if Perri is actually there, since that would determine how much Lis is willing to talk and stuffs, but I can work around it.

Com0letely agree! Was more checking in with savo/ tendo
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