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I'm sorry guys, it's the first week of classes and I have to make sure I don't get behind. I'm starting all of my homework early and can't post until the weekend.
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I'm sorry guys, it's the first week of classes and I have to make sure I don't get behind. I'm starting all of my homework early and can't post until the weekend.
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Acclimating to moving in with new roommates and setting up my new computer. Gonna be pretty busy the next few weeks, so I think posts are gonna be a little slow. <3
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Alexis' internalized racism grated across Wayne's nerves, causing a small scowl to form on his lips before he intentionally dispelled it; Hexenbiests were among the most hated by the Grimm, as their magic and cruelty were both powerful and unprecedented. No other populous race had such an affinity for combat magic. However, it still irritated the Wesen as she rambled on about hatred based on heritage alone.

"Unfortunately, Hexenbiests aren't entirely gratuitous when it comes to sharing information about themselves," Wayne commented, glanced down at the woman beside him. "I'm uncertain of when your mother was turned, or if that had any effect on your heritage. My guess is that the fact that you have been previously unaware of your heritage has impacted your ability to Woge or access your abilities. Typically, one only Woges during any feat of physical, mental, or magical exertion, as well as during emotionally charged moments. Grimm's can see through our human disguises... Elias has either been blinded to your true identity, or for some reason, he is incapable of viewing your true form."

Unless he has been aware of your true identity this entire time... The thought troubled Wayne, however, he kept it to himself. Such a situation would be highly improbable.

"As for your headaches whenever magic is used on you, there's two explanations- Agh!" Wayne continued, grunting in frustration as a rather large Bauerschwein jostled into him, resulting in the larger Wesen to turn to Wayne with a sneer.

Before he could speak a word in his garbled English, the Bauerschwein locked eyes with the Avian Wesen. Instantly, he dropped his gaze, mumbling a soft, congested apology before moving away, disappearing into the drift of traffic. His large form was easily discernible through the crowd, however, Wayne took no interest in him, returning his gaze to Alexis and continuing their conversation without skipping a beat.

"Either you were being assaulted by a young, unlearned Hexenbiest, which I find highly unlikely, as they aren't typically allowed to roam beyond their Coven's walls until they are highly competent," Wayne said. "Or you have an affinity for resisting magic. Unless you are Grimm, a Hexenbiest can often probe your mind undetected. Only skilled hunters, other magic-capable beings, and Grimms are capable of detecting them. Whether you are fully Hexenbiest, fully human, or some form of hybrid, you have developed an affinity for magic."

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Wayne decided to heed her outburst and paused for a moment, considering his options. After glancing around to make sure they had no unwanted audience, he sighed and met her gaze, his hand resting lightly on her shoulder. If she was going to be with him, he couldn't afford her to be emotional. She needed a cold, precise warrior with lethal accuracy, not a conflicted soul tormented by her heritage.

"Elias is a Western Grimm," Wayne began, making sure she was looking into his iridescent eyes. "They are more understanding than their Eastern brethren - you know that - and he has proven himself to being willing to cooperate with Wesenkind. From what I have heard of his family, they have been known to even partner with Wesen from time to time. The only reason Elias would have to hate you is if you were to become as vile as most Hexenbiests choose to act; unlike the Eastern Grimms, the West doesn't operate off of racism, but justice."

Pulling away from Alexis, Wayne strode off into the streets, quickly moving through the crowd, not glancing back to see if Alexis was behind him.

The pair navigated the streets of the underground city until they came to a massive gate that could easily have allowed passage for twenty men broad. Traffic slowly milled through the entrance to the aquatic district, slowing the duo's pace to a crawl. The crossing of the quarter mile tunnel took almost ten minutes, a period of time filled only with shambling, chatter, and claustrophobia.

The recent revelation of Alexis' bloodline brought an odd sense of peace to Wayne. She was no longer in any immediate danger in the underground. If anyone discovered them, while it would be quite odd, they wouldn't desire to interrupt anyone traveling with a Hexenbiest. While some were disliked for their cruelty and dark magic, the vast majority of the the Hexenbiest species were respected and feared among the commonfolk of Wesenkind. Akin to Barons, most Hexenbiests wanted for little and garnered the loyalty of those under their rule. They would be left alone, allowing for the freedom of dialogue between the pair.

"We're in a safe environment, Alexis," Wayne said, glancing over at his companion. "If you have any questions, now would be the time, and I would be the person to ask."


Wayne silently observed the situation unfolding, his brow furrowed in worry. How hadn't he sensed her magic? How had he not sensed her Wesen nature? Granted, she was an anomaly, the first of her kind, a mutated hybrid of Hexenbiest transfusion and Human, however, it was still quite odd he hadn't been able to notice her. The Wesen had detected she was not a trueblood Grimm, however, that didn't reveal her true nature.

As Alexis burst out in anger and confusion, Wayne was taken aback. Wouldn't she want to know what had happened? Who she was? Then again, she was a Grimm, at least by tradition, and to discover oneself to be a Hexenbiest was a curse most foul indeed. While they were remarkably powerful magic users, they were immensely vile, and even Wayne had a distaste for them.

The instant Alexis left the house, dread sunk into Wayne's stomach. If she was going to go out in that manner, there was every chance they would be stuck in the lion's den with no escape as every Wesen hunter her. There was no way for them to become aware of her dual heritage.

Slipping out of the house after her, Wayne quickly slid past her and wrapped his arm around her waist. Pivoting his foot for support, he hurled the girl into a small alleyway and forced her to collide against the wall with enough force to banish the wind from her lungs.

"What the hell are you doing?" His voice was harsh and commanding, reprimanding her for her actions. Yes, she had most likely received traumatic news, however, that didn't excuse her getting both of them killed.
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Wayne's mind mulled over the vision, considering where the pearls may be. In the past, any vision that Johann had transmitted to him had come with hidden memories that were only unlocked if he went along the right path. In any case, Alexis would be crucial as she most likely had hidden memories as well. They would need to-

Wayne became suddenly conscious that Alexis was no longer by his side, but was off deeper into the tunnels. It was sudden, and the distance she had covered was extreme. Swearing under his breath, Wayne took off after her, gaining ground on her but not before she disappeared into a building, seeming to chase something.

"Alexis!" The Wesen hissed, quickly scaling a rocky outcropping and following after her, intent on catching up to her before she walked into a Wesen's den.

Faint voices could be heard deeper into the residence, where torches softly lit the room. Alexis' indiscernible words filtered into his ears, accompanied by acknowledgement by the other individuals in the house. Without a second thought, Wayne slithered into the room, recognizing the Hexenbiest standing opposite the Grimm. If Alexis was going to be attacked, Wayne didn't have a moment to waste.

Sliding fluidly past her, Wayne produced his twin daggers and allowed himself to Woge, screeching as he planted himself between Alexis and the Hexenbiest. He could take quite a few more spells than Alexis could, as magic ran through his Wesen veins and Uhranuti were no strangers to magic. If he needed to fight, he would. But he wouldn't let Alexis off easy.
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A small sigh of relief exited the Wesen's nostrils as Alexis came to a stop by his side, refusing to approach the center circle of the bridge. A small pulse traveled through the water, indicating the Tintenfische's disappointment, however, nothing else occurred to indicate that he would lash out.

"It is quite wise of you to heed his advice, Little One. That will serve you well in the months to come."

After a brief pause, Wayne deemed it safe to speak again. "Deep Seer, you know why we seek council. Who were Sophie's assailants and how did they come to be aware of the Grimm presence in the city?"

An unearthly chuckle echoed through the cavern, indicating Johann's amusement.

"Wayne, my child, certainly you know that my answers are not quite so easily obtained."

Bowing his head, Wayne nodded, frustration clear on his Woged features. "Surely after our many years together perhaps I would be able to return my dues to you at a later-!"

The soft blue glow of the water beneath them intensified for but a moment, causing a visible flinch to register through Wayne's body. Little caused visible fear in the man, however, an Alpha Wesen was among the few items on the list of things that would strike fear into his heart. As the shining light returned to its original glow, Wayne's breathing resumed.

"A task. Very well. What must we accomplish?"

While there were no physically observable changes in the cavern, a sense of dark satisfaction washed over the two bipeds standing on the bridge, overwhelming them as Johann invaded their thoughts with images of two pearls standing upon gleaming pedestals. Red velvet cushions lay under the treasures, holding them aloft in a sealed stone room. No words were spoken as the telepathic communication shut down all other senses, transmitting the raw, unfiltered thoughts of the Tintenfische to the lesser Wesen and human. Once all had passed, Wayne and Alexis were left standing in a dark room, the blue light gone. How long they had been standing in the dark, Wayne was unable to recall, however, it was clear that Johann had left their presence.

"It would appear we must perform a heist, Alexis," Wayne said, reflecting on the telepathic message. The meaning had been clear: steal the pearls and Johann would inform the pair of the identity of Sophie's attackers. "If we do not complete the task within a day, I fear that Johann will commission others to pursue us. Have you any experience as a thief?"
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