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I'm sorry guys, it's the first week of classes and I have to make sure I don't get behind. I'm starting all of my homework early and can't post until the weekend.
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Acclimating to moving in with new roommates and setting up my new computer. Gonna be pretty busy the next few weeks, so I think posts are gonna be a little slow. <3
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Location: Sky Lakes Medical Center

Interacting with: Cassandra Arvanitis @Caits, Xerxes Arvanitis, Miranda Burke @YoshiSkittlez, Syleste Vos @Vicier, Gage Brooks @BlackPanther

Sebastian blushed at the realization that he was still in his hospital gown. He wasn't sure if he had washed up between the attack and then, it had all been such a rush. In any case, his hair was greasy and unstyled, his clothing was nothing short of horrific, and between the stitches, bruises, and clear signs of exhaustion, he probably looked about as attractive and as rotten banana.

Sebastian accepted the clothing from Cassie with a soft smile, attempting not to meet Hunter's eyes. A moment of awkward silence stretched between the pair before the Siren cleared his throat and met Cassie's gaze.

"Thanks for the clothes, Cass," Sebastian shifted, holding the clothes in front of him, "I didn't really wanna leave the room in... this.

Trailing off, Sebastian took in Hunter again. He didn't want to talk about anything too sensitive around a stranger, but there was something... distinct. After listening intently for a moment, Sebastian was able to detect the powerful heartbeat in the man's chest, pumping thick blood much harder than an ordinary heart. He was sure Cassie knew his identity, but that didn't make him feel any more comfortable around him. Hunter was a Were, that much was clear, but the Siren couldn't be sure exactly what species.

"But I had to catch you," He continued without skipping a beat, passing off a nonchalant vibe. "About my dad, it's really no worry. I'll just take the forms home for him to sign and tell him about everything. I don't think he's even heard about what happened, but I'm really not too banged up. I'll take care of him. You seem to have enough stress on your shoulders as it is."

Sebastian gently reached out and gave her hand a quick squeeze, smiling reassuringly. "Whatever your dad's doing, I'm sure everything fine. Everyone's still in room 207 if you need anything."

With that, Sebastian stepped back, pivoting slowly to try to avoid turning his back on the pair. The hospital gown was quite modest, but he still felt awkward in it.

Once he was in his room, he stepped into the bathroom and changed into the regular clothes quickly, happy to be out of the damn sheet they called clothing. Once he had pulled on his pants, he grabbed his phone and shot Cassie a text.

To: Cassandra Arvantis
Who is he? Be careful, Cass, he's a Were. Please be safe.

After locking his phone and slipping it into his back pocket, he snagged his shirt off of the counter and reached up, letting out a small gasp as his stitches pulled his arm to a stop and flared in pain. The long gashes along his right side ribs had been expertly repaired, but stretching them was still an issue. The Siren took a moment to lean against the wall, gasping sharply with a hand on his ribs, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth. Even though the pain killers were still in his body, the gash was deep and hurt like hell. If he went home in this condition, there would be no way he could hide it from his father. Hugging was something the pair did every time they saw each other, and his father's arms around him would cause enough pain to make him scream.

With a soft groan, he used his left arm to pull his shirt over his right limb and head, letting the fabric slide across his torso. He didn't have much of a choice but to convince Gage to take him to the lake. The water would heal him faster than anything the hospital could provide him with. Even though the woods were dangerous, a second Alpha attack seemed near impossible. Zoë struck Sebastian as an incredibly capable woman; she had probably removed the threat already.

Exiting the bathroom, Sebastian picked up his shoes from his bed and grabbed a sprite, smiling at Syleste and Miranda. "Alright, I gotta run home for a bit, but I'll text you guys."

Turning to Miranda, he used his good arm to give her a soft hug. "Thank you so much for the help, Miri. You really helped us."

Swapping his focus to the other Siren, Sebastian gently took Syleste's hand and rubbed her knuckles with his thumb. The action may have been inappropriate for any other guy, especially right in front of her boyfriend, but the team Sebastian played for exempted him from the negative backlash of his actions. "I'll swing by your house tonight to check on you tonight, Syleste, assuming that's okay with you. I wanna talk to you about some things. I'll bring ice cream."


The man's quiet footsteps quickly led him to an impression mansion in the upper class district, where houses were interspersed between gardens, stables, and other agricultural areas that allowed for a good amount of privacy. By keeping to the alleyways behind houses and weaving his path in and out of various gardens and smaller buildings, he was able to circumvent the entire area unseen, finally coming to a stop at the back entrance to the house. The two pairs of footsteps he had been following disappeared into the residence, offering no option but to sneak in.

While he was perfectly able of picking the lock, other options seemed far more lucrative to the agile Wesen. Stepping back from the door, Wayne spotted a woman sitting on a window sill, gazing peacefully out into the sky. Her sharp features and fiery hair were impossible to forget: She had battled and slain the Manticore that night in the woods. She was a Grimm, but as Sophie has informed Wayne, she was a friend.

Muttering a string of curses under his breath at who he had to converse with, Wayne stepped forward, his fingers easily finding grips in the wood and stone exterior of the building. Within seconds, he had scaled to the second story and refused to slow down, quickly making his way past the gazing woman's level and onto the roof. With a controlled rate of breathing and silent footsteps, Wayne prowled forward until he was perched directly over the woman, gazing down at her troubled expression. If she had detected Wayne, she showed no sign of it.

In a single fluid motion, he bent over, turning his body as he fell from his perch, keeping on hand on the edge of the roof to support himself as he spun and landed with a soft whoosh on the window sill next to the woman. Wayne's hands were raised in peace, displaying that he held no weapon in his grasp.

"Be calm, I'm not here to harm you," The Wesen spoke quietly, his dark blue eyes serious. "I'm here for Sophie."


Elias stepped aside, letting Alexis pass him without resistance. His focus was solely on Sophie; if Alexis desired to step away, it was her concern. She most likely had things to attend to regarding another attack.

"Sophie," Elias repeated as he stepped forward, inquisitively eyeing the woman. "What exactly happened?"
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Regarding the element teachers, are they White Lotus? Because Tenzin is obviously searching for the Avatar as well as a the White Lotus but would he already be a member of the White Lotus? Because currently I assumed he was an Air Nomad.


The doctor’s accusation was far too disgraceful to ignore. The first time he had struck Alexis, Elias had been in the throes of intense sickness and disorientation. Now, however? He was more than capable of handing this insolent pig’s ass to him.

Calmly unlocking his fingers from Alexis’ hand, Elias concerned demeanor for Sophie was replaced by a steely cold gaze, freezing still whoever was unfortunate enough to come under its scrutiny.

With an iron will and unwavering expression, Elias slowly pivoted on his heel and turned to face the doctor, taking two long strides towards the doctor to close the distance between himself and the aggressive medical practitioner near the doorway. Elias’ face was mere inches from the doctor’s when he stopped, glowering down at the older man’s enraged face.

”The perceived freeness of the Lady Alexis of yours is misplaced and unwarranted,” Elias began, continuing to look over the doctor. ”You speak without knowledge and without finesse. You foolishly choose to run your mouth and embarrass yourself most publicly. The Lady Alexis is among the highest order of refinement and capability. She is aware of what is and isn’t acceptable to decrepit old men like you and acts accordingly, with the knowledge that she is being watched and held to a certain standard constantly. I am aware of these expectation as well, and would never tempt her in such a way, and I am disgraced that I am forced to witness such an atrocious accusation towards a lady of such high respectability.”

Elias began to slowly walk forward, forcing the doctor to backpedal towards the door. ”You will do better in the future to never accuse a Grimm of such things, knowing full well that the man you believe her to be sleeping with is her partner in assisting her to find an acceptable courter so that one day she may be wed to a suitor far more gracious and tactful than one such as yourself. You will remember our family name’s influence stretched far and wide, from the eastern shore to the western coast. We hold positions of power across these isles and you will do well to remember who it is you accuse of disgracefulness.”

Elias shut the door in the doctor’s face, turning calmly back to face the rest of the group. ”Now, Sophie, how are you doing?”


Elias leaned back into his bed, relaxing as Alexis left the room. Sleep was a much needed commodity for him recently, due to his constant abuse from Wesen. No matter what he did, he always seemed to be injured quite severely. It was starting to annoy him. Then again, it was simply a part of who he was...

"Help! Sophie's been attacked!"

Elias' eyes snapped open at the sudden commotion in the house, spurred into an immediate state of fight-or-flight. Through the walls, he could hear scattered voices and rushed footsteps, but the wood muffled any kind of intelligible language. Worry crossed the Grimm's face as he pushed the blankets off of his body, swinging his legs over the side of the bed to take a stand. Wincing at the movement in his shoulder, the injured man looked towards the door when it burst open suddenly.

"Elias," Alexis burst out, moving quickly towards him. "Something has happened!"

"I heard Soph-!" Elias didn't manage to get any other words out before Alexis informed him of the situation, putting him on high alert. With a nod, he moved across the room, grabbing a loose tunic as he went.

"Take me to her." Elias spoke curtly as he pulled the shirt over his shoulder and across his body, ignoring the flaring pain in his limb. If Sophie had really been attacked with instructions to take out him and Alexis, that meant they were in immediate danger. He needed to see exactly what kind of creature had attacked Sophie if they were going to stand a chance.

"Alexis, if that's true, then we can't leave the house," Elias said. "They obviously can't get to us while we're under your Aunt's protection, but if we step outside for even a moment, we're free game."

A cloaked figure moved quickly through the streets, searching for any sign of his partner. She was almost an hour late, and if he knew anything about Sophie, it was that she was punctual as all hell.

Pulling gently at the fabric of his cape, the man growled as some unknown substance stained the bottom edge of it. He would've stopped to clean it there, but he had more pressing matters to attend to.

After almost half an hour of searching, he found traces of blood staining the cobble of a dimly lit back road, indicating that someone had been attacked very recently. Upon further inspection, the hooded figure was able to place the scent. Sophie...

If he had a nose worth a damn, he would've been able to track her based on scent alone, but that wasn't his species specialty. Fortunately, his eyesight would be able to help him.

He could see exactly where Sophie had gone through the faint indentations in the dirt. Apparently, someone had taken her, but she didn't seem to have resisted, but rather... complied? Whatever the case was, he needed to find her, and fast.

Without another thought, he bolted off down the alleyway, intent on finding his partner.
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Elias nodded solemnly as their fingers clasped, their pinky and ring fingers locking together as their thumbs went over the other's wrist, meeting with their index and middle fingers in a circle around the other's forearm. The embrace felt odd and familiar at the same time, as he had only done it once before.

As Alexis talked, Elias' face grew more solemn, processing the information she was feeding him. The knowledge that Alexis had received an offer for her hand in marriage, and that time was running out, worried Elias, not only because it restrained her and him from being partners, but also because he could no longer hide his unsorted feelings for Alexis from himself.

"We'll find a solution," Elias said confidently. "Loopholes and workarounds are a personal specialty of mine. We have an entire summer to figure it out; We can do it."

His words weren't nearly as encouraging as he hoped them to be, but he was weak and distracted. The entire situation had his head reeling, though he was fair sure that had something to do with the various medicines in his body. In any case, he wasn't at his best.

"Your father is not an unreasonable man, but he is quite set in his ways," Elias thought aloud. "Maybe we can tie up your dearest suitor Mister Broussard and toss him into a ditch until winter?"

Elias smiled, hoping Alexis would be able to laugh at the joke. It was a weak attempt, but it was the best he could manage.

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