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I'm sorry guys, it's the first week of classes and I have to make sure I don't get behind. I'm starting all of my homework early and can't post until the weekend.
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Elias slowly straightened his back and took a deep breath, mentally steeling himself. Either his life was changed forever, or Alexis suffered for the rest of her's. It was an unfair ultimatum, yet instead of the normal rage Elias typically felt, there was... numbness. Stronger than sadness and heavier than anger, Elias was familiar with this feeling, as it afflicted him for months after Taric's death.

The Grimm could feel all eyes on him, and he had to acknowledge them. Meeting Marcus eyes, Elias faked confident expresssion. "It's true. A few evenings ago I asked Alexis to give me her hand in marriage."

There was a small gasp from someone in the room, though Elias couldn't tell who. Perhaps it was one of the many servants that thought they weren't detected, listening to the conversation around corners and behind closed doors. The silence stretched on for a few moments longer before Elias spoke again. "I don't intend to allow Broussard to see Alexis again. That boy is vile, volatile, and repulsive. Inform him an actual suitor has claimed Alexis' hand and that he will never touch her again."

With that, Elias turned and left, his boots echoing loudly as the only noise in the hallway. As he made his way up the stairs, he saw three servants, one being his own personal helper, quickly scrambling up the stairs and out of sight. Disregarding them as he went, the newly engaged man turned right at the top of the stairs and swiftly walked towards Alexis room. Without bothering to knock or request entrance, he opened the door, shutting it behind himself.

Alexis was waiting for Elias, sitting on the edge of her bed. Before she had the chance to say a word, Elias gently grasped her shoulder, leaning in close with a soft whisper. "If your magic can make us unheard from prying ears, I suggest you do it."

After speaking, he pulled away as the numbness overtook his body, making reality feel inauthentic as he moved to the window and gazed outward.


Alexis claim was bold, and Elias immediately stiffened at her words. He wouldn't abandon her, but who was she to claim that about him? It not only took away his life, but also his choice. He would be locked in marriage to her if he wanted to save her.

But I do love her... And it's going to be a cold day in hell before I let her marry this bastard of a child.

As his eyes came into focus, he registered the new threat. As Nathan raised his fist, something coursed through Elias. It wasn't adrenaline, or hormones, or anything else that would normally affect him during combat. It was something... new, yet familiar. It was like there were two souls of one mind in his body, raging to stop the attack.

Without a second thought, Elias and the new force stepped forwards, catching the crook of Nathan's arm with his own forearm. While instinctively Elias sought to strike Nathan in the solar plexus, the new mind displayed disapproval, instead guiding Elias' right hand towards the soft, tender part of Nathan's shoulder. Instead of a full powered fist, a light, gentle jab of straight fingers was dealt, pulling back as soon as the mind gave the approval to do so.

The Grimm's next move was to strike Nathan's throat, however, once again, the new mind goaded him into a different course of action. Repeating the first strike, yet this time on Nathan's left side, Elias meekly jabbed once more, entirely contrary to his regular, rage-induced fighting style.

For a moment, a second look of horror crossed Nathan's face as his arms fell limp to his sides, no longer responding to his movements. His fingers were twitching wildly, yet there was still no response from the upper arm.

Smirking confidently, Elias stepped forwards and thrust his knuckles into the inside of Nathan's left inner thigh, following it up with two more close hits down the leg.

Like a sack bag, Nathan crumbled, wailing as his fall resulted from his limbs betraying him. Standing tall, Elias growled menacingly at the man, glowering down intimidatingly. "I don't believe you'll be finding a partner in Ellesphere today, Brusselsprout." (I forgot the name of the city okay)

Turning back to face the woman behind him, Elias locked eyes with Alexis' magic fueled eyes. His body was blocking Nathan from seeing the spectacle, however, blue and purple energy churned in her irises as Elias came face to face with the secondary mind that had guided him during the fight.


Elias watched in irritation at the entire display, looking blatantly disappointingly at Marcus as Nathan dragged Alexis from the room. After a moment, he heard Alexis cry out in pain. Crossing the room, Elias glared at his Uncle. "You've truly proven yourself to be spineless, Marcus Grimm."

Entering the hallway, Elias witnessed Nathan forcing himself upon Alexis, pinning her against the wall as he raised his hand to strike her again. Without thinking of the consequences or even of the action itself, Elias produced a chain from his waist and lashed out, narrowing his eyes as a faint blue energy imbued the chain with magic as it curled itself around the abuser's wrist. With a harsh jerk, Elias pulled on the chain and forced Nathan to stagger backwards at the immense amount of strength he used. As Broussard stabilized himself, surprising the Grimm with his incredible balance, Elias ensured the magic was no longer imbuing the chain, pleased that Nathan had been so consumed with his actions that he had failed to notice the cerulean energy.

[color=royalblue]"You might think you hold some sort of sway at home, pretty boy, but here, in this city, I have the power," Elias barked, stepping forward and glowering down at the shorter man. "Whatever 'whorish' tendencies you think she has developed is quite insolent of you. I wouldn't hesitate to be honest about our relations, if they existed, and your lack of class and tact is-!"

"Elias, enough!" Marcus boomed, entering the hallway with Jean close behind. "You've overstepped your bounds. You will stand down."


As soon as Nathan stormed out of the room, the boy that had been attempting to stop him poked his head in, hurrying to apologize.

"I-i'm so sorry, Master Elias, I-!" He stopped as Elias stood and held up a hand, his face firm but kind.

"It's okay, Damien, asses are stubborn creatures." Elias said, grabbing a towel and beginning to dry himself off. Damien's eyebrows raised at Elias blatant disrespect of a noble, however, he quickly put the thought aside and rushed to get Elias clothing.

Within seconds, Elias was dressed in a pair of leggings and a rich blue tunic, finishing it off with a pair of black hunting boots. Moving past Damien, Elias instructed him to wait out back for Alexis and inform her of Broussard's detestable mood. Without glancing back, Elias rushed down the stairs, silently approaching the front room where Nathan's roars were echoing outward from. Casually moving into the room, Elias leaned against the frame of the door, his arms crossed and a look of judgement on his face.

"Really, Marcus, this is the best you could find?" Elias scoffed, shaking his head at the childlike outburst. "Men of the West would never let themselves lose control like this. It's-!"

Elias was cut short by some kind of curse from Nathan, but he just raised an eyebrow and looked between Marcus and Nathan. "Alexis is above him, Uncle."


Wayne gently checked up on Sophie to ensure she hadn't been injured in the fight before brushing off her returned concern, pretending that he hadn't taken a glancing blow to the ribs. "We need to find Alexis. I don't think letting her near humans unchecked is a wise idea. Her magic is uncontrolled and disruptive, and you and I both know the hell that will be raised if the Downworld catches whiff of a rumor that there's a Hexenbiest in upper human society."


Elias had to repeatedly hold his tongue from lashing out at the other man, reminding himself that any form of direct aggression would get him nowhere. If Nathan were to be inhibited, it would require tact and verbal proficiency.

"Brusselsprout, I find it disconcerting that you will believe any wild servants tale that happens to make its way from the kitchens to your overeager ears," Elias casually responded, making sure to never give Nathan his gaze. "If you find yourself searching for a bitch of whorish tendencies and disreputable behavior, I would advise you go back and search in the same gutter that you pulled that forsaken pair of boots from."

Shifting his weight so that he could scrub his back, Elias cast an arrogant glance at his unwelcome guest. "Please, at least try to show some class when speaking of a woman such as Alexis. Count your blessings that you find yourself able to set foot in this respectable establishment despite your obvious disregard of proper conduct, as well as the knowledge that I have never sought after or engaged in intercourse with Alexis, for if I did, I know she'd find your actions and stamina in bed quite underwhelming in comparison. After all, I fear that your pompous lifestyle has robbed you of physical vigor and a woman's touch in exchange for a soft hand and a strengthened right arm."

Elias snorted derisively as he returned to his own hygiene, mentally preparing himself to not break the bastard's nose.


Elias was silent as he processed the new information. At the mention of their Grimm oath, a stray thought about the validity of the oath traced through his mind as Elias considered if she was even a true Grimm. Before it could affect his facial expression, he quelled the thought, moving past Alexis to peer outside of the barn. Once he had ensured that no other entities lurked outside, and that all interested parties had entered the house. he turned back to face his steed.

"Hundar, W├Ąchter, in den Wald!" Elias spoke in a foreign language as he commanded his mount to guard Alexis in the woods. Locking eyes with Alexis, Elias motioned for her to mount Hundar, aware that she was unable to speak the language Hundar understood. It was a foreign and ancient dialect, taught only among Elias particular immediate family. "Go with Hundar, he'll watch over you for the time being. I don't want you near anyone that will agitate you until we can get your powers under control. I'll handle the situation for now; I'll tell them you're out with a potential suitor."

Before Alexis could get a word in edgewise, Elias immediately left the barn, quickly climbing the side of the house in the afternoon light and slipping into his room window, calling for a bath to be drawn for him immediately. Within fifteen minutes, he was soaking in a tub of warm water, washing away the dirt, blood, and grime of the day's events. If he were to present himself to the Broussards, it would have to be without any sign that he had been in combat. It would alert them to any sign of danger and make them highly suspicious.

Elias had barely begun to relax into the water when the door opened without so much as a knock, revealing Nathan's arrogant face as his form strode into the room, glancing around the room before his eyes settled on the Grimm. A servant boy was behind him, clearly displeased that he hadn't been allowed to properly warn Elias, however, his eyes flashed a sign of relief when Elias raised his hand, signalling him it was okay.

Nathan practically begged for attention as he strode into the room, his haughty air failing to garner the respect he craved. Stepping up towards the tub, but careful not to get close enough to get wet, Nathan stared down his nose at Elias, failing to be stealthy as he gave Elias more than one glance over. Without any clothing to inhibit Nathan's view, the vast amounts of scars covering Elias body were clear signs of his combat victories. The Grimm also took the liberty of tightening his muscles, attempting to intimidate the other man. Nathan gave a haughty scoff before locking eyes with Elias, not speaking.

After a long pause, Elias chuckled dryly, looking away from Nathan and returning his attention to cleaning himself. "Broussard, what a surprise. Come to size up the competition?"


Wayne allowed his body to mold into Sophie's, the pair fitting together like a glove. His golden eyes were troubled, peering deep into an invisible storm only he could see. Vision and sight were the specialty of his race without question, and insight had always accompanied those two abilities. However, the future was now uncertain to Wayne, something that brought him great unrest. The Wesen and human worlds were on the brink of colliding. Something was moving, something powerful. It wasn't just Alexis, but something far larger. More elaborate. More... sinister.

"I fear that if he does not choose her, great misfortune will befall more than just the Grimms." Resting his chin atop of Sophie's head, Wayne gently rubbed Sophie's back as he continued to think. Alexis was special. She was the pivot point of a far grander scheme. Her dual nature was... unprecedented, and if it ran unchecked, it would likely be the spark that starts a wildfire.



The tree branch practically exploded under the impact of the fist that collided with it, splintering into a hundred different pieces as it flew across the forest. The shrapnel lodged itself in various different plants as Elias shook his hand, dispelling the pain in his knuckles. Without another though, Elias whirled around and brought his elbow down onto the thick oak tree behind him, causing a significant dent and forcing the bark into the tree, creating a small crater.

The Grimm's breathing was ragged and erratic, aptly reflecting the man's mental state. Everything about the past few days agitated him, from their new Wesen friends to Sophie's true nature. The emotions whirled around inside Elias like a hurricane, tearing apart any sense of rhyme or reason.

Uttering a guttural scream, Elias slammed his open palm into the tree once more, causing an audible crack to ring through the quiet woods as the oak fractured more, tearing his skin in protest.

"Why can't I just have a single, simple day?" Elias groaned, pounding his other fist into the bark. "First, it's Taric."


"Then, surprise, it's time for you to go meet your bastard Uncle in the East!"


"But oh no, oh no no no! That's not enough! Then, you meet this bitch who's not even related to you!"


"Then it's off to the city to get her ungrateful ass married!"


"But could I just lie around and sleep with the wonderful city women? No! Then, these random Wesens show up inside the mansion!"


"And as if two Wesen weren't enough, suddenly, Alexis is both a Grimm and a Wesen because why the fuck not?!"


"And on top of everything else, the woman who I think I'm in love with-!"


"-Doesn't even know I love men!"

Lifting his leg into the air, Elias slammed it into the heavily damaged tree, his eyes widening in shock as the entire structure exploded. Wood, bark, and leaves filled the air as the raw, unchecked brutality was unleashed. Taking in deep, ragged breaths, Elias looked down, shocked that he had entirely demolished what had to be an over 100-year-old oak with his bare hands. Grimms had special abilities that placed them above other humans, and Elias had always been exceptionally strong, however, this was a new high for him.

A gentle chortle sounded behind him as a warm snout nuzzled against the crook of his neck, goaded Elias to turn around to face Hundar. The horse met Elias eyes with unnatural intelligence, bowing his head against his master's to place their foreheads together.

Sighing heavily, Elias reached up and rubbed Hundar's snout, smiling weakly. "You're right, I am dramatic. But only a little. It's been a shit week."

After mounting Hundar, Elias returned to the mansion within half an hour, trotting into the stables to find Alexis waiting in Hundar's stall, a look of panic on her face. Quickly hiding his hands from her view to avoid revealing the extent of the damage the bark had dealt to his unprotected fists, Elias frowned, urging Hundar to trot quickly. "What's wrong? Where are the Wesens?"


As the four moved through the underbrush, Wayne constantly cast a wary eye behind them, searching for any sign that they were still being pursued. After roughly ten minutes of walked, it seemed the Goblins had peeled off and returned to the Coven, however, the Wesen still continued to watch for any danger.

The male Grimm beside him walked in silence, eliciting a slight about of concern from Wayne. Was he refusing to acknowledge the situation, or was he simply thinking of it? He had made it fairly clear he had lost no love for Alexis, however, he was still raised for the sole intent of killing Wesen, and now his love interests were intertwined with an abomination. While Alexis' dual nature didn't bother Wayne, there was no arguing past the questionable morality of that union of Grimm and Wesen.

"We will guide you through what we can, however, me and Sophie are not the most magically inclined," Wayne spoke quietly. "Our magics are far more natural and primal than yours. Where we use instinct and intuition for our channelings, Hexenbiests perfect an art."

After a long while, the group finally made it back to the manor. Alexis quickly split off while Elias mounted Hundar the instant she was inside and galloped off, exiting the area and making his way off towards the northern woods.

Turning to Sophie, Wayne wrapped him arms around her waist and pulled her smaller form into his, taking a deep breath as he relaxed his body into hers. "It's been quite the hectic past few days. I'm glad you're safe."


Golden ichor pulsed through the veins in the Wesen's eyes, fueling his vision with magical insight. Inhaling deeply, Wayne fluidly spun under the claw of a Luftkobold and brought his lusting blade upwards into the fleshy underpart of its neck, grimacing in pleasure as his weapon met the resistance of bone, colliding against the top of the skull with a sharp crack.

Pulling back, he spun around again, flinging his blade into the beast approaching Alexis' unconscious body. The knife sailed towards the goblin's eye with deadly accuracy, but a quick bash of its elbow knocked the blade from the air, eliciting a triumphant roar from the creature.

Wayne barely had time to process that as another creature leaped at him, forced him to dive with the creature to avoid being slashed to pieces. Tumbling across the ground, Wayne twisted his leg and wrapped it around the creature's neck, giving it a brief stab to the bicep before flinging his second dagger at Alexis' attacker. The creature's hand was stayed as the knife plunged into its wrist, forcing it to jerk back instead of finishing her off.

Turning back to the creature at hand, Wayne grappled with it for a moment before reaching down to his belt, feeling his daggers magically materialize back in his grasp as they transported across the clearing to him. Within seconds, he had gutted the goblin he battled at the cost of a large gash across his chest.

Turning back, he barely had time to shout as the goblin brought its heavy arms down on Alexis. An instant before it pulverized her head into a sickly mess, a glowing blue chain snaked out from the woods with lightning speed, wrapping around Alexis' leg and pulled her across the field. The unconscious Grimm literally flew through the air into the arms of a battered man with blood pouring down his face. Wielding a now-glowing chain-scythe, the Grimm growled ferociously and swung Alexis around, tossing her onto the back of a horse sprinting directly past him.

Growling in pain, Wayne shouted out a quick Wesen command to Sophie before sprinting forwards, letting his knifes sail through the air at the Goblin Sophie was engaged with. Before they had the chance to make it halfway to their target, Sophie darted forward with lightning agiilty, placing her blade directly into the eye socket of a creature she was unable to perceive.

Wayne quickly jerked his hands into a short, curt motion, summoning his blades back to his belt before sprinting after Elias with Sophie in quick pursuit.

The four creatures quickly made it through the woods, with Hundar quickly outdistancing the three on foot. Wayne was surprisingly almost unable to outrun Elias. Despite his Wesen blood, Elias was thrusting his legs forward with unparalleled endurance.

After almost ten minutes of sprinting, Elias shouted a brief command in a language Wayne didn't recognize. The horse slowly emerged from the woods in the distance, trotting towards the three on foot.

Gently reachign up, Elias brought Alexis down from the saddle and laid her form on the ground, looking her over. "Alexis? Wake up. Now."
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Eilas gently held Alexis close to his chest, his lips unresponsive to her kiss. Up until this point, he had been wondering if perhaps she was just magic adept or cursed. But this confirmed that she was a Hexenbiest. Regardless of what king of person she was, if anyone else ever found out, it would ruin her. She would never be perceived as anything else. Perhaps she really was cursed.

Hugging her tighter, Elias kissed Alexis and buried his nose into her hair. "You shouldn't have run away. It was stupid, and running straight into a Hexenbiest coven was even worse."

He knew she probably more than regretted her choices, but Elias primary reaction to that level of panic was to force up a harsh, icy exterior.

Reaching under her legs, Elias prepared to grab her, but paused when he noticed Wayne's head snap sideways, the Wesen's head tilted as he peered into the woods. A tension filled the air as Sophie immediately followed suit, allowing her ears to woge. The pair allowed their partially transformed bodies to perceive the woods, focusing on the woods to the east. Alexis' exhausted head rested against Elias' body, unaware of the situation, but Elias entire body was rigid as he glanced towards the woods, returning his gaze to the Wesen.

"What is it?" He hissed, keeping his voice low to avoid alerting any potential enemies. A long moment of silence stretched out, and Wayne began to relax, his face slowly transforming back. He turned to Elias and opened him mouth, but a sharp cry interrupted him as Sophie lashed out, spinning backwards and driving a hidden dagger into the air behind her.

A sharp cry echoed out from the empty space behind Sophie as her dagger hit some kind of solid form, forcing the invisible creature back. As she engaged the creature in combat, Elias instantly took to his feet, carrying Alexis away from the fight. "What the hell is that?!"

Wayne produced two slim blades and allowed his head to fully Woge, his eyes flashing a brilliant gold as he gained magical eyesight. Retreating with Sophie, he growled. "Luftkobolden!"

Spinning around, Wayne slid past Elias, engaging another invisible creature that Elias hadn't noticed. Looking to the west, Elias shouted a command word to summon Hundar as he spun around wildly, looking for any more assailants. "The fuck is that?!"

"Sky goblins!" Sophie barked, nimbly scaling the invisible creature and sliding her dagger upwards, sinking it what appeared to be hilt deep into its head. As she fell backwards, the Wesen twisted backwards, landing on her shoulder before spinning onto her feet in a single fluid motion.

"Invisible goblins!" Elias muttered to himself, gently setting Alexis down before reaching into his cloak, producing his scythe and swinging it in a wide arc past Wayne, successfully wrapping the chain around what he was pretty sure was the neck of a Luftkobold, yanking the chain back as the blade sank into flesh. The creature reeled forward, indenting the grass as its body landed.

Wayne quickly darted down to the ground, planting his daggers roughly four feet away from the chain. A gurgling screech echoed out from the point of impact, implying he had punctured the goblin's head, meaning it was at least nine feet tall.

As Elias frowned at the size of the creature, Wayne jerked his head up, his gold eyes shifting quickly between multiple points. Elias briefly wondered if Wayne could actually see the creatures, but his thoughts were interrupted. "We have a hell of a lot more coming!"
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