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Current Acclimating to moving in with new roommates and setting up my new computer. Gonna be pretty busy the next few weeks, so I think posts are gonna be a little slow. <3
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Hang in guys... I'm taking my last final today and after that I'll be free as a bird.
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Gah, finals are consuming my soul... I'm trying to work on roleplays... Please show me a little grace :o
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One more day... Then I will be able to get back back a regular schedule.
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Be on in about an hour (11 PM CZT)


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Working on my CS now! Still assessing which god I wanna use though.
@Wick Hey love, I'm sorry but I can't get a reply up for another day. Crazy busy week and I have to make sure I have all my textbooks for classes on Monday.
I totally missed when this went up, whoops! I'll get a CS up tomorrow!

EDIT: Gonna be another day for me, sorry!
@Vicier Oh heavens this is gonna go horrendously! I'm so excited! Leo's probably gonna have to end up sincerely apologizing and never approaching her again. That's nice. XD

@BlackPanther Ooh, in gonna have fun with this! Probably won't be able to get a post up for like 15-16 hours though, so I'll get on tonight. Just woke up though, time for breakfast.

EDIT: Gonna be another day or so before I can post, so sorry!
@Vicier Post is up! This is probably going to irreparably damage any chance of a relationship Leo has with Seraphina if she catches him, but then again, life is a bland soup if served without a little bit of spice. :D

@BlackPanther I'm actually gonna go ahead and wait for a Gage post before I throw a Sebastian one up. There's not too much for him to do, aside from get really excited to hear Syleste singing with him. I figure Gage will provide some more chances to interact.

Location: Sky Lakes Medical Center
Interacting with: Magnus @BlackPanther, Seraphina @Vicier

Leo quietly watched Magnus leave the car, his brow furrowed in concern. Magnus was, in essence, a vulnerable man covering himself with a dickish exterior. Leo had known that much since the day he met the Druid; Magnus cared deeply, and he hated being hurt by those feelings. To be so open because of one unkind word... It was greatly confusing.

Leo bit his lip, raging an internal battle as to whether he should leave it be, or pursue it. In any case, if Magnus desired for him to not listen, he would probably try to inhibit any form of clairvoyance. If he knew a spell to negate clairvoyance, that is. Leo was still trying to figure out what Magnus was and wasn't capable of with his magic, leaving him uncertain if seeing into the clinic would work or not. As for the angel, she didn't seem particularly supernatural, and she was obviously scared of magic. Leo doubted she would be powerful enough to detect his stealthy surveillance.

Leo took in a deep breath and pulled a cigar from his jacket, shaking his head. "Let's hope this doesn't backfire horrifically."

Leo lit the cigarette with his lighter, preferring not to cast fire magic in Magnus' car. The flare blazed to life, soon giving way to a large enough amount of smoke for the spell. Leo inhaled once again, expelling the smoke into the air in front of him as his fingers contorted, influencing the smoke into a spell of minor clarity.

The angel and Magnus appeared in the smoke, their voices echoing with a slight distortion through the smoke. The quality of the spell left a little to be desired, due both to the fact that Leo didn't have enough smoke or time to cast a truly clear spell, and the fact that he didn't want to feed too much energy into the spell, less he risk the chance of being detected.

β€œ..but you still brought him here- a witch, Magnus…” Seraphina was obviously rattled, her posture and expressions portraying a deep sense of discontent. β€œ..I-... he cast a spell upon one of the animals without any regard for the consequences… t-they’re all the same; and you brought him here… what if-...w-what if he wished to do to me, what those… those… those monsters did to my parents..? Layla would be left with no one…”

Leo frowned, his lips pursing together into a thin line. Obviously, the angel had been traumatized by something supernatural, and judging by her hatred of his spells, Leo could only assume it was another Witch.

Rogue witches certainly existed, however most covens were very peaceful, and kept to themselves. Not many murdered without very good reason, and even less attacked creatures as pure as angels. The thought of the slain being fallen angels occurred to the Warlock, but he pushed the thought aside; he couldn't even be sure if the deceased were supernatural at all.

Leo clenched his jaw and leaned forward, submerging his head in the smoke as he continued to listen.


The moment the Wesen fell, the screaming in Elias ears immediately died. The edges of bloodlust fell away from his vision and his normal bodily functions resumed, flooding his consciousness with immense waves of pain. The wound in his shoulder had only been exacerbated by his violent actions in combat with his much larger opponent, and the spine's hooked quills had torn through his flesh without mercy. Blood slowly flowed out of the injury, tainted an odd black color, but between his altered vision and the darkness of the night, he couldn't discern the difference.

His consciousness immediately lapsed, returning in vague spurts.

Alexis cleaning his wound, Alexis pounding the spine out, Alexis whispering soft words that fell on disorient ears that couldn't understand their meaning.

Hundar kneeling to aid Alexis, Hundar's back as the broad stallion strode through the darkness of the night with bold steps, the sun rising over the horizon, the barn doors creaking open, the shocked exclamations of the stable hands as they saw Elias crippled form...

Their words blurred into vague noises as the Grimm slowly succumbed to his blood loss, fading into a darkness so thick that only the pulsating pain of the wound could penetrate it, until...

The darkness slowly edged away from Elias mind as a single sensation shot through his mind.


Elias groaned, shifting slightly as the searing pain of the wound stabbing through his psyche, providing no rest against the agony.

Immediately, voices were chattering and hands were touching him, however he still couldn't muster the energy to open his eyes. He faintly heard an instruction to lie still, but it wasn't clear enough for him to process.

A few moments of action passed, and the Hunter finally managed to open his eyes.

Three people stood over him, each covered in medical gear, intently focused on his shoulder. Restraints bound him down, biting into his bare skin quite harshly. Each person held either a blade, some form of cleaning supply, or some other form of medical equipment. They talked in hushed voices, each staring intently at Elias' bare chest. Turning his head, Elias caught sight of his shoulder and nearly vomited.

The entire area was a bloody mess, with swelling red veins spiderwebbing their way away from the wound under his skin. The wound itself was wide open as the doctor's reorganized the tissue, pulling out tiny specks of black spine from the infected tissue. His bone was visible, however blood was entirely absent. He wasn't sure what had allowed him to wake up through the anesthesia, but it didn't matter; he was conscious in the middle of intensive surgery.

His breathing rate skyrocketed as he struggled to maintain his composure, watching silently as the doctor's worked, unaware of his state of awareness. The surgery took what seemed like days, and each moment was more excruciating than the last. The surgeon's hands were slow, yet precise, expertly working their craft on Elias flesh.

After an eternity, Elias closed his eyes and leaned his head back, seeking the sweet relief of unconsciousness. Unfortunately, it never came until it was finished.

Elias opened his eyes, aware that he was in a new room. His body was covered simply by a blanket over his waist and a set of bandages around his shoulder. He could see the doctor in the corner, silently sleeping. He had obviously been monitoring Elias, however he had succumbed the needs of his body.

A servant stood nearby, stepping forward the moment he saw that Elias had regained his senses. "Please, Sir Elias, attempt not to move. It would only make the poison spread faster."

Elias frowned and turned to look the man in the eye. "P-p...p-poison?"

His voice was cracked and weak, however he managed to sputter out the word.

The man nodded slowly, his face grim. "It is not my place to explain. I shall retrieve my Lady and her niece."

He disappeared quickly through the door, gently tapping the doctor on the shoulder as he did. The medical practitioner woke suddenly, standing and leaving the room within seconds. It wasn't for a few minutes until everyone had amassed in the room, leaving Elias feeling very uncomfortable and exposed.

After a long moment of silence, Elias coughed, patiently waiting for an explanation.
heh i could do sleep walking
i really could

but that'd be random so i won't XD

I mean a sleep walking werewolf, while random, does seem exciting.
ill be here

because i am a lump lol

i figure ill have gage actually wake up this time around XD

Yeah there's not much to do with a motionless pile of werewolf, is there? XD

I'll have a Leo post up tonight! I'm moving in to the new place today, so I'll be pretty busy with that until this evening. Sebastian post will go up with the Leo one, but I still gotta work with my roommates on a lot of stuff before I can settle down and write. Probably looking at having them up in 10-12 hours.
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