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- A Linguistics major at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, specializing in multilingual acquisition and education

- A simultaneous, functional trilingual of Cantonese, English, and Tagalog - now learning Mandarin and Hong Kong Sign Language

- A bookworm, preferring science fiction and science-fantasy. Brandon Sanderson is a god

- A dancer, dabbling in Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, and Ballroom Dancing

- A pathetic excuse of a polymath, with interests in engineering, physics, chemistry, environmental science, politics, history, anthropology, law, and Art

- A dabbler in learning the guzheng and basketball

- A music enthusiast who will literally listen to anything

I'm too busy for my own good. LOL

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Not going to lie, Caits, my dear...

I'm sort of losing the drive for this one! :<

We started really strong and to be fair after our Part 2.... I wasn't sure at all how to keep this 1x1 going.

What do you think?
Happy New Year my dear :)
I've been busy these days! I'm now a NET in a tutorial centre teaching kindergarteners and primary kids :D so give me some time!
It's no problem at all!

I took two months for my post, why should you rush? hahaha

My friend and I are actually working on writing a novel. He's in charge of the story, timeline, and plot points, whereas I'm in charge of world-building (which involves the geography, the culture, the technology, the main protagonists and antagonists). Really excited to see where it goes hahah
Run, Agent Caits, Run!
I'm smiling and laughing more, but I'm still lost for words and well, lost in direction.
Thy's powers grew immensely in a few seconds. Each of his family member's abilities meshed and combined together into new abilities, but the knowledge of their nature flew into his brain so fast it was too much to take in. So much power but at that point he had already given up. Looming over in the distance, the insect monster was still rampant in its path, destroying everything it could. The Being of Light standing in front of Thy spoke a language that the boy now understood. The guilt, the despair, the overwhelming pain that he felt, it was too much. It wasn't that he did not want to fight the being of light because he thought Thy could not win; but because it just hurt to win or lose and still be alone, without his family.

Summoning his might, Thy performed his curtain call. He shot out a giant pillar that pierced the giant insect monster's body, and out from the opening shot hot blasting fumes of underground toxic earthly gasses, in a way to stay the beast. But in turn, it will most likely mean that the environment for Cambodia and everyone on it will be destroyed. In the case for the South Asian country, recovery may take virtually forever.

"Get everyone out. Don't breathe."

Gershwin started to lose control and her massive, unstoppable body was fainting. The atmosphere filled with air so toxic, it turned the air a putrid greenish black, and it spread so quickly no one could figure out how to escape faster. How do you outrun air?

Thy closed his eyes as the air entered his respiratory system and all faculties shut down from shock and rejection. Gershwin, in her human form, fell to the ground. Cambodia would soon meet this fate.
Hello my dear

I'm honestly trying to find the motivation to do anything to keep going

Still in shock and despair

I still am going to keep this 1x1 and I still have many ideas for this. Just... I hope you can be patient with me.

When I got the notice that I was offered the full-time job, I thought to myself: "This is it. A chance to prove to everyone, and especially myself, that I am not that useless after all - that I do have strengths and I am in many ways desirable."

Then the opportunity got yanked away from me because I was deemed incompatible for the job, like a door key trying to start a car.

... I just want that positive feeling of 'Good' again.
...I just lost the job

I have my strengths and weaknesses but they think I am not fit for a very specialized role.

I feel so shit now
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