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Bump, still open for people!
<Snipped quote by Diremast>

So I was thinking of Chernaya Ruka working with The Kings on drugs like meth and cocaine, which they could distribute to both common and famous people.

Yeah, that sounds good. Let's set up a meet to play it out. Would you be OK to invite the Kings to the Diamond Casino to discuss the details? Perhaps also work together to get rid of some of the competition from perhaps The Lost MC in order to further increase profits.
I posted a general introduction to the RP. From there we can start however we want. This RP will be kind of a sandbox.


Would you be interested in some arrangement regarding drug production and distribution? The Kings would be amenable to provide distribution in case Chernaya Ruka could provide a reliable source. Could be profitable for both parties.

Welcome to San Andreas, the epitome of the American dream. A place where everything is possible, from the streets of Los Santos, the city that never sleeps to the heights of Mount Chiliad, you are defined not by from what you are born into. But instead you are defined by what you have it in yourself to be. Your fate is in your own two hands.

Unless you have no hands, then you are screwed.

In a land where cash in king, ambition is the commodity in high demand. But of course we pride ourselves that no matter your wealth, we are all bleed American the same. That is as long as your can pay for the privilege to call yourself American.

Enjoy your stay in San Andreas, relax, settle down, build a family.

Or you build your empire on the backs of your defeated enemies.

The choice is yours.
Also you can change Essential members to non essential members and vice versa as much as you want. So don't feel like everything has to be perfect from the start, as you grow the the essential people can change and be replaced as you want.


I'm thinking of moving the boss to Essential, and the safe cracker to non essential. What do you think?

I think that is an excellent idea.
Quick question, do you think we should make a discord server so communication is easier for the other members?

If you would like a dedicated one for this RP, we could do that I have nothing against it. Do you know how to make one?
<Snipped quote by Diremast>

That's okay bud, I made some changes just let me know if I gotta make any more.

Looking good, you can add the following at the top in case you want for the organization:

Name: What is the name of your organization?
Type: What kind of type of organization do you have? ex. Mafia, Biker Club, Street Gang etc
Essential members: List essential members (max 3)
Non-essential members: List non-essential members (unlimited)

Feel free to post your organization in the char section here: roleplayerguild.com/topics/190558-gra…

Then we can get started. Feel free to use the OOC thread also. Collaboration is the intention here so always good to keep communication flowing there.


Let me know if I gotta change anything boss.

Apologies for the delay, I was away from a work trip and it was more busy that I had planned.

This looks great, but you can also add a property to start out from (you can think of it as your HQ or where you will do your first kinds of business from). You can use this map in case you want to look and find what is available: gta-5-map.com

You can also start your first kind of operation that you can perform in this property. This will give you the starting fund to later expand. This is not required but strongly recommended.

Also, you can keep Russian Mafia but if you want you can also choose a name that your "organization" or group would be referred to for others.
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