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Kenji Yamanaka“I just wanna be rich and famous, is that too much to ask?!”

Kenji sauntered through the village with glee, as he always did. His eyes almost closed whilst a warm smile covered his features, his hands clasped behind his back has he moved. The Yamanaka teenager had such a casually light step that it almost left the dirt of the village grounds entirely undisturbed. Almost.

He whistled along to the chirping of the blue birds of the village, and eventually found himself at a small clearing which contained a quaint little park. "Well, I guess I can take a break. This is a lovely park, after all. I'm sure nobody is in immediate danger." He thought to himself aloud before running his eyes over the layout of his immediate vicinity, eyes squinting and gayly smiling as he saw two young genin sat talking on the bench. "Ah, to be that young and carefree again..."

Meanwhile atop the roof, Akira's heart pumped at a dangerously high rate as he feared detection. But his plan, despite all of the 'bumps' it had to endure; had seemingly gone off without a hitch and the young Senju was able to successfully eavesdrop on his comrades' conversation. Much to his relief and somewhat his disappointment, Akira discovered that it was merely in order to relay an apology that Rashiku had pulled Ami to the side. Infuriated by the lack of camaraderie shown with this action, Akira leapt to his feet and immediately began yelling down to his teammate. "OIOIOIOI! What's the big idea ya goof?! You couldn't have just said all that in front of me?!"

Kenji chuckled lightly to himself at the commotion unfolding among the team of genin, before sitting down on an adjacent bench and crossing his legs. Flicking his scarf back behind his shoulder as it began to unfurl as his back hit the oaken panels. With a moment's reprieve, Kenji decided to take a peek at his assignment, unravelling the scroll with his gloved hands to reveal its contents. Contained within, were his orders to assume command of Team 2, as their Jonin was to he reassigned at tbe personal request of Seiji Hyuuga. Team 2, whose members consisted of Akira Senju, Ami Uzumaki and the mist refugee, Rashiku Karata.

A surly look of confusion spread across the Yamanaka's face as his eyes rapidly examined the dossiers of his first charges as a team leader, then glanced over at the genin whom he had happened upon. Then back to the dossiers, then back to the genin once again before the realization hit him that his laziness had brought about this sheer coincidence as the boy, who Kenji now realised was Rashiku was about to begin some kind of verbal exchange with the boy on the roof, who must have been Akira.

"OI!" the special Jōnin interrupted, shouting at the top of his lungs incredibly uncharacteristically lf himself in order to prevent an argument, or worse, a fight occuring immediately as he assumed command of the team. Quickly rushing over and placing his right hand on Rashiku's shoulder. "Hey kids, sorry about that. And sorry for interrupting whatever... This is. But my name is Kenji Yamanaka, and I am going to be your new teacher. Takayuki-sama has been given a very special mission by the Hokage. One that only he can complete. Sorry for all of the confusion, and sorry for all the apologies... I really wasn't expecting to bump into you guys here. If I'm completely honest haha."

Ichika Uchiha“Peace earned through communication is just and true, but without the strong to protect those who would shepherd in such an age... Everything will be lost. Power is absolute.”
As she dove deeper into the water, the previously conjured shadow clone of Ichika Uchiha paddled her feet; hastening her descent towards the slowly but surely drowning Sunagakure exchange student. Whom just so happened to be the Jinchuriki of the one-tailed beast. Her ears popped as she reached depths ordinarily unreachable by humans, but due to the physical conditioning and chakra control exhibited by Shinobi, which amongst her peers, Ichika's own were exceptional; the ebon haired Kunoichi was able to soldier on, despite the immense pressure.

But as the Uchiha closed in on Tomoyuki, she felt a sudden shift in the water. When she turned to face the source of the disturbance, her gaze was met with the presence of a trio of enormous grey sharks. "Fuck." Was the only word that came to her mind, in an incredibly out of character thought from the usually prim and proper ninja as the apex predators closed in at breakneck speeds, thirsting for blood. With no time to waste, the clone pulled her kunai from it's place at her hip and channelled chakra into the flats of her feet. With a grunt which forced bubbles of air from her lips, Ichika pushed herself upwards at the last second, as the first shark's gaping maw closed in.

Barely evading the monstrous bite of the carcharodon, Ichika sailed above the grey water borne mammal. As she passed it's nose, the Uchiha slammed her blade into the top of the shark's head, clasping onto the hilt of the kunai with both hands in a death-grip. As the beast writhed and spun in pain, Ichika held on for dear life, turning her head to face the next oncoming shark as the one she'd mounted stabilised. As the two killlers locked eyes, Ichika's sharingan whirled to life, appearing to be a blur or red light in the depths of the ocean. The Jōnin poured chakra from her dojutsu into the chakra network of her next victim, placing it under a genjutsu which sent it into a feeding frenzy. With a gutteral roar, the beast instantly yawed left, and bit into the other member of its hunting pack, tearing a huge chunk from its back before turning back to Ichika, and barrelling towards her at full speed.

The woman held resolute as the animal burst towards her at awe-inspiring speed. But once again, Ichika pushed chakra into the soles of her feet, and met the beast's eyes as it approached. Hold... she said to herself in her head as she placed one of her feet onto the ring pommel of her kunai, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce. For her plan to work, the placement of the shark's bite had to be perfect. It wasn't until the beast was a mere meter from her face, that Ichika pushed off of her kunai with an underwater chakra jump. Jetting herself off and away from the fatal bite, but simultaneously ripping her kunai from its place within the other shark and into the mouth of the other as it bit down onto the top of the head of the first shark that Ichika had engaged. Killing it instantly.

"Hiraishin!" Ichika bellowed aloud as she gripped her wakazashi's hilt, the fabric of time and space around the clone bent to her will as the space time ninjutsu of the Flying Raijin sucked the leaf kunoichi through it's network, causing her to materialise inside the mouth of the beast. With a brief moment to catch a fresh breath as she found herself inside of an air pocket, with her kunai in her off hand, and wakazashi in the other. With a relentless flurry of strikes with the speed of lightning at the soft tissue of the inside of the shark's mouth, Ichika quickly found herself launched from the beast's mouth, as it spat her out. But it had done so too late, the internal damage caused was too much for it to handle and it soon passed out from blood loss.

With the seemingly lifeless bodies of the three apex predators in her wake, Ichika pressed on deeper, paddling as fast as she could. Even stripping pieces of her armour from her body as she went deeper and deeper. Eventually, she managed to catch up to Tomoyuki's position. But as she approached the exchange student, she bore witness to a horrifying sight. The boy's eyes had glazed over completely, and were a citrime yellow, with black diamonds in their center. Her own eyes widened, as she flashed back in the moment to the day she had fought the nine-tails with the rest of the leaf village. It was going to happen again.

With a puff of smoke, the clone in the depths dissipated. And its chakra returned to the original Ichika atop Katuyu's back. With it's experiences funnelling into the mind and memory of the Uchiha Jōnin. With no time to lose, Ichika turned to Mizuraki and although only the Senju knew Ichika well enough to notice, she had an uncharacteristic display of fear in her eyes.

"We need to leave. NOW!
Akira Senju“I'm gonna be the greatest Hokage ever! Just like Grandpa Hashirama!”

Akira sighed in frustration and looked a little disappointed with his team-mates' response as the sauntered off together. But he'd become used to being left out by the other kids now, his recess periods in the magnificent Hana-sensei's classes he would occasionally work out the courage to go and sit with, play or even just talk with the other kids. But they always moved on without so much as a second glance at him, he never really understood why, and he always hated it. But that wasn't what was occurring here, Akira knew that. Seemingly so far his team and sensei had been highly accepting of him, or at least in comparison to his days at the academy.

No, what was happening here was that Rashiku was attempting to seperate Akira from the other two in order to be in private. But after what had occurred in Takayuki-sensei's apartment, he just could not in good faith allow that. What would a really good shinobi do here? Hmmm......... I GOT IT! He thought to himself before squatting down slightly and bracing his knees, pooling a slight amount of his chakra into his feet. Preparing to nin-jump.

There was an aura of nervousness in the air as the ashen-haired senju, clad in his regal blue cloak and olive green combat fatigues which he almost always wore, shook within his boots. With an anxious giggle, Akira released the chakra and jumped at the same time, but perhaps a little too hard. Or he had used too much chakra in the technique. Akira wasn't sure which was the cause but he didn't have the mind, nor the time to think upon it as he was launched over thirty feet into the air in an uncontrollable tumble, heading in the direction of Ami and Rashiku. His cloak batting away in the wind as his descent began. He wailed a little slightly as he fell, heading at high speeds towards some unsuspecting citizen's house, but he couldn't let himself just crash there. He'd go through their roof!

Before impact, Akira had concocted his plan. Clasping his hands flatly together to form one of the seals unique to Wood Style, which caused water and earth chakra to flood to their respective points as the boy fell, Akira called forth a pair of branches from the wooden roof, which stretched outwards, almost like the hands of a father catching his child whom he'd gently released into the air.

But that was the Senju boy's great miscalculation. His descent had not in any fashion been gentle, and subsequently he went crashing through his own branches and slammed shoulder first into the roof. Fortunately, at least two parts of his head plan had worked. One, he was significantly closer to Ami and Rashiku now and had a vantage point. Two, he had prevented himself from completely destroying this poor citizen's roof. With a silent groan of pain the young boy rolled over onto his stomach and began an army style crawl towards the edge of the rooftop, where he could see the other two from behind, who had parked themselves on a bench for now. He wagered that he'd likely be able to hear them from this spot too, provided the park remained quiet.
ICHIKA UCHIHA “Peace earned through communication is just and true, but without the strong to protect those who would shepherd in such an age... Everything will be lost. Power is absolute.”
_______________________________________________ Instead of turning around, her massive target jumped off the cliff and spread its arms, floating in the wind. From below its kimono, something large and round and white flew at Ichika at tremendous speed. What?! That's the chicken?! Then that means- Ichika thought to herself as the enormous bird vaulted off of the side of the cliff, with little time to react as the projectile came hurtling her way the Uchiha fell to her knees and slammed her back to the ground; allowing her to narrowly evade the attack. The Jōnin felt something brush her pointed nose as the attack flew overhead, although she was unsure if it was the egg itself or the immense wind pressure left in it's wake. Were it not for her Sharingan, Ichika would almost certainly have been struck head on by the attack. With a roll of her hips and a twisting spin, the Uchiha twirled her legs in the air and turned herself to face the direction of the mysterious voice she had previously heard. Her armour clanging together slightly as she stabbed her blade into the ground. The egg crashed into a boulder and split it in half before splattering on the ground.

"Lookin' yerself, swamp lady" said a voice from behind. What... appeared to be a giant chicken in a kimono gaffawed while turning some circles in the air with an exceedingly feminine "hoooohooohooo!!!"

It would have been a lie for Ichika to say that her current situation did not leave her bewildered, even with her prior knowledge of Ondori Toutenkou's methods, however minimal that may have been. This confusion was confounded when she realised the rogue shinobi was casually sitting atop a rock, nonchalantly cutting an apple into slices and eating them with a kunai. A mane of tan hair beset upon his dark skinned head, wearing a tattered gi of the same primary colour with a slate grey trim. His form was monstrous, larger than any shinobi she had previously encountered in her lifetime; let alone her career as a kunoichi. Were it not for the comically large chicken beside him, and her own fearless nature, Ichika woud be quivering in her boots at the sheer scale of the man. But Ichika Uchiha, was not one to scare easily.

"So then, you have heard of me. But clearly not enough, if you believe that this vapid display of masculinity would be enough to intimidate me- She had begun, before being interrupted by the missing-nin. 

"Oh, I can't do nothing about mah face, masculine or not", he said, looking a little hurt. He held out an apple slice for Ichika.

Seething with rage at the man's impertinence, Ichika audibly snarled and bit her lip, before continuing. Clearly agitated at the man's interruption. "I will allow you a singular opportunity to surrender yourself, even despite your discourteousy. If you choose not to, then I shall gladly suffer you the consequences. Ichika finished, pulling the tip of her wakazashi from the ground and flourishing it before bringing the blade level with her eyeline, its steel tip pointing directly at Ondori. He seemed to take this to mean that she wasn't interested in the apple slice and he shrugged and swallowed it whole.

"Well, that seems awful serious, it do. Y'know, maybe I should think about it", he replied and leaned back on his rock and tapped his chin, "Lotta angles here... lotta angles..."

He sat around and muttered a bit to himself with occasional phrases escaping his lips like "carry th'one... add the... uh... remainder value... uh..." but this was interrupted with a big yawn and a, "Wait a minute, what were we talkin' 'bou-hah, oh. I gotta solution fer yeh. How about you give me yer armor 'n I say yer dead. Could fetch a pretty penny fer it 'n technically speaking, I'd be doin' m'job. Technically speakin'."

Ichika was not an unreasonable woman by any stretch of the imagination, and in fact she had utilised diplomatic actions with hired ninja to further her own goals in the past during assassination missions. The removal of personnel through nonviolent means was always optimal, she had come to learn. But what this man asked was too much, it spat in the face of the values she held dear...if he wanted her armour, he would have to take it from her cold, dead corpse. And she had no intention of that coming to pass. 

"If you want my armour... Come and claim it." she growled as she sheathed her wakazashi.

"Well, that's a shame. I was hopin' y'd be more reasonable. Well, Ah'm gonna have ter beat yeh then. When yer losin', feel free t'reconsider" he said standing to his full height and staring directly at Ichika's armor, maybe covetously. Before he had a chance to make the first move, Ichika began weaving seals so rapidly that onlookers would have merely witnessed a blur. Horse, Dog, Bird, Ox, Dog, Ox, Ram... Snake. As her hands slammed together into the snake seal, Ichika bellowed forth "Earth Style: Earth and Stone Dragon Jutsu!" Ordinarily, Ichika Uchiha was not one to resort to such grandiose, large scale attacks at the start of a battle, but this rogue ninja had crossed a line. He had flagrantly disregarded the entire reason she wore her armour, speaking of it as though it were a mere trophy, and not the honoured garment of times passed that it truly was. With a mighty roar escaping from her own lungs, the gaping maw and neck of a dragon erupted from the ground between the two warriors, leaving the earth cracked and split at its point of emergence before immediately arcing and beginning to crash down towards both Ondori, and his summoned chicken. As the dragon barrelled towards Ondori, he threw the remains of his apple pips at the charging dragon and then set about to make hand seals of his own. They weren't as quick as Ichika's, but there also fewer to be made. His face had taken on a sternness that hadn't been present in their previous conversation at all. Beneath his feet, an enormous stone egg rose from the earth and he leaped behind it, kicking the thing into the dragon's open maw and then charging into the big rock from behind, splitting the dragon down the middle. Meanwhile, his kimono-wearing chicken beat her wings down at Ichika sending huge blasts of wind in her direction, "See how you like that, you hussy! Hooooohoooohooohoooo!!!!"

Planting her feet and attempting to bear the force of the incoming winds as best as she could, Ichika responded to Ondori's taunt with one of her own. "How adorable, you believe that paltry trick has defeafed my dragon. HIYEEEEEAAAAAUUGH" Screaming at the end of her comment, Ichika poured more of her chakra into the attack; forcing the two halves of the dragon's head to curve around the enormous rock which had previously slammed into the dragon's gaping maw. As they descended upon Ondori, he paid them no mind and pushed forward instead towards Ichika, though he only managed to get the egg to roll twice before it started spinning hectically. He didn't let go of the egg and was swept up in its spin. As the dragon halves came together at Ondori, he suddenly let go using the force of the spinning egg to throw himself closer to Ichika. The dragons crashed into the egg smashing all three into rubble and causing the cliffs to shake with the impact. The flying chicken dive-bombed at Ichika and started firing eggs at her from... beneath her kimono. Ondori grinned dizzily, "Yeah, I've fought you red eyes before. Hear tell yer eye works by tracing chakra. Can't trace it if I ain't know where I am is."

"You are partially correct, even if you worded your analysis like a buffoon." Ichika replied, mockingly as she darted in between the rain of eggs with various rolls and sideways jumps before changing direction and rushing at the gargantuan mercenary head on. As she did so, the ebon-haired woman's gloved right hand drew forth her wakazashi and instead of clutching it with a full grip, she held onto the handle with her thumb, ring and pinky fingers. Her index and middle ones pointing stark upright as her left pair crossed with them, her blade almost resting on her shoulder as she performed the shadow clone jutsu once again, a conjured copy of herself appearing beside her as she ran towards her foe. Just before the two came within range of Ondori, one of the Ichikas suddenly dropped to one knee, and the other jumped onto her shoulder just as she then began rising to her feet, launching her into a somersault overhead of the mercenary. 

Whatever she had planned, Ondori didn't seem to be phased much and rushed towards the very first Ichika in range... or so it would seem at first. He missed her completely and his path resembled the pattern of a snail shell. He swiped at the air and rolled away, turning around and lying prone.

"One o' yeh, six o' yeh, same thing", he muttered and summoned another egg, this one the size of his body, from underneath him, "Ah'm hurt! Ah think yer not takin' me serious." 

"Pitiful excuse for a shinobi, I must have been mistaken in believing you were aware of just whom exactly you are facing. Ichika replied with ire and condescension in her voice, her facial features morphing into a disgusted expression as she spoke. 

Meanwhile, the chicken swooped at the somersaulting Uchiha, opened its beak, and let out a huge jet of fire! As it did so, the airborne leaf kunoichi tossed her wakazashi directly into the center of the stream of flames, paying no heed to the burning onslaught of the auburn kimono clad chicken. As the roaring jet of flames burned forth towards Ichika, its onslaught was momentarily halted by the thrown wakazashi, before being blown away by the intense stream of fire. In this instant, the airborne Ichika, which had now been revealed to have been a shadow clone clasped her hands together in order to form the rat seal. Her eyes widening intensely as she stared the ninja chicken dead in the eyes; pouring her own chakra into the beast's tenketsu network with her Hell Viewing Technique. Whatever it was that the chicken saw, seemed to make her very very angry and the stream intensified! Evidently the Uchiha's plan had backfired, seemingly sending the chicken-nin into a frenzy. In the next moment, the flames of the animal's jutsu collided with the shadow clone; dispelling it after the scent of burning hair and flesh filled the air for a time, however brief it may have been.

"That's my man! Get your own! Boc", said the chicken, doing loop-de-loops in the air and then divebombing at where the clone had been. A wide grin creeped across Ondori's face. He pulled his headband over the top part of his eyes and said "Thought y'might try somethin' like that. You red eyes are so predictable. When she's in a state like that, she's gonna be hard to handle, even fer me."

He stood on top of the stone egg, stuck his chest out in the air and let out a loud, ear-splitting crow. The flying chicken seemed to take notice and swooned in the air, looking over to where Ondori was standing and then back at where she'd been dive-bombing, as if she just figured something out.

"Aright. Let's see who's king ah th'mountain, or queen, if'n y'like", and with a strange and random series of leg contractions, wobbled the egg towards Ichika with surprising speed! Although the jōnin did not seem to be fazed in the slightest. Almost calling a bluff, Ichika held firm and sheathed her wakazashi, raising her left hand in order to level it to the rogue shinobi. Ensuring that even with his eyes partially covered; that he could see her hand beckoning him torwards her. Her chakra flooding toward the earth tenketsu once more. Ondori crouched down and did a jump with the egg towards Ichika, but the egg slipped out from beneath him and flew into the air while Ondori fell towards Ichika, belly first.

With a blur of rapid hand seals and a dirty smirk, Ichika weaved the seals for the Earth Style Mud Wall and slammed her left hand into the ground as the brute of a man came hurtling towards her. The thick earthen construct rising from the ground rapidly enough before her to cause Ondori to fly belly first into the wall with a loud thud or so one would think. Unbeknownst to Ichika, as he fell to the earth, he was inhaling. And when he exhaled, it was with an earth-shattering crow, which ripped apart the coming wall, the ground below, and a large segment of the cliff, sending him flying upwards towards the large stone egg, which he'd earlier seemed to slip from. Realising what was about to occur, Ichika burst to her full speed, sprinting up the cracked and shattered debris of her earth wall, towards Ondori. Her ears rung from the sheer volume of the caw as she hopped and skipped between the falling chunks of earth. Drawing forth her blade once more as she made her vertical advance. By this time, Ondori was just getting his hands on the stone egg that he'd been previously standing on and getting ready to throw it into the huge fissure in the earth while his chicken flew at Ichika with red hot rage in her eyes!

"You made me doubt my Ondori-kun! As a woman, you should have some consideration", she yelled, attacking with her talons; allthough Ichika saw the strike coming from a mile off with her Sharingan. Springboarding from yet another piece of debris, the jōnin performed an airborne pirouette in order to evade the razor sharp blade-like talons. As she sailed past the chicken's attack, the Uchiha brought her blade forth, slashing out at her enraged adversary's back. The chicken cried out in pain and faltered in the air, but it gave Ondori just enough time to launch the egg down and crack the cliff down the middle, sending half of it crashing towards the sea and, presumably, towards the slug and the other invading shinobi. As it began to tremble and fall, slowly sliding away, Ondori looked towards his hurt chicken and grinned, letting his body fall where it may. Ichika's skull began to rattle from the force of impact alone, realising exactly what Ondori's attack had just caused her face dropped. Instead of pressing on, and attempting somehow to ensnare the bizarre duo's escape, Ichika raised the index and ring fingers of her off hand. In the not so far disstance, she noticed the smiling Ondori Toutenkou free falling on a course for his companion. Locating the seal upon her marked kunai, Ichika watched as the chicken caught the rogue shinobi with its claws, and with an endearing smile and a flash of black light, the Uchiha vanished.

Until we meet again, Ondori-san.
Akira Senju“I'm gonna be the greatest Hokage ever! Just like Grandpa Hashirama!”
_______________________________________________ Childish wonder and awe turned sour as Akira couldn't help but allow his disappointment in the revelation that his sensei's special technique was part of a kekkei genkai to be splayed across his face, regardless of how hard he tried to fight it. The young senju boy had always believed that if he ever desired to study and learn a technique that it would be his to master, and this would be the first time that he had been unable to do so. As frustrated as he was by this, Akira understood completely. After all, he was among the members of an elite clan with its own kekkei genkai. As Takayuki-sama continued on with his explanation of his future training with the man, Akira waited until he was finished before sticking his hand up in the air with his fingers outstretched.

"But uhh... I'm already pretty fast, hehe, I just wanna learn to be that fast!" he had replied with another grin, albeit a slightly forced one this time as he remembered how Rashiku had attempted to stab Takayuki through Ami! The act was despicable, and Akira hated it. His black brows furrowed and his eyelids squinted around his blood red irises as he attempted to conceal his anger with the mist boy. But he couldn't let it be known openly, Rashiku was super scary, what if he would do that to him?!

As ther sensei dismissed them, Akira snapped into a salute with incredibly poor form, and went rushing towards the door to leave, his blue cloak floating behind him as he went. Turning back to his team mates as he reached the exit, the youngest of the three gave a a wave and beckoned them to join him. "C'mon guys, ya coming?" Akira had said, trying his best to forget the incident which had just occurred with Rashiku and Ami. Although, truth be told he knew it would need to be addressed at some point,and the thought of confrontation with Rashiku terrified him.
Kenji Yamanaka“I just wanna be rich and famous, is that too much to ask?!”
_______________________________________________ The halls of the Konoha ninja academy were empty, as class was in session. For the most part, the only audible sounds emanating from any of the rooms were the serious tones of various teachers drilling their lesssons into their students. However, within classroom 13-B, a ruckus of sorts had begun to break out. The giddy, mocking laughter of children teasing each other had been very much audible from outside in the halls. Inside, a young, lanky framed man with long flowing blonde hair kept in a pony tail with a sweeping fringe sat above piercing blue eyes. His features were fairly androgynous, and this was almost made worse by the lavender scarf draped around his neck. One of the students, Haruhi Kiyuusagi, reputed as somewhat of a pervert among the class was hurling insults out defensively, calling them idiots and the like as she had dropped one of her notebooks. Revealing a list of her 'Top Ten Sexiest Biceps' among the class. The uproar of laughter had occurred when the other children had realised that their teacher himself, Kenji Yamanaka, was ranked at number one.

With a slightly amused sigh as the class chanted "Haruhi loves sen-sei! Haruhi loves sen-sei!" Kenji sauntered over to the young girl's desk, and squatted down to pick up the boom. Folding it closed before handing it back to her, whispering gently to the girl to be more careful with things like that. Giving her a playful wink and causing her to blush and her face to go entirely red before stumbling to shove the book back into her drawer as the laughter continued.

"Those of you laughing are just jealous that you didn't make the number one spot." Kenji joked, which seemed to immediately quell the atmosphere within the classroom, earning a few giggles from the girls as the boys sat red-faced. Some even crossing their arms and huffing in an attempt to hide their own embarrassment. "Now leave her alone, you are all here because you wanna be shinobi, right? So start acting like it! In life, embarrassing things happen, it's a completely normal thing. But as people we have to be the best we can be, and instead of mocking somebody in these situations, help them to feel better! After all, our characters are not only judged on the quality of our talents and how we treat those in good positions in life; but also how we treat others throughout the hard times. I would argue that the latter is what defines a person." the teacher had said, shifting the focus of the lecture from the tutelage on basic chakra control into one of personal growth on the turn of a dime. The class had instantly become enticed, and listened to every word he had said, and most of the children apologised to Haruhi without being prompted to do so. This was one of the reasons Kenji had earned his position as a Tokebetsu Jōnin of teaching, his seemingly natural affinity for shifting the mood of a classroom, and encapsulating the students in his lessons.

Not long after he had finished speaking the academy's bell rang, signalling the end of class. Although the students began to gather and pack their belongings, none of them rose to their feet to leave. "Well, I guess that's all we have time for today huh? You're all dismissed, but I'd like you to think about what I just told you. Don't just imagine the shinobi you strive to be, imagine the person that you want to be. with a few enthusiastic "Yes sensei's", the class rose to their feet and began scurrying to leave. Talking amongst themselves as they went. Haruhi however, stayed behind. "T-t-thank you, Kenji-sensei." she had said, before hurriedly rushing for the door. Before she'd managed to leave, Kenji shouted after her "Tell your brother to meet me at Ichiraku tonight, at the usual time!"

As the door slammed shut behind her, Kenji adjusted his tight fitting black dress shirt and brushed some dust off of the arms before pulling his leather gloves tighter to his hands. Looking over to his desk, he saw once more an 'extracurricular order' of sorts which had been placed there before his arrival. They stated that he was to deliver the enclosed letter to the Jōnin Kuree Suto, whom was training her students at Training Ground Five. With a disgruntled sigh, Kenji thought to himself "I thought this promotion meant I was done bein' a fuckin' messenger boy. Guess not."


✖ ‖ N A M E
Kenji Yamanaka

✖ ‖ A g e / B i r t h d a y
19 / July 7

✖ ‖ G e n d e r

✖ ‖ B o d y T y p e
Skinny, tall, and remarkably straight backed in his posture for somebody as laid back as he is.

✖ ‖ V i l l a g e

✖ ‖ C l a n
A family of shinobi found in the hidden leaf. They specialise in mind related jutsu, and they own and run a flower store in the village. Most notable for their leading of the Konoha Barrier Team.

✖ ‖ F a m i l y
Father: Ichigo Yamanaka
Mother: Niko Yamanaka
Cousin: Yue Nara

✖ ‖ R a n k
Tokubetsu Jōnin(Teacher)

✖ ‖ P e r s o n a l i t y
A man with an overt fondness for food, especially those dishes considered to be fine-dining, but lacking in the appropriate table manners and etiquette to properly associate himself with the class of people whom usually frequent these establishments. Kenji is fun-loving, and enjoys playing games of every kind, although he quite particularly loves games of cards and chance, having developed a penchant for gambling as a result; and can often be found trying to coax the other jonin into games. However, when push comes to shove, and it's time to get his work done, he is a man of incredible discipline and although he doesn't follow the codes of conduct to the letter, he operates just enough within the bounds of the rules to do things his own way. Narrowly avoiding any trouble with his superiors as a result. Although, truth be told his happy-go-lucky persona has gotten him into...predicaments with his peers in the past.

✖ ‖ L i k e s
- Dancing
- Card games
- Eating
- Swimming
- Family

✖ ‖ D i s l i k e s
- Xenophobia, he is always eager to meet those from other villages.
- Stiff upper lip types, they ruin his meals!
- Studying, he believes he did wayyyy too much of that in the academy.
- Losing, whether it be a fight, a game or money. Kenji loves to win.
- The netted undergarments of the Jōnin uniform.

✖ ‖ N i n d o
"I just want to be rich and famous, is that really too much to ask?"

✖ ‖ B i o g r a p h y

Born into the notorious Yamanaka clan, Kenji lived an ordinary and uneventful life, and was self admittedly a bit of a mummy's boy. That was, until the Nine Tails attacked. He was only seven years old when the demon fox rampaged throughout Konoha; at the time, Kenji had been "working" at the clan's flower store in order to spend more time with his mother when the attack began. Before the untold death and devastation that the coming of one of the bijuu wrought. As a meek child, he was unable to do anything but cry and cower in fear behind a large iron vase. Once the attack was over, after the sealing of the beast at the hands of Seiji Hyuuga, whom was soon after appointed Hokage. Kenji became resolute in his desire to become a shinobi. He never wanted to feel as useless as he did that day. Ever. Again.

Upon his enrollment into the shinobi academy, the young Yamanaka quickly found a place upon a pedestal among the rest of his class. There were only a handful of shinobi that were even close to his calibre. Under ordinary circumstances this would be an incredibly good thing...but Kenji Yamanaka's class, were a particularly untalented bunch. Throughout the years of training they underwent, their mentors and tutors were somehow oblivious to this fact, despite their grade averages and practical test scores being abysmal in comparison to the previous year. Standing out so prominently among such a class meant that in actuality, Kenji was merely a slightly above average shinobi. But because this went unnoticed due to the scarcity of resources after the war, Kenji was appointed the leader of his class' Team 7 and they graduated with flying colours and were put forth for the Chuunin exams incredibly early, alongside the class a year ahead of them.

It was around this time that Kenji would meet his first true mentor Kamoji. After a long day of physical training, the young Yamanaka boy went to swim, relax and bathe in a large pond on the outskirts of the village. After some time passed, an offensive smell hit the boy's nose. Believing it to be some form of contamination in the water, he exited and attempted using his water purification jutsu upon the pond. Before he could finish, he came to realise that a large man had been sat feeding the pond's ducks the entire time. Beside him, was a gargantuan duck, whom the man spoke to as though it were a human. Curious to see what this was all about, Kenji approached the man. Who revealed himself to be a wandering Jonin from the leaf, and after a brief chat, the man explained that he was somewhat a genius when it came to the water style, and that he would happily teach the young Yamanaka some of his jutsu. For a price

Without hesitation, Kenji pulled forth his wallet and thrusted every penny he had into duck-sensei's chest and gave him a gleamy hopeful look. With a jovial laugh and confirmation, Kamoji rose to his feet and began instructing a young Kenji on how to form water with his chakra into a weapon. Once he had the basics down, Kenji was pretty swift to adapt that lesson into the next, which was to form a whip with the manipulated water and to lash at the nearby trees. The basics of this lesson would later go on to serve Kenji greatly in the creation of the Wind Style: Wind Shockwave Slash. After their lesson concluded, Kenji returned to the village, with a newfound determination in his heart. Remembering the duck-sensei's words:

"With this move, you can defeat a hundred men easily. Now you've got it and even I tremble at what I've unleashed..."

After a few days passed, the day of the chuunin exams arrived. After the candidates were briefed on their objectives for the first portion of the test, they were placed into a homeroom of sorts. It was here that Kenji would first meet Kuroki Kiyuusagi, a member of Mitsuyo's team 11. The test was structured as such that at all but two remaining teams would be eliminated. Before entering the "Forest of Death" four random teams were each given a heaven or an earth scroll. Once inside the forest, the genin were tasked with recovering one of each scroll from another team. Only those that made it to the tower in the centre of the forest with both scrolls would advance to the final stage of the exams. After a full, gruelling day of combat, the two teams which would emerge victorious from the forest were Team Mitsuyo, and Team Kenji. Althlugh it should be noted that Team Mitsuyo cleared the stage many hours before Kenji's team were able to.

Given the brutality of the exam's first stage, the two remaining teams were given a week to rest and mingle amongst themselves in order to formulate their respective strategies. Such prep time was absolutely necessary, as the final stage would be a series of one on one duels, with the winner progressing to the next stage. Talk about the town was that even before the exams had started, Team Mitsuyo were the heavy favourites to win; and now that it had been filed down to just Team Kenji in their way. Their victory was all but assured. In the first round, Kenji had been paired against Kuroki Kiyuusagi and the two shared an initially very even contest...Initially.

Before long it became very evident that Kuroki had begun toying with Kenji, and at the command of a voice from the rafters; Kuroki launched a blunted arrow, which hit the young Yamanaka boy directly in the esophagus, rendering him entirely unable to breathe. With this strike dealt, victory was achieved for the Kiyuusagi boy, and the two shook hands in the center of the arena. Once Kenji had regained the ability to breathe of course. The two became friends afterwards, and the blonde haired genin looked to the origin of the voice. To his surprise, it was none other than duck-sensei. In all honesty, he had been glad to be defeated by the student of such a well respected shinobi, and was proud of himself to have even been able to go toe to toe with Kuroki to begin with. Especially given that he would go on to lose only to Genjin Kani, in the exam's finals.

The next year, Kenji's Team 7 would go on to win the exams with minimal difficulties. Thus earning the title of Chuunin. From there, they were assigned to the patrol the land of fire as a whole for four years, given their task, most of them were spent uneventfully. Eventually, growing tired of roaming the villages outskirts for months at a time, and rarely being able to gorge himself in Konoha's restaurants, Kenji enlisted into the academy as an instructor, where he would ironically, after a failed dating escapade with his now close friend Kuroki's younger sister Yuhiko; go on to teach the class of Haruhi Kiyuusagi. The youngest of the three siblings. He was granted the rank of Tokubetsu Jōnin, as a symbol of authority for his students to look up to.

✖ ‖ N a t u r e s
Water and Air.

✖ ‖ T a l e n t s
Given his propensity for the consuming of food, Kenji has developed a rather fine palate, although he is not above eating for the sake of eating. Additionally, the Yamanaka is an exceptional swimmer.

✖ ‖ J u t s u
Water Style:

Underwater Breathing Jutsu
A simple water manipulation jutsu, Kenji uses his chakra to create a bubble of varying sizes, which is filled with oxygen in order to breathe whilst submerged. A skilled user of this technique gains the ability to breathe underwater for around thirty minutes, although Kenji can only manage ten. This ability doesn't require the use of handseals.

By placing his hand on a surface of water, Kenji is able to remove all harmful impurities to be from it. This makes the water suitable for consumption regardless of origin and easier to manipulate with his Suiton techniques.

Water Whip
With this jutsu, Kenji creates a whip of water that can allow him to lash an opponent or even bind them in place until a teammate is able to properly restrain them.

Violent Water Wave
After forming the needed handseals, Kenji expels a strong jet of water from his mouth towards his opponent. Often used to counteract fire style jutsu.

Water Column Jutsu
Upon completion of the hand seals, water floods out into the surrounding area before being condensed in different areas upon a body of water, spouting upward swiftly, to create columns that can strike a target from underneath or to collapse upon the target.

Water Style Gunshot
After kneading his chakra, and converting it into water, Kenji then spits it out in the form of condensed balls. The high-speed water ball attack possesses immense velocity, and is more than capable of penetrating armour and even certain walls. While this is a water release technique, it can still be employed without a body of water present.

Wind Style:

Wind Shockwave Slash
A jutsu created by merging the concepts of the Wind Cutter and Chakra Shockwave Slash jutsus; Kenji infuses wind style chakra into his blade, before slashing out towards his opponent with his katana, creating a strong slicing force, which sends a powerful shockwave in a concentrated direction, that is capable of cutting through multiple opponents, or obstacles in quick succession. It should be noted however, that this technique is highly chakra intensive, and Kenji has not been known to use it more than twice in battle without being left almost completely drained of chakra.

Wind Cutter
Using his chakra, Kenji is capable of creating one to several blades of wind, which are capable of slicing through his target. Although, Kenji is not particularly adept at utilising this version, and has found significantly more success with his own sword-based variation.

Hiden Jutsu:

Mind-Body Switch Jutsu
Like most Yamanaka, Kenji is able to convert his consciousness to spiritual energy with the clan's hiden jutsu, in order to "fire it" at a target. His consciousness whilst in this state moves slowly towards the target in a straight line. If he misses their target, it takes several minutes for their consciousness to find its way back to his own body. To prevent this from happening, the Mind Body Switch should only be used against targets that are stationary or that are restrained. Should his consciousness successfully make it to the target, Kenji supplants the target's mind and takes total control of their body.

Whilst possessing a target, Kenji's own body is left inert. This isn't necessarily an issue in one-on-one encounters, but when facing multiple opponents this leaves his body vulnerable to attack. As a result he almost never utilises this jutsu when he is alone. Furthermore, any damage the possessed body receives is done to their original body as well. If the Mind Body Switch is used on an ally for whatever reason, the ally's consciousness can be transferred to the user's body so that it won't be defenseless.


Sensing Technique
With the Sensing Technique Kenji is able to mould his chakra and change it to thay of the sensory type. This enables him to detect and track down targets via their chakra signatures.

✖ ‖ W e a p o n s A n d T o o l s
An ordinary katana, a brace of wire kunai and various equipment for the field dressing of wounds.

✖ ‖ F i g h t i n g S t y l e
Kenji isn't the strongest of folks in terms of raw combat power, and as such disdains engaging in head on close and personal combat. However, he more than makes up for this with a guile and wit about him which allows him to pick off his opposition on his own terms, or rendering them unable to fight back. Should you be unfortunate enough to come face to face with Kenji beside a large body of water. Do yourself a favour. Stay away from it.

✖ ‖ T h e m e S o n g

✖ ‖ P l a y e d B y
Curious to see if any of you guys still kick it on here

Ichika Uchiha“Peace earned through communication is just and true, but without the strong to protect those who would shepherd in such an age... Everything will be lost. Power is absolute.”

The gambit had paid off, Ichika's counter offensive manoeuvres had seemingly ceased the peculiar bombardment...for now. Never one to leave anything to chance, the Uchiha strode vertically onwards towards the cliff's peak with her hands at the ready, hoping to viciously assault the sea-team's assailants and buy enough time for the crew to escape. She knew her skills, and was highly confident in her own abilities, there was not a shadow of a doubt in the ebon-haired woman's mind as to whether she would be able to accomplish that; and she knew that rendezvousing with them would be effortless. She just had to conserve her chakra.

But as Ichika neared the cliff's peak, a huge silhouette suddenly appeared. Primed and ready with some kind of jutsu, the bird hand seal woven and held as they inhaled. She had to think fast, or she was going to be slammed into her own earthen construct at best; and at worst she could be sliced in half! With no time to waste, and a large portion of chakra still focused at the core of her earth tenketsu Ichika rapidly weaved seals, barely completing them in time as her adversary's jutsu fired. Causing an enormous blade of wind to rocket towards its target. "Earth Style: Hidden in the Earth Jutsu!" she bellowed as her body was sucked into the cliff face, narrowly avoiding the blade of wind as it proceeded to slam into the earthen protection she had formed for her allies below. The impact caused multiple enormous cracks in the constructs surface, but it remained otherwise stalwart in the face of the beating.

As always, whilst under the effects of the Hidden in the Earth jutsu Ichika felt...odd. Although with the adrenaline of intense combat flowing through her, the Jōnin's mind was comparatively at peace with the sensation. Movement felt bizarre, she paddled with her feet as though she were swimming through the air despite being essentially encased in stone and mud. Before long, she had entered deep enough into the cliffside that she was certain, her sensory skills were slim to none; but Ichika knew that she would emerge just behind her target if she rose at that point. So she did, gliding through the earth as she ascended, the Uchiha eventually emerged like a crocodile in a swamp, stalking it's prey through the reeds. Once fully above ground once more, she whispered "Release." and reached for her wakizashi as the enemy looked over the cliff's edge. "Looking for someone?!" Ichika snarled as she drew her blade with her right hand, attempting to slash at the tricep of the hulking man's right arm.
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