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Hey guys, DFS here.

I have another prompt idea that I would totally love to try with someone. This will be a Slice of Life roleplay set in a small town where everyone knows everyone. Every body went to school together or is going to school together. We could play either one character in this town against a backdrop of NPCs and side characters, or we can play multiple characters and experience many different lives.

I would love to explore the day to day lives of these characters and how they all relate and interact with one another. And I am looking to explore the love lives of them. As I do not fade to black you must be 18 or older to roleplay this with me. I am looking to include smutty scenes in this story.

That said I usually play female characters but for this story I will be playing both female and male characters. And I would love to explore many different pairing relationships. MxF, FxF, MxM. And even gender fluid pairings as well if a partner is interested.

We can certainly discuss characters and pairings in more detail in PMs. For post length, please don't write me one liners. If I don't have anything to reply to then I am going to get bored and not want to continue. I also don't want to be the only one carrying the plot forward or any sort of progression.

I am not able to get on and reply every day but when I am on, I'm usually able to post several times during the day.

If you are interested in this story idea please send me a PM.
No takers?
Hi there. I'm totally missing my adventuring party and would love to play a classic fantasy Adventure party in the style of DnD. Obviously with this being a one on one story roleplay it will be written out as any other roleplay. No dice rolls or rules to bother with.

But the classic style of traveling from town to town, finding cool items and weapons.

I'm not looking for a partner who power games or godmods. If you are someone who just has to be the best at everything you do, we won't be compatible.

I am looking to play as two members of a duo party, but am totally open to play in a party up to six, four being side characters. If you would also prefer to GM then that would be great as well but not a requirement.

I'm fine with any and all gender pairings and my main character will be female. Please be okay with smut as I do enjoy a bit in my roleplays and with that said, if you are not 18 or older don't inquire about my roleplays please.

So if you want to join me send me a PM and we can discuss story details and such together.
Still looking
In an alternate universe...

King Aerys Targaryen sits atop the Iron Throne. Mad and Paranoid the tyrant sees enemies lurking in every shadow. His Master of Spies, Varys the Spider, becomes his closest advisor as the Mad King seeks to uncover any plot against him. Varys soon discovers that the upcoming Tourney at Harrenhall is a pretext to gather several of the Lords Paramount and discuss a coup to overthrow King Aerys. And it was all set up by none other than the King's own son and heir, Prince Rhaegar.

The difference in this universe, however, is that Varys is able to foresee the chaos that would unfold of he took this information to the King. The death that would fall upon the realm and the destruction of the Seven Kingdoms themselves. Instead he goes to Prince Rhaegar and offers to aid him in this matter. And the Lords all agree that Aerys must be removed.

After a swift and silent, coup Rhaegar takes control of the red keep. It was bloodless, thanks mostly to Rhaegar having the friendship and loyalty of most of the Kingsguard.

Under King Rhaegar Targaryen the realm sees a peaceful and prosperous rule. Great advancements in economic technology and more lay the foundation for the future eras of Westeros. When Winter finally arrives, the white walkers are faced with a united Westeros. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers fighting under the Dragon Banners. They easily repel the horde of the undead and Eddard Stark, brother of Lord Paramount Brandon Stark of the North, slays the Night King with the familial sword, Ice.

With the Seven Kingdoms safe from threats both foreign and domestic, a golden era falls upon the continent. Industrial advancements lead to a boom in technological discoveries. The discovery of gunpowder leads to the rise of a new weapon; the musket. More Universities begin to crop up around the Seven Kingdoms much to the dismay of the Maesters and Septons. This leads to a rise in education for the populous which of course leads us to where we are now.

The Revolutionary Era of Westeros...

So if you stuck with me and read all of my exposition dump, thank you. I hope this sounds like something some of you may be interested in. It will be a roleplay set during the revolutionary era of Westeros. But the reason for the change in history is because I wanted all of the canon houses to be there and not be shattered to pieces like in the books and show.

I do have a lot of book knowledge. Though since the history has been changed and the era is new, it really doesn't matter if you only have book or show knowledge. All of the characters and events will of course be new.

Speaking of which, the story I want to explore will revolve around a revolutionary war to end the monarchy of the Targaryens and establish a free and democratic nation of Westeros. The technology will be that of the revolutionary era. So think, American Revolution or Napoleonic era. Cannons and Muskets. Flintlock rifles and pistols. Age of Sail navies. I'm kind of a history nerd AND a game of thrones nerd. So I really want to combine the two.

In this age of Westeros gender equality will be a bit more common. So you will see females in military roles as well as males. This is mostly due to the fact that I want to play a military leader leading her own armies. I will of course have multiple characters also. And we can discuss our roles and characters in PMs.

I am okay with any gender pairings. I do enjoy smut in roleplays so I'm sure this story will have about 50/50 ratio of smut to story. Please be comfortable with that before messaging. I don't like short replies and I don't roleplay on any other third party site or app.

If all of that sounds good to you then please send me a Private Message. Thank you.
Looking for this again. But I would like to have a balance between smut and plot so the story progresses at an even pace.
Hello. I am looking for a new partner to roleplay within the XCOM universe. I am most familiar with EU, EW, and XCOM 2 by Firaxis so those are the games I would like to draw inspiration from for our story.

This is however meant to be more of our own take on it, not necessarily going down exactly as the games do. Though I am definitely looking for tactical infiltration and combat missions. As well as following our characters in their day to day lives, living and training in the underground bunker that is their HQ.

And I do require any interested writing partners to be 18 years or preferably older as I do intend to focus a lot on the relationships and intimacy built between these squadmates and there will definitely be some smutty scenes included. For kinks let's save that discussion for the Private Messages ;)

I am F and therefore prefer to play as such. Though I will have additional characters, some male, so if you prefer only MxF relationships and want to double we can do that.

I don't mind MxF, FxF, or even MxM relationships. Also totally open to gender fluid characters as well. Please be able to write at least a couple of paragraphs. No one liners.

The main plot for the story will be our Soldiers are living in an underground HQ as the last military resistance force against an alien invasion. The aliens will be pulled from all of the Firaxis XCOM games. I am not looking to include smut scenes with any monsters or aliens.

Our combat missions may include rescuing VIPs and civilians, attacking an alien stronghold, infiltrating and enemy base. Our scenes back at base will be more slice of life. Hanging out, receiving medical treatment, training, and of course hooking up.

So if you are interested than please message me.
Still looking for a partner
This is an Alternate Universe story, not tied to any movie, show, or comic. You are welcome to play OC or Canon characters, or a combination of the two.

Days of Future Past

The year is 2041 and the world as we knew it is no more. The Sentinel Program was a horrible success. Killing many mutants, driving the rest into hiding. A resistance grew and a civil war broke out between Mutant and Mutant Sympathizers, and the Governments of the world. It was a costly war. Cities were reduced to rubble and abandoned due to fighting.

Most of the sentinels were destroyed in the fight, but way more human and mutant lives were lost. Now society is in pieces. Most of the surviving humans blame Mutants for the catastrophe. Mutants lost their trust for humans. People everywhere live in small groups or communities just trying to survive. Very few tried to rebuild.

So there you have it. That is my idea. Again this is completely AU original story. Obviously based on a Canon idea. But the characters we write, whether canon or not, will be written completely how we decide. I expect to see different, post-apocalyptic versions of existing characters. For example, Cyclops is a broken leader, blinded by the loss of his visor, he now keeps his eyes shut and lives as a blind hermit. Whether our characters meet him and try to bring him back into a new group is up to us to write.

I am open to play any gender pairing. I typically prefer to play Females as my main but I can play male as my main if needed. I also like to have a cast of side characters and npcs as well.

I only play with writers 18 and older as my stories will contain adult themes and content as well as smut. So do not message me of you are younger than 18.

I look forward to your private messages.
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