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Current Was busy past few days. Will reply now.
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16 days ago
I will be on to reply in about an hour.
19 days ago
Wont be on to reply for next few days.
26 days ago
Back from an unexpected hiatus. Looking to RP. Please message me if we have an unfinished rp and you are still wanting to write with me.
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Will be on later today.


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Still looking for more partners on this aswell.

Hi all! So I just woke up from a very hot dream and was left wanting much more from it. So I thought the best thing to do would be to bring it to the guild and see if I could get some bites.

I want to play a young 18 year old college girl living with her sister and her husband. I'm sure you can tell where this is going. You would play as my brother in law, I don't mind if you are male or female in real life. In fact, if anyone would prefer to swap the genders around and play the female, I am perfectly capable of playing as a male too. Or even a FxF pairing. If thats what you would prefer just let me know when you message me.

Things are bound to get spicy as we start to grow closer and closer. I do play out all adult scenes. So if you aren't looking for a smut filled good time, this is not the prompt for you. I also use pictures in the rp to add some visual cues. I don't expect it from my partners. It just adds to the experience for me.

If you are interested in playing with me, please send me a PM. I am usually on to reply in the evenings EST. Thanks.
Anyone interested in modern targaryens?
Still looking. Please PM if interested.
Hello all. I am back from a brief hiatus there. Got a bit busy with life but I have been really craving some more deep roleplays.

Ive had an amazing idea for a rp set in A World of Ice and Fire. We fast forward to either the Revolutionary era or the modern era. We can either use the same world and lore and houses from the book to create our own plot or we can retell the story of the War of Five Kings but with Napoleonic or modern tech. Same characters and all. Could even play out the age of petty kingdoms or aegons conquest set in a different era.

Rob stark leading a column of musketmen through the whispering wood, or Jaime Lannister invading Riverrun with tanks.

Of course, because I like adult content in my rps I am gonna need my partner to be 18+ and okay with mature and sexual content. And even enjoy it lol. We can discuss plot preferences as well as kinks and limits in PMs.

I am female but can play any gender and I am open to any pairing.

I hope to hear from all of you.

Please go ahead and send me a PM if interested.
Anyone else interested?
After Jehova chose his favorite few and lifted them into the skies to join him in paradise everyone left on Earth thought that our end was nearing. That wasn't the case though. Jehova soon forgot about all of his children left stranded below, but not before handing out one final punishment for our sinful ways. The mighty Jehova stripped his creations of the two things they loved most. Electricity and guns no longer worked.

In a single night we had been abandoned and cast back into the dark ages. As if that wasn't bad enough... demons were set loose from hell. Lucifer's own armies were brought forth to begin conquering the paradise he coveted for so long.

Humans, what were left of us, immediately began rioting and looting. But as the demonic hordes swept through the lands, it was clear that we would eventually need to band together. Without guns, fighting back was a challenge. We had to relearn swordfighting. Before we could do that we had to relearn how to forge them.

It has been 10 years since the Rapture. I am the Field Marshal for the Kingdom of Hendry and the commander of the King's own Royal Guard. These lands have known peace and prosperity for some time. But all Golden Ages come to an end. We control this pass of the Caloosahatchee and take toll for any ferries looking to sail their wares out into the Gulf.

We have begun hearing rumors that the Palm Republic is growing tired of our tolls and tariffs. Spies report they are arming their fleets for battle. To make matters worse, the road to the Kingdom of Myers has been harassed by banditry and brigands. No doubt it is members of the Lee Tribes causing us problems. But travelers say much darker things stalk those woods. It has been reported that Army of the Morning Star is on the move. It is not yet known if he has begun pushing this far south, but his demons go where they wish.

Thank you for reading that prologue. As you can tell, this is a story I have been working on for a while and I really would love to roleplay in this world, and develop an amazing story with you.

My character is predetermined, however, I can easily play male or female depending on your preference for gender pairing. This will be an 18+ story for mature content so please be 18+ and comfortable with that kind of subject matter. I prefer not fading to black or censoring my writing in any way, as well.

You are free to play as any character in this story. If you want to play the king/queen be my guest. If you would prefer playing as a Lee tribes member or a character in a different city, please do.

The region is heavily inspired by southern Florida, so expect tons of Gators, mosquitos, and wooded marsh.

Please send me a message so we can discuss characters and plotlines. I am looking for someone who is excited to play in this sandbox world.
Hello, again! I am here with a new Interest Check and this time it is a little more specific.

As you read in the title, I am looking to play a pokemon story set inside the Fallout Universe. Imagine the NCR on patrol with their pokemon partners. Caesar's Legion raiding villages with their tauros and tyranitars.

And us, starting in a vault. Getting our first pokemon partner after completing our GOATs. We can discuss the plot and all in PMs but i am very excited for this.

Also, I do enjoy having a large combination of smut as well as deep lore and plot. So please be over 18 and comfortable with that. We can discuss kinks and limits in PM. And I am female but I can play male or female just the same.
Please dont be afraid to bring me any of your ideas.
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