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God of Fear

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Illusory stalks of greenery crumbled into nothingness, expelled from reality by Ekon’s will. Dead earth and a black void replaced an endless field of green and blue sky. Without a purpose, he chased the faux paradise away until it was needed again. Though, he no longer stood in awe at the divine powers he wielded or the fact that reality bent before him. There was, however; still a tinge of excitement that surged through him whenever the terror god manipulated the natural world. Pontification of his talents halted, pushed aside in favor of the task at hand. Ekon required the assistance of his sphere’s raw form, and the primal fears sealed within. Granted he’d just crafted the realm, but duty called.

Stripped of its grassy “flesh,” The Ugly Underbelly pulsated like a beating heart. Swollen with centuries of terror it heaved up before it immediately relaxed back into position. Atop the brown landscape, Ekon stood, where he contemplated evilly as most villains often did. Many thoughts crossed his mind, namely, what would be the most expedient way of spreading his influence? Even as a divine rookie he knew he’d required help of some kind, he just wasn’t sure what form it would take. So, he thought for a long minute what should be created until an idea came to him, like an oasis in the desert. Dark chocolate lips twisted into a smirk that oozed with infinite arrogance. “And now let’s make a helper.”

Hand leveled with broken earth, Ekon released divine radiance from his palm into the ground before him. With a simple flick of his wrist, the terrain slowly split in two. Liberated from their subterranean prison, the horrors contained within escaped in screams and crazed laughter. Ekon gripped an errant, howling breeze, turning the intangible, tangible. Shapeless and scarlet a wriggling thing squirmed in his grip. The surrounding fears not already consumed by the god’s reality swirled around the wiggling mass.


Ekon commanded, before infusing the red matter with a potent mix of godly potential and terrible ichor. When he felt the wiggling creature had its fill the fear god freed it from betwixt his fist. Liberated from its master’s grasp, the living blob began to take form, shivering and shaking until it adopted a humanoid shape. Previously flailing tentacles collapsed into one another until it possessed two sets of arms and legs. Shortly after the gelatinous creature formed limbs, a head wrapped in a myriad of tendrils emerged from its body. Lastly, the color drained from the red beast, pooling at his feet leaving a teal-skinned entity in its place. Unused to this new existence the newly molded being shakily rose to his feet. His pale crown a stark contrast to the blue tint that clung to his muscular form. After his “birth” he looked to his master and bowed in reverence.

“Not bad, but you are still incomplete, my avatar.”
Said a self-impressed Ekon, enthralled by his beautiful new creation. A snap of his fingers encouraged the wayward horrors orbiting them both to seize the entity. Shrieking winds converged upon the herald, pressing into new flesh they became garments for the newly inaugurated avatar of fear. “Excellent.” Excitement peppered the terror god’s words, he was delighted at the life he’d brought into Galbar. Like his maker had previously done, he too preoccupied himself with inspecting every inch of himself. Not that Ekon would take this from him, for he also could not help, but marvel at his life when he was at The Architects.

“Your name is Hofu, and you will serve as my herald. I have equipped you with the horrors creation to spread in my name. I also require you to tell me what is happening around Galbar. I have no doubt events are moving at a rapid pace.” Ekon’s words were not a piece of advice but demanded, and Hofu was compelled to obey.

“Yes, my lord.” Hofu punctuated his acknowledgment of Ekon’s orders with a pounding of his chest. He, unlike the god that spawned him, was far more serious-minded, and would not fail in the tasks given to him.“Let us be on our way,” Ekon spoke, wings unfurled he flew from the mouth of his realm with his avatar in tow.

“You know what to do. Meanwhile, I shall forge new lands for us.” Without further instructions, Hofu responded with, but a single nod and flew off towards the more densely populated lands of Galbar. There he would sow fear in his master’s name. Ekon paid no heed to his servant; instead, he merely flew off in another direction. He was in the mood to build some land of his own, but first, he needed somewhere secluded.

“That should work.”
A grin crossed his lips when he’d at last found a suitable spot. South of the eye of desolation, it was here that he laid claim. His eyes crackled with godly might in preparation of the task at hand, and with an otherworldly prowess possessed only by the divine Ekon raised a mighty island from the ocean depths. Flat and uninspired what it lacked in scenery it made up for in mass, rivaling the size of Greenland. A devil’s work is never done, and the dread god knew a barren wasteland would be a waste of effort.

With, but a thought divine radiance sprung from Ekon, sending waves of light across the massive island. In the wake of the luminous tsunami whole ecosystems were born, abundant vegetation and rivers sprouted from dead earth with supernatural vigor. Mighty trees arose, forming mighty forests while jagged mountains encircled half of the enormous island. Beneath the surface, he created a seemingly endless network of tunnels and large cavernous hideaways. Finally, Ekon populated the land with animals from deer to rabbits.

However, there was still something left undone, looking out into the vast oceans of Galbar it suddenly came to him. He needed another spot of land. Not a big island, but something smaller and so he sped off. Bound for a location not too far away he came upon an ideal spot. It was in this place that would establish a little archipelago complete with an ecosystem. Already, familiar with the act of creation it was mere child's play for him to erect another landmass. Waterlogged rock emerged from the great deep ripe for manipulation. Unlike the devil's retreat as he called it, he bestowed this heap of rock with a tropical ecosystem.


Atop a bed of crystals, Ekon hurtled through infinite black. Guided by an unseen influence towards a cerulean spheroid set adrift a sea of nothingness. Galbar’s visage grew ever-closer with each encroachment until finally, it was within reach. Wordlessly he advanced, slowing his pace to a halt until Ekon floated on the precipice of this new world. There he admired The Architect’s craftsmanship and might, for he birthed not only a pantheon of deities but shaped a universe in his image. A testament to a power he received, but a sliver of, though; the adolescent god harbored no covetous thoughts. Instead of longing for greater strength, the young god salivated at the prospects this rebirth promised him.

Teal eyes cast themselves into an endless dark, memories of yesteryear returning in hazy snapshots. A parting glance to old existences before the fear god embarked on his journey. Crystalline surfboard tilted down, he willed his chariot onward. Without warning the god along with the clear rocky platform upon, which he stood plummeted earthward. Ekon severed the sky, plunging into Galbar with meteoric speed. Inborn instincts newly installed by The Architect directed him towards his sphere. Somehow, he just “knew” it awaited him below mud and dirt. However, the predictably spectacular collision expected from such a crash was absent. Before the young deity struck land, jaws of darkness blossomed from the ether and swallowed Ekon. Still, upon his crystal steed, he emerged from a yawning maw many miles below Galbar.

Subterranean emptiness stretched endlessly around Ekon, with stalactites and soil as its only noteworthy features. After his tumultuous dive through the heavens, he’d, at last, reached his private sphere. Anxious to tread upon this new territory Ekon abandoned his interstellar taxi, after, which it collapsed harmlessly into debris. Pebbly terrain crunched beneath the scrutiny of bare feet, with every explorative prod of the area. Satisfied with his fleeting analysis of the situation, the fear god set into motion the rise of his kingdom.

Initially, he pondered what a realm for one such as he ought to look like. Should it inspire crippling dread? Only for him to dismiss such designs as cliché and beneath him. On the other hand, it was only natural for a person’s home to “mirror” them was another thought that crept its way into the god’s head. Indecision’s reign wouldn’t last for long as an errant thought had captured his attention. Aware that he lacked a fearsome visage of his own, Ekon thought it might be amusing to model his private sphere after this fact. First, he would craft a skeleton then he would lay upon its foundation a persuasive façade. No doubt something that his many past selves would have liked. After all, true horror often sprung from the most unassuming places.

Divine energies hurried through innumerable souls forged into the being called Ekon. Form rich with celestial vigor he expelled holy radiance in waves throughout the cavernous hideaway. Stony earth impregnated with otherworldly might birthed an explosion of light. After it faded, cracked dirt peppered with patches of dead grass sat in place of rocky formations. Hungering darkness devoured tapering structures of jagged rock that hung overhead after, which, it played the role of night. But what was a sky without something to fill it? He thought, and in that instant, he knew what it lacked. Layers of inky blackness peeled away to unveil a bright moon forever stalked by clouds. Still, he deemed this too flat and dull, it needed a little something else. Perhaps something with a bit more elevation, the fear god supposed before concentrating on the center of his sub-reality. From the realm’s desiccated heart, a mountain arose, jagged and imposing, it overlooked the land like a fearsome guardian. Lastly, a weathered edifice sluggishly ascended out of the great rock’s crown, accompanied by an eruption of stone and dust. It was an ugly ominous tower painted ebon that reached so high into the heavens it stabbed through a cluster of clouds.

Bathed in luminescence Ekon admired his newfound power. Eyes stapled to open palms, the terror god stood in silent awe at what he’d just accomplished. Never in any iteration of his previous existences had he wield supernatural forces, let alone those capable of reshaping reality. Divine gifts such as these were, but myths he’d read as a scholar, or fairytales he’d scoffed at as the fisherman. But as a united entity he realized the wildest dreams and fantasies of so many. If the fear god had been reincarnated as a more “virtuous” being, it would have been a humbling experience. Perhaps, it would have even inspired him to uplift others. Instead, there existed only a twisted amusement, and anxiousness to exploit these talents. A glimpse of withered fauna captured Ekon’s attention, and his mind refocused on the task at hand.

Arms outstretched, Ekon welcomed the fears of creation into his domain. Upon shrieking gales intangible horrors traveled into the god’s sphere, enriching it with a dreadful aura. The ground beneath him spiderwebbed, and through fractured earth, a legion of terrors became one with the realm. From financial catastrophes to warring nations all woes found purchase within the pocket dimension. Engorged with centuries of dread his realm “bled,” and like an open sore leaked until it saturated Galbar. More importantly, they would lead to the rise of aberrations and monstrosities the likes of, which he’d only dreamt of. Lips curled into a smirk before the newborn god spoke.

“Almost done.”

With a wave of his hand, Ekon unleashed another tsunami across the brown landscape. “Life” blossomed in the newly created sphere with greenery flourishing across the seemingly unending expanse. The previously gloomy sky turned a shade of cobalt with a blazing yellow sun sat atop a sea of clouds. This world would know fear’s majesty in all its many forms.

- Idea inspired by Sartr


Gossamer clouds painted black engulfed a burning village, strangling a dying world in its ashen grip. Lungs choking with soot cried out in knowing futility to a darkened void above. But the empty sky offered no salvation only a deepening dread to a doomed metropolis. No solace would be had nor any explanation given for why their world crumbled around them. Zero answers for the rise of lifeless lakes, the infernos that overtook their cities in mere minutes, or for the upheaval of earth that marred their lands. Before this uncaring universe, dozens wept whilst others fell to madness. Where sane life still existed, madmen crushed it beneath their boot heels. Villains, driven to the brink of fear who, in their bid to exert some control over their own destiny, ended the lives of other men. Fear had long since conquered this world, and its people could only helplessly watch as it tore itself asunder.

A wailing spherical thing hurtled throughout the great and endless darkness. Purposeless and inconsequential the tiny “traveler” wandered infinity for countless lifetimes. Thoughts or motives were absent, only the need to screech mindlessly into the cosmos. And if not for divine intervention, the screaming oddity would have continued its aimless dash across space.

Appearing as but a pale speck in the night, it grew exponentially until swallowing the nothingness in a radiant tsunami. Against the grossly incandescent intruder the orb was rendered impotent, helpless to do all, but follow the waves’ whims. As if compelled by some unseen force the howling sphere dutifully trailed the luminescent ripples. Within the light, it jittered and shook, almost as if its luminescent abductor were attempting to awaken it. Howls of misery ceased, in favor of fearful and incoherent chatter. Even between planes, the babbling spheroid could feel The Architect’s awesome might. Its journey wasn’t measured in the decades of yesterday, but in mere minutes as the sphere found its way to another reality alongside others like it. just as quickly as the orb was absorbed, it was expelled onto The Architect’s palace floor.

What plummeted from the glistening prison was not a tiny ball, but a gelatinous mass. Misshapen faces and crooked limbs plastered its form, an amalgam of souls pressed hideously into one. Nevertheless, it struggled to claim a shape like its peers. A mass of eyes admired The ABORHENT ONE and so it attempted to be like him, though its tentacles paled in comparison nor could it take his shape. It then thought to be something else entirely, only to resemble some freakish parody of many things before finally becoming something it liked.

Dark chocolate colored an inhuman design flanked by wings encrusted with elaborate features. It no, he had been reborn into something greater. Yes. He was a man, though; he lacked a name. A small matter he’d contend with later. Dead memories returned in hazy snapshots. Recollections of peoples, places, and, things he’d seen or been. One of the people he’d been was a man named Ekon. “Ekon” Uttered the newborn god who had taken a liking to that name. It was his name after all.
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