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What makes the arena interesting is that you can have characters cross into other threads and battles. It has the potential of being a persistent world with a battle focus that can also be dictated by the flow of story. I think it would be interesting to capitalize on this element. I'd add more, but I feel like I'd be rehashing the ideas of other people.

Is there a spot left? Sorry I been busy with work.
Did you plan on waiting before you got a CS up? If one hasn't already been made it would probably be a good idea to make one if you are waiting for them.
Would a fledgling necromancer's son with barely a grasp on how to construct a proper undead servant be allowed?



Weakly lit sockets beheld the backs of crewman burdened by anxiety and duty. Dreads’ sway was at its zenith here, and inspired a fear in them they would have originally thought alien. Beneath Anasazi’s ever watchful gaze they valiantly fought. Their movement marked by yells, curses, and, chatter as they fired searing beams of heat, into the waiting maws of horrid things. An enormous translucent bubble enveloped the command deck, as an omnipresent sentinel against the encroaching horde. Spawned from the gargantuan armor Anasazi adorned, it undulated beneath the weight of enemy fire. With each collision, he could feel his barrier weakening, before it would inevitably fail until recharged.

“Shit. My force field is going to give out soon.” Anasazi’s concerns were spoken aloud but shared between no other. Still, he was confident his contraption’s shielding could withstand another barrage. Sadly, such was not to be the case, as the hollow globe shimmered one final moment before dispersing into nothingness. An unseen grimace etched itself into his features in response. It would take another 30 minutes before his device could erect another protective coating leaving him without many options. Thankfully, the cruiser’s own defenses gave him more than enough time to wait out the barrier’s cooldown phase. They assured him the cruiser could handle the job, and he could rest for now.

Despite the ship’s own protections, Anasazi loathed these down periods. They always made him feel worthless, and almost without purpose. Granted, he was being somewhat melodramatic the bodyguard couldn’t help it. Discontent with feeling useless, the bodyguard opted instead to leave the command deck. Reasoning that a walk around the craft would kill just enough time Anasazi wandered off. Besides, the crew wasn’t in any immediate danger so a temporary absence wouldn’t have been an issue.

Submerged in chaos, the cruisers’ corridors were filled with bodies and chatter. Talk of Reavers and surrounding chaos at the forefront of their conversations. Some even questioned if the overseeing behemoth and security could ensure everyone’s safety, should the savages force their way onboard. “Hey, Anasazi you guys got a plan if those things get in here?” Shouted a large woman clad in work garments and drenched in sweat. “We can obviously handle anything that comes our way.” Responded a smaller man sandwiched between a door and his coworkers.

Uninterested in assuaging the woman’s concerns when someone else could do it, the behemoth moved onward. Eventually, the crowd thinned out until it was only he and a few stragglers hurrying off to another task. When he’d finally walked until not another soul could be seen, he’d wondered if enough time had passed. By that point, Anasazi was certain of it and would return to assist his brethren. Well, that was until a siren rang throughout the building. An alarm gripped his attention. Something dire was happening in the research deck, but he knew not what that was. No doubt a small team would be sent to see what the issue was. They were far too busy to spare any more than that.

“Anasazi, can you accompany a security detail to check out the problem?” The request came through his radio in a burst, somewhat surprising the armored guardian. “Understood.” He replied. Admittedly, the request was a welcomed change of pace. It was somewhat boring standing around on the command deck all day, and playing detective was different. It’s not like he could have rejected their request anyway. Luckily, his force field had just finished recharging so if it proved to be dangerous he’d be ready for it. A few more orders fell from his radio's receiver. Anasazi was to meet up with five guys from security, and where they would assemble. The situation sounded urgent if only because of the alarm that started him down this path. With nothing else left to do the armored bodyguard dove into the bowels of the cruiser. After he met with his fellow security personnel he would confront whatever awaited him.

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