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---- I did all that work to unlock this fucking bio, and I don't have a thing to put on it.

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@Carantathraiel Do you remember the pie? I loved the pie there. Best thing about the place.
@Carantathraiel So you've never been nowhere?
@Carantathraiel Just stopping by to say hey! It's been a long time. I'll try to catch you here sometime later or just PM you, but this is more of a game.
Well thank ya Tim, and Naw
Hello ladies and gents!

Name's Donovan. I'm new to the area, but definitely not new to the game. I'm looking forward to some good times and making new friends. Lets chat. Lets play.

But seriously, I need a forum post so I can fill out my bio. Seemed as good a place (since it's suggested) as any.

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