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Ob says thanks for the edit.

Lunala is the only one that matters.

Also starting post tomorrow. Work was hectic.
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Welcome to the guild. Some of us are relatively sane. Maybe.
Got my promotion. So pretty good.
Any progress..? I'll risk being a hypocrite this once
I feel I've heard that before about the accent.

True, no envy. From what I hear it's a bitchandahalf as a second language. Most Americans don't seem to bother to use it correctly themselves. (The pattern in the US seems to be that those with English as a second language sometimes get notably higher scores in English/writing than native speakers. That being said, I have no data, and it's only positive stereotype.)

<Snipped quote by Vocalia>
I haven't heard the American English accents that are undiscernible as English, but I don't doubt their existence. I've heard people add a "T" into the word "shrimp". Like, an audible T right before the R. I can not, for the life of me, say it like that myself.

You probably have. It's a common stereotype about scottish accents, hell even English accents and so on. More common IN britain though XD.

I can actually see how a non-native speaker would score higher than a native, in an odd way. There's a lot about sentence structure and grammar I don't actually know. But a non-native speaker knows a lot more about that, in some cases.

I can actually understand most accents, though I occasionally have to ask someone to repeat themselves. (sometimes that's just because I'm deaf) I find asian-english to be the hardest to discern though. I dunno why.
<Snipped quote by Draconis Nevyn>

I can understand. We have at least 300 local languages and dialect between cities, provinces and islands. I can go to the next town in the west of my hometown and understand fuck all what the locals are saying. With English, you have the Asian 'flavor' as well. Some speak with a very thick local accent while some others, like me, have a more standardized accent.

Aye that's about the thick of it like. It's interesting how it all works. It was shit like just general dialects that got me loving linguistics.
@Draconis NevynYou still speak English on top of Gaelic, no? :P
As a non-native here, English is pretty much isolated to the educated, tourist locale or the metropolitan citizens.

I don't speak Gaelic. Barely any Scots do. Maybe some highlanders or some on the islands. Our accents are almost impossible to decypher though. Even for ourselves. You can go one town over and not understand a word anyone is saying. I love dialects.

English is weird and awkward. I don't envy people learning it as a second language though.
it's aight

could have done with being a bit longer, but the emotion is there and it's solid enough

i'll get my own up soonish, i've got 2/3 segments done and just need to get off my ass for the last

Also this, I agree. Nothing I can really add to it.
@tobiaxI personally have no meaningful feedback to give to you. I think your latest post is pretty good, but I'd reckon that the other native English speakers could give something more useful for your improvement.

@Draconis Nevyn@Fish of Oblivion@RBYDark@Psyker Landshark

Friendly reminder that I am Scottish and you speak better english than myself, Vo :P
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