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3 days ago
What did you do?
4 days ago
Quick BlackDragon, remind her that she owes you $20
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5 days ago
Hey.... hey... None of my whining is ever 'petty'. All of my whining is about valid and important stuff.
6 days ago
err... Heaven Sent Devil, can we all get a copy of that text. We could all use a pick me up.
6 days ago
Kill me now.... I just got of a four hour staff meeting where we were editing policy papers.


Hello there.

I'm pretty new here, just poking around a little and meeting some people.

I came to the site looking for D&D like free form games. I'm staying because of the 1 x 1 games. Part of the fun in RP is also getting to know my partners. I enjoy some OOC chat with the games too.

I play MXF games. I play the M. If you have an idea you would like to pitch or to just say 'hello' feel free to shoot me a PM.

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Off in the distance is heard the sound of jiggling chains and thumping boots.

"Wait....wait for me!" A heavily armored dwarf runs up with all the grace of a ton of brinks. "Don't leave yet."

*Magdar rolls a d20...Rolls a "1"*

*Magdar feels compelled to dance*
I'm a Cleric of Tempus, paladins wish they were half as tough as me. *dwarven flex*
@Vertigo Nah, you do what you think works best for your character. Worst comes to worst you all die horribly glorious glass-cannon deaths.

Hey hey... The paladin and my dwarf are pretty tanky. We can hold the line. Well, at least until the dragon's breath makes us burst into flames.

Oh... Alright then. Thanks...
Okay... I think I got everything and am done.

No.. I AM done.

unless you want more changes, Mighty DM.
I'll make those changes. But maybe not until Monday.
Oh Mighty DM, I present to you my full and completed Character Sheet. May you find it worthy.

And if you don't tell me what to do to fix it.

Making some edits

Ok..ok... I think I'm done.

Thanks. I think I'm going to work on it in my Google Drive and then present it here when it's all pretty and gorgeous. Then shall my enemies flee before me!
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