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I’m leaning at a ranger.
Hey everyone!

Should we send the CS here?
I think we have a party.
(Got two more friends that are into joining too.)

The rules system is Pathfinder, and we would use mainly discord.
Can you send me your discord tag? @Coltshan@Valornor

What's the difference between the melee classes? just style of battle? or is there any actual difference in bonuses or the like?
Also, can anyone heal themselves? like using herbs and the like?
I too find myself more interested in either doing something within Faerun (much more familiar with it) or original world.

Specificaly, I like the holes that leads into different types of worlds, all in a dungeony feel to it.

Also, We will be working with 5e?
I’m fine with doing it here
And fine with you starting then we can all plan our PCs

So, how do we start?
I think we are enough interested people.
Let’s do this.
Who really wants to DM? (Many of us said we can, but who desires to)
okie dokie. Does that include dice and the actual mechanics? how is this done?
Can we have a discord group just for like planning and the like? or a thread of OOC chatting?
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