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1 yr ago
Current I'm fighting the final boss of College.
2 yrs ago
*Piddles about*
2 yrs ago
I have returned from the land of apathy with renewed vigor! Talk about ironic...
3 yrs ago
Aaaand I just made several google searches in a row about a cannibal cafe. Watch lists, I'm baaaack!~
3 yrs ago
A new challenger approaches!
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21 year old white man. Do I get Social Justice points for being gay?

Lame (and somewhat rude) jokes aside, I'm an American college student majoring in Media Studies and hoping to work in game design. I've run several tabletop RPGs over the years, mostly in the vein of D&D and Pathfinder. I dabbled in forum RP years ago, and am hoping to have a joyous reunion with the art now.

My greatest strength is probably my ability to realize my weaknesses and take honest criticism without feeling put down. One of said weaknesses is my bad tendency to proofread after posting something, so feel free to point out spelling mistakes or small grammatical errors if I've left a post lying around a little while.

I swear I don't bite, though the zombies might. (Ask me about my moral position on Necromancy.)

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I'm gonna be totally honest. I haven't read a thing in 2 months. Between IC and OOC there's 127 messages I have not read, just waiting for someone to message me specifically. However! I'm ready to go on towards adventure!!
@Lovejoy, I'm doing fairly well. I've been quiet mostly just because I haven't had anything to say.
@shylarahCan I just mention that you have had this account of yours for exactly 999 days right now? I had to double check you hadn't just hit some sort of cap.
@Lovejoy, I like the plot twist!

Also, can we name one of the remnants Exodia? Because let's be honest - the whole premise is basically Yu-Gi-Oh's Exodia.
Ooooh, yay, for @draken's new gal getting approved! And ooh plotting. Also HA! Ilya, you're out as warleader.

Yeah, probably for the best... But Father Ilya could get behind her well enough. She's also not the type to care about all the business bits of being Warleader, but she's definitely there to work with and for her family warband.

As for nicknames, anyone want to bet against Father Ilya being "that bitch."

EDIT: Nevermind, that'd have to be Mother Adrijana Zaric.
@shylarah, yeah I really skimped on the details there, sorry. Her magic, in its most basic form, is the ability to sense the presence of living things around her - regardless of her other senses. When on alert, she opens her mind, so to speak, and passively detects any incoming creatures/people. With focus, she can collect a mental image of the area, and/or redirect this sense to somewhere a little ways away. Unfortunately, her capabilities diminish quickly with distance, but have been developed to be quite ether efficient in their most basic form.
Instead of writing the long overdue bio for my D&D character, I've gone ahead and made a potential member of Warband Leviathan.

Happy to be productive.

At 2am.

If this looks good, I can figure out her opinions of other Leviathan members later.
I am having the worst fucking day, guys. Like holy shit. Things just keep piling on. It's like I kicked the universe's dog and now it wants to shit on me in every conceivable way. :(

... Did you kick the dog?

I'm joking, of course. It sucks to hear that fate has conspired to make this day especially terrible. Might I recommend punching your way through it and spiting the universe by succeeding?
So... When do we all get to beat the crap out of a magic-overloaded, god-possessed, sanity-drained Viveca?
*Joys love at Pompoms*
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