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So...relatively new to RPing, but love to write in my spare time. Live on the East Coast of the U.S.,
work PT for the summer, and currently studying photography, but also have an interest in marine biology,
so we'll see where the cards fall...

Eh, my RP times are usually during the day, except for weekends because real life :/

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Just a warning, may be a long while until I can get a reply up.

I got some application papers to pass for me college so yeah.

No worries, I know how important that is :)
Im off today, so cheers!

I've had entirely too much time on my hands today, which is weird. But I've also been looking for a FT job until summer is over and I officially start at University.
@Dread as someone w/ shortass "boy hair", respect

also if you currently have no career goals definitely become a hairdresser because you can cut hair pretty dang well


Uh, thanks?
@Ghost Shadow I love your "crime noir" approach. Very classic investigator :)
Wow, this is a great thread to get to the community and there are so many beautiful ppl!

That being said, here's a recent bleh image of me after I tried to cut my own hair...

And then one I absolutely adore because my dad took it and I look awesome (after I had my hair styled by someone who knew what they were doing!)

the other swears by yoga.

For what it's worth, I approve this message! Yoga is actually pretty awesome considering you're put into the most extreme of positions that your body wasn't necessarily designed (or was it?) to do :D

This thread just made my day, so thanks :)

Frankie Cabrera

[ Fleetwood Subway Station ]
@Polaris North

Frankie snorted at his last comment, almost throwing herself off balance in the process. “Well, thankfully I was just kidding about that.” She giggled, continuing her routine as she just about folded her body in half, touched her toes, and held it there. “I mean, sure I might be limber and somewhat agile...” Her body rose up slowly as she inhaled deeply and then stood up straight again, a smirk showing across her face. “But does it look like I can pack much of a punch?” She laughed again. It was good to laugh, since she rarely had the opportunity to anymore. “But, I wasn’t tossed into this group for my combat prowess, that’s for damn sure.”

Once again, her attention swept over toward where the Brotherhood group was congregating, and not sure how she’d missed it, but the woman who was once inside the belly of that behemoth machine was now standing next to the empty shell. “Wow, so I’m not the only short chick here.” Frankie whispered with a grin, noticing quite a height difference in the female soldier, relative to the others around her. Even the battle armor suit seemed to tower over her like a looming sentinel. The girl had to admit that she felt a tad bit envious however, not so much because of the heavy gear the B-O-S personnel toted around with them, but the camaraderie. It was something that she’d missed terribly after being taken from her home and a community she adored, and if anything could be derived from being with a group of raiders for a period of time, it was there lack of fellowship and trust. If anything, they seemed to have no problem throttling someone in their sleep if it meant one less mouth to feed or a possibility they would be betrayed.

“Maybe it won’t be so bad...” Frankie sighed as she turned her attention back to the tall ghoul. She hated to think of him as such, considering even in the short amount of time they’d spoken, he seemed more lively than many other’s she’d come across over the years. With one last stretch of her neck muscles, she pulled up a small milk crate and plopped down, the plastic underneath cracking a bit under the abrupt pressure. “Take a seat if you want.” She finally said , sipping a bit of water from her canteen and pointing toward the empty wooden ammo crates across from her. She was, for the most part, surprised just how quickly she warmed up to Marvin, as she usually stays quiet around other strangers. But, maybe it was the fact that he was as much of an outcast -if not more- as she has been even though he has most likely lived five times over her own lifetime. Which reminded her…

“Ok, so I’m curious.” She finally built up the nerve to ask. “What’s your story? Like, where did you come from? And -if you don’t mind me asking- how old are you?” Her expression was a bit nervousness mixed with intrigue, if there was such a thing, but Frankie loved learning as it was the only way to understand the fallen world around her.
You might be joking but I love Tuesdays.

Well I love that you love Tuesdays.

With her back still turned to the Sol, Czigani frowned at the pleasantries flowing from the girl’s tongue, realizing just how much of an impression palace servants -no, slaves- had to make just to appease their royal masters. Sure, Solari was just satisfying her due diligence, yet like most of the servants even in Fotia, Czigani was not so much in agreement of them being tied down as they were to any master, being forced to play nice with everyone, and the such. In the Sol’s case, perhaps it was in her personality to be subservient, and to think less of herself and more about the needs of others. It was a commendable trait for certain, but the Tyro couldn’t help but think that such creatures are being taken advantage of far beyond what they’d ever expected. However, this wasn’t the time or place to rise up against such things, but to put her personal feelings aside for now and focus on recuperating, and so as the Fotian unlaced and slipped off her leggings, she then stepped up and into the hot bath, allowing her sore naked body to slowly sink into the welcoming water.

“Sh’ej’i...fv’aresc’k...” Closing her eyes, the young Tyro moaned in her native tongue as her body sank up to about her neck, and she sat, allowing the hot water to immediately relax away tension, and stiffness throughout her joints and muscles. She barely heard the soft footsteps of the servant girl as she sat at the edge of the bath and gently began examining the wound along the right side of her face, eliciting a slight wince from the patient as the bandages were slowly removed.

Czigani heard the other’s subtle gasp, but knowing just how terrible the wound really was, who could blame her? However, as she had mentioned to Solari moments earlier, the wound would eventually scar over -probably quicker once healing agents were introduced- but it would never fully disappear as many normal scars do over time. The poison that was coated on the edge of her opponent's blade was of Nayu origin, and its ability to prevent skin cells from fully restoring was one it’s most prized attributes, of which not even magic could counter. Czi had to count her blessings, however, because if it wasn’t for her own varying degrees of resistances against many types of diseases and poisons, it could have taken her life indefinitely.

“Oh, I think I could relax here for a very long time.” She responded to Solari’s comment, not realizing that the combination of fatigue, the hot bath, and the healer’s soothing voice, was causing the Tyro’s mind to drift in and out. “You have a-” The words barely escaped her lips as sleeps was coming sooner than later. “You have a nice touch…”
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