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Current Why hate myself when there are others who can do it for me?...
1 day ago
First day back to school! @.@
6 days ago
TMW you reach in the fridge for the milk and have an urge to hurl it across the kitchen.
24 days ago
Alright. Time to game and ignore all my responsibilities...
1 mo ago
It's Friday the 13th *somewhere*...



Discord: Dread#0575


So...I'm relatively new to online RPing, but I have been into tabletop RPs since I was a kid and I also love writing short fantasy stories. I'm an avid gamer and usually gravitate toward RPGs and some FPS. I'm a huge medieval fantasy nerd and always on the lookout for a good Dungeons & Dragons adventure. I'm currently a HS student, live on the East Coast of the U.S. and love photography!

Eh, my RP times are limited because of school and general RL :/

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Wow, this actually is a great thread to read, especially for someone like me who is only 2.5 months in since joining Guild, so thanks to @HaleyTheRandom for bringing up the topic. And clearly it's an opinionated one, lol.

But, while I may not be the best person to have an opinion on the different writing forums/subforums (and hopefully I'm not off base) I suppose through my point of view there has been a common denominator amongst most of them, and that is the failure of many good RPs to stay active. It's almost as though the GM comes up with a great idea, gathers enough interest, pours their soul into a killer story (and I've read some great story ideas so far), and generally spends a lot of time crafting a world that I (and many others) would love to play in. All the players initiate their IC posts, and then...there is nothing after that point. Or, the GM never started an opening post, despite the fact that there are players eagerly waiting with their characters to dive into the world.

Not that I'm picking on GMs per se, because I suspect the success/failures of RPs are generally equally distributed between GM & Players, but I also feel the GM is the one to "herd the cats" so to speak and get things back to normal.

In any case, I hope I didn't just derail from the main point, but I suppose this is what stuck out the most for me during my short time.
My regular online "tag" is Gaiden, namely after the game Fire Emblem Gaiden. I'm kind of a hyper nerd for the series, so if you ever need someone to nerdgasm over the series with I'm your gal. Just shoot me a message or something!

OMG, that's awesome. My bro and I used to play that on 3DS. It's actually quite fun, but you knew that already :)

Anyway, hi and welcome to the Guild. You sound like a great fit here!
Def gettin' my funk on in between morning classes...

After learning that the school's cafe finally has caramel macchiatos...

I have a thing about people looking over my shoulder at the computer as my parents did it as some form of torture when I was a child/growing up, and now I have a complex.

OMG...I hate that! And that is the exact situation I'm in while living at home as a HS student :/ It's like "Hey, I noticed your door was closed and headphones were on so no doubt you wanted to be uninterrupted, but just figured I'd come in and stare at your screen for awhile b/c I have nothing better to do..."

why school tomorrow
*gasp* I see a dragon priest mask in your avatar!, @Gordoth. You are already on the cool peeps list :D

Anyway, welcome to the Guild new fren!
Welcome to the Guild! Hopefully you'll find a good home here because RPing is why we're here essentially.

...except for THAT guy over there!

*points to the corner of the room*

He's only here for the cookies and folk music.

And I hate that moment when you kill a spider and it turns out it had babies and they scatter across the floor.

Oh no, that's def the worst. I've seen too many exploding spiders in Skyrim to not allow such a thing to occur in my bathroom! KILL IT! :D
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