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People are Strange, when you're a Stranger.
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Happy Friday! Now go forth and be awesome! <3
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No matter how great of a day you're having, there's always someone who wants to pee in your Mountain Dew :/
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Where's the "Don't Stop Trying" button in status when you need it? O.o
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Why do protein bars have to taste like freshly churned dirt?


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I work as a substitute teacher. I love it when a class decides they are going to have a little "fun" with the sub. I am old and know how to turn that table over pretty damn quick.

“Ah yes...” The young man popped the last bit of the buttered sweetroll into his mouth. “Another beautiful evening in the ol’ Leaping Lamb.” His words came out rather mumbled, but it mattered very little considering he was the only one at the small corner table. Besides, when there was no other company, speaking to yourself was perfectly normal, at least by his standards. Grabbing the mug of spiced ale, he leaned back in the creaky wooden chair and kicked up his leather booted feet onto the edge of the table as though he didn't have a care in the world. Moments later, he did, however find himself with burning ears, as the slightly out of reach conversation at the table a few feet from his had something of interest within it’s context.

Tawalai Island.

Now there's a place he hadn't returned since first venturing out with the crew of the [i]Wave Skimmer[i] many years back. Its beautiful, white sandy beaches, cool seabreezes, and luscious green flora were something almost out of a dream. However, there was also a strange darkness that loomed over such beauty that didn't sit right with the boy, even while he was there. Regardless, it seemed the young blonde woman closest to him took an interest in the island and something a “mission" that would send her to that place? This was almost too easy now, considering his ship would be heading out in that direction the next morning out the way to supply drops and war relief for neighboring islands.

Of course, by time his ears picked up on just about all that was needed to be heard, the poor young man -so lost on eavesdropping- failed to noticed as the chair began falling backwards, and inevitably with it, its occupant.

“Whoa!” Aric exclaimed as he tried to counterbalance, but it was too late. While his body collapsed in one direction, his partially full mug of ale went flying in the other, unfortunately straight toward the table where the two companions sat, soaring past the girl and landing in front of the other, the remaining contents splashing over his face and chest.

Aric did his best to scramble to his feet, unaware that his mug of ale had hit anyone, as he tried turned the chair right-side-up in attempt to at least save face from such a folly. However, his eyes quickly latched onto the fact that the one at the other table was wearing the boy’s drink, and yet not enough words could really describe the shocked expression on the young man’s face. None, except for one word.

“Sorry?” Aric said with a sheepish smile, realizing this was probably a terrible first impression.
It's lunch time!

Oops! No one was here so I grabbed the empty throne
Welcome to the Guild, @NoNamedotEXE!


...exsqueeze me.

Oh, and as for a factoid...

I found a copy of a 2005 D&D movie on YT that I wished I had not watched last night because it was horrible in almost every sense of the word. I think the Rogue was like the only entertaining aspect :/
5th is a much more streamlined game, which allows the pace to be faster, and it's great for noobs as well. Def worth a look :)
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