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Experiencing that feeling when absolutely no game is satisfying to play and all you do is watch videos on youtube and streams on twitch -.- I feel so unproductive.
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Revising the wonders of a horribly inefficient murderer with a horribly inefficient weapon.
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That feeling when Fallout 4 pre-load :3 3 days!


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Elliot gasped for air. The last few moments had completely escaped his memory as the winded young man desperately tried to recover his breath. He remembered being in the forest near a glowing obelisk. He remembered desperately reaching for it in hopes to harness the powers he thought it held just for a short while to remove the attackers in their metal beasts. Suddenly, he found himself laying softly against an injured griffin near the girl.

Why did she have a shocked expression on her face?

He dazedly turned his attention toward the direction his body faced. Who was that angry looking man?

Elliot attempted to stand and found himself on his hands and knees coughing and gasping. All the strength had been taken out of his legs. He glanced back up at the man and they made eye contact. The deadly promise in his eyes caused a level of terror Elliot had no idea existed to rise up in his heart. That was not a man. It was a monster. Something more fearsome than any of the fiends he had witnessed on this island. The monster disappeared in a whirlwind and Elliot relaxed.

Then the memory of what just happened came back to him. The mocking statement. Being thrown at an incomprehensible speed. Knocking away the fiends. If he had landed on anything other than the griffin he imagined the terrifying consequences and shuddered. Finally he took in a deep sweet breath of air.

Adrenaline settled down for the time being and Elliot's entire back rang out in pain. He clenched his teeth and growled in pain. He was not surprised that he blacked out when he was thrown. "That's the 'god' you so worship?" He shot a hurt glare at the girl. "By the Fates I could not imagine a more terrifying experience than that."

He slowly rose to his feet and hobbled back to the pool where the obelisk once was. It took all of his efforts to avoid tearing up from the pain although his face was an unrestrained grimace. He sat down by the water and started to splash his face to cool down. He had to figure out the history of this island and only then could he make a decision on how to act from here on out.
Hip and Trendy is right! Haha! I love it though. It's fun to see how character's actions in other parts of the world impact the world for the other players. Not to mention the times when characters cross paths again make for interesting new interactions as they grow and advance in their environment.

It does put a lot of work on our almighty GM @Mokley to have basically a 1-1-1-1-1 going on. Thanks for putting up with our craziness all this time as players! We've made some incredible stories over these last few years!
"...I won't be long, I promise". Golde kissed Ifor's forehead, then she stood up and approached the creepy windmill.

Famous last words?

Haha! Probably not, since in my experience Mokley would rather put us through the wringer, but that was went through my head when I read that. Looks like we are all going to be on our own for now. It seems like this is a trend for Lantern at least (although I've noticed it in others).
I wonder just how screwed Elliot is after this. Seriously excited to see the consequences of this.
As the sounds of combat clattered around him, Elliot laid his hands upon the obelisk. Heart pounding, he prayed that he could replicate the storm he brought up before. As the children fought with their griffins against the machines he began to realize both sides were only focused on each other. They had such a focus that it was almost as if he was not a factor, simply a bystander to this battle. He realized too late he had acted against his own better judgement.

The last time he acted under fearsome circumstances such as this someone died, and he regretted it ever since. Would he regret this? It was clear they were at war by how fiercely they fought each other. He had no information. No context as to why they were fighting. The children did not seem to be bad people, however the riders of the machines likely were decent people as well. Who was he, an outsider, to interfere in a war he knew nothing about?

And yet here he was...

Elliot realized there was no wind although the light grew brighter and brighter. Soon it embraced all around it. Even with his eyes closed he thought he may go blind. Eventually the light dimmed and Elliot reopened his eyes. He blinked a few times as he noticed his hands rested on the breastplate of a scowling man. Confusion came first as Elliot pulled away. What had just happened? Who was this? Why was he there?

Was he the god that the girl had mentioned?

Then Elliot heard a shriek and glanced around to figure out what had happened. The machines had been dealt with by the children's powers. Whatever transformation they had undergone could only be described as incredible. However he quickly noticed the fiends had come out en-mass and were now swarming a trapped griffin. The girl raced desperately to rescue it. Even with her transformation, Elliot had a hard time believing she could succeed.

What could he do?

His experience and success fighting was more luck driven than skill. Even if he had been talented charging into a mass of fiends like that could only be considered suicide even with blood that can harm those creatures. What malice could create such fiends anyways? He then looked back upon the man before him. His one good option.

"Sir," Elliot's words felt heavy. Important. He knew the next words he said would change his life forever. "Forgive me for disturbing you. If you are who I understand you to be, then your worshiper has grave need of your assistance." He pointed in the direction of the girl and griffin. "I, Elliot Allard the Last, will accept whatever punishment you have in mind for me for disturbing you. Please aid the young miss. That is all I ask."

He could not imagine a better way to approach this. If this were in fact the Wind God the girl mentioned then what could he do to avoid retribution? Elliot was just a mortal. The Fates would decide now how this turned out. The least he could do was to accept responsibility for his error and correct it with a call for assistance. He could only pray the Fates would be kind to him.
Always full of surprises @Mokley! This is going to take a bit for me to come up with a response to this.
You aren't alone. @Eodwyn Aether
@Virgil I got nothing until Mokley puts something up. Elliot's action too directly involves the NPCs for me to have much else to contribute until then.
@baraquiel Well here's a preemptive congrats on graduation!
Alrighty I have made my edits and we shall have to see the consequences of that edit! I'm pretty excited about the results.
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