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Experiencing that feeling when absolutely no game is satisfying to play and all you do is watch videos on youtube and streams on twitch -.- I feel so unproductive.
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Revising the wonders of a horribly inefficient murderer with a horribly inefficient weapon.
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That feeling when Fallout 4 pre-load :3 3 days!


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@Noodles A good suggestion for you would be to gauge your CS by looking at our CS's. It'll be a good way for you to get a feel for how to build your character and get something more fleshed out. Cool concept though!
@Lotrix Molick Ouch, I've been through that. That's a hard situation no matter what. We're here for you if you need some support.
Nyph stared at Dremmick as he fell unconscious. He then turned his gaze toward Aeden. Looked back at the unconscious man. Finally landing his gaze upon Nailah who had followed after them. He then started to giggle almost uncontrollably. ”He called you ‘high and mighty’, Aeden!” He rolled over onto his side. ”’High and mighty!’ They don’t even know you and they already think you believe you’re better than everyone else!”

Aeden’s face turned pink with embarrassment. After eighteen years of being teased by Nyph he hoped that he would have been able to deal with anything thrown at him at this point, but the damn pseudodragon still found weak points here and there. He could handle strangers making snap judgements of his character, but when a comrade like Nyph started to poke fun at it like this it became a struggle to maintain composure.

”Eighteen years,” Aeden slowly stated with some effort and a chuckle. ”Eighteen years and you still get me good, Nyph.”

Nyph caught his breath and rolled over onto his feet. ”Oh that was great! We needed that. Too much time on the road really wears you down, Aeden!”

Aeden smiled and chuckled a bit more. ”I guess it’s to be expected.”

He already knew he would be risking a lot just coming here. He had no expectations that his presence would be appreciated. Then his smile turned into a full grin. ”I’ll have to do better for next time.”

He considered the unconscious Dremmick as Nailah poked him like a cat does with a dead mouse. He would have preferred hearing the man’s name from the man himself. The wounds he carried were incredible. Aeden felt a strong urge to get to work healing the man as he was confident his power to heal was certainly up among the best. Even so, he wanted to respect the wishes of Dremmick to not be healed, even if the comment was more made to be an insult directed towards him.

”How is he still alive with all these wounds?” At this point Lynn arrived with Allard with their own questions and comments. Lynn used water magic to lift his body and shortly after a tail flopped out. It was certainly puzzling to hide such a thing, but Aeden really did not know how to react to it. On one hand he did not exactly trust the blood mage, and this only added to that distrust. On the other hand he imagined he may actually have a good reason to do so. Plenty of the slaves he helped become free made great effort to hide their identity and change who they were, so it was not a particularly unusual sight for him.

Some of this Alliance seemed to be a reasonable sort, but the variety of personalities would make things difficult. Who could he trust? Who would he have to be careful of? He felt Nailah was one he would have to be wary of. He was sure she would not seek to harm him directly, but her actions seemed to him as someone that could care less about anyone but her own interests. Lynn and Allard seemed to have good heads on their shoulders. Dremmick, well, he had no idea what to think of Dremmick. How many others were there? What were they like? Allard already mentioned another healer by the name Ami.

Nyph hovered above them as they slowly transitioned toward the inn. He said nothing as he watched the group with intense interest.
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I totally understand that. Definitely a brutal schedule! Things always seem to slow down during the holiday season on this site anyway. Something about people having lives or something.
Aeden raised his brow at the noble. ”Friend is too strong a word, but I can say for sure his actions are unlike that of a Therosi blood mage. So not an enemy is far more appropriate.”

He took a breath as the noble suggested he keep the blood mage in check. ”Right.” He sounded somewhat defeated as he wondered exactly what he had gotten himself into. Strangers that casually assault strangers with affection that may or may not be wanted. Blood mages that acted completely different from what blood mages should. This Alliance made for strange bedfellows.

As the noble entered the Taxi HQ, Aeden faced the blood mage. ”You’re an interesting one. I’ve never seen a blood mage stop himself while in a frenzy.” Aeden paused for effect. “I will make one thing clear: I hate blood magic. I hate it because I hate the Therosi. I do not believe you are Therosi. At least not anymore.” Aeden grit his teeth at the thought and then relaxed. ”I am Aeden Demavend, Aion Knight, now let us get you someplace you can rest so I can heal you.”

Aeden gestured to Nyph who was soaring above keeping a watch over the fight. The pseudodragon landed a few steps away with a gentle woosh. Nyph tilted his head curiously as Aeden. ”I’ve never seen you do this before! Have I been rubbing off on you after all these years?”

Nyph sounded way more pleased than ever before, and Aeden just rolled his eyes.

Aeden's attention eventually shifted to the pair in an embrace. As Lynn introduced herself he could tell they were strangers. He crossed his arms as eventually Nailah turned her attention away from Lynn and let go. He smiled briefly at Nailah's compliment, but his expression returned to neutral fairly quickly as he noticed from the defensive posture of Lynn that Nailah's embrace may very well have been an assault. He could tell that at the very least she was unused to such aggressive physical affection. His eyes settled on Lynn with a calm expression. He did not owe her anything, but few things in this world were as unforgivable as unwanted sexual assault.

"Are you alright?" Having been forced by the Therosi to breed with other races, Aeden had great empathy for such reactions. He imagined she would respond in the positive as it seemed no harm had been done, however one could never assume, and so a confirmation would clear everything up. In the instance she is not alright he would see about getting an appropriate apology from Nailah.

Nyph plodded up to Nailah and looked up at her. "You seem really friendly, Nailah! Do you hug all strangers like that?" He finished his question with a curious head tilt.

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I think I will be pulling out of this one. I only really have enough time for one RP at a time and I found one that works swell. Thanks!
”Boss,” Aeden heard Nyph’s energetic and slightly pleased voice.”Something is wrong!”

Aeden’s companion landed next to him and kept pace with him on the road. They had been traveling some time after accepting the call to meet and work with the Alliance. This was the farthest east they had ever been. Overall, the trip had been fairly smooth with the worst thing being travel and the occasional evasion of risky-looking caravans. Hearing those three words from Nyph really worried him now that they were minutes from Pearl.

Aeden frowned as he looked down the road to the city in the horizon. ”What did you see?”

”Plants!” Nyph jumped into the air and flew ahead some short distance. His constantly cheerful tone always conflicted with the severity of most situations. ”Scary plants! Not normal plants! They’re attacking the city!”

Aeden cursed under his breath. He was already later than he wanted to be and now that the city was under an attack he found himself running toward the city. He could only imagine the reaction of the city folks to a full-blooded Seraphim coming to their aid. Well, he did respond to the request, so it was likely some would be expecting him.

At the pace he could keep up, Aeden made the rest of the trip fairly quickly. He halted at the outskirts of Pearl to witness an incredible overgrowth taking over portions of the city. If thousands of years had passed with no one maintaining the city this was how he pictured it would look. He knew that this must have happened recently because some of the vines were still growing and rapidly.

”Damnit,” Aeden drew his sword and dashed toward the closest vine to chop into it. ”What have I gotten myself into?"

”Good hit!” Nyph soared overhead to act as his usual role as a cheery scout. ”Whoa! It looks like we have a lot of work ahead of us! Oooo there’s a lot of blood!”

As the huge plant tendril slid limply down down the wall of the building Aeden checked his blade and clicked his tongue. He sliced through the overgrowth as he called out to Nyph. ”Give me directions, Nyph.”

”Yep!" The pseudodragon cheerfully replied. ”Looks like they fought a tough one! Once you cut through that one there’s a road! Oh! I see a group of a few people! And a dragon! They don’t look like they’re fighting. They’re hugging!”

Aeden sighed as he sliced through some writhing plants and stepped onto the road. He saw a lot of blood and the corpse of a massive plant creature. He stepped up to the scene and noticed the tell tale signs of blood magic. Other magic traces including the plants themselves nearly obscured the traces, but he could never forget what he went through when he was a slave of the Therosi. He could never forget the rituals and what the traces looked like, especially with his Divine Sight. He wanted to be able to differentiate other types of magic, but he just had not been able to train it.

He had other jobs to do than chase down a wounded blood mage. He knew just how dangerous they could be, and he was not prepared for such a hunt. Aeden looked up at Nyph who was soaring above. ”Nyph, where is the group?”

”This way!"

Aeden followed Nyph to another part of the city not far from the corpse of the forest beast.

”See! I found them! A dragon and hugging people and there are others! Wait… The dragon isn’t there anymore! There are a couple missing too." If Nyph didn’t sound so excited all the time he would have come across as disappointed.

Aeden sheathed his sword as he could see things were beginning to settle down. ”Thanks, Nyph. Great work.” His eyes settled on the center of the small group. ”It seems I’ve missed quite a lot. My name is Aeden Demavend, and I am here in response to the quest. Who is in charge here?”

Nyph landed next to Aeden with a soft thud. ”I’m Nyph!” Nyph spotted the dragon flying above the city. ”Oh wow! That’s where the big guy flew off to!”
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@Guy0fV4lor Most definitely a fan. I started reading about 100 chapters before the second season started and I've never looked back.

@Verticus@Jollan@13org Thanks for the welcome, looking forward to getting my first post in.

@Rai Roger that!
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