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Current Rocking out to Within Temptation Pandora Station and writing my novel.
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Experiencing that feeling when absolutely no game is satisfying to play and all you do is watch videos on youtube and streams on twitch -.- I feel so unproductive.
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Revising the wonders of a horribly inefficient murderer with a horribly inefficient weapon.
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That feeling when Fallout 4 pre-load :3 3 days!


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Arthur had not expected to see the monster he saw. He had seen some scary monsters, but this one was particularly so. The monster then spoke, and Arthur was surprised to understand some of what it said.

"Argoo gala? Has supper finished?"

He took a deep breath to calm his pounding heart. "Going to the library first. Can you press the button for me?"

Beneath the blanket and pillows he could feel himself shaking like a leaf. He had no idea if the monster would help. He had no idea if the library would open before the room he wanted to go to. If their choice came first he would certainly make a run for it, and he hoped that Riley would follow after.
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"How lovely! What a quaint little place. All this talk of light and hope has made me remember something I've forgotten to tell you: Shadow has got himself a new champion, one who will crush you and your precious dragon. And now I have something to tell him: there is a place still bathed in sunlight, that is ripe to be plunged into darkness. I'm sure he'll be thrilled to hear it."

Anise closed her eyes as she listened to the Lady of Stone's response. So she had become just as twisted as the Lord of Shadow. She had been prepared for such a tragedy, so this reaction did not upset her too much. However, now the stakes just got greater. Again, the Lady of Stone had another opportunity to kill her and once again the Lady simply gloated at her. She could not understand why that was the case. The Lord of Shadow and the Lady of Stone had all of this power and the both of them barely even tried to stop her. Their apparent inaction perplexed her.

Anise had no need for a champion. She was the champion of her own cause. Somehow, they did. Curiosity did peak in regards to who it could be. She had met a few people from sun-touched lands like herself at this point. It could be any number of them.

She heard Peck digging away with a shovel above her, and she looked up as soon as a beam of moonlight peeked through a freshly made hole. Bits of dirt fell to the ground before her. She could hear him shouting, but the roar of the Dragon drowned out his voice. The sword flared every time the Dragon roared, and Anise watched it as it flashed each time.

Could this sword be the Sun? It would make sense for the Lady of Light to be the one to secure the Sun. Maybe once she had been slain the Lady of Stone created that casket to seal her away and hide the sun with her. The only way she could know is if she presented the sword to the Dragon, and she had planned to approach the Dragon anyways now that she had Light and Water. A purification of light and water was needed to cleanse the corruption that the Lord of Shadow had allowed to settle on the Dragon’s bones.

Anise then looked at the moonlight. Light. Could she use it to travel? She connected herself with the beam of light and focused on the space above her where more light touched. She imagined herself being carried by the light until she stood right next to Peck.
Given the social motivation of the current roster, it was probably a very quiet boat anyway. xD

I know after some time (no more than a couple weeks) Elliot would start to speak with a few people he thought were either interesting or he would understand best. So, he'd probably relate to some of the quieter people and eventually communicate with them and be friendly.
Arthur blinked with surprise as Riley rolled her eyes at him. What was wrong with his idea? When it came to hiding he was great at finding new and creative ways to hide. The skill he had most confidence in was hiding. He could not contain his confusion and bewilderment. In this world of monsters and people-turned-animals he was certain he could hide well once he learned about the space well enough.

He watched her climb into the pile of pillows with clear reluctance and nodded with a smile as she did. Without many options he was not surprised and still somewhat pleased with his quick thinking. She mumbled something after entering the pile, but at this point Arthur had refocused his attention to the door. He swallowed nervously as he felt the elevator coming to a stop.
Going to be interesting to have a couple varieties of the strong silent type of character.

I decided to go with the historian. I have a good feeling about this guy.

An absolute panic rose up through all of Arthur's body when the elevator started moving. Then he heard Riley ask if he had any ideas. He scanned the elevator quickly. Looking at the pile of pillows and the blanket. Suddenly, an idea came to mind.

"How about we pretend to be a monster?" Arthur suggested and then grabbed the blanket and covered the pile of pillows with it.

He lifted the blanket and climbed into the pile of pillows. After readjusting himself he wrapped a part of the blanket around his head so only his face could be seen through the pillows and blanket. He imagined he looked fairly intimidating being so "large" in the pile wrapped in the shawl of the blanket.

"This place is full of monsters, right?" He asked. "So if we're a monster they'll ignore us. Come on! Get in!"

He felt pretty proud of his idea.
I've decided I will not be rebooting the Princess of Riverforde Anise Sinclair, and I shall be making an entirely new character. I'm stuck between a young historian who's best skill is actually more along the lines of a PI and a genius and seasoned surgeon obsessed with avoiding death at all costs.

Leaning towards the investigative historian.
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Anise smiled and blushed as Peck wrapped a blanket around her. She truly appreciated everything he had done for her since they first met. Everyone that had helped her until this point she felt gratitude for. She promised herself to pay that assistance back threefold.

Suddenly, the earth swallowed her whole. She should have expected this reaction from the Lady of Stone. Their introduction began with the Lady trying to bury her alive. Even so, the experience of falling was startling. The landing was soft in spite of landing on the earth. The darkness was not so bad especially with the Sword of Light in her hands.

"I have no interest in trees and blood and kings."

The Lady of Stone moved like a shadow on the walls, a ripple of a figure that paced around Anise. "Look around you. Shadow and I understand one another. The cold and the dark and the barren suit me. I'll drink up the blood that's spilled. I'll swallow the buried dead. I'll swallow you." There was a grin in her voice.

Anise watched as the Lady paced around her. She now understood. She could only imagine how living so long in the darkness could create an appreciation for it. She approached the Lady and placed a warm hand onto her shoulder.

"Have you forgotten?" Anise asked softly. "Have you forgotten what it was like to feel the warmth of the sun? The beauty of life? The earth I know is a warm place full of life. The earth works together with the trees, water, fire, air, light, and darkness to create a beautiful world." Anise closed her eyes and brought forth the image of her world in her mind.

Using the light of the sword and the image she conjured in her mind, Anise unconsciously created a shimmering image behind her of her the Kingdom of Riverforde. The image of the sun in the sky. The warm earth. The plants and trees growing off the gifts of the earth and the old dying trees returning to the soil from whence they came. People being born, living off the land, and dying only to return to the land. Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Trees, Light, and Darkness all worked together in cycles and unison.

"I'm sure this is why the Dragon brought myself and other Sun Children here," Anise reopened her eyes. "I'm sure this land used to flourish just like mine. We can make that a reality again. How would you like that?"

She enveloped the entire space with light and warmth. Healing and soothing. "Remember how relaxing a sun-baked stone feels? Isn't it nice?"
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