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Revising the wonders of a horribly inefficient murderer with a horribly inefficient weapon.
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At the sound of festivities outside of his room, Kallen stood up with the bottle of wine in his hand. "Let us take this outside and join the fun. It'll be good to destress for the both of you I imagine."

Allanon glanced at Chihiro to see what her reaction was to this. He did not have much interest himself in celebration. He felt he did not deserve such joy until his task was complete. While he would take the opportunity to rest, and take up Kallen's offer to pay for food, Allanon wanted to get planning his next moves. Now was not the time to celebrate. He felt certain that the Soul of Krogan would be used for nefarious and selfish means, and whatever it was it would spell danger for everyone. What needed to be done was making a plan.

Allanon leaned over towards Chihiro. "While I agree we should take a moment to rest. We should come up with a plan for what is to come. It has been a while since I've worked with a team, and I imagine we will need to work together for the foreseeable future."
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Allanon watched as the torch was light to signal the loss of Kallan life. He wondered just what kind of a reaction this would create. He had seen many reactions to the loss of loved ones, and each of them spelled out to him just what kind of people they were. He looked over cautiously to the strange mage that appeared back at the bandit's camp shortly after the defeat of the bandits and Calabris ambassador. Something about the man gave him a bad feeling. Maybe it was just the timing.

Kallen spent the entire trip to Kalla considering his approach toward Allanon. Before him laid an opportunity that he simply could not let rest for long, but he had to make sure his approach was not too offensive lest he completely destroy a chance for a powerful ally. Finally, as Kalla came into view, he walked next to Allanon.

"Sir Allanon," Kallen said. "I am Kallen. I would like to speak with you if you have the time after we make it into town. I have a room at Allard's inn. It's the third one on the right." With that Kallen stepped away from Allanon whom was now glowering at him dubiously.

Allanon was now extremely suspicious of Kallen. Not only did he know his name, but he called him "Sir". The only people that ever called him "Sir" were either ignorant of who he was and being respectful, or a member of the Calabris family from the time he was their debt slave. Seeing as Kallen knew who Allanon was the later was the only possibility. What should he do? Kill him? Meet with him? Allanon first looked over to Kistal who was taking care of Nix, and then Chihiro whom was with Hilde.

After some debate he stepped up to Chihiro. "Chihiro, I was just approached by Kallen, the strange mage that appeared after the fight. He knows who I am, and asked me to speak with him at his room in the inn. I think I will go, but I think he's a Calabris family member, and if that's true I don't want to be alone just in case trouble happens. Would you mind coming along with me?"


After stepping away from Allanon, Kallen made his way to the inn. His use of magic while limited was still tiring. He imagined Allanon would want to take some time to consider before visiting, and this meant he would have some time to rest a little. He could also prepare himself for what would likely be a difficult conversation. He was fully aware of how suspicious he sounded when he approached Allanon and simply left him after the fact. He could not think of a less awkward approach, so he figured it would be best for him to make the decisively awkward approach.

He ordered himself a nice warm meal, and a bottle of wine, and he then retired to his room where he pulled some books to peruse from his chest that had been waiting patiently in his room.
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"Incredible?" Kallen mused. "That was just a creative application of a simple Shape Change spell. If we continue to travel together for some time you see some truly incredible works of magic."

While his specialty was countering and canceling other magic which only rarely had a visual effect, his Control Magic almost always had a strong visual appeal.

He cleared his throat. "Anyways, I'm glad to be of some use." While he was utterly disappointed in his initial reason for being here being all for naught, Kallen was glad that he found potential tools to further his own ends. Of course he would treat them all well and with respect. That was almost always the best option to take. He disliked domineering over others like his Calabris and Peregris family members did, not to mention the other branch families. It was inefficient, and he viewed the works of magic in effort to make puppets of others a foolish initiative. Even with the successes of such magic.

As he followed the group back to Kalla, Kallen puzzled over the idea of unraveling the puppetry magic with his own counterspell. It would take some effort and creative application, but it was possible. He would need to study further the theory of dispelling magic. He was fairly certain he had some tomes on the theory in Chest back at the inn.


"I-I need to think about it," Irene responded. She seemed to be out of focus.

"No hurry," Allanon smiled. "You need rest before anything else. Hopefully, you can get all the rest you need with the life you will have ahead of you in Kalla. Good people here. I'll be in Kalla for a couple days, so you'll have some time."

With that Allanon stepped away from Irene, and he walked with the caravan in silence. He had succeeded in his mission to rescue the captured victims of the Calabris operation. He had fought to defeat a powerful foe. Even with these victories, he felt as if something bigger had been lost when the Soul of Krogan was taken. He had a bad feeling about the future that could come from it.
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A few moments passed and Listener felt nothing. Then it hit her like a bolt of lightning. The new influx of noise was a new experience that she could not describe. She heard the whispers and they sent chills down her spine. She could not make sense of them, but there was no way she would forget them and how they sounded. Then the revving of the engine tore into her eardrums, and she yelped in pain. It was much like the noise that Archer made, although in hindsight she was amazed that she didn't yelp in pain then.

What on earth had Archer said? What was that whispering? What did she take? "Uuuuu... I regret taking that. Ow."

Listener covered her ears as her own voice was too loud for her to handle. She wished she could wipe away the several tears of pain now rolling down her face. "It's okay... I'll get used to it. It can't be permanent. It'll stop. I'll be able to see again."

Even while covering her ears the sound of her voice echoing in her head was almost too much. Listener decided it would be a good idea for her to just stop talking for a while. She knew just how difficult a task this would be... she hated the silent game. Her next question though was what was she going to do next? She hated doing nothing. She couldn't do much all alone though, even with her freshly enhanced senses.

She decided to wait for now as she paid attention to Fluke. Considering his track record, he probably would not be interested in babysitting her, and that was fine by her, but she hoped he would at least hang around long enough for her eyesight to recover. She could already see shapes and blurs. Only a few more minutes and her sight would be back, right? After that her only concern would be how long would this... senses enhancer would last.

After some thought, Listener decided to make her way to Cedar and Iris. The energy she had coursing through her veins would not let her stand there and wait. She held back the urge to ramble about how she felt still worried about the consequences of talking out loud. Staying silent with her own thoughts would definitely become too much of a challenge for her, she knew that much.

Thanks to Cedar's voice and the continual talking it was not all that hard to her to find her way to them.

"Hey," Listener alerted them as she approached wincing at her own voice. "I, uh, I have like super hearing. Ow. I, ow, I hope I can be, like, helpful to you guys. I don't think Fluke is going to be all that nice to me as much as I'm nice to him. Ow. I think my eyesight might come back. Ow. It has slowly been getting better." She winced again before whispering. "Slowly."
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Kallen frowned at Bidzil's lack of understanding. How could he be any more clear than "enemy of humankind"? Was the kid just naive? From what Kallen could tell they weren't too far apart in age. He decided it was not worth the effort to chase after and confront his ignorance. He scanned the area to see what he could do now that he had presented himself. Something that would put him in a favorable view with the people here. He noticed there was only one seriously injured, and many of the recently freed were fairly exhausted.

He recognized the one dead non-bandit as the Chief of Kalla. It should not be too hard to make a stretcher or sled to lay him on. The injured girl he saw Bidzil approaching looked to need a stretcher or sled as well.

Kallen stepped up to the warped archer tower he made his entrance from and placed his hand on it. "There should be more than enough material here." He took a breath before be began to chant another shape change spell.

"Shape and warp. Bend and fold. Change your form." As he felt his mana flow through him he willed the tower to change its form into a pair of sleds. The process took a solid minute as the wood creaked and groaned. He was not too worried about his mana limits, but the process of transforming the tower to such a different form and then splitting it into two of them took a while. He was fairly efficient with his mana control anyways. He had to be with how much of a toll his Eye took on him when he used it.

Once Kallen recovered from his casting he approached Bidzil who was working on a stretcher, and Kallen placed a hand on his shoulder to get his attention. He pointed a thumb toward the sleds. "Help me with these. Sleds are easier to move people with in the sand anyways than a stretcher like that."


Allanon listened quietly to Irene's response nodding occasionally. She was of an age she could make intelligent decisions for herself. "Very wise. I recommend you give yourself a new name with this new life. Just in case. While I doubt the Calabris will spend the resources to capture you a second time it doesn't hurt to be safe. I will deliver for you any message you want to give to your father when we get back to Kalla."

If he was not committed to the promise he made his wife, Allanon would probably have moved to Kalla all those years ago. However, Portea needed someone capable of fighting and breaking Calabris operations. He had been a meticulous thorn in their side ever since they retired him and the other Ironblades. As long as they still existed in the form they did his efforts to make the world a brighter place would be thwarted.

He was confident he would die before he could do enough to remove the threat of the Calabris family, but that did not stop him from making every single effort he could to set a foundation for their removal.
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