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apparently photobucket quit hosting my hotlinks so all my earliest posts look like trash now haha boo
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Day off wooooo!
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Still currently insanely busy IRL, but it should calm down soon!
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May is the month of insanity. Thank god it's nearly over. I'll catch up! Soon! Hopefully!


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@Jade113@LordofthePies@Tenma Tendo

If you think your character might have a light of some kind, go for it! Also feel free to make up drawings that you might see on the wall. :3
Sunny watched, quiet, while Aro's rigid posture relaxed -- while she looked outside of herself for what must've been the first time in a long time -- while her expression shifted from sour to (very slightly) hopeful. Something terrible must've had hold of her mind, to have trapped her more completely than this cave ever could. Maybe now that a light was here to shine on it, it wouldn't be so frightening. Sunny offered a heartened smile. "Good to meet ya, Aro!"

A shadow blocked the sunlight, and Sunny tipped back her head and laughed to see Nyte -- with Laphi curled in her arms -- floating gently down toward them. Sunny laid an arm across Aro's shoulders and stepped back with her, to allow her comrades room to land.

"Aro! This is Nyte and Laphi!" she announced as Nyte's armored feet touched the grass; her arm had never left Aro's shoulders. "Laphi, Nyte! Aro's gonna come exploring with us! Look at this!" She raised the lantern again, waving it at the glimmering ceiling and the drawings on the wall. "There've got to be some old secrets or relics down here! C'mon!"

Finally releasing Aro, Sunny led the way slowly down the precarious spiraling stairway. From the stairs it was clear that the grassy island had nothing to support it, but was only floating steadily at the center of nothing at all. The stairs themselves were slightly crumbled, and though they were wide there was no banister to prevent an imbalanced explorer from toppling into the dark below.

Sunny didn't notice the flash and blink of dim white lights in the distance -- like big eyes that had seen them and turned away.

The floor wasn't terribly far, and soon Sunny walked forward onto the stone bottom of the cavern, and waited there for the others to make their way down, craning her neck to see what there was to be seen. "Who do you think drew those pictures and built the stairs?" she said quietly; their voices echoed ominously in the dark.
@Tenma Tendo I love that!! :D The Fool is excellent representation of Sunny, in so many ways.
Sunny grinned up at the stranger, took the proffered hand and hopped to her feet. "Thanks! I'm Sunny, by the way. Up there are Laphicet and Nyte. We're a vagrant coterie -- currently without a name, but we'll decide on one soon. Are you all right?" Sunny peered through the gloom at Aro's face, which to her seemed twisted in pain and misery. The vagrant offered a comforting smile. "Sorry for dropping in on you. The woods don't seem to like visitors much. Hopefully we're not about to be eaten or something." She laughed, and finally let go of Aro's hand to explore the perimeter of their grassy island while they waited for Laphi and Nyte to rescue them.

After a few moments, Sunny dropped to her knees and craned her head over the edge to peer down into the deep, deep dark. When nothing revealed itself, she sat down, unhooked an oil lantern from her backpack (both of which she'd brought from the walking-house) and lit it with a flint spark. Firelight soon cast a flickering illumination on Sunny's and Aro's faces. Sunny grinned up at Aro and brought the lantern to the edge again.

She looked up, and gasped.

The lantern-light cast a bright starry sky of reflections in the cavern ceiling -- like diamonds gleaming in the rock above.

The nearest wall only barely caught the light of the flame, but Sunny could make out very old finger-paintings of human figures ... and what appeared to be enormous animal-gods towering over them, with lines of sunlight streaming from above, marked by ancient orange paint.

Sunny's foot caught on the edge of something; she looked down to see a weathered stone staircase spiraling down from the grassy island.

"Guys?" she called up to her friends -- to Laphi, who she knew would hear her. "Change of plan. You might want to come down here! This place is really old! I think this is where we're supposed to go!" She spun around, raising the light to Aro's face, and grinned. "There's something we're looking for that might be in this cave -- something with runes, we think. Hope you don't mind waiting a little for that rescue -- why don't you come exploring with us?"
From their position, Sunny could only hear the vague sound of a voice echoing up out of the crevice -- but luckily Laphi was there to hear and translate.

Sunny waited a beat, her eyebrows raised while she returned Laphi's gaze. She could see that he was hesitant to move unless someone else took the lead -- of course, he'd never really been given the chance to make his own decisions before, had he? She gave him a soft grin. "Think we should go help?" she asked, encouraging. Sunny looked up to Nyte as well, her smile a little sharper, before she headed through the brush directly for the crack in the ground.

"How'd you get down there?" Sunny knelt at the edge and looked down, her hair hanging in thick locks around her curious face. All she could see was a figure sprawled in the grass far below. ...Wait. Grass? Underground? "Don't worry, just don't move! We'll get you out!" She hopped to her feet and turned to her comrades with a confident smile. "Nyte, Laphi, did you find --"

Sunny never finished her sentence -- an angry tree root had suddenly struck up out of the ground, grabbed her around the ankles and flung her sprawling over the edge and into the dark crevice. The coterie captain hadn't time to realize what was happening before she was plummeting down between walls of stone, wind rushing past her ears, light and warmth fading. She landed hard on top of Aro, knocking the wind out of both of them.

The tree root returned to the soil as quickly and silently as it had come. The trees all around Laphi and Nyte seemed to shift places behind their backs. The forest was watching -- and it wasn't kind.

Sunny groaned in pain and shifted off of Aro. "I'm -- I'm here to -- ow -- rescue you!" she tried, and coughed, peering up at the sunlight high above. "We're okaaay!" she called up to Laphi and Nyte, waving a hand at them.
Naw there's no wait, no worry! :3

Speaking of wait, though ....

From next Friday through the following Wednesday I'm gonna be traveling! Will have my laptop and wifi, but we'll see about posts. x3
@Chasebloodcrest Sounds like you've been to the front lines and lived to tell the tale. I am now making plans for a full suit of armor.
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@drewccapp@c3p-0h I've been absent awhile -- needed to get my head on straight, also a severe case of burnout -- but I'm back, and I feel like leaving this unfinished is blasphemy, haha. We're so close.

What do you think?
@Jade113 I totally missed an obvious opportunity to mention the flitterdids being attracted to Nyte's shiny armor. x3

Nina pressed close against Riley while the dumbwaiter shifted and whirred. It dropped a half-inch, rumbled, then -- with a squeak and a churning noise -- began to climb upward. The square entryway dropped below, and Riley and Nina ascended into darkness.

The walls of the dumbwaiter shaft were cool and metallic and smelled like copper and salt. The squeaking of the mechanical pulley filled the shaft, but as she moved up and up Riley could hear other sounds across the walls of the floors that she passed:

A shuffling, snorting, coughing noise of someone or something eating.
The soft chimey ring of a music box plucking a gentle tune.
A low mechanical hiss and groan, accompanied by commanding shouts.
The faint choke and sniffle of someone crying.
The murmur of a distant television, and a frothy voice chuckling.
Whispers. A thousand faint voices across the elevator shaft wall, all speaking quiet and at once.

When the whispering faded and fell below -- when Riley's dumbwaiter had ascended long past it -- silence fell. There was no longer anything to hear but the squeak and whirr of the dumbwaiter.

But then, finally, was another sound: wind.

As she ascended higher, the howling rush of wind grew louder.

The walls of the dumbwaiter shaft were no longer metal now, but wood. She rose past smooth slats of pine and knotted oak.


Everything stopped.

Wind rushed outside, but distant. The stillness was almost deafening. Nina barely moved and barely breathed.

In front of Riley was a set of slatted folding doors that could be pushed open with little effort. On the other side was a perfectly human-sized kitchen. Sunlight streamed in through pear-patterned curtains, pooling gently on clean counters and scrubbed wooden floors. Dust motes drifted lazily in the light; it seemed no one was home.

"What if she doesn't want to help?" A young boy's voice could be heard just outside.

"She most probably doesn't care a lick about helping at the moment," said the fox. She grinned a little, though, and tilted her furry head at Arthur. "Because she don't know you just yet. How's she goin' ta know she wants ta help you if she don't know you? A stranger don't have any responsibility to see you home -- but a friend! Ah, a friend will go to the ends of the world to get you back to your own soft bed. How're you intendin' to go home without makin' a few friends on the way? It's a long way to go just by your lonesome." She poked her nose a little closer to the boy. "The gold lady is lonesome too, I've heard."
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