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&fingers crossed.

Neomi seems like a great addition to the group - maybe one to create some fun dynamics among the characters! Thanks for the bit of worldbuilding: perhaps The Burrow is one of the more recommended places in the city, and Neomi one of the faces that strangers first see when they arrive. I have to admit, I'm a tiny bit concerned about the blunt attitude and toes-stepping: from experience there's an extremely fine line across which other players aren't having fun anymore because their character is perpetually offended. I do like the character type though, so I'll trust that her attitude is tasteful and she won't go out of her way to make any other PCs miserable. (but feel free to harass my NPCs as much as you like) 😉

As for her ability! She can see Rue which is great! Manipulating wind is more of a real-life ability that could affect the real world around her, which isn't quite allowed -- however! If this "wind" is something that she can see/hear/feel but doesn't seem to interact with real life at all (such as a weirdly colored mist or strange shadowy clouds that she can manipulate at will) then that's a-ok!

If all this is ok and you can make that little change, she's approved to go up in characters!

Same sort of ideas for @Dragonfly 9's passing through objects idea: you could perceive something that doesn't quite exist in reality. I feel like you're being pinged 100x lately sorry haha. 😅
Subscribed. You had me at @Mokley. I’m coming out of hiding just for this patch of fun.

Aw I'm honored! Hullo!!! 💚

IC post coming shortly-ish!

@Dragonfly 9 (still ok to post up in character tab!) @Abstract Proxy (no pressure + character posts and apps accepted through the first round 💚)
@Mokley Correct, he doesn't know he's a Howl yet but has some suspicions as of late because of how much more frequently he's seeing things and feels a heat in his hands that's not really there. The power that he'll develop is being able to identify the Rue as well as use an arcanic fire ability that can't be seen on this plane, but absolutely tears through them in theirs, if that makes sense.

I figured the little sister (only a year younger than him) to be just more background information. Though if she works for some kind of plot I'm okay with you using her. I just wasn't planning on it.

As for their mother, I had it in my head that she was killed by the Rue - she was a Howl and a damn good one but just wasn't quick or prepared enough one day. Maybe for whatever reason the government is trying to hide the real reason? Or maybe they don't make Rue deaths super public to prevent fear?

All sounds excellent, thanks for the clarification! 💚 Noted on the little sister, and also thanks for the clarification that she's not a little kid, I was already trying to come up with ways to account for her if her caretaker went off on this adventure. 😅 As for the mom, it seems we've got a few disappeared Howl parents here so there may be a common thread in what happened - all of those sound plausible. The story may tell... 🤔 In any case, love it! Please do throw him in the characters tab!
This is probably going to clash with the setting in some way, but here's what I got.

I love Sasha! A quiet and dutiful observer connected to nature and the wilderness. I could see her keeping the group grounded and offering a unique perspective. Thanks for the worldbuild details: wilder settlements on the outskirts of the city, where the magic Rue-repellent doesn't reach. I gather that her father's disappearance is totally up to me to flesh out - and at this point I'm considering that everyone's mysteriously missing parents have disappeared under similar circumstances. 🤔 Seeing Rue is great, and the ability with the gun is something neat I think: an empty old gun that can shoot Rue. I'm going to assume it only works like this for Sasha. Just one note that I hope her shy nature doesn't prevent her from interacting with the other characters or she'll miss out. 💚 She's approved, go ahead and copy her to the Characters tab!

Yoo Gunther seems like a dependable big brother, huggable yet sometimes whiny as big brothers are, with that bit of stand-your-ground protective determination. He'd be a fantastic addition to the team! Also thanks for the bit of worldbuilding: Oaken now has a richer district and maybe some political undercurrents. The last half of this seems to be intentionally unclear: if you could clarify to make my job a little easier that would be amazing. I can't weave arcs into the plot if I don't have all the info!

It seems he believes he is not a Howl because he's never really had an encounter with Rue, but there are some abilities that haven't truly manifested yet. That's cool! Some questions:

  • Are the circumstances of his mother's death up to me to decide? If you already have an idea about how his mother died, please share it with me here or privately. If it's up to me, I'll assume Gunther is unaware of the circumstances and I'll weave it into the main story.
  • Is Ky'vie my NPC to control? If not, I have to ask that she remain in the background and not engage with the story. If so, I will be the only one to control her, and I'll use her to support Gunther's arc.
  • His abilities seem to be he can visually see the Rue in some way (perhaps he can see shapes or color) and he may have some kind of heat or fire ability that would affect Rue. None of this has fully developed and is so far so subtle he doesn't know he's a Howl. Am I on the right track? Just a note that any heat ability will only affect Rue or the Rue dimension and can't be used for anything in the real world.

He's totally approved, I just personally need some more clear info so I know what I'm working with as I work out the story. 💚
Please post your approved character sheets!

WHAT IS A STRANGER'S FIRST IMPRESSION UPON MEETING THEM? That she's a hippie, tree loving pothead covered in tattoos.

WHAT IS THEIR PROFESSION AND HOW DO THEY FEEL ABOUT IT? Hospice nurse. Something that she prides herself in doing, helping those sick or aged progress to the ends of the life with grace and dignity.

HOW HAS BEING A HOWL AFFECTED THEIR LIFE? She never had an issue with being who she was until she became a nurse. Now, it has just made her become even more empathetic with her patients and their families.

WHY ARE THEY IN OAKEN CITY? Born and raised.

DO THEY HAVE A HOWL ABILITY? WHAT IS IT? Sadie can hear the Rue. More so when around the dead or nearly dying.

Sadie sounds wonderful! Especially for this particular mission! Curious about her tattoos and whether they could have some meanings. 🤔 Also, thanks for the bit of worldbuilding: Oaken now has a pot culture and a great healthcare/hospice system. Hearing Rue gives me the idea of distinguishing types of Rue, especially those surrounding the idea of death. There's something here to be played with! Over on the OOC you can throw your CS directly into the Characters tab.


WHAT IS A STRANGER'S FIRST IMPRESSION UPON MEETING THEM? A brash and energetic girl who loves to talk about all the things she can do, with little prompting.

WHAT IS THEIR PROFESSION AND HOW DO THEY FEEL ABOUT IT? Throws newspapers at houses as a part-time job, but also dreams of being a full-time adventurer, and doesn't understand why her mother won't allow her to, who describes her dream of being an adventurer as "a worrisome position that could easily get her(Rachel) lost, injured, or killed".

HOW HAS BEING A HOWL AFFECTED THEIR LIFE? Ever since Rachel's figured out she has a Howl Ability, it's only strengthened her resolve to be a cool adventurer and explore cool, ancient ruins, with her new Ability thinking that she's almost invincible and can solely take on the world.

WHY ARE THEY IN OAKEN CITY? Born and raised. Was fascinated by the many stories her dad told her when she was young, and now wants to be a cool adventurer because of them, as well as finding her now absent dad, who disappeared from Oaken City many years ago.

DO THEY HAVE A HOWL ABILITY? WHAT IS IT? Yes; she can smell Rue, and also can phase through walls(and maybe other things/objects, too, if that's okay.).

Rachel sounds like so much fun, and absolutely the life of the group! Thanks for the worldbuilding detail: those mountains just outside the valley are full of mysterious ruins. 👻 Also, plot: missing disappeared dad! Smelling Rue is really interesting and gives me some ideas about different types of Rue: that perhaps Sadie can hear certain ones while Rachel can smell others. It'll be fun to identify the specific smells and how strong they are. Phasing through real-life walls and objects is unfortunately not allowed since it's interacting with reality, but you could hold that thought for later on. It might be possible we'll interact more with the Rue's dimension and objects that exist there, so some other similar ability could manifest during the adventure. Everything else is cool to throw directly on the character tab in the OOC. 💚

Interest Check with more setting info is here

RUE: Entities of many forms or no form, depending on whom you ask. They exist in a dimension that overlaps our own and sometimes appear as ghosts, shadows, mirages, and hallucinations.

HOWLS: Humans with a natural ability to perceive Rue. Most people go their whole lives without ever knowingly encountering a Rue. The Howls, however, can see-- or hear, or feel, or smell --when a Rue is nearby. Many Howls take side jobs that passively utilize their unique skills, some are on a mission to bridge communication and harmony between the Rue and humanity, while others make full-time profession of hunting down dangerous Rue. The Howls are so named because most Howl-born infants spend the majority of their waking hours screaming, oversensitive to the perpetual, uncomfortable clash of dimensions.

DARKLIGHT CORRIDOR: A subway train that traverses natural cavern networks deep underground, transporting passengers and cargo between settlements and civilizations. The caverns are infamous for strange occurrences and Rue interference.



The little city of Oaken is quietly nestled in a lush valley between looming mountains. The roofs slope the color of rust, the clock tower has a funny wooden bird that chirps the hour, and on every bright cobbled corner is another notice board calling for the assistance of Howls. Oaken is a Howl city: a place magically protected against all intrusion by Rue, where Howls can rest and live in peace.



Characters may be anyone of any background, with any reason for joining the healer's journey. They may have grown up in Oaken, are stopping by for a rest, or are here on vacation.

Characters who work well with others are highly preferred: you will be RPing with each other as much as with me. The GM reserves the right to question or reject any application for ANY reason.

These are the character restrictions:

  • They must be new, inexperienced, or otherwise a casual dabbler in Howl-related work. There are no seasoned veterans and no know-it-all experts. Everyone is on a relatively level playing field: a low level bright-eyed newbie. I will build the world around the story as we go, which means we're all learning about Rue together. Besides, this is a very easy, underpriced mission that no experienced Howl would ever bother with.
  • Each Howl may have one or two innate magical abilities that only work on Rue and/or the Rue's dimension. The same ability cannot be used to affect the real world or other people. Abilities manifest at different stages of life and for different reasons: you could start without an ability and discover it during gameplay.
  • Non-Howl characters are cool too.
  • No, you can't be a Rue.
  • You're free to invent what life is like in Oaken and outside of it, but everything is subject to GM veto. This only happens if something you created conflicts with the plot or setting.
  • If the character came from the outside, do not assume your own premade locations or cities. The farthest reaches of this world will remain entirely under GM creation and control for very good plot-related reasons. Suggestions, however, are welcome!
  • Don't keep secrets from the GM. I need to be able to account for every character's personal arc as I'm developing the main story. When a character surprises me with secret information in the middle of a scene, I have to stop everything and rework the plot to accommodate it. Please PM me any information that you want to keep hidden from the other players, and we can work together to weave the mystery into the plot.
  • One character per player. All NPCs, including family members, are entirely mine to control. If you don't want me to control your character's friends or family, they must remain in the background and will not engage with the story at all. One player using multiple characters not only is an unfair advantage, but it forces me to keep track of too many moving parts.
  • If you feel the need to be Different right out of the gate, please take a moment to consider why.
  • I know what some of you are thinking. The answer is "perhaps." PM me your ideas.

Please post your draft character sheets here as well as any other ideas, thoughts, questions, inspirations, or general how-do-you-dos!
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