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Have a busy weekend. I will post after.
Busy weekend! Will post after the weekend.
Vivian was on the scene, watching from a safe distance as firemen did their best against the growing fire. She had a red lollipop and suspiciously fresh clothes, lifted from the department store that was being consumed before her. In her defense, she hadn't meant to start the fire, but another super got a bit to close to removing her mask on the inside. She had responded by destroying the set of lights between them. Clothes were so flammable. It bought the Reaper time to escape while the super--a true hero--switched his attention to getting innocent bystanders out of the burning building. It seems he missed a couple, though, she thought as she watched the newscast.

Vivian had grabbed clothes and makeup, returned to her room, changed, and was back at the scene of the crime to watch the rest unfold. Teleportation had its perks. A crowd was gathering as well, she noted with a slight grin. She swirled her tongue around the lollipop before freeing her hand to reach into a pocket in front of her, looting the wallet. The target was so engrossed with the fire and news van and big red truck that he didn't notice her light touch.

Satisfied, she wandered away and then past him to get a better look at the scene as it continued to unfold. She wondered if that particular super would make it out alive, and when other vigilantes would arrive.
Elara Decaux
Elara returned from the back to find two men watching the bathroom door. She supposed it looked bad, with blood all over the place, and she swiftly cleaned up when they didn't ask for a drink. Though the man emerged just fine as she finished cleaning up the blood, and she set out a yellow sign warning against the slick floor as she pushed the mop and bucket aside. She was moving to check on the grizzled man's injured hand when he spoke to her again."It's my job, sir. And if you're sure you're okay..." her voice trailed off as she stepped back behind the counter, her grey eyes lingering upon his bandaged hand. Why would he be carrying that around? Did he break glasses often?

She prepared two simple drinks--whiskey on ice--before moving around the bar to set it at the men's table. Though as she closed the distance, her nose wrinkled and her gaze flickered to the older man. She paused, watching him for a moment too long. Then she suddenly cleared her throat and set the whiskeys before them. "
From the only other guy in the bar," she joked, though there was tension in her voice.

I will post tomorrow, I'm hungover today lol
Hey guys, I'll post soon. But I'm super hungover today, so it'll probably be tomorrow lol
Elara Decaux
Elara knew she absolutely shouldn't have poured the man another drink. However, not only did Americans tip, they tipped more when they were drunk. So she shrugged as she poured him another whiskey before turning to her register and adding another to his growing tab. A smile remained on her face and her long--wavey today--dark hair bounced as she stepped between customers. Her tank top brandished the the bar's logo, but that's not what the other was looking at as she got on her toes and leaned over the counter to better hear a man's order. She was learning quite fast--she was already fluent in English, but working as a bartender had given her the chance to learn a variety of alcohols and bar slang. Granted, she didn't always get it right.

The young woman bit her lip, eyes wandering the ceiling for an answer to her question: "
That's with vodka, yes?" Her accent was thick and low.

The answer was interrupted by the shattering of glass. Elara immediately pulled her away to her full height, eyes looking to the whiskey pooling over the counter and the man grumbling. The man she was serving had been stunned to silence, but she was on the move. "Hey, are you okay?" she asked as she quickly moved to pick up a rag--almost too quickly. It wasn't until she dropped the rag down on the spilled whiskey did she also smell the blood and see its red soaking into the white towel. "
Oh non--" She abandoned the rag to try to reach over the counter, to check the man's hand. But he simply stumbled away and into the men's restroom.

Um," she started, looking around for help--ideally for another man to follow him into the restroom while she cleaned up the bar.
@Blazion Honestly I really like it and I can see a rivalry blooming lol. They have a similar persona to play but in appearance and personality they are nearly opposites (Vivian seeming friendly but being an ass and Zoey being an ass but with a better morality). I think itll be interesting to explore.

Vivian Vanbrooke | 26 | ♀

Sorry if you've seen the sheet already, @pyroman, but am I approved?
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