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Think about every dumbass sheet you've ever seen rejected or rejected yourself.

Now imagine if the makers of those sheets were allowed to just jump into the RP without being screened via CS.
I'm so hyped for this... The lore decisions sound so good.

I have a few ideas in mind, so I'll see what other people come up with. Rather add something to compliment others if I can.
I am interested! I love vampires sm...
Interested in this :>
Eyyy, welcome. I like Froppy too
Do they have to be school age then?
Interested. And just to clarify "they just drink blood" means vampires are pretty much just like humans other than that? So we'll all have high school aged characters, not immortals? Or?
That is relatable. But if someone wants to step up as GM for this idea, I'm interested.
I'm interested in seeing how this develops

Edit: oh it's five days old, is it still a thing?
Hello Reldyn. What kinda RP are ya interested in?
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