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Location: Uhladein, Eastern Marches

Lexann blinked at the small hunter, confused again. "Is that a poem?" she asked. Poems weren't really something she often got to hear or understand, but Rain's introduction sounded something like one might. She shrugged, letting her complain about Galeel. Lexann for one was excited to talk to him now that only a handful of hunters made it out of the battle. She couldn't help but look up to pyromancers, in awe of the power they possessed. Her eyes wandered to the ceiling, suddenly thrown into a daydream of her throwing fire from her fingertips and destroying all of the void in her way. Then her smile disappeared.

"Why don't pyromancers just burn the void up and call it a decade?" she asked to no one in particular. "It's gotta be easier than whacking them with the handful of forbidden weapons we have."

Location: Uhladein, Eastern Marches

Lexann's hand shot to her mouth, a feeble attempt to hide the surprise in her wide eyes and wider, incredulous grin. It all happened so fast, that she couldn't figure out what surprised her the most: the one-eyed hunter decking the taller one, the taller one dropping like a board, or the way her flesh and bone seemed to crawl back together like spiders. Politely, her eyes followed the teeth she spat out onto the floor--only for them to be gathered up by the small hunter. The scene was chaotic, but at least it was interesting. "Lots of beer," she muttered to herself, hand moving to rub at the back of her neck as her brows furrowed together.

She blinked once at the blue haired hunter's soft comment, another reminder that Lexann seemed to be the greenest one among the five. She considered her words for a moment while the rest were distracted with each other, and her lips parted to ask about Zecimia--

Oi! You two!


Lexann held her palm open for the reward bestowed upon her by the hero of Uglydein. She wasn't one to miss a beat though. She bowed to the other hunter and mimicked the graceful wave of her hand. "Thank you, great hero." She watched who she realized was just a girl hide the rest of the teeth away safely and promptly followed suit and put her tooth in a pocket, giving it a pat of finality. There was no need to explain that she would be throwing the creepy thing away as soon as she could.

"What’s beer!

Now Lexann slapped her knee, laughing at the exclamation. Her laughter receded into giggles, but she nodded in agreement with the blue haired hunter-- formalities first, beer later, she knew the drill. Lexann was just happy others were on board, and excited to treat the youngest to her first pint. Drinking with others was the real fun. Her giggles finally stopped and Lexann released a long exhale, jaw sore from the smiling.

"Everyone here held their own, huh? You took down the Roc on your own while we struggled with an ugly ogre," she said to her. Then she stuck her hand out to offer a handshake and introduction. "Lexann Stormbrew. Pleasure to meet you. And you, too, fireball." Her gaze moved between them and briefly to the other two.

Location: Uhladein, Eastern Marches

...But there was nothing more to confront. Lexann's muscles relaxed and the Forge was set upon the ground, its flames receding into its depths as she used it instead to lean against for just a moment. Her ember within had flared during the battle, pushing her body to its limits when she was on the search for her shield. Now she ached and terribly missed the rain that cooled her skin against the fire within. "Just a moment," she reminded herself and stood tall again. Later there would be drinks and a bed--she could rest then. A stretch of her arms, a roll of her shoulders, and Lexann rested the Forge over her back.

Like any trained soldier, Lexann would make her way back to where the hunters had first assembled to fight against the void. Though she was still easily distracted and quick to offer a hand-- a survivor here, she took his hand and pulled him onto his feet. A survivor there, she offered her weight for him to lean against until someone else could help him off to the busy medics. The soldiers were no hunters, but she found out they had held out against the Void where even some hunters had failed when she finally came upon the small band.

Her hand raised in a fist, then her eyes flickered to the hunters as one finger extended for each: a tiny one with a large...barrel, the flurry of fire she had stood with against the ogre, a tall and mysterious woman that instilled...fear? into Lexann, and the elegant Roc rider lost in her own thoughts. One for herself and she looked down at her hand. Five fingers, five hunters.

The fist closed again and she exhaled. Then Lexann stepped forward to slap the blue haired woman on the back with a grin. "Those bastards exploded more! Time for beer!" she suggested simply.
Shrine of a Forgotten God
Luo Yifang
Yifang couldn't help the slight raise of the end of her lips as the other scooted away from her. Was she really so afraid of the husk she had become? "Well, you have your time to rest," the woman said after Sima took the opportunity to do just that. She paused, eyes flickering about the young woman's figure--messy hair, messy clothes. The vice grip on the sword didn't go unnoticed either. Perhaps it was best to speak plainly. She dropped her hand from her locks and, while she hesitated, did rest her bony hand on the girl's shoulder. "I'm Luo Yifang. As unlikely as it is that you've heard of me, I know of your father. If you need anything at all, don't hesitate to ask.

"In the meantime, I best prepare for our little adventure. The Marital Alliance calls upon us." Another smile tugged at her features, but it didn't quite reach her dark eyes as they lingered on the younger woman. Only then did Yifang pull away step out of the other's way and into the shrine to find which of her few belongings would be appropriate for the quest.
Shrine of a Forgotten God
Luo Yifang
Yifang's eyelids dropped momentarily into a blink as Sima approached the shine and visitor inside. After another beat, she looked around and followed Sima to meet her. Irritation tugged her lips into a frown and furrowed her brows as the girl lowered her head, refusing to look to the veteran. She couldn't muster the same gentle tone as the man, but her words were not harsh. "Child, you are more than welcome to rest--" she began and, bristled by such shy behavior, Yifang leaned and tilted her head to see the girl's face hidden under the hood. However, her voice trailed off, recognition flickering across her features for just a moment. She stood straight, sparing a glance to Sima as she crossed her thin arms in front of her body.

Yifang's scowl deepened as the young woman squirmed under their gazes, and her pale hand lifted to idly twirl her own dark hair around her finger. She was quiet for a moment as she thought. "
Three heads are better than two, isn't that right? A young pair of eyes could be helpful in an investigation like yours, Sima," she said at last.
Shrine of a Forgotten God
Luo Yifang
Yifang watched the other cooly, though cool quickly became icy as he spoke. He acted politely enough; but she couldn't help feeling uneasy as her gaze wandered over his figure. Her fingers fidgeted with the sleeves of her clothes--he was an unusual visitor and it seemed important to mind her tongue. Still, more than once, her lips parted to interupt as he paused in his speaking, but he had more to say each time. Her words were lost to an impatient exhale.

When he finally finished explaining, though, she found it was her turn to hesitate. She was torn: cautious about this stranger, but also curious about the missing village. Even though he politely gave her an out, there was little reason to argue against the Luo clan volunteering her help; it was true that Yifang knew the area well enough and was surely competent enough to assist Sima. In the moment, she was inclined to offer her help.

Then he spoke yet again. Yifang blinked and followed his gaze to the shrine. She had been so focused on Sima that she hadn't noticed a guest had made their way inside. Now that she stopped and listened, watched...Yes there was a stranger inside. Worshippers were welcomed, but rare. A large, worn painting of the goddess hung in the temple to greet her visitors. Beneath it a modest table for offerings--food, money, even incense--that lacked most of these things. There was also a simple cot sitting over her few belongings. It was Yifang's most of the time, but occasionally given up to a patient--that she didn't have in that moment. And a worshipper need not hide from the martial alliance.

Oh," she hummed before speaking loudly so there was no way the girl couldn't hear. "I assume they are just visiting, though I'd be happy to help if they need anything." Only after the passive aggressive invitiation did Yifang look back to Sima.

I am Yifang, by the way." She nodded her head, a lazy bow. "And I'm also happy to guide you to the village--or at least where it should be--after tending to my guest."

Shrine of a Forgotten God
Luo Yifang
From the opposite side of the hill ascended the temple’s keeper. Luo Yifang’s body was tired, pointed where her bones pushed at her skin as if trying to escape—surely too thin against the cool weather even with her layers of dark clothes. Dark bags tugged at lower eyelids, and only the pink on her nose and cheeks hinted at life. And the fact that she was trudging up the hill, of course, a bucket of water tilting her body aside as she used all her strength to stay upright.

As she reached the temple from its back, she heard a whistle. Her thin brows furrowed toward each other in annoyance. Was she a dog? Maybe not, but she would answer the call all the same.

With a dramatic exhale, she set the bucket down and the water stirred, splashing over the side. Free of its weight, she walked quickly around the small structure to meet the man who called for assistance. Usually members of the Luo clan only visited when they were injured, so haste came naturally to the woman. Mere moments could mean the difference between life and death. Though, now, she paused when she stepped into his sight.

Her dark eyes were drawn first to the red that topped his hat. As her hand raised to brush strands of stray hair away from her face, her gaze dropped with curiosity to the book in his hand, and then finally back up to his tired face.
“Good evening,” she exhaled, the weariness from trudging up the hill suddenly catching up to her. “How can I help you?”

The Lost Dancer | 罗依芳 | 28

I thought I wouldn't finish today, but after I had lunch I was fueled with motivation. Gotta love food lol

Location: Uhladein, Eastern Marches

How far could it have gone? Lexann remembered exactly where she had stuck the massive block of metal in favor of her two handed weapon, but it had been blown away. She came to a pause where the ground was scorched black from the flames and heat of the hunters' attacks. Her gaze wandered after its possible trajectory, but the void entered her line of sight. The explosions had blown the remaining goblins aside, but they had most recovered and were attacking again in full force. "Ah..." she hummed, looking down at her empty hands as they formed into fists.

Her head tilted, releasing some tightness in her shoulders and neck with a quiet pop. Lexann's gaze focused, a frown relaxed her lips, and she raised her natural weapons. Down she swung with a yell against the enemy, fingers opening for just a moment as she grabbed a void goblin by its head. Under her hand, its head popped into black tar against the stone. A spiderling's mandibles snapped at her, but she was already reaching out for one of its legs. Another war cry erupted into the air as she raised, swinging the spiderling over her head and dashing it against the ground. Not a moment to hesitate, her other fist was swinging at another as she stood from her crouch. The jabs alone wouldn't kill the void, but could keep it just at bay as she grabbed another victim.

It was far more exhausting than fighting with a weapon or even the Forge on her arm: if she wasn't breaking their bodies against the ground and stone, Lexann had to tear them apart, stabbing her hands into their bodies and pulling in opposite directions until they split like a watermelon under a bat. She could feel her ember burning hotter and hotter against the fatigue, but she couldn't stop, not yet. The hunter yelled again, determination refueling, and further into the fray she went.

Even in her state, Lexann was paying attention to where she moved on the battle field. She had made a guess on which direction she lost her shield to, and she was slowly but surely moving through the void towards it. A glint of metal caught her eye, distracting for just a moment as the void raked claws against her face. Crying out in pain and anger, her fist shot out to return the blow to the goblins face. As it dropped, she stomped her boot down at it and used the power she sent into the ground to suddenly dash. She brushed blood from her eyes and she could see it, lying uselessly on the ground. Up she jumped over the void, landing with a crouch before the Forge.

Lexann glanced back as the void followed her, intent to take advantage as her back suddenly turned at them. But she gripped the shield at each corner facing her--an awkward hold even for the hunter--and suddenly swung it back as she stood. The dragon's head on the front clobbered through the void like a bowling ball through cheese. "Come on!" she taunted before properly equipping the weapon again.
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