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Interested in playing anything!! I'll see what everyone else brings to the table. I love supernatural RPs.
Sounds interesting~
Riddley was recovering well and fast--not superhuman fast, much to her dismay--but her strength and health was obvious. Granted, her recovery may have been even faster if she spent more time in the hospital. At least, that's what her doctor thought until the hospital was destroyed.

Riddley wandered, but never too far, so she didn't make it out of the attack unscathed. She had to duck behind a public bench to avoid debris-- the smoke from the hospital's collapse put a strain on her healing lungs-- Things were finally settling down from that alone when an explosion followed up. Her powers kept safe against the intense heat and fire, but she was still thrown off her feet, no doubt setting her recovery back. "What the hell?" she coughed, grimacing against the ruin as she struggled to stand again. She barely took the time to assess the situation before she ran for what was left the hospital. Riddley was talented and intelligent, but at the end of the day what separated her from others was her will to act. So she did. She'd search for survivors and do her best to offer support to the emergency response teams.
I'm taking a holiday, so I'll be back in a week. My characters are in a good spot to be MIA for a bit: Riddley healing and Flynn just being a normal person.

I'll post for them when I get back next week.
Riddley's head tilted as she listened, brows furrowing in curiosity. "What else is going on?" she asked. She wanted to ask if it'd be possible for her to talk to the woman, but it looked like she'd be mostly on lockdown. Riddley still planned to ask, but she was more interested in the rest of the shit storm after Flint vented to her.
"Ow, ow, ow--" Riddley let out a small hiss as someone bumped into her, but it turned into a small laugh when she noticed it was Flint. Then she laughed even more when he was telling her to watch where she's going. "You shouldn't smoke," she said simply, her eyes brightening as the end of his cigarette flared just slightly and burnt itself down to the filter in a near instant. Satisfied with that bit of revenge for running into a cripple, Riddley slowly sat herself down on a bench she had been making her way to. Even as she leaned back against it to relax her muscles, she winced--Flint was right to scold her, she was absolutely in bad shape.

"I can't just sit in a small room all day, Marrow. It'll drive me mad. It's not like I'm looking for a fight--I'm just enjoying the fresh air," she said, frowning now as she looked around at the world. To demonstrate her point, she tried to draw in a deep breath, but it was too much strain for her healing ribs and lungs and she instead ended up grimacing, hand resting over her chest. She laughed at herself, which also hurt. "Well, I'm trying.

"Anyway, what's going on with that woman who attacked you? Is she dead?" she asked, brown eyes turning back on Flint.
Hey guys, I won't be able to use the Discord reliably (possibly not at all) for the next week. And the week after this, I'll be on vacation for another week.

So I'll have to RP without collab'ing for a bit. Just @ me in a post if you're interacting with Riddley or Flynn.
It wasn't uncommon for Flynn to stay at work well after it closed. Though she wasn't a workaholic--in fact, quite the opposite. She tended to be late for work, sleeping off the night before after fighting with insomnia until 6 in the morning. So, with Jimmy's grouchy son gaining more and more responsibilities at the shop, staying late was her attempt to make up for the hours she'd miss in the morning. However, even that wasn't enough to cool him down. There was nothing she couldn't do after hours that she could do in the A.M., and she'd say as much, so he could go suck a dick or three for all she cared. Admittedly, she supposed there were safety hazards to working in a shop alone, but that never came up when she was being reprimanded. So Flynn would put on her headphones and tune him out as she worked, avoiding him as much as she could.

Anyway, when she finally left work, she was a greasy mess and needed a proper recharge. She closed up shop, left the keys under the mat, and smoked a cigarette. Late at night all alone, she didn't feel particularly worried. People tended to mistake her for a man on and off the clock, so she enjoyed the freedom of being one. She watched the evening as she smoked, enjoying the city life as people hurried home or to the bar or to the next scene. Flynn much preferred a quite rural or suburban life, but the city had its perked--and she'd be exploring them tonight. Cigarette finished, she dropped it into the gravel and hopped onto her dinky little motorcycle to return home.


A whole different Flynn left home. Her formerly messy short hair was tamed, giving her a smart look. Her baggy uniform was replaced with formfitting clothes: a red shirt and black shorts, accented by fishnets up and down her thin legs. Even her makeup was complimented by red and she'd certainly stand out now. A small bag hung off her shoulder, containing her cigarettes, cracked phone, and money (not that she'd be buying herself a drink). Instead of taking her bike, Flynn would call a Lyft to take her to a night club. While she waited, she smoked again, her head already light after pre-gaming at home with Jack Daniels.

When she arrived at Carpe Noctum, the pound of music from within the walls finally brought a small smile to her face. She needed to let off the steam, maybe even with someone else tonight.
It wasn't Riddley's first time in a hospital, but it was her first time in a hospital as a superhuman. She thought that maybe her powers would give her a bit of an edge on the healing front... However, that was not the case: with each check in from the doctor, it grew more and more clear that she would get better at about the same rate as any other healthy, young woman. Life's a bitch, she thought, contemplating her multiple broken ribs and punctured lung and the next several weeks of healing. She shifted uncomfortably in the hospital bed, thankful that at least discharge wasn't long off. She didn't want to stay trapped in bed after the events earlier--especially with doctors expressing interest in her as a super case study.

Legion was really using Riddley for all she was worth after just one day. She had saved Flint and his sister, with her help of course. While confident it put her in good standing with Legion, she doubted trust came with it. Riddley did good, but she was still a powerful individual, and Legion was more interested in controlling people like her than they were in building trust. She wanted to talk to Adora, who was no doubt stuck in Legion's custody. She couldn't say the woman had guts or even particularly high intelligence, but she did have power--and Riddley wanted to make allies with people like that.

She turned her head toward the window, and longing swelled in her heart. It was such a nice day full of fresh air, but the air in the hospital was so stiff. She looked around her white walls, then back to the blue sky. Riddley needed to take a walk. With a pained groan, she slowly sat up and then slowly stood up. "Oo-oo-oooh," she whined as she stood to her full height, her face twisting in pain. She took slow and deep breaths as she tested how well her ribs and lungs were healing. Annoyingly average, she decided, before slipping on the plastic sandals provided by the hospital. She would slowly make her way outside, making a point to walk straight and tall so staff wouldn't dare stop her.

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