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Experiencing that feeling when absolutely no game is satisfying to play and all you do is watch videos on youtube and streams on twitch -.- I feel so unproductive.
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Revising the wonders of a horribly inefficient murderer with a horribly inefficient weapon.
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That feeling when Fallout 4 pre-load :3 3 days!


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Seven cups of coffee. Listener never had coffee in her life. Her parents never let her near the stuff, and honestly, she never felt the need for a pick-me-up. She hesitated as she closed her hand around the pill that Archer gave her. "This won't be addictive, right?"

She lifted her mask just enough to slide the pill into her mouth before receiving any confirmation. Ultimately, she was not too concerned. She was confident this vision loss would be temporary. Especially considering how she had gone from seeing nothing to seeing blurred colors. She rolled it around in her mouth for a moment to build up saliva before quickly swallowing it. She never liked taking pills of any kind even when she needed them, but she never complained about them either. Even if they gave her chills when she swallowed them.

While she waited for the pill's effects to take place, Listener stood still for what felt like eternity. She hated every second of it.
I embrace the challenge!
Allanon knelt before the girl. He took a moment to remember the name of the girl. He had only heard it once from her father when he took the mission upon himself to rescue the girl. "You must be Irene." He spoke gently. "I'm here to take you back to your family and make sure that this never happens to you again. I can teach you and your father how to keep yourselves safe." He was beginning to wonder why the Calabris family would take the effort to bring her all the way from Portea to here. Perhaps they were not able to get the girls they needed exclusively from Kalla, and needed to import them from other regions.

"I won't force you to do anything," Allanon continued. "You are at an age you can make your own decisions, and I will respect them if you think another path is better for you."


This Chihiro confirmed to him that the Jeevak mentioned was the Jeevak of legend. If this was true then he did not like the implication. He glanced over toward the ignorant man that commented about Jeevak sharing. He put on a smile and placed his hand on Bidzil's shoulder. "If this is the historical Jeevak. The Jeevak of legend. Then you are talking about sharing with the enemy of humankind. The last heir of the Grandis Empire. Seeking another key for the Oracle, or recovering the Soul are now the best options if we want a chance to stop a villain such as Jeevak."

Finding another key would take work, but the key was just the start of getting access to the Oracle. The ritual had conditions to be met as far as he was able to understand. His information was incomplete. He had hoped to get a hold on the Soul so he could have time to study the ritual, but that was no longer an option. If Jeevak made it to the Oracle first, he was worried he would not be able to achieve his desires.

"From what I understand of the ritual," Kallen continued. "It will take a fair amount of time to set up and meet the conditions. Just because Kitchi is far faster than anything I've ever witnessed doesn't mean we can't catch up." He then scratched the back of his head and paced around a bit. What would happen if they did catch up? He had no idea what these people were fully capable of, and his own abilities were specific and niche when it came to combat situations. He also had zero information on any of Jeevak's people.

Would this group even work with him?
"Hey guys, I think Listener can't see. You really rolled a one on that hit, huh?" he laughed.

Listener giggled again as she found a wall of a nearby building with her spear and leaned her back against it. For some reason she felt a little bit of vertigo now that she could not see. "Yeah, I rolled a one. Metaphysical dice rolls and all that. I can't say I wasn't warned."

"It doesn't matter!" she snapped. "I doubt anyone much likes you either, yet you wouldn't want to be in his place! So quit watching with popcorn and go get help, which two of us here need!"

"Don't say that, Rose," Listener said with a calm tone. "I like Fluke. Hey, uh, Fluke, if you do help out... I'll do your laundry or something."

"Is everything some big joke to you?" Rose yelled, approaching while still holding Ruskali upright. "Hey Listener, you ok now? How many fingers am I holding up?"

Listener blinked as she saw the blur of motion, but she could not see anything clearly. She shrugged and shook her head. "All I see is a blur of colors. I can kind of see movement, so I could, like, follow you guys. I think? This... this is a new experience. Like it really gets the blood rushing, right? I'm scared, but..." She stopped as Rose started to move away towards singing.

Deciding it was better to stay nearby a comrade, so she would not lose track of anyone Listener followed carefully using her spear to find any tripping hazards. She heard Rose's surprise and confusion, and Listener's curiosity welled up. She decided to pay attention to listen for more closing her eyes to keep the colorful blurs from distracting her.
@Mokley I'll add in some third person notes.
I'm on the fence on whether for this to be permanent or not. I think in my next post I will decide based on what feels right. I might just go with temporary, but long lasting.
I've never roleplayed someone that's been blinded before. This is going to be interesting.
"Might want to invest in some shades for yer mask, though: the fireworks from one of these things could make ya go blind." Archer's words of warning echoed though Listener's mind as the Nox flashed brightly when she struck it. Blind was right. All she could see now was black spots with an oily sheen blocking her vision. She blinked wildly as she heard struggling and panic. She looked around quickly hoping she could regain her sight.

"Wh-wha.." She reached out blindly toward Rose's voice. "I can't see. Archer warned me... I can't see."

She had never been blinded before. Would this be permanent? What if it was?

Listener took a deep breath and closed her eyes. The spots were still there. Another deep breath. She could hear Ruskali's screeching. Calm down and breath. She tapped the ground with her spear, and she realized she could feel the ground in a manner of speaking. Would this be enough? Now that she thought of it as scary as this experience was it was also exciting and... fun? She put a grin on her face and reopened her eyes. She could see colors and vague shapes now, but everything was a blur.

"Oh dear," She giggled. "I messed up. I'm not going to be much use for anyone in this state." She had heard about blind people that were able to see as well as a normal person or even better, however, she had not spent the time required to figure that out. Hopefully she wouldn't need to.
Allanon smiled at Nix's response. "You have a pack. Good. Well, it is still a good idea to travel with another for now. We are a new pack, and it looks like we may be working together for a while. We will be traveling a lot. You should be able to find your pack if you travel with us." He inspected the chains that were still attached to Nix and then he looked at Kistal whom still bore the remains of his. "Let's get those chains off. Kistal, perhaps you'd like to do the honors?"

Kistal had earned Allanon's respect, and even with the concerning display of rage earlier he was glad to call the man a comrade.

"I came here to rescue a Portean girl on behalf of her father," Allanon made his way towards the kidnapped girls to attend to them. He wanted to confirm that she was alive and well. From there he would make plans for an escort as needed.


Kallen's expression turned dark for the moment as Kitchi bolted. Although his initial reaction was more of surprise with a flinch from the sonic boom. The bitterness of failing to get his hands on a key to the Oracle soured his day. Finally he heard the name of her employer and it puzzled him. He only knew of one Jeevak, and he was a legendary figure. How could it be possible that someone could be alive from that era?

Kallen quickly changed his expression from dark to one of confusion. "W-wait... Jeevak? The legend? How could he still be alive?" He cleared his throat. "No that can be a conversation for another time." He looked off toward the direction Kichi ran with an expression of amazement and keen interest. "That speed is wild. The wonders of this world never ceases to amaze me."

His mind was already thinking about other possible keys to the oracle that he may have studied while he scanned the area considering the activity of the other people nearby.
Allanon looked between Chihiro and Kitchi and after some consideration things looked like she had a handle on the situation. He felt adding too much more to her points would be too much for Kitchi and would overwhelm her. He noticed the wolf girl from before was a bit cautious of Kistal even with the food bribes. It made sense though considering what she obviously had been through.

Allanon remembered how his wife described the differences between the various canine tribes. She knew all of their cultural interactions as the various packs occasionally clashed or commingled. Wolves respected authority. Listening to those known as Alphas. He was pretty sure she was without a pack otherwise she would be behaving differently.

Confidently, Allanon stepped forward looking the wolf girl in her eyes. "My name is Allanon. This is Kistal. You seem to be without a pack. We are an unusual pack where the rules are different than you might be used to, but you may join us if you would like. So long as you earn your place and listen to our guidance in the strange places we will go. You can stay with us as long as you like. We are the ones that defeated their... Alpha. If you choose to go on your own we will not stop you." He gestured toward the exit and stepped aside to make a path for her.


Kallen decided it was time to make a move. He climbed down the rope and stepped onto the top of the archer's tower. He had been listening as closely as he could and only picked up a word here or there, but it was enough for him to work on. Fortunately, Kitchi was not quiet and very loose lipped. He had hoped for an easier way to achieve a path to the oracle, but this might actually be the best option for him.

Kallen put on his best smile and called out. "You seek to access the oracle? I am Kallen, historian and explorer. I know not whom you work for, however, they are not the only one that knows the rites to use the key." He looked down for a moment. The fall would be a bit too much for him to handle, and the ladder down had been removed at some point. Kallen was not lying, but he was not telling the entire truth either. He had in his study of the Soul of Krogan discovered that it was a key for the oracle. While his information on the ritual was not complete he had enough that he felt confident he could improvise at least, or he could at best complete his study. He cleared his throat. "One moment"

He pulled his staff from his back and tapped the floor he stood upon with it. "Shape and warp. Bend and fold. Change your form." As he chanted the spell the archer's tower bent and warped until it formed a ramp. The portion he stood on remained stable through out the transformation. "Mold Nature." As he finished the incantation for his spell the bottom of the ramp tethered itself stably into the ground.

As Kallen walked down the ramp he thought to use his Eye of Avarice to observe the desires of everyone here, but the more people there were the more mana it called for, and the last thing he wanted to do right now was risk mana fatigue. He preferred the higher ground he had before as standing above the crowd pleased him greatly, but he felt his odds were better if he could stand on their level. He noticed and recognized Allanon immediately formulating plans in his head on his next course of action with the man.

"Alright, now that I'm here, and I can speak with you more easily. If it's a wish you are after. I can help you just as well as whomever your employer is. I'm afraid I did not hear everything as I came from up on the cliffside." He waved a hand towards the cliffside where the rope Allanon and the infiltration squad rappelled down. "My gratitude to whoever set up that rope to climb down the effort to mold that much earth to a travel-friendly degree would likely push me to my limits." He looked at the Soul of Krogan. "It is always good to hear confirmation when it comes to legends. Of course legends always come with their own kernel of truth."
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