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"Vegan? Oh, I got it!" As he rummaged through his bad, many items could be heard being pushed away, some had a metal 'clink', others just your average bag material, but then there were some that squeaked. "I have fruits, vegetable- Oooh, almost forgot I packed that rice container. Mistral is home to a lot of good healthy foods!" He blinked awkwardly at her looking straight at his eyes, but attempted to stare right back, thinking not returning the stare would be rude. "Well, I smacked you with my tail, that's like me trying to take a swing at you. I can't just brush off responsibility like that, especially if I'm trying to be a Huntsman" He placed his hands behind his back, thinking back to basic matters, standing straight and directing his attention fully to the girl. Wait, so she's saying that being normal is bad in this instance?

When she spoke again, Aeschel found himself far more comfortable. Straightforward information without the awkwardness of normal social interaction? He could do that. "AH, you want a trade of information? Data to analyze, right, right. I can do that" He started to sound more like he was explaining something to a teacher instead of a fellow student. He started off with holding his hand out for a good fashioned handshake. "Aeschel Aspro, born and raised in Mistral" It was like reading things off a list, organizing data into sentences. "I'm a tinkerer, it's in my blood. My parents run a business of building crazy things and... Testing said dangerous and explosive objects on each other" He pulled out a small and very barebones looking glove out of the bag, like a skeleton of a hand with metal for bones and wires running around it as veins. It seemed to be some sort of shock-glove. "This is a very, very, very early stage prototype. It's usable, but can easily overheat. But I'm hoping that I can use this as a basis to create something that could be useful for... uh... Teams"

For a moment he looked like he had a bit of pride in the glove, but upon seeing a flicker of a spark and a wheeze of machinery he stuffed it back in the bag, shaking his head. "I'm interested in strategy, engineering and theatre. I was actually originally planning to grow up and be an engineer like my parents, but... Well, sometimes you find there's a door you never knew you had the key to" He left it at that. "I use a double-bladed sword that turns into a bow, and yes I know that a bow could be considered poor when compared to a gun, but on the battlefield, I think a bow, at least with how I designed my weapon, has some aspects that make it both efficient and convenient for the situation" He kept checking to see her reactions towards his words, trying to keep any rambling to a low. "Motivations?" Well, that was a something that didn't sound as appealing. "Well, I want to... I want to help people, you know. but... Uh... Well, I want to be responsible. I want to be better. I want people to look at me and know that they can trust me to help them through a problem" ANd she mentioned secrets? Well, he didn't have any of tho- "AndIhaveahiddencollectionofhandpuppets"

You're supposed to lie, dumbass!

@Agent 47 On the bus at the moment, will respond when I get home
@AdmrlStalfos19 Aeschel is just fucking up everybody's day... :D
"It's just it's really crowded and Mistral is not really a crowded place most of the time, and I had a lot on my mind and-" Aeschel blinked, taking in the appearance of this new person, realizing that this was someone who almost as tall as him. "-You are surprisingly tall! Cool" He'd realized sometimes that he was apparently taller than average for his age, so to meet someone who almost reached his height was a bit of a surprise. "Bah, that's no excuse, I should be watching where I'm going. Again, my sincerest apologies" He felt the need to bow like he'd seen others do when the offended someone.

Feeling the need to compensate for his 'crime', Aeschel reached into his satchel and pulled out some type of meaty snack wrapped in plastic, looking akin to bacon. "Would you accept a trade as an apology?" She was giving off some scary vibes, but Aeschel just couldn't walk away awkwardly, that'd be rude!

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@Agent 47 You are? How?

Asechel's face fell at what should have just been seen as a joking comment "You wouldn't be the first one to..." He forced out a laugh, passing it off as a joke as he did not want to start unloading emotional baggage onto hopefully-maybe-friends on the first day they met. In fact, he'd be delighted to never bring it up again in his entire life. He was sure they were his parents, he had the birth records and the years of 'family bonding' to prove it, but aside from the faunus traits he shared with his mother and skin tone and eyes of his father, he was clearly an odd spot for the family. At times, he even suspected his parents doubted it, but he'd never say those suspicions out loud. "Uh, got it!" He nodded, offering a sheepish smile at the compliment. "I try?"

And within the span of a minute, Cinna had spouted off a goodbye and jolted off to find much cooler looking people. Not that Aeschel blamed her, the guy he spotted her heading towards did have that sort of look about him, though something told Aeschel that the man was judging him. But that was just the paranoia. "Bye then... Nice to meet you..." She wanted to meet him when they land? How was he expected to find her in this crowd of people? Sometimes, Aeschel did seem to forget that no matter how small he tried to make himself, him and his bright bushy tail stuck out like a sore thumb. She wants to meet again, that's a good sign But once more, Aeschel was left alone in a suffocating silence, as much as he was afraid of talking and offending others, he was starting to realize that the uncertainty of what to do next was uncomfortable. And reaching into his bag and taking out his puppet collection so he could talk to himself was not an option.

Not that there was anything wrong with that. It was a perfectly normal thing to do. Unfortunately, during his thoughts, his body decided to move closer to the ramp where everyone would get off at the journey's and. And when his body acted without much thought, his tail would soon screw something up, or in this case, the bright orange sorry sight of fur would bump into a random tiger Faunus nearby. It was extremely rude. "Ah! God, sorry!"

Interacts: @AdmrlStalfos19
@Shadow DaedalusI told you, you basically mooned the irony Gods with that one line!
I don't generally mind what team Xinyue ultimately becomes a part of; just as long as it contains a Lightning Dust user somewhere.

Well, Aeschel is practically a dust dealer. He's gotta make all his arrows unique
I;m starting to feel like Aeschel's parents sound more interesting than Aeschel :D

"And if you're obsessed with the furthest goal, you'll be blinded to the obstacles in front of you" It wasn't that Aeschel had no drive to go up and beyond to succeed, he'd be excited to strive for the best results he could attain. But he wasn't going to tear himself apart just for not being the best at everything. Just better than one particular person. "Sometimes it's best to just be doing it right. I mean, my parents always said 'You don't reinvent the wheel, you just make it rocket-powered'. Then again, my parents strap each other to chairs to test their latest creations on each other. Last time I saw 'em, my mother was whipping out a flamethrower after dowsing my Father in alcohol. So, not the most stable individuals; but they have their nuggets of wisdom"

"Beleive me, looking at you she'd just rope you into it. She'll cause boils swelling in parts of your body only the craziest of sailors dare to probe" As he talked, Aescel began to scratch his left leg, memories coming back. Looking up at her as she made a sinister grin, Aeschel's thought immediately found humor in imagining a child version of her with a high pitched squeak yelling 'I'll tell my mommy on you!'. It made him unintentionally chuckle. Though it dissappeared when she gave him a clear cut answer. "No, no, you're not scary. You're very nice to talk to" Aeschel's more more alarmed tone made it clear that he was more scared of being rude to her than the possiability of angering her and causing bodily harm to him. Manners over personal safety. "You're awesome. I just... Don't to burden you, it'd be rude and disingenous. You shouldn't force yourself to talk to some dumb stranger who's only interesting trait is talking about greese and metal work"
"So far, I like your company very much. I'm sorry if I offended you"
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