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"I wasn't going to say anything..." Dashade started dryly, waiting for the first move to be made, planning on pushing forward after the first reaction. "But you do share a shocking resemblance with these creatures. Try gnashing your teeth together, they might accept you as their own" His eye went away from the odd one out to his followers, coming to the conclusion that the stray minions were probably the best to take down first. The odd one taking a step back and letting the others charge in, it was a decent tactic, decrease the area of movement for your opponent and force them to bump to either danger. But when you only had six guys and the opponents have flight capability, the area leaves plenty of gaps. "Drive, you puny buggers. Drive!"

The warrior went upwards to avoid the blast, with two insects instantly on his tail, flanking either side of him. Quick observation noted their sharp nature, one charging in to try and keep Dashade in place while the other came for the killing slice. To try and keep hold of Dashade, his attempted captor sunk it's teeth into his back and spread it's mandibles around him. Dashade had to admit, let these things get close and they had quite the grip. Instead of attempting to pry the creature off of him, Dashade decided to endure the small pain for the sake of another opportunity.

Throwing his weight back, he used their current position in the air to flip his entire body, placing both him and the insect upside down. It was too late for the attacker to change his course, by the time the flip has occurred those raised claws had already come down upon his comrade, drawing whatever they bled and removing the bugger from Dashade's back. Whether the insect was dead or not, the Changeling's green tail came crashing down on the two, sending them both to the floor and the height assisting in delivering an extra force to the knockdown. "At least one of them should be dead now..." Dashade muttered, looking over the battle to see if he was needed or his opponents had yet to be squashed.
She rolled her eyes at Felix, treating what he was saying as if he were a simpleton making only the most obvious of mistakes. "I get it, you're a 'genius'. I'm sure your momma gives yuh de best stickers, now can we act like adults about dis, or what?" At his protest against the insult on his hair, she simply shrugged. Did he have to be so whiny? "Look, it's pretty simple. If you're gonna take a bunch of moldy cabbages from de trash cans, put dem on your head and call 'em hair, expect people tuh say how much ya stink. Yuh got me so fahr? Hey, what's wrong wit' my accent? Racist."

"Aha I got here befawh yuh, yuh fat bastard" Sandra belted out, pointing vigorously at the sudden entrance of her boss, gloating like a child who just won a particularly riveting game of tag. Wel, before she immediately keeled over to breath on the floor. "Oh god, I tink I knocked my kidney out of place on de way up..." Naturally, to tell her sides to stop bitching, she started punching them. "Dat-... Dat's right... I'm as cunnin'... As a cunnin' fox... And can run wit' de best of dem..."
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Dashade landed beside Zepura with his arms crossed, looking towards their new opponents with an interested gaze, looking over them as he tried to make an observation. "Are we to have a strategy? Or am I to guess you'd prefer running in head-first?" Legs moved apart, one arm pulled back in a defensive stance. "Want to make sure I don't get in anyone's way" The last thing they needed was to end up hurting each other because they went after the same target. "From what I can tell, they're all roughly the same... With one exception"
"Oh, I see. De little boy tinks he's a big... Smart Man becawze he knows where all de stairs are. Ya' dig?" She had to stop to huff out some air due to the climb. "Sawhry, we weren't all blessed wit' de knowledge dat dese abandoned buildings have wawhkin' stairs, asshole!" Finally, she moves towards them, stretching out her limbs and at least allowing herself the knowledge that she was able to climb the building. Unlke this guy, apparently. "Smart enough tuh know all about stairs, but not smart enough tuh take off dat squirrel whose died on his head"

Interacting:@Shadow Daedalus

Asechel found it hard to keep focus, but focus he did, even if he really wanted to start inspecting his partner and comparing ideas in his head. He watched the beast's movements, letting his ice arrow fly to the beasts underbelly, setting the white head that would try to join the attack off balance and allowing Daedalus a much frictionless surface to slide on when he went to go under the black-scaled attacker. There was a slight distraction as some student's bout with a Nevermore could be heard close by, mentally Aschel reminded himself that they needed to finish this quickly, then hopefully they'd move in to help the other students if they were still fighting it.

He notched another arrow jumping to higher ground to get a better angle for the shot, lining it up so when his arrow fired and embedded itself in the lowered black head's eye, it would reach far enough. Fortunately, when the ice blast went over, the explosion reached towards the ground, thankfully allowing the ice to puncture inside it, as if someone had set off an explosion of spikes within its mouth.

Unfortunately, it was at this moment that the beat decided to swing the rest of its body around, trying to wiggle out of the ice trap as well as chase the much more threatening target of Daedalus, while the white head struggled over Aeschel's enviormental hazards, it's body came up towards Aeschel's position and completely smashed through the rocks Aeschel stood upon. This forced the squirrel Faunus to jump up onto the snake's body, running down along the uneven surface of a coiling snake's scales much easier than he thought he would. He didn't want this opportunity to go wasted, so in the name of drawing attention and revealing more weak spots, Aeschel used his position to tuck his blade under the scales and ripping them out on his way, opening up more vulnerable spots.

Around them, the snake's body seemed only bigger as it circled the area, breaking everything in it's path from trees to pieces of the mountains, truly and royally pissed off. That didn't stop Aeschel from expending a few explosive crystals here and there to screw up where it walked now and then. But the furious it got with it's inability to deal with this threat, the more dangerous it seemed to become. A King Taijitu was not supposed to be THAT mighty a Grimm, but an older and angry one? They could pack a punch. Plus, Aeschel couldn't discount the possibility of more Grimm showing up, weaker ones alone, but in numbers, they could prove troublesome. It made him think of a bad stomach cramp, never let it fester. Though, it did give Aeschel an idea... "Hey, Partner; any chance you could get on of those heads to keep their mouths open for longer than a second? I think we can kill two heads with a few stones by giving it a stomach ache"

Dashade was pleasantly surprised by the success of his strategy that, despite a few hiccups with the realization of the 'few second' rule, was working very well in repelling the threats around him. Every orb that came into contact with his ki was backed up by some force, enough to shove him a few paces if he was caught off-guard, but the faster and bulkier the orbs got, the more Dashade's strategy came back to just letting him keep up and survive. It was doing nothing to give him a leg up in this training. "These orbs use numbers and speed to keep us in line, a strategy of full offensive actions to force the enemy off their toes.." Batting the latest batch away, he found one particularly big cluster coming his way. Instead of trying to force it away this time, he went to block it with his ki, allowing it to push him back, but due to the curve, it came to hit him at the cluster pushed him skyward. "It is time to move from the defensive and start on the offensive"

From his position in the air, he felt the squirming clusters working through his thin ki barrier, any longer and they would either explode or work through and zap him once more. Instead of pushing them away, he ignited his ki, turning his ki barrier into a blast that slammed into the offending cluster and sending it back into the ground. More orbs followed suit, prompting him to respond with more ki barrages, forcing some to explode early and take out the surrounding orbs as he backed away. As he moves, he pushed his feet into the ground, his toes curling and ripping dirt from the ground as his body zoomed around the area. This kicked up a whole storm's worth of dirt that flew up and coated the persuing orbs, which Dashade hoped would slow them down and thus make them easier targets.

When the Angel mentioned the purpose of relying less on his basic senses, on forcing his body to reflectively observe his surroundings without his eyes, he closed his eyes, trying to force himsef to focus more on the blinding minefield of ki signatures that surrounded him. He could not sense Angel was an anomaly that could not be sensed, a blank spot in the field. But Dashade could feel Zepura's power and ferocity as she continued with the exercise, she was certainly the strongest of the three. The reading he got on the ferocious feline, Kriss, indicated that Dashade himself was at the middle of them all in terms of power.

Strange enough, despite the swirling horde of ki that flooded the area due to the orbs, Dashade could almost make out a few different ki signatures. Not like the ki orbs, certainly not as powerful as any of them, but just detectable. "I think we might have an audience..."
Oh, I get it, just because they don't have souls, they're worthless, huh!? :D
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