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Sounds interesting! I’ll for sure join when it starts
I’m going to have a post up with it the next day or two

Here she is, the layout isn’t as good as I wanted because I had to do this on my phone. Also hopefully my race is ok too I posted some i for on the Genasi race I got off the DnD wiki.
@Allycat Yes, I am interested been busy lately but hopefully I can have a character up tomorrow.
Hark looked to the man and then to Jagger who just shrugged. Normally Hark would have just sent the man on his way, however under the current circumstances even if this man was only around for one battle it would be better than nothing. Hark looked at George’s hand but didn’t shake it, “Very well I’ll accept your terms.” He saw a cunning grin come across the man’s face and hark took a steps towards him until their faces were a mere inch apart. “Don’t get the idea you’re special.” Hark said in a warning tone, “If it weren’t for the fact you forfeited more than half of your months pay you’d be looking for employment elsewhere.”

Hark took on last look at the man before he tossed a single silver coin at the man, “Here is your first weeks pay then.” He looked around the courtyard and seeing there was no newcomers Hark started heading back towards Jagger and the rest of the men, “Were done here, enjoy the rest of your night.” Jagger nodded and went about dismissing the rest of the men while Hark headed for Lord Dulbur’s estate to speak to him about the places where Orcs have started their raids.
I do say I’m quite interested in this one question how advanced is Kina city?
Hark was just about to dismiss Ezra a man came up two the two. "Which one of you is the employer?" He blurted "Ah, I forgot to introduce myself.” He looked at the two, "I am George Arend Lark," He said as he bowed. Hark and Ezra exchanged a glance before hard waved his hand. “You’re dismissed remember have your men formed up tomorrow morning before dawn.” As she walked away Hark studied the man, “I am Hark, commander of the Frostbourn stronghold. If you are here to join my force to combat the invading Orc hordes then you can sign over there.” He said flatly pointing at Jagger who held up the signature paper.
I’ll have a post up soon real life been busy
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