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Hello Adventurer,

It seems we have met in an unlikely of places our destinies have clashed in this moment. It is up to you, if you decide to be a friend or foe. I have taken chances with rolling the dice for long epic adventures for around five years. I have written and participated in several one on one adventures. I have led and been a participant in Escape Rooms, or a DM in Dungeons and Dragons. Along with solving Murder Mysteries by completing jigsaw puzzles.

You may find that I am a fan of gaming and anime.

Gaming has always had a place in my heart. I mostly lean toward Role Playing Games, but I take pleasure in other genres as well. Some of my favorite games would be: Zelda, Vampyr, or Assassins Creed, and Pokemon.

My favorites for anime are far and wide. My absolute favorites are mostly Shonen Jump, Isekai,and Slice of Life.
Some examples would be: My Hero Academia, Inuyasha, and Carol and Tuesday.

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Aela drew her sword and stayed close to the twins Mainly behind. When she saw Emily throw a guy practically she turned to Emily surprised and shocked. “That was amazing! Keep doing whatever you are doing.”

Aela glanced nervously at the flames then back at them. "Well, I would like to help the villagers. But, I am out of mana. And not too much energy in me. I will try not to slow you two down if you wish to engage."
Aela glanced nervously at the flames then back at them. "Well, I would like to help the villagers. But, I am out of mana. And not too much energy in me. I will try not to slow you two down if you wish to engage."

Aela smiled while finishing catching her breath she stood up. "If we want to find a camping spot we better start looking before nightfall. And I can start a fire and cook a meal for you two, maybe lay down for a bit."

Aela led them down the path to the left it was a bit steep, as she moved carefully and was finally able to reach the base of the cliff. What caught her eye was the village to the group's far right was on fire. Aela jumped slightly at the sudden wall of flames, "That is strange I suggest we find shelter quick seems like bandits are raiding. Or do you think you two are up to face some combat?"

Aela’s smile slightly wavers. “I’m getting used to this whole magic world. And my connection to it apparently. I wonder what the effects are from the other side. But I won’t know until my mana is replenished. We should probably plan on where to stay tonight and how we are to move forward. I’d assume we would need to know how this world functions and works.”

Aela glanced back to Eric and Emily, she was a bit tired and decided to kneel down and rest a few moments. A feeling was settling over her on top of being out of mana with her pain being gone she felt mana all around her in the air in the grass in the village and in the flames. It was sudden and overwhelming.

She smiled at them. "We made it to the other side. How are you two feeling? Any different?"
Aela leaned against Emily and Eric as she opened the book in between them. Only to find the pages blank. The book began to glow and increased until light melted all of them for a moment. Once the light died down the book had vanished along with the light. Aela's hands slowly fell to her sides from the positions of holding the book.
"It looks like we are on our own. All we can do is move forward."

Aela wandered through narrow tunnels overrun with moss and spider webs. Light of the sun began peaking through the mouth of the exit. It seemed to be a bunch of ivy. She pushed it aside to revealed a breath taking view of hills and villages. But one thing that caught Aela's attention was the wall of smoke and fire nearby.

Aela was a bit shocked when she heard both Emily and Eric gasp. As Eric ran to her side she was already on her knees about to push herself up. Eric's strong arm wrapped around her own to help her up. Aela noticed the concern in his voice, she glanced at Emily who seemed to share the seemed sentiment.

"I am okay, just a little tired and not used to this feeling and my situation. I'm sorry Eric and Emily for worrying you. I really am okay. Do either of you know what we need to do next?"

As Aela got through with the help of Eric and Emily she walked through the flames. They were cold and didn't harm her, she walked until the end of the hall of flames and leaned on the door to the next area wondering what would come next. However, the door gave way under her leaning against it. She falls on her back, and lays there a moment before rolling on her side to get up.

Aela glanced at Eric and Emily she let go of Eric and moved forward toward the flames she stretched out her hand and the flames retreated like a curtain. "It seems that we literally have to walk through flames. But it was an extra precaution in case of intruders. The flames feel the same way the ones on the stone torches do. I'm guessing with them lit we can continue on."
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