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@Jasper19 Where do we start in the order?
Turn thee, @Jasper19. Look upon thy death

@Jasper19 Do you quarrel, sir?
Darya watches the blonde boy closely as he conjures the cloud cover. She doesn't remember him introducing himself on the bus, but nor had she. Hopefully, he won't turn out to be a threat.
Her attention shifts to the newest addition. He radiates a faint dark aura, but he doesn't seem malicious. His being a child of the Abyss might be part of her hesitance. The white-haired girl with whom he speaks doesn't seem to feel the same hesitance, so perhaps it's just Darya.
I'll approach him later, once we've settled down, she decides, stopping at the rear of the group and scanning their surroundings.
Reagan steps up next to Tony, twirling a gold coin between their fingers. "Where's 'here'?" they ask, slowing the coin. It loses its gold in a flick of their wrist, and they bite into it. Reagan starts when Jason begins summoning the clouds, but when they turn to look at the blonde, they snicker at the strained look on his face. Looks like he's gonna shit himself, they think.
le gasp Do you bite your thumb at me, good sir?
Counter-insult(?): You are lice upon the head of society
@Sharidi37495 no confusion here. Y'all are the bright point in my day no homo

Also, uhhhh where do we start in posting order?
Bro no lamps necessary you're the light in this world
ㅠ.ㅠ bro come back
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