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I gotta crash. see y'all tomorrow
Adam laughs at Charlie's hug and easily envelopes him into it. "Thanks, man." He freezes at Artimes' comment, but recovers and continues suiting up.
He accepts the blade, testing its balance before tucking it into the Duat. "I'll use it carefully. What's troubling you?" he prods. "You've got that stormy look in your eye."
"Oi. Cat girl," Max calls from her position on the ground to Winter. "Suit up," she says, gesturing to the armor. "You'll need it."
Adam helps Artimes into her armor. "Don't worry, cariƱa. I wouldn't fight any of you, no matter what."
Max refuses to move, only pulling her smallest hammer out of her belt.
Adam springs up, testing to see if he can reach his weapons in the Duat.
Max doesn't move from her position on the ground.
Leila lifts her head. "Almost done here. I'll finish up and get these put in," she calls back, then turns back to her board. She finishes checking, marking only Artimes as "mild damage."
She stops mid-stride as she leaves. "My favorite color is pink," she calls over her shoulder. "I would have thought the hair gave it away, but I guess that was too hard to gather. My mistake. I overestimated how much you cared. I'll make sure to not make the same mistake twice."
Leila scoffs at Artimes, but her fake smile fades at Ivy's words. "Wow. You were utterly wrong in almost all of that," she says, seeming disappointed. "I specialize in water-based plants, not vines. They're simply more convenient. I only did the puzzles because I felt so awkward turning down your card games. And as for you and Jacob, what does that have to do with me? Why did you include that as part of something you felt was important to the core of my being?" she asks. Leila turns her head, and the flower wilts and crumbles. "I really was just a side character, huh?" She shakes herself out of it and slips back on the professional mask. "Well, no longer. Here, I am important. Here, I am trusted." She moves to the next cell. "Charlie Rossi. Little damage."
wow i'm kinda not liking leila right now, but this is also really cool. I like the self-righteousness paired with such a deep betrayal because it's interesting to think about
She gives Charlie an empty smile. "Be quiet. Your father has been a guiding force for me, and you dishonor him by siding with these people."
A single candytuft flower blooms in front of Ivy. "You were kind to me, and for that, I thank you. However, do any of you anything about me? Do you even know my favorite color? Go ahead. I'm waiting."
Max finally stands and stumbles back into the corner of the cell, where she sits, curled into a ball.
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