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With a cautious glance towards Tsu, Kit jerks his head towards the riverboats and falls in step just behind Kosa. He grins at the wind that gently pushes him along, laughing brightly at Kosa's whisper.
"Wrong language, man. Mädchen means girl, right? What about her?" He leans in conspiratorially, lowering his voice. "She's kinda prissy, I think," he mutters.

As they approach the riverboats, Kit drinks in the chaotic sight. Each of the four boats has their own gangplank connecting them to the shore, but a series of haphazard boards creates an interlocking walkway among them. Stepping confidently onto the closest gangplank, Kit knocks his hand on the railing and calls, "Hello? Anybody home?"

He seems to not have noticed the bright white biwa floating above his head.
In Camp Fujin 4 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
At the mention of Kosa's nationality, Kit bristles defensively. "What does it matter where he's 'native' to? He fits in just as well as you or me." He pauses, scoffs, and amends. "Better than me, that's for sure, but that's not hard." As Kosa comes crashing down and pops out of the flowers, Kit smiles softly. Speak of the devil. The smile drops when Tsu brushes the lilies out of Kosa's hair, and Kit loops his thumbs through his belt loops. That's fine too. Whatever. He toes one of the fallen flowers.

"Hey, man. Found your cabinmates?" He looks up excitedly, remembering why they'd been heading in that direction. "Wanna go check out these riverboats with us?"
When Artemis's confused face shimmers into view, the thin line of Darya's mouth relaxes. Her eyes crinkle in amusement as Artemis's bewildered questions pour through the hazy Iris connection, and she holds up a finger to slow the rapid-fire interrogation.
"Hello. You don't have to do anything, per se. This is an Iris message. It's the main mode of communication for the demigods at Camp Half-Blood," she explains, speech stilted. Almost as if she's reading an email out-loud, she continues, "I saw your note. Would you care for company? Roaming monsters pose a serious threat to individual demigods, and considering the large group in which we are traveling, we're bound to attract a number of enemies." She pauses as a small tremor rumbles almost imperceptibly under her still-bare feet. Its origin is nearby, but it doesn't seem natural. Scooping up the fountain, she pads quietly back toward the source.
"Speak softly, sister. There may be a danger here." She catches a glimpse of Devon kneeling on the ground and watches him silently for a tick before she backs just out of sight and hearing. "Apologies. It was simply the son of the deep." Her attention returns to Artemis's misty reflection.


Although Reagan had never visited Sydney, winding their way through the streets of the unfamiliar city is like meeting (another) half-sibling. No matter where they go, there's an undercurrent of familiarity that leads their feet down each path, a dance that their body can't forget. Without seeming to notice J.R. tailing them, they let curiosity be their guide, getting distracted by interesting-looking places and people.
The latter turns out to be the traveler that had driven him onto the streets in the first place. A head of white hair is unusual, especially paired with the heavy winter gear that hangs off his form awkwardly.
That has to be uncomfortable.
Reagan jogs lightly towards the boy as he peruses souvenirs. Really, the kid couldn't look more like a tourist if he tried.
"Hey! Where've you been, man? We've been looking for you," they call, slinging an arm over his shoulder casually. Praying the kid will play along, they turn to the shopkeeper.
"'Scuse us, sir! Sorry to take your time," they say, grimacing apologetically. They pointedly turn the other kid away, leading him to a busier street. As soon as the two are out of earshot, they drop their arm and back up, giving the other space.
"Sorry, but he was scamming you. They jack up prices for foreigners. Also, I think I can point you in the right direction, if you're looking for something specifically." They smile widely, gesturing in the direction of the nome.
In Camp Fujin 5 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Kit bobs his head to the rōnin as he leaves, then grins as wind stirs around him. "See ya in a bit!" he calls as Kosa rapidly disappears. His smile drops a little, becoming unreadable as he watches him run off happily. He turns to the fancy girl at her question, demeanor shifting back to aloof at the unfamiliar face. Definitely some rich kid who actually gives a shit about posture and manners and whatnot.

"What's it to you?" he retorts, then pauses, seeming contrite at the sharp tone before settling back into uncaring. He gestures for her to follow and begins ambling towards the temple for the unclaimed. His gaze lands on the waterfront, where a handful of boats keeps drawing his attention. During the tour, he'd seen a couple others adrift in various spots, but they'd never gotten close enough. Making a beeline towards the larger group of them, he tilts his head to beckon the fancy girl along.
In Camp Fujin 5 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
In response to Kosa's question, Kit digs a very crumpled flyer out of his bag. "Hell yeah. My dad gave it to me last week," he mutters, just as quickly.

The old guy who seemed to be in charge introduced himself as a long-dead rōnin, which Kit highly doubted, but he followed anyways. Only because Kosa grabbed his arm, not because he actually sorta believed the guy. Shut up. Kit followed the English explanations from this "Miyamoto" dude fairly well, but his Japanese was much easier to understand. English was never Kit's favorite subject, but it had its uses. Also, Kosa's head now had a glowing pink what's-it above it. Cool. That's normal.

Okay, so maybe this place holds some of the answers that Kit's been looking for. The blonde wandered off after his symbol popped up, and the redhead disappeared somewhere, so Kit catches Miyamoto's attention.

"Sir, what the fancy girl said. Where's the 'unlabeled' house?" he asks, letting the politeness of the Japanese get obscured by drawl. Like fuck was he going to let everyone think he was some goody-two-shoes.
In Camp Fujin 5 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Kit was running late. Fashionably late, if you were to ask him, but late nonetheless. The walk from school had always taken a bit, and he'd been in no rush to leave his friends for who-knows-how-long while he went to some weird summer camp, so it only made sense that the car dropped him off later than expected. If he'd waited a few minutes after the scarlet-haired girl had made it over to the others, well, that was his business.

As he strolled over to the group, he was glad for the heavy black boots that let him announce his presence without saying a word. Tucking his thumbs into the loops of his torn cornflower blue jeans, he whistles low, scanning over the mismatched group. His eyes catch on familiar pink hair, and he grins.
@PrincessVampora do you want to do the iris call in discord? it's an aside-piece, and jasper gave it the go-ahead
In Camp Fujin 5 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
In Camp Fujin 5 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Judani lifts her head at Astarot's question and puffs out proudly. I'm nearly 10 days old, she responds. When Eragon dismisses the group, Diommia scoops Judani up gently, letting her scramble up to perch on her shoulders. They follow Aya a little ways into the woods, but branch off quickly, heading deeper towards the center of the island. The river goes underground further down from the waterfall, and a slowly swirling pool provides a safe drinking spot for much of the local wildlife. Dio settles on the bank, and Judani curls up in her lap. Watching the tiny fish dart around the pond, Dio lets herself slip into a trance, trying to let her consciousness reach out. Curious, Judani rests her muzzle against Dio's gedwëy ignasia and lets their minds meld a bit more.
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