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In short, Colette had outdone herself. When Leila had commissioned her for a dress, she’d been purposely vague, asking only that it be a pink to which she could match her hair. She had wanted to see what the young designer could do, as a sort-of-test for their hopeful collaboration. Much to Leila’s delight, every expectation (and then some) had been met and outdone.
The pale pink fabric of Leila's dress seems to glow in the soft candlelight. Long, billowing sleeves lead up to a wide neckline, which then flows down to a tapered waist. The skirt's many overlapping layers are the newly opened petals of a flower as they glide along the ground, and the accompanying kitten heels scarcely seem to make a sound.
To thank the seamstress, Leila is doing the best she can to show off the incredible workmanship. When she had arrived - a little early, as polite company dictates - she had laid claim to a seat towards the center of the room, in line with the stage. There, the eye is naturally drawn towards where the lights seem to shine a little more brightly. As she flits among the other guests, she keeps an eye turned to the door, hoping to invite Colette into the limelight she had seized. In the meantime, she contents herself with greeting old acquaintances and friends, and begins to peer through the unfamiliar faces in search of possible new connections.

»»——————— ❁ ———————««

Max already wants to leave. She’s been there all of thirty, forty minutes maximum, and the high-brow atmosphere makes her want to crawl out of her skin. The gilded black romper and ridiculous knee-high boots certainly aren’t helping, and although the familiar bomber jacket somewhat grounds her, it's the steady stream of lavish finger foods that convinces her to stay a bit longer.
Snagging another glass of undoubtedly overpriced champagne, she makes her way back to the table she had chosen, as close to the door as she could get. She had flippantly disregarded any sign of assigned seats, but no one has tried to convince her to move. Or maybe they had. Who cares.
She tilts up the Venetian-style half-mask that covers her lower face, downing the glass in a practiced tilt of her head. It joins its fallen brethren on the table, and the mask slips smoothly back into place. With a quiet groan, she slumps back in her seat slightly and massages the bridge of her nose. This is going to be a long night.

»»——————— ☼ ———————««

Adam had been dubious, to say the least, when the invitation first arrived. A New York masquerade invitation addressed to Yeehaw, West Texas? When pigs fly. He immediately dismissed what was undoubtedly a prank by one of his sisters (probably Eva) and threw it into the growing pile of junk mail on the foot of his bed. However, the next day, his mother was abruptly summoned to her company’s headquarters in New York. Strangely enough, the hotel they had booked for her was nearly an hour from the headquarters, and scarcely a ten-minute walk from the invitation’s address. Adam tagged along with her, and he took one of his father’s suits, just to humor the nagging feeling of importance the letter emanated. As the date neared, Adam’s sense of unease grew.
Now, he stands down the street from a horribly run-down hotel, questioning his life decisions. He worries an absent finger over the skull detailing of his half-mask, hands crossed contemplatively over his chest. Just when he decides to head back and forget about the entire ordeal, the *click* of heels alerts him to the presence of a finely dressed couple. For a moment, their matching red-and-black figures hesitate outside the ramshackle building, seemingly as baffled as he by its appearance. He almost laughs as the male hastily catches the dropped suit jacket, but their sobering presence confirms the validity of the invitation. Adam fixes his gaze on the woman as she walks up to the hotel, glances briefly at the number by the door, and vanishes - literally vanishes - into the doorway. The blue-headed man follows suit, disappearing similarly as he crosses the door frame.
A pause, and Adam slowly makes his way over to hover in front of the hotel. He hesitates, then steps through entrance. The room transforms, and his eyes widen in disbelief at the opulence that unveils itself. Glad of the mask and sapphire-and-black suit that lends him some semblance of anonymity, he slinks over to a corner and surveys the room.

»»——————— ✣ ———————««

As Ivy runs after Tasha, her communication crystal flashes brightly.
Adam rejoins the guy group. "Sorry about that. I found the coolest s-" he starts, before cutting off abruptly when he sees Artimes. He rushes to her. "Arty! Are you okay?"
Lmao sorry i didn't realize i had unfriended anybody. Here or on discord?
Adam smiles in relief. "Hey. Arty wants to take me to her pantheon's camp. I'll keep communication lines open, but I wanted to get in touch with you first. Ivy with you?"
that makes sense. i don't have the dsm in front of me, but that totally tracks. thanks!
Adam looks nervous about just up and leaving. "Still. I'll just call them. Not everyone's gone, right? I heard Max banging on doors earlier, so at least she's here." He pulls out a tiny bowl with a tightly sealed lid and quickly sits. He opens the dish, which Artimes can now see is about half full of oil, and mutters over it quickly. "Jacob, can you hear me?" he calls quietly into the bowl, which is swirling strangely.
i apologize for any incorrect info. it's been a year or so since i took the course, but i really enjoyed it
okay then i'm starting with adhd and similar disorders. uh, you have to have symptoms of adhd in childhood (like, before 15 or smthg). it has to interfere with daily life, but for at least 6 months and in 2 settings (if its just one, it could be purposeful acting-out). both have a list of symptoms that you have to meet a certain number of, but I can remember specific instances of all but like 1 from each list.
i think its odd, oppositional defiant disorder, thats easy to mistake for adhd. similar disruptive behaviors
learning disorders are a whole huge mess thats really fascinating too. autism, especially Aspergers, is really cool. i have a super smart friend whos autistic. he doesn't get people, and he can seem aloof. he's really good at expressing his thoughts, which indicates aspergers, so he might just be highly introverted. also, he was the smartest on my team, and he was basically what took us to global competitions. he just doesn't do people
He gives her a very confused look. "Hippo campers? What th-" He cuts off abruptly to let her continue. "Let's confer with the others. If we're going to be gone for a bit, they'll probably appreciate at least a heads-up. Same with the camp folks. You mentioned a Chiron? Could you contact them, and I'll see what I can do about finding everybody else?" He helps her restock the box and notices her linger on the shoes, but chooses not to comment.
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