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Hello I'm Evil Snowman or Snowy as some have taken to calling me.
I'm a 25 year old baker living in Australia. I also work nights so I'm up at some weird hours.
Let's see I'm into Writing/RPing, Video games, anime, Sci-if stuff (to lazy to list what.) computers, cats and a lot of other stuff.
I spend a fair amount of my free time on the net so I tend leave tab open for the guild so I'm normally around if not I'm mostly likely working or passed out somewhere.

If you want more know more you'll have to talk to me and get to know me (don't worry I don't bite... too much) so send me an PM and I'll talk with you.

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I'm in this till the bitter end either this will finish/die or I will.
Varya Moskvin

Varya’s final thoughts before going into stasis had been of her last trip home and all the goodbyes she had given. As the woman questioned herself for what she was sure was the tenth time if her choice was the right one. To give everything up to sleep for seven hundred years to try and make something in a new galaxy. To see new stars to see what she hoped what be something beyond her imagination. Still as Varya waited for a moment before her cryo pod was activated was the longest one she had ever had to endure. It filled with thoughts, mild regret and excitement. As she knew full well, she was abandoning everyone who cared about her. All for her own instable need to explore the stars. Knowing fully well when she was awoken, everyone would be long dead, but it would be a new beginning and chance to explore another galaxy. Even if she was not going one of the first to be awoken. She was excited, and it was only thing keeping her form bailing out. Although it was too late now as the cryo pod slowly placed Varya under its spell.

The next thing Varya knew is she was awake in her pod. Her senses dulled as heard a gentle hum as cryo pods hatch slid open and bright light was shined in her eyes. Make Varya try to turn her head away, but her body felt heavy and refused to obey. But a groan escaped, and the light was moved away. Varya mentally thanking whatever higher power may exist that the light was moved.

It took several minutes for Varya’s sense to focus, and in that time, she heard the sound of what she thought was someone talking. Although could not make out much of what was being said to her at first be slowly the sound came into focus
“… in there? Don’t tell me your brains gone to crap.” The voice spoke, Varya answering with a slow shake of her head.
“Good. Now as I was saying don’t rush. You’ve been asleep for seven hundred years. Your body will need time to readjust to being used.” The voice followed with Varya now able to tell it was a woman's voice. Something her eyes confirmed a couple of minutes later seeing an older looking female doctor, holding a large datapad.
“So we made it?” Varya asked as she slowly got herself to sit up, the doctor watching Varya closely.
“Yep, although not everything went as planned. But you’ll find out soon enough, for now. Get your shit together and when ready head out via that door. Someone meet up with you soon and explain everything. Welcome to Andromeda.” The doctor spoke before turning to leave in a hurry like she had much to do. Varya left to fend for herself.

It took a little time, but Varya slowly made her way to the dressing room and started to get herself dressed. Surprised to find the clothes in the locker was her work uniform. Making Varya a little confused, just was going on? Why had her work clothes been provided? As they were not ones, she had taken off before going into cryo. About half though getting dressed Varya heard the door open and was greeted to a young man coming in holding a datapad.
“Oh hello. I thought you’d be dressed by now … I’ll just wait outside…” the young man spoke doing his best not to look at Varya’s half-naked form. Before slipping out of the room. The woman giving a slight frown mildly annoyed by the intrusion but figured that young man was the person was here to meet with her.

Once dressed Varya made her out of the room was greeted to the sight of the young man standing by the door looking down at pad tapping on it with vigour. Varya seeing he was in the middle of writing something down. But stopped after the door closed to look at Varya.
“Hello again … Varya Moskvin. I’m Anthony Jenkins. Um sooo, I not sure if you’ve told I’m here to meet with you. That why I walked…”
“It’s fine, it happens, and I took my sweet time getting out of cryo. I was told someone would explain what going on? The tunnel told me nothing.” Varya stated plainly cutting the young man off. Who looked a little surprised but nodded, giving a small grin.
“Ah, yes! That! Right, umm here take my pad I’m not good with trying to explain things when I have to speak it... so I put it down on the pad. In the meantime I was told to you take to the ship, we have much work to do. Need to get the ship ready for launch tomorrow.” Anthony spoke, handing Varya the pad before he started to walk off.
“Come on! It’s a bit of a walk. But don’t rush if you not up to it yet. Need you able, not vomiting on the floor or falling over.”

Varya followed Anthony walking reading the pad as she went. Anthony, sure enough, having written out a very detailed explanation of what was going on. Along with having various highlighted. The chaos of the environment around her had not gone unnoticed as well. Although Varya ignored most of it as she focused on the datapad. Reading and rereading the information that had been prepared for her. Varya’s mind struggling to process everything at first. This was not what she was promised on the other side. But as she came to understand the situation. She could not help but feel like she was being given everything she wanted, and part of her could not help but feel just little bit happy about it. Even if the situation as a whole was concerning.

Upon arrival to the Monothlith Varya was quickly hurried inside. Not given a chance to look at the majestic ship. Only getting a moment as she was practically dragged inside on to an evaluator.
“So you understand? Right?” Anthony asked, looking at Varya with a hopeful expression.
“It’s a lot to take in. But yes, I get it. I’ve been assigned to this ship the URV Monolith. Ships been cleared to launch tomorrow and need to be checked to make sure it’s spaceworthy. You’ve already started, but issue with some of crew cryo pods meant not everyone made it. So you’ve been shorthanded?” Varya answered, earning a nod out of Anthony pleased Varya understood.
“Yes, I know. Shocked me too, some of those people lost where friends of mine. Sad really but we knew the risks. Anyway, what I didn’t put into the pad is. We’re headed to engineering. You’ll meet the chief he’ll give you the rundown what needs doing and then he’ll give you your assignment.”

The meeting with the Chief engineer was brief. Barely had entered engineering and given her name was she being told she needed to go to the med bay with Anthony to fix an issue with life support and the power grid. Before having a repair kit shoved into her hands and ushered out. The last words form Chief engineer to report in when done.

Form there, Varya spent the next day at work. Sure enough there was plenty to do. As every system had to thoroughly double-checked, and if there was even a minor issue it was to be fixed be for the system was again double-checked. Anthony explaining the Chief engineer want to know without a doubt nothing was wrong with the ship. Everyone micrometre had to be checked and until it was and he was satisfied the vessel was going to be their tomb. He would not let the Monolith leave the dock. After all it 700 years old and until everything was checked there was no knowing how time may have damaged the vessel.

Even if it was a lot of work as the Monolith had list of issue that needed addressing. Varya saw it get to know Monolith’s systems. Having never worked on such an advance ship before some of the systems where quite alien to her and it if hadn't been for Anthony to explain how some of the ship's systems operated. Varya would have taken a lot longer to get some of her work done. The pair talking. It also kept the woman mind of the thoughts of leaving everything behind that still lingered in her mind. The few time they crept up she had to remind herself that it 700 years had passed and there was no way back.

After a solid day of work. The Monolith was deemed spaceworthy. All its system were running within tolerances. The bulk of the engineers were allowed onto Atlas for a short but much-needed break. Varya merely opting to mill around the dock and admire the vessel she had worked hard to make sure was ready for its mission. Leaning railing near ship she could not help but being awe of the Monolith now able to get a proper look at it.

While admiring the vessel Varya opted to have something to eat. Having been given foul-tasting field ration several hours before. As she ate Varya mind wondered, now having to time properly think she could help but have mixed feeling about everything happening. Part of mind still dwelling on the questions she asked herself when had first climbed into the cryopod. Although it having now had a day to think about everything she was feeling a little giddy. She’d been given what she’d thought could be a perfect assignment. After all she would on a scout ship that would be charting space no one form the Milkyway had ever seen. It was more then she have ever hoped for.

Slowly, people started to fill the dock. Varya turning to watch them. Still leaning on railing she had no intention of moving until she was ordered back aboard. The woman wondering what these people were like. Partly hoping a handful of them. Could be something close to what she had back in milky way. Varya starting to feel the slightest pangs of loneliness. As it dawned on her everyone on the Omen was long dead. Varya trying to bury such feeling and force a smile.

Right so I'm pretty sure my CS is done. I fixed the errors I could find (although I positive I've missed some always do) It mostly the same but I've had some extra odds and ends here. So let me know if there is anything I need to change or if it's all good.

I found it I'll see ya there mate.
If there is still room I'd like to join.

Sorry if CS is little rough, I did while half a sleep with very little time. I think for the most part it's ledge able. I'll tidy it up if needed later after work.


To know she had a confirmed kill under her belt. Stroked Valéria’s ego greatly, feeling a pang of satisfaction. Even if it had only been dumb luck she had hit the best in the right spot to put it down. A kill was a kill and provided she survived the battle she’d mark her the kill in a tally and twist the lucky shot into an epic tale to share over a drink or two. Well at the very least she’d try.

As much Valéria would have liked to savour the kill there still many Cruxi to put down and now having put down one Cruxi Valéria was sure she could kill many more Cruxi before the battle was over. Valéria now itching to test out Judgment on a few Cruxi to see in the simulations where right as to how much damage it would do.

Sure enough the mace did not disappoint Valéira. More than pleased with how sent a Cruxi CMW flying in one strike. Valéria again feeling a pang of satisfaction as she manvoured her werk to attack the next CWM. The woman wanting to see more Cruxi sent flying and doubled over. Valéira feeling herself grow just a little excited. To surprise the Cruxi and engage them in close combat was a rush and something Valéria knew she should not enjoy but could not help it.

Valéria was about to order Redeemer to rush the next work when the cockpit filled with alarms and her werk stumbled forwards. The woman surprised to see a Cruxi had gotten behind her and mounted her werk.
“Get off!” she shouted as she fought to keep the werk upright. The extra weight put Redeemer out of balance and threatening to fall over. The werk quick to notify it’s pilot it was now dangerously overweight, and its legs were starting to give out. Unable to take the strain of both Redeemer and a Cruxi in high gravity for more than a few minutes before the servos became severely damaged and werk potentially crippled.

Seeing as she had no other choice much to Valéria’s annoyance she quickly took aim at CWM’s head in front of her and Redeemers laser repeater. Before attempting to throw the werk backwards. Hoping to land of the Cruxi and crush it under Redeemers weight ideally killing it or at the very least doing some sort of damage. Valéria could only hope as she knew of no other means to damage the Cruxi on her back as Redeemers design stopped any of the werks weapons reaching the Cruxi on werks back. She also hoped she had not done to much damage to Redeemer trying to throw it backwards with so much extra weight.

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