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Current No power today. Will be posting tonight after it comes back on.
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To my 1x1 RP partners, if I've not posted for you recently please let me know. I have a feeling might have forgotten about one or two of you and I can't for the life of me figure who you might be.
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Post will be coming over the next couple of days. Yes, I know I've been slack just not had the energy to RP.
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Having one of those days where one wakes up in a stupidly good mood that wont go away.
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Posts will be coming in the next day or three works been busy. Training up new staff and learning the quirks of new equipment.


Hello I'm Evil Snowman or Snowy as some have taken to calling me.
I'm a 24 year old baker living in Australia. I also work nights so I'm up at some weird hours.
Let's see I'm into Writing/RPing, Video games, anime, Sci-if stuff (to lazy to list what.) computers, cats and a lot of other stuff.
I spend a fair amount of my free time on the net so I tend leave tab open for the guild so I'm normally around if not I'm mostly likely working or passed out somewhere.

If you want more know more you'll have to talk to me and get to know me (don't worry I don't bite... too much) so send me an PM and I'll talk with you.

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@Little Eden I got not problem with it.
@Queen Tomato Thanks those totality slipped my mind I might do a few minor tweaks.

Take two also this time I've stick my character home nation before the CS since I'm at my computer I cut and paste easier.

Right so here is the mark 1 version my CS it's rough around the edges but I think it's in submittable state for the most part. At the very least it'll you an idea of what I'm going for. Also included my characters homeland in the CS.

(CS is is being tweaked please standby)
@Lyla Could I please reserve the magic element of water if no one has called it already.
I have something up in the next day or two.
This looks very interesting. I think I'll make a character if you still looking for people.

She had slept well, even if she was annoyed about having to go to bed early to make up for the early wake-up call. Anat spent an hour roaming around in her Astral form spooking the guards. That being one of Anat favourite pass time. Anat up at 5 am setting up a little trap for whoever would come to collect her. A trip wire nothing flash but given she had to get ready the best she could manage.

So when the cell door started to open Iza turned to look to watch whichever sucker was brave enough to come in. But before the door open Anat suddenly found herself floating above her own body.
Damn it not now. she thought to turning back to the door as she heard footstep followed by a surprised gasp. Watching as slender male guard feel flat on his face. Anat breaking down into a fit of silent laughter. Although she used the tripwire often, to her it never got old. Iza always enjoying watching the guards fall flat on their faces.

She watched the guard pick himself up and approach her body. The guard giving a large sigh when he saw Anat’s body on the floor.
“Oi sleepy head get up,” he said nudge Anat’s body with his foot. Waiting for a moment before giving her a soft kick.
“OI! GET UP! I don’t have time to play your games #74 Get up NOW!” he spoke giving her a slightly hard kick. Anat frowning at the treatment of her body. So focusing gave the guard a shove.

“You feel out again? Great now I have to carry you.” The guard sigh picking up Anat’s body.
“Better follow me, or you’ll get in trouble, again. Also, you trip me over again, and I’ll make sure you dental floss is conversated.”

So Anat’s body was carried to the auditorium and placed in a seat close the door. Incase it needed to be moved quickly that and so the guards could watch it, making sure the other children didn't take advantage of Anat being unable to use her body.
Anat giving a sigh in her Astral form. Wondering how long it would take for her to get back into her body so in the meantime Anat figured she pull a quick prank on The Director. A risky thing to do but it was rare he was exposed like this. Typically in areas of the facility, she could not get into with her Astral form.

Anat knew she could not do much or risk being punished badly. So figured a she'd trip him. Who knows maybe some of the siblings would enjoy it. So slipping through the glass Anat moving in close and focusing on the director shoes she redid his laces tieing them together. Something that was very hard to do as it required a lot of movement. But something she could pull off with enough effort. Anat hoping that would get a laugh. Thinking it had better pretty sure she would get in trouble for it.

With her prank in place Anat pulled back and drifted in her Astral form amongst her siblings enjoying have so many of them gathered. As she drifted, she gave some a tap on the shoulder followed by tapping on the other to bug them. Lacking anything better to do while she waited.


The alarm sounded, and Iza jumped who was content in her cell making a small pool of blood dance around on the floor. Hmm contently to herself having been allowed outside of her cell for an extra hour due to good behaviour. Looking at the digital billboard, Iza got up and moved to it. Trying to read the message on it thought a partial layer of dried blood. Iza signing as she knew it was important cleaning the message board with some water and dirty a rag. Making it readable although only just.




“Oh this sounds like it important. Still, 6 am? Better go to bed ...” Iza muttered with a sigh before to turning heel to bed to the bloodied mass that was her bed.
“I wonder how they will release me manually? No one dares come in here early.I wonder if I I’ll get my morning transfusion early. I better I’m not going in morning stage 2.” she muttered climbing into her bed.

Iza awoke next morning at 5:40am to the sound of a high pitched whine that was used as her alarm.
“I’m up …” she muttered rolling over in her bed the whine growing louder.
“I'm up! I’m up! Turn that thing off!” she shouted sitting up. The whine dying down.
“Morning Iza, how are you feeling today?” A voice spoke over an intercom asking the same question it did every day.
“Not bad, but I do not like being awake so early. To deal with my blood whispering at me at this time is hard."
“We know it hard for you. I assure you it's very important. It seems everything is ready. It seems today menu is form #1.”
“Big sisters blood! OH! I love getting her blood.” Iza spoke quickly climbing out of bed and sitting in a chair large chair in the far corner of the room. Iza bouncing in her seat as she watched and mechanical arm came out of the wall. A large syringe filled with blood attached to the end. Positioning itself about Iza’s left arm which she was eagerly offering to the arm, it penetrated her skin and started to slowly inject the contents of the syringe into her.

The transfusion took five minutes to complete, the setup in her room doing it slowly to provide per Iza’s request. Once done Iza was quick to change he clothes, and a few minutes later her door opened. A middle-aged woman in a blood-stained lab coat entering, followed by a large guff looking guard.
“Good morning Iza! Are you ready to go?” the woman spoke with a cheerfully. A hand slowly extending out towards Iza
“Morning Samatha. Yep! It all quite in my veins! Give big sis a big thank you! When you see her next” Iza replyed taking woman's hand allowing herself to be lead out of her cell. Iza humming happily as she was lead to auditorium. Looking at the guards who seemed wary of her presence. Pondering if they were still scared of her form her last stage three attack. Where she killed three of them.

Once at the auditorium was placed near the back of the room and the gathering crowd. Iza looking at her siblings wondering what was going on.
“Now Iza I need you to listen to the director. I’ll be outside if you need me.” Samatha spoke Iza nodding, knowing the woman was never far. After all it was her job to look after Iza making sure she didn't cause problems. Sitting down in her seat and starting to sway, waiting for whatever was going to happen, to happen. Feeling very happy which was normal for when she had just a transfusion.
Added a bit with Iza doing an impression interview while in stage three. Not much but give you an idea of what she is like at that point.
Bummer, thanks I'll pick another now and post her. Going 12

Kay she posted in with my other one. Relations for both will come in the next day or two. If anyone wants anything particular let me know and I'll see what I can do.
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