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Current Problem fixed. I don't know how as it just fixed itself. But I really don't care.
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Posts will be delayed. Due to really weird problem I've come across that stops me loading the guild when on my home network.
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Just spent an hour with my mother telling me how some people think the earth is still flat in this day and age. All I can say is HOW THE **** DO PEOPLE THINK THAT?
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Raging at my slow ass internet. As it today it stuggling to load guild pages. I need to lurk damn it!
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Stupid time zones and Steam. Why the hell did I have to wait an hour and half to install TTWH2? I want to play my Lizardmen now! Not in supposed twenty minutes its going to take to install.
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Hello I'm Evil Snowman or Snowy as some have taken to calling me.
I'm a 24 year old baker living in Australia. I also work nights so I'm up at some weird hours.
Let's see I'm into Writing/RPing, Video games, anime, Sci-if stuff (to lazy to list what.) computers, cats and a lot of other stuff.
I spend a fair amount of my free time on the net so I tend leave tab open for the guild so I'm normally around if not I'm mostly likely working or passed out somewhere.

If you want more know more you'll have to talk to me and get to know me (don't worry I don't bite... too much) so send me an PM and I'll talk with you.

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In the medical bay, the doctor that approached gave Katya a quick examination. While asking Katya how she was feeling.
“I have a headache, and I feel like my body heavy. It’s a bit difficult to stand.” she spoke in answer to the doctor's question as he examined her. Katya really hoping it was nothing major, just little fatigue nothing a quick injection and nap would fix. So as the doctor finished his examination of her and walked away. Katya could not help but wonder what he was going to do and recommend.

After a few minutes, the doctor came back and gave Katya an injection. Telling her, it should help with her headache and should help her body feel a little less heavy. Katya nodding giving a sigh as she hated having injections so looked away as the doctor did his thing. Once done the doctor told Katya to take it easy preferably to go get some sleep. No piloting no strenuous work until she’d had some rest. Katya nodding before being told she could stay until her injection kicked in. Katya doing that just that laying on the bed till the pain in her head started to fade and her body started to feel a bit more normal.

So got up and left not wanting to linger where she might get in trouble. Katya finding herself a little unsteady on her feet but able to walk on her own. She just needed to take it slow and not rush. Katya making her way back into the hanger. She know she was told not to do strenuous work, but she still had a few things she could do. After all, she promised her werk a full overhaul, and she wasn’t going to let engineering crew do it for her. Well provided they didn’t get redeployed right away, or she got distracted by her duties or other matters. She had made the promise, so it was her job to see it done. She would conduct the repairs herself, and once she had new Eden’s assigned she would use them to assist her.

Even if she was told not to do any strenuous werk she could still run system checks and make of list of repairs that needed to be done. Katya just wanting to keep herself busy even if she was sort of pushing herself. She didn’t want to rest to let her mind wonder what was going to happen to Elora. She didn’t want to think of it as it only made her feeling like she had failed her friend.

In the hanger, Katya took a moment to sit on the foot of her werk before making the trek into the cockpit. The young woman partly powering the work and starting a system check along with dislodging her own data storage device. Before climbing out of the werk setting it to send the data to her before shutting down. Doubting she’d be still around by the time Caretaker onboard computer had scanned every system in detail. Given she hadn’t planned to stay long just enough to find out what she’d need to do when she was in better shape.

With Caretaker set Katya turned her attention to her sole surviving drone. Which was powered down by the werk where she left it. Katya approaching it running a hand over the metal casing.
“You did good today. I hope you will continue to serve me well in future missions.” she spoke popping an access panel of the rear of the drone showing small screen.
“I hope this thing still works.” she muttered tapping on the screen. Flickering twice before surging showering Katya in sparks.
“It would be too easy for the diagnostic panel to be working.” she muttered as looked back up Caretaker. Knowing she kept a repair kit stashed in her cockpit.

She retrieved the kit and using it set to work trying to get the panel working. Finding that task that was more difficult then she frist anticipated. The drone having taken substantial damage to most of its systems. The woman thinking maybe she should just leave it for now and find something else to occupy her time with. However, that something else found her in the form of Zim who approached her asking if he could speak with her.

When the conversation with Zim ended Katya noticed Zim him fidgeting with her hair tie. Part of her just want Zim to call in her debt to him so she could earn it back. Missing it greatly and not overly happy to have it in possession of someone else. Even if that person was a friend. When Zim had left Katya could not help of think of the conversation she had with Zim. Finding it a little odd, but overall she hoped it helped the man answer whatever it was she was trying to answer.

Thinking it was not a good idea to try and restore the drone in her current state Katya climbed back into Caretakers cockpit and promptly shut her eyes. If she was going to rest she’d do it in a place she felt comfortable. She didn’t care if she got in trouble. She liked sleeping in her werk as she found it comfortable, as it made her feel safe and secure. Plus there was a lower chance anyone would bother her.

Katya slept for quite some time and when she awoke, she felt a lot better. Climbing out of her werk. She figured she’d change out of her plug suit, shower and eat along with send a copy of the video to Zim like she had promised. Having not gotten around to eat before getting some sleep. By the time she was done Kayta was eager to try and fix her drone. But just as she made it back to the hanger she heard an announcement over the loudspeakers. Katya giving a loud sigh as she turned around and headed to location of the briefing.

Arriving to the location of the briefing Katya could not help wonder what was going on. Finding it rather odd to have a meeting at the entrance of the containment cells. Just what did the Captain want? Was she planning to show them something? Katya pondered this until everyone had arrived and Ritsu started to speak Katya focused on the captain. Only looking away when Elise showed up, Katya feeling quite impressed by the girl's endurance and attitude. As to Katya Elise looked like she had seen better days.

Katya watched as the captain unlocked the door. Following her in when instructed. Greeted to the sight of a large metal sphere with a workstation in front of it. Katya looking away from the sphere as the captain continued to speak. The young woman feeling a pang of anger as Ritsu explained the P.O.W inside the sphere. Katya having hoped that Cruxi inside that machine she had brought back was dead. It leading to Katya thinking she should have shot the thing in the chest a few times to make sure it was dead. Still, it was too late for that now so Katya merely hoped that it could provide some useful information or at the very least something on how to counter psionic attacks.

When they taken to the next sphere, Katya wondered what it might contain. Then as the captain spoke, Katya felt a pang of relief more so when she could see Elora sat on her bed. Katya pleased to see Elora seemed to be okay. It was good to know that dropping her in the hanger had hurt her.

The moment the captain of letting Elora have visitors to greet her while under surveillance. Katya knew she had to be one to visit, pretty sure she was the closest to Elora. Even if the visit lasted for a moment Katya was sure it would do Elora good as well as herself. Even if the thought brought up that Katya still blamed herself for Elora’s capture. Which made her look away from the image of Elora. Letting Katya notice Ritsu glance in her direction.

When the briefing was done and they where dismissed Katya approached the captain.
“Ma’am. I would like to visit Elora. But I have the feeling you knew I was going to ask.”
Just me showing I'm still alive in here and will have a post up by end of the week at the latest.
I'm going to give this a bump as I'm very sure I can handle one more partner.
Okay have had a proper look and have a quick question
@Ariamis Working my new lower Sync rate. Do I count the Like a Big Sister one. As I got it before losing 20% to the god dam scream or just factor it in. I know it only 3% but I want to make sure but the right percentage down. As it ether 90% or 93%. Provided I did my math right.

Also going to take the chance to say love list the names you put for the events gave me a good laugh.
A bump to let you fine folks know I'm looking for one more partner once again.
@Apollosarcher that would be awesome.
@Apollosarcher just letting you know, if you interested I'm up for a collab.

Sitting on the foot of her werk Katya let her mind wander for a moment looking over at the mess that was Atty and Black Star.
“How did Zim manage to land like that?” she thought she heard Ritsu ask if everything was alright and to physical examination just in case
“Yes Ma’am, but I think I’m alright. Just a headache.” she spoke in reply giving a sigh, trying to muster the energy to get back on her feet. But was unable to muster enough to do so just yet. Then she heard a familiar voice call out her name. Katya turning her head to see it was Ariin mentioning something about him owing her a meal. Failing to notice his robotic eye changing into a happy face.

When Ariin offered her a hand, she took it and without much warning tried to pull her self up. Succeeding although she fell forward leaning on him for a moment. Before righting herself taking a step back. Now back on her feet, she was sure she’d be alright. So long as she didn’t push herself or sit back down.
“Sorry body is a little worn out. If you could be so kind as to escort me to the med bay. I’ll get looked at something for my headache and provided they don’t lock me up. We can have that meal you owe me. I don’t trust my legs to hold me up at the moment.” she spoke after Ariin finished speaking. Looking up at Caretaker for a moment.
“I guess I know how you feel comrade.” she muttered looking back at Ariin giving him a small smile which faded after a moment.

“Look as for seeing Elora, I don’t think that’ll be possible. I can imagine they’ll have her in a secured section in case something happens. At the moment I doubt they’ll even tell us if she’s okay. Still, I’ll be asking when I’m getting check over.” she spoke giving a sigh.

“Try not to worry about it. Elora is tough I’m sure she’ll recover in due time. When they allow us to visit, I’ll be the first inline. Until then … best to keep out of the way let the doctors do what they need to do to make sure she’s okay.” she spoke slowly moving towards the door. Finding it difficult to keep her balance and walk. Stopping after a few uneasy steps.

“If you don’t mind could I borrow a shoulder. I’m a little unsure if I can make it to the med bay on my own.”
I've been pondering that as well. @GingerBoi123 Maybe you could have Clayton showing of his rocket boots to someone.
I will be endeavoring to have a post up in the next day or two.
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