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Current Post will be coming over the next couple of days. Yes, I know I've been slack just not had the energy to RP.
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Having one of those days where one wakes up in a stupidly good mood that wont go away.
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Posts will be coming in the next day or three works been busy. Training up new staff and learning the quirks of new equipment.
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Sorry to my RP partners for not being very active of the past few days. Had a bit of a family situation, that required my attention. For the moment at least it's under control.
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Now 100% Tonsillitis free (hopefully) Anyway, posting will be returning to normal over the 2-3 days. Got a few things to catch up on. On and off this lovely site.


Hello I'm Evil Snowman or Snowy as some have taken to calling me.
I'm a 24 year old baker living in Australia. I also work nights so I'm up at some weird hours.
Let's see I'm into Writing/RPing, Video games, anime, Sci-if stuff (to lazy to list what.) computers, cats and a lot of other stuff.
I spend a fair amount of my free time on the net so I tend leave tab open for the guild so I'm normally around if not I'm mostly likely working or passed out somewhere.

If you want more know more you'll have to talk to me and get to know me (don't worry I don't bite... too much) so send me an PM and I'll talk with you.

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The trek to Logic Gate to Katya felt like one of the longest moments of her life. Battling what she believed to damaged and stiff controls. She watch the fight the unfolded between the Cruxi Elite and Maria. Partly in awe of how both the Elite and Neo Angel moved. Partly in dread as the fight from her point of view seem mostly one sided. It was a sight would not soon forget, although for a reason she was blissfully unaware. Katya setting Caretaker sensors to the fight saving everything to detachable storage device she kept attached to Caretakers main computer core. So she could look at it in greater detail later.

She watched as Neo Angel was knocked back by a plasma weapon or what she had assumed to be. Katya not have a clear line of sight from her position. She had just reached Logic Gate, setting her drones to dismantle the modded werk, focusing on the access hatch. As she saw the Elite about to charge at Neo Angel. Katya raising Marker Light to take a couple of shots. Hoping to by Maria enough time to recover. But, much to Katya announce her targeting system was malfunctioning. So lining up the shot took longer then she would have liked.

Being given a positive lock she fired, but Caretaker pulled up at the last moment, and the shot missed its mark striking the ceiling. Out of anger, Katya slammed her fist in a control panel.
“Stupid werk.” she muttered, however even if she failed to hit the Elite it seemed by the look of it Maria had enough time to recover. Turning to Logic Gate Katya order Caretaker to set down Marker Light and using the werks hands she started to pull what she could off the werk she thought would get her inside quicker.

To get into Logic Gate was relatively quick process the drones working quickly as they quickly dismantled what was needed to fulfil their command. Once Logic Gate was opened up Katya was greeted to a sickening sight. One that gave her both the feeling of anger towards the Cruxi for doing what looked liked to be a horrific thing to Elora and concern hoping Elora was okay and would recover from her time as a P.O.W. Once she was able, Katya quickly ripped the glass tube away from Logic Gate. Scanning it, she could see what looked like to be the access point. So ordered the drones to dismantle it.

The drone made short work of the tubes access point. What came next was Katya making Caretaker delicately as possible extract Elora and place her inside the extraction sphere, and for a moment Caretaker once again felt like it was a mere extension of her body. Once Elora was secure inside the extraction sphere, she noticed the controls went back to feeling somewhat clunky although not as bad as before and most of her systems had started to function properly in particular her comm system had stopped acting up. A small smile appearing on her face, as she open a line on the command channel hoping the Hyperwave would be able reach the NOAH.
“This is Caretaker to command. Infiltration team as secured the first objective. I repeat Cadet Liu'un is secure.” she spoke into the comm. Ordering Caretaker to pick its rifle back up and look over to Neo Angel and the Elite. Seeing that Elite was no longer alive.
“Second objective as been destroyed. Team will attempt extraction. Any assistance that can be provided would be appreciated. Team, as suffered damage. Atty is nonfunctional. Will attempt to recover werk or extract pilot.” She spoke turning Caretaker towards Atty.

Katya made Caretaker started the trek back to Atty, pushing Caretaker to move quickly as it was able. Meanwhile redeployed the drones on Logic Gate to Neo Angle. While the rest were sent to Atty. To see if the werk could be back online and made to move. If not Katya was more than ready to extract Serah and leave the crippled frame behind. Even if she thought the machines themselves had value and it would be wrong to simply abandon Atty. She couldn’t risk the other life Caretaker was now transporting, in some vain effort to salvage a werk that might be too badly damaged. After redeploying her drones, she opened the comm to both Jake and Maria.
“Sorry for being quiet. I’m going to check if Atty is salvageable if not I’ll get Serah. Then we’ll attempt to withdraw.” She spoke, wanting nothing more than to out of this station.
“Both of you what’s your status?”

The moment Caretaker connected with Atty she used her forward momentum to slamming the lighter werk and pin it to the wall with Caretakers arm. Even as Atty slammed into the wall bringing them both to a sudden stop made Katya's arm hurt almost like she was the one who had slammed someone into the wall. Her display showed the impact had caused some minor damage to the arm Katya used to pin Atty but nothing that would affect its use. An Eden drone being thrown of Caretaker during the impact. It hitting the wall before falling to the ground. Damaged and offline. The other on Caretaker back was able to remained attached.

Katya, however, did her best to ignore the pain. Focused on keeping Atty pinned as it violently thrashed about. Katya locking Caretakers arm into place hoping Serah would stop aware there was still the Cruxi Elite around, and right now she was vulnerable if the Cruxi decided to attack her. Katya aware she could not let go of Atty to engage the elite. Pretty sure Atty would be turned on her.

With Atty pinned Katya re-tasked the drones to deal with Elite. Tasking them to attack. However, the command failed to transmit. Making Katya re-input the commander before it would send.
“Caretaker now is not the time to act up.” Katya muttered to herself, ordering her drones for the second time. Focusing back on Atty as sent the command who was dragging it blade across the wall. Katya sure that she was about to impaled with said blade. Not seeing a way out she braced herself for the impact. Hoping that it would avoid any vital systems. But no attack came instead she was given the sight of Atty powering down the plasma falling off its blade as it arm hung limb beside it.
“Ancestors.” Katya muttered as glanced at her statues of her attack drones seeing as they were quickly destroyed by the Cruxi Elite. Not wanting to keep her back turned. To the enemy, know all too well it was a bad idea. So she ordered Caretaker to unlock it arm A loud hiss that Katya could hear even in her cockpit it unlocked. Katya swinging Caretaker around as she glanced at her comm system. See for some reason it had closed her part of the link to the rest of the squad. Yet it was still transmitting, it now only dawning on her that her cockpit was to quite. Normally since having the comm array installed filled with comm Katya feeling frustrated.

She was about to reinitialize the teams link when she saw Neo Angle charge at the Elite. Katya hoping that Mia would destroy that Elite. Even if part of her wanted to be the one to do it.
“Nothing I can do there. For the moment.” She thought as she turned Caretaker to Elora.
“Let see if I can complete our main objective. Make this mess worth while.” Katya said to herself moving away from Atty. Before moving starting to make the trek to Logic gate as quickly as she could. Keeping readying her rifle training on the Elite. In just in case Mia needed some backup, she’d be ready to provide it. Well hopefully. Given Caretaker systems playing up. Katya still unable to make her comm system properly initialize so she could speak to her teammates. As she moved to modded Logic Gate, Katya ordered her drones stand down. Katya having no intent on recovering the werk. Right now all she cared about was the pilot inside. Katya object to recover Elora. Katya confident with if Mia could keep the Cruxi Elite busy for a few minutes she could have Elora secured. Inside the extraction sphere still attached to Caretaker waist.
@Ariamis Working on a post just been feeling a little rundown as of late. Making it hard to keep myself focused and motivated on RPs. Should have something up either today or tomorrow barring any major distractions.
Well I'm relieved I was unsure how to handle Atty. At this point pinning it to a wall was sort of a desperate measure.

The moment Atty’s armour was breached the Artemis drones ceased firing. Deeming Atty to longer be a threat to Caretaker. However they did not move, locked on to the rouge werk, they remained ready to continue their attack the moment Atty made a move to Caretaker. For the moment however it was deemed no longer a threat to Caretaker. Meanwhile, the Edens, under coordination of the control in together to repair the damage Attys attack had done. While Caretaker was still operational the armour on it right side was damaged. The armour had bore the brunt of the attack, and 2 Edens were attempting to patch the armour as best they could. While rest were working on the systems that had been damaged in Atty’s attack and the subsequent fall. The frames locomotors had taken damage from the fall given how Caretaker had landed. The upper right arm although protected by armour had taken some moderate damage.

With scream finally over, Katya breath a heavy sigh of relief. Her hands moving away from her ears. For the first moment, nothing registered with Katya as she needed a moment to recover and adjust to the pain she was now feeling. Katya feeling like someone had put her brain in a vice and was squeezing tightly. She hoped that it was something she would have to experience again. Still, Katya found herself distracted from the pain in her head, at the sound of Elora crying in her head. It was an unpleasant, but one that gave her focus, Katya desire to protect Elora and bring her home. She reached out for her control. Grasping them with whatever strength she could muster. Commanding the werk back onto its feet. Katya hearing the werk groan as it picked itself up. Katya finding her controls stiff, having to apply a fair amount of force to get werk to do as she wanted.
“This is not the time to be stubborn Caretaker.” she muttered looking at the scene before her. She could see her drones ready to engage Atty. Who seemed to picking itself up. Logic Gate and Neo Angel impaled and pinned to a wall. Instinctively Katya ordered her Edens to Neo Angel, although only 4 drones responded leaping from the werk and starting to make the trek across the room to the damaged werks. The other two not responding to her commands at all and continued to work on Caretaker.

While ordering her Eden’s Katya kept one eye on Atty. Katya not trusting Serah to attack her again. Using what brain power she could muster to think of reason why Serah would attack an allied unit. To her it didn’t making any sense and was sure she was missing something. From what she knew of Serah she wasn’t a traitor. As Katya thought she watched Atty took a swing at drones land a hit on the armour of one of them. It causing some damage but the drone thanks to it heavy armour endured the attack and back off with other. Sparks coming out of the new slice mark in the armour. The Drones status updating to show it’s sensors had taken some minor damage. Katya and the drones moved to keep on Atty as it dashed off.

“Serah what are you doing! We are not the enemy!” Katya shouted as loud as could. Whatever was going on Katya knew it had to stop. For several reasons. Mostly as Serah couldn’t be allowed to go on a rampage in the middle of a Cruxi stronghold. Nor could she be allowed to harm Elora. Also not that she’d ever admit it. Katya was angry at Serah, for damaging Caretaker and now one of her drones. It was that anger that Katya order her werk forward. Watching as Atty lined its blade of with Logic Gate. Katya activating Caretakers thrusters with the intent of getting hold of Atty. Katya pushing Caretaker to move as quickly as the werk could manage. Katya aware that she could easily mess this manoeuvre up and end up damaging her own werk or getting attacked. She just wanted Serah to stop, and to Katya at the moment this seemed like the most efficient way. Short of crippling Atty with her drones, which was something Katya didn’t want to do.
Will have a post hopefully today.

Entering the room, Katya wasted no time raising her weapon pointed at the modified Logic Gate. Even if Katya didn’t want to harm Elora, Katya could not risk being caught off guard. It was evident the Cruxi had been busy in doing something to Elora. She could not take the risk even if Katya was still unsure if it became needed she could command her werk fire Marker Light. Katya hopped Elora would not attack them. Still, in case, she did, and Katya found herself unable to fire. She deployed her attack drones. Knowing if something happened they would engage without mercy.

It was then she heard Elora voice in her mind. Something Katya found unsettling. Part of her said it wasn’t right to hear Elora voice in her head. Too much it worse hearing Elora to run only enhanced that feeling. It forming a knot in her stomach. Her sync rate dropping slightly as Elora spoke and she grew more conflicted. Katya deploying her three remaining combat drones as the speaker like things on the wall came to life and from them a voice Katya would never forget spoke. Even if it was badly distorted, she could understand it. The electronic voice giving her a sense of impending dread causing the knot in her stomach to grow more preannounced. As the voice spoke the drones leaping to the ground from Caretakers drone bay hitting the ground. Before moving, to form a firing line aimed at Logic gate.

It was then a Cruxi Elite appeared, Katya quick to recognise it as the Cruxi that first snatched Elora away. Anger mixing with a feeling of dread as part of her wanted to bring everything Caretaker had to bare on that accursed Cruxi. But before Katya could swing Caretaker around or command her drones to engage. Katya saw the modified Logic Gate start to shake intensely and flailing its arms. What came next was something Katya had never experienced. The young woman's hand move to cover her ears out of some futile attempt to stop the mental scream. Katya’s overwhelmed by the attack. Failed to notice the alarm starting to blare in her cockpit one signalled her sync rate had dropped to critical levels.

Katya paralysed unable to do anything. The sensory overload too much for her minus writhing in her chair trying to merely endure the attack. Katya unaware what was going on around her. Minus for hearing Serah’s scream get added into the mix over the comms. Unaware that Serah’s sync rate had fallen low enough to put that Atty went into Culling. Her only sign something was wrong was when her cockpit rocked as Atty’s attack connected with Caretaker. Damaging the werk and knocking it off balance. Without Katya manning the controls the rear heavy werk feel backwards. Katya still overwhelmed by the psionic attack.

The moment Attay’s attack connected with Caretaker the drone control node shut down it’s user interface. The control panel Katya used to control her drones going dark. The HUD space dedicated to the drones showing new commands being issued along with clicking sounds of the drone control node. The Edens being activated and deployed to repair the damage done by Atty’s attack.
Katya hearing the clicks forced herself to look at her part of HUD for drones. Able to make out the what was causing her control nodded to click.
Katya unable to understand the rest of the data the HUD displayed.The pilot for the moment unable to think of the reason why her drones would start acting out on their own. Once again overwhelmed by the pyoinc attack.

The moment the Artemis were giving orders to target Atty they did so. Moving quickly as they could the repositioned. Following the werk as it moved to the side of the room taking a defensive position. The drones following the orders of the control mode engaged Atty with volley of laser cannon fire. Having engaged Atty the drones would not stop until the werk was no longer a deemed a threat to Caretaker or Katya’s sync rate improved and Katya ordered the drones to stop.
@Dynamo Frokane Good, good this please me. Although the smart side of me say I should not take on another RP, the RPer on me is foaming at the mouth in pure excitement ... well it might something best you keep a safe distance.
That be good. Also about head off to work so wont be able to get back to you for a while.
A little help might be good. As I just can't think of what to put in my post.
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