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Current At long last. My house got the NBN I now have half decnt internet. HAPPY DAY!
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Just got home form seeing infinity war. Gotta say I wished I seen it sooner.
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Posts will be coming tommrow and the day after been a little tried and busy.
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I just got scared by a big ass Huntsman spider hiding in my washing. Bloody arachnids don't mind living in my house just stay out of the washing!
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Pretty sure computer is fixed this time. All it took was formatting my HHD and reinstalling windows. All because windows downloaded an update badly and broke itself. Stupid needed program.
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Hello I'm Evil Snowman or Snowy as some have taken to calling me.
I'm a 25 year old baker living in Australia. I also work nights so I'm up at some weird hours.
Let's see I'm into Writing/RPing, Video games, anime, Sci-if stuff (to lazy to list what.) computers, cats and a lot of other stuff.
I spend a fair amount of my free time on the net so I tend leave tab open for the guild so I'm normally around if not I'm mostly likely working or passed out somewhere.

If you want more know more you'll have to talk to me and get to know me (don't worry I don't bite... too much) so send me an PM and I'll talk with you.

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Nadezhda Moskvin

Nadezhda could not help but give a small laugh at Donovan tease. Nadezhda pleased Donovan was able to tease thinking he’d good to work with and provided the aliens didn’t kill him might make for a decent friend. Although she knew better, then get attached right away. After all, even if he seemed like an alright person, there was no telling how well he’d handle the aliens.

As Donovan mentioned the other one in the photo was his older brother. Nadezhda gave it another look this time able to make out a similarity between the two and for half a second made her wonder what it must be like to have a sibling. Although the thought was quickly shoved aside when she noticed Donovan eye the cap in her hands.
“It’s fairly accurate statement. I love my folks. Heck I’d do anything for my father. But my old squad I love them just as much. Even if one of them I’d gladly tie up leave in the bush for the dingos.” she spoke running her thumb of the Royal Engineers badge.

A sigh escaped Nadezhda.
“Well I’m hoping to get along with you all just as well in time. So don’t go dying on me okay. I can fix of thing things. But people ain't one of them.” she spoke sternly pointing at Donovan but giving him a large smile.

Nadezhda was about to speak again she heard someone over the intercom call them to ready themselves for deployment. Nadezhda listening to the announcement intently before quickly putting her cap into the locker and began to quickly put on her armour.
“Will this really stop an alien weapon? I saw those things put holes in car doors whats Kevlar going to do?” she muttered her mind bring up several unpleasant memories. The woman doing her best to bury them deep within her mind.

Once she had everything out of her locker she quick to move to the armour and grab the rest of her gear. Quickly checking it and once she saw everything was in order, she moved into the hanger falling in line next to what looked like to be the squads medic. Giving the woman a glance as Nadezhda heard her speak some language she knew she’d heard before but didn’t understand. But overall she ignored and turned her attention to Lieutenant waiting for orders. Nadezhda feeling a mix of fear and excitement. Eger to prove herself to her knew squadmates and do her part to protect the planet but also afraid of encountering aliens with those strange powers, she simply could not get her head around. But for the moment although afraid she could keep herself calm and in control and she hoped once in the field she could continue to be clam and in control.
Nadezhda Moskvin

Hearing her squad leader say he was blessed with a great squad made Nadezhda grin quite pleased to her new squad leader was not an ass and thought she’d be able to get along well with the man. Which pleased her greatly nothing worse than dealing with a commanding officer who had was not pleasant to be around especially since there was no way to really get away from them.

Being told to take the time to unpack Nadezhda nodded pleased she could set her bag down and unpack her things. Not that Nadezhda had a lot to unpack the woman preferring to travel light. Nadezhda going to her locker seeing it was next to the other Australian, making her feel a little happy.

As the man spoke to her Nadezhda gave a little laugh. Looking over at man seeing the picture.
“It is a little funny. I’ll make build you some fun stuff to blow up. But it seems X-COM know quality work.” she spoke opening her bag and slowly started to unpack its contents.
“Soooo, whos the other guy?” she asked glancing over at Donovan.
“He looks like a nice guy.” she added pulling out a baseball cap with the Royal Australian Engineers logo on it Inside had the names of her old squad. Putting on she felt a little bit more content wearing the parting gift her old squad had given to her. So she’d remember them given they like a family to her. Nadezhda reminding herself to always take it off before deploying.
Katya & Anastasia "Ana" Korolev

The girl took shallow breaths as she slowly circled on the dark foam that made up the ring she currently found herself in. Like her opponent, she did not wear any protective clothing beyond a simple wrap around her knuckles. Beads of sweat ran freely down her face, a forced reaction for her, not wanting to seem strange with an inhuman stamina. She could see her opponent was not faring as well as she, the chiseled chest of Jason was black and blue all over from Anastasia’s spar, along with spots on his face. It was clear the blue haired pilot was not expecting such an unassuming girl to put up such a fight. Suddenly he exploded into action, a one-two combo of jabs, which the girl deftly avoided by elegantly dancing out of the way.

The Android took this time to fix her long brunette hair, putting it back into a ponytail. As Jason turned towards her, Anastasia teased him by leaning forward and closing one eye while sticking her tongue out at him. Then straightening back up, she grunted slightly and rubbed her exposed flesh between the pink sports bra and spandex shorts as if in pain. Which she wasn’t, instead feeling a dull biting feeling. She watched as Jason once more exploded into action, and Ana once more dodged the initial attack. However this one was followed by a sweep of the leg which sent her crashing, although she caught herself and shot back up. In a blur she jab twice into his stomach to push him offguard.

Continuing her aggression, Ana surged forward wrapped a leg around his, then pushed forward so they both fell to the ground. She raised her hand as if to punch him in the face before stopping and hopping to her head. The previous combative attitude suddenly replaced by her typical bubbly one. Declaring her victory, Ana jumped happily before hopping out of the ring, humming to herself as she bounced happily like a pro-wrestler who had just won a match. With a smile on her features, Anastasia cast a look around to see who else was working out as she got down to stretch after the match.

The morning after the party Katya awoke feeling like shit. She had headache she could compare to having a herd of scuttles in her head. But she could help but feel content as she woke Ariin up helped him find his clothes before letting him get dressed and then shoving him out the door. Even if he had seen everything there was too see. She still wanted privacy as she got herself ready for the day.

The young woman hoping a little what she had done with Ariin would serve to motivate the young man to actually make an effort and not be a coward as she put it. Still, Katya could not help but think of Zim and hope she had not made a mistake. Hoping the Zim was faring okay. Knowing she would need to check on him, after all she was his friend. After all learning one's homeworld had fallen could not be easy to deal with. But before she did that she wanted to get easier of task of apologising to Ana out of the way first. Given Katya could vaguely recalling taking things a little too far. That being said she also was not able to let what Ana said slide after all Zim or Ariin had not won her heart yet.

So once she had been got a break in her morning routine she tracked Ana down finding her sparing with Jason. Standing by the door watching closely as she easily put Jason on the ground.
“Wish I could fight like that.” She thought eyes lingering on Ana’s form for a second longer then she was willing to admit.
“Not bad” she thought randomly Katya mentally slapping herself.
“Bad Katya! Focus you're on duty. You had your fun last night. Need to be serious.” she scolded herself mentally as she approached Ana. Giving a Jason a passing glance and nod to bid him
“ Good morning Ana. I would speak with you when you have finished. I’ll be waiting by the door.” she spoke before stepping away partly hoping Ana would at the very least change back into her fatigues before coming to speak with her.

Ana paused her stretches as she was approached by a familiar figure. A small smile grew on her lips as she noticed Katya, and nodded. Finishing the set of stretches she was doing, the girl got to her feet. Quickly she stepped over to Jason and thanked him for the spar, getting a nod and small joke about not expecting to be put down so hard. Ana simply giggled and stuck her tongue out at him before turning towards the door and skipping over while humming slightly to herself. Of course the girl didn't even bother to put her fatigues back on, not thinking anybody would be bothered by her current outfit.

Stopping in front of Katya, Anastasia gave a small yet friendly wave towards the other girl. ”Goodmorning Katya! I'd try to hug you but…” She said softly as she gestured at the sweat glistening on her body, once more drawing attention to herself. She simply shrugged it off and rocked back and forth in her pink sneakers. One looking at Ana’s outfit today would very easily be able to discern that the girl had an affinity for the color pink. After a few moments of silence the girl continued to talk. ”Soooooooooo… what did ya wanna talk about?” She asked, head cocking slightly to the side as she wondered what Katya wanted to discuss.

The fact Ana had not changed before coming to speak with her all too obvious to Katya. As she glanced at Ana’s form she could not help but recall the fuzzy memory of how Ana made her feel. The young woman giving a mental sigh as she focused.
When Ana asked what Katya wanted to talk about Katya gave a small sigh.
“Nothing major I can assure. I just wanted to apologise for my behaviour. I can’t really remember what I said exactly but I do recall it may of made you uncomfortable.” she spoke giving Ana a soft smile hoping she’d take it.

Anastasia’s eyes widened slightly as Katya explained why she wanted to talk. This of course was followed by a short giggle as Ana waved it off. ”No need to apologize Katya! I had moved on past it anyways, you were drunk and silly.” She said happily, flashing a brilliant and friendly smile. Ana fell silent for a few moments before her stance became a little awkward looking. ”Besides. It's not like I didn't like it. I just… Pally wanted me to help make sure Ariin wasn’t being a big dummy anymore and she's kind of my only friend right now. Unless you wanna be my friend!?” She admitted, shifting awkwardly from foot to foot. Admittedly, Anastasia preformed less than optimally when it came to weird emotional stuff. Emotions were weird. Humans are weird.

Hearing Ana say there was no need to apologise Katya looked quite relieved. Worried she was going to have to give some small long-winded speech about why she had acted the way she had. But it seemed Ana had understood Katya was a little intoxicated at the time and form what she had said did seem to mind.

The moment Ana’s stance become a little more awkward Katya wondered what was up with the girl. Listening to the words Ana spoke closely.
“I see …” Katya spoke tailing off for a moment.
“Well then you can call me friend Ana also …” Katya stated leaning in closer so what she said next reminded private form any potently listening in.
“But since we are going to be friends. I will make you pay for what you said to me.” she whispered before leaning back.

The adorable little android smiled widely when Katya said she could count her as a friend. Almost speaking out but then Katya leaned in, making it Anastasia’s turn to wonder what was on the other girl’s mind. But her words sent a shock through the android’s system as she stood straight up and her entire face turned bright red. ”I-I-I hope you're not mad!” She blurted out, wondering what else Katya could possibly be referring to. She was mad at Ana for not realizing she was seriously flirting, right?

Ana’s reaction was priceless. When she said hope she was not mad. Katya unable to contain her amusement and burst out laughing.
“No I’m not mad. You silly girl.” Katya spoke patting the girl on the shoulder before leaning in again.
“I mean for what you said to me yesterday at the party.” She whispered giving a sly grin.
“You’d of paid for it last night, but Ariin kept me busy. So don’t think for a moment I’ve forgotten as I’ll make you pay and you might even like it.” she continued before moving away again the expression on her face was a teasing yet a slightly serious one.
“But not today I’m feeling like crap but one day.”

Ana was… interested. She knew only from books what the humans did in bedrooms and wondered if Katya meant for that. She hadn’t much interest in it, but the female pilot was really pretty. She chewed on her lower lip nervously for a second before shyly nodding. Cheaply trying to keep up their game from last night before she had backed out, although this time it was painfully obvious Katya had Ana all flustered. ”M-maybe you won't feel like crap if you pay me back…” She mumbled softly, shifting awkwardly and trying to flash that seductive smile. Afterall, she couldn't let Katya think she was gonna have the upper hand!

Ana’s words came back unexpected to Katya but she was pleased to see Ana was brave enough to at least try to keep up with her in this little game. Katya also enjoying the fact she had managed to get Ana all flustered. But sadly Katya knew now was not the time for such fun. Given the day had only just started and she needed to just take it easy today.
“Don’t tempt me. As I said I feel like crap plus we both on duty. So sadly no. That and well … Ariin … well I spare you the details. But it was enough. So next time my dear.” she spoke giving a mild sigh.
“Plus I’d rather wait until I time I can take my time to enjoy it and at the moment time would to limited. Plus I want to make sure it’ll make Ariin and Zim jealous. Well … Zim when he’s feeling better …” Katya spoke giving a slightly evil grin which faded and was replaced by worried look as she mentioned Zim.

However, the look was replaced as quickly as it came Katya burying the feeling. Not wanting to show her worries to a squadmate. After all it was not Ana’s problem and they were having such fun teasing one another. Well so Katya thought and she didn’t want to ruin that.
“Now I must go, much to do. Plus given what happened to fortress I get feeling we might be called on. But before I leave…” Katya stated trailing off. Leaning in and giving Ana a kiss. Wanting to see how’d she react that and want to up their little game.

Anastasia did not miss the words or the worried look on Katya’s face. But before she could react, Ana felt her whole face flush as Katya leaned in and pressed their lips together. A sweet contact that sent shivers down her spine as she stood ramrod straight with that bright blush while staring at Katya. She could not find the words to respond, but she wanted more. Without a word Anastasia stepped in and pushed Katya towards the wall, aiming to pin then plant a firm kiss on her friend’s lips.

It seemed she would succeed, as she firmly kissed Katya, holding herself against the other girl as well as keeping their kiss lingering for a few moments before stepping away with a bright expression on her features. The sweet taste of Katya still lingering on the Android’s lips. She shook slightly before seemingly trying to apologize. Her mouth opened and vague sounds like ‘sorry’ left her lips but not complete words. Too flustered for words at the moment.

The reaction form Ana was priceless and Katya was pleased with herself. Feeling her confidence grow a little. Knowing she could fluster one of her friends so easily. Even if Katya had a feeling Ana was not used to such attention and was sure if they continued Ana would get more used to it and need more to fluster her.

Katya was about to turn to walk off when without warning Ana pinned Kayta to the wall. Taking the woman by surprise Katya unable to make any effort to break free when Ana kissed her. Katya quite surprised by the action.

When Ana broke it and stepped Katya looked at the girl for a moment noting her features and could help but laugh.
“This is utterly adorable. If only I had a camera. Still… well played. I’ll give this round to you comrade.” she spoke placing a hand on Ana’s shoulder.
“Next time let's do this in our off hours.” Katya stated patting Ana’s shoulder and before turning and walking off.

Ana simply gave a nervous nod towards Katya as she thought out what the offer could mean. However, her mind focused on another important aspect. She won that round. Immediately the Android felt rather emboldened to continue their game next time. Letting out a long sigh, she was about to return to stretching when she heard a small buzz in her mind. A call back, mission time. Her eyes went wide as Ana gave a nod then went running back. Needing to first have a talk with Papa before they deployed.


Not long after her chat with Ana Katya heard the captain call a meeting. Katya giving a loud sigh partly wishing her feeling of them being called on. Was wrong but sure enough it seemed they’d be going into battle. Katya wondering if they’d be going to Zim’s homeworld or be deployed elsewhere. It didn’t matter either way Katya hoped she’d get time to recover from the night before pretty sure if she went into battle now her performance would be hindered by how she felt.

Once the squad was gathered and the meeting began. Katya paid Ritsu full attention making sure not to miss a single world spoke by the captain. Katya watching as the hologram of Zim’s world appeared. Katya unable to help think how many must of perished in defence of the world. Only to have Cruxi take it, Katya, thinking it was such a waste of life. But knew if her homeworld came under attack she’d do her part to help protect it if she was there. Although she was thankful, her world was still safe.

When Ritsu mentioned the squad being given 3 assault packs to be given out by the squad leader. Katya was surprised when Ritsu looked at her.
“Me?” she could not help but ask. Quite surprised given Elise still looked like she was combat ready even if she looked a little worse for wear. Still Katya doubted the captain would nodded at her for no reason and even if surprised she could not help feeling a large pang of pride that she’d been picked to lead the squad. Katya making herself stand a little straighter. Still knowing she was going to be leading the squad made her feel a little nervous given any mistakes would be on her.

As the meeting continued Katya notice Irina’s didn’t take to the news of being attached to the squad well make Katya roll her eyes. Thinking the woman needed to get the stick form up her ass out. Katya pretty sure if she did they’d have a new weapon that could be used to kill the Cruxi.

When Ritsu asked for Katya’s opinion. Again she was surprised not expecting for her opinion on the matter to be asked.
“Well without knowing more about the enemy's strength and deployment I personally could not agree with such a request and even then no. Battles are won through teamwork. Not lone wolves trying to prove they better than their squad. Irina must learn to work with us or I apologise for any disrespect she can stay back at base.” She spoke giving looking at Ritsu. Making sure not to look at Irina even if she respected the pilot's skills she found Irina to be a little intimidating.
Nadezhda Moskvin

Since the attack on Berlin Nadezhda had been kept busy. Being recalled to duty as the news quickly spread across the globe of the alien attack, and then again when she was contacted by some top secret organisation of offering her a chance to help save humanity from the alien threat. Nadezhda jumping at the chance to do her part. She took the offer barely a day later she went some remote location not far away to be picked up by an aircraft she never seen anything like before.

Once at the base Nadezhda listened closely during orientation making mental notes although as the person given spoke of just what she’d be protecting the planet form and brought up a picture of a sectoid as an example. Nadezhda felt her heart rate increase get several flashes of images of the things she saw in Berlin. But she pushed them down and focused on what being said and took comfort in the fact next time she saw one of those little large headed bastards she’d be armed and able to fight back.

Once in the barracks listened to the Lt. Kyo introduce himself. Nadezhda gave the man a quick salute. Before turning her attention to the rest of the squad as they introduced themselves. Making mental notes of their names. Nadezhda pleased she’d be working with another Australian.

Once everyone else had gone Nadezhda took a large sigh. Knowing it was her turn to introduce herself.
“I’m Nadezhda Moskvin pleased to meet you all. I’ll be your field engineer for the for seeable future look forward to working with and getting to know you all. Do not hesitate to call on me should I be of use to any of you.” she spoke giving small wave to everyone.

With her introduction done Nadezhda gave a contented sigh her stance shifting into a relaxed on as she folded her arms and a small smile formed. Nadezhda wondering just how well she’d get along with these people.
Name: Nadezhda Moskvin
Age: 25
Nationality: Russian

Biography: Born in Russia Nadezhda cannot recall the motherland. Her mother emigrating to Australia when she was still just a baby. Growing up in loving family with both her parents. Nadezhda cam to idolise her father forms a young again. Her father maimed former Russian soldier who badly injured in the line of duty. Nadezhda growing up on cleaned up stories of her father exploits. Always lacking the most bloody details until she old enough to handle it.

Eventually wanting to emulate her father Nadezhda ended up enlisting in the Australian army at 18. Sending the first couple years as a basic solider and seeing her first tour of duty in the middle east. Upon her return, Nadezhda felt like a change while wanting to stay in the army she looked into crouse and training and ended up taking training to be a combat engineer. Having small interest in several parts that were involved in the position. The training turning those interests into things she loved and Nadezhda passed her course top of her class. Nadezhda finding what she was being taught came somewhat naturally to her.

From there she simply continued to merely go where she was deployed earning several distinctions forms her commanding officers. The alien threat became real shock for Nadezhda when she on shore leave in Berlin when the Aliens attacked. Although she was able to be evacuated she was trapped in the city for part of the attack before rescue. Letting her see first and just what aliens were capable of.

After the attack, she was called back to duty and soon after that X-COM recruited her. The events of Berlin leaving a their mark on Nadezhda not that she’ll speak about it to anyone

Base of Operations: Australia.

Squad: (Will be assigned)

Class: Engineer

Rank: Squaddie

Personality: Nadezhda’s personality depends whether she is or is not on the field.
While not on the field Nadezhda is fairly happy laid back person. Quite content to go about her duties or business on her own. At times try to mingle with squadmates as she feels like it and won't pass up the chance to interact with them should the approach her. Unless she really hates them. Then they’ll get told to sod off.
On the field Nadezhda will try to act like good soldier and follow orders although she may question them if she thinks they are really stupid and thinks she had a better idea. She’ll always do her best to work with her squad even if it has someone she doesn’t get along within it.

Other: Nadezhda tends to keep a tally of her kills by marking her armour. Provided she knows it was her who got the kill.
Although Nadezhda speaks English she has a partial Russian accent form her parents and tends to swear in Russian, she also can speak Russain.
She also tends to mutter to herself when thinking.

Team Player: Out in the field Nadezhda will follow her orders do her best to work with her squad. Even if she dislikes or distrust a squad member and will go out of her way to support them as needed. Even if it means taking a plasma round for them. Hoping by doing this they’ll do the same for her. She will, however, draw the line and giving her life for her squadmates.

Quick Witted: Nadezhda is very good at thinking on her feet and can quickly come up with idea’s and apply them effectively.

Fear of Psionics: Being in Berlin when aliens attacked Nadezhda as developed fear of Psionics and tends to panic when the aliens use them on her even if she manages to resist. She tends target aliens she knows have Psionic powers even if they’re better targets or more important targets. If the squad is flanked or ambushed by Psionic aliens, she may also panic
It also makes her distrustful allies with Psionics. Although she’ll still work with them to the best of her ability, she’ll try to keep her distance

Psionic-Potential: No
Mech Soldier Candidate Yes
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Psionic-Potential: No
Mech Soldier Candidate Yes
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