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I'm going to be finishing work here soon. God, it's exhausting.
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I have returned! Now, I can get back into the swing. Anyone here I am currently roleplaying with, I will have replies for them soon!
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I have wrapped up my finals, so I will be getting replies out to my partners very soon, now that my schedule isn't as bogged down!


Call me Exif. Despite just arriving here, I've been roleplaying off-site for the better part of a decade and am looking to branch out a little bit.

I usually aim for 1x1 or small group roleplay sessions as they're a lot easier to manage and not get bogged down in. I like to have partners that are relatively consistent in replies. My favorite genres include science fiction, horror, fantasy, hero, thriller, drama, and some romance.

I'm in my twenties, so I would prefer to roleplay with people in that range.

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Hello, there, and welcome to my request thread! Allow me to introduce myself; you can call me Exif. I've been on a military science fiction kick lately and Halo has been scratching that itch quite well. But I've been wanting to try a roleplay set in the Halo universe for a while and zoned in on the criminally underrated Halo Wars 2. I found that game to be a competently made RTS with a decent story mode, expansion of established characters, and, of course, the introduction of the badass chieftain, Atriox. I even have a few plot ideas set after the events of the game's story! But first, we must sort out the guidelines; because everyone has guidelines!

* I am in my early twenties. As such, I will not roleplay with anyone who is below the age of 18. I would prefer to partner with anyone 20 and up.

* I usually write in the third person. For the sake of consistency, I ask that you be comfortable with doing the same. I'm sorry in advance to any first person writers, but that's just not how I roleplay.

* Grammar is another big one. I get that everyone makes a type here and there. You might even find one in this very thread. Sometimes, things just fly past our radars. But I don't think it's too unreasonable to ask that you have a reasonable grasp of the English language and be able to write legible sentences without disrupting the flow. I guarantee that you can expect good grammar from me!

* I don't think I've met a single person who likes one-liners. I'm not the biggest fan of them myself. I usually write around three to five paragraphs on average. However, I am willing to accept circumstances, such as dialogue exchanges, may not always require long essay-style replies. In those cases, three to five full, well-written sentences will suffice. Just so long as I have something to work with; do that for me, I will do that for you!

* Planning, this is another major factor. Some people have a plan, others just wing it. I'm somewhere in the middle. I like to plan out the major story beats, so there's a clear direction and endpoint, but when it comes to dialogue exchanges and character moments, that's what we cook uups we go. There's freedom to do that. I like a good mix of organization and spontaneousness. But I'd you like to plan every step of the way, we can do that, too.

* When it comes to romance, I prefer M/F pairings, with me occupying the make role. I can play some female supporting characters, of course, but I like to play a male lead. However, if no romance is involved and it's just a platonic deal, then I can go for male on male, female on female, or male on female pairings. I am very versatile on the platonic front.

* This being Halo, expect there to be multiple characters. Considering I am the one plotting the story, I will likely control the lion's share of the cast, so you won't have to worry about this too much, but just be ready in case you need to take an extra character, or two.

* I have absolutely no problem just chatting OOC. I love chatting OOC. It helps to get to know my partner more, and might even increase enthusiasm in replies. After all, better to roleplay with a friend you know than a stranger you don't.

* I'm not picky about where we have the roleplay. It can be on a thread, DM, or what have you. It depends on your preference.

* This being a Halo Wars 2 deal, this will largely be focused on Canon characters only. Very few of my plots involve OCs. If you have an idea for Canon/OC or OC/OC, I will hear them out and we might even agree on one, but please note that Canon/Canon is my priority.

* When it comes to frequency, it varies. If you can reply multiple times a day, I can reply multiple times a day. If you can reply once, I'll reply once. It depends on you, really.

* Finally, in order for me to know that you've read the guidelines and understand them, you have two options; the first is to write your favorite color in the DM, the second is to write your favorite Halo character in the DM.

The Last Straw - Takes place after Awakening the Nightmare. Voridus has really screwed the pooch this time. In disobeying Atriox's orders, and against the word of Pavium, he had unleashed the parasite from the remains of High Charity and disrupted his leader's strategy against the Spirit of Fire. Now, the time has come for Voridus to face Atriox and answer for his mistakes, and Pavium is forced to consider a future in the Banished without his brother at his side.

The Winning Hand - Takes place after the end of Halo Wars 2. The war against the Banished goes well, and Red Team, along with Isabel, have proven to be the winning hand against their foes. With the loss of the flagship, Enduring Conviction, Let 'Volir holds the rank of Shipmaster in name only. Having failed Atriox twice, he faces losing his standing in the Banished. In order to reaffirm his status, the Shipmaster concots a bold scheme to capture the Spirit of Fire itself in the name of the Banished.

Casualties of War - Takes place after the end of Halo Wars 2. The Spirit of Fire had won the day against the Banished, but it came at the cost of Anders, who has been teleported to ports unknown, and the ship is once again stranded on the Ark, with no choice but engage their powerful enemy. When it's time for lights out, Jerome notices Cutter is still on the bridge and it looks like he's taken to drinking again. Jerome decides to have a word with the captain and see what's troubling him.

The Rise of Yapyap - No more UNSC! No more Banished! Yapyap will destroy them all and carry the Unggoy to a new era of domination! Now, if only anyone took him even a little seriously.

Feet First in Hell - Takes place after Awakening the Nightmare. The ODSTs of Boomerang Company may have stopped Colony's plans on the Ark, but the bond brothers aren't so easily deterred. When reports of a Flood incursion reach the Spirit of Fire, Boomerang is sent to investigate and discover something even they didn't find the Banished capable of.

More plots to come if they strike me! If interested, DM me!
Bump with some major edits to the plot!

Ever since the incident with Robin, Batman worked alone. That's how it'd been for the last several years. Time and again, he collaborated with James Gordon and the Gotham City Police, but when it came to crime fighting, the bat was a solo act. Alfred often told him that it didn't have to be this way, that what happened wasn't his fault. But Bruce was as stubborn as he was rich. Once he'd made up his mind, there was little that could change it.

But one night, Bruce just pushed his luck too far. In a battle with longtime foe Bane, the bat was broken. His spine was practically snapped in two. Initially, Bruce held out hope that he would be back in action within a few months, maybe a year tops. But reality sank in within the first week. The damage was done and irreversible. Bruce Wayne was paraplegic. His days as Batman were effectively over.

Gotham's reactions varied. Civilians were crushed; the police, Jim especially, were dismayed; the criminal element celebrated. Without the shadow of Batman hanging over their heads, crime rose again and the police have been stretched thin. New measures have been taken by district attorney Harvey Dent to combat the crime wave, including founding and funding the Special Crimes Unit, an elite task force that specializes in dealing with the supervillains Batman used to keep in check.

But even with this new branch of law enforcement, Gotham is struggling to stay afloat. There aren't nearly enough police to answer the rampant violence that has infected the streets and mounting casualties have only complicated things. Entire sections of the city have been closed off by police into "condemned zones", where crime rates and violence are so high, they rarely venture into them unless absolutely necessary.

But the time has come for a different hero to take on the cowl. The legacy of Batman must continue, to instill fear in crime and give the city hope again. That person's name is Barbara Gordon.


We all know the story of Barbara Gordon's career as Batgirl ending with her being crippled by the Joker and taking up the new identity of Oracle. But what if the story took a different turn? What if Batman's battle with Bane truly ended his career and he was forced into retirement?

This takes elements from various Batman properties, like Beware the Batman, Batman Beyond, some of the Arkham games, and even non-Batman properties like Condemned. Bruce Wayne would play the same role to Batgirl that he did to Terry in Batman Beyond, staying behind in the bat cave and feeding her advice. Since he's a paraplegic, he can't go out and fight crime again, but he does have wisdom and experience he can impart on a protege. Additionally, Batgirl can have a different approach to solving crime than Bruce. After all, her father is Commissioner Gordon, so maybe she takes after him more in terms of idealism and how to approach investigation. Gordon continues doing this job because he believes it's the right thing to do and nobody else will. Batman inspired her costume, but Gordon inspired her as a person. Honestly, that's such a good line from her in Harley Quinn's second season, it was the primary basis for this idea. It lends room to how Batgirl can differentiate herself from Batman.

Now, I do have an "opening arc" of sorts roughly panned out, which details Barbara's transition into Batgirl in this universe, how she meets Bruce, and so on. We can still put our noggins together and conjure up new details as we go, but when it comes to the general idea, I think I've got something solid.

For Batgirl's initial career, I think it would be best that she faces off against some obscure or lower tier Batman rogues, such as Professor Pyg, Victor Zsasz, and Anarky. As she gains more experience, she can go on to face the big names. After all, she has to start small, you have to learn how to walk before you can run. In her case, she has to learn how to deal with normal opponents before squaring up against supervillains. There will be some reimagining of characters here and there, but rest assured they will be the characters you recognize them to as.

Now, to get some quick guidelines out of the way:

* You're going to have to be 18 and up. I am more comfortable roleplaying with those who are in the same age range as me.

* This is a casual to advanced roleplay, so I will need at least one paragraph from you. Three to five full sentences should be sufficient space to write out something that I can work with. Likewise, I will be sure to write out enough so that you can work off it, too. I will set the scene, enhance the atmosphere, go into depth on how characters are feeling, what they're thinking, all that good stuff roleplayers love to read.

* We can roleplay via thread or PM, whichever you prefer. Unfortunately, Discord isn't exactly ideal for roleplays involving paragraphs, because of the rather low character limit. So, I'm afraid Discord's not in the cards!

* This doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. Yes, the setting I've described above is dire and quite depressing, but that doesn't mean it can't have some charm or humor to it. Plus, nonstop dark and gritty induces apathy, and nothing kills a roleplay like apathy! Take shows like Harley Quinn or even Batman: The Brave and the Bold. They embrace fun, humorous tones to balance the more serious stuff. To put it simply, it's serious when it needs to be, but there's room for some light hearted fun, as well. Even if it's of the black comedy variety.

* Will there be OCs? Short answer, no. Long answer, this is strictly canon only. All of the characters will be established characters who have appeared in some form of Batman or DC media. They might have slight alterations as all different versions of characters do, but they will be established characters nonetheless.

* Crossovers? Again, no. I like a Batman story to strictly be a Batman story. So, there will be no cameos from Superman, Wonder Woman, the Justice League, or any of their own villains for that matter.

* Is this long-term? This can, indeed, be a long-term story. However, I like to roleplay with an arc structure, which allows us to tell several stories that can conclude on their own, but may also have a long-running story within them. That way, if we do end up stopping for whatever reason, there's a higher chance we can finish an arc, then leave it at that. But if we want to continue, we can start another adventure. So, an episodic feel.

* I don't much care if you're a guy, gal, or whatever you identify as in real life. But I am looking for someone to play Batgirl in this, since she is the character who will be exploring this setting and you'll be following the story through her eyes. I'll play several characters like Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Gordon, Harvey Dent, and so on. I have ideas for plenty of them, but if there's some else you want to play, we can talk it out in the planning stage!

* This may be obvious, but you'll have to be comfortable with writing action sequences. This is a Batman story, after all, so no one is expecting the villains to just talk things out! Unless you're Hugo Strange and really want to prod someone's head.

* To comply with site rules, any young characters will be aged up. Barbara's age varies from version to version, but for the sake of making this easy, she'll be eighteen here.

* Character development is a huge deal here. Bruce Wayne is jaded, cynical, and a man who has lost a lot of his old self. He has to learn to accept his current position and embrace the prospect of a successor. There are plenty of story beats that have yet to be explored. What exactly happened with Robin? Will Harvey Dent become Two-Face? Where's the Joker in all of this? Well, you won't know unless you go into the story!

* Also, this is another pretty obvious rule, but one I will state anyway, no god modding. Yes, it has happened before and yes, it's irritating when it does. Being perfect and invincible all of the time doesn't make for good tension and doesn't feel good for the one on the receiving end of it. I will make every attempt to be fair with you and I ask that you extend the same courtesy!

* There will be no sudden snatching control from other characters. While there is a general storyline that we will follow, I won't dictate what your character does every step of the way and how they should feel. Likewise, I don't want you to do the same to me, so no Bruce Wayne suddenly becoming chummy and walking on his own two feet, as amusing and miraculous as that sounds. That being said, we do have to keep characters, well, in-character. It's a balance we have to strike.


Alright, I think that covers everything! If you're interested in diving into this rabbit hole Gotham has become and wish to embark on a different kind of adventure, feel free to DM me and we can discuss things further! In the meantime, thank you for reading and have a pleasant day!
Obligatory guidelines
1.) I'm in my twenties, so I prefer to roleplay with those above 18.
2.) I'm casual to literate. I can go for a few to many paragraphs.
3.) I am mostly ghost friendly, though a notice that you want to stop would be appreciated.
4.) No smut, both to adhere to rules and out of personal principle.
5.) I often roleplay over DM. Discord is optional, too.
6.) Before you message me, actually be serious about it. Don't message me once, then just disappear, because that will irritate me.

Onto the plot!
Sir Pentious is at his wits end. Cherri Bomb has not only beaten him for neutral territory, but is now making moves on the turf he already owns. However, Cherri Bomb will soon realize that a cornered snake is most unpredictable and dangerous, for Pentious plots to bring her down by whatever means available… including going after those she cares for.

The main characters here will be Sir Pentious, Cherri Bomb, and Angel Dust, though some of the other Hazbin staff may appear in minor roles/cameos. This takes place sometime after the pilot. Since he instigates the main plot, I will be playing as Sir Pentious, just to make sure things go at a steady pace. This is something of a friendship story between Angel Dust and Cherri Bomb, to further emphasize that even though she may not be the best influence on Angel trying to go clean, they do genuinely care for each other beyond street cred. I have the story relatively planned out, so depending on post frequency, this can be completed in a reasonable amount of time, and if this clicks well enough, we can do more. PM me if you're interested!

Obligatory guidelines
1.) I'm in my twenties, so I prefer to roleplay with those above 18.
2.) I'm casual to literate. I can go for a few to many paragraphs.
3.) I am mostly ghost friendly, though a notice that you want to stop would be appreciated.
4.) No smut, both to adhere to rules and out of personal principle.
5.) I often roleplay over DM. Discord is optional, too.
6.) Before you message me, actually be serious about it. Don't message me once, then just disappear, because that will irritate me.

Onto the plot!
The plan was simple. Assassinate the Empress, kidnap Emily Kaldwin, and let Corvo Attano take the fall. For years, Daud had fulfilled contracts, assassinating targets regardless if they deserved it or not. But this time, his conscience finally catches up to him. He had murdered the one person who sought to bring positive change to Dunwall and with her murder, Daud finally realizes what he has done with the gifts bestowed upon him. Corvo is tried, convicted, and executed for the murder of the Empress, which drives Daud to make a fateful decision. Instead of destroying, he will save what little he can. Daud refuses to turn over Emily to the new Lord Regent and raise her as one of his Whalers. Meanwhile, a conspiracy of Loyalists seek to restore Emily to her rightful place in the throne and bring down the traitorous Lord Regent.

Note: This is an alternate universe/timeline on the first Dishonored game. How would events play out if these changes were made? I figured it was a new, interesting take on the story, since Daud was already expressing guilt over his actions, so what if that guilt drove him to try helping Emily? We can also do a storyline set sometime after the second game, depending on what we brainstorm.

If interested, comment below or DM me!
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