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I've got a new 1x1 interest check up for any Spidey fans out there.
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Call me Exif. Despite just arriving here, I've been roleplaying off-site for the better part of a decade and am looking to branch out a little bit.

I usually aim for 1x1 or small group roleplay sessions as they're a lot easier to manage and not get bogged down in. I like to have partners that are relatively consistent in replies. My favorite genres include science fiction, horror, fantasy, hero, thriller, drama, and some romance.

I'm in my twenties, so I would prefer to roleplay with people in that range.

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Many years ago, a great dragon ruled the land. When humans trespassed on her grounds and established a settlement, they quickly negotiated a deal. In exchange for being allowed to live on the land, the dragon would receive a sacrifice. These usually came in the form of a livestock animal or two, which was enough for the kingdom to thrive and flourish under the king's rule and the dragon's protection. But when the day comes for another sacrifice, instead of livestock, the dragon receives a human, a petty thief cast out by society to be sacrificed. What will she do with them?

A pretty simple premise. A male human and female dragon who develop a friendship. I am interested in playing the role of the human. If you're interested, feel free to DM me. This will be roughly casual to advanced, meaning at least a paragraph in your reply. Please be good with grammar and if you have ideas of your own, we can discuss it before beginning proper.
Well, it's about that time again for me to throw out another interest check. This time, I'll be veering away from fandoms in favor of something that involves OCs.

This story focuses on a young married couple who acquire superpowers and how they balance them with trying to live regular lives. This can range from comedic moments, such as not knowing their strength and breaking things, to slice of life moments like them trying to enjoy a day at the beach, to even battling supervillains in action sequences.

The action sequences may not happen too often early on, as I do want to focus building the characters and the world they inhabit. So, I will list some guidelines!

1.) I will be playing the male in this relationship ship, so I am looking for someone who can play a female character. I can play as side characters as we go.

2.) Second I am a mix between casual and advanced. That means I can write from anywhere between a paragraph or two, to several. It depends on how much I think needs to be said. I would prefer someone who is also within the range of casual to advanced. Also, have a decent grasp of grammar, please! A few typos are acceptable but if there's so many that it becomes distracting, it can really take me out of the mood.

3.) I am in my twenties, so I would prefer to RP with someone who is also within that range.

4.) We can craft the characters and world together but I do want there to be a limit to what kind of powers you can have. Overpowered abilities like controlling water that allows one to manipulate the ocean is a bit much. I think basic abilities like super strength and flight, or super speed, invisibility, or even a minor degree or telekinesis are acceptable powers. Just no god style powers. Think of this like how the Incredibles handled superpowers. Nobody was exactly overpowered in those films, which is what I want to tackle here.

5.) When it comes to posting, I will try to have at the very least one reply per day. If I cannot reply that day, I will at least inform you ahead of time. While I do not mind (much) if you ghost me, I will wait one week before messaging you to ask if you want to continue. If you do not reply in 24 hours, I will consider the RP dead and seek someone else.

Still here? Good! Feel free to DM me if interested! Please don't comment on this post, unless you have a question for clarification.
Hey guys! Anyone here remember that Nickelodeon show My Life as a Teenage Robot? An underrated gem, that was. I blame Nick for screwing that show over. So, I figured why not try a roleplay set in the universe? This roleplay's story is going to be a little different than the usual fare. Let's get into the plot!

"Heir Apparent"

This story takes place after the events of Escape From Cluster Prime. Vega is the new queen of Cluster Prime after ousting her mother with Jenny's help. Vexus' loyalists have been driven from the planet and she is now free to institute new reforms that will reshape the empire into a more benevolent regime. Vega must balance her new responsibilities as queen with her teenage life. But out in the depths of space, one of Vexus' lieutenants, the Navarch, has rallied Vexus' scattered loyalists under his banner and is determined to topple Vega's regime before it can truly begin.

With the plot squared away, we can discuss guidelines.

1.) This sounds pretty obvious but you will have to have watched the show, especially Escape From Cluster Prime, to understand the characters and events. I wanted to try expanding on other characters that weren't just the main cast. Vega will be the protagonist here, which is who you will play. I will largely GM this story.

2.) I am in my twenties, so I would prefer for you to be within that range as well.

3.) I am pretty lenient in regards to length. I do ask that you be able to write two to three sentences at the very least. My length varies. Establishing posts will obviously have multiple paragraphs but dialogue exchanges can be anywhere from full paragraphs to a few sentences. However, I would greatly prefer Casual to Advanced.

4.) I will try to keep you updated with at least one post a day. If I can't make it, I will be sure to let you know, because my schedule is quote hectic lately. I should also make a note, if you ghost, I will wait one week before messaging you, asking if you still want to continue. If I receive no reply in 24 hours, I will drop the RP and move on to something else.

5.) Be somewhat decent writing action scenes, as there are bound to be fight scenes in this RP.

6.) This adventure is largely contained in Cluster Prime, so chances of Jenny or any of the Earth cast appearing are pretty slim.

If any of this sounds appealing or you have questions, feel free to shoot me a DM!
Would you be interested in a Sonic the Hedgehog or Danny Phantom roleplay?

I'm afraid I'm not into Sonic or Danny Phantom that much.
This looks pretty cool! Do you know how one goes about joining this?
I've been looking to try some fandom RPs, so I'm going to compile a nice little list of fandoms that interest me.

* Dota 2
* Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
* Friday the 13th
* Godzilla
* Halloween
* Hazbin Hotel [TAKEN]
* League of Legends
* Marvel/DC
* Mass Effect
* Mortal Kombat
* My Life as a Teenage Robot
* OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes
* Overwatch
* Power Rangers
* Professional Wrestling
* Resident Evil
* Scream
* Silent Hill
* Spider-Man [TAKEN]
* StarCraft
* Star Wars [TAKEN]
* Transformers
* Ultraman
* Undertale

These are just off the top of my head but there are likely others I'll add in due time. If you're not sure about what franchises I do like, feel free to PM me and ask. While I'm not against OCs, I would typically like to do canon stuff. It really depends on which topic you're interested in, so we would have to work it out. So, OCs are probable.

Second, I am in my twenties and would prefer to roleplay with someone else in that age range. I also typically play male characters, though I can do some female roles once I settle into the story. Third, I will try to maintain a consistent stream of replies in light of my schedule. This is a 1x1 only, as I don't do well in groups. I am also perfectly fine with casual to advanced. I can write a few paragraphs, or even several depending on what's required. The 18+ tag is mostly for horror, as it does deal with, well, horror. I am not a fan of lemons or smut, however.

If you're interested or curious, feel free to PM me and we can work out which one to do!
Bumped! The description has been updated.

I've been on a Spider-Man kick lately and felt like trying out an RP based on Into the Spider-Verse, specifically set in Gwen Stacy's universe. First, however, guidelines!

Guidelines / Things You Should Know

1.) I am a guy. While I am capable of playing male or female, I typically go for male as my main character. Any females will likely be in supporting role until I grow better at it and maybe they can elevate to main status.

2.) This is 1x1 only. I don't do well in group RPs, too many people to wait on and keep track of. It's easier and more manageable to roleplay with one person.

2.) I am pretty fluent in casual or advanced, so anyone who can write at least one paragraph or more is welcome. At the minimum, I would like at least three sentences. I relax on this rule a little bit when it comes to dialogue exchanges, because I am well aware that the natural flow of conversation doesn't always require a monologue between two people to be interesting.

3.) These plot lines mostly focus on just Gwen Stacy in her own universe, so there won't be any interdimensional travel, at least not for a while. I would like to do at least one storyline set in Gwen's home universe.

4.) This I'd probably a rule you've seen plenty of times on other interest checks, but in regards to ghosting, don't be afraid to let me know if you're going to take a hiatus or want to stop entirely. I get that life happens and we need to prioritize that over an online roleplay, but please afford me the courtesy of notifying me ahead of time. I will admit that I used to struggle with this, too, but I will definitely let you know if something comes up that interferes with my ability to reply on a consistent basis.

5.) Speaking of consistency, please be able to reply at a relatively steady pace. I know plenty of us have jobs and school to handle, myself included but even then, I will try to reply at least once a day. If I don't hear back from you for about a week, I am only going to message you once and ask if you want to continue. If I receive no reply, then I will assume you've lost interest and will move on to something else.

6.) You may have noticed the 18+ tag. This does deal with themes of death, drugs, drama, and other mature subject matter. This is also because I am in my twenties and would rather roleplay with people who are also above 18.

7.) This is a fandom RP, obviously, and therefore won't follow any OCs. This is strictly relegated to established characters within the Spider-Man mythos. So if you are more of an OC person, I'm afraid this isn't for you.

8.) I can roleplay on both the Guild and Discord. They have their own advantages but the Guild is more suited for Advanced writers, whereas Discord is best served for Casual to Free writers. We can discuss preferences in the PM, where I will provide you my Discord tag should you wish to RP there.

9.) This sounds like a given but you will have to have seen Into the Spider-Verse to at least understand the basic events of Gwen's life and her adventures with Miles and the other spiders. This roleplay will take place after the events of the film when she returns to her home universe. You don't have to read the comics to understand it.

10.) You will have to be semi-decent at writing action sequences. This is a Spider-Man story, after all. What would it be without the Spider action?

Still here? Great, then we can get into the plots!

Negative Consequences

After helping Miles stop the Kingpin, Gwen returns to her home dimension, where everything appears normal, except for her worried sick father. However, while on one of her daily web-swinging patrols, Spider-Woman comes across a new brand of criminals she hadn't encountered before. These masked men appear better equipped than the usual street punks and some even possess a degree of superpowers. Gwen soon realizes her absence hadn't gone unnoticed in New York. A new enemy has taken control of New York's criminal element, going by the pseudonym, Mister Negative.

Copped Out

Gwen's father, Captain George Stacy, is charged with corruption and murder. George proclaims his innocence but the evidence appears stacked against him. Gwen is not so easily convinced, however, and knows her father is as clean as they come. This reeks of a set-up. Determined to prove George's innocence, Gwen now races against the clock to clear his name as Spider-Woman.

Multi-Armed and Dangerous

Doctor Otto Octavius, better known as Doctor Octopus, remained at large after Gwen's sudden transportation to Miles' world. Without Spider-Woman to impede him, Doctor Octopus resolves to destroy those he holds responsible for the experiment that turned him into what he is now. Meanwhile Gwen attempts to reconnect with Harry Osborn, the only mutual friend she and Peter had. But when Doc Ock kidnaps Harry to get back at his father, it's up to Spider-Woman to rescue him.

Goblin War

After her adventure in Miles' dimension, Gwen feels more confident in reaching out to make some friends. She tries reconnecting with Harry Osborn, who had also been taking Peter's death hard. He didn't even have the comfort of his father, who was too busy and distant to offer any meaningful advice. Depressed, Harry has turned to drugs and struggles with school. On the Spider-Woman side of Gwen's life, a new enemy known as the Hobgoblin has appeared and is looking to topple the criminal empire and place himself at the top. Between her friend hanging on the brink and the Hobgoblin making his move, Gwen is going to have her hands full.


Gwen's school has a new teacher by the name of Dr. Curt Connors to teach biology. He's an affable guy, understanding and willing to work with Gwen's hectic schedule; he even offers tutoring to help her keep up with the other students. But the most glaring feature, is his arm. Specifically, his lack of an arm. Connors lost it years ago and still yearns for the chance to regain his lost limb. He turns to manipulating lizard DNA to regrow his arm and the experiment appears successful. But over the next few days, Connors begins acting strangely, itching all over, his eyes changing shape, and craving meat... Connors realizes his terrible mistake too late and transforms into a flesh-eating reptile, the Lizard. Gwen, facing the same monster her friend turned into when he died, must now stop Connors from hurting others. But can she save him when she couldn't save her own best friend?

These plots can either take place separately, or happen one after the other if you're a more long-term roleplay partner. If you're interested or even have ideas of your own that you would like to suggest, just hit me up on PM or leave a comment below on what interests you, and we can discuss things!
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