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I haven't decided on a color, so I'll just leave it black (Although black kinda works anyway even though it's kinda hard to see). I gotta head to work soon.
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Hey cutie <3
You have my interest Plus, I wanna rp more with Haley and Souffles
"Thank you." Ivy smiled at them both and took a seat next to Lea and Rhia. She patted the seat next to her for Mai so they could continue their conversation.

Ivelynne nodded, "I agree and wrong isn't exactly what I was implying. It's just....there's a great many that just don't get makeup as an art form, and I think it makes it harder for them to interpret it as such. On my last stream there were some new folks saying I looked like a clown in my chat because I wear a lot of makeup.... They were promptly pounced on by my regulars, but it got me thinking about it and how that could be changed, if at all possible.... Do you think someone could be taught to appreciate such things? Or do you think it's just hardwired into their brain to not understand?"

"I would love one! Thank you." she nodded, delicately taking the cream puff from the other woman, and popped it into her mouth just as daintily. She finished chewing and swallowed it before speaking again, "Oh my, they really are delicious!"

Ivy smiled at Alejandro, "Good morning, Lord Alejandro. You seem in good spirits."

She turned again as someone addressed her a newcomer she hadn't noticed it seemed, Ivelynne returned the smile, "Good morning, Princess... Mai, was it? We didn't get to talk last night either. I'm glad we're getting the chance now! Please call me Ivy. And I don't think that's too forward at all! You look lovely as well. I love those heels. They're very cute! And that lipstick really makes them pop."

"Can we talk about makeup? Do you think there's such a thing as too much? I often use my makeup as more I suppose so I tend to use a lot in my designs, and I think some people just see it as a big glop on my face..." Ivy giggled. Excited to talk to someone about her passions.

Ivelynne ended the day of the welcome ball with a shower and basically flopping into her bed after saying goodnight to Talya. She'd wished she'd talked to more people but there were so many and it was a little daunting. She wasn't exactly shy, but she'd always found it awkward just kinda walking up to a stranger and saying "Hi." Once she got to know them though, you could have trouble shutting her up, especially if she got to talking about games or something else they shared an interest in. She already missed her Twitch community at home.

Ivy woke up at 9 AM to get ready (and help her sister get ready). Since the brunch was mostly pretty casual, or at least as casual as nobles could be, she didn't spend nearly as much time on her makeup this time. That said it was still a good bit. She also decided on a much less...old fashioned? attire, deciding on a cute dark blue, short summer dress with flowers and butterflies with matching heels, although much less harsh ones than the ones she wore at the ball, and flower shaped earrings.

She decided to let Talya arrive when she wanted to and headed there alone. Apparently, she was an early bird, only Lea and Rhia were there. She hadn't met the latter woman yet. She supposed now was as good a time as any. She walked over next to the other two and smiled and giggled, gesturing a little at Rhia, "Good afternoon. Look, it seems we decided on similar styles this time. We didn't get much time to talk yesterday. It's nice to meet you!"

Ivy looked around, trying to decide where to sit, at least until her sister got here. "Um, do you mind if I sit next to you? I don't mean to intrude it's one else is here yet, you know?" She smiled at them.
I've never tried it, but I generally don't like water. It tastes gross and metallic.
Ivelynne actually almost fell, but managed to catch herself. Heels and not being prepared were a nasty combo. She turned and smiled to the young lady, "Oh, it's alright! It happens. I suppose we should move our rumps from the doorway huh? ...Are you okay?" she asked, noticing the girl's face turning red and her eyes were sort of twitching a little towards Ayleanna. Ivy smiled again, "There's no need to be scared, Lea's a peach and I'm certainly not going to be offended by a little bump."

She took the girl's hand and looked around, spotting the beverage/dessert stand. "Perhaps a glass of water or something would help calm your nerves? Maybe a snack?" she asked, guiding her over to the table. Ivy let Mila's hand go and folded hers in front of her while she waited for the other girl to calm down a little. When she seemed to have calmed down a bit, Ivy smiled again, "My name is Ivelynne Burnley, but you can call me Ivy. May I ask your name?"
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