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(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Ivelynne Maria Burnley ♥ (っ◔◡◔)っ

Ivelynne smiled as she checked herself in the mirror. She had decided on a simple, yet elegant dark blue, floral dress combined with a rose themed blue necklace, earrings, and some simple matching dark blue heels. She knew she didn't need to dress too impress here, but Ivy knew Lea wasn't about to dress boring and she was happy to compete in fashion a little, although the other girl tended to be...braver than Ivy could be. Regardless, it let her try things she wouldn't otherwise be able to and let her use some of her favorites too, and that was fun!

She left her room and headed to the Palace entrance, spotting Lea waiting outside before she was caught herself. She decided to take another route to sneak up on her. She quietly exited the crowd and took a detour to reach Lea from behind, somhow managing to be quiet in heels as she snuck around. She supposed she had the roar of people to thank for that.

As Ivy got closer to her she got a little quicker before pouncing on her, wrapping her arms around Lea to give her a hug and smooch her on the cheek, "uwu What's dwis? Is it my bweautiful bwest fwiend? Hewwo~ <3" she giggled, and hugged the woman tighter. "Kept you waiting, huh?" she said in her deepest voice, which was not deep at all, "Sorry I couldn't get here yesterday! I had a charity stream and just couldn't forgive myself if I missed it!"
I am interested if you'll have me, I know you said you didn't want too big of a group. I'll start working on something. :o
Well, you're free to join the Discord server and we would happy to help you find an FC you like, too. Sometimes words are hard to picture in your head. We're here to help with whatever questions you might have as well.
Willow nodded "I understand. So many people can be daunting, but you know you need to start somewhere. If you don't try you won't succeed, right? As for my music, uh... How do I put this? Willow tightened her grip again and started towards the large kitchen they had, "Well, my voice is a big part of it, but I wouldn't call it throat singing. I assume you mean like grunts and guttural sounds? Yeah, no. I use English words and I always have a message in my music. Not that anyone listens to those anymore..." she sighed, "I'm sure you'll hear some at some point." she smiled back at her.

When they reached their destination, Willow grabbed herself a snack. She felt like eating a big meal in front of the girl was a bit rude even if she had agreed to come here, "You sure you don't want anything at all, Persie? Can I call you that, by the way? Not even to drink?" she asked.
Willow tilted her head to the side, as she took her hand, "I would indeed enjoy the company, but only if you want. I'm not trying to force you to do anything you don't want to. You can decline if you're not comfortable."

She listened to Pers' question, "You are paid, and may work on the side of you desire. I....make music, for instance. I couldn't say what is required of you specifically, though. We all have our own talents that are useful for different things. The only thing we really ask is to keep Guild matters quiet in public and follow the rules. Other than that just help where you can."

She rose the hand that held Pers' hand up, holding it loosely and waiting for her to tighten her grip on it, "Now then, are you sure you want to come with me? Coming with me certainly isn't something important and I'm sure there's better uses of your time. I suppose if you have any other questions I'll do my best to answer them."

Willow giggled and shook her head, "...And I should've picked a better place to go into my own head. It was stupid of me. Let me take some of the blame here, girl."

She shook her head again, and smiled at Pers, "Nonsense. Everyone needs help every now and then, so don't be afraid to ask. And I'm not all that busy anyway. My thoughts can wait. I didn't realize it was that clear on my face though. I never was very good at lying or hiding things, I suppose. To be honest I would love to help you. I've always loved helping others and it would take my mind off my problems for a bit until I've decided on what to do about them...." she nodded to her.

Willow offered her a hand, and gave her another smile, "...So, how about we start with something to drink or eat? I'm pretty hungry myself..."

Willow stopped in more or less the center of the room to admire a large portrait on the wall as she thought. She involuntary crossed one arm across her chest as she rubbed her chin with the other.

The woman was beautiful, elegant, strong, and confident all in one. She didn't know who it was but she had always admired it. What would you do in this situation, Ma'am? Did you ever even have these kinds of problems? She doubted it. It was possible she wasn't even a real perso-

She was abruptly brought out of her doldrums by someone bumping into her. Willow would help the girl up if she had fallen or something. "Oh no, it's fine. Completely my fault. I chose a terrible spot to think... I suppose we both should pay more attention. Are you alright?" she gave Persephone the best smile she could at the moment, making sure she wasn't hurt, "Welcome to the Guild! It's nice to meet you, my name is Willow. I didn't know we had a recruit coming in! Have you been shown to your room? Let me know if you need anything, okay? I'm happy to help."

After what felt like an eternity in that chair, Willow remembered she needed to get to Guild HQ. She slowly rose from it, and began her way out of the building, after changing into something less....standout. She took the back way and went into the alleys to stay away from people. She didn't exactly feel like talking.

As she walked, she didn't really pay too much attention to where she was going. She knew the way well and her mind was plagued with questions.

Were people's interest in her really that low?
Were they really not interested in any other kind of songs?
If she tried something different would they actually hate her or it?
What was the best course of action?
What did SHE want to do?
Should she really just quit now while she's ahead? At least then she could focus entirely on the Guild instead...

Then again she wasn't all the useful there either. As a fighter, she wasn't all that strong. On the battlefield her main role was support, if she was even allowed near it. They'd usually keep her in some secret safe place where she could sing for the injured. Not only that but she needed a guard, which meant she was taking up someone else's time. Time that could be spent where they were needed more.

Maybe she should just disappear entirely? Willow knew she wouldn't be happy that way, but it was better than being a bother to everyone. She wasn't needed. Even Salem who, while she didn't really treat her badly per-say, never really paid her much mind. The woman just seemed disinterested...

Before she realized it she was standing in front of the doors to HQ. Willow sighed. For the first time she...didn't really want to go in. It's not like they needed her for the meeting or whatever was going on tonight. She was barely a member and didn't really know much of tactics or goings on. All she knew was song and dance.

But she did want to help people. This was a fact. She knew it and everyone that knew her knew it. Her songs and the Guild were...both ways of doing this, really. Did she want to stop either? No. Not really. As chaotic as it was to balance both she enjoyed it. Sometimes she could tie them together and that felt nice.

Anyway, she still wasn't sure what to do. She needed to talk to someone to help her weigh her options. Someone to help sort her thoughts. She couldn't think of anyone though...didn't help she wasn't all that close to anybody. Maybe Salem was her best bet. She was smart and logical, assuming she wasn't angry. Willow wasn't sure she'd want to talk about it though. She also shouldn't just stand outside like this. Willow went in with a still worried, confused expression on her face.


There she stood up on the stage again. Willow sang the words, but she knew no one was really listening to them, not even herself. After all, it was her voice and her magic they were moved by. The words didn't exactly matter anymore. She could hum and it would do just as well.

Now Willow loved to sing, that wasn't the issue, but something didn't feel right anymore. She wasn't sure if it was because she was older now and had other things to say, but wasn't allowed to (because her producers always forced those pure, happy songs), or because now that she knew it was just her magic doing it's thing, putting everyone into a trance, that it lost it's allure. Perhaps it was both.

She always believed that music should have a meaningful message. And that message could be of any emotion one chose it to be. Sadness and anger are just as valid an emotion as happiness. Sometimes that was something people needed to hear. Sometimes it helped people to know that you were hurting too.

These are the things she wasn't allowed to say.

Willow realized she had reached the end of her last song and had already stopped singing.

She cleared her throat, "Thank you all for coming! I hope you enjoyed it!" she said, giving them all a smile. Of course, the crowd cheered for more again, "Oh come now, that was already the fifth one! I'll lose my voice at this rate. Have a great night, everyone!" she said, giving them one last smile and a curtsy before she walked off the stage to the back. In truth, she could've sang more, but she wasn't really feeling it anymore at all. She sat down in the chair they had brought for her, trying to sort through her own thoughts.

She hadn't even noticed one of her producers had come to talk to her, he cleared his own throat and that brought her out of her doldrums, he looked...sastified, but visibly displeased, "Sorry, what is it, Mr. Braunhill?"

He crossed his arms, "A superb performance as always, Willow, but I feel like you're starting to lose heart in your singing. Is something the matter with you?"

Willow frowned for a second before covering that up with a smile, "No, of course not..." Goodness, I'm a terrible liar "Well, yes, actually... It's just... why can't I sing other songs? Happy songs are great and all, but don't you think there's a place for other kinds of songs?"

Braunhill gave her a smirk, "Those kind of songs aren't where the money is. Not in this genre, at least." she smirked faded to a disapproving frown, "Perhaps it's time you retire from the idol life, my dear. Your concerts are becoming more and more rare and your popularity has fallen a lot lately. That's isn't to say people don't adore you, but the money's definitely slowing d-"

"Well, maybe if I could sing some new songs!" Willow interjected.

He rose an eyebrow at her,"-I don't see how that will help, Willow. A songs a song, and it's not making money anymore it should be cut. Sorry girlie. If I don't see any improvements soon, you're out of here." he said, before walking off.

Willow bit her lip to hold back her anger and her tears. Funnily enough two of the things she couldn't sing about. She sat there, curled up in that chair for awhile, unsure of what to do anymore...
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