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Probably a wip. I'm having trouble coming up with good specifics since I really don't know a lot about Japan or it's cultures.
Ivelynne was already up and about. She just liked to walk around the castle and it's perimeter. She wore a long pink, frilly sundress and matching slippers. She actually decided to not wear much makeup today. Making her really look like a twin of her sister but younger...

As she was walking she spotted a Lea and stealthily snuck up behind her. She pounced and gave her a big hug, wrapping her arms around her neck, "Hey Lea!" she noticed Pokemon Go loading up on Lea's phone. "Oh man, it's been forever since I played that! I walk a lot, but it got kinda boring seeing the same Pokemon everywhere. Maybe you see different ones here though. I might have to reinstall it while I'm here, but it's so pretty here. I'd hate to miss out on it because I'm paying attention to the game." Ivy giggled.

She is. However, she took a cab TO Huskers.

I mean, I guess there's no reason he can't ride in another cab with her, or get her car, but it's a bit of walk to it.
Didn't Salem take a cab tho?
M A I & I V Y

As Ivy helped herself to a cream puff, Mai mulled over her words. Is this what she occupies with herself, all day? Mai wondered to herself, incredulously. Video game...streaming? Mai had never touched a single video game in her life. It wasn't her thing, and besides, it's not like she had the chance to do so.

"I think that people are already starting to appreciate such things as artful and artistic make-up," Mai said, slowly. "I am by no means any expert at all on make-up artists, but I do recall seeing some pictures online of people who could create the prettiest designs and scenes with just a make-up palette." Mai let a ghost of a smile flit over her face. "It seems like fun."

Ivy tilted her head to the side slightly as she thought, "I know a lot do, but that doesn't really answer my question. I suppose it was more a question about the human psyche than makeup." she smiled at Mai, "It is fun, and they can. I've done some myself, although I don't think they've been popular enough to get noticed online. I'm very good at doing my usual look with some variations and that helps make them look clean, but I'm not a professional either...."

Mai chuckled, softly. "I suppose. I am not the person to ask about matters regarding psychology, I'm afraid," she said, giving Ivy a sheepish grin. "And I second that sentiment. I know nothing, beyond what works for me, personally."

She studied the girl's face for a moment, "Is something wrong? You look a little peeved about something, although I can tell you're trying to hide it. I'm not bugging you am I?"

At Ivy's next words, Mai stilled, though she regained her composure a split second later. Was it really that obvious? she wondered to herself, carefully arranging her features into the expression of pleasant interest that she usually wore in such occasions. I am usually not so...careless. I should be more attentive of these things from now on, mm.

"Nothing is wrong," Mai reassured Ivy, smiling warmly at her. "And of course you are not 'bugging' me! I never have such a chance to discuss make-up with someone who understands it," she continued, laughing lightly.

Ivelynne smiled at Mai, "Oh good, I thought I said something bad Or maybe my enthusiasm was annoying. Sorry, I get excited easily sometimes. I don't often the chance to talk about makeup much either. I usually only talk to my sister about such things and she's....well....not as into it as I am. Let's just say that."

Ivy nodded, "I'm not really either. I suppose I just want everyone to be nice and happy, but unfortunately the world doesn't work like that, does it?"

"Mmm. Unfortunately, it does not."

She turned more towards Mai, "How about colors? Do you prefer to stick with only a couple colors or go all out with them?"

At Ivy's next question, Mai tilted her head to the side, considering. "Well, I am most definitely not the most creative of people," she admitted ruefully, giving Ivy a crooked grin. "I tend to stick with reds and blacks and grays. I like-" Mai paused for a second, considering. What is the English term for it, again? Smokey eyes?

"I like the smokey eye-shadow," she said, laughing lightly. "I do apologize. I was having trouble remembering what it is called."

Ivy smiled at her, "I bet you're more creative than you give yourself credit." she gave a couple of small claps of excitement involuntarily, and her smile widened, "Oh, I love reds and blacks." She nodded again, "I like the smokey eye look as well. I use it a lot although I don't use black sometimes. I'll go blue like yesterday, or a green to match my eyes. Maybe even pink. I experiment with a lot of colors....maybe THAT's why I looked like a clown." she giggled.

"Do you ever wear other colors of lipstick? I tend to match the other makeup I'm wearing, but I can tell you're very fond of that red."

At Ivy's comment about her lipstick, Mai flashed her another wry grin. "Indeed."

Mai tilted her head to the side, considering Ivy's response. She gave her a wry grin. "I am sure that you give me too much credit," she responded. "Really. I rarely ever use any other colors. Though I feel that it would be fun, one day, to do so." She shrugged. "Maybe sometime in Aciras?"

Ivy nodded, "Colors are fun!" she paused a moment and grinned, "Are you implying we get together to do makeup? I would love that! My sister is the only person who lets me put makeup on her, but I can tell she's just doing it to indulge me. It'd be nice to have a model that's excited about it for once! Just let me know when you want to and I'll be there in a flash!"

Mai raised an eyebrow. Getting together to do make-up? I've never done that...before. Nevertheless, she nodded, slowly. "It seems like it would be fun," she said, neutrally, flicking her eyes towards Princess Ayleanna before back to Ivy. "I am sure Princess Lea would be willing to host, at least."

Ivy nodded vigorously, "It is! Well...for me, anyway..." she followed her eyes to Ayleanna, she giggled a little, "What? Afraid to be alone with me? I see no reason to make it a big thing but if she wants, the more the merrier, I suppose. I'm sure the other girls, and maybe guys, might enjoy some makeup fun. I'll talk to her about it later and get back to you, okay?" she smiled at Mai, and looked at Lea who seemed busy with her own conversation.

She waved at her sister as she entered the room, finally, "For now though, I need to go talk to my sister. Please excuse me." she got up and gave Mai, Rhia, and Lea a curtsy before heading over to her sister. "Good afternoon, my lovely sister! It's good to see that you can get dressed without my help sometimes." she smiled at her, as she sat down next to her. She lowered her voice so only Talya could hear, "We need to talk, but it can wait till later...."
Willow awoke to her own internal clock as she always did. Living on the streets for so long forced you to always keep on your guard even when sleeping and by now it was just a habit. She was off today but also just wanted to see Salem, but knew she worked today, so she probably wouldn't get to see her till tonight. Willow could've slept in if she wanted but she decided not to. She made her way out of her bed and headed to the bathroom to shower.

She got out and ended up looking at herself in the mirror for a minute while she dried off with a towel. She looked so...normal now. She remembered when her hair was an absolute mess, her face spotty with mud and dirt, even blood from some small brawls, her clothes torn and dirty. It felt...strange still. Not in a bad way it wasn't hers? As if she didn't deserve any of this. Salem had helped her out considerably, but most of what she had here she had earned at this point, so why did she feel she didn't deserve even this small apartment?

She sighed and went to get dressed, and applied her usual makeup, which consisted of her usual attire of anything black. She spent a couple hours just strumming on her guitar or watching TV before she received a text from Salem in The Guild group chat. "This seems sudden for Salem. I remember hearing something on the news today about her lame ex. Some kinda crash thing? I wonder if this is about that. Good riddance if he's really dead..."

Willow checked the time on her phone. She had a few hours to kill before she had to head to HQ, which was within walking distance (And also Salem). She spent it giving her weapons a good cleaning as well as a bit of practice then heading to HQ to see Salem and the other Guild members.
Too many beautiful people. xP
@shylarah Hello <333

I haven't decided on a color, so I'll just leave it black (Although black kinda works anyway even though it's kinda hard to see). I gotta head to work soon.
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