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Current I am finally back, *sims cat breakdance* anyways its time to lose some braincells in whatever I can do
1 yr ago
Haha me somehow mentally drained, so things for my Pokemon roleplay will go slowly so bare with me y'all
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Okay so Undertale AUs sucks, I don't take criticism on this matter
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roleplayerguild.com/topics/… help me make some names for fakemon starters and legionaries and mythical fakemon


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Just for my characters to be placed, some are cats (a.k.a Warrior cats mostly, some will be fantasy based as for the rps I had held beforehand, so they all won't be just cats:)) and of course other fandom based characters or just random ones I have made.
Ah thank you
Yeah at first I iffy on the name but it had grown on me, so I might do a change to the name maybe the vexowl or something else
Welcome back to the guild!
I was thinking of Vexgrowl
Here's the third evo of the first starter:

The entry of criwnil region: This pokemon is a good thing for campers with their fire tail that can be used as a light source or fire source

Slatnder entry:The fire on the pokemon causes panic as it can easily cause fires, people usually shun this pokemon out of fear.

Characteristics for the pokemon- This pokemon is more protective and quick to imprint on their trainers either it be a new one or old one, they are good for finding and capturing things or a good fight. They are high maintenance and know it so they are quite picky about what is given to them.
So for the first evo it might be Robow and the second might be Persky for the husky part of the name and firewall branding
Characteristics for this pokemon:
The robotic puppy pokemon is considered as a playful pokemon with no sense of right or wrong so they can come off as little mischievous pokemon that will sometime cause havoc or small amounts of chaos in the home. They are very hyper and need to be played with which helps out the parents with small kids with lots of energy.
The type will probably be steel for the first evolution as a starter.
Here's an entry for the pokemon in the Criwnil region:
The robotic toy feeling of this pokemon makes it a great friend to those who are young or not able to care for an animal, which allows the people to build bonds with the pokemon and be able to see that sometimes a simple robotic puppy is better.

The entry for the Slatnder region:
This pokemon is often not evolved because of the cuteness and the loving manners it has that makes trainers or just even people who have them as family pets.

How to evolve the pokemon: second evo- 10 Lvl will be steel/fire or dark
third evo-Lvl 20 with max happiness will stay steel/fire or dark
Will hopefully finish this up in a week
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