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Current And then doing it anyway?
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Finding someone with the same interests *rpgasm*
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Long time no see, Guild... Good to be back.
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Someone try a yandere plot with me yeah?
Taking no more band requests at the moment! No more Fling Turned Love nor Best Friends (not slice of life anyway)
Bump cause... bored

It’s been a while.

I’ve been busy adulting. But I can never stay away forever.

A quick reintroduction! I’m Favorite. Feel free to just call me Fav.

What you need to know:

I’m an adult (unfortunately), almost 22 to be more specific. I would like my partners to be 18+.

I am a female, because that matters to some people. I don’t care what you are.

I work (part time, but anywhere between 20-38is hours a week. More likely less since school is starting back up) and I got to school. Therefore, my time is a bit tight.
I might get out some back to back replies and I might take a few days. Your patience is appreciated. For that reason, I’m looking for something more casual. 1-3 paragraphs. Give or take a few. Much more than that, you’ll be waiting longer.
We can discuss expectations in PMs.

I consider myself literate. I try to double check for grammar and spelling errors to ensure my posts can be read easily and without confusion. I would like the same of my partner. Mistakes happen though, and I’m really not a huge stickler.

I like OOC chat. Even if it’s just to plot. I understand some people don’t like to be very friendly or personal online. That’s fine. But if you cannot communicate, we might not work.

I can rp here on RPG or via discord.

Short term and long term is fine with me. I have had partners ditch - it sucks but I move on. I hope we can still be friends. I hold no grudges and I don’t take anything personally- sometimes we aren’t compatible. I’ve had people ditch then come back some time later wanting to try again. I’ve had a rp partner last several years (still a partner). I’ve done several short term rps with the same partner. I’m flexible.

I play FxM, MxM and FxF. I don’t really have a preference (unless otherwise stated for a specific plot), so that’s up to you.

For faceclaims and reference, I use and or digital art. That, or written descriptions.

I am more than happy to include 18+ content. Violence, sex, drugs, addiction, taboo, dark themes, abuse, infidelity, etc.
I don’t really have many limits and I’m pretty kink friendly. Feel free to ask, honestly no judgement. I’ve at least tried certain things for partners. If I dislike it or get uncomfortable, I’ll just let you know. So, shoot your shot.

I think currently, I would prefer original rps.

Rock Band Centered - Following the stories of a band. Building a fan base, getting record deals, drugs, trouble with law, health problems, paparazzi and fans, life and death, etc. All that exciting stuff.

Fling turned love - what was supposed to be a one time thing or sort term fling, somehow becomes love.

High School Drama - Been there, done that. ‘nuff said.

Best Friends

Falling for someone off limits - a friend’s ex. Someone taken. A friend’s significant other.

Taboo relationships.

Android/A.I (a bit of an idea for this one)

Pet x Master Dynamics










Blood Contract


Black Mail

Guardian Angel

Soul Bond

Also, I’ve got a couple monster girls now!

Soul Eater

I don’t really have any specific ideas. But hopefully we can create something together with this. Also, shoot your own ideas my way. Dying to try something and haven’t been getting interest? Wanna build a world? Fight crime? Spar with ninjas? Train as assassins? Try me I’m desperate!

I’m up for cute and fluffy or dark and grim.

I typed this up on my phone, without any real plan. This is just a sort of spontaneous urge to roleplay. So pardon the general lack of direction here. Looking for someone to brainstorm with.

I’ll update with some more specific plots.
@Genkai Hello~
To answer your question, I do have a tendency to lean towards the involvement of OCs, yeah. I wouldn't be opposed to exclusively canon, though I currently have no ideas for such. If we could make it interesting, I would be up to it.
One more?
So, to precede this request I have... well, a prerequest request. Even if we may not be compatible partners, I would love to hear a bit from some folks. I am making collages, specifically for videos games and another for anime. I would love to hear what sorts of anime and games you enjoy and would be interested in seeing in a collage. I did my first collage recently, themed 90s cartoons. So sound off in this thread or PM me, feel free to converse amongst yourselves.

You can see it and follow my artwork here. I would really appreciate it!

Onto the goods that you're expecting! I'll try to keep this post itself pretty short, but I will direct you to my personal document which is much more in depth . For this post, I'll keep it sweet and simple: outline my rules and point out major interests/cravings.

Original Idea Cravings (Pairings)
Grim Reaper x Spirit
Guardian Angel x Human
Split Consciences x Human*
Shrine Maiden x God
Bounty Hunter x Target
Bounty Hunter x Client
Human x Demon
Demon x Angel
Mental Patient x Mental Patient
Yandere x Love Interest
Psychopath x Other
Human x Neko (or Inu)
Soulbound Couple

* By Split consciences, I mean - of course - personified versions of a person's conscious. This can be a love triangle or harem/reverse harem. I just though of it, so it is still quite vague but I can elaborate to an extent. These consciences represent a part of the individual- and may conflict (or compliment each other). This person is actively engaging with their conscious. It may have fantasy elements. Sort of multiple personalities of a person, materialized and living breathing people.

Yu Yu Hakusho
Possibly 90s Cartoons

For more on my ideas, characters and rules/preference see this
Hey guys!

Long time no see!

I've been gone for so long. ^^'

Ive been on sporadically over the months but hardly enough to commit to anything.

Though, things have slowed down for me. Thanksgiving out of the way... Family issues mostly resolved. A couple weeks ago, we had to get my pet put down. I was depressed for a while. Now, I'm looking for something to put me in better spirits.
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