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@Mistiel Bye!
@Mistiel The point is moot, as in that same post I have asked people to pm me. If you aren’t going to read my interest check then I doubt you’ll read my posts.

*No Canon characters, I prefer just to use the sandbox as a setting with OCs

-Criminal Minds
-Dragon Age
-Dresden Files
-Designated Survivor

Modern Plots
Coast Guard Swimmer x Local
ER Doctor x EMT *
Overnight Help Desk x Caller*
Jock x Academic
Unexpected Laird x Steward (Plot

Modern Fantasy

When it comes to Modern Magic, I prefer the Dresden Files approach
Wizard x Non-Believer*
Wizard x Witch
Witch x Non-Believer*
Vampire x Human
Wizard x Client (plot)
-Witch/Wizard x Cop (plot)
-Cop x Supernatural Being (plot)
-Werewolf x Park Ranger (plot)

Post-Apocolyptic Earth
(I usually use Fall Out 3 For a Similiar Basis)
Raider/Scavanger x Survivor*
Survivor x Survivor
Letter based Role Play (Something similiar to Ephemeral Rift's Letters from the Apocalypse as a possible idea
Doctor x Wanderer*

Time Periods

Viking Era

Suggest! Please PM me only, as I may not see anything here.
If you are still looking I'd also be very interested, and can DM or co-DM.
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