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true love was when the boy at the carnival would spin ur waltzer faster than all the other waltzers


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"Why is it we're here again, sweets?"

Much to Lolly's annoyance, Mr. Rhodes' feelings of apprehension towards their surroundings seemed to render him immune to her charms. Maybe that drink wasn't looking so inevitable after all. She shifted in her seat for a second, eyes drifting away from her companion slightly to meet a familiar gaze - Kip. Huh. She could’ve sworn he was in Japan the last time she’d asked after him. Obviously not. Although if anyone asked she would deny it, Lolly certainly had a soft spot for the boxer. He had known her way back when she was broken-hearted, helpless little Dolores, and he had helped her settle into her new life in LA in more ways than one. Perhaps they had at one point stood a chance at being a proper 'item', as the tabloids would surely call it, but that time had long since passed now. Still, she made a mental note to ask him about his trip later - maybe offer to relieve some of the tension she couldn't help but notice in the way he sat.

Beside him, she recognised Bennett. Him and his wandering eye. She certainly wasn't blind to his charms, and got along with him well - most of the time. But she was not particularly interested in being another notch on his belt, so had grown used to rebutting his flirtatious attempts at impressing her into his bed with a steady stream of eye rolls and witty comebacks thrown his way. She had made strict rules with herself when it came to mixing pleasure and friendship right from day one, and had no intentions of breaking them. Kip had been the exception, of course.

A devilish smirk graced her features as she subtly gestured to the gentleman beside her with a brief flicker of her eyes, shooting a wink towards the pair. Those that knew her were by now used to her usual shenanigans with the wealthier members of the opposite sex. Usually she could even swindle a few drinks for them, too, if she played her cards right. However, that was not looking so likely with this guy. Instead of making her irritation towards Mr Rhodes obvious, though, she simply offered him a soft, breathy laugh.

"I know some people here." She offered vaguely before settling back slightly in her stool.

As if on cue, she picked up on a strangely familiar voice seemingly addressing the pair of them. Now where had she heard that voice before? Following Mr Rhodes’ now-aggravated gaze, Lilly’s eyes travelled up from a practiced hand polishing a glass to a set of handsome features on a face that almost caused her to jolt in her seat.

It had to be him, didn’t it? The stranger she had drunkenly poured her heart out to. More than once. The two of them had seemed to come to an understanding at the time - no matter how intimate their conversations at the various parties they had bumped into each other at were, they each had never made an effort to learn the other’s name. At least, she never had. She was far more comfortable in the knowledge that a stranger with no name knew such personal information about her, rather than someone she knew. Someone she could put a label on. And she despised labels.

“Well, hello, stranger.” Her words came out far calmer than her whirring mind felt like, a playful smirk lighting up her features as Lolly regarded the nameless man behind the bar. After a second, her attention once again diverted to Mr Rhodes.

“He’s right, you know. You gotta relax, sugar.” She simpered.

Her attempts of flattery were now being met with annoyed huffs, however, as Mr. Rhodes checked his watch for what seemed like the thousandth time. Fuck this. Swivelling in her stool, Lolly leaned on her elbows over the bar to once again meet the eyes of the bartender.

“I didn’t know you worked here... suppose I wouldn’t, though.”

“Who’s this, Lols?”

Lolly didn’t even have to see the face that voice belonged to to know who it was that was asking - the sultry tone was answer enough. Robin Turner. A wicked smile pulled at the corners of her lips as she began absent-mindedly playing with Mr Rhodes’ tie. He probably believed it was her doting on him, judging by the flush spreading across his cheeks, but any onlooker would be able to recognise a huntress playing with her prey if they happened to even take a mere glance at them.

“Hubby material indeed. What do you reckon, Dave, darlin’? Wanna put a ring on it?” She made a show of displaying her empty ring finger to her now-terrified new pet. She reckoned he would be making his exit within the next 5 minutes.

She was about to address the guy behind the bar again, perhaps finally ask him his name, when she felt an arm draped around her shoulders. Where she otherwise would’ve recoiled from the unexpected embrace, Lolly relaxed into it automatically - the familiar smell of Darcy causing her to grin. Of course she was here.

“You lookin’ to catch flies, Jed?” Jed. So his name was Jed.

“Jed, huh? So the mystery man has a name.” She let out a soft laugh as she let Darcy kiss her cheek. The flirtations between the two of them was something she was by far used to, and she welcomed the familiarity of the exchange - although her gaze remained fixed on Jed, eyes drifting lazily over him as she fit the new revelation of his name to the man she saw before her.

Such thoughts didn't have a chance of lasting long, however, as Darcy began to holler at Mr Rhodes from her new spot leaning against Lolly. Typical. She wasn't too upset as she watched the gentleman as he was escorted out, from clearly he wasn't looking to offer her any drinks, however that didn't stop her from shooting a glare at her roommate.

"Nice one, Darcy. Didn't even give him a chance." She huffed as her shoulders sagged, lips pouting slightly. Her icy demeanour soon began to warm, however, as the shots were lined up before them.

"Christ, he was boring, though." She smirked as she tossed the drink back smoothly, welcoming the familiar warmth as it spread from her throat to her head. It really had been too long since she had let loose like this. That was a total lie. It had only been a few days, actually, but it had felt like a century as it always seemed to in Oceanside.

Lolly registered a question thrown in their direction, and turned slightly in her chair to recognise Logan Prescott joining their growing group. A small smile graced her lips, and she even had the courtesy to blush as if the mentioned 'stiff' had not very clearly been her companion. She liked Logan, but didn't know him very well. For a fleeting moment, she stupidly clung to the hope that he was unaware of her reputation in Oceanside. Obviously, Kip had to blow her cover.

"You'd love that, wouldn't you, Kip?" She shot a wink his way, her hair flying as she whirled to address him. "And anyway, I have no idea what plan you're talking about." The challenging look in her eyes beneath her fluttering lashes suggested otherwise. Who knew, though, with Lolly?

"So, anyway, that's pretty much how I lost just short of three million dollars by sailing my boat before it was insured. Could I afford it? Of course I could. Was it a pain in my ass? Fuck yeah it was..."

If there was one thing Lolly had learned throughout her time in LA, it was that the richer a guy was, the more soul-drainingly boring his conversational skills became. And this guy she had found herself nestled in a corner of an expensive-looking futon with was the worst of the sort. She had discovered over time that money seemed to find a way to bleed into every conversation, every gesture, of the upper class gentlemen of Los Angeles. Once she had made a game of it in her head - to try and find out for herself what the most obscure link between random subjects of conversation and money these wealthy men could make. It had amused her to great extents to hear some screenwriter divert a chat about species of duck to a discussion revolving around the cost of his recent 5-star trip to Venice, and the exotic cuisine he had tasted there. Pathetic. She had long-since grown to despise both men and women of this kind.

One would never guess as such, however, if they were to watch as Lolly seemed to hang onto every word her companion was saying - her features displaying nothing short of genuine interest and naivety as she listened to him speak. Conversing with the rich was an art form she had long-since mastered. Make them feel special; assure them that their money does indeed make them more important than everyone else around; and, more than anything, encourage them drone on for hours about themselves. They love that.

However, despite her obvious talent in the field of charming the affluent, there was only so much a girl could take of this mind-numbing chatter. The only reason Lolly had even started talking with Mr Rhodes was that she had heard he had connections to some of the biggest lawyers in the area, but after at least an hour of listening to him brag about his achievements in life, she had come to the conclusion that she was going to get nothing out of him - no matter how many times she subtly tried to sway the conversation with a vague remark and a twirling of her hair. God, she needed a bump.

This was not that kind of party, though. It was almost like a dinner party without the actual dinner, much to Lolly's dismay. She hadn't eaten since before her shift at the diner that morning, despite her roommate and colleague Darcy's insisting that she had at least a bite of one of her last customer's leftovers. Of course, she had refused - something that she was cursing herself for now as hunger gnawed at her stomach.

Plastering a smile on her face, Lolly gently removed the hand resting on her thigh that had slowly been moving its way up for the past hour. The hand was soft - too soft. This guy had never felt a day's work in his stupidly easy life. A wave of resentment threatened to shatter the charm she had slowly built throughout the conversation, but she pushed it down.

"Mr. Rhodes... really has been a lovely evening, but I’d better be going." She fluttered her lashes, offering no further explanation as she rose from her seat that had been practically on top of the man.

"Leaving already? And without me? But we were getting along so well, sweets." The too-soft hand now gripped her own, a firm grasp that promised to tighten if she were to try and pull away. Of course, no one else in the room was paying attention to the exchange - rather, they were all far too immersed in their own shallow conversations to even notice. Lolly grit her teeth in annoyance, but her smooth expression never faltered.

"You're right, of course. But maybe we could get to know each other a bit more some other time? I really have to be somewhere soon." She didn't fail to notice the spark of anger in Dave's eyes as he made no move to let go of her hand.

"And where's that? You don't wanna leave me hangin', do you, Lols?"

"The Pit."

It was always Lolly's go-to escape route whenever she grew tired of whoever she was talking to at the time. No self-respecting upperclassman would risk tarnishing their reputation in such a shithole. She knew that, and recognised the familiar thinly-veiled disgust that pulled at Dave's features as she mentioned the name. Apparently, though, he was really desperate.

"A girl like you? A place like that? Alone? No chance. Tell you what, I'll take you there and then I'll take you home, huh?"

It took every ounce of Lolly's self control not to laugh in this guy's face. He wouldn't last an hour in the Pit. Still, she didn't have the energy to argue for her independence any longer. May as well get some free drinks before she ditched him and his infuriatingly arrogant rhetorical questions for good. So she allowed a beaming smile to light up her features, giving Mr. Rhode's hand a gentle tug as she nodded as enthusiastically as she could.

Lolly's suspicions of her companion's reaction to the Pit had been absolutely correct. She tried not to smirk at his horrified expression as she guided him past the growing queue outside the place she had grown to love, instead offering small nods of the head and winks at those she knew as she made her way towards the door. She was perhaps a little dressy for the likes of the Pit, her outfit drawing the attention of quite a few of the strangers she passed, but she didn't care that much. She knew she looked good. The bouncer, Rig, had by now become used to Lolly arriving at the entrance to the bar with some terrified rich guy in tow, and let the pair in with a knowing chuckle. Lolly knew for a fact that Rig would make sure that Mr Rhodes would be leaving this place with a significantly lighter wallet.

Lolly’s eyes scanned through the haze of smoke and flashing lights to search for anyone she recognised as she wove in and out of the small groups dotted about the place. She wasn’t looking for any help, but rather the knowledge that there was someone she could join as soon as Mr Rhodes retreated. She could almost smell the disgust rolling off of him.

Still, the brunette had to give it to him - he hadn't turned and ran the second the dark, loud and murky atmosphere hit them as they entered. In fact, he made it all the way to the bar without so much as a stumble. She could tell by his guarded posture as they settled into a pair of barstools that he wouldn't be lasting long, though. Time for her to put her God-given talents to good use and drain his pockets before he made his exit. Biting her lip and leaning in, her signature move, she smiled.

"Aren't you gonna buy me a drink?"

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Location: Dorm ➵ Courtyard

Quinn loved mornings. She supposed it was strange for a teenager to relish the thought of getting up early, to watch the sun begin to filter through the sparse trees outside the window of her dorm room, but, nonetheless, it was often the highlight of her day. And so she sat, still in her love-heart featured pyjamas, watching the sun slowly rise and listening to the birds singing their praises to the warming temperature of the air. It was peaceful - the type of peaceful that Quinn rarely got a chance to appreciate. Especially recently.

Even on the weekends, Quinn would take to sitting perched on her desk chair directly beneath her window - elbows propped up on the sill, and chin resting in the palms of her hand as she watched the world wake up. Like all of her other fellow students' rooms, there had originally been a desk sitting beneath her window which prevented her from such gazing, but after a few mornings of frustration at not being quite close enough to the outdoors, she had enlisted the assistance of Teddy to help her move the desk to the adjacent wall. And thus she spent most mornings this way; the only time of day she ever allowed herself to daydream the hours away.

Hours which she did, unfortunately, not have on this particular day. Quinn's abnormal adoration towards mornings did not stretch to any feelings of fondness towards Mondays. She detested the end of the freedom weekends offered just as much as the next girl. And she was just thinking such as she willed herself to push up off her gazing perch and start getting ready for the day ahead. Not such a difficult task for her, at least. It merely involved washing her face, running a brush through her relatively tangle-free hair, brushing her teeth and shrugging on her clothes for the day.

The outfit she had chosen the night before was not quite her typical style - showing a bit more skin than she was usually comfortable with, but she stopped herself from taking it off immediately once she looked in the mirror. She looked...careless. Free. In a don’t-mess-with me type of way that she didn’t necessarily hate. She didn’t look like the Quinn she had woken up as two months ago. Sure, her face was still the same - cool grey eyes and an imperfect smile with her top lip ever-so-slightly too big for her bottom lip - but she had noticed a definite change to the way she held herself. A little more sure of herself, as if she was finally finding her place in the grand scheme of things. Realistically, as ever, she reckoned it was Frankie’s influence that had her feeling this way. The girl’s shameless confidence was infectious. But Quinn knew she would likely never be able to act as completely comfortable with herself as her usual counterpart did.

Speaking of, upon glancing at the small alarm clock featured on her desk, Quinn figured it was about time she provided her friend with her usual morning caffeine fix. Doing so was not a hugely difficult task - simply consisting of her slipping silently into the floor's shared kitchen and pressing a series of buttons on the sacred coffee machine, trying not to cringe at the unnecessarily loud noises it was making so early in the morning. She dreaded to think of having to deal with the consequences of waking any one of her fellow students living on her floor, especially considering the fact that none of them were particularly fond of early risings. And so she attempted to minimise the clatter of dishes as she switched coffee cups beneath the tap, making one for herself, too. The whole feat took less than five minutes, yet she was well aware of the impact it would make on Frankie's morning, so pulled out her academy-issued mobile and tapped out a quick message to her friend.

Morning sunshine <3 U better be up. Made u a coffee since I'm such a nice person. it's outside ur door
see you soon xx

Leaving the spare cup of fresh coffee just where she claimed in the text, Quinn sipped on her own as she stepped into her shoes. White sneakers - without a speck of dirt on them. One thing she hated was dirty shoes. Ew. Even the thought of them grossed her out. She didn't bother knocking on any doors as she left the dorm space, very much aware of the fact that it was still barely left dawn. She could've sworn she had heard movement in the hall earlier while she had been getting dressed, but, of course, it was likely one or a few of the others wanting to get a few hours of exercise in before the day began. Another thought that made her shudder. She was far too restless for her mind to be able to focus on one thing for long, as most sports required, so exercise as a pastime had never particularly appealed to her. Especially with the risk of any one of her schoolmates watching. She had many a time stuck around for the last few minutes of Teddy's jogs to catch him for lunch, which had seemed to become a regular occurance for the both of them, but had always firmly denied any invitations to partake in running of any sort. Especially not with the knowledge that Wes was sometimes also present. Hot, bothered and sweaty? In front of those two? No thank you. She preferred not to dwell on the reasons behind not wanting to be seen as such in front of those two in particular - especially Theo. She was perfectly happy with staying firmly in denial of her feelings, as she should.

Instead, Quinn liked to spend her mornings in her own peaceful way - earbuds in and utterly alone, often settled on a bench beneath a tree in the courtyard or some such place. Although she would never share this information with anyone, at times alone like this she rarely listened to music - instead, the soothing, factual tones of men narrating crime podcasts filled her mind as she escaped to a world where her spinning thoughts were welcomed. She was so lost in the mystery unfolding in the current podcast she was on that she almost missed witnessing Bradley Barran walk right into a tree. But Quinn never missed anything. Especially nothing as funny as that.

She supposed if anyone else were here with her she would've laughed out loud, but, being alone made her opt for the kinder route of saving Bradley from the embarrassment of knowing there was a witness to his collision, and stayed silent from her position on the ground settled against a nearby low wall. With a small smile playing at her lips, Quinn chewed on a nail - a horrible habit, she knew - as she watched the boy retreat indoors. Interesting. She wondered what had got him so deep in thought for him to find himself so closely acquainted with the academy's shrubbery. A mystery for another day, she supposed, her amusement keeping a lazy half-smirk lingering on her features as she relaxed back against the wall and allowed herself to focus on the soft voices in her ear once more. She reckoned this peace would be rather short-lived as she recognised the signs of the academy properly waking up, but the prospect was not something she was particularly mad about. She was beginning to like it here, and looked forward to seeing the familiar faces she could now call friends.

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