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Been to the gym 2 days in a row now πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ’― the grind don’t stop 😈 God first πŸ™πŸ» Team second πŸ’¦πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
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Severely missing old roleplays </3


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"Bye, Daddy! Love you!" The sickly sweet tone that slipped out of none other than the ice queen of Olympus Academy's lips was one that she had made absolutely sure that no one else had heard. Just like how she was making absolutely sure that her father would leave the premises as fast as possible. It wasn't as if she was embarrassed to be seen with him - of course she wasn't - she just wasn't quite up to explaining every single non-mundane thing her father laid his eyes on for the next hour. And that would be a lot, considering the fact that she was being dropped off at a school for Demigods.

So hence was the reason why she was leaning into the window of her father's Aston Martin, dimpling and blowing kisses as she said her farewells. A tug of sadness threatened to show on her features, but she pushed it away. She hardly ever saw her father anymore. She still spent her summers with Hera, learning all there was to learn about being a 'princess of Olympus', and the majority of the rest of her time here, at the Academy. So the little time she had to spend with her Dad was precious, to say the least. That sadness was nothing compared to the relief she felt upon setting foot on the grounds of the Academy again, however. She was finally free to relax, and not have to worry about hiding her powers, or impressing her mother. Now she could

"Well, make sure you say hello to Ariana for me. Are you sure she isn't here yet?"

It was all Lyra could do not to roll her eyes. Of course her father loved Ariana, her best friend here, like any male would. However it was less so as an admirer and more of a father-daughter kind of love. She suspected it was because she and Ariana were so similar on that front - spoilt little daddy's girls that just had to flutter their eyelashes to get what they wanted. Truth be told, she had no idea if the daughter of Aphrodite was here yet, she had just twisted the truth a little to stop her father from making it his mission to find the girl and say hi. She made a mental note to herself to text Ariana as soon as her father was out of sight.

"Yes, I'm sure. Now you go now - you're holding up traffic." The blonde gestured to the growing line of cars that was beginning to form behind the Aston Martin - some with some very disgruntled-looking drivers.

Lyra allowed her father to say nothing else before she leaned in, gave him a brisk peck on the cheek, picked up her bags and walked away. She was never one for goodbyes, something she knew she had inherited from her mother. Their farewells were always a sight to behold indeed - a handshake, brief air kisses and a glimmer of a smile and then that was them for another year. It wasn't the warmest of exchanges, but it worked for them; much like the majority of their relationship.

To: Ariana πŸ’‹
I'm back, bish. Missed ur pretty face. Where u at?

Her thumbs darted over the screen of the phone in her hand as she tapped out a quick massage to Ariana, ignoring the protests of those whose paths she blocked as she stopped in the middle of the walkway. She merely had to glance up from the screen with her icy gaze to get them to shut up, realising exactly who she was and all of the trouble that would come with getting on her bad side. She only really moved once they had all been ordered to file into the Ares Colosseum for some assembly of sorts. Strange.


Lyra recognised one or two faces once she reached the Colosseum, and continued to scan the crowd for anyone she recognised even as the camp staff addressed everyone. In fact, she only really started to listen once her name was called, to which she finally perked up a little straighter. Maybe she was finally getting some of the recognition she deserved around here. It was only when her eyes landed on who else she was left in the Colosseum with that her shoulders sagged in disappointment. Maybe not. She did not fail to notice that Ariana was also one of the chosen few, which provided her with some relief. At least she wouldn't be completely alone.

It took all she could not to just get up and walk out of the place when Akani Kahale began to talk. If there was one thing she hated about this place, it was the adults trying and failing to connect with the students. Her mother had always made it clear to her that children should never go around acting like adults, and even moreso vice versa. Instead of just leaving like she so wanted to do, however, Lyra merely curled her lip up in disgust and let out a exasperated sigh. As if this situation could get any worse.

Oh god. It just did. She had been paired with a child of Hades. And not just a child of Hades, no, it was a son of Hades. Ian Rivers. Glancing up from the sheet she had been given, it was quite clear to anyone who happened to be looking that Lyra was not happy with these arrangements. It wasn't just the fact that her roommate was a child of Hades, she thought to herself as her gaze landed on that of Marcella Bonaparte, who seemed to be at least a little fun; it was the fact that he seemed so dreadfully weird. Someone Lyra would not be caught dead with in any other situation.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me."

She cared very little, as per usual, for the feelings she might be hurting for being so against such a match, and allowed a scowl to deepen on her usually-angelic features with her lips pressed into a cold, hard line. This was so not the start of the year she had been hoping for. She needed to vent, and who else would be better to vent to than her own bitchy, self-obsessed best friend?

Promptly letting go of the room sheet and letting it fall to the ground without even casting a glance towards it, Lyra stomped over to the one person she knew would understand how bloody inconvenient this all was. She hardly even had to look to spot the ridiculously glossy hair of the one and only Ariana Mossos, and only had to brush past a few people to get to her. She would have probably paid more attention to the mention of a party if she wasn't so fixated on getting this off her chest. Of course Dallas Relo would be having a party. He always did. And she would most certainly be going - invited or not.

"Did you see who they've paired me with?!" Greetings were not on the table right now. Surely Ariana understood the dilemma she was in.

"Ian Rivers?! I've hardly even met the guy! He terrifies me, Ari! What if he possesses me? I'll tell you what, I am phoning my father right this instant! He wouldn't stand for this." Finally stopping to take a breath, the anger on Lyra's face melted away into one of amusement.

"Phew." She chuckled. To anyone watching, she most likely seemed to be some kind of a lunatic - but she now felt considerably better. Ian Rivers didn't seem too bad. A little quiet, maybe, but definitely not the worst.

"So, how was your summer without me? Dreadful?"
@Altered Tundra here's my girl, hope she's ok! of course, I'm totally up for editing anything that doesn't quite fit in/add up.

ohhhh, certainly interested in a daughter of Artemis actually wait no definitely Hera.

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This is 1920. The year of prohibition. Crime and corruption has ruled the streets for decades now - your loyalties are with one gang and one gang only. Everyone else is your enemy. Do not trust anyone. If someone so much as hears you whisper the name of this family, then you will die. You hear me?

Do not misunderstand me. The blood that runs through your veins should not make you ashamed. It is precious - it is the blood of royalty. That does not mean that people will not hesitate to spill it, though. Be clever. Be sharp. Stay one step ahead of them, always. The deadliest weapon you own is your wit. A gun will not make people trust you, and a knife cannot deceive. Only you and your mind are capable of that. Remember. Trust no one. This family will protect you. You are one of us.


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ps - if I have ever had a role-play with you in the past, and dropped off of the face of the earth, I'm sorry and would love to keep chatting. hit me up, friends.
Yeah, sounds good :)
I am indeed interested, too.
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