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>That awkward moment when you learn the religious revival movement you were headin was actually a vehicle for a Lovecraftian Abomination masquerading as a God to jack your body and take over the world
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>That moment when you realize that you can only do fandom RPs because you're bad at original characters. This is what I get for never playing DnD


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Sammy squinted her eyes. “Track her backers? Do you take me for a fool?” The gumshoe tipped her hat. “Anyone can see that your eyes glisten with desires that only the coin can realize. Oh, this'll be just enough to get you that promotion, or maybe you wish to become a fellow test subject yourself? ” Sammy snorted and turned away. “I lack the manpower to take Binky by force, but mark my words Beacon girl, you have not seen the last of Sammy the Supah Sleuth!” And with that, she bumbled out of sight. Her cats followed suit, meowing like normal house cats.

Before Alicia could turn her attention back to Binky, She could feel the weight of her captive hanging off of her leg. ”Please don't feed me to the crazy cat lady.” She buried her head in Alicia's thigh and sobbed. ”Pleeeeeeease!”

For yet another time in this conversation, Alicia found herself in a position where she wanted to roll her eyes and sigh in exasperation. She wasn’t sure what it was about the supposed detective, but she seemed to inspire that reaction a lot. Maybe it was a good thing she had chosen to leave rather than opting for employment after all.

“Beacon doesn’t work like that but sure,” she replied in a low mutter, mostly to herself as Sammy took her leave. It wasn’t like she wanted to get promoted again after being made a Seraph, but if she wanted to buy into all the rumors then fine. Alicia couldn’t say that she wasn’t used to it.

Before she could do much more, she was thrown off balance as Binky grabbed at her leg. “Relax,” she replied, doing her best to remain upright with the dead weight leaning against her. “I’m not gonna feed you to the wannabe gumshoe. Especially when there’s still stuff I need to ask you about.”

Having been on the receiving end of questioning, Janet stayed quiet while Alicia interrogated. The whole conversation was a little over her head, particularly since she had been securing the perimeter and had missed the sudden transition to the Overcity and what had taken place there, as well as the initial conversation between the trio. A large part of the magical world she still hadn’t learned, what was and was not possible. Being corrupted was something the blonde was intimately familiar with and an experience that not long ago had her in hot water. Now there was a new coin that could change one’s magic? Janet really wasn’t sure what to make of that at the moment, other than their methods of testing didn’t sound all that hospitable.

Binky froze in place. ”Uhh...” She released Alicia's leg and slinked backwards. ”Y-you'll understand if there's certain things I'm not willing to share, but um, what did you want to know?”

Watching as Binky backed away, the fact that she thought she had a choice to make when it came to the information that Alicia wanted was amusing. But it was a fiction that she let stand for the moment, if only because it meant she wouldn’t try to run for it again.

“Sure,” she accepted before beginning. “So, how long have you been working on these Red Coins? And how recently did you make one that actually worked?”She remained where she was, letting Binky get comfortable so as to not inhibit her cooperation.

”A long time.” Hey eyes shifted side to side. ”But it wasn't until just a few weeks ago that we were actually getting positive results. That was when we started asking people to participate in in human testing.” Binky stretched out her hand, and a cup of ramen noodles appeared in it. ”They can complain and try to kill me all they want, but I think their living conditions were a lot better than mine.” Binky popped a pair of chopsticks off the side of the cup before eating.

‘A long time’ wasn’t very specific, but Alicia supposed that it conveyed the point well enough. A few weeks was a bit more than she had expected as far as the trial phase was concerned, though it wasn’t terrible either. It meant the proliferation of this stuff wouldn’t be as bad. Admittedly she could just be speaking in minor degrees of difference, but it made her feel better about it at least.

Binky did leave her curious on a few things, and she said nothing about the meal as she continued on that line of thought. “Why do you say that? Bosses with unreasonable deadlines?”

”The volunteers, if you can believe it.” Binky pointed in the direction that Sammy had wandered off in. She seemed to be implying that the people who volunteered for her project were treated better than she was. And of course, Alicia didn't need the ability to detect lies to confirm Binky was in real danger. ”So uh, I realize this is an interrogation and everything, but I do wanna hurry things up.” Binky was shivering. ”I've spent the entire morning running away from that crazy detective, and I'd like to take a shower before too long. I think we could all use one.” She stirred her noodles with a pain stricken smile. ”Do you mind just sort of cutting to the chase so that we can all be on our way? Heh?” She flinched before Alicia even began speaking.

Alicia could appreciate Binky’s desire to get somewhere safe and clean up a bit, especially if she was in real danger. Though one had to wonder why she was in danger in the first place. Wouldn’t her backers want to make sure nothing happened to her while she was doing something so important for them? She got the irritating impression that there was more going on than what she knew.

“The chase is that while I’m confident you’re being truthful, I doubt whoever is supporting you to do this has good intentions for these red coins. So I’d like to know either who is providing you with the resources to do this, or where it’s being made so I can go and ask personally.” The flinch might have been warranted, Alicia giving Binky a stern look as she pressured her for the information she wanted.

”Ah, oh, um, hmm...” Binky stirred her noodles faster. ”See, that's a bit of a sore spot for me. I mean, as far as where the coins are being made. Well, the escapees destroyed most of the building. So, heh, not a whole lot to find there.” The tiny girl sunk to the ground. ”And telling you too much about my backers would have an adverse effect on my health. Presumably.” She set the cup of ramen off to the side before propping herself up on her hands and knees. ”I'm pretty sure whatever fate they have for me would be far, far worse than anything you might be able to subject me to, heh!” Binky made another pained smile. ”N-not that I'm saying you have to kill me or anything! N-no! I don't want that at all.” She pulled a coin out of her loin cloth and flicked it to Alicia, only for it to veer off course and land in Janet's hair. The red coin floated in her pigtails, gently “sinking” in her water-like hair. ”I could always make you coins right? Beacon coins? Of course! That's what really has to happen here! You'd get to see how the coins are made and everything! Because these coins aren't evil, they're for giving girls second chances! It's a real win-win for everyone right?” Binky spread her arms. ”R-right?”

One would think a snake had just bit Janet the way she reacted for a split second. Only having been mildly engaged when the Red Coin came out the girl looked at it curiously before it was flung in her direction. Having almost no experience with how the water that was her hair worked a foreign object flying into it was a new sensation. One doesn’t usually feel with their hair but in this case Janet could. Couple with that this coin supposedly had some unknown properties she really didn’t want to be in contact with the thing. Flailing for a moment before realizing nothing was happening the girl calmed herself before calmly reaching out her hand. The coin was caught in a flow of water that made its way to her palm. ”Be careful what you do with these things. I still don’t get exactly what they do but I wouldn’t be tossing them around like that.” Rolling the coin over in her hand she looked over to Alicia. ”There might be some advantage to what she’s saying though. If she’s being chased then we could offer some protection while we get to learn more about these things.” She gestured to the held coin.

“It sounds like there’s already an adverse effect on your health imminent,” Alicia noted as she glanced back in the direction that Sammy had departed in. The ramen-eating girl was in an unenviable position to be sure, with however many test subjects there had been looking for her now. “Besides, are you sure that your backers aren’t going to blame you for this mass breakout?”

An eyebrow rose as a red coin was tossed to Janet, and an offer made along with it. “So just to be clear, you’re suggesting that you would make more of these red coins, specifically for us?” she asked, wanting to make sure that she was clear on what was being offered. It could be useful, even if it wasn’t exactly what she had hoped would come of this. At the very least she wasn’t going to dismiss it out of hand.

”Well.” Binky froze again. ”I mean, I'd need a few things, but if you gave me a lab and got what I required I could make them for you.” She took hold of Alicia’s leg again and shook it. ”If that's what it takes to get out of here alive, I'll do it. I just hope my servitude isn't eternal...” Binky whimpered.

This little arrangement, or potential arrangement, had plenty points of failure. Not the least of which was they knew very little about Binky. Though thus far most of the information seemed good, otherwise Alicia would have called it out. But Janet was also thinking about their patron. Beacon was only just starting to accept some change faster than she would have thought. But it would be hard to say what the response would be to a new coin coming into play when they already couldn’t even possess a Black coin. Janet half wondered if she ever took a wrong step at HQ if some of the members would burn her at the stake. ”Maybe we should discuss this somewhere safer.” Slinging her backpack around she reached in and pulled out the mermaid pendant she kept there. ”Let’s get you on your feet first though.” Placing the gem against Binky the magical healing effect kicked in immediately. The battered and bruised girl would be ship shape in no time.

Feeling like something of a scratching post by now, Alicia focused more on Janet than on Binky at the moment as she voiced something quite sensible. Considering what had already happened today, she didn’t want to risk that thing from earlier coming back and doing whatever it had intended to do before. Definitely not without backup to handle it.

“Good idea,” she agreed with a nod, waiting for her leg to be free so they could actually move from this sot. “I’ll talk to the Beckoners, explain the situation. We’ll see what they say.” She suspected that they would have some leeway given her position as a Seraph, but it couldn’t hurt to keep them informed. Especially when it came to something that could be very destabilizing for the magical girl community in Penrose, perhaps even globally. They would soon find out either way.

Together, the Beacon girls departed the scene, Binky in tow. Time would tell what came of this unexpected meeting

Alicia watched the priest go for a moment before returning to more important things. Undoubtedly he'd soon forget what had happened, perhaps think it was some kind of miracle and that magical girls had nothing to do with it. Or that he had been attacked by witches t all. That was how this sort of thing worked, so she wasn't going to waste more attention on it.

She was going to need it, as the captive girl went about explaining just what was going on. Already focused, she slowly nodded at mention of the black coin, wondering where this was going. Purples eyes widened as Binky moved into her actual explanation, presenting a red coin as she described what it could do.

"It...changes magic?" Alicia muttered, resisting the urge to roll her eyes at Gumshoe. "Does it do that randomly, or do you get to choose what happens?" She wasn't thinking of using it herself, being quite happy with her magic, but she couldn't help but be curious.

Of course, it didn't take someone with lie detection magic to feel the evasive answer that Binky gave as being complete nonsense. She might have made it herself, but given what was involved she doubted these were just 'some investors'. So both of them weren't exactly innocent when it came to this thing, leaving her to decide what to do.

"Wanting to make sure there aren't adverse side effects is understandable, but I don't see why you have to keep them locked up for that," Alicia noted with a sigh as she shook her head. After a moment though she turned towards Gumshoe, figuring there was still something that could be gotten out of this. "What I intend to do is ask you what you think about a job, gumshoe."

Gesturing over at Binky with an open hand, she was quick to explain. "I plan on talking to her a bit more, but someone's going to have to track down her backers. I don't know about you, but she doesn't seem like the mastermind type to me, and you'd be a lot less likely to be noticed than Beacon would." Whoever they were, if they were playing with magic like this then it was worth knowing who they were and what their intentions were. Lest they ended up with Justine all over again.


For the Beacon member, the sudden confrontation was not what she had expected. Perhaps it was made more difficult by the bad impression that the girl had left in their initial conflict, so at this point she wasn't inclined to cooperate without question. "The last time I checked, there was no magical girl police force. Besides us anyway," Alicia remarked with a growing frown. Someone was definitely pretentious.

Her head was practically on a swivel though as the other girl cut in, the two settling into a fierce and heated debate. She wasn't entirely sure what was going on, but it left her with the impression that it was nothing good. At the same time, the way that this girl carried herself, the way she acted....she was either a very good actor, or she likely was not the one who bore the total culpability for whatever was going on. Perhaps it was the mention of 'we', or the fact that she didn't seem like the kidnapping type.

"Alright, hold on," she said after a moment, raising her hand in a 'stop' gesture towards Sammy whilst accompanied by a glare. Only once she had fallen silent did Alicia turn towards the other girl, still keeping up a stern look as she focused on her. "What's this about experimentation and more powers. And who's bankrolling you?"

Her foot tapped, an impatient drumming as she crossed her arms over her chest and a finger tapped on her upper arm. She normally wouldn't be this annoyed, but if there was another Justine around then they needed to know now, before something tragic happened. "I'd be quick about it, or else I really will let the gumshoe over there have you."

Turning, Alicia couldn't help but frown as she was verbally assaulted by some girl dressed up like a stereotypical gumshoe detective. Maybe it was just the way that she was talking or the way she acted and carried herself, but Alicia couldn't help but find herself a bit offended by the accusations, and the general attitude. Just who did she think she was, making demands like this? Sure, Summer had messed up, but in the face of external pressure she found herself coming to the defense of her subordinate. She certainly wasn't going to 'discipline' her, or bend to this will simple because they could talk fast.

"Of course not. I'm sure she'll take us back when she can. But as you can see we're a bit preoccupied at the moment so have some patience," she responded with a glare. More people could carry the virtue she had chosen to uphold, in her opinion.

Fortunately they had a stroke of luck, the scary looking being chasing after the departing witches rather than engaging those in the cathedral. She breathed a sigh of relief, since she really hadn't been looking forward to fighting that thing while civilians were around. Not only that, but the witch carried out its end of the deal, returning the girls who had been transformed to their normal states. With Summer sending them back to the real world, it seemed like a successful conclusion all around.

"No," she replied to the question from the priest, shaking her head. "Beacon is the group that I serve with, whose purpose is to serve as a guiding light for the rest of mankind,an example of what they can be at their best. Even if we aren't appreciated by most." Not that she wanted to grumble, but in recent months it seemed like the truth.

Once asked by the witch, Alicia turned to face them as she lifted Star Seraph, aiming it towards the duo for a moment before nodding. "My word is my word. Get out of here as fast as you can. If I catch you again, don't expect to find yourselves as fortunate as you are now." Alicia could have put them down, but she didn't want to have to worry about that when she had other things to do.

She made sure she left before turning to the rest of her team, flashing them a smile and a nod of approval. "Good job guys." They'd talk about certain things back at HQ, but for now she wasn't going to embarrass them like that in front of the general populace and other magical girls. Speaking of which....

Assuming the detective hadn't run off yet, she would find herself confronted by the Beacon member, hands resting on her hips in annoyance. "So who's this crime lord you're after and what have they done?" If she was going to get chewed out by some egotistical magical girl for an accident, then she wanted to know the reason for it. Though she had the sneaking suspicion that she wouldn't get the time of day at the pace the other girl was going. What a headache.

Everything went off like a charm, and Alicia quickly snagged the man out of the air before he could hit the ground. A quick twirl of her wings saw her heading towards the ground some distance away, though not in the cathedral proper with the fight that was seemingly about to take place there.

"Of course. The Light of Beacon strives to protect all," she assured the man as he took cover, before turning to the witches on the ground. No heed was paid to those who fled, if only because she had something else much more important to focus on. They were someone elses problem now, and if they persisted in their activities then they would receive their punishment in due time. "You two," she growled, wings flared wide for maximum intimidation. "Your coven transformed two magical girls into animals back there at that cathedral. Change them back to normal, right now, and maybe I'll let you run for your life with the rest of your sisters."

Her glare remained as she strung her bow, aiming at the witch who remained on her broom. "You have five seconds. I suggest you choose wisely."

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Needless to say, Alicia was not expecting the snap to the Overcity that happened all of a sudden. A growl of annoyance bubbled up inside of her, only to be squashed as she settled for sighing and rubbing her nose with only a slight grinding of teeth. Calm, she needed to stay calm. There was no telling why Summer had chosen to shift them now rather than earlier when it might have been needed, but she shouldn't judge her. She was a new recruit after all, and anyone could make a mistake. They would just have to talk about this bak at HQ.

Even if bringing the Cathedral too was a bit overkill.

The witches continued to go down, two burning to death while she was successful in putting down a third with her bow. Glancing over, she could only watch as someone was changed into an animal by the witch, who cackled and threatened her. She glared, realizing that this one must be the Crone, and the leader of this particular group of monsters. It was just too bad that she hadn't hit anyone Alicia knew, so mercy was not necessarily easy in coming.

BBut she quicckly realized that she didn't have the time to worry about this, not when that man who had been captured was still being taken away. "Janet, Summer, watch over this one," she called, gesturing to the crone. "Persuade her to get her sisters to give up and change those poor souls back. Use whatever means you have to." They would have to manage that while she dealt with the others.

Ethereal white wings flared wide, and with a rippling of power she launched herelf into the sky and after the duo. As she drew closer she readied Star Seraph and launched her shots, aiming for the more opportune targets in their broomsticks or their arms. She just had to get them to release their hold and then she could swoop in and rescue him before he hit the ground.

it was as she was in motion that she noticed the sudden flames and heard the loud cry. She only faltered for a moment, warring between whether to turn back and help her team or keep going. But in the end there was no choice. It was clear that this was a foe, the announcement had said as much. Beacon was a team, family, and she had to trust that Summer and Janet could handle things until she got back. If there was difficulty, she was confident that they would let her know.

For now, she had to focus on a rescue.

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Which organization?

It's own. It's hard to purge groups you're not a part of
I see Beacon may need to purge the organization after all. Can't trust anyone these days.
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