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Current Going in a trip over the weekend. Will be back on Sunday, probably no RP posts until then
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>That awkward moment when you learn the religious revival movement you were headin was actually a vehicle for a Lovecraftian Abomination masquerading as a God to jack your body and take over the world
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>That moment when you realize that you can only do fandom RPs because you're bad at original characters. This is what I get for never playing DnD


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<Snipped quote by Flamelord>

I mentioned this before:

1). If it's done, then my presence in this RP is over.

2). They won't be affected by the order for reasons I've explained several pages back.

I don't actually think it will happen, I just question the wisdom of bringing an unrestrained pissed off sith lord onto your ship. Vell doesn't even have the High Ground to give himself an advantage
<Snipped quote by Flamelord>

Define... thrashing.

Order 66 :V
@Lmpkio Man, the Advent and Vell are going to have some interesting conversations if he survives the thrashing he's about to get

The silence from the Admiral, at least for the moment, indicated that the message had been received well enough. Perhaps they would have to deal with him later but as far as Valeran was concerned they needed to focus on the battle at hand. Dissent in command structure and him trying to order her ship around could wait for a time when they weren't fighting for their lives.

Denesther wore a vicious look as the shields of the pyramid vessel failed and it began to take damage. Their plasma cannons made short work of it, and explosions soon blossomed into the cold void of space. "One down," she announced, though the others already knew that.

Spinning the holographic globe in her hands, Retris shook her head. "We have new contacts. They're...firing on Anubis' vessels." She shot a confused look too Valeran, who quickly connected the dots as to what was transpiring. The vessels might look basically the same, but it was clear that there were other factions at play here, who did not agree with the agenda of this Anubis. Similar to those Trader worlds who had chosen not to side with the Order when it reformed into the Emergency Coalition.

Not allowing that confusion to sink further into the Unity, she took on a determined expression as she issued her directives. "Focus on our initial foe, but be wary of sudden assault. They may desire the same thing Anubis wanted, and we cannot allow that." Engines fired with increased energy as it accelerated forward and began to rain more heavy plasma fire down on the Ha'tak that had gotten itself isolated from the rest of it's fleet by chasing the now departed vessel. A mistake the Advent were fully willing to take advantage of
Alicia Hayden


Nothing really prepared you for the cold of being frozen solid. It was like jumping into cold water on a hot day, only the sensation never went away. Sure, you could get used to it, but that did not take the cold out of your bones.

Frozen in the same general stance that she had washed up on the beach in, Alicia could only watch as Penny and Scout fought Curie and Doris, the two minions proving themselves powerful contenders. Nonetheless she was confident that her allies could succeed, especially as Penny turned herself into a large war machine using the wreckage of the Bastion (without realizing what that meant). She itched in her forced impotence, unable to summon the strength to break out on her own. There was no way to tell how the fight was progressing inside, but she could tell that they were running out of time.

In hindsight, she was left to chastise herself for her move earlier. It had left her helpless when it mattered, and ultimately it hadn't achieved all that much. Everyone's reaction had indicated that no one was particularly impressed by it, making her look stupid for even trying.

Resigning herself, she settled in to wait for the fighting to end so she could be released from her icy prison. She might hate not being able to do anything, but pointlessly worrying about what might happen while she was frozen wouldn't help anyone either. She would just have to try and make a difference when they finally got around to confronting Justine.

Needless to say she was not expecting what came next, her eyes widening as she found herself seized by a diminished Doris to be used as a hostage. This was humiliating enough, and she began wracking her brain for options. She still trusted Scout, generally, she just didn't trust Doris to not shatter her anyway even if Scout did back off like she wanted. Anyone working for Justine couldn't be that honorable after all.

"Like hell you are," she growled, determination setting in. And a bit more than that, as she grasped at the renewed tendrils of magical energy. Maybe she did have some options after all.

Then a couple things happened at the same time. Noticing Penny pointing a large gun in her direction out of the corner of her eye, Alicia was spurred into immediate action. There was no way she'd survive as she was if Doris decided to use her as a shield against that. Focusing her magic, she began to radiate light, melting the ice while ideally blinding Doris. She didn't go overboard with it though, since she didn't need to directly melt all the ice. It just needed to be weakened to the point where she could break out with her own strength.

It wasn't all she did, as light coalesced in her left hand before extending into a sword of light. As the ice cracked and shattered under her exertion she flipped the blade in her hand, letting it stab and swing upwards to cut the arm that currently held her. She dropped as ice fell to the ground all around her, gasping for breath as the chill was removed immediately.

There was no time to relax, and she forced herself to dive away from the cannon shot before it could hit her too. Stumbling through a roll, she came up with her blade at the ready, taking advantage of the impact (whether it hit or not) to charge forwards and strike at the center of Doris' ice golem with her blade before her magic could run out and cause it to fade away. "Nobody uses me as a hostage!" she challenged with the forceful blow.
Ozzle came out of Hyperspace too early, putting them across the solar system. Vader had assumed Ozzle would have emerged in high orbit to take the rebels by surprise. In response Vader executed Ozzle and promotes Piett.

I always enjoyed that theory that Ozzle did it on purpose because he was actually a Rebel sympathizer. Probably wrong, but it's still amusing :V
A-And there's the Galactic Republic - which I happen to lead lol

Palpatine is the legitimately elected Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. You're currently committing treason against the sitting government of the Republic, and by definition are technically the leader of the CIS :V
Also the Cylon hacking thing hobbling their computer processing power which limits how far out they can calculate a jump anyway, and how fast they can do it
The quickest a Stargate Command ship has ever been was 4 days for an intergalactic voyage. From the milky way to the pegasus to be specific.

Four days with a ZPM giving it a boost, yeah. Normally the Daedalus class takes a couple weeks to get from Atlantis to Earth, or something like that
On one hand earth is indeed pre-warp, but currently Fyre is only dealing with Stargate Command whose ships are warp-speed capable via Hyperspace, although they're currently using a Goa'uld hyperdrive as opposed to one of their own design. It is a rather interesting situation if you think about it, yeah.

Also to be fair Earth has already met and been invaded by aliens already, so I'm pretty sure in this case the Prime Directive is dead in the water to begin with
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