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>That moment when you realize that you can only do fandom RPs because you're bad at original characters. This is what I get for never playing DnD


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Angling in behind the mysterious interloper, Alicia's face wore a scowl as the barrier opened for the figure, only to close seconds before she and Summer could teach it. "Tch, typical," she grumbled. The last time someone had run off by themselves it hadn't worked out too well. So they had better start looking for some way to get past this barrier on their own.

If anything, her scowl deepened as she turned to see just who else was present at the crypt. "Not you again," she muttered to herself with a sigh. Sure, she might not be a threat, but it was much too soon for Alicia to want to deal with this nonsense again. Not that Sammy was particularly endearing herself with that sort of attitude.

"Oh yes, we're definitely responsible," Alicia replied with an eyeroll, wondering if she was maybe too blatantly obvious about her sarcasm as her fists clenched. "That's why we're standing out here trying to get inside the barrier, rather than trying to stop everyone else who's trying to get in." God, which deity had she ticked off this time, and how?

Before she could comment on the situation more, things took a turn for the worse. As far as she could tell Elroy was having some sort of emotional breakdown due to....well she didn't actually know why, but it was happening. Her head rose, almost earning another sigh as she shook her head. "You've got to be kidding me." At least Penny was on hand, already growing larger through assimilated metal to fight him, just like she had with the ice golem from before.

But they had a situation on their hands, more monsters storming into the graveyard in the distance. Loath though she was to admit it, Sammy was the least of their problems now. Her sword vanished, Star Seraph returning as she redirected her magic to ranged alternatives to deal with the large waves of beasts. "You'd better get a move on. We're about to have a lot of company," she called, before lowering her voice to talk to Summer. "If you can use your powers to bypass the shield somehow, then do it. Or find some way to keep Gumshoe here from slamming the barrier back in our face once it's open." She wouldn't put it past her to try that kind of trick.

Stringing Star Seraph, she joined in the defense, a trio of arrows arcing skywards. At the apogee of their rise they burst like fireworks, sending smaller arrows lancing down into the waves of monsters to cut them down to size. They didn't have to kill them all, just buy time to get inside the barrier. The longer she could keep these things away from Summer and Sammy, the better. She would just have to trust that Penny could handle Elroy.

Though speaking of that, where had Regina gotten off to? She still had a bad feeling about that.


Alicia was quite understandably pleased with herself as everything went as planned. She managed to free herself from Elroy's hold and assisted Summer in her own predicament. It was a better showing than she had given the most recent fights, at least in her appraisal. Not only that but Penny was now in the fight, a slugger to match or surpass Elroy from previous experience. He may have gotten a boost somewhere, but he was still outnumbered.

That seemed to anger the duo, an oppressive aura washing out from Regina, one that was met and staved off by her inner spark. Others might wilt, but she would not let herself be intimidated by magic into inaction or weakness.

While she was confident, that quickly changed as Elroy did...something, and she watched with wide eyes as Penny's arms tore themselves off and joined the dark twin. What the hell had just happened? Glancing between the two of them, what he said was only more confusing. Allies? All she really got was the source of Penny's metal, which didn't entirely indicate anything except she really needed to do a better job of vetting her sources when she was trying to make modifications.

Nonetheless, she was faced with a lot more metal and a lot more anger heading right at her, black flames and oppressive aura showing the magic that he was committing to this fight. It was probably too much to hope that he would run out soon, and her situation wasn't great with Penny out of commission. Faced with that incoming threat, Alicia was taken off guard as Summer leapt in front of her to take the incoming hit, relying on her powers to keep her intact.

That was something Alicia had no intention of allowing, Star Seraph returning to her grip as she fired a trio of arrows over Summer's shoulder at Elroy, those arrows tuned to explode after a few seconds and perhaps throw off his charge. She certainly didn't expect to score a direct hit when he was like this. She then grabbed Summer, the hold secure beneath her arms as wings unfurled, and with a mighty heave she cast the both of them skywards.

From the corner of her eye she noticed the arrival of a newcomer, barreling towards the crypt and its contents. That was good, it meant more distraction for Elroy and Regina to deal with, which meant more freedom to act and less chance that she would get shot. She'd have to look out for Elroy's chains after all. "Not yet," she replied. "How good are your landings?"She moved towards the crypt as well, skipping the slog on the ground entirely while preparing to deploy Summer where she wanted so that the Seraph could focus her efforts on hammering down the barrier from the skies with her magic. With things how they were now, they would just have to change the paradigm of the battle.


At least they were agreed on the unimportance of conversation. They all had chosen their paths, and reconciliation was long gone. Alicia might have felt bad about the fight before, but any guilt was driven into the ground and squashed by what the pair had done since their meeting. For all the girls that they had brainwashed, she would make sure that this ended once and for all.

Unfortunately she didn't do so great after that. She'd remembered the shadow manipulation, but had underestimated how many would be left behind in a graveyard like this. She was going to need a lot more light if she was going to negate that entirely.

Just as suddenly she found herself affixed to his shield, the intention obvious as he began charging at the recently arrived Penny. At least she still had one arm to use, and no intention of being used as a human shield to keep her friend from doing what had to be done here. She might not have access to her bow with only one arm, but that didn't mean she was helpless either. Not by a long shot.

Her right hand opened wide as she focused, imagining what she wanted. A sword, of course. But light was also heat, and in her mind she imagined it glowing bright, brighter and hotter, and even more still. With a mental snap she manifested the blade in her free hand and swung it backwards, stabbing at Elroy's arm and then at the chains that bound her in place on the shield. At their give she would move, diving off to the side whilst taking a swing at his leg.

Only then did she let the sword go, instead returning Star Seraph to her as she manifested a trio of hanging orbs of light to illuminate her immediate area. A quick shot, she fired off a bolt of light at the dragon harassing Summer to give the Beckoner relief while keeping Elroy's presence close in mind for any retaliatory attacks. She wasn't sure if her friend could hear her at this distance, but she could sure try. "Penny, flatten that crypt!" she called, well aware of her disposition to break things. And now she could go all out.

beacon would save the day this time around, there was not a doubt in her mind on that.


"Rina, alright then," Alicia muttered to herself. At least she had a name now, and she turned from that to what they would soon be confronting. Progress was initially easy, and she caught sight of other magical girls in the distance heading towards the same place. At least she wasn't the only one to recognize the dangers of this. Now hopefully it would work out better than the whole Justine business had.

Difficulty arose with wall of darkness, and her arms rose to cover her face as she was buffeted by the sudden burst. Though it pushed her back, she was not knocked off of her feet. Almost as if by reflex her power flared, illuminating around her and allowing her to chart a course forwards and to whatever was causing this.

Emerging from the smoke, Alicia would find several things to draw her attention. The first was the crypt with a magical barrier around it. It also served as the only source of light, meaning that this had to be the center of what was going on.

She also found that she wasn't alone. Nodding to Summer, her gaze shifted to the other girl. Red outfit, though she didn't seem familiar. Most importantly were the duo that approached them, and she took a step back as realization set in. For a moment she hadn't recognized them, but the mention of that nickname brought it all right back. No one had mentioned that their appearance had changed so drastically!

Her face darkened as he spoke, ironically agreeing with Regina in that sense. Light twisted and formed as Star Seraph appeared. The bow rested comfortably in her grip as she raised it, aiming directly at Elroy as she pulled back the drawstring and manifested a shining arrow of light. "Plan A, no shifting by yourself," she replied swiftly to Summer, her attention diverted but a moment.

Facing down Elroy, he would meet with only a steel resolve and iron certainty. "We have nothing to discuss," she growled, meeting his challenge head on. "Whatever this is, it ends now." She had gone in fully expecting there would be no peaceful retreat, and was prepared to face that. She'd given the Bates a chance before, and they'd taken it and brainwashed her sisters. And now they were aiding this...whatever it was. They wanted to force this to the bitter end? Fine.

In any case, she was more than willing to shoot first and did so, her aim adjusted as she fired over Elroy's shoulder at Regina. It would cross part of the distance between them, nearing before exploding into a vibrant star of pulsing light. She then dodged to the side, in case it wasn't effective on Regina's altered form and there was a retaliatory strike.

"Rina, right?" she called back without looking. "You take care of the boy. I'll handle our sniper problem." Another arrow was strung and fired, this time without the fancy tricks as she engaged Regina in a long range battle. At least she had cover on her side as she slowly advanced towards the crypt.


Alicia was still thinking as she exited the HQ, trying to pick a good spot for a meeting. In all likelihood any old spot would do, but she wanted to make sure that it was in a place where she could receive reinforcements relatively quickly if there did end up being a fight of some kind. Not that she was expecting it, but these days taking chances like those was something that they couldn't risk.

She was in the middle of writing a text to respond when her glance rose, settling on the dark storm clouds that hadn't been there earlier. Hard to miss, with it being so dark as to practically be night time. Street lamps flickered on, for what good they would do. Yet at the same time it sent a chill through her bones as she remembered what Sylvia had so recently told her. It didn't look like a natural cloud formation, and a quick check of the weather forecast indicated as much based on what there had been in the morning.

"You know, when she said to be prepared because a great darkness was approaching, I didn't think she was being quite so literal," Alicia muttered to herself. At least it gave her a good idea as to what she could do for this meeting. She quickly typed up that message and sent it off, getting that out of the way to focus on the more pressing matter at hand.

Hello. I would be glad to discuss a partnership and potential cooperation between you and the Beacon. If you can see the ominous storm clouds above the city right now, I would be happy to meet with you at their epicenter, where we can get to know each other better and determine if a partnership would be worthwhile at the same time

Having sent that off, she wasted little time in transforming into her magical girl form. "Beckoner," she said aloud, glancing over to where her patron would undoubtedly appear. "I'm going to go look into this. If Sylvia wants to send reinforcements, it probably wouldn't be amiss," she told it as she gestured to the clouds, before heading off. Time to once again confront whatever was threatening the city this time. And hopefully, she would actually get to do something meaningful in the 'saving' part of the plan to save the city from doom.


"Alright," Alicia replied with a shrug, mostly to herself, as Sylvia informed her that they had work to do. Rising to her feet, she collected her stuff on the table that she needed before heading after the other girl. If anyone else followed with they could, but she wasn't going to force them to do so. There were enough members around today that they probably wouldn't be needed for whatever this job was.

Arriving in the larger meeting hall, she remained near the front as a crowd gathered to hear what Sylvia had to say. Hearing the situation, she had to admit that she was a tad amused, though she did manage to keep from saying anything out loud that might draw an unwanted reaction. After all, did anyone seriously think that this wouldn't end in a fight? In this town? That was practically wishing for the impossible.

Still, as a Seraph she supposed it was her obligation to go out there and make sure nothing too important blew up. She'd helped with Justine before, and what was a would be city conqueror compared to that?

Before she could volunteer, the buzzing of her phone distracted her. The number on the other end wasn't one that she immediately recognized, but at least it was a text rather than a call. There didn't seem to be any harm in checking, and she tuned out Sylvia for a moment in order to do so.

Alicia. I got this number from Penny, a monster girl currently working with Beacon. She said you are the person to talk too about this. I am interested in meeting you to discuss a partnership of sorts. Just a magical girl without a patron in need of a bit of assistance hunting down a lead on an attack that happened involving some spirits. Will come to whatever meeting area you designate.

For a moment Alicia had to wonder what Penny was doing, handing out her phone number to random strangers without her permission. But after a bit of minor annoyance she returned to focus on what the message actually said. The fact that there was no name included was worrisome, though she wasn't opposed to the idea of a meeting regarding a partnership. And if she had really gotten it from Penny then it was probably legitimate. She wasn't sure if they had the kind of information this mystery person was looking for, but friends were scarce enough that she wasn't immediately opposed.

Slipping her phone back into her pocket, she met Sylvia's gaze now that there was nothing to draw her attention elsewhere. "Sorry, but it looks like something's come up for me. Besides, I don't want to hog all the fun for the rest of you." That said, there was another reason to her decision. She still had her doubts about whomever it was that had sent this message, and if it was some kind of ruse or trap, she would rather walk into it herself instead of letting the culprit roam free, potentially putting more unsuspecting Beaconites at risk. Not after what had happened with Justine.

Her mind made yup, Alicia would excuse herself if allowed while wracking her brain, trying to decide on a good meeting spot. And then maybe she'd have a chat with Penny about her contact information. But she had plenty of time for that, right?

& &

Earlier That Morning

Training was, naturally, an important part of the Beacon’s organizational structure. New recruits had to be taught how to use their powers effectively, as well as how to work both alone and as part of a team. For a sizable organization, it was one of the main advantages they had against the myriad of enemies that opposed them, and they were quick to exploit it.

That was why Alicia was currently preparing for another training session. Beacon HQ had areas laid out, walls reinforced with magic to prevent external damage so the occupants could practice combat and magic. The new renovations after the bombing were nice, though she hadn’t had much time to exploit them beyond hearing descriptions in meetings.

She already had a couple of novices set up on the other side of the area, mock sparring for the moment with occasional input provided on her part when she felt that they needed it. Currently transformed, she was waiting for the rest of those scheduled to take part to arrive In her head she ran over possible exercises to test Aurelio and put him through the paces. Sylvia wanted to know what he could do, and she was more than happy to find out.

Aside from those already in attendance Janet was also due to arrive. Though she had been acting rather peculiar the last couple of days, and by that meaning no one had seen her in the last couple of days. She didn’t answer her phone when called, but did respond to texts after several hours. And from the Beckoners any concern over the girl was dismissed and reassurance was given that the girl was fine. So to know that she would be coming was a relief even though she seemed to be running late.

In that time two girls walked in. They were not transformed and no one there seemed to recognize them or know how they got into HQ to begin with. Their presence seemed to have drawn some attention though as several heads were peeking in through the doorways trying to catch a glimpse of the strangers and their activity. Both looked pretty nervous though as they glanced around, overly self conscious of the eyes on them. Spotting Alicia they froze where they stood. After a few seconds though they seemed to recover their confidence. ”Alicia.” The girl with the slightly curled blond hair greeted.

Turning towards the sound of the door opening, Alicia broke into a warm smile as she found herself addressed. She did notice that they seemed a bit nervous, and tried to put the both of them at ease. After all, this was supposed to be a welcoming place, and the members of Beacon like family. A team required trust, and that was the best way to build it.

“Hello,” she replied, stepping forward and offering a hand. “New recruits, or transfers? I don’t think I’ve seen you two around before.” Any resemblance to Janet was completely missed, understandable when most recently she had seen her with blue hair, among other things. “I was about to have a small training session, but don’t let me get in your way if you’re planning on practicing.”

Glancing back at Jenna for a second, Janet tried to piece together a way to explain things. It wasn’t like she hadn’t mulled over it the last couple of days, but now in the moment it was harder than anticipated. ”You actually know us more than you may think. I, or I guess we, are Janet.” She gestured to the girl behind her.

Waving her fingers playfully Jenna smiled. “Hello.”

Unaware of the powder keg he was walking towards Aurelio was glad that the upswell of curiosity just happened to also be in the direction that he was headed, as one it was quite the gathering of Curiosity which was always good to have on hand, and two he didn’t want to be late, granted he wasn’t exactly going to be early either, but that wasn’t here nor there.

He entered the training room just a moment before Janet and Jenna started talking with Alicia, but with his ears he was still able to clearly hear what was being said.

That answer was not the one that Alicia had been expecting, and she frowned a bit on the off chance that they were pulling some kind of prank on her. That wouldn’t be very nice, though she would accept it with due grace.

A few seconds passed and it became clear that this wasn’t some kind of joke, that it was indeed real. Her eyes widened in disbelief, flickering between Janet and Jenna as if trying to cope with what she was now seeing. “Janet? happened to you?” she asked, worried about whatever had happened to change her from the girl she knew into this.

Putting her hands up to slow her friend down, Janet made an effort to explain. ”I’m fine Alicia. Really.”

”Mostly.” The other girl spoke up. ”I’m Jenna by the way.”

Snapping her head back she glared at her twin. ”Not helping.” Back to Alicia. ”We’re still adjusting, but we’re not hurt.”

Speaking a little lower so the other people standing further away couldn’t hear. ”Beacon needed someone to test the thing we discovered.” Even though they had permission to talk about the Red Coin they didn’t want to just blurt it out for everyone to hear just yet. Not that they could hide it forever with Janet keeping her first name.

That didn’t explain much, though Alicia was at least glad that she was alright. Jenna would be mostly ignored at this point, the Seraph choosing to focus on one thing at a time instead just so she didn’t get even more stressed than she was already.

“But why?” she asked, still clearly confused by what was going on. “You just stopped being a monster girl, why would you want to change again?”

”I didn’t exactly. But they wanted to see if I would go through with it. A test of loyalty.” Opening her arms to each side. ”I had to prove myself. Maybe it did a little more than I bargained for but it isn’t the end of the world. I can live with the changes.”

Confusion changed to realization, and with it something else blossomed. Alicia took a step back, her frown growing as her fists clenched in a rising anger. Things were starting to make sense, and with that realization came a disgust rising in her core. “Seriously?” she spat, no longer needing to look between them even if Janet said she was okay with this. “That’s not right.”

She began moving, dodged around them both as she headed for the exit of the gym with a firm intent. “You two stay right here, I’ll be back. I need to give a couple people a piece of my mind….”

The moment Aurelio felt the disgust pouring off Alicia he knew it was time to step in. he had been hanging back and just observing as he was as curious as everyone else, he just had the advantage of superior senses.

Thus when Alicia dodged around Janet and Jenna she would find herself face to face with Aurelio. “Woah now, slow down and take a deep breath before you go racing off to force feed someone their own shoes” he would say partially screening her from going any further. A blanket of calm would flow from him as well, one that could be easily ignored if the three girls wanted to.

All set to brush Aurelio out of the way, the wave of calm that flowed out from him washed over Alicia, jarring her from her anger and bringing her back to her senses as she was reminded of her Virtue. Yes, this wasn’t right, but what’s done was done. They couldn’t exactly take this back, could they?

“Alright, I suppose it wouldn’t really help anything,” she agreed with a sigh, shoulders sagging a bit as she took a step back. Her smile returned, even if it wasn’t quite as bright as it had been at first. “Well, I guess that means we’re all here for the practice sessions.” Her gaze settled on the twins, unsure as to whether they were merely letting her know what had happened, or actually looking to take part. She could accommodate whatever their intention was.

Both the twins were visibly relieved that Alicia had been stopped by Aurelio. Even though things weren't 100% at least no one would be taking any rash actions just yet. ”Great. We haven't really been able to do much with our magic yet.”

Given that they were about to start it seemed like a good point to transform. Janet raised her left hand as Jenna did her right. Speaking in unison they recited their new incantation.
"May the oppressed and broken find shelter beneath our banner."
"May the oppressed and broken find shelter beneath our banner."
The air around them began to swirl. Two lances bearing banners appearing in their hands they each held them high as the rest of their transformation played out. Janet’s blonde locks grew down to her knees, Jenna’s doing likewise while notably shifting to a lighter shade to her twin’s. Dresses glowing they burst with a flash. As the light died down the girls new uniforms formed around them, Janet with her knightly armor and Jenna in her lighter gambeson.

Aurelio was taken aback by just how easy it had been to calm down Alicia, but would recover quickly, after all he wasn’t one to snub good luck. Looking on he watched the twin transformation with a measure of curiosity, especially the incantation, as for someone like Janet, who seemed to be a magnet for personal change, it could tell you a lot about the person.

“Oooh, fancy” He would say taking a step closer to examine the arms and armor they carried.

“And if we are starting with transformations, I have to say mine’s rather lackluster” He would say before being overcome by a puff of smoke that would vanish quickly, revealing him to be no longer transformed.

“As it tends” Another puff of smoke, and a moment later he was back in his costume.

“To be” again he was out of uniform.

“Over rather quickly” and again in his costume “The speed is rather handy though” He would tack on with a grin.

Alicia watched Janet and Jenna as they showed off their transformation, quietly curious as they did so. Twin Souls were always intriguing to her, and she enjoyed seeing in what ways they were similar and different to each other. The same would probably hold true for Janet too.

“You’ve already seen mine, so I don’t think we need to repeat that,” she noted once Aurelio was done with his own demonstration. It did seem convenient, if a bit underwhelming. But there was more to this life than just transformations, and she didn’t spend too long dwelling before moving on to address that.

Having gotten a bit of distance between herself and the others, the next thing that Alicia did was produce Star Seraph, the familiar weight of the bow hanging easy in her grip. “Now then, I don’t think I’ve seen you fight before Aurelio, and obviously it’s anyone’s guess with the two of you, so what weapons do you have? It will make working out what to do for training easier.”

With a flourish Aurelio would draw his cane and hold it out, balanced on the tip of his finger, for the others to see “It’s sturdier than it looks, but it’s main use is as an amplifier for my spells” after giving them a moment to examine it he would twirl it around so that he could lean on it “I’m more of a mystical combatant then a physical one. I specialize more in support magic then straight offensive spells as well.”

”Yeah, for whatever reason our transformation is a little flashier than before. And weapons, other than the lances Janet has her fists and I have Huxley.” Janet smashed one armored fist into the other hand while Jenna brandished her gun.

”My magic seems to lend a lot more to support now as well. It changed to Reinforcement and Psychic. Obviously I now have Twinned Soul so Jenna has the same magic. Jenna’s power though, it’s a little…” She trailed off.

Picking up where her twin left off. ”We haven’t figured it out yet. I doesn’t seem to do anything.” She shrugged with a slight hint of frustration as she dropped her arms to her side.

Alicia found her question answered with an eclectic assortment of weapons, though she did appreciate the cane for being fairly unique. Most people didn’t tend to have a cane, the more magical types either going with a staff or a wand primarily. “That sounds useful,” she agreed.

Once again though, Janet and Jenna were successful in stealing the attention. To their credit, however, they did seem to have a problem that needed to be addressed while Aurelio was just here for practice. It was nice to see what he did, but helping them figure out what they could do with their magic, that was a bit more important.

“Really? What seems to be the problem?” Alicia asked, turning towards Jenna with a slight frown, free hand resting on her hip. “If you want we can try and work on that, see if we can figure out what it’s intended to do.”

” I don’t want to take up a bunch of time. Besides, we need to get a grip on all our magic.” Putting away the pistol she thought over the problem. ”When I try and use my power it’s like something is missing. I need… an example?” Jenna wasn’t really sure that made a lot of sense but that was the best way she could think of explaining.

“That sounds… annoying” Aurelio would say as he mulled over the issue. It was the first time he could think of hearing about a power that wasn’t instinctively understood. “Well if you need Jenna” he would begin turning towards the girl with the issue “we can always split off and try to figure things out” he would offer as he snapped his fingers and three clones of him would appear in their own clouds of smoke “As being in more than one place at a time is kinda my favorite trick”

Alicia nodded slowly, her comprehension growing as Jenna explained her problem. That did seem tricky, and unfortunately it wasn’t something she could particularly help with. Reinforcement maybe, but definitely not Psychic. It just wasn’t in her skill set.

It seemed that Aurelio had a solution for that, and she was intrigued as he split off into a couple of duplicates of himself. “That seems handy,” she noted as she observed the quartet. “I’m alright with that, if you’d like to try and see if that helps.”

When Aurelio used his power Jenna raised an eyebrow. Duplication? She was pretty sure that she didn’t have third eye but she could identify the power immediately. More than that actually, she understood it. A red glimmer flashing over her eyes and she could feel her magic shift slightly. Raising up a hand she paused for a second before snapping her fingers, mimicking what the magical boy just did. Just as it happened with Aurelio’s clones, three clones of Jenna appeared in puffs of smoke. ”What the hell. I couldn’t do that before.” Looking at her clones for a moment she was quite confused.

If Aurelio haven't been already paying attention to Jenna he would have missed the flash of red that proceeded Jenna’s mimicry, add in the fact that she mimicked his output exactly and the white magician was starting to get a suspicion. “Something tells me that it’s not going to be that easy” one of the clones would say as they walked over and started poking one of Jenna copy’s.

“Can you do it again?” Another would ask the original Jenna looking back and forth between the two twins as they mulled over this new puzzle piece.

Aurelio himself would turn towards Alicia “Testing a theory. Try out your Power, feel free to use me as a target if you need to” He would say pointing at his third clone who would just sigh and move away from the group incase he was chosen as a target dummy.

“Huh, that’s unexpected,” Alicia remarked as Jenna suddenly revealed a use for her power, making three clones to match the ones that Aurelio had made. Judging by her appearance, even she hadn’t been thinking anything would actually happen from that. So they were all learning something.

She had some idea of what Aurelio was getting at, but using him as a pincushion wasn’t needed. “Offensive magic may not work, but we can try,” she agreed as she turned, raising a palm before shooting a beam of light from it at a placed target on the other side of the room - one who wasn’t Aurelio. Having displayed a combat application of her problem, she turned to see if Jenna could do what she seemed to be doing.

There was no flash this time around and Jenna didn’t notice any change or prompt for the power that had just been used. After a bit the girl shrugged. ”Don’t think it worked.” Spawning another clone she nodded. ”Yeah I still… seem to have Duplication”

“Hmm, the mystery grows” Clone the Second would say looking at the newly formed clone, dramatically stroking his chin.

“Indeed, the question becomes now...” Poke and Prod would agree trailing off as he tried to figure out the holes in their theory.

“...Is that her real power or not” Thankfully not a Target Dummy would finish as6 he returned to the group, moving to stand by his clone brethren.

“Regardless” Aurelio would comment after a moment of thought himself. “We know she has one. We can keep working towards figuring that out, or work on her other magical aspects, or work on teamwork, or work on all of the above.”

Turning towards Alicia he would give another snap of his fingers and his clones would vanish another puff of smoke “Your call Seraph”

Alicia wasn’t too surprised as her display had no effect, Jenna still demonstrating her Duplication power. It was curious to find out, but she was confident that her friend would grasp more of her new abilities as time went on. It was just a matter of being patient and taking things one step at a time.

“I would say working on teamwork is the most important,” she decided as the others looked to her for what to do next. “We know Aurelio is mostly a support fighter, and the two of you are a bit closer to jack of all trades. I’m a ranged fighter myself, with some close in options. We just need to make that all work as a unit. Ready to begin?”

”I am.”

”Same here.”

”Well, that was fun” Kyle would comment as he stretched. They had spent quite a while training, working on variety of both simple and more intricate training methods that Beacon had at its disposal and now it was nearing lunch time. So the group had decided to call it quits for now and head to the cafetiera.

“Hey Alicia, have you ever thought about carrying around a quiver of real arrows?” the boy would ask, folding his hands behind his head as he walked.

A sigh escaped as Alicia worked her shoulders, well worn out from a good exercise session. There was nothing like it, and now she was heading to join the others with a growing appetite. “No, why?” she asked, confused as to how it would be in the first place.

“There was another bow user I met at one of the other HQ’s that got a wood girl to make her a set of solid arrows so she could conserves her mana. She came up with the idea to try and overcome her low reserves.”

Nodding, Alicia could understand what Aurelio was getting at. It was something that she had thought up, and something that she had rejected as well. “It’s not a bad idea, but I don’t have access to hammerspace item storage. So either I’d have to carry around a thing of arrows, which would be awkward, or just stow them all around town. Then they could be found by someone else.”

”For all we can do it’s the practical that sometimes stops working.” Janet said with a slightly amused smirk. Moving along with the others she huffed slightly. This was the first time training with her new form. ”I definitely needed some practice. Not even counting my magic. I wasn’t quite used to my new body. It’s uh, a little different.”

“Hmm, fair point” Kyle would concede after thinking it over, he figured the other girl must have had hammer space as she never seemed to take issue with carrying them around. Only other option was to have someone make them in the field, but he wasn’t sure of anyone who could do that.

“If Duplication ends up sticking around it makes a really good training tool if you’re willing to spend the mana. After all muscle memory does get absorbed along with all of the other memories if you recall the copies correctly.” The magician would explain to the twins, figuring they could easily share such with each other due to their psychic magic.

Transforming back into normal as they made the walk, Alicia nodded in approval as her intentions were understood. It just seemed like it was more trouble than it was worth. “Speaking of magic, since you’re a magician I don’t suppose you know any card tricks?” she asked as they rounded a corner, nearing the cafeteria.

It could never be said it was hard to get on Kyle’s good side, but if there was one sure fire trick, it was to ask him about stage magic. “I know tons” He would said with a massive grin “Card tricks, rope tricks, vanishing acts and more. I was thinking about becoming a legit stage magician before I signed up with Beacon.” he would explain as he started to dig through the pockets of his school uniform but came up empty handed “Doesn’t seem like I’ve got any cards on me at the moment though.I know I’ve got some in by backpack, I’ll grab them after lunch.”

”Look forward to it.”

Jenna following along she was being a little quiet. Not that she was the quiet one, quite the opposite so far, but she was trying to sort something out in her head. Not really paying attention to the others there she attempted to make another clone by snapping her fingers but coming up with nothing. Doing it a couple more times she glanced up realizing she probably looked ridiculous. ”Hm, sorry what are we talking about?”

Alicia hadn’t really noticed Jenna’s distraction, more interested in Kyle as he listed off what he could do. It definitely seemed impressive, and she was looking forward to the demonstration. “We were talking about the old fashioned kind of magic,” she explained, glancing over at the twins momentarily.

“If that was what you planned to do, what changed your mind?” she followed that with, focus returning to Kyle. It seemed like that would be a lot easier than this after all, and she was even in the organization itself.

“I got what I thought was a joke email” Kyle would start with a chuckle, he never got tired of explaining this “It promised a lifetime of adventure and magic while I protected the world from darkness. At the time I was bored, and figured, what the hell might as well see if it was a bot or someone with an odd sense of humor. So I replied to it and promptly forgot about it, thing is about thirty seconds later a Puchuu came tumbling out of my computer screen, with a rolled up contract in it’s mouth.” He shook his head thinking about the black bunny like Puchuu that was his Beckoner “Spent a good few hours discussing everything that I could with the little guy, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, but it wasn’t a hard sell really. After all who doesn’t want magic, plus this way I can be a real magician and a stage magician. You’d be surprised how much they benefit each other.”

Turning towards Jenna he would ask “Any trick you’re wanting to see?”

”Me?” Lifting a hand up to her chin Jenna gave it a little thought. It wasn't something she'd ever given a consideration. Having been dragged into a world of magic the illusion of magic seemed distant. ”I don't know. Anything really. Can't say I've had much opportunity to see a magic show so I never really thought about it.”

Alicia nodded as Kyle relayed his story. Since she was a magical girl it wasn’t the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard or seen, but it was pretty up there. “Sounds familiar, though my introduction to them had a bit more pomp and circumstance,” The corners of her mouth lifted in a smile as she flashed back to the memory. “Guess that’s a bit more usual when one of your distant ancestors was a big time heroine.”

She took to the front of the group as they neared the cafeteria, glancing back as Jenna expressed her indifference. “Well, I guess you’ll have time to think about and come up with something impressive while we eat,” she observed. She did have a meeting with Sylvia planned, but after that she was looking forward to seeing what he came up with for the impromptu show.

Overall it had been a productive training session, one that left her ready and invigorated for what the rest of the day might bring. Hopefully it would be just as exciting.

It was lunch break at Beacon HQ, and Alicia found herself seated next to her nominal boss as she chowed down on a home made sandwich. Nothing too fancy, just some ham, lettuce, and cheese. It was filling, and that was good enough for her. In the meantime they chatted about things that were going on, school and Beacon related business, whatever came to mind. At the moment, that was the new recruit they had brought in.

"I don't know what they have in mind with her," she agreed with a nod, her sandwich laid upon the table for now. "I'd say maybe they want to keep red coins out of the hands of our enemies, but if that was the case then they wouldn't be having her make them. Maybe it's a recruitment pitch thing." She shrugged, only able to speculate at this point. Undoubtedly she would learn more of the plan for Binky if it became relevant.

Glancing over at Sally as the topic shifted, she couldn't help but frown, a huff escaping at the mention of who was responsible. "That's what gratitude gets you these days I suppose," she muttered. She'd let them go, and this was what they decided to do? Typical.

Still, there was something bothering her. They certainly hadn't had that kind of ability when she had met them before, or if they did then they were good at hiding it. "Isn't that weird to you as well? Justine could be considered an isolated occurrence, but we're looking at at least five magical girls getting mentally subverted in two months, from two completely different sources, in the same city. What are the odds of that happening?" She sighed, leaning back into her chair as she crossed her arms over her chest in visible annoyance. "What good is the Spark if they can clearly get around it anyway? Especially a pair who shouldn't by all rights have that kind of power?"

Stopped by the arrival of a messenger, Alicia straightened up as she shot Sylvia a quizzical look. "What is it?" she asked. Somehow she had the feeling that it probably wasn't anything good.


-During the first week-
-Shopping trip-

A couple of days had passed since the attack at the stadium as well as the Cathedral, and life continued on much as it normally did. Alicia had been busy with Beacon work, when she wasn't helping Janet integrate back into society after her extended absence, or when she wasn't busy with her schoolwork. They might not have the end of the world to worry about, but things were rarely sedate.

Still, she had found some time to carve out of her schedule to relax, and remove the stress that being a Seraph meant. She had chosen to spend it with Penny, partially because she felt bad with her previous distractions taking all her time, and because Penny had mentioned wanting to do something like that earlier. It sounded like it could be a lot of fun.

So she'd arranged for them to spend the afternoon hanging out,and agreed upon a time to meet. It was a mall, near downtown without being a super popular spot that swarmed with people all the time. In spite of that there would be plenty for them to do and look at, which made it the perfect candidate when she was thinking of locales.

At the moment Alicia was waiting for Penny to arrive, occasionally glancing at her phone for a text as she meandered in a slow circle around the children's playground near the front of the mall. Her hair was combed back, and she wore jeans as well as a floral themed t shirt. It was near the agre upon time, she was just waiting for Penny to show up. Hopefully nothing had come up since they had last talked.

Penny was currently running a bit late as finding a place to pull on her disguise had taken more time then she had thought it would. Still it wasn't long till she was seen rushing down the street towards the mall. To those not in the know it seemed like she was making a mad sprint to the building, but in fact Penny was making sure not to run all out as even in her sealed state she was far faster and stronger then one would expect of a teen girl.

"I'm here, I'm here" She called to Alicia when she caught sight of her friend slowing down to a more sedate pace as she covered the last stretch "Sorry, finding a place to park took longer then expected." She explained scratching behind her ear sheepishly "Hope you weren't waiting too long?"

Penny, for her part, was dressed in a tight fitting Nightwish band t-shirt with a pair of baggy cargo pants and her ever present jacket, though it was currently tied around her waist, and her hair was pulled back in a simple braid which still came down to her lower back.

Alicia turned as she caught Penny's call, a smile breaking across her face as she waved to her friend. She didn't mind that she was a tiny bit late, especially with her professed Virtue encouraging her to do so. What was a few minutes in the grand scheme of things? Certainly nothing to hold against her.

"Hey," she said as Penny came to a stop, quickly accepting the apology as it was offered. "You're fine, I haven't been here that long." She could imagine the difficulties that her friend had when it came to parking. Monster girls had things rougher in that regard, though not incredibly so given the other aspects of their condition. Or Penny's condition at least, from what she knew of her friend.

Having greeted her friend, Alicia turned and began guiding them into the mall at a slow walk, not in a hurry to get anywhere in particular. "So, did you think about where you want to go first?" she asked, glancing over at her companion at the same time. "Remember, I want us to go to at least one other place before going near any hardware stores." She felt it was needed, what with Penny's preference for machinery.

"No problem, I don't have any personal projects planned at the moment any way" Penny would reply as she followed her friend in to the mall, her hands in her jacket pockets. While she had become something of a gear head as of late alot of that had to do with Penny learning to get comfortable in her skin again, as with each custimization she made her body felt more like hers rather then one she suddenly woke up in.

"And as much as I might regret this, I do need to pick up some more clothes, these are some of my only good ones at the moment." Penny was never sure how it worked out but for what ever reason any damage she took in battle had a decent chance of effecting what she was wearing in her disguised form the next time she pulled it on, everything save the jacket at any rate. It seemed nearly as hard to damage as Penny herself was. Thus she tended to go through shirts rather quickly.

"Anywhere you want to checkout while we are here" She would ask giving a sideways glance at Alicia "It's more your day off then mine"

Leading her friend past the childrens playground and into the air conditioned mall proper, they would soon find themselves passing store fronts and booths in the middle of the path. They sold the typical things - jewelry, cell phone contracts, that sort of thing. Nothing particularly worth looking at, even for her.

"Clothes it is then," Alicia agreed without hesitation, flashing a smile at the same time. This might be her time off, but just spending it with others was good enough for her. Though of course she also had her own preferences. "Well, I was thinking of checking out the music store, see if they had any interesting CD's."

Taking a left at the first of the main plaza areas, she took them towards the end of that hallway, where a Macy's waited for them. They could get plenty of clothes shopping done there.

At odds with how Alicia walked through the Mall Penny's gaze seemed to be pulled to every shop as they walked by it. Though nothing really caught Penny's interest, she had always been something of a windowshopper.

"I could likely get you the MP3s if you wanted" The taller girl offered as they walked in to the Macy's. "Wouldn't be too hard" Out of old habit Penny would end up heading towards the guy's section of the clothes befroe she started to browse around for the more thrifty price options.

"Online piracy? That doesn't sound very heroic of us," Alicia noted, warm expression shifting towards something closer to a joking smirk. She didn't really mind all that much, though it was more a matter of finding something that she wanted than acquiring it. Actually coming into possession of stuff was fairly easy, as a perk of being a magical girl.

Entering the store, she hummed along to the in store audio track as she followed along towards the guys section. Eying some of the options that Penny chose, as well as some that caught her own eye, she wasn't surprised by the more discount oriented narture of what was picked. "Well, I guess there's nothing wrong with a bit of a tattered aesthetic, especially if the clothes are just going to get ruined anyway," she noted idly. She might not be a fashionista, but she could provide advice if needed.

"Hey Jack Sparrow and Sinbad are both heroic pirates" Penny would reply with a small grin as she started to pick out a few shirts that she liked and fit her limited budget. "And I swear it's Laat messing with me, not met anyone else that has the same issue as I do with thier wardrobe" She would explain before shaking her head in exasperation. She had no proof and no way of getting other then asking the destructive deity, but the concept made sense to her if nothing else.

"That reminds me, I still owe you an explaination don't I" She would say after a moment, recalling the text sent months ago

Alicia shrugged in turn to that. "For given values of heroic I suppose." She couldn't much argue with it being a result of her patron though. Nobody in Beacon had that sort of problem, as far as she was aware. One had to wonder why Laat did that sort of thing, aside from an arbitrary nature.

Penny's sudden shift in topic earned a confused look from Alicia, the magical girl not making the leap to the text that had been sent so long ago. A lot of stuff had happened since then after all. "An explanation for what?"

"My insanity I supose" Penny would reply before she noticed incomprehension on Alicia face "Remember the incident at the old car garage a couple months back?" Penny would supply hoping to be able remind her friend without having to explain it "I sent you a text afterwards offering to explain why I freaked out"

Penny wasn't all that suprised that Alicia had forgotten in all honesty. Alot of things had happened since then. Still the blunette always strived to keep her word, even more since she had gotten drafted in to Laat's service.

Alicia blinked, looking on in continued confusion for a few moments longer before her jogged memory finally clicked. "Oh right, that." She flashed Penny an apologetic wince, now that she rememebered what it was that they needed to discuss. To be honest she had gotten over that, or just forgotten about it some time ago. It was a minor thing compared to the struggle against Justine and the imminent end of the world.

"Well, if you want to talk about that now we can, or I don't mind waiting until we're done shopping," Alicia offered. holding on to some of the cllothes that they picked out. It wasn't like it was urgent anymore, after so long.

Penny mused over Alicia offer for a bit as she gathered up her own choices. She was tempted to take the offer to wait, as it would be easy to let the conversation drift to diffrent topics and 'forget' to bring it up again. "Thats..." She sighed before continuing on "I'll give you the cliff notes now at least"

"Main thing to understand is the fact that I need to break things and those things don't have to be physical things. Silence, peace, agrements all of them are just as tempting as stone and steel." As Penny spoke she kept her attention away from Alicia. Both out of fear of how her friend would take the information and to keep focus on what she was saying as it wasn't as easy to explain as she hoped it would be. "I tend to try and manage it by breaking smaller things, I've got a bucket of nails by at my place that I twist apart if I notice the urge starting to pick up, but it only delays it for so long. To make things more difficult my emotions tend to be more volatile when I'm not sealed so my selfcontol tends to be sloppier."

Waiting patiently, it seemed like Penny was going to let this whole thing drop for now as they began to near the end of their shopping in this particular store. So Alicia was pleasantly surprised when she spoke up again, beginning an abbreviated explanation of what had been going on.

She slowed, a hand drifting along the edge of a countertop as her friend explained her particular affliction. Pieces clicked into place, her understanding as to why the whole meeting had descended into violence starting to make a lot more sense now that she knew this. It was...unfortunate, but if it was something that she had no control over then there didn't seem to be a reason why she should unnecessarily blame her for it.

Remaining near Penny for the moment, Alicia patted her shoulder with a small nod of her head at the same time. "Ah, okay. Is that a patron thing or a monster girl thing?" As far as she was aware it could be either.

Penny didn't bother to try and conceal the warm smile that Alicia's simple acceptance caused to appear. She was just glad to have it. "For me it's both. All monster girls go a bit mad when they get turned. I just have the additional pressure of my patron to deal with as well, as one of his few rites requires I activly seek out something to break every month" She would answer with a shrug.

Alicia held back a wince, understanding the nunity between nature and patron to some degree. Not that she had to worry about the same specific issue as part of the Beacon, but they were fairly stringent about their rules, even if she might want to do otherwise.

Following along, she snagged a few things in passing while keeping up the conversation. "Still, it seems like being a monster girl has some benefits to it. You're way stronger than me, for example.' She would admit, monstrous nature aside she sometimes wished she was as strong as her friend. It would help a lot with everything they had to deal with these days.

After a moment though she moved slightly in front of Penny, offering a green sundress. "Here, let's try this one too," she added, before physically adding it to the clothes they had so far.

"True there are some perks" Penny allowed. She had the clothes she had picked out folded over her ams as she walked and talked, seemingly having made her choices for this trip "Still feel cheated out every now and then though, as my magic just straight sucks. I think I can lift ten ponds of metal and light a lightbulb at my best without cheating" she groused. It was a petty complaint and Penny knew it, still having little to show off when it came to magic would forever be a sticking point for the physically capable girl, regardless of her monstrous attributes.

Due to her grumbling about the unfairness of magic, Alicia's comment and action took a moment for Penny to process. "Wait... Try on?" she asked looking at the sundress that had been added with apprehension, hoping she had misheard.

There was no helping the deadpan look that was sent Penny's way, practically radiating disbelief. "You merged with a boat and turned into a giant robot," Alicia pointed out. "I have a bow." Having magic was nice and all, but she didn't have any tricks that could match what her friend could do.

At least their shopping was something easier to talk about, the magical girl clearly more in her element than the monster girl. "Yeah, try on. You know, wear it and see if it fits, how you look, that sort of thing." Alicia explained, probably unnecessarily, as she began guiding Penny towards one of the dressing rooms near the middle of the store so they could test out what they had selected so far.

Penny wanted to refute Alicia's statment, citing her inner monster as responsible for the robot incident, but she was currently stuck focusing on the changing rooms looming ever closer. She did at least have the grace to wince at the her friends well delivered point.

"There's.." Penny tried "But I..." A few times in fact "We don't..." to dissuade Alicia from heading to the dressing rooms, but couldn't even get past the first words due to her scrambled nerves. The thought of running breifly crossed her mind, but before she could fully work through it they had arrived at the the dreaded location.

in the back of Penny's mind she couldn't help but think 'I knew I was going to regret this'

Ignoring the halfhearted attempts to prove her wrong, they soon arrived at their destination. Alicia made sure that Penny was in front of her the entire time, with no room to run off before they got there. Fortunately it wasn't necessary.

She took the moment to take the pile of clothes from Penny, leaving her with the green sundress as her first item. "Go on," she said, nudging the monster girl into the dressing room. "Try it. I'll be waiting right here for you." It was....mostly sincere. Depending on how long Penny took she might need to find something else to occupy her time.

Penny walked towards the closed off room with great reluctance, but she did walk there without any further prompting from Alicia. Once she was in the dressing room and had locked the door, she spent a few long moments just stairing at the dress in her arms.

Letting out a loud sigh, Penny went about changing in to the sundress, pointedly ignoring the mirror as she did. She had a sinking suspicion that her friend would not let her leave without trying something on. Thus she figured that it was best if she just try to get it over and done with quickly, and hopfully never have to do this again.

Thus it didn't take as long as Alicia had feared for Penny to get changed, though it still took longer then most people would have for a such a simple outfit change. Still, despite her steeling her nerves, she exited the dressing room very timidly, a blush easily visable on her face dispite the fact she refused to lift her gaze from the floor.

The sundress, while it wasn't as tight fitting as the band shirt Penny had been wearing, was still rather flattering considering the mosnter girls rather curvy physique, shapely legs and rather pale skin tone. That wouldn't be much of a suprise to Alicia, seeing as it was realatively unchanged from when Penny was in her true form. The real suprise due to the sundress would have much more to do with the various tattos that Penny had across her body, most of which were normally hidden by her regular outfit's and jacket.

"How.. How do I look?" Penny would ask after a moment. Trying, and failing, to keep the nervousness out of her voice as she waited for Alicia's reaction.

When Penny exited the room she would find that Alicia was waiting there for her, just as she had promised. Which didn't mean she had dine nothing, as a keen eye would notice a few more items added to the small pile of clothes. It had to have been her, since they didn't match the baggy, concealing nature of what Pennty had chosen thus far.

Fingers idly drummed on her upper arm as her gaze drifted over the monster girl, assessing how she looked in the dress that had been selected for her. It worked really well, in fact. Not that she was entirely surprised, having seen what Penny looked like beneath all the baggy clothes, but at least it lined up with her mental image. To that, she gave a firm and visible thumbs up.

"You look good," she assured her confidently as she took a step forward, albeit leaving her with some personal space still. The blush was cute as well, but she refrained from saying anything about that for now. "See, that wasn't so bad was it? Also I like the tattoos. I don't think I've seen those before."

"They're another quirk" She would reply focusing on the chain tatto on her left arm in an attempt to get her blush under control, which had flared up due to Alicia's compliment. "Each one showed up after a modification I made." She would explain noteably more at easy in regards to them then to her outfit.

"You were there when I got the ones on my legs done" Penny would add shifting her weight to better show off the elegent wing like design running up one of her legs. "Didn't know about it happeneing at first, but they've been helpful" she admitted tracing the chain on her arm with her fingers.

Alicia leaned closer, examining the tattoo that seemed to be a bit more visible than the others. "The hover implants?" she observed, figuring that was the most likely explanation. As far as Patron things went it wasn't the worst perk that one could be stuck with, though it might make appearance awkward.

"Still, that's pretty neat," she concluded, stepping back. "At least you don't have to worry about going to school or that sort of thing. That would be more difficult to deal with." Dress codes would be a pain and they might not be a fan of tattoos in all likelihood. Having said that, she passed over a few more items. Specifically a skirt, long sleeve shirt, and a lace jacket to go wirth it. Something a bit more formal, but there was no harm in trying to look fashionable.

"Yup" Penny would confirm with a nod before chuckling "Very true, Thankfully I've no desire to go back to school. Going through Collage was enough for me" She would reply displaying an exaggerated grimace at the thought of going to back to school.

Her sholders would slump when Alicia handed over the next set of clothes "Do I want to know how many more outfits you're going to have me try on?" she asked taking the bundel with a sigh of resignation, casting a weary look at the skirt as she did.

Leaving the commentary about having to continue in schooling Alicia shot her friend a warm look, even as Penny seemed to sag beneath the metaphorical weiight of the additional clothing that she was being handed. She probably didn't care all that much, considering what she had said about how her clothing got destroyed so easily, but it couldn't hurt to try, right?

"Just a few more," Alicia assured Penny. "I noticed that you seem to wear the same sort of clothes, so I figured we could vary it up a bit. If that's alright with you?" She shot her friend a quizzical look, waiting for an answer.

"Cheap clothes tend to be the same" Penny would lie, still eyeing the skirt as she did, as trying to explain that she wasn't comfortable with her body because she spent most of her life as a guy didn't seem like an appealing topic to bring up.

"And yeah it should be fine, not sure how much I'll be able to get though" Once again she would lie, though it would be a smaller lie then her first one. She would be able to deal with playing dress up, but saying it would be fine was pushing the definition of the word. Though she couldn't tell if she was more nervous or mortified at the fact she was going to be modeling for Alicia.

"Back in a moment" Penny would excuse herself using the new set of clothes to try on as the reason. leaving the light user alone with her thoughts for a bit as it would take Penny longer then it had the first time to change in to the more formal outfit, but once again when she exited she would be blushing and staring at the ground.

Accepting the explanation, Alicia remained pleased that Penny was willing to go along with what she wanted. Though she didn't seem incredibly eager for it, it was something that they could spend their time on. And she had to admit that she was just a bit curious as to what her friend would end up looking like in the new clothing.

She was left wondering for a bit longer than last time, but the wait was no deterrrent as Penny soon emerged. That earned a grin, Alicia closing the distance to take her friends hands in her own, holding them warmly. "Hey, you look great," she assured the blue haired girl with a smile. "It shows off a different side of you, a good side."

Penny's head snapped up when Alicia took her hands in theirs, thus couldn't avoid looking at Alicia as she gently complimented her. This caused Penny's blush to become bright enough that it would likely still be visable if all the power suddenly went out.

Unable to maintain eye contant for long Penny quickly diverted her gaze once agin to the floor."T-t-Thank you..." she would stammer out quietly. Unable to add anything else due to her brain resembling mush at the moment.

Sadly the moment wouldn't last, as just after the stammering reply a pair of wolfwhistles could be heard not to far from the two girls. Turning to look, the source of the whistles would be found to be a couple of teen boys standing not far away rather obviously checking out Alicia and Penny. "Hey does heaven know that it's missing a pair of angels?" One of them would call out removing any doubt about their reasons for interupting.

It was good to see that Penny appreciated the compliment, even if hadn't entirely expected just how deep her reaction would be. That blush was cute, especially with how she was currently dressed. This alone made her initiative worth it, as far as she was concerned.

But it didn't last, and she looked over at the sound of whistling to see just who was trying to draw their attention. The pickup line wasn't much better to be honest, though it was incredibly fitting for reasons they couldn't possibly know. And to be honest, she wasn't entirely opposed to the attention. It was refreshing, especially since she had been so busy with magical girl business and that sort of thing wasn't as important. But it wasn't like she had been really old when she became a magical girl, so what was the harm in enjoying herself a bit?

She couldn't help but giggle a bit, facing the duo with a less intimiate smile on display. "Please, stop lying and tell us what you really think," she replied, curious to see just what they were willling to try to get their interest next.

Penny was decidely less enthused by the interuption, but was slow to respond as she was kick starting her brain again. Afterwards Alicia would be able to hear a groan of annoyance from the girl behind her and a grumbled "Great just what I wanted..." and would miss the thoroughly unimpressed look Penny was giving the teens.

The two boys, bolstered by the mostly friendly reception, moved closer to the two girls "You wound me!" one would claim dramaticly clutching a hand to his chest, before getting smacked in the back of the head by his friend.

"Please, feel free to ignore my friend here, his IQ tends to drop in the presence of beautful women-" "Oi" "-Not that he can be blamed with you two in the area" The taller of the two would say flashing a relaxed grin as he did "Names Keven, and class clown here is-"

"Jason" Said teen would interrupt "And if there is anything I can do to you-" another smack to the back of the head would interupt him.

"Sorry about him" Keven would say "How about I treat you two to lunch? To make up for it?"

Well, Jason and Keven certainly made for quite the comedic duo, even if the routine was unintended rather than a conscious plan. Alicia was finding herself taking a shine to Keven, though it was hard to say for certain when she'd met him all of thirty seconds ago. But there didn't seem to be anty harm in adjusting their plan a bit.

"I appreciate the offer Keven," she agreed with a nod before looking to her companion. This was to spend time with her friend after all, so if Penny didn't want to then she was more likely to listen to her rather than forcing her to go through with it anyway. "What do you say?"

Penny's first instinct was to shut them down, hard, and were she alone she would have. That Alicia was also here had the monstergirl biting her tounge at that option.With a sigh she pinched the bridge of her nose and pushed the surge of jealousy down, so she could try and think clearly.

"If you want too" She would say to Alicia, though not without reluctance "I've got the time to spare" Public outing always had to be measured against how long Penny could hold her sealed state, which was about four hours optimally.

Keven and Jason shared a quick look of triumph at that declaration. Penny would just shake her head "Give me a sec to change" she would add before heading back to the dressing room to do just that.

"Sooo" Jason would say shortly after Penny left "Mind if I ask your name? Or should I just keep calling you beautiful?"

"I guess we will then." Alicia decided, giving Penny a warm and thankful smile as she agreed. She knew it wasn't what they had initially been planning to do, but you had to take opportunities like these when they arose. There couldn't be much harm in it, especially since they were offering to buy lunch.

She nodded as Penny dismissed herself to change, before turning to the duo. She didn't expect it would take too long, though she wouldn't have been surprised if she wasn't particularly urgent in getting back in the clothes she had come in. Particularly since she hadn't looked too thrilled about this when she left.

Jason was well recieved as the dark haired girl shook her head. "I'm Alicia," she replied, before asking a question of her own. "So what brought you two out here today?"

"Browsing and gift hunting" Jason would reply with a smile "My lilttle sis has a birthday coming up" He would explain with a shrug. "Otherwise not much, what about you and your friend?"

Over in the dressing room Penny was stalling a bit, just not for the reason Alicia might have thought. The nonhuman was taking a moment to examin her reflection, trying to see what it was her friend saw, the image of that smile lingering as she did.

Letting out a sigh, Penny had a pretty good idea what was going on in her head, but couldn't help but feel the timing could have been better. Shoving aside those thoughts she quckly got changed back in to her own clothes, but couldn't help but give her reflection another once over before she left. She could see the diffrences but both seemed weird to her if she really thought about it.

With a shrug she walked out, but rather then putting on her jacket she tied it around her waist, after all it was a rather warm for her to be wearing it.

Well now, that was nice to hear. Though it seemed that Jason was making the most of his time out even if he was doing a bit more than gift hunting. "Girl's day out," she explained in turn, glancing back at the dressing room. "I've been pretty busy the past couple weeks, so we figured we could just hang out for a bit and catch up."

It was at about that time that Penny returned, Alicia shifting to stand beside her friend now that they were ready to get going. "Okay, well let's buy these and then we can see what this place has in the way of food,' she offered, making sure that everyone was agreed on their course of action before heading towards the front to do just that.

With that the four of them would venture towards the checkout, during which Penny would give her name as well, and Due to the shirt she was wearing music came up a topic to toss back and forth as the girls payed for their choices.

"Learned about them recently, always been a fan of Metal and Rock, so they are right up my ally." Penny would say.

"Jazz is my music of choice" would be Keven's addition.

"And I'm going to look like the odd one out due to Pop arn't I?" Query Jason with a sigh.

"Classical, though I do admit a soft spot for acapella and some soft rock," Alicia chimed in, providing her opinion in music. It was hardly an area of expertise, but she enjoyed listening to the radio like anyone else.

There was a minor suprise at the checkout as while Penny didn't keep the sundress she did chose to keep the last outfit she had tried on, but otherwise there was simple banter between them all, as hobbies were brought up as they made their way to the food court.

While slightly disappointed that Penny didn't keep the sundress, Alicia made no issue of it as she purchased the rest. She could understand why with the tattoos after all, probably didn't want to draw attention to those. Moving along with the others, she was avid member of the conversation as they headed to the food court

Upon arriving, they would find that there were some people there, but also plenty of open tables to sit at. There was also a wide variety of food, even if it was mostly fast food chains to pick from. There were sit down restaurants in the mall, but that seemed a bit much.

"Hm, what do you say Penny?" she asked, a hand resting on her hip as she eyed the various options. "I'm thinking sub sandwiches myself."

As much as Penny would loath to admit it, she was enjoying this impromtu addition to the days plans. So much of her life had been consumed by the magical, that she had forgotten what being normal was like and it was relaxing to be able to snark and joke around again, and it showed in the way Penny carried herself. It was more carefree then she had been in a long time.

"Ooh, that does sound good" Penny would agree as she looked out across the variety of food options "Better then my idea as well" She would joke as they headed towards the sub-shop.

"I'm gonna grab a slice of Pizza" Jason would say before moving to break off from the group "Want me to grab you one as well Kev?"
"Sure Pep please"
"You got it"

"Your greasey temptations shall not sway me from my salad sandwich" Penny would call out as she stepped in to line to order.

"So, where do you two go to school?" Keven would ask shortly after Jason left.

Penny in agreement, Alicia slipped into the line for food with the others, though Jason broke off to head to pizza instead. Not a bad idea, but she'd had pizza recently and wasn't as much in the mood for it, hence her curent choice.

She glanced over as Jason posed another question. "North Lincoln High School," she offered, being truthful in that case though she didn't know what Penny was going to say. But she wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being a lie of some sort. The line shuffled forward, her gaze perusing the menu as she decided upon what she wanted

"I'm homeschooled by my dad" Penny would reply offhandedly as she prused the menu, and as had been assumed she was lying.

"What about you?" she asked, keeping the conversation going as they neared the front of the line.

"East Jordan High, It's not as imprssive as it sounds" he would answer with a shrug, East jordan had something of a reputation due to the high volume of rich kids that went there. "Though Jason is one of the star members of the Track team" he would add glancing over towards his friend as he did.

Penny wouldn't be able to hide a flinch at that but would try and hide it by speaking up "Didn't peg him as the sports type"

Conversation was put on hold for a moment as food was ordered. Penny's sandwich was the largest club they offered with every topping and a few diffrent sauces added on top.

For her part Alicia would get a classic BLT, with a bit of ranch dressing added to it. She eyed Penny's sub with some amusement, left mostly wondering if she could even open her jaw wide enough to eat it. It would be interesting to watch either way.

Keven would add a drink to thier orders as well when he stepped to pay for everything, and afterward would lead the way to the table that Jason had snagged. "Took you guys long enough" He would pipe up grinning.

"I suppose, but at least we know there was some care put into out meals," Alicia challeenged as she sat down next to Penny, Keven sitting next to Jason as he was handed his piece of pizza. Alicia figured Penny would be more comfortable that way, which would keep things light.

"Excuses," Jason scoffed with a grin, taking a bit of his pizza now that they had arrived. A hum escaped, and having heard Penny before he made a bit of a show of eating it as well, if only to jab at her. "So what did I miss?"

"Not much, we were just talking about what we do at school," Keven replied as he dug into his pizza as well. It was close enough to the truth that the specifics didn't matter all that much. Besides, he was curious to hear what the girls would say on the subject.

So was Jason, who took the bait quite well. "Oh? And what do two classy individuals such as yourselves do in your free time?" This time he managed to dodge the chastising whack from his friend, unfortunate for both of them if that was what they enjoyed.

Alicia didn't mind the question, finishing the bit of her sub that she had started chewing before she answered. "Not much I suppose. I'm something of a tutor, and I'm in a private archery group," she offered before letting Penny take over. It wasn't like she could talk about that magical girl stuff, so what she had explained would suffice for now.

"Outside of kicking ass in MMA, I tend to build things and go wandering Penrose. Tend to have a fair amount of free time due to being home schooled, also tend to get lost easy as I've only been here a few months." Came Penny's reply, thought it was delayed a moment, as true to expectations her sandwich was a bit difficult to eat. Not that she seemed to be suffering to much hardship over it.

"Wandering?" Keven would ask interestedly

"Yeah borrow my dads truck and go for a cruise" she would explain before taking a quick bite of her food "try and find somewhere interesting, or someone." she would finish after finishing her bite of food.

"Well I coul-" "Not my type" Penny would interupt sharply, knowing fully well what was about to be said by Jason.

"What is your type then?" Jason replied a little bit indignant at the bluenette's harsh shut down.

"Girls" Penny would say blandly before taking a larger bite out of her sub.

While the small lies had been expected givne the subject of conversation, Alicia had not anticipated what came after it. An eyebrow rose slightly, interest piqued, though her surprise was overshadowed by the duo across the table, Keven breaking into a bit of a coughing fit as some of his food got lodged down the wrong pipe momentarily.

While his friend was busy recovering, Jason looked between the two of them, fingergesturing from one to the other. 'Alright, alright. That's cool. Does that mean that the two of you are..."

Alicia shook her head, though it was not particularly fervent. "No, we're just friends," she replied, flashing Penny a warm smile. What more was there to say?

Even though she knew it was coming, hearing 'Just friends' hurt. Not that she had no reason to expect anything else. It did confirm Penny's suspicions though, she was starting to crush on her angelic friend.

Still she returned the smile with one of her own "What about you two?" She would ask to keep the conversation moving, more out of polietness they true interest.

They four of them would spend a while longer chatting as they ate, but eventually they would split up back in to thier original groups, both had shopping that needed to be done after all. The rest of the day would prove to be more of the same, a relaxing day off. A rare treat for those in the magical community.
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