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Current >That moment when you realize that you can only do fandom RPs because you're bad at original characters. This is what I get for never playing DnD


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<Snipped quote by Flamelord>

Technically the CYOA makes it a point to throw doubt on whether or not they're actually Puchuu.

We haven't seen anyone besides Puchuu in Beacon at this point, so until I see otherwise that's what I'm sticking with

Portrayed, the theme song for this new character
Wait, Puchuu?

Beacon is run by a group of ideologically aligned Puchuu. It's in the CYOA and every appearance IC so far
Kinda needed someone to ask for backup on the other Beacon girls.

Considering what has happened before I think you can reasonably say your Puchuu told you when the fight started. Especially so close to Beacon turf
Man, this emotional stuff is heavy. I'm glad that I don't have to deal with that sort of thing
Alicia Hayden

She wasn't sure what she had been expecting, but the fact that it did enough damage to the monster that it at least earned a response was good enough for her. If she could help Penny end this fight, then so much the better. It was a sentiment that did not last very long as the building collapsed, ripped partially down by Elroy as he did his best to imitate a wrecking ball and hit back. It wasn't too hard to guess that his power was related to metal, or just flat out strength. That was more Penny's problem at the moment.

As he went airborne she tensed, prepared to jump out of the way lest he come down on top of her or target her with that attack. Yet her attention was drawn away by the crack of a rifle, and a sudden burst of pain from her left leg.

"Gah!" A cry escaped as she stumbled and almost hit the ground, her gaze swinging downwards to find the glancing wound from the bullet. Her uniform had tanked the brunt of the damage, but it was clearly more than just a mundane bullet.

Alicia's musing was interrupted as the pain spiked to a new high, like multiple bones had been broken as her most lucid guess. Magic, that was the only answer. Blinking tears from her eyes Alicia scanned the area, trying to find the source of the shot even as black domes began striking nearby. That girl from before, she had to still be around.

No time, there was no time to worry about that. Drawing on her light magic and her inner Spark,, she placed her hands over the wound and concentrated in the manner that Beacon had taught her. "Cleanse," she muttered between grit teeth holding back sobs of pain. Bright, white light flared into existence and a warmth began to spread through her form that untangled and banished the curse that had taken root there as best she could.

Which was, well, just enough time to begin stumbling away from Elroy's impact zone. She just hoped she was far enough away.

@Shifter_Master@BrokenPromise@Majoras End
@Flamelord It's a matter of having class while using said powers! XD

And... to Mariette's usual business, money's usually to no use whatsoever, so she never has any, and wouldn't use her powers for something she only needs for her spare time. Haha.

I know, I just felt compelled to point out the humor of it
"We have no money," said the girl sitting next to the girl who can open a portal to a bank vault at will
I'm just thinking, you wouldn't need to keep the coin out of other people's hands if it couldn't be taken from you.

Nobody said you had to give the coin willingly ;)
It also implies that you can't just drop it for anyone else to pick up, you have to deliberately give it away to someone. Which kinda derails the plan you presented in your post because there is no 'in transit' state
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