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>That awkward moment when you learn the religious revival movement you were headin was actually a vehicle for a Lovecraftian Abomination masquerading as a God to jack your body and take over the world
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>That moment when you realize that you can only do fandom RPs because you're bad at original characters. This is what I get for never playing DnD


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Alicia Hayden

The Earth bastion lurched into motion, moving away from the shore of the lake and towards the castle as Suwako and Mariette occupied Caroline, leaving the rest of them to carry on with the assault. It was probably for the best anyway since they were on the clock. Nonetheless she couldn't help but worry for her fellow Beckoner. Suwako was a skilled fighter, but it seemed like everyone who worked for Justine was exceptionally skilled in some way. the fact Caroline had gone undiscovered for so long emphasizes that point.

Her musing was cut short as it started raining red, which left her bit annoyed given that much of her clothing was white. It didn't last long but even then there was no relief as the Bastion was frozen into the lake by magic. At which point the rest of the defenders made themselves known. "About time," she remarked to no one in particular. Honestly she had figured it would have been quicker than that. Justine must be slow on the uptake right now.

The attacks came quick, including the barking of a modern weapon. Her face hardened into a frown as she caught sight of just who it was who had fired that them. "You again," she growled, anger rising. It looked like all the rats were crawling out of the woodwork. They just had to overcome this obstacle and move on towards their final destination.

First things first, being stuck here in the lake wasn't going to help anyone. Lifting her bow until it pointed directly upwards, she strung her bow and let her magic infuse the arrow that she strung. With a snap she fired, the arrow splitting into several as it rose towards the top of its arc. They impacted all around the ship, small bursts of energy shattering the ice that locked the hull in place. Maybe they could try flying now, or at the very least they'd be able to move.

Just as quickly she reoriented towards their foes, lest she get sucker punched by an attack. "Let them have it." There was no point in trying to reason with these people, not if they had sided with Justine. Glowing runes traced themselves in the sky as she fired one arrow after enough, each turned into its own separate volley as a veritable storm of projectiles was sent careening across the space between them and at the quartet. And thanks to that same magic, even the fierce winds picking up wouldn't be as much of a problem as they would have if she were using normal arrows.

This was the point where, naturally, her arrows would start exploding, effectively creating their own version of flak. It might not take anyone down but if they were dodging then they'd be too busy to shoot at them, and then someone with heavier armament like Penny could finish them off. She just had to keep up the pressure, and she aimed to do just that
Alicia Hayden

Treating this whole thing with the seriousness that it deserved, Alicia's expression only grew more stern as Mariette and then Helga explained just what this Sonia was capable of. Using space magic to suddenly appear in places and summon objects? That was the kind of outside context power that could really mess all of them up, and at the moment it didn't seem like they had a way to counteract it yet, aside from taking advantage of the fact that she couldn't be in more than one place at once. Yet if she was able to move fast enough, it might not matter.

"That's going to be a pain to deal with," she decided with a sigh. She glanced around, wondering just how many people here had their own special powers that they were just holding on to, waiting for a rainy day. She knew that she would have in their situation, but it was frustrating when up against such powerful opp-

The planning session dissolved into near pandemonium as 'Libby' revealed that she had not in fact been Libby this entire time, but rather one of Justine's psycho allies. At least everyone was quick on the uptake, Mariette throwing out all sorts of portals while Suwako added her vines to the mix. If it was enough, well, they would soon see.

Making a mental note to point out the fact that the only ally anyone else had been able to recruit was actually a bad guy, thus leaving Beacon as the only place for viable reinforcements in this entire damn fight, Alicia was quick to summon Star seraph as she hopped onto one of the inner railings for a better vantage point. Only one eye was on Caroline though, presumably preoccupied by everyone else. Instead her main focus was on the castle across the lake. Even if they hadn't been traveling, it was right there. And even if Justine didn't know Caroline was here, she could likely sure as hell see the chaos now enfolding. It would be the perfect time to attack.

"Plan B it is then," she muttered to herself, before calling out to the others. "I have eyes on the castle. Watch out for more attacks!" if needed she'd step in on the Caroline fight, but she didn't want to get in their way if they were holding their own and potentially disrupt things. Otherwise, she'd keep ready for Justine's efforts to sally out and fight them, then start shooting. Here was hoping this was easier than they all thought it would be.
Vivian Everett

Waiting to leave, Vivian came to a stop as she found herself approached after all. Seemed someone did want to take pity on her after all,or at least it looked like it might be that way. She shot Carrie an unamused glance at the mention of the dock attack before reiterating the plan that she had initially espoused. "If it is the Dollmaster, she wouldn't care about that spot in particular," she explained. "I'm going to go check out one of her old hideouts, see if anyone's been in there recently. Even if it isn't her, someone could be using her leftovers."

Personally she thought that she could handle it herself, but as long as Carrie wasn't expressing some deep seated desire to not be involved in this whole thing then she supposed that she could live with it. A second set of eyes to catch things she might have missed would be useful.

It was at that point that something else presented itself to her, causing her to cast her gaze to her default companion yet again. "I only have the one motorbike," she added. She couldn't remember if Carrie had drove here on her own, but this might be tricky if she needed to give her a ride too.
Vivian Everett

Gritting her teeth, Vivian frowned as everything...well, to put not too fine a point on it, fell apart. "This is why I don't come to the group reunions," she huffed to herself. It wasn't like it was her fault that someone had decided to sic a bunch of monsters on them out of the blue. But fine, she was the asshole here.

She wasn't sure why she was surprised. She'd always been the outsider, different from the rest of then. Justice Heart had been a team from the beginning and she had been the outsider, defined by the fact that she had once been allied with the Dollmaster against them. They all liked to claim that they had moved past that, but it was times like this when her position was more obvious than ever. It wasn't like there was anyone standing here with her as the group splintered apart into pairs.

Holding back everything that she could have said, such as why certain individuals were even around when they didn't want to be associated with anyone else, she fell silent. She'd let some of the people leave before heading out herself on her motorbike, mostly because they were already in front of the entrance. Not that she minded too much. She was used to relying on herself, and she'd just have to do it again.
Vivian is on her own team, as proclaimed by herself
So it turns out that the only ally you guys were able to find was actually a villain in disguise. It appears that it's up to Beacon to save the world again, and we probably won't get any gratitude for it either
Amelia Serrai

"I am so lost," Amielia muttered to herself as she strode down a crowded sidewalk. In spite of what one might thing, it was a state of affairs that she was okay with. Initially she had come out here to plan for Walpurgis Night, to perhaps set some traps and gt a lay of the land, that sort of thing. But she had quickly realized that there wasn't too much of a point to it. The native magical girls undoubtedly knew the city much better than she did, so there was no way she was going to pull out some kind of clever trick on them.

That left, in effect, tourism. It was the best way that she could think of to explore the city and get some idea of how to get around. Which was really all she could hope for in the time that she had left. As such, being lost wasn't a problem, it was just part of her efforts. And she was curious to see what she would end up stumbling over.

Of course she could have easily tracked out what her location was using her phone, but she didn't feel an urge to do so. She didn't have to be anywhere soon so it wasn't like time was an issue. When she needed to head to dinner with Papa then she'd find where she was. Until then she was perfectly willing to wander.

For the moment that meant...window shopping. And some actually going inside the stores that attracted. She could tell she was in an older part of town from the proliferation of smaller shops, and she was ready to spend some Yen for souvenirs. If she found anything she liked anyway. There were plenty of shops to look at though.

"Hm, let's see what's behind this door," she mused to herself with a grin before slipping inside what seemed to be a pawn shop. It was a bit heavy on the incense or perfume or whatever, but at the moment it wasn't too heavily occupied. Perfect to browse and waste a bit more time "Who knows, maybe I'll find a good luck charm for myself." Wouldn't that be useful pretty soon? One could certainly hope, as she began browsing through the various shelves and displays within the store.
The team reunion has gone off wonderfully I see. Only some of us don't hate everyone else in the group :V
Geez. First Alice, now Ramona, we've got a serious womanizer problem here in Justice Heart :P
Vivian Everett

Vivian grinned as the others began to agree with her, pleased by her own success in that regard. it was a lot better than just sitting around while someone played dumb and waiting for something to happen, and she had always been a bit more on the proactive side of things.

Resisting the urge to facepalm at Courtney's antics, she instead addressed Isana's rebuttal. "hey could have assumed that we didn't keep in contact enough to know how to easily find each other, and it'd be stupid to use something that we could handle without breaking a sweat on our own." At least, if she was thinking as a villain anyway.

The other suggestion was one that she couldn't disagree with even if she had wanted to. In fact, she was quite glad since it meant she got to get out of couch shopping with Alice. "Sounds good to me," she agreed with an aloof shrug.

Of course, before she could address anything else the last member of their missing group showed up and made her presence known. Turning towards Ramona, Vivian couldn't help but scoff. "They probably figured you were too busy cosplaying as a Ren Fair to be worth bothering," she challenged in response. She didn't have a clue, though she did think it was kind of unfair. What made Ramona so special?

After a moment she glanced back to the others. "I'll check out some of the Dollmasters old hideouts. I should be able to tell if anything has changed." She knew those places better than the rest of them after all.....
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