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>That awkward moment when you learn the religious revival movement you were headin was actually a vehicle for a Lovecraftian Abomination masquerading as a God to jack your body and take over the world
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>That moment when you realize that you can only do fandom RPs because you're bad at original characters. This is what I get for never playing DnD


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Turning, Alicia couldn't help but frown as she was verbally assaulted by some girl dressed up like a stereotypical gumshoe detective. Maybe it was just the way that she was talking or the way she acted and carried herself, but Alicia couldn't help but find herself a bit offended by the accusations, and the general attitude. Just who did she think she was, making demands like this? Sure, Summer had messed up, but in the face of external pressure she found herself coming to the defense of her subordinate. She certainly wasn't going to 'discipline' her, or bend to this will simple because they could talk fast.

"Of course not. I'm sure she'll take us back when she can. But as you can see we're a bit preoccupied at the moment so have some patience," she responded with a glare. More people could carry the virtue she had chosen to uphold, in her opinion.

Fortunately they had a stroke of luck, the scary looking being chasing after the departing witches rather than engaging those in the cathedral. She breathed a sigh of relief, since she really hadn't been looking forward to fighting that thing while civilians were around. Not only that, but the witch carried out its end of the deal, returning the girls who had been transformed to their normal states. With Summer sending them back to the real world, it seemed like a successful conclusion all around.

"No," she replied to the question from the priest, shaking her head. "Beacon is the group that I serve with, whose purpose is to serve as a guiding light for the rest of mankind,an example of what they can be at their best. Even if we aren't appreciated by most." Not that she wanted to grumble, but in recent months it seemed like the truth.

Once asked by the witch, Alicia turned to face them as she lifted Star Seraph, aiming it towards the duo for a moment before nodding. "My word is my word. Get out of here as fast as you can. If I catch you again, don't expect to find yourselves as fortunate as you are now." Alicia could have put them down, but she didn't want to have to worry about that when she had other things to do.

She made sure she left before turning to the rest of her team, flashing them a smile and a nod of approval. "Good job guys." They'd talk about certain things back at HQ, but for now she wasn't going to embarrass them like that in front of the general populace and other magical girls. Speaking of which....

Assuming the detective hadn't run off yet, she would find herself confronted by the Beacon member, hands resting on her hips in annoyance. "So who's this crime lord you're after and what have they done?" If she was going to get chewed out by some egotistical magical girl for an accident, then she wanted to know the reason for it. Though she had the sneaking suspicion that she wouldn't get the time of day at the pace the other girl was going. What a headache.

Everything went off like a charm, and Alicia quickly snagged the man out of the air before he could hit the ground. A quick twirl of her wings saw her heading towards the ground some distance away, though not in the cathedral proper with the fight that was seemingly about to take place there.

"Of course. The Light of Beacon strives to protect all," she assured the man as he took cover, before turning to the witches on the ground. No heed was paid to those who fled, if only because she had something else much more important to focus on. They were someone elses problem now, and if they persisted in their activities then they would receive their punishment in due time. "You two," she growled, wings flared wide for maximum intimidation. "Your coven transformed two magical girls into animals back there at that cathedral. Change them back to normal, right now, and maybe I'll let you run for your life with the rest of your sisters."

Her glare remained as she strung her bow, aiming at the witch who remained on her broom. "You have five seconds. I suggest you choose wisely."

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Sally nooo :(

Needless to say, Alicia was not expecting the snap to the Overcity that happened all of a sudden. A growl of annoyance bubbled up inside of her, only to be squashed as she settled for sighing and rubbing her nose with only a slight grinding of teeth. Calm, she needed to stay calm. There was no telling why Summer had chosen to shift them now rather than earlier when it might have been needed, but she shouldn't judge her. She was a new recruit after all, and anyone could make a mistake. They would just have to talk about this bak at HQ.

Even if bringing the Cathedral too was a bit overkill.

The witches continued to go down, two burning to death while she was successful in putting down a third with her bow. Glancing over, she could only watch as someone was changed into an animal by the witch, who cackled and threatened her. She glared, realizing that this one must be the Crone, and the leader of this particular group of monsters. It was just too bad that she hadn't hit anyone Alicia knew, so mercy was not necessarily easy in coming.

BBut she quicckly realized that she didn't have the time to worry about this, not when that man who had been captured was still being taken away. "Janet, Summer, watch over this one," she called, gesturing to the crone. "Persuade her to get her sisters to give up and change those poor souls back. Use whatever means you have to." They would have to manage that while she dealt with the others.

Ethereal white wings flared wide, and with a rippling of power she launched herelf into the sky and after the duo. As she drew closer she readied Star Seraph and launched her shots, aiming for the more opportune targets in their broomsticks or their arms. She just had to get them to release their hold and then she could swoop in and rescue him before he hit the ground.

it was as she was in motion that she noticed the sudden flames and heard the loud cry. She only faltered for a moment, warring between whether to turn back and help her team or keep going. But in the end there was no choice. It was clear that this was a foe, the announcement had said as much. Beacon was a team, family, and she had to trust that Summer and Janet could handle things until she got back. If there was difficulty, she was confident that they would let her know.

For now, she had to focus on a rescue.

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<Snipped quote by Flamelord>

Which organization?

It's own. It's hard to purge groups you're not a part of
I see Beacon may need to purge the organization after all. Can't trust anyone these days.

Everything was going according to plan, and Alicia wore a pleased smile because of it as she snapped off another volley. Sure, there seemed to be some other drama going on, but they weren't being attacked by other magical girls and no one was getting in her way either. All things considered it was going fairly well as far as the usual monster stomp involving multiple groups of magical girls went.

Her efforts at corralling the witches successful, she was about to yell at Summer to do it when their foes were suddenly taken out by one large attack. She faltered for a moment before letting out a resigned sigh. "Well, I guess that works." It was too bad that they didn't get to carry out her plan, since she thought it had been particularly clever, but so long as the witches were gone she wouldn't be too bitter about it. That was what was most important after all.

Fluttering forward, Alicia snapped off the occasional shot as cleanup began. The few witches left weren't any threat to the assembled girls there, and all in all she figured that it was a job well done. Her thoughts had already turned to later, what she was going to do with her friends. With Janet back she needed to catch up on lost time, and she was not going to lose that opportunity.

As such she was distracted about until the voice rang out. "Huh? What now..." she muttered as she glanced around. Something about wolves? As if things could never be simple these days. She was having trouble remembering the last tine that she had fought monsters without it perpetually escalating into significant destruction.

Moving towards the cathedral, she snapped off shots at the remaining witches, looking to put holes in their brooms and send them plummeting to the ground. "Alright, good job," she called to her companions. "Let's deal with the stragglers and get ready for these...wolves, or whatever." Arriving over the hole in the roof, she glanced down to make sure that the congregation was safe before returning to the spat at hand. She just hoped that these new guys who were ostensibly about to arrive weren't too much trouble.

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Things got off to a good start, Alicia keeping an eye on Summer as she charged in to the battle. She trusted her, she was just curious to see her powers in action. She'd heard about it, but seeing it in action was a different thing entirely. Cartoon powers? How would that work? The way she took out one of the witches was a perfect demonstration, even if it wasn't quite what she had been instructed to do.

Keeping up her fire, Alicia found her effect to be more suppressive than actual, but that was the point. She just hoped that Summer was ready to kick them to the Overcity when everyone was in range. She drew closer, ethereal wings fluttering in defiance of the wind as she drew nearer the building. It was at that point that two things simultaneously happened, sudden pangs of fear and terror countered by a song of sorts. Empathic magic was nothing new, and she appreciated it even if she didn't know who was doing it.

She reciprocated, wings flaring wider and shining with a more intense light as she drew close to the cathedral. "Take heart!" she called, more to the people inside than those fighting with her. "We have fought worse, than to be terrified by a few dark magic users."

She darted to the side, dodging incoming magic before returning fire. Adjusting her aim, she fired out small bursts of like light buckshot, piercing flechettes that filled the air and were at least distracting even if they weren't lethal. But lethality wasn't the point. Anyone who strayed too far from the cathedral would find themselves a target as well, as she did her best to make sure that they stayed clustered in one place so Summer could snag them all in the Overcity Shift.

Of course she had to worry about coming along too, but she would wait until the last second before darting in range for that, to make sure no one escaped. The last thing they wanted to do was leave stragglers behind to threaten the congregation.

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With a flash of light, Alicia and her companions materialized in an alleyway near the cathedral. It was less conspicuous than appearing right on top of the building, and it was more likely to prevent magical interference as well. It wasn't as if they were terribly far anyway so she wasn't too worried about the distance from their target.

Now that they were here she took the moment to transform, so she could plunge into battle as a magical girl rather than a normal one. Once she was done, she emerged from the alley and assessed the situation. It looked like the witches were already in combat with other magical girls, though she didn't immediately recognize who the enemy combatants were. Aside from the aerial dogfight though, there didn't seem to be any other major combat going on. That she could see anyway.

Having gotten a feel for the situation, she barked out her orders. "I'll come at them from the sky. Janet, hit them from below. Summer, get in close on the roof. We'll box them in and then shift them to the Overcity. That should remove the threat to the congregation."

She wasted little time in carrying out her own directions, wings of ethereal light blossoming into existence as her bow appeared in hand as well. Marshaling her strength, she took to the sky in a blast of upward wind, making her presence known at the same time in quite the manner. She took aim at the nearby battle from her aloof location, looking at the fight and casting magical energy into her strung light as she put magic into play.

"Star Seraph, keep my aim true and firm," she said before firing. Streaking across the sky, these arrows of light would be trickier to dodge as they followed their target. Given enough space once passed by, they might even loop around for a second shot at their target. At the moment she mostly focused on those witches attacking the church. The others could be dealt with once that was over, if need be.

Time to show this city that Beacon was still in the game.

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Alicia kept up a stern expression as Sylvia explained the situation at the cathedral. That was good, though she did have to agree that things might escalate if they decided to run for it. It was too bad that this didn't appear to be a live feed, as that meant the situation could have changed significantly since they were first alerted to this attack. the problems of not being a free and loose single agent. It was something she had gotten used to.

Rising to her feet, she nodded to Sylvia. "Alright guys, you heard her. We're going to take the cathedral. Let's go." She turned and strode for the exit, wasting little time when peoples lives were at risk. She figured she was more suited for battling flying enemies, and the wide open spaces of the stadium meant that Penny could go wild with her weaponry. It was a win for everyone, so long as they were victorious.

Initially heading for the front door, she caught herself and quickly shifted paths. She kept forgetting that the teleporters were a thing, and that they could be used for traveling between more than just Beacon locations. It certainly made deployment a lot easier, when she could remember to use it.

Moving on to the teleporter pads, she waited for the rest of her team to join with her so they could get on their way. Janet did so fairly quickly, which left only Summer. "Ready to save the day?" she asked her team, looking forward to this even with the danger. Nodding to the guards who kept an eye on the pads, she activated the magic as they vanished from the base and were sent to their destination in a flash of light.

Now they just had to hope that things hadn't horribly fallen apart while the briefing had been going on as they arrived at the cathedral.

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