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Lenier watched out of the corner of his eye as several of the Daybreakers headed off, eager to get to the surface and to the fight. He couldn't fault them for that, since he had done the same thing plenty of times. It seemed he was just in a charitable mood today, when it came down to it. Not that Nirema approved, in all likelihood.

After a few moments he joined the others in heading towards the surface, not moving to overtake those who had gone ahead but keeping roughly near the middle of the pack. If they were so gung ho about saving those people then they could be the first into the fire. He wasn't going to stop them from doing what they wanted as long as they held the same courtesy.

There was one thing that occurred to him as he moved along. "So, what do you guys do?" he asked then. He didn't mind if they wanted to keep it a surprise, but if Lenier could also keep them from killing him - accidentally or otherwise - while fighting a Tyrant then he would be very much appreciative.

Well, he'd see how they responded to that.
@Flamelord, I'm aware that Lenier is male.

But Yui doesn't.

It's fine. I've been anticipating this since the game started really

The water was unexpected, but Finch managed to hold on to his weapon for the moment as they began tit for tat back and forth while driving down the road. Neither seemed able to get a decisive advantage here, since one would shoot while the other pulled back, leaving them in a delicate equilibrium for the moment. It wouldn't last, but the only question was how Finch would twist it to be in his own advantage.

"I don't know about that," Finch yelled back as Magus pointed out the obvious. "I hear Swarm attacks can be pretty distracting. Besides, they may show up but you won't be here." After all, he figured Magus had made a critical miscalculation in his attack plan, though he couldn't be blamed for that. Not all of them could be graced with intelligence.

Specifically, as Finch popped out to take a couple more potshots, at the same time he gestured to his men the general area where Magus was on the roof. That was enough for them to take what was left of the glass blade and stab it upwards, hopefully hitting him and giving Finch the decisive blow that he needed. "Forgot about them, didn't you?"

Alicia will give Thalia the benefit of the doubt since she's with Penny, until Beacon instructs her otherwise

Things were still going well, even though he had had to switch to the gun. At the very least his men were keeping things from getting too bad in the wind as he tried to deal with their passenger, but the guy was proving a tad bit frustrating in his ability to stay with them in spite of what he could do. He was going to have to think of some way to deal with him once and for all before they could really get out of here. It seemed to be the only thing that was going to be successful in dealing with the problem.

Then things took a turn for the worse as water starting pouring into the car. Admittedly the hole itself wasn't all that big, but there were a lot of hols and there was a lot of water coming in all of a sudden. Some of it did drain out, but it was not to an extent that would really stop the van from beginning to fill with water as they moved along.

"You've got to be kidding me," Finch grumbled as he stopped shooting for the moment. Instead he did what the guy wanted, throwing the sliding door of the van open so the water could drain before swinging himself out further as he hung on to the door. "No hitchhikers," he called as he took a couple potshots at Magus with the new handguns that one of his guys handed him. he might not hit, but maybe it'd spook him into doing something that would get him thrown off. That would be nice.


Lenier noted the new arrival out of the corner of his eye, guessing that she was someone like him from how fast she was moving and her presence here in the first place. Either that or she was related to someone who needed to be rescued, but her words quickly ruled that out. Instead she seemed to wonder about the others, which he could understand.

It earned a shrug on his part as he finished off the apple, tossing the core away. "Only me so far. Dunno if anyone else is coming," he replied nonchalantly. Whether others did or did not show up wasn't his concern. He was sure that he could manage it on his own, or with her to help out as well.

And be the hero

He shook the whisper out of his head as others approached, creating quite the eclectic group. Which was fitting he supposed, given that they were all eclectic by the very nature of their existence. But with every person that showed up their chances of success skyrocketed, to the point where one had to wonder if they even needed this many. Surely this was overkill for a mission like this, right? But what did he knew.

"I'm Lenier," he said then, identifying himself for the others. "Ready to head out whenever if we think no one else is going to show up. But it might not hurt to wait." At this point there was nothing wrong with adding some extra security if more people were indeed going to show up. Those scavengers could make it a couple extra minutes, if he had to guess.
Well this took long enough to make. My bad

@Vocab I feel like it would be easier to just set up Alicia with someone currently in Beacon. Sure they may be an NPC but I'm sure they have magical boys.

Looking around, it appeared that even more strange people had shown up to this gathering, such as the individual in armor, among other things. But she maintained her focus on the one here who promised answers, even if otherwise it seemed like there would be a lot to learn from conversing with the gathered individuals. That would wait for a later time, she supposed. Right now her own situation was the one that needed to be addressed.

Answers she did get. Apparently they had been summoned here by a specific individual and this was not the first time that this sort of thing had happened. Idly she wondered what had happened to the others, but didn't as. It was likely that they would learn about that soon enough. Either way, now they knew who the one responsible was. She would have said that the Viewer was Mir, but this didn't seem to fit how she operated. Mir would have been much more proactive in involving herself in what they were doing here, not playing some sort of remote spectator.

But it appeared that nothing else would be done if they did not buy from this lady. While annoying Shurelia decided that it was reasonable for her to care about her business first and foremost. She just hoped that they were willing to accept currency like hers, given that they were new arrivals in the city and all.

Then she remembered her specific problem that she had to deal with. She couldn't exactly eat while she was wearing her armor, and taking it off now would expose her to basically everyone here. Even if it seemed less likely that this was some trick by Mir after all, she didn't trust them enough to be willing to do so. She hadn't even shown herself to Lyner of all people, and he'd helped save the world.

But there was one thing she could do, so she moved towards the waiting stand as she accessed her inventory. "I have some Leaf to pay with if someone would like me to pay for them." If no one took her up on the offer then she would just provide compensation in the form of currency for what Kyouko had taken earlier. Well, assuming they were willing to take that kind of money anyways.

Still here. Just been a tad busy but I'll try to post today.
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