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More wonders followed on the heels of those that had already taken place, and Alicia watched along quietly as Aurelio descended from the stands to join them in the middle of the room. "Show off," she teased quietly. Yet in the end it did not matter. Isthar had seen to the core of the matter, and announced her judgment once again.

"See, told you," the Seraph said to Serenity with a pat on the shoulder before stepping back and allowing her to have some personal space. She was curious to see how the girl would use her White Coin now that she had it.

That left Sylvia and Kimble. Nervousness rose, more for her leader than for Kimble. Alicia was touched that even after what had been done to her in the short time they had been separated, Kimble was still willing to go through the process of being purified. To say nothing of her boss, who had only acted as she thought was best. Alicia hadn't meant to sell her down the river by doing this. Fortunately, at least Isthar recognized as much.

So she nodded in approval with a relieved look as the collective group used their White Coins and took on the Shine Spark. "Hehe, well I guess a verbal tic is harder to get rid of than physical changes," she added as Sally lamented the loss of the tails and ears. "Look on the bright side, Sally's Luck is probably even more out of whack than it was before." All things considered, this had worked out pretty well. Better than what they had been looking at when they first entered the courtroom at least.

Then the floor dropped out from under her. Again.

Wide eyes stared back at Isthar as she voiced her next decision. "M-Me?" Alicia pointed back at herself at herself in disbelief. Oh, she wasn't going to get into some cliche about not being ready, especially with Sylvia able to advise, but everything seemed to be happening so fast! She was just getting comfortable with being a Seraph, and now she was being made the leader of the entire branch? Anyone would be uncomfortable in that situation.

"I'll do my best," she added once Isthar had addressed Rachel's objection. It was too soon to tell whether she was up for the challenge, but it would not be due to lack of trying.

With that the trial came to an end. People began to file out, now allowed the time to think and reflect on what had happened. Hopefully her words had reached them. But there was little time for celebration. She could understand why Rachel wanted to talk with her given their new relationship, but she wasn't sure why Serenity and Aurelio were included. They would find out soon enough.

Turning to Sylvia, the new Paladin bowed to her former superior. "I'm...sorry for what happened," she admitted. "I shouldn't have misled you like that. We'll talk once I'm done with Rachel, okay? I'm sure I'm going to need your help a lot, at least for the first couple of days." There was so much that she didn't know how to do, so if she could take advantage of the experience that Sylvia had, she would.

With that said she turned to Serenity and Aurelio. "Let's be on our way. I don't want to leave the annoyed Ascendancy leader waiting longer than necessary." So they headed off to the Hall, and their next task.
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Having said all she could, once again Alicia returned to waiting. She had done all that she could for their case. Now it was for the girls i in front of them to decide what happened next. If this was the end, hopefully her next life would be able to make up for it, even if it was ended with injustice.

She tensed as Rachel stepped forwards, saying that which was no surprise. She thought they were guilty, and there was nothing that Alicia could say that would change her mind. "Well, it was nice knowing you guys," she whispered back to the others. Then Isthar moved.

And the world froze.

Eyes opened, a voice rang in the air. To be the focus of it, to face the full brunt of the Cardinal directed upon her, it was too much for her to handle. She dropped to her knees, arms hanging limply as tears budded in her eyes. They flowed unbidden, rolling down her cheeks and dripping to the ground.

She was struck not just by how it was said, but also what was said. It was like her soul was being stripped bare and held under a microscope. All her doubts, her worries about herself, the path she was on, even about Beacon in general, exposed for the world to see. Yet when there should have been scorn there was reassurance, comfort, forgiveness.

Her eyes widened upon seeing the White Coin revealed, as shocked by that as anyone else here. "I...I don't..." she murmured, not letting her voice sound over the praise provided by Isthar. There was an obligation in that, she understood as much. But with such confidence how could she possibly reject what was at hand?

So as the Coin drifted across to her, she stumbled back to her feet. Once it had come to a stop she reached out to take it. The instant she held it the cuffs that she bore cracked, falling away on their own. It was as if they could not stand up against the sheer amount of power radiating from the Coin.

"T-Thank you," she replied, her voice trembling. "You honor me with this. I will do whatever I can to serve as an example, and to protect everyone no matter the challenge."

Clenching the White Coin, she let her magic trigger it, and let the power flow into her.

An involuntary breath followed as she was met with the sudden rush of blessed energy. She had heard what it was like from Penny, but it had not really prepared her for this. It was warm like the heat of the sun, and bright enough to be blinding. it felt like a miniature sun had been embedded in her chest. And though she had never used a Coin before, what she needed to do next was almost instinctive. She channeled the energy, directing it, letting it improve her and taking on a new power for herself.

When the light from the Coin had faded away, allowing those present to see her again, they would find Alicia Hayden standing tall, and resolute. Her wings were spread, and her eyes glowed with a light they had not held before. It was not on the same level of Isthar, but it was present nonetheless.

"I can much," she said in awe as she looked around the room. So many more details, so many layers that had previously been hidden, laid bare now. it would take a bit of getting used to.

She quickly got ahold of herself before she was too distracted, bowing to Isthar. "Thank you, again. I will not disappoint you."

Then Serenity stepped up to speak, Alicia falling silent and letting her do so. She watched as the Soul Gem was presented, the light within revealed, and passionate words rang out to all. When it had ended she reached down, supporting Serenity and helping her to her feet. "We're all in this together," she replied with a smile as her eyes faded back to their regular color, and her wings withdrew. "That's what being in Beacon means. None of us should have to stand alone." She didn't know how the court would react to the plea, but she had the feeling that Isthar would surprise them all.

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It was hard to tell whether her words were having any impact, if she was swaying any minds. Perhaps in the crowd, but this was not that kind of trial. It wasn't like Ancient Rome where that crowd would approve her guilt or innocence. It was all about the Ascendancy gathered before her, and what they believed.

There was definitely not one person who was not convinced, and that was Rachel. At the mention of Pandemonium she flinched, as anyone else would in the same situation. Really, she should have expected no less.

Turing, she frowned as the video played. For a moment she was tempted to ask how the girl had gotten this, before mentally stopping herself. Right, Scrying magic. Stupid question. Instead she listened quietly at the various cases presented, the arguments made. She waited patiently for her opportunity to speak, to defend herself.

At last it did, and she nodded in turn. The first thing to address was the video, and what had happened during it. "That's right," she confirmed with a nod to Hudie.

That detail cleared, she moved into her actual explanation. "At the time things were....tense. We were still recovering from the devastation caused by Justine. I was worried, afraid that out of anger or revenge or justice one of my sisters here would kill her before she had the chance to be purified, even though I had confirmed her apology and desire for redemption to be sincere." Alicia's head fell slightly. "I know it wasn't protocol, and I went beyond my bounds, but at the time I made what I believed was the right choice."

She then moved on to the matter of what they had done for Penny. "As far as the modifications are concerned, but that point we considered her to be an ally, despite being deceived by her Patron at the time. I felt it was reasonable to help an sally, though it wasn't entirely my decision." As much as she might want to stand beside her leader, that had been Sylvia's call in the end. She couldn't deny it.

"As for Serenity..." Alicia looked back over her shoulder, flashing the girl a warm smile before shrugging. "You really give me too much credit. You all can feel it. She has a Spark, she passed the tests that all have to go through to join Beacon. You can test her for yourselves if you want, but I'm not sure what else I was supposed to do in that situation."

She then met Rachel head on. Firm, determined, confident in what she had said and her reasoning behind it. "I don't deny any of these claims. I do deny this fearmongering, this belief in some grander conspiracy lurking beneath the surface. A lot of stuff has happened here in Penrose, more than I ever would have anticipated when I signed up to join Beacon. I'd like to think it's the same way for everyone else in the Branch. Yet we're still here, and the world is still standing. I'd like to think that counts for something."

One could only hope

Shifting as Aurelio joined them, Alicia gave the magician a wry grin. His return was sudden and unexpected, and it was a bit too bad really. They would just have to make the best of it. "When you said you would try to be there for the trial, I didn't think you meant being part of it," she observed, though that was all she said for now.

Entering the Hall of Divine Judgment, the changes there threw her off for a moment and left her wondering why it had changed. She didn't mind the old timey courtroom aesthetic, but given their professed beliefs one would think the old set up would be preferable for them anyway. Maybe it had something to do with distractions? But this was something fairly unimportant compared to the other things that she had to worry about. For now she was guided to the stand with the others to face the trial.

The judges opposite them were unfamiliar, even the Beckoners. The tension was palpable in the air, and she knew that expecting a lenient trial would be hoping for too much. But there was no more time as the trial was called to order.

Alicia stood proud, her head held high even as the charges were read out. Then as expected Sylvia made her move, claiming full responsibility for what had happened. Her eyes met Sylvia's, even as the feelings in her heart continued to push her onwards. She would not allow this. Not so long as a Seraph of Beacon.

So once they asked her to comment, she wasted no time in stepping forwards. "My name is Alicia Hayden. I am a Seraph of Beacon. It is a great responsibility that I have been entrusted with. And I cannot in good conscience allow my superior to take the blame on herself for all of these crimes, especially in light of my own responsibility in them."

She shifted, giving Sylvia an apologetic look before going on. "We are innocent of the charge of dereliction of duty and its related charges. We were transported, against our will, to a pocket dimension where time moved faster than it does in this world. For us it was only three days, and we were unaware that months had passed here." She swept the crowd, trying to make eye contact with as many people as possible. "There are a pair of sisters in Penrose, who deal in the business of wishes at the behest of their patron. I don't know exactly what happened, but in the events preceding our return it became clear that they had aided this Lesser Force in some manner to give him power beyond his normal limits."

Despite the circumstances, she felt bad giving up the information about the Djinn sisters to those gathered here. But there was no way to explain otherwise, and she wasn't even confident that they would believe it even after she had said it. For now, she plunged on. "The presence of Kimble was my responsibility. During the events of Justine Von Visceral's reign of terror, we participated in an assault on her castle. Kimble was part of the defending force, and was seriously injured during the battle. Using my powers, I determined that she had been mind controlled by Justine into fighting us, and that she was no threat otherwise. Initially I had intended that she would only remain until she had healed, but I guess familiarity grew and things got away from us." It was a weak excuse, but she did not have much better.

She then turned to talk about the other individual who was the subject of this trial. "I was also the one who arranged for the alliance with Penny and her patron. There had just been a terrorist attack on a gathering of all the cities magical girls, with ourselves pinned as responsible. We didn't know who actually did it at the time, but we couldn't allow ourselves to become isolated from the general population in a time of crisis." It seemed like it had been ages ago since then, and so much had changed. It was incredible really. "As it turned out it was a ruse by her patron, but her experiences with us motivated her to reveal that and join us, before she did us any harm"

Then, her gaze fell. "As for the White Coin...." There was a deep breath, a marshaling of will before she could face the tribunal again. "Our branch has suffered heavily in the past few months, even before we vanished. Our headquarters was destroyed, our members subverted by dark forces such as Justine and others who plotted harm to the people of this city and plotted our own destruction. If someone like that could use twist our minds, turn our very own sisters against us, then what chance would we have? We saw a potential threat, and we acted to address it." There was a small shrug from her. "I thought the Beckoners had approved it, but I was mistaken."

A few steps carried her forwards, practically up against the railing at this point. Had she been able to use her wings at this point, they would have been spread wide and shining with a brilliant radiance. Alicia would have to make due without it. "I am a Seraph. I believe in Beacon, it's ideals, it's purpose, it's mission, the people who are part of it. But the people out there, beyond these walls....We're supposed to be an example, a light guiding all to what magical girls can and should aspire to be. But the people out there don't see us like that. They see us as zealots, as murderers, and they'd rather side with the monsters and the creatures lurking in the dark because of how easy it is to spin a sob story that makes us look bad. What good is a beacon when no one wants to follow it?

She fixed upon the judges, directly looking at each in turn. "I believe that people should be judged by what they do, and how they choose to use their powers. If that is a crime, then so be it."

Now, to see if it mattered even in the slightest. Or if this would be the end for her.

Well, Alicia couldn't say she was surprised by how Aurelio had gotten into this situation. Hearing what he had told them already, she nodded to confirm his suspicion. "They did. But I'll elaborate more when we get to the trial." At least he was willing to be there for it, which provided some comfort.

Suddenly confronted with an accusatory gesture, remained as composed as she could manage in the situation. Aurelio helped. "I appreciate you doing that for me Kimble. But it's alright. I'm here to defend myself now." She then turned to Rachel. "Perhaps I will. But nothing is set in stone. Everything I did, I did because I thought I was helping Beacon and the rest of the magical girl community. I refuse to accept that anything is inevitable." She doubted there would be much sympathy for that stance, but what mattered was saying it, not how it was received. This wasn't the trial after all.

"Of course," Alicia added as Kimble spoke up, turning back to pet her in the brief interlude between Rachel and Aurelio leaving, and Juliana's arrival.

She took her cake with a grateful nod, if only to have something in her stomach rather than nothing at all. Without the plentiful bounty of the beach island, she was having to get used to reality again. "Hey, come on," she replied, nudging Sylvia as she ate. "Let's not get all doom and gloom already. There's still a chance." One that seemed increasingly faint as time went on, but a chance that remained nonetheless.

A bite of cake rested on her fork as her head fell slightly. "I mean, we did the best we could in the circumstances. If we were going too far the Beckoners would have told us. Right? It's not like we were being secretive about it." This was Beacon after all, a sisterhood. They were all on the same side, regardless of how they might disagree.

A light huff escaped as the Ascendancy accepted their surrender. Like the others, she held her hands out so the stone handcuffs could be placed on them. The feeling of her powers being sealed away was a bit disconcerting, though she grew used to it after a bit. The biggest problem was that it meant she would probably not be able to tell if she was being lied to or not. It should not be something she needed to worry about, yet the comfort that it would have provided was welcome.

"Here we go," she muttered to herself as they were teleported away. Right into the lion's den. And if they were particularly unlucky there might even be an actual lion involved.

Appearing at their destination, the familiar sight of the containment area was the first thing they were confronted by. It wasn't much of a surprise to end up there, though being the one on the opposite side of the process left a twisted feeling in her stomach. "Well, at least they're prompt," she noted as it was confirmed that a trial would be held shortly. The sooner this was cleared up, the better she would feel.

It was a sentiment not long held as they arrived in the holding area. Eyes widened as Alicia registered Kimble's presence, and the state that she was in. "Hell," she muttered as she walked over to the cage. Kimble must have popped back into the base when they came back, and gotten grabbed immediately. It was only a small relief that, like had been noted, she wasn't dead already.

Cuffs hands came to hold the bars as she shot the catgirl a soft smile. "Sorry for the wait," she said with a bit of chagrin too. "We're going to get this worked out, okay?" There was the possibility that Kimble would have to be purified as a last resort, but she didn't want to go that far. Not yet.

Having provided what short term comfort she could, Alicia stood back up before turning to Kyle. "Let me guess, you walked into the base didn't you?"

Ultimately the decision was up to Serenity, and she received no argument from Alicia once she had made up her mind. "Alright. Stay safe," the Seraph replied before hanging up. Whether Serenity made it or not was something she could not affect. She would have to focus on her own trip.

Fortunately her trip went without difficulty. While she did get the call from Amaryllis, this seemed like it was more important right now. Not to say that Liches and people being in danger was not important, but potentially being jailed by Beacon and excommunicated was a somewhat larger issue. They would just have to handle it on their own for now.

Arriving, she breathed a small sigh of relief to find Sylvia and Sally there already. "I'm alright," she confirmed with a nod. "I don't think I was followed, but I didn't see Aurelio." She hoped that he hadn't done anything drastic that would put himself in too much danger.

Slowly she moved, gliding along the ice after Sylvia as the girl relayed her concerns. "Well I can't blame them for it after we vanished. But I thought we had approval for what we'd done recently," she observed.

The sudden arrival interrupted further conversation, and Alicia tensed as she turned to see the Beckoner appear. There was no mercy to be had there. Merely judgment and action. With the confirmation more girls appeared, both sides evenly matched in terms of numbers. But in terms of skill? That was likely to be a whole other story.

Sliding to a stop, the Seraph listened to what The Ascendancy members said, as well as what Serenity had to add. For a moment she considered fighting. She could fly, Sally had her luck, they could probably break through and escape if they really tried.

But those were long odds. Not only that, but it would practically affirm their guilt. Even the notion of fighting against the Ascendancy, the representatives of the central Beacon authority, make something unpleasant twinge in her stomach even with the hostility they expressed. Despite differences in ideology, in opinion, she still respected Beacon and its beliefs too much to go against it. They would have to go with the hand they were dealt and try to make the best of it.

Turning, she flashed a warm smile to her companions before returning to the Ascendancy members as she transformed back. "We plead innocent of all charges," she replied, doing the best she could to keep a waver out of her voice. "What she said is true, and we request the right to defend ourselves."

It might be a case of too little and too late, but she had to try. For the sake of her friends, and everything she believed in.
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