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Current >That moment when you realize that you can only do fandom RPs because you're bad at original characters. This is what I get for never playing DnD


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Alicia is not top tier waifu material, cannot compete.
Last RP there was going to be a small bit with Penny crushing on Alicia, but that's kinda fallen by the wayside at this point. I think
And so the plot advances
Alicia Hayden

The day following the fight was more interesting than Alicia had hoped that it was going to be. They had arrived back on beacon turf for a debriefing without any issue, with Alicia explaining what had gone down before requesting to speak with the Beckoner leadership so she could relay the information that they had gotten. They were going to want to hear this considering how important it was to their own problems, and she held some small relief that she wasn't held to any violation of her oath in the meanwhile.

So she told them what Penny had told her, how she had heard from someone else that there was a girl named Justine hiding out in the Overcity who was apparently the mastermind behind the recent events that had plagued Beacon, including the girl who went crazy at the meeting in the park before.

Their reaction was not what she had been expecting. How could she have known that they had fought someone with the same name hundreds of years ago? And on who was supposedly destroyed at that. She held silent, listening to the discussion as they debated whether it was the same person and if one could survive in the Overcity that long. This was way before her time, so she was content to just take in information and prepare for whatever came next.

They got their orders at the end of the meeting. They were to investigate these rumors and determine if they were true, and if this Justine was really a threat to them. She was happy to oblige there, but for the moment returned home to get some sleep and relax after the tough fight. It was during that time she got the text from Penny, indicating that she was fine and apologizing.

Unfortunately her morning was not so lucky, as she was woken up to a crisis in motion courtesy of the Beckoners as there was apparently an attack going on in the city. Not only that but Janet had vanished, and they wanted her found. That news saddened Alicia, who felt she had grown fairly close to he former ex-convict since they had met before. She was left to decide what to do, whether she should help the search or pursue Justine first.

Then it occurred to her that if it was a large attack she might find those two again, and if she found Alex and Lily then she could find out where they got their information from and track it back to the source. Not only that but the monster attack still put people in danger so perhaps it was best to handle that before getting to the search. Hopefully Janet would understand.

A smile flitted to her lips as she hurried out and transformed, settling into a fierce determination. Finally she had the chance to be proactive rather than respond to whatever crap happened to them, and it felt good. She just hoped their companion was alright

For now she headed for the train station at a run, energy surging through her body to bring her to a wakeful state. She didn't want to miss them if they were going to show up, so hopefully she was not too late.
<Snipped quote by Flamelord>

Yeah, that will totally satisfy an Yandere.

Depends on how Yandere she is, and since Thalia hasn't been considering murder yet I think there's still hope.
@Flamelord Penny only has one friend and it ain't Alicia!

*Yandere Intensifies*

Relax son I already conceded the waifu war near the end of the fight.
Penny why, I thought we were friends :(
Alicia Hayden

Striding away from the scene of the fight, Alicia noted with some satisfaction that she had not been attacked. It seemed the duo were not willing to put themselves to the test, which was understandable considering what they would have been up against had they tried. Even she would have been reluctant to try. But that was no longer her problem as she made her exit.

Joined by Suwako, Alicia nodded in agreement with what she said. It was good that things had ended fairly well, but the duo they had fought were concerning. With how things were going in this city, she had the feeling that the assumption they would face each other on the field of battle again was probably correct.

She then shook her head as the topic shifted. "We don't know where they ended up. They'll be in touch I assume, so we should focus on getting back to base. Before everything went down Penny gave me some intel the Beckoners will want to know about." That was the path she charted, to quickly get them back into safe turf. The sooner she delivered this information the better.

@Hammerman@Majoras End
Alright, I'll just assume they let Alice go, and have a post up tomorrow
Yeah, I figure he's working off the assumption that if he becomes actively detrimental they'll just put a bullet in his head and be done with it, so most of his insubordination will be limited to grumbling as he leads the way as the expendable canary in the weapon filled coal mine :P
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