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Current Going in a trip over the weekend. Will be back on Sunday, probably no RP posts until then
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>That awkward moment when you learn the religious revival movement you were headin was actually a vehicle for a Lovecraftian Abomination masquerading as a God to jack your body and take over the world
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>That moment when you realize that you can only do fandom RPs because you're bad at original characters. This is what I get for never playing DnD


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Designation: Vivian Everett
Location: Sammie's 2257-35ul
Time: Around 9 pm

Still waiting on that drink, Vivian found herself with something interesting to occupy hr time after all. Specifically the Playbeing that had entered the building and sat down at one of the tables. A quick scan of the eye indicated that she was definitely closer to being an exclusive model. Silver hair, exotic ears, and nary a scratch or other mark on her. She was most certainly not from around here.

That made it all the more interesting. Just what was she doing here? It was perhaps possible that someone had decided to just dump her around here, no longer needing the Playbeing, but that seemed unlikely. There wee plenty of other ways to dispose of one of those besides dumping them in the slums. But if it wasn't that, it left precious few other options.

Ooh, maybe that was it....

Rising from her seat, Vivian made her way over with a long and confident stride, all efficiency of motion while giving hint to the powerful muscles that laid beneath her skin. She slipped past tables and other groups, and slid in to intercept the Playbeing before anyone else could do so instead.

“Well this isn't a sight you see very day,” she remarked as she sat down besides the Playbeing, still holding her empty glass for the moment. “I'm giving it a fifty fifty shot that you're either looking for someone in particular here, or you have a job you need done on behalf of someone else. Wanna tell me if I'm right?”

To be honest I fully expect Alicia to end up forever alone or dead by the end of this RP
Amber isn't in the harem, she's just a friend with benefits. She can't let her free spirit get tied down when she's trying to live that pirate life
My bet is for Alex as surviving waifu.
True, but that was a relationship doom to fail from the start. I mean come on one's a Beacon member, ones a monster girl.

Well now we'll never know, will we?
Hey, Penny was the one who ran away from Alicia, not the other way around :P
Designation: Vivian Everett
Location: Sammie's 2257-35ul
Time: Around 9 pm

The music continued to thrum, and Vivian had to resist the urge to tap her feet on the table in time with the beat. It had probably seen worse abuse she supposed, but if she could keep from getting charged for breaking the furniture then that would be for the best.

Her drink was finished off in a few deep gulps, and she placed it off to the side as she let the buzz settle in. At the same time she hit the pager for a refill and settled in to wait for the new round to show up courtesy of the workers there. So far there were no messages for her assistance, and she spent the meanwhile chatting on message boards with her associates. Oh, and her sports teams were losing, meaning she was looking at a total net loss for the evening.

"Well, at least I can pretend I was productively drunk," she muttered to herself. Life was all about the small victories, so she would take what comfort she could get as she waited for the excitement to pick back up.
Alicia Hayden

Alicia lowered her bow as the end came and Minnie was dispatched. The minions en masse, leaving a desolate train station behind. The fight was over, but that did not man the end to their troubles unfortunately. She hardly needed to draw attention to the loss of Lily in the fight, and she still had her previous encounter that she needed to deal with at the same time.

She did not turn back to normal, not just yet. Knowing that they were dealing with teleporters made her leery to let her guard down at the moment. Who knew when they might choose to make their presence known again.

“I know someone,” she said when asked if she knew how to get to the Overcity. “But it isn't a formalized arrangement yet.” She was honestly surprised that Alex didn't know. Maybe he just didn't remember, since she thought Penny had told her that she had heard about this business from the duo that had been involved in the fight. But maybe she was just misremembering.

They began to split up, but she found herself approached by Suwako before she could leave. “I don't know, but she was presumably related to our mysterious opponent Justine,” Alicia explained with a frown. Her physical condition wasn't important right now, even if she was a bit tired out from the magic she had been throwing around.

Shaking her head, she started walking away from the others and towards an empty part of the rail yard. “Sorry, but I don't really have time to chat right now. I need to speak to the Beckoners. It's important.”

@Hammerman@Majoras End@Ariamis@Card Captor
True but is rather hard to punch someone who can stop time or teleport.

Sounds like the One Punch Man problem. Clearly you just need to learn to punch harder
Ya know looking around at everyone again Penny's lack of magical power is turning more and more in to a noticeable handicap.

There's still something to be said for punching someone's face in real good. Magic specced people have bad physical resistance, Final Fantasy told me that
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