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>That awkward moment when you learn the religious revival movement you were headin was actually a vehicle for a Lovecraftian Abomination masquerading as a God to jack your body and take over the world
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>That moment when you realize that you can only do fandom RPs because you're bad at original characters. This is what I get for never playing DnD


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Sure, I'm interested.

Obviously a lot had happened at the stage show. Alicia had come to support Aurelio in his stage efforts, and she was suitably impressed by the trick that he pulled. So she considered her time well spent on that alone.

What happened with Penny raised an eyebrow high, yet there was little time to question it as the Djinn sisters made their appearance and revealed what was going on to everyone there. So it had been a trick after all, how about that? Seemed she owed someone an apology for doubting.

And so the plea was made, lily stepping forward to call on those present while Dan presented his own premise for why they should remain here. It was true, there there was no violence, even if it was enforced on penalty of his wrath. There were still rivalries, but she had gotten to interact with people she never would have met outside of a crisis. That had to be worth something.

Yet the world was still out there, and it moved on without them. As easy as it would have been to remain, that was not the right choice. It was not the path that she had sworn to walk down.

Rising from her seat, Alicia glanced over at Sylvia and gave her a firm nod. "As pleasant as it would be to remain, it would be selfish to do so when there are so many back home who need our aid. Take us back," she said, adding her voice to those calling for Dan to end this.


‘Today has been an interesting day’ Penny would muse to herself as she continued to work through the ice in her bowl, the free drink she had received still sitting innocently off to the side. She was still at the Juice bar, sitting in the same corner that she had had her conversation with Cindy. The TV set in to the far wall broadcasting the various Keijo matches had also been interesting, though Penny’s attention had hardly been captured by the absurd sport.

Still it had been curious to see Lily Redline and interesting to watch Alicia’s match, if only for all the ridiculous commentary and they had provided a good distraction at times for when Penny’s thoughts had gotten tangled up with her internal emotional issues. Especially Alex’s match.

Finding Penny had taken a bit of work. With everything that had happened on the island and all of the people, it was understandable that the two friends would not necessarily spend the entire time together. Nonetheless Alicia wanted to touch base and see how she was doing. Because that was what friends did for each other.

The confusion and slight nagging guilt over what had happened with Kimble last night was only a small part of it.

Fortunately Sylvia had been able to point her in the right direction, and she brightened up a bit as she entered the juice bar to find Penny with a bowl and a drink off to the side. ”Hey,” she said, waving as she took a seat next to her friend. ”I hope you haven’t been in here drowning your sorrows all day.”

“Hardly” Came Penny’s reply and accompanying eye roll “Keijo was interesting, but do you really think I care about it that much?” She asked dryly, picking out a cube of ice to slowly crush in between her fingers as she did. “Only been here as long as I have due to some of the conversations I’ve had the chance at” she would explain, which was true, after a fashion. She had originally planned on grabbing her pitcher of ice and then leaving after all.

Internally the disguised monster girl was uncertain about how she felt to see Alicia. Part happy due to being friends, part hurt due to Kimble’s words, part sad due to her own actions that likely caused such. But it was old hat at this point for her to simply act as if nothing had changed, so her conflict didn’t show.

”Ah, I see. Makes sense. I half expected you to be at the beach making and then destroying sand castles,” Alicia observed as Penny crushed an ice cube with her fist. So that worked instead of hard candy? Good to know. Wel, it was best to focus on the conversation, and not the small details.

Glancing over at the tv, she nodded in agreement. ’I can definitely agree about it being interesting. At least, moreso than I thought it would be”It said something, especially if she ended up coming back for another round. ”But hey, at least you’re getting out there. Meet anyone interesting the past couple days?”

“Nah, I did the sand castle thing yesterday” Penny would reply as she considered the question “No one that I didn’t know of before.” She would start “But I did have the opportunity to talk with Helga, she was one of the girls that helped out with the Castle assault, we talked a bit about Earth Bastion.”

She bobbed her side to side for a moment as she considered who else, absently grabbing another cube of ice as she did “Ran in to Mariette as well, she got dragged into the volleyball game I was in. Apparently she and Amaryllis know each other, got no idea how that one happened. Also learned that outside of magic she’s not got much going for her ”

Penny hesitated for a moment, as she contemplated mentioning Chloe but instead went with someone else “And just barely had a conversation with Cindy, seems she using the opportunity to network and head hunt. She offered me a place in her group, flattering, but I turned her down.”

”Oh no, how tragic. My heart bleeds for her, it really does,” Alicia replied, rolling her eyes as Penny described her encounter with Mariette. She supposed that it made sense they would be on the island, but some small part of her had hoped that she had been killed by another Horror or something.

Still, as long as she stayed out of sight it would be good enough. Otherwise she would go for a fight, Dan’s rules be damned.

Now, the mention of Cindy was more interesting, and it got her to perk up as she leaned forward with her hands clasped together. ”Oh, you did? What’s she like?” She couldn’t help her curiosity, not when it came to someone who had decided that they were just going to sweep in and claim dominion over the entire town.

“Confident” Penny would sum up “Which isn’t all the surprising really, one would have to be to pull what she did. Very to the point as well, didn’t stick around long after her sales pitch to me.” She would go on to say as she thought over just how little she actually knew about Cindy frowning slightly as she realized it was effectively nothing. “And I get the feeling she’s a bit antiquated” She would add recalling a bit from the Volleyball game yesterday before shrugging “Slyvia might be able to tell you more, She had her own chat with Cindy”

”Huh, maybe I will,” Alicia agreed. It wasn’t much, but it would have to do. Until they had to interact with her more it would be nothing besides passing curiosity anyways. ”Still, it’s good to hear. I’ve been meeting people as well, doing some of the many activities. I can’t say this island will bring any notions of universal magical girl sisterhood or whatever, but there are worse places to be stuck.

“I hear that. Still the chance to have a neutral ground to talk with some of the people here hopefully will make things easier over all” Penny would say as yet another cube met a crushing fate “That being said I’m about two, maybe three, days away from finding out how to leave. It is a nice place and all, but I just don’t trust the Dolphin.”

At that point Alicia had finally managed to get a drink for herself, something with mangoes though she wasn’t familiar on the specifics. But she would absentmindedly sip away at that while chatting, for as long as the drink lasted. ”I don’t think I’ve met anyone who is comfortable with him,” she observed aloud. ”I mean he’s probably not a Horror in disguise but someone is involved that has a lot of power at their disposal. And people like that usually have more than one agenda.”

“And that’s honestly why I don’t trust him” Penny would reply “As I keep telling people this place reminds me far too much of the Lotus Eaters to be comfortable.” Honestly there was a lot about this whole thing that set her on edge, but all of it had to do with her perspective on mythologies.

“Disregarding all of that” She’d start after shrugging off her paranoia “What other plans you have for the vacation?”

Alicia was only vaguely familiar on Lotus Eaters specifically, but there were plenty of stories in Beacon of monsters they had fought in the past who relied on deception to win the day. So she got the general gist of things. Still, worrying wouldn’t do them much good, at least right now.

She gave a small shrug when asked about her plans. ”Oh, nothing major in mind. Was planning to be in that water gun fight later, but beyond that? Maybe some surfing, making some s’mores around a fire, catching lightning bugs, that sort of thing.” She was willing to be flexible about it.

“Oooh s'mores sound good. You’ll have to let me know when you are planning on getting that set up” Penny nabbed a few more cubes from her nearly depleted bowl of them as she smiled at the prospect of a campfire get together. “I’m also looking forward to the Squirt gun fight, also sad that the ones offered at the shop arn't going to be allowed in the actual match.” She added with a pout, she really wanted to be able to use the Orbital water laser. Simply because it sounded so absurd.

“All together seems like we’ve got similar ideas for the days ahead, the only difference is I might be part of a stage show.”

Pleased to find that her idea was gaining a bit of traction, Alicia nodded in agreement.”I’ll be sure to do that. And yeah. I can imagine a few people who’d deserve that. But I guess this way it’s more about skill than anything else.” She was still confident in her chances of course. She might only have a bow but the principle of the thing was still the same.

Nonetheless, Penny was able to surprise her once again. ”A stage show?” Consider her interest piqued. ”What are you going to do?”

“Might” Penny would emphasize “Might be part of a stage show. As for what it would be I think it might be some sort of song and dance routine.” She’d answer before shrugging “Not really sure as it’s not my idea. One of the other girls asked if I would be willing to help them out and I had no reason to say no, plus I didn’t have any ideas for one so it’s an easy Silver.”

”Huh.” That was interesting, though Alicia supposed it made sense that it was her helping someone else out with their idea. Even if she didn’t know what she was going to be doing yet. ”Well, at least you’re not Sound spec. Otherwise I would assume they planned on having you be the world’s most efficient bass system.”

”That would have been interesting. Wonder if there is a way for me to pick up a sound Spec as well.” Penny would muse “Would be able to be a pretty effective one man band if I could.” She’d spend a few moments pondering over that particular fantasy, absently taking a handful of ice, before shrugging it off. “More likely I’m going to be a backup dancer or something” She’d offer now somewhat more curious as to what it was that Chloe was planning for her show.

Alicia shrugged, unsure as to whether that was possible. Someone with three Specs? She couldn’t say she had ever heard of such a thing. But they were magical girls, who was to say what was impossible?

She fell silent, slowly nodding as Penny answered. Her mind was beginning to drift from things besides Keijo and sports and this vacation, to other concerns. What had happened with Kimble remained, and now that she was here in this moment it brought some guilt swelling back up out of her. It took her effort to marshal her nerve, to prepare for what she had to say. Yet she had to bite the bullet for both their sakes.

“Hey,” she said at last. ”Being here and all of this, it reminded me of what you said before. We got distracted by the whole ‘my boss is actually a backstabbing jerk’’ thing, so I never actually answered you. So….I’m sorry about that.”

This time it was Penny’s turn to be surprised. “It was something of a hectic conversation” She would allow once she got past her surprise “Plus a lot happened right after as well.” She would continue on grabbing a few more ice cubes, these ones being shattered shortly after being picked up. “All things considered not that surprising, so don’t worry about it” She’d finish, not really sure if she was deflecting the need for an apology or accepting it.

In fact a large part of her was wondering if she wanted to actually go through with how this conversation was starting to turn. She had come to terms with Kimble’s revelation,
for the most part, somewhat, kinda, sorta, not at all
but the wound was still fresh and Penny wasn’t sure if she wanted to prodding it so soon.

Still Penny had stayed for the entirety of her own reveal of treachery, she’d stay for this.

”I know. I just felt bad once I realized,” Alicia explained. God, so busy dealing with monsters and saving the world and all that stuff, you really never saw the more mundane drama coming until it was smacking you right in the face.

She took a sip of her drink, about halfway done with it at this point. Penny said she was over it, but that kind of confession….you didn’t just walk that sort of thing off and pretend like it never happened. ”It’s weird, right? Awesome magical powers, battles to save the world, manipulating time and alternate dimensions and stuff like that, Makes you kinda forget that we’re all basically teenagers now and we can still go on dates and do romance stuff if we really want to. I know I did”

“It really is” Penny would agree as she reached for more ice only to learn that she had none left. She was very tempted to start breaking the bowl itself, but restrained herself and instead sat back and folded her arms. “Thought to be fair it's only been recently that the possibility has kinda been there.” She’d say in her own defense, as if she had still been with Laat she’d have to start thinking about packing up and moving again soon.

“Still trying to schedule out time to go on a date is something of a nightmare when you factor in everything that could go wrong” She’d say after a moment of thinking about it “Along with the other half dozen things that being part of the community makes harder to deal with”

This wasn’t the sort of conversation she figured she would be having with Penny of all people, yet here they were. She wasn’t sure how to directly broach the subject of Kimble and her confession, so this would have to do for now. ”Yeah, that’s the truth,” she agreed with a nod. Their experiences in the past few months had proven that often enough.

”Still, if you’re not worried about it then alright. I didn’t want to leave that thread dangling there, especially since I was in college before I became a magical girl. You know, endless possibilities and all that.” More of her drink vanished, the soothing coolness keeping her from finding herself overwhelmed by the situation at hand.

“I’m alright” Penny would say with an understanding smile “But I appreciate the thought” And she did. She just wished that it had occurred earlier. That it hadn't was likely her fault, she felt, after all she didn’t do anything either after her confession. Other then throw herself into work, but she could have done something right? Or was it that Ali-

“So what plans do you have today?” Penny would ask, forcing her thoughts away from the downward spiral they almost went on. Hoping that her white knuckled grip on her arms wasn’t obvious “Other then the next round of Keijo”

She didn’t feel the best about leaving it behind, but if Penny insisted that it was alright then there was no reason to doubt her, at least not right now. ”Other than that....I think there was something about a mini golf competition? I played a bit with Sylvia yesterday, and I’d like the opportunity to avenge my honor. But I might be off about the timing.” Which wouldn’t really work if Sylvia wasn’t playing, but it would make her feel better.

After a few moments she shrugged. ”Beyond that nothing in particular.”

A fair part of Penny was surprised at the fact that she had gotten away with lying flat out to Alicia’s face. She wondered if it was luck, or perhaps that Alicia didn’t have her sense active at the moment, and a small part wondered if Alicia did notice but just didn’-

“Mini golf?” She would say with a modicum of wonder “Haven't done that in years, didn’t realize they had a course here.” She’d tilt her head to the side in contemplation about how she had overlooked such a thing “Sounds intriguing, might check it out. Was planning on either surfing or jet skiing myself”

”Well, I can’t say I have many helpful tips, but it was definitely fun,” Alicia confirmed, oblivious to what she had let go unnoticed and unaddressed. She trusted Penny enough to not use her powers, for better or worse. ”Ah, I did a bit of that with Katarina yesterday. Turns out it gets a lot easier when you have wings to stabilize with.”

“Don’t think I’ll have many issues” Penny would be quick to reply with a smirk “Me and machines get along very well”

And thus they spent their time was spent chatting, joking, and making other vacation plans. But the topic of Kimble was left untouched thus the first crack in their bond unseen by Alicia and studiously ignored by Penny.

Only time would tell what this would lead too.




Why befriend monsters?

It didn’t make sense to Abigail. Monsters and magical girls were polar opposites of each other. Monsters caused chaos and it was up to Magical girls to restore order. Monster girls and dark magical girls might look like humans, but they seldom acted that way. They were prone to mental mutations and serving horrors. Even if a few of them weren’t, they were fighting a losing battle with their own inner demons that would inevitably end with their loss. Even if they could hold out for centuries, they would succumb to their desires at one point or another. If they didn’t want to convert, they were inherently evil. Anyone who chose to hang onto power, to be a danger to others, did not deserve mercy.

It was during this inner monologue that she was approached by a cat girl. For a second she thought it was Kimble, but then realized it was someone else.

”Whoa, you’re super pretty!” Mika walked around the girl, observing her from various angles. ”You’re really floaty too!”

”Oh really?” Abigail placed her hands on her hip. ”You like what you see huh?” When Mika nodded, Abigail just rolled her eyes. ”You’re not my type, in more ways than one.”

Mika tipped her head. ”I don’t know what you mean by that, but I just want to play some Keijo!” She threw her arms into the air. ”I need an opponent!”

Abigail groaned before stroking her chin. She did plan on participating, but that was only because she thought Aurelio was going to be involved. Though he never accepted the impostor’s proposal, and he seemed pretty content with that bimbo Shamrock Sally. ”Yea, well, find someone else.”

”I already decided on you though!”

”We can’t always have what we want.”

”Sometimes we can!”

”But not this time.”

Mika hugged Abigail’s arm. ”Pleeeeeeease?”

With a grunt, Abigail shook Mika off and floated out of her reach. ”Stop nagging you pest!” Mika was looking up at her with the saddest puppy dog eyes she had ever seen. The sight of such sorrow caused her to reel back. Was she being unreasonable here? This was some disgusting cat monster that somehow had lower brain functions than Kimble. While the cat girl was a bit eager for this game of Keijo, she seemed to be on the verge of admitting defeat. Most monster girls would force her to play with them, or get angry at her refusal.

”O-okay.” Mika hung her head. ”I’m sorry. I won’t pester you anymore.” the cat girl turned around and dragged her feet and tail behind herself.

”Wait!” Abigail floated up beside Mika and placed a hand on her shoulder. ”I didn’t realize how badly you wanted this.” She placed a hand on her chest. ”I’m not so cruel that I won’t play a game with you. I just think we should maybe get some teams set up for it?”

Everything on Mika perked way up. ”Really?” Abigail nodded. Mika wrapped her hands around Abigail and hugged her. ”You’re the best, pretty lady!”

”Abigail is fine.” She stroked Mika’s head. ”And your name?”


”Alright, good. Now Mika.” Abigail continued to stroke her head. ”I think that we should go look for a partner and return here as soon as we can.”

Mika took a step back and nodded. ”Alright, let’s meet back here!”

The two departed, both already had an ally in mind.

Having had a pretty full day yesterday, it seemed that this day would be just as busy. That was why Alicia had chosen to take some time out to actually go to the beach while she had the opportunity. The last time she had been down here was for that ‘don’t get wet’ challenge, so being able to do so now without worrying about it was a whole different experience.

Waves swept against her legs as she walked the shoreline, gaze firmly fixed downwards. The water was so crisp and clear that it was easy to see what laid on the ocean floor below. That was what interested her so much now.

Actually, it had been a while since she had gone to the beach. Swimming would happen sooner or later, but right now she was busier collecting seashells. A few were already held in one hand as she scoured to find the best ones she could. They would probably come back to Penrose with her, right? That seemed like something Dan would allow, if he had a say in it.

Well, even if it didn’t work out it was still relaxing. Everyone needed a bit of time to do that, especially on vacation.

”That one looks good,” she said to herself, leaning down to grab her newest finding. It had an interesting speckled pattern on it, and she’d hold on to it until she found something better. Just another relaxing day in a tropical paradise.

”Hey, hey!” Abigail hovered over the trees and descended in front of Alicia. ”So get this, some wimpy monster girl challenged me to a Keijo match. So I figure we’ll cream the twerp good if-” Abigail looked between the sea shell and Alicia. ”Uh.” She folded her arms. ”You collecting sea shells or something?”

Alicia straightened up as someone spoke to her, turning slightly to find Abigail descending into the water. ”Hello,” she replied with a small nod of her head as she greeted her fellow Beacon member. ”As a matter of fact, yes.”

Having said that, she offered her hands so Abigail could see what she had found thus far. A small sized conch shell, some flat sells, and one shaped almost like a tusk. ”Anyway, I appreciate the offer but I’m not sure Keijo is really my thing.” Like she had told Kimble before, though in this case she wasn’t sure if the team rule applied here. But she wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea, at least right now.

Abigail huffed. ”Right, right. I don’t think it’s anyone’s ‘thing’ to throw their bodaciousness around.” She looked at the shell without moving her arms. ”Having said that, I pegged shell collecting as a hobby for kids.” She looked away. ”Or for people who don’t know how to swim, or for people who are antisocial. I mean, surely there are more interesting things to do than collect the shells of dead sea creatures.” She floated up to Alicia. ”B-but I must have been wrong, since you’re doing it!” She picked up the shell and turned it over in her hand. ”Anyway, um.” Abigail reclined in the air and slid one of her hands under her chin. ”I’ve wanted to do something with you for a while now. You seem like someone Aurelio respects. And while we don’t have to do Keijo it seems silly not to. I doubt you’ll ever get a chance to play it again once we get to Penrose, and you’ll get a gold just for participating!” She grinned. ”Besides, Beacon needs some representation in the arena. Since we both started on different islands, we could be on the same team.”

”Well I was going to go swimming later. I figured this would be something to take up some time between events,” Alicia explained, not offended in any real way at the implication that she was antisocial, or something like that.

The mention of Aurelio was odd, but she moved past it as Abigail laid out her reasoning. Not necessarily the representation part, but a gold coin was a gold coin, and this was the sort of thing that would only happen here. If so many other magical girls were doing it too, then hopefully it wouldn’t be something that stuck to her once they got home if it went badly. After a moment she sighed. ”I suppose you make a good argument,” she agreed. ”So, what do we have to do to register for the event?”

”I, um, uh.” Abigail scratched her head. ”I don’t know.” She latched onto Alicia’s arm. ”But I’m glad you’re coming along! This is going to be super special awesome!” She was holding onto Alicia’s arm as she floated in the direction of the Arena. ”I’m sure we just have to show up and decimate our foes, so don’t worry too much about it, gheahahahahahahaha!”

This new swimsuit was surprisingly comfortable. Breathed easily, was easy to move in and was vastly more aerodynamic. Not that she'd ever tell anyone, not even under threat of contempt or perjury. After stretching, going for a relaxing dive off the coast, Rina had decided to get to work on her jet ski practice. Hopping onto the vehicle, Rina slammed on the gas, pulling away from the pier it had been docked at, accidentally soaking anyone who would have been on it in a wave of water.

And the people on the dock would have gotten off easy. Unfortunately, Mika was not on the dock. She thought it would be funny to hide on the bow of the boat and pop up unexpectedly. But she didn’t anticipate Rina’s eagerness, and was now struggling to hold onto the boat with all of her might. The wind beat against her, and Mika was having difficulty getting her claws to cooperate. ”Mmmmmm!” She was able to fight the wind currents and get her claws up on top of the boat. It was just enough for Mika to get her eyes above the bow of the boat so that she could see Rina. ”Hiiii Rina!” Her ears were pinned back, but she sounded happy.

“Mika?!” Rina was wholly unprepared for a surprise catgirl on her jet ski. How the heck was she even holding onto that? Same way she climbed that building earlier, she supposed. Not important. She was gonna get hurt if she was clinging to the front of it like that. Pulling off the gas, the jet ski slowed to a halt, almost throwing her footing off from the rather sudden deceleration.
“What the heck-” She shook her head, questioning Mika probably was not going to be good for her sanity. “You know what, don't care. Come on.” She motioned for Mika to get on the back of the Jetski with her.
Mika did not need to be told to climb aboard. She scampered up while the words were coming out of Rina’s mouth. ”Thanks for stopping!” She had been soaked from head to toe, and was dripping all. Mika took her hair and rung it out as well as she could. ”So, whatcha doing, are you busy?” she put her hands behind her back.

“Well I was doing some jet ski practice.” Rina replied, turning around on the seat so she was facing Mika. “So no, not really busy.” The poor girl looked completely soaked. If she still had her jacket, she'd have offered it. That'd be the cool thing to do, right? Yea, of course. Damn. “A-anyways. Why ya ask?” She leaned back slightly, resting her arms on the handlebars of the ski.

”I was invited to a Keijo match!” Mika leaned over Rina. ”The rules say we can’t join up with people whose island we started on, or something, so I can’t grab my usual folks.” Her smile grew with every word she spoke. ”You and I didn’t start on the same island, so we can team up!” Mika placed her hands on Rina’s shoulders. ”It’ll be really cool! You’ll play with me right? We can do boat stuff later.”

Of all the -

Of course Mika wanted to do Keijo. The one thing she really, really, didn't want too. Rina had to resist physically groaning and just telling Mika to get lost. It was difficult to do that in the face of this infectiously happy cat girl. Rubbing her forehead and sighing lightly, Rina gave Mika a small smile.

“Ahhh, fine fine. Why not, got nothing better to do.” She replied finally.

Mika took a step forward and slid her hands down Rina’s back so that she could bear hug her. ”Thanks Rina! You’re the best!” She let go and hopped backwards. ”Alrighty! Take us in and we’ll start the match!”

The arena was a bit different from the one Su and Chloe used the day prior. Instead of a single large platform, there were five smaller platforms. They were arranged like the dots on the five side of a dice, only there were floating bridges connecting the outside floats together in a square, and another set of bridges joining the center float in an X.

The four girls had joined up on the center float. A countdown would start once everyone moved to a corner.

”You look familiar.” Mika was staring at Alicia. ”Yea! I think I saw you in the gift shop!”

”Probably because-” Abigail pointed at Mika. ”You’re about to get, um, re-gifted!” She held up her hand for a high five. ”Don’t leave me hanging, Alicia. Gheahahaha!”

“You got dragged into this too, huh, Alicia?” Rina exhaled, reaching over and giving Mika a pat on the head before walking off to her own corner. “Well lets get this over with. I wanna get back to anything but this.”

Glancing around at the others, Alicia barely managed to avoid smacking her face at the attempted joke. She did return the high five, though it wasn’t the most enthusiastic thing. Well, at least she was friends with most of the people here. ”Yeah,” she confirmed with a nod. ”To both of those comments. I have no idea how this is going to go but hopefully it isn’t too anticlimactic.”

With that she turned and moved to her corner, mentally bracing herself for whatever happened next.

”Ready to do this, squirt?” Before Abigail could move to her corner, Mika ran up to her and yanked on her arm, pulling her down from the lofty height she was floating at. The cat girl cupped her hand over her mouth and whispered into Abigail’s ear. It wasn’t possible for most to hear what she was saying, but Abigail seemed to be insisting intently. When Mika was done, she stepped back and looked at the floating magical girl with a broad smile. But Abigail just shrugged her shoulders, and, after a moment of consideration, nodded. The two girls bumped their fists together before going to their respective corners.

Once everyone was situated, Dan the dolphin appeared on a large jumbo tron. Well, this might have been one of his lookalikes but who really knew.

“Alright ladies and gents, it looks like it’s going to be a match to remember, a dazzling 2-v-2 spectacular!. On one side we have…” Dan looked at a slip of paper. “…Right! Not everyone from Beacon was on the same island. I’m willing to roll with it. And here are the contestants! In the north corner, we have the pride of Beacon, the Archangel herself, SHINIIING SHERRIIIIF ALIII-CIAAA!” He bombastically shouted, to the applause of the crowd watching, including Sylvia who clapped her hands in an amused, eye-rolling fashion.
“And as her partner to the west, we have no other than the meteor-mashing, gravity-defying, heavyweight hitter, DOUBLE-DYNAMITE AAA-BIGAIIIIL!” Once again, Sylvia clapped, this time a bit louder; she gradually started to get into the hype. “I’m just going to call them the AA team and hope they don’t give me any flack over it, hah. These girls might show us some real teamwork skills, and light up any contender!”

He rubbed his bill before going on. “Opposing them to the south, in her new and sleek swimsuit, is the Queen of Steel, the Blade Dancer who’s too cool for school! KAAA-TAAA-RIII-NAAA!” Lily clapped, waving a flag with Rina and Mika scribbled on it as she cheered them on.
Dan then announced the final contestant. “And to the east is The Beast, now released, the tag-team terror, MII-KAAA!” Now Helga clapped, whistling and hollering like a true fangirl.
“Go get e’m, Mika!” Dan now hopped around the middle of the stage, an inexplicable spotlight now aimed at him. “I think we can call them SS, for stylish swimwear. But don’t be fooled; with their love for physical activities and will to win, I think this is going to be an interesting match!” He gestured towards the crowd with both fins. “Contestants, are you ready to butt heads! At the count of ten. One, two…TEN!” He suddenly announced, and launched up like a rocket, with sparkling water shooting him up and away.

”Yoink!” Abigail folded her arms and soared towards Rina’s position. ”Don’t get knocked off too quickly, I wanna try some things before I move onto the cat.” Rather than flying directly into Rina, Abigail orbited around her. After making three full rotations, she flew straight up in the air and attempted to dive bomb Rina with her chest.

Mika was galloping towards Alicia, like a cat in full sprint might run. ”Here I go!” Mika took her tail and splashed some water up on the bridge she was running on. She then attempted to stop by extending the claws on one of her fingers. This caused her to go into a drift. Once she swung completely around, she retracted her claw and continued to slide backwards. She kept her shoulders low and her hips high.

“They opened with orbital chest battery and the assertive slide?” Dan chuckled. “This is going to be one game to watch folks!”

“Or a short one,” Dolly countered, still fixing her mic to the collar of her coat. “Like Kanagawa’s Spectral Tornado, they may just as easily be trying to finish things as quickly as possible in order to end the match before it can be prolonged. This is an especially potent strategy in Keijo, with its concepts of ring-out. Sustaining injuries in a drawn-out slugfest will only jeopardize your chances in the next round.”

“Heh, well don't worry about that since you're not gonna beat me.” Flight, huh? Being able to fly would make her job a lot easier, but she wasn't gonna let herself be outdone so easily. Abigail went for the dive bomb, and Rina did what she did best. Evade then counter. As soon as Abigail went for the dive, Rina leaped gracefully into the air, before spinning so her back was to the other girl, before letting gravity to the work and slam her butt into Abigails back.

Alicia wasn’t sure if she appreciated the running commentary that was likely to come, but she put that out of mind, needing to focus on the battle. Important, as Mika came in with a quick moving slide. Thinking fast, like would imitate like as Alicia ducked low and turned so their butts met. Mimicking how Mika was poised, she didn’t get pushed as far by the energy of the blow as she might have otherwise. ”I hope that wasn’t your best shot,” Alicia called back, taking a step forward before springing in reverse to deliver her own modest blow as she got used to how this worked.

“Rina isn’t even breaking a sweat with this. You can see how she just effortlessly glides out of the way to counterattack!”

It didn’t look like there was much Abigail could do. She missed, and nearly collided with the floor in the process. But she managed to catch the floor before slamming into it. Once she did that, she locked her arms and torso upright facing her rear to Rina. The impact was solid, and could be heard throughout the coliseum.

“Rina has the edge in speed, but what are Abigail’s arms made out of? I don’t think steel beams could have taken a shot like that.” Dan squinted his eyes. “Wait.” They flew open. “I see what she did now folks! She used gravity magic to increase her density!”

“An astute observation, and a clear indication of the advantage that energy-based magical girls have over those who utilize more concrete substances in their magic. With gravity magic especially, a ring out is made much more difficult. Indeed, the plan of action here may be to destroy the platform underneath, rather than trying to knock out someone so physically secure. The question then, however, is whether or not Katarina and Mika can do so, when both are lightweight strikers.”

Sure enough, anyone looking on from the distance could see the platform Abigail was holding onto was further below the water line.

”I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation!” Abigail shoved herself off the platform, and allowed herself to fall back onto it. Once the platform was pressed deep enough into the water, Abigail dramatically reduced her weight to maximize the acceleration off the rising platform.

Mika had a firm grip on the mat. Her claws wouldn’t let her move very far, but she also wasn’t making a lot of headway fighting Alicia. ”That’s okay! I’m having a lot of fun, even if I’m not doing great.” Mika blushed as Alicia repeatedly bumped into Mika. ”You’ve got a firm butt Alicia, but it’s like my dad used to say: Nothing’s tighter than a crab’s butt in high tide!” Mika’s tail and backside swiftly changed into something akin to lacquer armor. Her tail in particular was much wider, red, and had a fin at the very end. ”Oops! That’s a lobster.” It didn’t stop Mika from trying her attack again.

The platform sunk low into the water. As soon as it started rising, the Archer braced herself for the sudden acceleration as the platform launched itself upwards, even clearing the waters surface. Rina let herself be launched into the air, but in true athletic and acrobatic fashion, she did it with as much grace as one would expect of her.

“You're kinda annoying, you know that?” Rina grunted, landing near the edge of the platform. “I don't got as fancy tricks as you do, but don't expect me to be easy.”

If she were facing towards her, Mika would have been met with a very confused expression from the Seraph. “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” It wasn’t any sort of saying she had heard before, though there was a good chance it was all made up anyway. She seemed like the type to do that.

Still, if she had not glanced back she probably would have missed the appearance of the lobster tail, and the disadvantages posed by it. Without the running lead up she was better equipped to handle it, and Alicia chose to take advantage of that as she spun, darting to the side and then launching herself forward to pounce upon the catgirl chest first.

“Alicia’s no slouch for mobility either!” Dan pointed. “Look at that reversal!”

“A classic Gale Twist transitioning into a Mantora Snap,” Dolly detailed, two fingers pressed against the temple of her head. “Impeccably performed!”

Mika turned just in time to see Alicia’s attack coming. But she didn’t have time to do much more than take it directly in the face. ”Mmmph!” The blow sent Mika’s head reeling backwards, but she was prepared to counterattack. She was able to pass her tail between Alicia’s legs and press the tip against the small of her back. In doing this, Mika just had to curl her tail to pull Alicia and her together. This prevented Mika from falling off the edge, and made pulling away from Mika for a second attack difficult. Mika’s shorter stature kept her head level with Alicia’s breasts. ”I see why Kimble likes you so much now. ”

“A tail?” Dan scratched the side of his head with a flipper. “The tail bone is part of your backside, I’ll allow it. It looks like Mika’s trying to play an endurance game. We’ll see how Alicia responds.”

“Dangerous ruling, Dan,” was Dolly’s response. “Before official rulings were made fifty years ago, the North Pacific Keijo Association was dominated by Beast Girls who took advantage of the ‘tail-ok’ rule to manifest all manners of limbs from their backside, giving them an insurmountable advantage versus their tailless opponents. Truly, a dark age.”

”I don’t care how easy you are, I don’t date girls! Gheahahaha” Once Abigail was in the sky, she flew away from Katarina and towards Mika and Alicia.

“Wait, I think I know this play” Dan leaned in. “With Abigail’s gravity magic, she might be going for-” Once Abigail was over Alicia and Mika’s platform, she increased her density again and plummeted to the platform. “It is! It’s the flying butterfly, falling rhino!” Abigail slammed into the edge of the platform with her backside. Because Alicia and Mika were at the opposite end… “She whiffed it and catapulted friend and foe into the air! They’re flying over the center of the arena! They look like they’re headed straight for Katarina!”

“No!” Dolly squinted, leaning forward from her desk. “It could be intentional! A teammate sacrificing play was what earned the Queens of Music their stunning first place victory in the Cross-Dimensional Keijo Extravaganza! With one ally in the mix to mess up the recovery attempts of their foes, it could certainly spell an end to Team SS!”

Despite her best intentions, Alicia couldn’t help but blush a bit as Mika brought up Kimble and her interests, though such taunts were to be expected given the nature of what they were doing. There was enough distraction anyway with the lobster tail wrapping through her legs. ”Bold talk for a lobster,” she huffed.

Then their conversation fell short in an explosive manner, the magical girl kicking through the air as they found themselves hurtling through the sky and starting to spin in the process. Unaware of their destination, Alicia’s wings shot out from her back and with a handful of flaps pulled her away from Mika and back towards Abigail. She didn’t want to be taken out by her own team!

”I think we may need a new strategy,” she observed, wings vanishing once she had landed near Abigail. At the very least coordination would minimize the chance of them taking each other out.

Rina watched Abigail take off after Mika and Alicia. Only to use her gravity magic to once more slam into their platform, sending the two of them flying towards her direction. Alicia was able to stop herself, but Mika seemed a bit less fortunate. Leaping into the air, Rina intercepted Mika, holding out her chest so it would hit the now lobster girl first, hopefully slowing her momentum so she wouldn't be knocked off the platform.

Mika’s face made a wet slapping sound when she came in contact with Rina. A jellyfish-looking appendage popped out of her back to act as an air break, which slowed her down the way. ”Thanks Rina!” Mika turned around. ”I almost had her too!”

”Having trouble with Mika?” Abigail puffed out her chest. ”You might have better luck with Katarina, she’s too fast for me to pin down.” She swung her head around to get a crick out of her neck. ”Guess we’ll switch. Let’s just keep an eye out for an opening. We’re not fighting two seperate duels here.”

”Rina, I could really use some armor!” Mika turned her back to Rina and rubbed her shoulder against her. ”Gimmie a chainmail bikini!”

“Chainmail Bikini?!” Rina stared dumbfounded at Mika for a moment before simply accepting the request. “Fine, fine...uh, lets see.” How could she do this? She might have been metal spec, but aside from making big giant swords with her bow, or turning metal into sword shaped objects, she didn't have much magical affinity for metal making. “...ah, maybe...?” Getting to work quickly, Rina finished Mika's request. A simple chainmail bikini...made up of tiny, blunt swords.

”Let’s keep an eye out and back up the other if we see an opening!” Abigail zoomed towards Mika, flying over the bridge headed towards the center platform.

”Alright, take two! I’m off to face Alicia!” Mika charged down the bridge opposing Abigail. Would they meet in the center?

Alicia shrugged, swinging her arms a bit in an impromptu stretch or two. ”That shapeshifting magic gives her a lot of tricks up her sleeve,” she admitted. Not impossible, just annoying to have to deal with.

”Besides, like you said we aren’t fighting alone. Teamwork is one of Beacon’s greatest advantages, so we should use it. I’ll keep an eye out for openings if they show up.” With that said she turned back to the fight at head, ready for the next clash to begin.

With a nod to her partner she broke into a sprint, moving to meet with Mika at the center of the bridge. This move would be tricky, but with Abigail airborne she felt it would be for the best. So as she drew near she hit the deck in a slide of her own that would take her under Mika. At which point she turned and let her wings toss her upwards, butt slamming into the catgirl to send her skywards as well for her partner to hit.

Admittedly if it didn’t work they would probably end up as a tangle of limbs on the bridge, but that was a risk she was willing to take.

Right, well, no time to sit around. Rina moved after Mika and Alicia, deciding to stay a healthy distance back for now. Her best play here would be to support Mika here. Run interference and help make sure the other girl didn't get knocked out, and take a shot if she thought she had an opening.
”Wha? Alicia?” Abigail was visibly confused. She had just suggested switching opponents, but Alicia had decided to lead an attack directly on Mika. The gravity girl fret her brow and flew forward even faster.

Mika on the other hand was fully prepared for her run-in with Alicia. When she prepared to slide under Mika, she hopped into the air. But Mika did not stay in her current shape. While in flight, her body stretched and morphed into an elephant seal. Mika weighed nearly a ton and was about three meters in length. A far cry from what a male would weigh in at, as they can be up to eight times as large as the females. Elephant seals were among the largest animals in the world after all. But this was little reassurance to Alicia, who was under the most intimidating looking grey blob she had ever seen. She likely had no time to appreciate the tiny chainmail bikini on it’s neck and tail. There was little Alicia’s wings could do before the shear size of this lad Mika’s form.

”Gunna seal you away!” Abigail wasn’t too far behind. While she was a potent spellcaster, not being able to directly effect her opponents did hamstring her capabilities a bit. She was still able to increase her density mid flight before slamming her butt into Mika’s flabby form. Mika flew back just far enough to miss Alicia, but the impact caused the entire bridge to briefly sink underwater. ”You otter watch out! That won’t work twice!”

“Whoa!” Was all Dan had to say about the play.

“Hrmm.” Was Dolly’s own response, her brow knitting at the full-body transformation of Mika. 3/4ths of Keijo was meant to celebrate the beauty of a nubile magical youth’s form. Turning into an elephant seal? Not very celebratory.

Abigail landed beside Alicia. After such a close call, one might expect the gravity expert to look a bit frazzled. But she still wore a confident smile. ”How about you go flank someone. I don’t think Mika can stay like that forever.” Abigail probably couldn’t keep herself so dense for long either. Even the strongest gravity girls had notoriously mana hungry spells. The seal and gravity girl lunged at each other again, and again. The entire arena was shaking from having its weight limit exceeded.

For a moment, Alicia could swear she saw her life flashing before her eyes. Never would she have expected that her end would come in such a ridiculous fashion, but it seemed that she had been a bit too clever for her own good. All she could hope was that Abigail would claim she had died doing something heroic, rather than leaving her as a cautionary tale about trusting magic dolphins.

Her wings were forced to redirect, pulling her ‘upwards’, yet even that might not have been enough had Abigail dived in with the clutch save. Coming in to land, the Seraph was left gasping for breath before flashing her partner a weak smile. ”Thanks, I owe you one.”

At the suggested strategy, she nodded. ”Sounds good”. Remaining on the ground, she looked to slip past the titanic confrontation and get around to where Katarina was for a sneak attack. And while she might not have any offensive magic, the glare off the water would brighten suspiciously if anyone looked at where she was.

Rina had no words. If she had been asked about what her day was going to be like, it was not 'teaming up with a seal in a game of keijo.' How was she even supposed to react to this? She hadn't a clue, so she was just going to decide not to think about it. Instead, she needed to focus on winning. She needed to make sure Mika had enough support and she could reasonably try taking one of the other girls out while they were dealing with...the seal.

Remaining vigilant, Rina prepared herself for being attacked, constantly checking her blind spots. Lo and behold, it wasn't long until she noticed the glare in the water brighten. Aicia, huh? Rina braced herself, intent on meeting Alicia's blow with one of her own.

The elephant seal did turn to face Alicia, as it was interested in keeping up it’s attack. The light served to blind Mika in one eye, which caused her to wince. It gave Abigail the opening she needed to land another attack. When her buttocks collided with Mika’s head, it forced it inside of her blubbery body. this caused Mika to downgrade into a smaller seal.

”You’ve got a bony tush!”

Mika and Abigail continued to ram their bodies into each other. Each time Mika’s shape got a little smaller, and Abigail’s breathing becoming more labored.

The hard part, Alicia found, was not just to brighten the light. It was to keep it that way without shifting even when she herself had moved slightly to the side. A minor deception, but not worth thinking too much about as she did so before darting in. Were someone to expect her to come directly from the center of the glare, they would be disappointed as she came in from the left, body check delivered via her chest with a hopefully not-entirely-prepared target.

They wouldn’t want Katarina feeling left out, after all.

Mika was losing stamina with each traded blow, so she needed to act fast. Obviously, she couldn't trust the bright light. Hitting it dead on was silly, even if that's where Alicia was hiding. So Rina flanked it, leaping chest forward from the right side intent on hitting Alicia with her chest.

It seemed both of them were a bit too clever for their own good. In her attempt to outflank, Katarina had done the same. Which meant they just ended up missing each other and landing where the other had been standing before.

Turning, Alicia cut down on the light show now that it was no longer helpful. ”I suppose it’s a good thing I don’t have to worry about swords,” she noted, taking a few steps back for greater speed as she went for the hit. With a spring upwards at the last second to get a bit of height on her in the process of doing so. Simple, but fancy tricks had been getting her in trouble lately. Maybe this would work better.

Well, that was somewhat amusing how they easily missed each other. Well, whatever. As Alicia made her move for a direct charge, Rina made a charge of her own. At the last second before they hit however, Rina spun, digging her feet into the platform and directed her butt towards Alicia, hopefully catching the other girl off guard, with her momentum sending her off balance so she could follow it up with another attack.



Abigail and Mika were pressing their chests against each other in an attempt to get past the other one. Mika looked a little more beat up, but Abigail’s feet being on the floor was an indication that she finally ran out of magic. They were breathing hard, and looked like they could be knocked over by a feather.

”You broke your promise!”

”You were a fool to trust me!”

”You seemed reliable!”

”You are- Really? I do?”

”Well you did!!” Mika huffed. ”Why did you do it?”

Abigail looked away. ”I was jealous. I’m sorry.”

Mika groaned. ”I forgive you.”

Abigail fell backwards into the depths, with Mika too tired to realize she was following after her.

“Ohhhhhh! It seems like we have a double ring out!” Dan folded his fins. “At least they are going to stay hydrated! It’s up to their allies to snag victory.”

“Indeed! Keep your eyes wide open, everyone! Only the fastest of both teams are up now, and a game-ending strike could happen in an instance of inattention!”

Not expecting Katarina to spin and redirect as she did, the modest jump worked in Alicia’s favor as she was able to use her wings to stabilize herself. Gracefully landing, a splashing sound drew a look out of the corner of her eye before Dan announced what had happened. ”Sounds like it’s just us now.” Odd, she wouldn’t have expected a mutual KO out of that fight. It was something to ask about later.

Flashing a smile at her opponent, she took the defensive for the moment, letting her have the initiative. ”Not much point in drawing this out. Definitely didn’t expect to come out of this before them.” Her hands began to glow, slowly rotating beams of light flaring into existence to make things more difficult for Katarina when it came to coordinating her attack,

Just because she was placing herself on the receiving end didn’t mean she had to sit there and take it after all.

Hmph, this light was making it hard to see. Rina frowned. Well, fine then. If this was going to be their final clash, might as well take it head on. She was out of ideas here, anyways and definitely didn't mind not being the winner...did that make her a bad teammate here? She quickly brushed the thought aside. Wasn't like she could really do anything else anyways.

So without delay, she sprinted towards Alicia.

There was a really strong urge to kick here, an impulse that Alicia had to quash as Katarina moved in. Instead she took a few steps back, waiting patiently as Rina drew closer. In the last moments she acted, wings extending and rocketing her up into the sky in an intended vertical dodge.

Ideally Rina would find herself unable to stop before toppling off the platform by her own momentum, but Alicia didn’t quite trust that her reflexes weren’t good enough to avoid that. So she would wait to see how it turned out before doing anything.

Rina narrowed her eyes, leaping into the air in a front flip the moment Alicia began her ascent. With a flip she placed one hand on the ground before pushing off the platform and launching herself butt-first towards Alicia.

It seemed Alicia’s preparations had been wise, with Katarina having quick reflexes to dodge the gambit. But she didn’t expect her to go airborne instead. They collided, Alicia sent tumbling off balance and barely managing to arrest her fall before she hit the water.But it was a close run thing, and she could practically feel the moisture kicked up by her wings as she skimmed the surface.

But she used this, sweeping across the arena and building up speed. Faster and faster she went, until she banked in and swept in at Katarina, with her chest thrust forwards . Not the most elegant of strikes, but there was only so much you could do with the available combat options.

Well, since this had apparently been turned into a contest of athleticism now, Rina was fairly more confident in her abilities. Her strike hit, her butt smacking Alicia right in the face it felt like, before being smacked off to the ground. Angling her body so she landed feet first near the edge of the pool, Rina only took a moment to observe her opponent circling the water before positioning herself back near the center.
Wanting to go ahead and finish this, she met Alicia's blow, jumping towards her chest-first.

Compared to the other side of the match, Alicia and Katarina were really building up to a climactic finish. How else to describe it as the latter jumped to meet the oncoming blow head on?

With the speed at which she was moving, there wasn’t much Alicia could do to react that would make a difference. All except one thing, and she braced herself as her flight shifted. Not in direction, but in form instead as she spun herself like a corkscrew with the propulsion of her wings to aid her. A small edge, but hopefully a useful one that kept her skyborne instead of faceplanting into the water.

A grunt escaped at the impact, their bodies colliding in one match up of power and speed and smarts. For a brief moment there was nothing to do, vision spinning and body carried by momentum or lack thereof. Then it was over, she was still flying. Making sure she was not about to hit the water, Alicia looked for any sign of Katarina. Was it over?

Rina was pretty sure Alicia was bigger than she was, that was the only reason she won this little bout, yep. The Archer couldn't stop herself from being flung off the side after the impact, and Alicia could hear a splash of water as her opponent hit the water. A few seconds later, Rina surfaced, knocking some water out of her ears.

“And it’s over!” Dan clapped his fins together. “Alicia and Abigail progress to the next round! Good match everyone, but things are only going to get more exciting moving forward”

Hearing the splash of water, Alicia came in for a landing on the platform as the match concluded. ”Good match,” she called, offering a hand to help Katarina out of the water.

Accepting the hand, Rina allowed herself to be pulled out of the water and back onto the platform.

“Well, glad this is over with.” She exhaled. She felt exhausted. Was it normal to feel this exhausted after something like this? It felt like mental fatigue more than anything.

”Rina!” Mika pranced over to the girl and gave her a bear hug. Her arms even turned into bear arms for the occasion. ”That was a close game! We got one of them, even after she lied!” She jumped up and down. ”I’m glad you came along. This wouldn’t have been as much fun with someone else. Wanna get an ice cream?”

Abigail had also pulled herself out of the water. ”Heh...” She walked over to Alicia. ”I guess we’ve got a break until our next match starts. We should probably make use of it.”

Alicia wasn’t sure how she felt about the notion of round two, but she kept that to herself as she waved to the crowd. She nodded to Abigail, the team temporarily reunited for now. ”Yeah,” she agreed. ”I was going to stick around here a bit, see how some of the other teams play. But I’ll be here for the next stage.”

“Gah-! Mika!” Being crushed by bear-cat-magical girl was only a mildly uncomfortable experience..and It did give her a rare opportunity to return the hug. Returning the hug, Rina wrapped her arms around Mika, reaching up between her head as she started patting and petting the other girl's head, slowly increasing in aggressiveness as she replied.
“Ice cream sounds good. I think I'll pass on any more Keijo.” Truthfully, she didn't really enjoy any of this, but as long as Mika had fun, she guessed that was okay.



For a forced island vacation, the day had gone pretty well. There had been sports, relaxation, and time to chat with friends while meeting new people. There hadn’t been any fights yet, but who knew if that would last. They didn’t even know if they would wake up back home, or if they would be here even longer. Dan hadn’t been clear on that.

Right now Alicia was erring on the side of relaxation. She was in a reclining chair, currently situated near the beach where she could watch the setting sun. A drink sat on the cupholder of her chair, which she occasionally sipped from as time passed by.

Perhaps after this she would check out some of the indoor attractions, or stake a claim on a room. With it growing darker there wasn’t much that could be done outside, that she was willing to do anyway.

“Haa, this could have been a lot worse,” she observed to no one in particular. Hopefully the rest of the trip would be like this.

Alicia heard a familiar meow coming from a distance, and from a glance happened to spot Kimble, who had returned from the volleyball game and subsequent dip in a pool. She had a pink towel draped over her shoulders; coupled with her habit of moving while crouched down, it gave her the look of some kind of round animal. “Nhh, Mistress is here...” The Seraph could hear the catgirl whisper under her breath. She seemed to stop, as if thinking of something, and then hesitantly went to sit on the chair next to hers. “M-Mistress Alicia...” She began speaking.
“How was your day?”

A familiar sound drew her gaze away from the beach, and Alicia glanced over to see Kimble approaching. She wasn’t sure what the other magical girl had gotten up to today, but what Sylvia had told her earlier flashed through her mind. Now seemed as good a time as any to address that.

She waited until Kimble had seated herself on the chair next to hers before speaking. ”Hello Kimble.” She shot her friend a warm smile as her gaze returned to the horizon. ”Busy. Lots to do, but in a good way. And apparently someone gave them permission to make a doll of me at that boutique.” With her own day related, she turned the question around. “What about you? How was your day?”

Kimble’s lips slightly parted in surprise upon hearing about the Alicia doll. “A doll of Mistress! I would like to visit the store too, nhh.” When asked the same question, her ears perked up, and she gave her trademark smile. “I’ve had a lot of fun-nya! It’s so warm, and there’s so many nice people to do fun things with. I couldn’t have even imagined that this could happen! It’s like paradise.” She then blushed a bit. “B-But even better, I can spend this time with Mistress...I’m really happy.”

On the subject of the plushies, Alicia nodded to confirm what she had said again. “Yeah. There’s one of Penny too, though it’s her old form from before the White Coin.” Still, at least Kimble was enjoying herself here on the island. It would have been hard for her to imagine that not being the case, admittedly. She wasn’t exactly the loner type.

But that made her remember what Sylvia had said, and she moved on to addressing that while they were here and relatively alone. “Speaking of….Sylvia said that I should talk to you. Is something going on?”

Kimble was looking at the sunset, humming a happy song when she suddenly froze and her tail shot up. She looked at Alicia with a blushing face. “Unnyah! I-I…” Her tail wrapped around her as she lifted to sit on her knees, her lips wavering. “Well, uhh...Someone told me...That I should be honnyehst, and speak straight from the heart. Miss Sylvia also said the same thing. So, I will do that.” She closed her eyes, an intense expression on her face as her throat rumbled with a purr, before she finally managed to speak.

“Mistress…I...I love you!”

She afterwards lowered her head, as if she was afraid of seeing Alicia’s reaction. “Ever since you rescued me, you’ve always been so kind to me, Mistress. You're so wise and brave, and beautiful...My heart beats like a drum whenever I see you, nyah!” She then lifted her head, biting her lip: a tiny fang could be seen poking out, as she waited for Alicia’s response nervously.

Alicia felt her smile rising as Kimble steeled her resolve. She didn’t know what the other girl wanted to say to her, but it had to be fairly important if she was psyching herself up like this.. Though, if it hadn’t been important then Sylvia wouldn’t have mentioned it to her.

Then Kimble said what she had been trying to get out, causing eyes to widen at the unexpected declaration. The Seraph could feel her heart leap into her throat again, even as her mood fell. This was….it was like Penny all over again. At least she could be grateful that it didn’t come with any other shocking revelations, but that was a small grace in the face of being blindsided like this.

Kimble was not the only one to avert her gaze, with Alicia turning back to the beach and bowing her own head as the catgirl listed off her reasons. At the same time, what Sylvia said rang through her head. She had to be straight with Kimble, rather than string her along. Still, this was going to hurt. She could tell that already.

“Kimble, I….” Glancing back, she immediately regretted the decision as she was faced with that nervous look. God, Beckoners just kill her now “I’m not that special. I just did what anyone else would have done in that situation. I’m not….i don’t know if….” With a groan her head came to rest in her hands. “I’m sorry. This isn’t how I imagined this going.”

“Nyeh...” Kimble quietly vocalized her emotional distress, realizing how heavy her confession was on Alicia; her fluffy ears drooped low. “That’s wrong...You are a wonderful, amazing person, Mistress!” Her tail hung limp from the side of her chair as she pressed her hands down before her. “I...I don’t mind if Mistress doesn’t love me back. As long as I can be Mistress’ pet, then I’ll be happy…” There were tears developing in her eyes “But please don’t put yourself down.” She stood up, and walked over to Alicia. “You’re willing to save anyone, even a monster like me, nyah! That’s not something any magical girl would do.” Then, she crawled onto Alicia’s chair, and sat on her lap. “I will always believe in you, Mistress Alicia.”

Head rising from where it had fallen, Alicia cracked a small smile as Kimble sat on her lap. She appreciated the effort to cheer her up, sincere in intent. Yet she didn’t want to make this about her. Not when Kimble was willing to be so honest. That would have been too selfish.

“I...I don’t. But I….” The Seraph was forced to take a deep breath, placing a hand softly on the catgirl’s shoulder. “I’ve been unfair to you. I guess I got so distracted by the ‘cat’ part that I overlooked who you were as a person.It’s just...hard to tell if it’s monster instincts or not.”

She did her best to keep that smile, to relax as she gave her own realization and shortcomings a voice. ”I’d like to get to know you. As a friend, more than just a pet. If you’ll let me.”

Kimble shivered as she felt Alicia’s hand on her skin, causing her to let out a cute little gasp. She lifted her hands up, and hesitantly placed them on the Seraph’s arm; not to remove her touch, but to keep it there. “It’s how I feel in my heart, nya. I-If that is a lie...I don’t want to know the truth.” Alicia did not detect a single falsehood in her statement. Then she blinked at Alicia’s suggestion. Slowly, her smile grew, and her ears perked up. “Of course, Mistress!” Her tails swung behind her as a sign of genuine joy. “Thank you so much!” Before Alicia could react, Kimble hugged her, tickling her chin with one of her fluffy ears. “This is the happiest day of my life, nya!”

She then realized she may have gone too far; she got off the chair, and blushed a bit. “Um, sorry, nyeh...I got a bit too excited, ehe...”

For a moment Alicia wasn’t sure how Kimble would react, even if she didn’t pick up on any lies. Not that she had really been looking in the first place, but at least the confidence was there. The hug was abrupt though, and she had to keep from laughing at the ticklish sensation.

There was no effort made to stop or to push Kimble away as she dismounted the chair amidst her apologies. ”It’s okay,” she assured her with a small wave, before gesturing to the seat that Kimble had just abandoned in her energetic revelation. ”So where should we start?”
Kimble pawed at one of her ears and gave a catty grin as she sat back down, her tails still whipping back and forth. “Let’s do fun stuff together! Like Keijo! I heard Penny is planning to participate too. Maybe we could form a team!” She then jumped up, carried by her wind magic as she leapt and pounced. “And Dan said there’s a prize for winners! With you leading us, we’ll be sure to win, Mistress!”

Alicia held back a wince, though she still wore a look of uncertainty as Kimble made her proposal. ”I don’t know, that seems like the sort of sport where you’d need particular...endowments,” she replied, gesturing with a wave over her bust.

Still, Kimble’s excitement was infectious as she bounded through the air. This wasn’t really what she had had in mind when she was discussing starting, but that was alright. While not sold on the idea, it was clear that she was willing to be convinced by a compelling argument.

Kimble floated in midair, her rear lifted up as she tried to turn and look at it. “Sally told me it doesn’t matter how big your butt is if you use it right, nya!” she then began turning around, like a dog chasing its own tail. “Nhhhhh-!” Then, she performed an incredibly quick hip swing. “Also, I may not have a strong butt, but it is a fast one! I’m sure can deliver more attacks than any other Keijo player, nyeh.”

It was unusual, watching Kimble floating in midair, chasing her tail while talking about a sport like Keijo and how you could succeed without a big rear. ”Somehow I’m not surprised that she said that.” If there was anyone who would make an observation like that, it would be Sally.

Of course Kimble was fast, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out that Penny would probably be an immovable rock when it came to Keijo.That just left her the odd girl out, since she was skeptical of how much leadership you needed in a game like this. She was about to say more before pausing as she remembered something from earlier. ”Oh. Right. Dan said we could only team with people who had started on other islands, didn’t he.” So much for that idea.

Kimble made an audible brake sound with her magic as she stopped to a halt, her cat ears having flapped at the revelation. “WHAT? I can’t compete with Mistress?” She slowly dropped down to the sand, and sighed as she looked down. “No...” She sniffed. “Well, I still want to compete. Mistress, I’ll prove that you can depend on me, nyah.”

Watching Kimble’s enthusiasm be crushed was both slightly cute and sad at the same time, if only because of how she reacted to the news. ”Yeah,” Alicia confirmed as what the dolphin had said came back. ”Something about trying to encourage friendship outside your usual social groups. Maybe he’d make an exception if someone asked, or maybe not”. Who could predict what that guy would do.

She gave a slow nod as Kimble voiced her intent to continue regardless, flashing her a warm smile at the same time. ”Well, I may not compete but I’ll watch you compete anyway.”

“Yeah!” Kimble purred, and returned to her chair; she laid down on it in a curled position like a cat. “Thank you for being there for me, Mistress....” She closed her eyes, and after a moment, only quiet breathing could be heard; Kimble had fallen asleep.

”You’re welcome.” Alicia waited for a moment before glancing over to see that Kimble had fallen asleep in the growing twilight. It was probably safe, but she didn’t feel like leaving her out here by herself. At least not on the first day. So she’d relax for now, and see about getting her into an actual bed a bit later. It had been a full day, that was for sure.
Yep, still here
I think it's a better suggestion than a planet haunted by Sith ghosts :V
UNCNS Andromeda

With Captain Yamanani aboard the other ship, the new arrival would have to be dealt with by the crew that he had left behind. Repairs were still ongoing, and at this point nobody wanted to try a bluff again. It hadn't worked the first time, and it probably wouldn't work now. Besides, there were good odds that if a firefight erupted then the other ships here would join in as well.

Kenshirou was quick to hop on the open channel, echoing what had just come from the Daedalus. "This is the UNCNS Andromeda. As stated we doubt we can answer many of the questions you have, but would appreciate a place to put down so we can repair battle damage."
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