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Current >That moment when you realize that you can only do fandom RPs because you're bad at original characters. This is what I get for never playing DnD


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<Snipped quote by ACHTUNG>

Well, at least she avoided the two groups that would more or less instantly detect someone sneaking around. Ana's got to be that good to survive... and Mikoto has radar. xD

It's also the one group where only one person in it is heavily armed and theoretically dangerous when not fighting Samurais

Behind the mask Shurelia's gaze narrowed as the flippant robot asked what her name was rather than answering her question. He seemed to have some link to her people, but there was nothing that indicated he had any actual ability. Maybe he lacked the same connection that she did, or an apparatus to compensate? Still, it did not allay her suspicions towards him. But if this was the way for her to get answers then she would take it.

At the same time she couldn't help but notice that they were being watched, by a figure that was mostly in hiding at this point. She wasn't sure who exactly it was, but it made her that much more certain that this was a ploy by Mir.

Still, if she had to answer then she would. "I am Lady Shurelia," she announced in the same formal tone she had held thus far. "Administrator of Ar Tonelico and leader of the Knights of Elemia. I will ask again, what is your designation?" If this was a trap then this was the most likely time that it would be sprung, now that her identity was confirmed. So she tensed, preparing herself to run or dodge whatever attack came. Without a weapon on her she was defenseless, so she would have to trust in her skills to keep her alive until she could change that situation.

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<Snipped quote by Flamelord>

Well if the Angel's bring their own flying citadel, he could disassemble that with wild abandon :3

There are possibilities because it can always eat the raw resources the factory uses, or the models that are broken and that sort of thing.

But I'm gonna call it now, Machina lose because the factory is destroyed by the bevy of high powered characters on the opposing sides (killing people is hard, property destruction is easy) since I'm not seeing anything in particular that can stop them from just teaming up to raze the place to the ground right off the bat.
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I should get around to making my second character, since with the new restrictions in place I only have my Von Neumann Swarm to use (Which might not work all that well in this battle since they have to kep the factory in at least several large, easily reassembled pieces.
Thought about meeting Hibiki, but I'll stick with Scaramouch for now.

Moving along in her Linkage armor, Shurelia had been able to confirm that this was most likely not a place on one of the Plates or below. The lack of people made that quite clear. She was fairly confident that her presence would have drawn some attention, at the very least an attack by a suspicions populace. Not this complete silence that seemed to reign for now.

That left her options increasingly smaller. Either she was in some randomly habitable portion of the Sea of the Dead after all, which seemed unlikely, or this was a ploy by Mir of some kind to take advantage of her and stop her efforts to Suspend the operation of the Tower. That first option was unlikely at best, which meant this was most likely a trap of some kind. And without access to the abilities of Ar Tonelico, stopping her plan would be that much more difficult.

She had just drawn near a street corner when a strange figure in a long purple trenchcoat and a black hat walked past with the gait of someone who knew where he was and where he was going. For a second she thought it was a human, but then hr gaze narrowed behind the helm of her armor. No, this was most definitely a machine, of a kind that she did not recognize. It was certainly nothing that had originated in Platina.

"You," she said, coming to a stop and speaking with the authority inherent of a lady of her position. "What is your designation." At worst she would be attacked, but she was expecting that from Mir. But it was the only way she had to get more information on what was going on. Hopefully Mir was in a gloating mood.

Also I thought this was an abandoned city aside from our arrivals. Or am I just wrong there?
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Man, the Chiyo apologism is strong (Yes I know that Eris doesn't know all the facts. Try and stop me)
Man, it is not going to be fun for the Beacon girls for a while.

Being Beacon is suffering, news at 11
Scaramouche is now in action! Anyone interested in an interaction?

I might have Shurelia meet him. Cause Sound magic and all. (Even if her physical abilities are laughable.)
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