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>That awkward moment when you learn the religious revival movement you were headin was actually a vehicle for a Lovecraftian Abomination masquerading as a God to jack your body and take over the world
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>That moment when you realize that you can only do fandom RPs because you're bad at original characters. This is what I get for never playing DnD


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With a flash of light, Alicia and her companions materialized in an alleyway near the cathedral. It was less conspicuous than appearing right on top of the building, and it was more likely to prevent magical interference as well. It wasn't as if they were terribly far anyway so she wasn't too worried about the distance from their target.

Now that they were here she took the moment to transform, so she could plunge into battle as a magical girl rather than a normal one. Once she was done, she emerged from the alley and assessed the situation. It looked like the witches were already in combat with other magical girls, though she didn't immediately recognize who the enemy combatants were. Aside from the aerial dogfight though, there didn't seem to be any other major combat going on. That she could see anyway.

Having gotten a feel for the situation, she barked out her orders. "I'll come at them from the sky. Janet, hit them from below. Summer, get in close on the roof. We'll box them in and then shift them to the Overcity. That should remove the threat to the congregation."

She wasted little time in carrying out her own directions, wings of ethereal light blossoming into existence as her bow appeared in hand as well. Marshaling her strength, she took to the sky in a blast of upward wind, making her presence known at the same time in quite the manner. She took aim at the nearby battle from her aloof location, looking at the fight and casting magical energy into her strung light as she put magic into play.

"Star Seraph, keep my aim true and firm," she said before firing. Streaking across the sky, these arrows of light would be trickier to dodge as they followed their target. Given enough space once passed by, they might even loop around for a second shot at their target. At the moment she mostly focused on those witches attacking the church. The others could be dealt with once that was over, if need be.

Time to show this city that Beacon was still in the game.

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Alicia kept up a stern expression as Sylvia explained the situation at the cathedral. That was good, though she did have to agree that things might escalate if they decided to run for it. It was too bad that this didn't appear to be a live feed, as that meant the situation could have changed significantly since they were first alerted to this attack. the problems of not being a free and loose single agent. It was something she had gotten used to.

Rising to her feet, she nodded to Sylvia. "Alright guys, you heard her. We're going to take the cathedral. Let's go." She turned and strode for the exit, wasting little time when peoples lives were at risk. She figured she was more suited for battling flying enemies, and the wide open spaces of the stadium meant that Penny could go wild with her weaponry. It was a win for everyone, so long as they were victorious.

Initially heading for the front door, she caught herself and quickly shifted paths. She kept forgetting that the teleporters were a thing, and that they could be used for traveling between more than just Beacon locations. It certainly made deployment a lot easier, when she could remember to use it.

Moving on to the teleporter pads, she waited for the rest of her team to join with her so they could get on their way. Janet did so fairly quickly, which left only Summer. "Ready to save the day?" she asked her team, looking forward to this even with the danger. Nodding to the guards who kept an eye on the pads, she activated the magic as they vanished from the base and were sent to their destination in a flash of light.

Now they just had to hope that things hadn't horribly fallen apart while the briefing had been going on as they arrived at the cathedral.


Morning time had arrived, and it was back to Beacon HQ. It seemed that being a hero waited for nobody.

Alicia yawned as she entered the briefing room, still shaking the cobwebs from her head in the process of waking up. It had been a long night, though it had absolutely been worth it. She and Janet had talked and her friend had been brought up to speed on what she had missed in the past month. They'd played some board games and Mom had made some chicken fajitas. It made the resulting tiredness from having to save the day all the more worth it.

She sat near the front of the room, as was fitting a Seraph, while Sylvia began the briefing. Two monster attacks at once? This was either a very unfortunate coincidence or coordinated action, and at this point they couldn't rule out either. But that was something to worry about once they had dealt with this threat, and there were no civilians in danger.

Having been informed of the situation, Alicia frowned as she examined the map. She was ready to get to work, and put down some pests. "What are we looking at in terms of civilian presence around the cathedral?" Given the attack at the stadium had interrupted a game, it stood to reason that anybody there would be hiding or had run away by now. The cathedral attack was less clear in that regard.

That was the only question she had for now, and she turned to shoot her team mates a thumbs up. They were going to do fine, she was sure of it.


Glancing over at Kyle, Alicia was fairly certain that she hadn't seen him around here before. Still, he'd been willing to lend them a hand in the trial and that was good enough for her. "Nice to meet you Kyle. I'd stay and chat but it's been a long day. We can have a proper meeting tomorrow." She felt bad brushing him off, but it really had been. With a nigh nervous breakdown from the exhilaration of the trial, she could use it.

Turning to Janet, Alicia perked up at the mention of Penny before glancing at her phone as well. "Oh, it looks like she sent me a message too." And it was from before the trial at that her good mood shuddered to a halt from guilt, even if she knew that she couldn't be considered entirely at fault when she had been distracted. But Penny was her friend too, and to just ignore that was unfair with everything they had been through.

Heading outside, Alicia came to a stop once they were past the entrance. "Yeah, that sounds good enough. I'll tell Mom and Dad that we're having a sleepover. They'll love it," she assured Janet. It had been a while since they had entertained guests overnight, and she had no doubt that her friend was looking forward to sleeping on an actual bed for once.

First though, she wanted to assure Penny. Coming to a stop, she pulled out her phone and accessed the camera app. Flipping it about, she moved closer to Janet, wrapping an arm around her shoulder as she lifted it aloft to take a picture. "Say cheese," she told Janet, waiting until she had struck the pose she wanted before snapping the picture.

With that done she took a few steps back, looking over the selfie before sending it off to Penny. "There, that should tell her how things went," she said before nodding to Janet. "Alright, let's go. Hopefully we'll be back in time for dinner. Some home cooked food is just what you need." That said she headed off, looking forward to the day to come.


Alicia was unaware of the magic in play until the Beckoners drew everyone's attention to it. So Kyle was some sort of empath? That was useful, and she shot him a nod of approval from the defendants stand. Given this was her first time up here, and the high stakes involved, the help he had provided her with was appreciated.

That out of the way, she turned to the trial at hand. She glanced over at Sylvia, a frown crossing her features as she was challenged to provide evidence that was nigh impossible to give. She knew that Sylvia was just doing her job, but this felt....low. Even for her standards. There was no way she could definitely prove it, and they both knew that. Not if she was going to cast everything Janet said into doubt.

"Seriously Sylvia? You didn't have to go that far," she grumbled, taking a deep breath as she turned before the crowd. There was no public sympathy here, so she was going to have to do her best.

Waving over to Janet, she began. "She's right. The Spark hasn't failed before. But how many Deities are there out in the cosmos? How many Horrors and malicious Patrons that intend mankind harm? To assume that the Spark won't fail just because it never has before is folly." She could understand the complacency of her sisters, the desire for safety and the belief in stability. But if they blinded themselves to the world as it was, they would fall to darkness without a doubt.

Glancing back at Sylvia, she went on. "We all know of items that can corrupt magical girls, such as the Black Coin. Janet mentioned being isolated with a dress of some kind. Perhaps that served the same function. Then she overloaded her with so much magic that she became a monster girl. With everyone else she had under her thrall, it's likely she could do it. But you aren't one anymore, right Janet?" she asked, looking over at her friend.

"That should be impossible too, but it isn't. Even if you choose not to believe it, there's no way I can conclusively show you that she doesn't have any hidden programming from Justine or what have you. But why else would she have waited a month before coming to find us? She deserves the opportunity to redeem herself and to make up for what Justine made her do. We have a list of all the girls that Justine had Mariette abduct on her behalf, Janet wouldn't be on it if she had fallen willingly. How can we claim to be the guiding light leading humanity forward if we punish someone for something that they couldn't stop."

Alicia found that she was getting more worked up than she had intended to, muscles coiled tight and a fist clenched as fingernails dug into her palm. She was confident in her friend and in the truth, and she wanted the rest of Beacon to be confident in her even if they weren't confident in Justine. How else would her failure be removed?

After a moment she let out a held breath, before choosing to address her argument from a new angle to erase any lingering doubts. "Still, I think i have the evidence you want," she assured Sylvia with a slight nod. "Someone who knows a lot more about what went on there than I do. I call Kimble to the stand." This was sure to incite a furor, but she was confident in her decision. If anyone could tell them what serving Justine had been like, it would be her.


Alicia was impervious to the uproar currently occurring in the room around her. She knew what she had said, and would never have agreed to be the defense if she did not believe that Janet was innocent. But not everyone could see it like she could, and she needed to convince them that her viewpoint was legitimate.

A wince crossed her face as she viewed the security footage, seeing for the first time what had happened that day when Janet had bombed the base. It was...disheartening, a slow motion tragedy she already knew the ending of. There was no way to argue against the event itself, but she had expected that. The only avenue of defense was to argue what she knew already, and try to keep the jury from agreeing to the full extent of punishments that could be placed against her friend.

Still silent, her heart was even more burdened as Janet tried to defend herself. It wasn't quite the time for that but she wasn't going to blame her for it. Just like the rest of the Beacon girls, she had experienced it too, and it had to eat at her as well. She could be forgiven for going off a bit.

Waiting until Janet had finished, Alicia spoke up and tried to make herself heard over the crowd. "Janet s innocent of these grievous crimes because she was not acting of her own free will and sound mind when they occurred, and that is what I intend to prove to you all." It wasn't going to be easy given the hostile audience, but she would do her best. For now, she waited to see if Sylvia had any more evidence to use for her case.


Appreciative of what support she did get, Alicia grew increasingly apprehensive as the time of the trial grew near. It was possible that she was even more nervous than Janet was, and she wasn't the one on the firing line in this case. The massive crowd that followed as they headed to the Hall of Judgment when the time for the trial came didn't help matters.

She'd offered to be Janet's defense in this case, feeling like it was her obligation after she had helped her, and with precious few other options to draw on right now. The crowd that followed them was daunting, however. So many people who found what happened with Janet to be worth seeing in person. She couldn't recall seeing a trial with attendance this large in....since she joined the Beacon really. And public opinion was certainly not going to be on her side. Did she have what it took to make sure that justice was truly served?

It wasn't the first time she had entered the Hall of Judgment, but it took her breath away all the sane. Beacon was about the Light, about truth, and no clearer did that shine than in this place. Glancing over, she met Sylvia's gaze with a slight nod. She didn't blame Sylvia for this, and knew hat she was only doing what she had to do. Moving on to the defendant's stand, she was sent floating out into the void.

As the trial began, she found herself part of the center attention. She forced herself to take deep breathes, to calm herself even as the charges were read out. Fortunately Janet rejected then, rather than doing some silly 'fall on her sword' type move for no reason. This was hardly a foregone conclusion.

"That's right," she muttered to herself, waiting for the prosecution to begin presenting their evidence. This was going to be tough, but she would just have to do her best. Janet's life might literally depend upon it.


Alicia kept her glare on the duo, ready to fight on this point if she had to. She didn't care what these girls thought Janet had done, they hadn't been there, they hadn't heard her, and she would not accept them mistreating her for something that wasn't her fault.

Fortunately for all involved the conflict was defused as Sylvia arrived, yelling at the girls for their actions and then at her for what she had done. Truth be told she didn't feel too bad about it. It may have been a bit of an overreaction but it had worked, and it wasn't like she had seriously hurt her either. So there was some serious overreaction going on.

"Right, let's go," she agreed with a nod. Her wings withdrew as she sent her bow away, but she did not transform back to her civilian garb just yet as she followed along to the Hall. She didn't feel comfort doing so just yet, and she was too worked up to relax to the point where she'd calm down enough to do so. She might need to act again.

Glancing over at the new arrivals she shrugged, as if to indicate that this wasn't the sort of thin that normally happened around here. Now all she could do was prepare to present her case, and hope that it was over quickly. But knowing her luck, somehow she doubted that it would be the case


As the Beacon HQ came into sight, Alicia could feel her anticipation rising. So many things seemed to have been building to this moment, and another minor success from the near debacle that had been the assault in Justine's castle was something that she was not going to pass up on. She had thought that Janet was gone and that they had been used by Mariette more than they had gotten anything, but she was wrong. And now she was making amends.

Approaching the guards, Alicia stood beside Janet as she moved for the entrance. "Good day," she called to the guards, thinking nothing of passing by. At least, until they realized what Janet was. "No, that's not what-"

Her explanation was cut short as the guard approached, punching Janet in the stomach and tied her up, hauling her through the entrance. Alicia froze in shock, not expecting such a violent response from them. She knew that they might not like Janet, but she had thought that her presence would have made their reaction different. But now, now she was angry. Were they blind? Were they dumb? Hadn't they heard anything about the affair with Justine?

No, she had to put a stop to this. Now.

"Chains of Darkness, break! Light, shine forth!"

Her head bowed, hands clasped together as if she was praying, Alicia was embraced in a cocoon of blinding light. Her civilian clothes faded, and bright light blossomed into existence. It sparkled around her fingers and traced its way down her arms, while flaring into existence and rising up from her toes as well as it moved to meet at her torso and finish forming her magical girl outfit. Soft yet magically reinforced fabric blossomed, swaying in the wind before the cocoon of light shattered, allowing the now transformed Alicia to emerge.

She glowered at the duo as she strode forward, ethereal wings of energy springing into being and stretching wide as she hammered home her presence. "Stop right there," she demanded, summoning Star Seraph and smacking the wrist of the girl holding the rope that held Janet with the bow. "No one touches Janet until I've taken her to talk with the Beckoners. Am I understood?"

Turning, her gaze shifted between the guards as she let them see just how pissed off she was at the treatment of her friend, and so they could understand that they had better do what she wanted. "Or are you going to question a Seraph?"

Alicia Hayden @Flamelord and Janet Howell @t2wave

Though the surface of the water obscured her vision, Janet could tell by her second specialization that Alicia was indeed alone. It could still be a trap but she trusted her friend. Rippling for a moment the monster girl rose from the lake and crawled onto shore. Even though her form had been this way for a while ever since geing freed from Justine it took time to readjust again. "I wasn't expecting you to come so quickly."

Alicia's heart thudded in her chest as she looked around, trying to locate her friend. Anxiety and worry swirled together inside her head, leaving her hoping that this wasn't some kind of trap or trick, and that everything would work out. It just had to, for her own sake if not Janet's.

The motion in the water drew her gaze, and she froze still as the monster girl emerged on to shore. Her eyes were wide with disbelief, confronted by the sheer wretchedness of what Justine had done to her after she was captured. "J-Janet. Is that you?" she asked after a moment, taking a hesitant step forwards. "They...they said Justine had done something to you but I didn't expect...this." As taken aback by this as she was, it only made her all the more angry at Justine. A good thing then that she was dead and gone.

The Beacon girl's reaction was understandable if not disappointing. Janet frowned slightly and lowered her head. If one didn't already know she doubted anyone would identify her. Since she was on land Janet donned her disguised self that Justine had also given her. The corrupted dress had become a part of that. "Sorry. I thought you should at least know what I've become." She rubbed a couple tears from her face. "The Beacon are surely looking for me. I've done a terrible thing." The girl looked weak and was clearly distraught.

It was not unlike Janet to be this way. There had always been doubt in her mind given her previous life. No one could have imagined that her fear would come true and she would become a real life monster. Glancing back up the blonde waited for Alicia to react. What would happen now that she was standing there vulnerable.

She had imagined what she would say in this sitution, had imagined how it might play out in her head, but what preparations she had made were swept aside by the reality Alicia was faced with. Janet stannding in front of her looking terrified of what might come next, justifiably worried about what someone of the Beacon might do to her, and haunted by what had happened. It took all she had to hold back her sadness, her anger, and to keep it from overwhelming her.

After a moment she took another step towards Janet, offering her hand. "I...I tried to find you when we went to stop Justine at her castle. But the castle was destroyed and Justine was beaten, and there was no sign of you. I thought the others had...i thought you were dead." The words sat like a lump in her throat, as painful to say as anything she could have imagined. She should have been happy, but she couldn't. Not while things were like this.

She didn't give Janet the opportunity to speak as she shook her head. "It'sokay. We know Justine was controlling you. She did that to a lot of the people we rescued. You don't have to blame yourself for what happened." It wasn't much, and it might not make up for what had taken place, but it was a start.

Crossing her left arm to hold her right Janet still shook her head. "Maybe, but that doesn't really change that I'm an enemy of the Beacon now. I can't go back like this. Penny was stretching it but she was less a monster and more machine." There was a tinge of frustration in her voice.

"What if there was a way?" Alicia asked, reaching into her pocket to pull out the vial that she had grabbed amongst her stuff on her way out of the garage. She held it up so Janet could see, a liquid swirling inside that made it seem like one was looking into a sea of stars.

Quickly she explained. "After the....bombing, I ran into a couple of magical girls, with Djinn powers. They said they could grant wishes, so I made one. This vial, it can cleanse any corruption, no matter how dark it is. It could turn you back to normal." She would understand if Janet refused, but this was the whole reason she had asked for it in the first place. Alicia had to try.

To the girl's surprise it seemed her friend had already worked out some kind of solution. Eyeing the mysterious bottle Janet contemplated what to do. Djinn were somewhat known for being shifty despite what some popular Disney characters might suggest. That said there were not really many options open to her. As is even if she wasn't killed outright by the Beacon she surely would be excommunicated and later be killed. Glancing at her watery hands she knew that she didn't want to be this way.

Still having some questions though the girl moved over to a rickety old bench and sat down. "Okay. And you trust these girls?" It seemed a little too good to be true. How is it they just show up right after the bombing? Alicia was the one that made the wish though, so it wasn't like they just handed something over saying it would do xyz... right?

Alicia wasn't entirely surprised that Janet didn't leap at the opportunity, seeing it as too good to be true perhaps. Trust was a hard thing to come by these days, especially in the world of magical girls. But there wasn't really much other choice, and they both knew that. If she didn't, there wouldn't be much choice beyond staying like this. And as Janet had noted herself, Beacon probably wouldn't welcome her back with open arms.

"I do," she confirmed with a nod, offering the vial. "They didn't seem like the type to play tricks with their wishes, and I didn't feel anything that indicated they were lying. You know, with my powers." It was possible they had nullified that aspect of her light abilities, or that she had simply ignored it in her emotional state, but she didn't want to consider such possibilities. It had to work. It just had to. "I don't have any other suggestions besides this."

It hadn't crossed Janet's mind that Alicia's powers could tell if someone was lying. Hearing that was somewhat of a relief. Wringing her hands for a few moment she eventually nodded. Time was limited as well in her mind. Beacon likely wasn't the only one she'd pissed off. While the Mint hadn't made any move against her, the familiar turned magical girl likely wasn't a fan. And no telling who else.

"How does it work?" She asked as she slowly offered a hand to take the vial.

Alicia passed the vial over to Janet, letting her go about taking off the stopper that kept it all in the bottle. "Drink it," she offered with a shrug, not entirely sure herself. But that seemed to make the most sense. She'd been a bit distracted at the time and forgot to ask. "It will probably hurt a bit."

Now, it was all up to Janet, and the hope that her wish came true.

Probably hurt a bit. Was that just a requirement for this job or something? Then again becoming a monster girl in the first place was pretty painful so it only made sense reversing the process would as well. Taking a deep breath she held it up. "Here's hoping." Downing the contents of the vial her face soured. "Oh god... that tastes aweful." Swallowing hard her disguise fell. The fluid was visible inside her translucent body. It was suspended like oil in water.

Nothing happened for a moment before the starry fluid began to wriggle and move. Janet's waist jerked as around as the magic in her stomach tried to get out. "Crap, I... I think that was the wrong way to use it." Wrapping her arms around her middle she tried to hold things together. Beneeth the magic pierced through and began to seep out. Spreading rapidly over her body she began to panic. "Alicia, its- mmph" Her face was covered in seconds.

Fully engulfed the monster girl's movement was restricted. Her tentacle limbs were being pulled together which caused her to fall. What little movement was afforded her the girl squirmed as the wish took effect. Minutes passed as the struggling died down. Normal looking legs began to take shape as the corruption Justine had placed was being reversed.

It was weird, watching Janet change back into some sort of jellyfish girl, the potion she had swallowed just hanging inside of her like one of those science experiments she did back in high school. Yet after a moment it began to move, much to the alarm of them both as Janet voiced her discomfort.

Alicia shared the panic that Janet expressed, and she leapt forward with wide eyes as her friend's plea was cut off. Before she could touch it though she was brought to a sudden halt of her own volition, chastising herself for her haste. She had no idea what was supposed to happen, and she'd never seen a monster girl being changed back to normal. Maybe this was just part of the process? If she interrupted now, it could ruin the whole thing.

"Fine, we wait," she muttered to herself as she took a few deep breaths and relaxed. She'd give it a little bit. If it didn't look like it was doing what it was supposed to, then she would act. But for now she would wait.

A correct choice it seemed, for as the struggling inside the cocoon of stars died down, human legs began to form beneath the veil. Her heart felt like it was going to leap out of her throat as Alicia tensed in anticipation, eying every change that happened. This was really working! It was only a matter of time until it had finished and Janet was back to normal. She was sure of it.

One by one the stars in the pitch black began to fade. The magic confining Janet began to weaken. Waking with a start the girl began to move. Reaching up she grabbed hold of the inky darkness and began pulling. Not giving right away the girl began clawing at the top of her head to free herself. Gaining some grip and with one final pull the wrappings split open at the top of her head. Water began to spill out. A second later Janet pulled the magical skin off her face and gasped for breath,

Having been broken the magical veil surrounding the rest of Janet began to dissolve, revealing that most of her had returned to that of a normal magical girl. It was immediatly apparent that not everything was in its previous state. The water that had come out before wasn't just some left over from the transformation. Her usual golden locks were gone, and in its place was long streams of flowing water tied in two pigtails. Her normally green eyes were glowig a brilliant blue.

As the stars of the strange mixxture began to fade, Janet stirred. Alicia watched as she tore her way out of the strange magical cocoon, her anticipation reaching a cresceendo of emotion inside of her. Yet she was taken aback by what Janet came out looking like. She might not be a monster anymore, but it was clear that not everything had returned to the way it had been before. She couldn't even guess as to why that might be.

Alicia hurried over as the veil vanishes, leaving her friend free to move. She reached out to support her friend, arm wrapped beneath Janet's shoulders to keep her from falling over if that was needed. "It's over," she said, though that had probably been noticed by now. "How do you feel?" Even though it wasn't a complete reversion, it was still a lot better than what she had been before, as far as the Beacon was concerned.

Janet was cold to the touch and shaking. She pulled her legs in and rubbed them, both to confirm that they were real and to warm them up. Turning her head slightly she glanced at Alicia."I f-feel alright." The chill must have had Janet distracted because when her watery hair floated around into her view Janet jumped slightly. "What is...?" Letting go of her legs she reached out and ran her hands through the water. Following it with her fingers she eventually reached her head. Removing her hands revealed them to be dry. Silent for a moment her eyes wandered as she tried to process everything.

The sudden cold caused Alicia to flinch a bit, though she didn't have a blanket or antything like that to help her warm up. They would have to go back to the HQ for that. Nonetheless, it was good to hear that she was feeling alright, and that there weren't any other adverse effects from her stint as a monster girl that they could see for now.

Watching as Janet came to a sudden realization about her hair, Alicia swung into action once again. Moving behind Janet, she began to rub Janet's upper arms, helping her warm from the cold while at the same time guiding her over to the water of the lake so she could see herself in the water. "Here," she remarked. "I guess not everything could be completely reversed." She didn't have a better explanation, so instead she stood ready as a shoulder to lean on if Janet needed it.

At first Janet didn't want to look, but eventually the girl leaned forward to take a better look. The surface flattened out as her magic manipulated the water. Trying keep herself together Janet took a deep breath and exhaled. "Okay. So I think..." Pausing again she glanced up and listened. "Uh, I still have Sound magic?" Covering her ears for a second it was pretty easy to confirm. "That's weird."

All things considered Janet took the changes better than Alicia had expected she would, the Beacon girl waiting quietly as her friend went about testing her powers. She still had her water powers, and it appeared she had picked up Sound powers while in Justine's service that she still retained. "So what do you think?" she asked, her hands coming to rest atop Janet's shoulders. "Feeling better about coming back to Beacon?"

"Mmm..." The girl didn't entirely look convinced. After a while she nodded a bit. "I'm ready to confront them at least." This could be hard. It would still be tough to know how she would be received because of her actions and the unorthodox way she was purified.

It wasn't as confident as Alicia had hoped that it would be, but she supposed that it was better than nothing at all. "Alright," she agreed with a nod, ready to summon her Beckoner or lead them to the new HQ, whatever Janet felt more comfortable with doing. Things might have been more unorthodox, but she was confident that they could succeed. "I'm sure it will work out. They trust my word, and they know what Justine did. They'll have to believe you."

Sighing a bit, Janet had to go by what her friend was saying. "Okay. Do you think I should go to headquarters or have them meet somewhere else?" At least she was willing to try. By this point she almost could fly under the radar given her new appearance.

"I think this will be easier if you go to headquarters," Alicia decided after a bit of thought. There might be dangers inherent but it seemed better than a remote meeting with a Beckoner and the mistrust that might be engendered with the other girls. This could, hopefully, put some of those to rest. With no objection from Janet she began leading her back to the HQ so they could get this underway. Now, they just had to hope that it worked out as well as she wished it would.
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