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>That awkward moment when you learn the religious revival movement you were headin was actually a vehicle for a Lovecraftian Abomination masquerading as a God to jack your body and take over the world
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>That moment when you realize that you can only do fandom RPs because you're bad at original characters. This is what I get for never playing DnD


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It's certainly an interesting rivalry that we're building up there. Of course, who knows what twists and turns might end up taking place in this RP. I have a couple ideas flying around that I might use.
Interested in this. Lemme see if I can whip up something interesting....
Huh, this seems like an interesting, if complicated, idea. I wouldn't mind seeing it happen
Alicia Hayden

"I guess we'll see," Alicia mused to herself as they got to work. Mariette could protest all she wanted, but this was only ever a deal of convenience as well. One way or another it would end badly.

Fixing the ship went surprisingly easy, though admittedly she didn't really have any comparative experience to judge that on. That was what it seemed like anyway, though the help of Deities did make it easier in that regard. With the time crunch that they had going on anything that was easy was good for her as far as she was concerned.

There was one factor that had not been included in their planning however, and that was the presence of the crowd and the cops. "This could have gone better," Alicia noted as she looked out at everyone who thought that this was some kind of movie shoot. It wasn't like it was her decision to park the thing and start fixing it here, so really she wasn't responsible for this particular outcome at the very least. beacon would have handled this a lot better, she was sure of it.

She sighed as the cops yelled at them, not overly worried. She was a magical girl, what were they going to do to her? Not that she had the time to yell back either as the ship suddenly lurched into motion, with a driver who acted like a they had never sat behind the wheel before. "Geez, where's Amber when you need her?" It couldn't be her driving since this was her ship after all.

For now she stumbled before grabbing onto a helpful railing and holding on while braced as best as she could be. Well, this was one way to start their expedition, she supposed. Hopefully the rest was a bit more promising
I like this idea, so I'd be willing to give it a shot
I'm here, just waiting on stuff I guess
Hm, this seems like an interesting concept. I would tentatively be interested, especially since you suckered me in with that Izetta quote :P
Alicia Hayden

Though she heard the explanation, Alicia didn't pay much attention to the excuses that Mariette tried to make to excuse her behavior in this whole affair. One could argue about intentions, but as far as she was concerned the duo had been on the same side, at least until they had tried to backstab each other. Otherwise there would have been little reason to cooperate.

Be that as it mat, she didn't feel like arguing the point right now. Instead she grunted aloud, hefting the package that she now held and quickly opening the top crease. Peering inside, she nodded to herself before tossing the wrapped up phone to Mariette. "Here," she said aloud as she relaxed. "One phone." It was a good thing that Ren had come through for her.

That done, she turned to the others. "Beacon is prepared to send a force to assist us, once we locate Justine's castle and a viable method of attack." She hoped, anyway. Not that she would make it seem like it was an outcome in doubt. They didn't need to think worse of Beacon than they did already. She was sure that their organization would come through

Let me give Mariette her phone and then I'm fine skipping
Alicia Hayden

Ren excused himself once they exited, flashing Suwako a wink in response to the concern she held about him being in the crossfire, before tossing Alicia a package from the glove compartment. She was used to such gifts, and was confident that whatever it was would be put to good use.

"I see," she replied once the explanation was finished. She was slightly annoyed by how much was happening without their inclusion, but since they had been busy with the attack there wasn't much that could be done about it. That would be something they needed to address later on though. She was tired of everyone knowing more than her group did, when the Beckoners were the ones who were being targeted the most by this conspiracy. Though whether she succeeded in getting that through to everyone else in on this was another matter entirely. "Well that's good to hear."

Glancing over to Mariette, she nodded before turning her attention to her companion. "That's Mariette, a former ally of Justine who decided to switch sides to save her own skin. She's the one I wanted to talk to the Beckoners about, so she'll be helping us take out Justine before things get any worse around here." That was all she felt comfortable mentioning, at least for the moment.

She wasn't sure if Mariette wanted to talk about their deal now, but she would nod to confirm that the deal had been accepted before asking one other pertinent question that presented itself to her. "So who else have you recruited into this escapade?"

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