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>That awkward moment when you learn the religious revival movement you were headin was actually a vehicle for a Lovecraftian Abomination masquerading as a God to jack your body and take over the world
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>That moment when you realize that you can only do fandom RPs because you're bad at original characters. This is what I get for never playing DnD


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Waiting impatiently for a response, Alicia perked up once again as the voice of Janet provided her with directions for a meeting. While dimly aware that it could have been a trap or a ruse, she didn't even stop to consider that as she departed Beacon HQ for the meeting site. It was some distance away but she could make it there and back fairly quickly to handle the other business she had. This was her unfinished business, she wasn't going to leave it to someone else.

Moving towards Lake Prairie, she soon found herself engulfed in the grass, the trees, and the and the nearby lapping of the water against the shore. She had spent time here before, though never as a kid. She'd grown up in a different city so she had her own particular places to hang out, but once she had been relocated to Penrose she got to learn at least a few of these spots during her time as a member of Beacon.

Her mind raced as she walked along, oblivious to anything that might serve as a distraction. In her head she was busy preparing, deciding how she was going to present this, to explain everything to Janet and Beacon once she had been returned to normal. She'd resigned to this moment never coming, but now it had. She wasn't going to let herself screw it up by not anticipating some potential response. Janet would wonder about the potion, Beacon wouldn't trust that she was back to normal. Through it all, Alicia was confident that she would succeed however she had to.

Arriving near the old pier, Alicia stood at the edge of the lake as she looked around, trying to find Janet. "Alright, I'm here," she called. "You can come out now."


Not wanting to diminish Sally's spirits further, Alicia chose not to follow through on her comments about skill versus luck in cooking. Instead she turned to watching Penny as she skated around on her new improvements, confirming that they did indeed do what they were supposed to do. After all that work it would have been a shame if they needed to crack her legs back open again for modifications.

"Somebody was being very uncreative when they decided on that name," she pointed out as Penny remarked on not letting the recovered ship material go to waste. Not that she was wrong, but 'Sky Engine' wasn't particularly elegant, or informative. Probably that girl Amber, since it had belonged to her. There hadn't been any sign of her since the fight against Justine, but she had probably moved on, or she was looking for a new boat. She expected those were difficult to come by.

Listening to Penny describe what it was like to hover, she found herself distracted. The whisper of a voice reached her ears, a familiar one that caused her eyes to widen in shock. But glancing around she couldn't see the speaker. Which....was understandable, given that Janet had bombed the previous headquarters while under Janet's control.

Then even more competed for her attention. She perked up, shaking her head to get herself to focus as a new girl - Summer - entered the hangar. Alicia rose from her seat, nodding to the new girl as Sylvia took the lead. She noticed the Beckoner that appeared, but was distracted by her own internal thoughts too much to particularly notice its unusual appearance. The grin she wore was more than just a welcoming expression, there was real elation to it.

She couldn't help it, couldn't stop herself. Janet was still alive! She'd thought that she was gone after the fight with Justine, and had borne a bit of a grudge against everyone who seemed to have been involved in that last battle. But now it seemed to have been unfounded. Now she could make things right.

As Sylvia departed, Alicia took a step forward and offered her hand to Summer. "Like she said before, welcome to Beacon. It's always nice to see a new face around here." Having shaken hands, she turned her mind to Janet, and how to extricate herself from this situation so she could talk to her. "These are Penny, Sally, and Kimble," she added, gesturing to each individual in turn.

That last individual was who she turned to next, nudging Kimble to get her to let go. "Now, I have something that I need to do in private, okay Kimble? Why don't you and the others tell her a bit about yourselves, see how much she knows about the Beacon already. I'll be right back, and then we can start the tour."

She'd do whatever she had to to get Kimble off of her leg before leaving the hangar, looking around as she exited the headquarters. "Janet, where are you?" she asked in a low voice as she hurried along, hoping that her friend would provide some direction so they could meet as soon as possible. She had everything she needed, now it was time to set things right.

Seems reasonably safe to assume that you can't infinitely loop like that. But if Ari says otherwise, my body is ready.

Not only that, but people probably wouldn't want to play that many characters. So it's a limiting factor.
Yeah, the two tags at a time thing ids why I usually go with Safebooru for my first choices.
Alicia Hayden

"Sally, I'm not sure saying you 'got lucky' with your cooking is as comforting as you think it is," Alicia remarked with a grin, in between bites of the sandwiches that had been provided for those working in the hangar. Joking aside, they did taste good, and made up for the hard work that they had been doing just now.

Things had been going well since the presumed defeat of Justine. Her castle had been destroyed, her servants had been cleansed of the mental influence she held over them before being returned to their lives, and there had been no sign of her since that climactic assault upon her castle. By all accounts they had won, and Penrose was safe once again. For her role in the fighting she had gotten a new title, and wings to go with them (Not that she had them unveiled right now while she was in civilian clothes)

In spite of their success, Alicia couldn't feel entirely pleased with herself. Mariette had gotten away and there had been no sign of the prisoners she had manipulated into following her. There was also no sign of those girls who had impersonated Beacon members during the attack on the castle, Janet had gone missing once again, and rumor had it that the amount of girls serving dark forces had been growing in recent days. They may have cleared their name for what had happened to Victoria, but that felt like the only thing they got out of that whole affair. She felt foolish, and used.

For now, she relaxed and tried to put that out of her mind in the company of friends. Kimble had healed up but had proven impossible to get rid of, and just like Penny the members of Beacon had grown used to her presence. Even if she tended to stick near her most of the time.

"So Penny, how does it feel?" she asked, looking forward to seeing her mechanical friend fire up her new additions for the first time. She'd provided some assistance but had let Sylvia do most of the work due to her superior technical knowledge. With a slow day like this, there was nothing wrong with kicking back and taking it easy. You never knew how long times like these would last.

After taking another bite of the provided meal, she nodded to Sally as she hefted her sandwich. "Thank you Sally, it does taste good." A better lunch she could not ask for.
Heh, now we have Not-Kerry and Not-Shirou. This can't possibly end badly.

Beacon is back baby. I have to keep the dream alive ;)
is this open to new people as well?
because I may have taken the CYOA system for making magical girls and somehow used it to make a one girl pack of werewolves instead

Absolutely. That's part of the reason we made this new thread for the second season. Figured it would look less intimidating for people who might be interested in joining.
Working on my character sheet, just need to decide on a few more details. I'm looking forward to being back in this for the next go around.
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