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4 days ago
Current Negativity. Negativity is all around. :|
12 days ago
Starting on the journey to loving myself won't be easy, but I have an amazing support group of friends.
14 days ago
Thanks, RPG, for showing me ticket prices to BTS tours that I can't afford to go to. Really appreciate that.
17 days ago
"So you're my love, yeah my love, just what I like." ~ J-Hope
18 days ago
Watching Namjoon videos summons him on V-live. ;)


Hello and welcome to my bio. I'm Maddie, 20 years old. Pretty laid back person. I like making people smile and being there for people. I enjoy watching anime, playing video games (though it's rare that I do nowadays), reading, and a few other things. :D

Let's see...I'm getting married next year! It always feels weird saying that. I guess it won't hit me until I'm actually married, huh? Still, it's exciting and a little scary. My fiancé and I have been together for almost two years. We met online, on a website called Hogwarts Live. (Dumb, I know, but that site is where I make a lot of my friends).

I'll update more when I have the chance. 안녕히가세요~

Please, don't PM me and then delete yourself from the conversation suddenly. It feeds my anxiety. Thank you.

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@Jurassic Weeb I've had my fair share of staying on Mods good sides. ^^;
@Goldeagle1221 How is Ruby scary? XD
안녕하세요! (^_^)/ I hope you enjoy your time here!
@1X0 Role-playing.
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"Far away?" the she-elf asks curiously, hopping onto a nearby rock. "I've never heard of that forest before," she teases, looking amused. Stretching her hand out, she gestures to the waterfall and the land surrounding it. "I come here to relax, not that the forest isn't relaxing. Well, at least to me. Why are you here?"
In Mirkwood 1 yr ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Yavanna's smile falters a bit as she watches the girl. Her parents always said she was too straightforward with everyone. "My name is Yavanna, it's lovely to meet you." The woman looks straight ahead as she continues to speak, her steps as light as air. "Which forest do you come from, young one?" As she spoke, the sound of roaring water began to grow louder and louder with each step, and Yavanna's heart began to pound with excitement.
In Mirkwood 1 yr ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Yavanna continues to walk through the forest, still humming softly. As she looks around, she notices a figure going in the same direction as she was, towards the waterfall. She picks up her pace, clearing her throat as she grew closer to the girl. "Hello!" she chirps, smiling happily. Yavanna takes in the she-elf's childish frame and tilts her head, looking thoughtful.
In Mirkwood 1 yr ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Yavanna stepped daintily through the woods of Mirkwood, watching the leaves flutter to the ground as though they were dancing. Taking a deep breath of gratitude, her eyes traveled to the rays of sunlight that spilled through the leaves. The wind stirred the trees to life, making Yavanna smile happily. It's beautiful here. she thought to herself, humming a soft song as she made her way through the forest. If one listened closely, they could hear the faint roaring of a nearby waterfall, hidden by the canopy of trees.
In Mirkwood 1 yr ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Feel free to join!

Yavanna Calbien
Age: 19
Race: Elven
Height: 5'8
Hair: White
Eyes: Red

She's gentle and extremely kind. Her family resides in the forests of Tauriel, while she wanders the woods of Mirkwood. ((Will update later, if I want to add things.))
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