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1 yr ago
Current 9 days until I'm induced~
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1 yr ago
Holy shit, a month left until my son makes his entrance. I'm kinda scared, but also excited.
1 yr ago
Three months to go until my little one is here! Super excited! πŸ’™
1 yr ago
Friend: it's like Revelations is coming true. Me: Only in America. Minus the Locusts. But don't say that, I've got a kid to raise in nearly four months.
2 yrs ago
Soooo, I'm pregnant! πŸ’•


Major W.I.P.

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Completing school work and studying for an exam.
Interested in Charms! I'll be working on the CS at some point. >.<
@Cinnabon Welcome to the Guild! ^^
Okay, so, I was in a really good one that fizzled out, unfortunately, and I would love it if I could gather some other people to join me! ^_^

Basically, this would be after evaluations. I know typically that groups take breaks for extended periods of time, so my idea was that our characters could somehow bump into each other. Obviously, K-Pop idols recognize each other, so it would be fun that way. Sorry for the crappy explanations, It's 10 a.m. and I have work in two hours, but um... shoot me a PM if you're interested! Thanks!!!!
<Snipped quote by KimHanuel>

you got no jams

<Snipped quote by KimHanuel>

kookie <3

Yeeees! <3
Hello! I see you have Hangul in your thingamabob! XD Nice to meet you, I'm Maddie. ^^ If I don't reply, I'm sorry! Feel free to send me a PM!
@ariswyr I've never used y'all when talking to you! xD and alright, give me a moment.
Hiya! Welcome to the Guild! :D
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