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I'm kinda back. I think.
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I wanna hear Poohead's voice. :o
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메에리 크리스마스 모두들


안녕하세요,제이름은 김하늘이에요. 마나서 반가워요. 제 나이는 21살입니다. ^^

Hello! My name is Kim Ha-nuel, and it's nice to meet you. I'm 21 years old, from southern Alabama. I literally mean southern, like 10 minutes away from the Gulf of Mexico. I'm hoping to move to Illinois in April. I've been studying 한극어 for a little over a year, and even have Korean friends! It's pretty great.


1. BTS. These boys are my heart, and I am proud to be an ARMY. You can probably guess who my bias is, haha.

2. I'm currently reading the Eye of the World series again. Had to restart book one that my dad gave me, but hey, great series. Written by Robert Jordan, a little similar to LotR.

3. Look how beautiful it is!!

4. Romance RP's are a personal favorite, but I also enjoy action/adventure, and fantasy RP's.

Favorite quotes of mine - “I’m only polite to those that are polite to me.” What's so hard about love? You simply grab the other persons hand and refuse to let it go. Ryan: Hey, babe? Wanna know what I haven't done in a while? Me: *hesitantly* What? Ryan: SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME- Me: NO. Ryan: I just want to say happy anniversary to my loving girlfriend and fiance. It's our 2 year anniversary and while it has been tough, we've pulled through and made it work. I love you so much.

I'll update when I have the chance!!! Have a wonderful day!! 안녕~!

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How do you know we aren't being lied to?

I already answered that question and I'm not doing it again.
I still remember up to this day when this person came up to meet me.

Luthièn Nogard. She was a muse with green eyes and brown hair. I even joked with her player that she was like Aeris Gainsborough. Ironically, she made her muse to be more and more an Aeris lookalike! Years of a friendship blooming in both action packed scenes against monsters and a docile slice-of-life setting that merged well together. One day, her muse simply said "I'm sleepy" and rested on my muse's lap. Since both had a HIGH level of affection towards each other, he started rubbing her hair until she woke up all of a sudden. Cue her telling him "I love you", despite the fact my muse was trying to say the same thing for a long time but barely had courage to do so.

One of my best friends returned one day from RPing hiatus due to break up with her abusive boyfriend. First thing we did was to re-take our long-term story and make our characters go to a world based on fairy tales.
I had an interesting idea which was perfectly implemented: Snow White and the Sleeping Beauty were hunters, and both had to hunt down a Succubus who both put Beauty in that curse and constantly targeted White (To keep things in check with the official lore, as Snow White's mommy was jealous of her beauty, so I've made the "big bad" be a dream demon, akin to Freddy Krueger, whose powers failed to work while these two princesses were around).

That's beautiful! I'm really glad I made this post, omg.
Out of all genres of music, which do you find most irksome and that which you have a difficult time appreciating or just cannot stand, @KimHanuel?

Country music. I don't know what it is, but I absolutely loathe it. I guess it's because they all talk about tractors, drunk women, partying, etc. It really gets on my nerves.
Why are so many people opposed to youth in Asia? Like the kids in China never did anything wrong to you

That's actually a good question. I think it's because different countries raise the generation of children maybe they have different rules they need to follow? Not too sure, honestly.
I'm glad knowing you're doing great. Stay warm up there! ^^

I will! ^^ You stay safe, too!
How are you today?

I'm doing great! I'm actually in Michigan at the moment on vacation, visiting my family. How are you?
Cuz you better change dem sheets erry dam day smdh 🌊🛏😂😂

*sigh* No, I've never been with a squirter.
<Snipped quote by KimHanuel>

I see. So what do people today use for music mainly like they used to use itunes?

As far as I know, YouTube Red (premium) or the music app for YouTube, or Spotify.
@KimHanuelquestion what do people put their iTunes on now a days? Seems like they stopped making the iPods like 8 years ago, so gotta ask. Is there another music store like the older itunes?

Honestly, I'm not too sure. I don't use iTunes, but I'm sure that people still use it. I know the iPod touches and iPads are still fairly popular. But...people must either use Spotify or YouTube Red of they don't use iTunes.
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