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I am an avid writer and would like to think of myself as a good story teller. I spend most of my days dreaming of dragons and folk tales. I have some experience in most types of RP's, however I have problems with grammar. More often than not I get so excited writing a post that I go as far as to type the same sentences twice. I have been getting much better on this subject. My post count should not be ignored. I am rather new all together to this website. I am not new to Roleplaying, not one bit!

My major interest involve interactive worlds and exploration. With these interest in mind, I usually love to build worlds for the people I DM for in DnD settings. I have, however, come here to quest for the ability to join an RP and explore a world that does not belong to me. For several years I have written, and not once have my own stories surprised me quite like the player characters who enter them. I'd like to feel what that is like.

I hope to please everyone I speak with, but that is a very difficult thing to do. Being that I am new here and despite everything I have said prior, I am happy to be here and hope to write some very good stories with the many interesting people I have seen so far on this website.

-Forett (4ett if you are lazy.)

I love the ability to play a dragon. If ever you need a Dragon NPC, character, or just a drop in to any RP, please let me know. I will assist should time allow it. I also enjoy typing out as though I am a dragon, but please don't mistake this for me believing I am one. I simply enjoy Roleplaying! Ya'll have a good'n.

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Drana smiled the entire fight. She was a cleric that constantly met the battlefield with an open mind. While she was not happy for the death that surrounded her, it was an involuntary action that had been picked up among the fields of dead that were often trying to kill the living. She did not realise that she was smiling. The only escalation she had seen was Manald’s savagery upon tangling himself with a troll. She made a note to find him later and make sure that he was not hurt.

Drana felt eyes fall on her as Acrius introduced her to the prince. ‘So this is the man I have heard so much about.’ Drana’s demeanor was unchanged by her fatigue. Blood covered her clothing in a red and black mess that sullied her holy garments and fair skin. Her staff remained pristine, absent of any sign it had been on the battlefield. “Prince Leonidas,” Drana did not bow, but she instead inclined her head slightly. “It is an honor to meet you on the field of battle as an ally.” The drain on her stamina was catching up with her, and she wanted to inform the prince of who she was and where she came from faded quickly. Hunger gnawed at her belly and sleep called her by name.

Drana felt the subtle pull of her domain’s magic as her two knights, Gordon and Stephan, wished to return to the world she was in. Drana straightened herself in front of Leonidas. “I have fought with Acrius beneath the city and here on its walls. I am the Sacred Order’s Cleric of the Dead.” She used a full title, unsure if the prince knew the weight that it carried. In truth, Drana did not understand the weight it carried herself.

“Forgive me, but I must find my knights. I will meet you for a proper introduction in the war room after I-” She hesitated, briefly forgetting that most people assumed her clerical art to be necromancy. With quick thinking, she feigned being tired. Her smile softened with embarrassment and she laughed awkwardly. “I need a nap after this.” She said with her usual informal candor. She needed to find a quiet place to bring her knights back from the aether. With a second dip of her head Drana turned and started for the path down the wall. She needed to ‘find’ Gordon and Stephan before she returned to the war room. She needed their help to explain why she was here, as well as who she really is. Though more than that, she feared for her own skin without their protection.

She was too tired to realize just what she had done.

I'm always down.

“After you,” Drana thanked her god that they were leaving this somewhat awkward encounter. She made her way to the battlefield with Acrius without speaking. She was deep in her own thoughts, wondering how she was going to play off being in the sewers of some far off city without having to explain the ‘undead’ issue.

Her brief respite had done her well physically, but magically she only had her domain to rely on. If she used her staff too much she would risk permanently draining some of the crystals. Best to keep it to one more arcane spell. The rest would need to be cantrips or spells she could cast without the need of the staff.

It was no sooner than they had arrived that the prince himself made an appearance. Drana was so obsessed with tending to wounded men on the wall that she failed to notice the importance of the matter. She made her way to Acrius, seeing that he was one of the few archers with enough stamina to sustain fire. As the pot of boiling oil was prepared she made her move. Touching Acrus’ shoulder, she commanded her magic. “Nomag dout cha'sid qe steady lae wux regipre wer irlym vi marfedelom persvek ixen.” No sooner than she had finished speaking than the arrow Acrius had notched radiate in an unnatural fire that did not harm him. His hands glowed with a faint green wisp, and steadied significantly.

Drana kept her hand on Acrius shoulder, concentrating to keep the spell active. She was relieved to hear a voice other than her own command Acrius to fire his arrow. If they could end this troll then she could see to the wounds of any who were here. More importantly, she would be finished casting spells. She was tired, she had not had to cast this many spells in a single day since she had completed her training.

The holiday rush has come to a close for me!
Drana would slowly get to her feet, thinking of a healing word but daring not to use it until she had a short rest to recuperate. She would pull out a potion, moving over to Acrius despite her injuries to give him the potion. She could not tell if he was injured due to the mixture of blood and sewage that had been from the fight and the multiple explosions. “Drink this, we must move to assist the men here before we take our leave. This potion should heal your wounds.” She would push it into his hands, quickly reeling about to try and move over to assist the men who had finished cleaning up a few stragglers. She could see a few men were beyond saving, but there was one who could be spared from death.

She was oblivious to the absence of her two knights.

Dana's spell was impressive, to say the least. Acrius expected to be blasted to be more… exploded, but there he was, alive and standing- not a single scratch on him. He glanced at the collapsed tunnel, "I hope Gramps and Leo don't mind us redecorating of the sewers… " He mumbled to himself before a potion was shoved onto his hands, ”I don't need this, your spell made sure of that."

Acrius hoisted himself up and patted his shoulders. ”Malfoy," He threw the potion into the boy's hands, ”Your shoulder looks banged up, drink."

Acrius walked faster to catch up with Drana, ”Appreciate the assistance, Cleric Drana," He said, ”... Speaking of, where are the Paladins? Don't tell me they-"

Drana would look around, seeing that they were nowhere to be found she would look hesitant to answer the question. She would stutter before responding with a quick “We will worry about those who are alive, then we will find those who are not.” before looking more solemn than she had prior.

Drana hated having to bring back her knights, it was an arduous process that often made it difficult to hide their identities. Many towns had run them off, some even going as far as to openly claim that the only reason she wasn’t hanged was due to the Sacred Order’s sigil. She did not fault them, but that was neither here nor there.

With a nod, she would continue over to the men who were a few moments beyond death. “Come, I will need you to make sure no one attacks me.” Drana would not wait, every second was a second closer to their departure. There would only be two she could save, and so she fell into her work. With a flick of her hand her eyes would glow as she placed her other hand on the still warm body of a soldier who had been bludgeoned in the head by debris. Moments later, his chest would rise and fall. By no means was he healed to normal health, merly stabilized so that he could receive proper treatment. She would then begin to move on to the other barring she could… blood now dried to her dirty face.

Acrius arched an eyebrow. Either this girl was the strongest person he's met or she was the type to bury herself in work to forget… or it was something else entirely. He wouldn't pry, however, most had their secrets.

Acrius could only nod at her request. ”Rest is also important, Cleric Drana, so don't push yourself too hard," He said simply, not realizing the irony of him, of all, suggesting it, ”I am no magician but using spell after spell has to be tiring." As they walked around, he watched her work. He'd never seen a cleric at work and it was something else. No soldier would be so ungrateful to attack someone healing their comrade at arms, right?

A voice came from the soldiers, "See what I said? She's a witch I tell ya." It was the soldier he had 'trained' with earlier in the day, "I say we tie her up and arrest her, she's likely working for the goblins!"

This soldier, James Albright, looked much less worn out and cleaner than the others. Even more so than Malfoy, who did his fair share after he returned. His blue eyes had a glint of lechery, an ulterior motive in mind. James made a move to the Cleric, rope in hand.

Acrius 'accidentally' let a throwing dagger fly, narrowly missing James' face. ”Apologies, it somehow slipped from my hand due to the blood." He moved to retrieve the dagger.

"You again!" James spat out, recognizing the man who utterly humiliated him earlier in the March, "Heh even you can't stop it, I've received orders from my captain, you damned conscript."

”Oh?" Acrius replied, thoroughly unimpressed, ”Unfortunately, I likely can. " He let his royal sigil dangle from his hands, signifying his part as of the royal retinue. It was like a captain directly challenging a decision from the royal family. Acrius internally apologized to Balthazar for technically abusing his role. He also didn't really receive any orders like that.

The captain would call back the peeved off James and decided to leave the matter to Acrius. He didn't want to be the one who questioned the royal family.

Drana was too tired to fight. After casting the two cantrips, she would ease back and debate using potions instead of her cantrips… when she checked her bag, the approaching man with rope would attract her attention. She would stand up, her demeanor changing as she partially hugged her staff as though it would offer her some form of protection. It hadn’t been the first time she was deemed ‘witch’.

Before she uttered the words to summon her knights, Acrius would throw a dagger at the man to ‘sway’ the queer lad’s opinion. She was relieved, summoning her followers would not aid her in swaying her title of witch. If anything, it would earn her the true title of necromancer.

“Thank you, Acrius.” She would speak softly, realizing the toll that high level spell had taken on her. While cantrips used a negligible amount of magic, her staff had more than enough energy stored for her more advanced magics. The gems were not glowing with their usual vibrance. “You seem to be a little more than just some ‘conscript’, Acrius… What does that badge stand for?”

"In a way, conscript is my rank, a very lucky one," Acrius replied, keeping an eye on James, ”Honestly I was paying half attention when Siegfried told me of its significance but… screw it, you've earned this much. I am part of His Majesty Prince Leonidas' royal guard."

Acrius at least knew that almost all humans in the kingdom knew of the royal family. Hopefully that provided enough to sate the Cleric's curiosity. ”We'll be making our way to meet dear old gramps before doing anything else when you're ready."

Drana understood why he had done what he had done now… but if the royal guard was here, that would mean that… “Is the prince… here? In this battle?” Was there a war going on? If the prince was in open combat it had to be very bad. Her concern would multiply as her own thoughts collided with the reality that these men had more than just suspicions of her craft.
“We should leave quickly, I need to meet this gramps character.” Drana was used to people who disregarded authority given her position as a cleric. Acrius’ lax attitude was one of the few reliefs within these tunnels. That and his ability to fight.
Drana would move away from the men, trying her best not to instigate anything further. “Lets be on our way,”

Acrius straightened his back and checked his bearings. He had all of his gear and was ready to leave, "If you loved my humour, you'll love Balthazar's."

Drana’s concern was visible, but she did not say anything rude.

The walk to the keep was long and brisk. The battle still rages around then, giving a surreal sort of feeling as they trod through the streets. The duo separated from the contingent of soldiers. Acrius didn't make any small talk other than some questions about her order and a few about the Paladins. He was very surprised at how steely she appeared in the face of all of this.

Drana did not look as stern as she had at the moment after the blast. She did not shirk away from questions, eager to respond to anything that would take her mind from the present state of things. She would tell Acrius that the order was in and around the Black Desert and assisted in guiding the undead to rest. She would throw in that they also helped people pass safely through the more unsavory parts of the land. She would tell Acrius that she was a cleric of death, one chosen by her order. It wasn’t a lie, but the truth could be told later when there was no risk of losing her only ally. “The knights will be back, they are persistent.” was all she would say on the paladins that had been with her in the tunnels.

Acrius would flash his sigil to be allowed entry into the keep. A maid would lead them to the war-room. In an Acrius-like manner he would bash into the war-room and wave nonchalantly. "Yo," He greeted, "Acrius reporting. Sewers safe from goblins. Someone may or may not have redecorated the sewers."

His eyes would fall onto the current Duke of Bergkoff, Oh right, manners and decorum. Acrius’ mind flashed to Siegfried and he stood up straighter, standing in attention. ”I also have come to deliver Cleric Drana from… Tarnosh?"

As the keep's doors were brashly opened, the Duke quickly looked upon the one who entered, he half assumed it was a messenger with desperate news at first, but realised with slight annoyance that it was the young Acrius followed by yet another stranger.
"So it appears. Well done indeed sir." he said nodding before he got up from his chair. "I do wish to know the full report of how you managed to repel them, especially given the news of explosives being used." he asked.
"Despite being an alternate means of entering the city, it is also a weak point for the city's defences. With the right placement of explosives, catastrophic damage could be done to the structure of the walls on the east and south specifically." he explained after.

Seeing the Duke was a slight relief, however Acrius’ disrespect was appalling. Reading the room, Drana was able to see that the duke and several servants seemed to be very used to the way Acrius had spoken. She let it go, but when Acrius failed to introduce her properly? She clenched a fist.
“Of house… Turash.” She would interject, letting the Duke speak first. She didn’t want Acrius getting into any trouble because of her arrival. Seeing that Acrius seemed to lack any form of formal education, Drana would inform all those present of the situation. She stood up straight and spoke fluently, though the blood on her face and dirt on her clothing was not fitting of one from her order. She detailed the collapse of the sapper’s tunnel as well as how they brought wolves strapped with their improvised explosives. She gave a detailed account of the encounter, starting from her appearance to Acrius. She would make sure to mention each spell she had casted as well as the waves of enemies they faced. She spoke with a refined tone, much in the same way she gave reports post mission in the black desert.

“After making sure to save as many men as I could, Acrius and I made our way to the war room.” She would stand at attention, her appearance more that of a mage given her long staff and lack of heavy armor or chain mail.

Balthazar let out a small sigh at Acrius’ behavior. It was clear that Siegfried’s training on etiquette was very much lacking-- not only did he introduce a noble lady with informality, he also said her name incorrectly. A grave transgression. The spymaster made a mental note to give the boy a few lessons on demeanor, when the time comes. For a moment, he considered discussing the battle, but for now, there was something more pressing: the noblewoman in front of him.

"You must forgive my associate, Lady Turash." The warlock bowed apologetically. "“He is of common birth, and has yet to learn how to properly address those of noble blood.

The warlock took a few moments to size the woman up. Her robes were that of a priest and healer, colors not unlike that of the Sacred Order. At a glance, he could tell that the staff in her hands was an artifact of some magical power-- though he would not know to what extent unless he were to inspect it in closer detail.

"Forgive my manners; it has been a long day for everyone. Allow us to introduce ourselves." Balthazar starts. "This is His Grace, Duke Manuel Karstilli, of the Grand Duchy of Bergkoff." It was polite to introduce your host first in any noble function. "And I am Balthazar Trevarthen, Lord of Atheron, but currently in service to the Crown Prince." He said formally.

"It is a pleasure to meet you." The man bowed again, gauging her reaction.

Acrius didn’t realize how rude his behaviour was infront of the three nobles and even raised an eyebrow at Balthazar bowing his head down for him. ”Apologies, Cleric Drana, it seems that I have offended you." He said as he made his way to a wall and, while still standing in attention. Talks between nobles tended to be one of prodding and information gathering. As such the orange-eyed boy didn’t like this type of environment too much and he was certain he was on more than a few nobles shit-list. He leaned back against the wall and would stay there and listen to their conversation and answer questions directed at him.

Drana felt bad for having put Acrius on the spot the way she had, but she thought it would be better if he felt bad then find a harsh reprimanding in public. The formal introduction surprised her, however she did her best not to let it show. The war room was full of important names she did not know, but for them to be associated with the prince? She assumed that these men held a great amount of sway. She lowered her head slightly, though she did not bow.
“I regret that we must meet under the circumstance, though I must say I owe a great deal to this commoner you speak of. The tunnels would not be safe without his work.” She knew she spoke out of place, but she did not speak outside of her own right.

She straightened herself. “I am here to provide any assistance I can. It is my sworn duty to protect those who are unable to defend themselves and lend assistance to those who are in need.” She would swallow, pausing for a moment.

The Duke took in the report delivered by Drana, his tired and stressed expression did not change. "I see. We will have to investigate the damage when things quiet down." he said more to himself as he made his way from the table to go pour himself a small drink.
"Your help is most welcome Miss Drana." he said nodding before downing the drink in one go.
He held up a hand apologetically afterwards, "I must apologise in turn my lady, for not showing the proper decorum. Under any other circumstance, I would be more presentable, but it is as Sir Balthazar has said, things have been quite difficult." He then gestured if either Drana or Balthazar would like a drink.

Balthazar closed his eyes as he took in the noblewoman’s words, politely dismissing the Duke’s offer of a drink. Nobles taking up priestly duties was uncommon-- it was hard to dedicate yourself to your duties to the land as well as duties to your deity simultaneously. Still, Drana seemed like she had enough awareness on how to act the part of a lady and of a priestess.

He was a little surprised to see her so quick to defend Acrius, even after the insult he had unintentionally dealt her, but that in itself was commendable behavior of a noble. "So I see." The lord said. "Your assistance is greatly appreciated, Lady Turash. You and Acrius have played an integral role in this city’s defense, and for that, you have our thanks. " He continues.

"...but I’m afraid our work is not yet done." Balthazar appended. "Since you have offered your help, I will not turn away your aid, especially since you seem to be more than willing to assist." The spymaster turned to address both Drana and Acrius. "For now, you two are to await further orders-- we should be receiving battlefield reports momentarily, which will let me know where best to field you."

The man then turned to sit at his chair, a Record-Hunter moving the pieces on the map to reflect the situation: removing the goblin forces from the sewers and placing a wooden block to represent an impassable obstacle in the form of a collapsed tunnel. With a wave of his hand, Balthazar offered Acrius and his new companion seats at the table, where they could rest their weary feet-- if only for an instant.

”I am fine," Acrius replied promptly and simply leaned back into the wall. ”... A drink of water would be appreciated, however." The boy has always unconsciously felt ‘off’ and awkward in the presence of nobles. Though he was sulking a bit he would always stay true to himself; common sense, etiquette and decorum be damned, he’d always be the type to speak his mind. A maid would soon hand him a pitcher of water and a cup, he poured himself a cup of water as he waited.

Drana curtseyed lightly, “I would love to join you in drink, but I must wait until after our assailants have been repelled.” She looked to the duke, hoping she had not caused any offense. Afterwards, she would take Balthazar’s word to heart and find herself a seat. As much favor as she had with her god, she still needed to rest. She would make herself comfortable, losing herself as she thought deeply of what was to come. Soon enough she would have to bring her servants back or they would be quite cross with her. The last thing she needed was Gordon causing problems with the living. Looking up at Acrius’ request for water, she would wave the servant over for her own cup. Nodding to the servant in a silent thanks, she would drink afterward.

One could forgive the old man for sitting idly in a time like this. He seemed tired, and had been hard at work at his post. In truth, however, he never stopped working. There was simply far too much work to be done for him to remain comfortable. Thankfully, this was work he found fulfilling-- something he found purpose in. Even as they sat around the War Room, awaiting news, he was already at work on organizing the next set of troop movements.

Over the course of the next fifteen minutes, messengers would arrive to deliver updated reports from the battlefield. It seemed that the Prince, Zatana, and Naysein had engaged enemy Orcish officers in battle, and had succeeded. Now it was only a matter of time until they cleared the North Gate and secured the area.

Meanwhile, Rudolph and Merik had repelled a majority of the enemy forces near the West Gate, and had even managed to destroy the battering ram. For now, however, they were fighting a Goblin Warchief and his Honor Guard. The death of a Warchief would be a crippling blow to enemy morale-- something Balthazar hoped his companions could manage.

Lastly, it seemed fighting had intensified near the East Gate. Reinforcements from the Keep were used to great effect, and had managed to drive the enemies from the wall. Manald and Faira had been able to defeat a single troll, and were fighting on the fields below to eliminate the second one. Once that one falls, it shouldn’t be too difficult to clear the field.

“It appears things are falling into place.” Balthazar says, as his Record-Hunters update the map of the War Room. "“If all goes well, we will be through the worst of the day’s siege soon.” He then turns to Acrius and Drana. “I believe you’ve earned yourselves a moment of respite-- you can head to your lodgings for now, as your services are not desperately needed on any of these fronts…” The old man says. “...of course, if you are so eager to return to the battlefield… Perhaps you can lend your aid to the East Gate?” He suggests.

“I do worry about what tomorrow holds.” Drana spoke more to herself than to anyone in particular. If Balthazar was correct and this was the worst part of the siege then there would soon be cause to celebrate, but Drana was not used to quick victories. She felt as though there was something else at work with this attack, though she had no information to base it off of outside of her own battle. Goblins and orcs shouldn’t have been clever enough to come up with that plan in the sewers… Right? It could have been simple luck, or a clever goblin’s machinations...

“I will lend aid to the east gate. Is there anything else you can tell us about the enemies movements? Or is what you have already stated all there is to know?” She was well aware that she was a stranger here, and she did not want to deal with any more accusations than she would have to after the coming battles.
She was able to take Solace in the thought that these people trusted her to fight again.

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Most of the stuff I will be winging around are big ole' monsters. The good news if you do decide to make a rogue being along that line is, at least from what I gather, our characters would align well. It could be that your character is more aware of the world/current time, and my character gives you creatures to add to your army in exchange for information and service. Mutual gains and all that jazz.

If none of that is your jam, you can always just use your original idea! My character is more or less an undead abomination in the shape of a dragon.

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