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Current So let me get this straight... I get immortality and all you want is to let me let you kill me... in order to GIVE me said immortality... Is this one of those cult things? Cult of the Dragon? I guess.
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Oh come now, Fetzen! There is plenty of room to grow. Just think of each little atrocity as a landmark along your road to damnation- real or otherwise! There is no shame in imagining your success.
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Up your standards. Don't kidnap princesses, go after Queens! Don't burn villages, burn cities! Be the violence you want to see in the world!
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"I have once more risen from my year long slumber to find that gold does in fact walk off on its own..."
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I can't believe I'm Roleplaying on a forum again. Cheers to the fun time!


It has been four years since this changed! WOW.

Anyway, I am a very chill person that gets their kicks DMing in the world of 5e dungeons and dragons. I had to leave this place of fantasy due to school and then work, but I have returned for the foreseeable future. I have divulged into the realm of Sci-fi since I was last on this site and must say that I am a big fan of all the wonderful settings available! From War hammer age of sigmar (Or 40k) to pokemon I have quite the pallet for roleplay. If you have an idea please don't be afraid to let me know! I match the post length of my partner. If you type six paragraphs, I will type six, if you one line me, I will one line you. Thats about everything you need to know. Don't be shy!

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I will be looking back on this on Monday. I had been offline for the past week or two due to being on vacation. The holidays are always super busy for me but I am very interested in this.
Just double checking, but is this still open for joining? If so, I will throw up a sheet later today.

Welcome to the world of worlds, lad.
DND is not much different from a narrative depending on how you run your games. You only need two books to really get a good understanding of the game; The Player's handbook and the Dungeon master's guide. Like any hobby though you can put any amount of effort into it you like. I prefer a narrative based combat with rolling dice for deciding certain events so that a narrative feels less forced. It takes a mature crowd. All that said, color me interested no matter what is decided for the combat. If we do decide to go for a more DnD based experience, I can share all published resources on DND beyond so that you and anyone else can look at the two books I mentioned. @Thinslayer

Hello everyone! I am back, and my new job allows me much more free time than my old one did. I was going to go back and update all of these but I decided it would probably just be a better idea to make a new thread... So here I am doing neither of those things. If you would rather RP over discord or over Google Docs that would also be preferred as I can access those from my phone with greater ease.

This really does look quite intriguing. You continue to make references to DnD @Thinslayer that interest me. Are the classes and roleplaying in this world going to be combat oriented with some sort of system or will it be more narrative based?
Gordon listened to Zatana’s comments and spoke upon her offer. “Unless you wish to assume the responsibility of bathing lady Drana, she will rest until she can clean herself properly with the use of her spell craft.” Gordon did not speak properly to Zatana, as a knight often held little regard to one who did not hold equal standing. The true reason was completely different. Gordon had yet to hear her name, and by his oaths to Lady Drana that meant that Zatana was to be treated as an unknown. “We will take her to your quarters where we shall make sure she is capable of resting undisturbed.” Gordon’s voice left little room for negotiation as he accepted Zatana’s offer.
“I am Sir Gordon, and my companion is Sir Stephan. We are both holy servants to the lady of death. You should do well to introduce yourself now that you have the proper chance.” Gordon’s voice was a mix of proper edicate and the directness and candor that came from a country man.

Stephan did not speak the entire interaction. His body, hidden by armor, seemed like that of a statue where Gordon’s moved with his voice. Stephan did not wish to wake lady drama before she could recover, nor did he see any need to hide from these people the truth should they be capable of discovering it.

“We will take instruction unless you feel urged to lead us.” Gordon said quickly, wanting to make sure that Drana was allowed to recover as quickly and as safely as possible. The fact that Zatana knew Drana’s title but had not hinted at his true nature told Gordon that the woman before him did not know the depth behind the holy words; The Sacred Order’s Cleric of the Dead.

Lady of Death was such an interesting title and the implications that went with it. It aroused Zatana's interest, though she held her court mask to not let such a show. "Of course, I am Zatana Aleana of His Royal Highness Prince Leonidas Lionheart's Royal Guard. " And more besides, but that had no hand in this situation. Gesturing that they were to follow her she decided to see what information she could wriggle out of this Sir Gordon. "I shall lead you to my quarters, while they are not much I do admit. They will suffice and I have no need of them." No, she had a Prince to keep alive and some of her own rest to get where a drunk and foolhardy man would not take it in their head that stabbing a drow in her sleep was a good idea. Royal Guard or no! "Your lady's aide was most appreciated. Though I wonder where such loyal knights were in such a tumultuous battle."

Gordon did not receive her introduction with the formality that would be expected of him. “It is our duty to follow the instruction of our holy cleric, Drana.” Gordon spoke flatly. Drana often used her name to open doors that would otherwise remain closed when far away from the black desert. Here, the title the Sacred order had to offer would be seen as an affront to the peace, rather than a bulwark against threats that endangered it. Gordon knew that Zatana was not a courtly woman simply by her race, a judgement he was not proud to make. It would be wise to let her know that they were not enemies. “It is wise to judge a knight by his weapon, not his armor.” Gordon said as he followed Zatana with Stephan. The two knights did carry weapons that were not piece tied. Gordon did not make it clear if he was referring to the cleanliness of his armor, but his own sword as well as stephan’s were sheathed. Drana stirred lightly in her slumber, but she did not wake up. She mumbled something about needing to stop a cave in before returning to silence. “If you wish to know where, you will have to ask our lady when she awakens.”

[color=SlateBlue]“Then I shall.” Though she doubted she would be the one to ask the questions, Zatana was intrigued by this odd trio. “For mine is not to judge but to gather the pieces and protect the whole.” A cryptic reply to Gordon’s questions, and a truth that the dark elf would not deny. Her’s was a job of information gathering and protection. Not to judge this knight and his companions. Though her suspicions were another matter entirely. “The room.” She gestured to the door with a politely neutral tone.

“I thank you, Zatanna. May we remain allies in future battles be they by sword or wit.” Gordon opened the door as Stephan waited for him to make room. AS soon as the door was open, Stephan moved into the room with Drana.

The dark elf inclined her head and nodded slightly. “And may you always be successful in your endeavours, Ser Gordon.” The man was amusing to Zatana, yet another person of wit. But it would not do to linger. Turning on her heel she stalked through the halls, mapping out the fastest way to Belthazar’s room in her mind.

Gordon made sure that Stephan was well to take care of Drana before stepping out of the room and setting off to make sure he understood the layout of this particular wing. The breathless nature of Gordon was a boon, however the sound of heavy plate was not easy to mistake. After briefly scouting the hall he had not traveled down with Zatana, he made his way to the door outside of Zatanna’s room where he unsheathed his sword. Stepping to the right of the door, he placed the tip of his sword on the floor and both of his hands on the pommel and fell silent. Unless a commotion was caused nearby, he remained as motionless as an empty suit of steel.

Stephan placed Drana in the bed without removing her clothing. He could not bathe her in such a state, such matters would require him to remove his gauntlets which she had strictly forbidden him to do. He did as much work as he could with a wet rag and left her be. Standing at the head of the bed, he did not unsheath his weapon as he stood silently in the dark.
Drana made a quick exit as she felt the magic swirling in her chest. She was lucky that her knights had been caught in the collapse of the explosion as there was no doubt Acrius would have seen the knights form beneath their armor. “Lady death, let this day hold no more surprises.” She said to herself as she made her way to the streets behind the walls. She had no doubts that the old man she had met was not going to overlook her sudden appearance, though that could wait for a time when she was awake. Leonidas had offered her the assistance of Acrius, but the boy had left with other thoughts on his mind. Drana could not blame the lad, and in truth was thankful he had not followed her. ‘Maybe I should tell Acrius first, if I do not tell someone the secret will spill itself like it always does.’ She thought wearily.

Drana found a quiet spot in an alleyway further into the city. Here she took her staff and scratched a small symbol into the mud that covered the cobble. Calling on the spirits that served her, she began to speak the draconic words of power needed to call them forth. “Confn ekess ve, schakri katimai di marfedelom. Wux tepoha ti chiilipena dout geth. Wer tairais ihk ssifisv tepohaic zulf udoka vur jaka wux zklaen lleisgar tenamalo.” The two knights rose out of the thin mud as though it held a depth far beneath the street. As they climbed out, the skeletons were bare and without weapons or armor. As they stood before her, the rune in the ground glowed and their armor and weapons faded into existence around them much like an apparition on a dark night. “My lady, you are exhausted. You must return to the war room and request shelter as soon as possible.” Gordon spoke as though he had not left her side. Drana laughed quietly at her knight's concern, having missed it upon the battlements. Stephan remained silent as he usually did, offering nothing more than a hollow stare as he made sure his armor was fastened properly to his form. “Sir Gordon, I-” Drana did not finish as the magic had pulled the last of her power. Luckily, Her two knights were capable of taking care of her.

Drana arrived at the war room near the evening with the two knights. The guards at the gates had stopped them, but moved to let them pass as Gordon explained their situation. The guards gave them instructions to the war room.

Stephan held her bridal style as she slept in his arms. Her hand remained fastened around her staff despite her unconscious state.. The two men were dressed in full plate, and without magic were easily heard approaching the war room’s open door. Gordon was met with the sight of Zatana and Merik. They stopped at the door, though Gordon’s deep voice soon filled the room. “Good evening, might you know where I can find a bed for Lady Turash?” The two knights stopped side by side. Drana was easily seen in Stephan’s arms, covered in grime and goblin blood. The two knights did not have any grime on them aside from where they had assisted Drana. “I do hope we are not interrupting anything.”
Drana smiled the entire fight. She was a cleric that constantly met the battlefield with an open mind. While she was not happy for the death that surrounded her, it was an involuntary action that had been picked up among the fields of dead that were often trying to kill the living. She did not realise that she was smiling. The only escalation she had seen was Manald’s savagery upon tangling himself with a troll. She made a note to find him later and make sure that he was not hurt.

Drana felt eyes fall on her as Acrius introduced her to the prince. ‘So this is the man I have heard so much about.’ Drana’s demeanor was unchanged by her fatigue. Blood covered her clothing in a red and black mess that sullied her holy garments and fair skin. Her staff remained pristine, absent of any sign it had been on the battlefield. “Prince Leonidas,” Drana did not bow, but she instead inclined her head slightly. “It is an honor to meet you on the field of battle as an ally.” The drain on her stamina was catching up with her, and she wanted to inform the prince of who she was and where she came from faded quickly. Hunger gnawed at her belly and sleep called her by name.

Drana felt the subtle pull of her domain’s magic as her two knights, Gordon and Stephan, wished to return to the world she was in. Drana straightened herself in front of Leonidas. “I have fought with Acrius beneath the city and here on its walls. I am the Sacred Order’s Cleric of the Dead.” She used a full title, unsure if the prince knew the weight that it carried. In truth, Drana did not understand the weight it carried herself.

“Forgive me, but I must find my knights. I will meet you for a proper introduction in the war room after I-” She hesitated, briefly forgetting that most people assumed her clerical art to be necromancy. With quick thinking, she feigned being tired. Her smile softened with embarrassment and she laughed awkwardly. “I need a nap after this.” She said with her usual informal candor. She needed to find a quiet place to bring her knights back from the aether. With a second dip of her head Drana turned and started for the path down the wall. She needed to ‘find’ Gordon and Stephan before she returned to the war room. She needed their help to explain why she was here, as well as who she really is. Though more than that, she feared for her own skin without their protection.

She was too tired to realize just what she had done.

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