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Definitely interested, big fan of Steel Division. Will watch where this leads and decide then if I'm down for this completely.
Think I'm going to have to remove my interest from this, good luck everyone!
I replied in your Advanced thread, still interested.
I'll keep an eye on this, seems like an interesting premise.
@Theodorable I'm currently without internet at my new apartment, but whenever I get it back I'll be making a nation. Please don't forget me from the Interest Check ; - ;
@Theodorable will do.

What are you looking for in terms of posting speed? So I know if I'll be able to even participate or not.
Like me a good Nation RP. Just a few questions, I'm not too into the whole Fantasy realm, and don't know too much about Orcs as a result, anywhere I could go to learn a bit more about them? Second, what would be our posting expectations for this as far as time goes as I'm pretty busy with my job most of the time and may only be able to get 1 post up every week or two, on a particularly good week maybe 2-3 posts.
@The Wyrm as much as I'd like to work on this, I'm not actually too sure I'll have the time to put forward to it due to real life obligations and fear I'd just hold you all up. I wish you all the best of luck! If things clear up enough in the near future and this is still around maybe I'll hop back in!
Interesting, I've seen the show and quite liked it. I'm interested in possibly a non-Aryan ex-Nazi Policeman from the East Coast, deserted after sometime of being brainwashed by the propaganda and the like, maybe after witnessing some sort of event that did not sit well with him and caused him to question everything he knew. So a fluent German speaker with a few useful skills.
I'd like to throw my interest in the pot.
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