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I'll vote for option 1 but will play either way.
I'll throw my interest in.
@AngelofOctober Woah, woah calm down there. I'm not saying it's all his fault, I am saying there are better ways to have kept us involved then cutting us loose with essentially nothing to do. By the time that Chimera had shown up the posts had far outnumbered what I was able to keep up with reading at work, and I had stopped paying attention entirely unless I had been tagged. Perhaps an OOC post about it or a tag for everyone instead of just Lemon and yourself in the original Chimera post would have helped keep me here and even alerted me that it wasn't just Ghouls posting, but it never happened and I was no longer watching or even trying to keep up with any posts to notice it.

I'm not saying Amsterdam is some evil human being that's absolute shit at everything he does and he neglected us blah blah blah. I'm just voicing my annoyance with how this was handled. He's done fantastically well with his Ghouls as can be seen with their participation and everything they have to do, but he dropped it, at the very least, for Sketcher and my own character.

Go join an RP, get essentially thrown to the wayside (Doesn't have to be purposely, unintentionally like this works too) with a posting speed that means there are anywhere from 10-20 posts by the time you next get a chance to look and then convince me that you'd still be 100% interested or even motivated to try and involve your character. I bet you wouldn't be, and you can tell me that you'd put in the effort to do it because you have more "brain" then I do but I would find it really hard to believe that you would remain with that RP no matter what you say.

I could have tried harder sure, I could have been motivated to continue writing yeah. But I wasn't. There was no outreach from those in charge asking what was up. There was nothing saying that my character wasn't forgotten. There was nothing here to keep me with it. There wasn't even a tag when the Chimera (Which was an event for apparently everyone, but only Lemon and yourself got a tag for it) showed up to let us know what was going on, to me it just seemed that the ghouls were still posting half-baked paragraphs separated into five sentences every fifteen minutes as they had been before.

To say that being busy isn't an excuse is ridiculous. I just got off five days of 12 hours shifts in a row, right through Thanksgiving. Before that I had a single day off and worked three days of 12 hour shifts before that, with one day between the three days of 12 hours before that one with another 1 day off between the four days of 12 hours before that, I'm busy and drained by the time I get out of work, I don't have the time or the effort available to sift through the posts and figure out what's going on that could possibly involve my character. My timezone makes it so that I'm working while you're all winding down your day and posting a bunch together. I simply don't have the ability or chance to post when or as much as you all do because I am busy. Today is my first day off in those five days, of course I have time to post something right now, but if you're saying that since I have enough time right now that I always have time that's ridiculous. Don't ever just assume since someone can write a short shitty post like I did about why I left and what I was annoyed with that they always can make a post.

I apologize for making you rather mad, but just as my comments have made you angry, what I feel was a lack of care for myself has made me angry. Maybe you can understand that. I'm not looking to throw curses and accuse others of having less "brain" then myself, I was just pointing out what I felt was handled badly and, although apparent in how I wrote that I am pissed/annoyed, I was offering advice for Amsterdam to maybe use in future, whether or not he uses it or even listens in the slightest isn't up to me it's his choice. He can choose to completely ignore a player that felt wronged and wrote a pissed off little post about it with some advice thrown in, or he can use it later and maybe avoid this from ever happening again.
The difference being entirely that the Ghouls have gone out of their way to contact me to get involved. I've updated everyone as quickly as I was able, and many have fallen into nothing by simply not updating. If the Doves meant nothing, then why did I update Ketsu all this time, or Remi, usually within hours?

The Ghouls had the convenient opening of a new shop by your own character who quickly welcomed random strangers into her fold and made a group of Ghouls that would then constantly interact.

Ketsu and Remi were given, at best, a mission or plot to follow. We were given nothing, "Do what you usually do".

I can't do anything for anyone if I'm not told you would like direct GM intervention. I have a large host of prompts for people, but I can't just drop it in if there's nothing saying you needed it. Given that you two worked together intensively on your characters I thought doing dinner character on character to start would be best.

Which isn't wrong, it would have been fine but I'm rather busy with work and Sketcher is in University. You can only hold two characters, even if we work together doing it, on something that isn't story related and engaging for so long before our actual lives become too much to pay attention to writing something as trivial as a dinner or walking around.

Or maybe I didn't make it clear enough that this RP is heavily decided upon by choices? I have an entire system working on the choices of every single player, and thankfully another player has volunteered to create a Dove to cover the lack of numbers they started with.

You definitely didn't. And that's great, good luck to them.

Needless to say, baseless accusations incredibly piss me off.

Needless to say, baseless disregard for a group of players for as long as you disregarded us pisses me off too.

I will admit I should have called everyone out myself much sooner, however.

It is the GMs job to keep their players involved, we volunteered our time to you. You're entirely correct here. Hindsight is 20/20 right.

Either way, good luck with your future RPs.

Good luck here too.

@Old Amsterdam the fact I wasn't mentioned just cements that the Doves were the second-rate players of this RP.

You failed to give them anything interesting to do and essentially completely ignored them while focusing entirely on your Ghoul and her interactions with the other Ghouls. If you're going to open up multiple groups to play as, you need to pay the same attention to both sides if you want to keep them involved, not just entirely disregard one whole group of players.

I can honestly say that Sketcher and myself were really hyped up for this. But when it became obvious that you really didn't seem to care about doing things for the Doves it ruined our interest, in the future if you have multiple groups pay equal attention to them all or don't open up separate groups to begin with if you can't do that in the first place.

Obviously I've dropped as well.
Kseniya Kochenkov

Water, water, everywhere. But not a drop to drink.

A jolt tore Kseniya from her trance like state as the explosion of the nearby Cardoba sent a powerful blast in all directions. She quickly linked into her TSF, the dark cockpit suddenly transitioning to the well lit interior of the 231st's own transport. Above her the bay doors began to give way, sliding conveniently out of the way as some of the other TSFs began their launches at the behest of the Colonel. She flipped a key at her side, the weapons loadout showing green across the board, two completey loaded 120mm magazines and four full 36mm magazines were stored internally inside her Terminator while both of her A-97 Assault Cannons showed they were loaded and ready to go. She grinned to herself as she ran a test diagnostic of her chain motor mounts and they came back green as well.

With another flip of a switch and a short pause her Terminators engines roared to life, only barely audible through the frame of the TSF itself but more than easily felt through the machine. She watched the display inlaid over her own line of sight as both power plants quickly moved up to operating levels. With that she keyed into the maintenance frequency for her own TSF bay, "Wolf 12, ready to launch." she stated quickly, a mechanic quickly confirming that he had heard it from his end. The TSF shook for a moment as the elevator raised it up to the main deck of the transport.

Kseniya would have taken in the view for a moment, as there was something oddly enthralling about the burning and mangled wreck of the Cardoba as it sank off to her right, but a laser tearing through the fog farther off in the distance told her she had no time for such trivial pursuits. Keying into the main frequency of the 231st she would open her line to them, "Wolf 12, launching." she stated flatly as the Terminator roared off the deck and quickly hugged the water line. She had only a few minutes of flight time to arrive at the shores of Spain, but even that few minutes could prove deadly. Skimming over the water Kseniya had to keep her mind focused on something other than the fact she was currently surrounded by water, choosing to focus on her breathing as she flew along she would notice many smaller craft being launched by other transports in the massive invasion fleet. LCACs slid out the back of landing ships, tanks spotting their decks, while other smaller craft and amphibious armored personnel carriers splashed into the water from the well-decks of their own troop carriers, each one likely loaded to the brim with infantry ready to face the BETA, but whether they were ready to die was another question.

Noticing that the beach was fast approaching, Kseniya turned her jump units to the front and ratcheted the power to 100%, the quick bleed of forward momentum pulling Kseniya forward where she sat and throwing dust and sand up on the beach. She would land, taking only a few steps before coming to a complete stop. Relief overwhelmed her as she left the ocean behind her and a new sense of purpose would find its way into her mind as her heads up display began to register thousands of red blips on the radar, each of them a BETA. Her line to the squadron still open she would broadcast to them all, "Wolves! Hold the beach head, we need to be alive when the troops land or there's no chance of this operation being a success!" she would say while at the same time squeezing off a burst of 36mm rounds into a group of Tank Class that had decided to try and venture over the top of the hill at the end of the beach, "Move up to the hills edge, keep the BETA advance back long enough for reinforcements to begin landing." she ordered, unsure of where exactly the Squadron leader was Kseniya began to take command.

Moving up the edge of the hill Kseniya's Terminator would begin to register more TSFs from other units as they began landing on the beach and moving up as well, and not far behind were the tanks and infantry that would make up the majority of the force being deployed today.

Tanizaki Kosuke

"General Quarters, General Quarters, all hands man your battle stations. TSF Pilots make ready for immediate launch."

First Lieutenant Tanizaki Kosuke found himself sprinting from the ready room to his Type-94, His suit still not completely fitted as he made his way up the steep stairs that led to the platform which allowed him to enter his TSFs cockpit. The technician at the top of the stairs rendered a quick salute as he glanced by and jumped into his cockpit. Kosuke took a seat while with his left hand reaching behind his neck to press the button that would cause the suit to become form fitting and with his opposite hand raised and quickly dropped a salute to the technician he had just passed.

The simple formality over he sat back into his seat and welcomed the familiar feeling of the TSFs bolts locking him in place. He threw a few switches and grabbed hold of the controls as the cockpit began sliding back into place. As his link with the TSF was established Kosuke was barely able to hear the explosion outside of the passing TSF, but he knew from experience that whatever it was spelled trouble. He threw another set of switches and keyed in a command, his Shiranui coming to life at his fingertips as he did. His vision blurred for a moment as he transitioned between his own sight and that of the Shiranui's sensors. He grinned to himself as he quickly went over his pre-flight checklist, everything appearing green as he did.

Keyed into the general frequency of the 231st he listened intently as the Colonel began to tell them of the situation, only to be cut off by the explosion of the Cardoba to their starboard side. With that it was every man for himself, the 231st began their launches out of sequence and Kosuke watched as they scattered for the shore line they couldn't see but knew was there through the fog, each and every one of them practically alone for their flight to land. "Wolf 3, Launching!" he called over the comms before his Shiranui took to the sky. As he flew along the water he couldn't help but take in the sight, even with the dense fog it was clear that there were other burning transports through it by the tell tale orange glow emanating from somewhere within, and every so often he would spot another transport of TSFs being launched along with a few lone elements as they made for the shore with only a single TSF at their wing.

He passed along the side of a transport ship as its front seemed to spit out smaller infantry transport vehicles also headed for the shore. He waved to them from within his cockpit before his radiation alarm began to blare loud and his vision went slightly red as his TSF tried to alert him to the impending danger, instinctively he brought his Shiranui as close to the water as he could without hitting it, only a meter of space separating it from the deep blue abyss, but it didn't matter as he wasn't the target of the incoming laser fire. Two bolts would appear from the mist ahead of Kosuke and some thirty meters to his right, landing direct hits on the transport he had just passed, one passing through the open front gates of the ship and another grazing the bridge at its rear. Kosuke watched for a moment in horror of the spectacle as burning amphibious vehicles rolled off the ramp to be swallowed whole by the waves below and sailors that had survived the hit scrambled about in what appeared to be utter chaos.

He turned off his rear-view camera at the sight and pressed on for land. Just a few minutes later, and after hearing the Majors orders to hold the beach, he too would land on the beaches of Spain, not far from where the second Storm Vanguard of the Grey Wolves had landed. "Wolf 5, this is Wolf 3 I'm moving to assist you." he stated over the comms just as he landed to the side of the Su-27SM of Lieutenant Drazkowski. He squeezed off a burst of his assault cannon at a group of Tank Class that seemed to be trying to make their way around the main force of currently landed TSFs to move to another part of the shoreline, pulverizing them into an assortment of chunks of red strewn across the hill.

"We hold until the rest land or we get new orders from Wolf 1, everyone watch your ammo, no telling when we'll be getting resupplied with the state the fleet is in right now." he hoped that his words were motivating but the Japanese man was pretty sure they were anything but.
Are we not waiting for the Sccouts to show up when Gabriel closes the breach? I'm not sure how closely were still following the original story :P
WAR! Germany today has declared war upon Britain's Ally Yugoslavia, and we have honored our alliance with Yugoslavia and have replied to Germany with our own declaration. Today the British military stands strong, ready to defend our nation from the Fascist Menace, and finding ourselves with a new Ally. Just hours ago Holland accepted the British offer to join our Alliance and stand together against Nazi Germany. Even now thousands of British fighting men prepare to be deployed in operations against the Germans in Holland and one day beyond into Germany itself.[HR]





Operation Hercules

Order of Battle
The British Admiralty, alerted by land based reconnaissance aircraft at the sighting of a large flotilla of Kriegsmarine ships entering the Channel has sortied the entirety of the Home Fleet based out of Scapa Flow just an hour after the sighting and just moments after receiving the telegraphed message of a declaration of war upon Holland, and out sovereign ally, Yugoslavia.

The Royal Navy's Home Fleet, along with the three quarters of the Home Waters Fleet has been given orders to steam full speed for a rendezvous position 450km from Scapa Flow of the coast of Newcastle. The boys at Headquarters say it will take 19 hours for the fleet to reach the position taking into account the slowest of the ships. Once the ships have arrived they will be split into two different fleets, temporary and necessary for the Operation that has been thought up by the Admiralty.

Second Home Fleet consisting of the three Revenge Class Battleships; HMS Royal Oak, HMS Royal Sovereign, and HMS Ramilles; and supported by the Nelson Class Battleships HMS Nelson and HMS Rodney and the Monitors HMS Erebus and HMS Terror and one Destroyer Flotilla along with four light cruisers and two heavy cruisers are to break to a point 200km East of the rendezvous and just 133km North of the Kriegsmarine Fleet located off the Coast of Holland. From there they shall begin to sail South, into the Kriegsmarine fleet to cut off their escape to the North.

The First Home Fleet, consisting of the three Illustrious class Carriers HMS Illustrious, HMS Formidable, and HMS Victorious along with the Admiral Class Battlecruiser HMS Hood and the Renown Class Battlecruisers Renown and Repulse, supported by one full strength and one under strength Flotilla of Destroyers and the remaining eight light cruisers and six heavy cruisers will sail direct South from the rendezvous point and turn East toward Holland as to come along the West side of the Kriegsmarine fleet.

The third portion of the operation, the final under strength Destroyer Flotilla will continue South once the First Home Fleet has turned East, and attempt to damage any fleeing Kriegsmarine ships with torpedo strikes as they may attempt to flee the Battle Area to the South and through the English Channel along with the assistance of the less than ten Royal Navy ships located along the Channel already.

The First Home Fleet will be forced to wait before engaging the Kriegsmarine fleet as the slower Second Fleet moves into position. The First Fleet will leave its three aircraft Carriers closer to the British shore and will then begin its engagement just over an hour before the Second Fleet will arrive in the battle space, hopefully luring the Kriegsmarine fleet unawares directly into the effective fire of the Second Fleet.

The air power of the fleet will not engage initially, instead providing CAP along with multiple RAF units stationed along the Southeast Coast of England for any Kriegsmarine planes that are launched by the Graf Zeppelin and to spot and engage any U-Boats. Once the First and Second Fleets have reported enough damage to the Destroyer and Cruiser escorts of the Kriegsmarine Fleet the aircraft carriers of the First Fleet along with support from the Second Fleets single aircraft carrier, Ark Royal, will being their attacks on the four battleships of the Kriegsmarine and the larger Heavy Cruisers being their main focus of attack.

If all is to go to plan the Kriegsmarine will be crippled and destroyed off the Coast of Amsterdam. If the ships do manage to break out to the South, then the RAF will, with the assistance of the Carrier aircraft, continue the assault on the by then battered Kriegsmarine fleet until they clear the RAFs effective range and make their way into the Atlantic. At which point their position will be constantly monitored until it is lost, and the Home Fleet will wait in a ready status to interdict any attempt to return to the Germany by the Kriegsmarine Fleet.
Emil Burton

Headquarters, Trost District

Emil found himself stifling back laughter at the ridiculously idealistic sense of duty coming from Tanners words, 'Sacrifices aren't always necessary, can't do your job and keep others safe if you're dead' he thought to himself as he simply nodded at Tanner blankly. He checked his blades once more, and gave a tap to his almost expended gas canisters just to be sure there was at least something left in them before he slowly followed Tanner to the lift at the center of the room.

As he'd stepped on the lift he couldn't help but wonder just what was waiting below. The reports had said that the Titans were in the storeroom, but who was to say that they hadn't wandered off by now? 'Wishful thinking...' he realized as he squeezed the grips on his blades tighter. Around him the other cadets that had volunteered, out of a skewed sense of duty, an over inflated sense of honor that comes with dying, or simply because it had to be done by someone seemed to be preparing themselves in their own little ways. Some cried. Others embraced. A few seemed to be saying a quiet prayer or two. It didn't matter to Emil. He was pretty sure at this point that nothing mattered, that life just didn't make any sense. That it never would.

The lift began to move and Grant once again grabbed the cadets attention as they went down, explaining the plan one final time before they'd be within reach of the Titans below. Emil felt a sense that he already knew what was expected of him, and it only made sense considering what the others knew of his skill with the maneuver gear. He sighed, wiping away the small beads of sweat that had formed on his forehead as Grant was speaking before turning his attention to the wall as it disappeared above them, opening them up to the expanse that was the supply room below.

The lift came to a sudden halt just short of the ground and the cadets were off to fulfill their tasks. Emil hooked into the ceiling above and reeled himself quickly up to one of the beams at the ceiling. Landing on the beam on his feet he quickly went about getting a grasp of his surroundings. The supply room wasn't very well lit, it was likely that some of the torches had been put out in the chaos when the Titans broke in, and to top it off the beams in the room made it a whole lot harder to see and maneuver using the gear then he would have preferred, far tighter than the Forests of giant trees they had trained in.

He heard Tanner yelling somewhere off in front of him, followed by the crash of a Titan being done in which made him feel slightly better about the whole situation. Until he heard Tanner acting as a decoy. 'Hey hey we both know that's not where you're needed.'he thought to himself as he lodged a hook in a pillar to his front and stepped off the beam, sending himself reeling in toward the pillar. As he flew forward he noticed the Titan that Tanner was leading away from the main group of cadets that were hastily filling canisters at the supply point, it reached out for Tanner but but came up empty, a smile appearing across Emil's face as he pivoted in the air to put his feet in between him and the beam.

He landed sideways against the beam just a meter off the ground. Quickly gaining his bearings he shot his remaining hook past a steel beam to his left and used what gas he had to accelerate toward the beam on a course that would have him pass it on the opposite side of his wire, hopefully pulling him to the right around the beam and interesting across the nape of the Titan as it followed Tanner. Hopefully.

As he flew forward he readied to release his hook as not to kill himself by wrapping around the steel beam and grunted as the sudden change in direction seemed to yank him from his course at full force. He released his hook and use a burst of gas to ensure he was on course, just a moment later his blades would slide into the nape of the Titan following Tanner, slicing cleanly through with ease as Emil flew past it. The Titan dealt with Emil would land on the ground running to keep from face planting before turning to Tanner, "We have to make sure that the others are okay, that was not your job to lure them out!" he yelled before sprinting off in the direction of the others, deciding to save his gas for when it was really needed.

Kobayashi Taiki

Taiki simply pretended to listen to Sora, shaking his head knowingly as the younger Investigator accused him of purposefully trying to do no work at all. "Sora..." he said as he attempted to enjoy his bowl of ramen, "Soraaaaa" he said again a bit louder this time as he pressed a hand against the side of his head. "Please just, let me eat in pea--". He stopped talking as Sora pulled out a thick stack of unsolved case files from the area. He sighed, lowering his hand tot he table and tapping a few times before looking up at Sora, "That's really rich you know." he said, obviously a bit irritated, "If you're so insistent on working while we eat, then I expect you to have a brief ready for me by the time we leave." he said nonchalantly before smiling and continuing to eat as if Sora had not brought anything at all.

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