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@Krayzikk yes please XD
Interested, I'll keep an eye on this.

Do you have example pictures of the provided Federation Mechs?
House Gallus may have a single cataphract (since that sounds way better for them let's be honest here).

I know I've been not involved but I've been having a host of things to deal with due to my job recently. I still fully intend to get in on this IC in the coming week if I can, otherwise uh.... I don't know I guess I'll drop?

I'm not pivotal to anyone's plans at the moment it would seem so there's no harm in me not joining right now, but it's also just bad form to not join .-.
@GreivousKhan that'd work for House Gallus. I had no access to internet the other day, but message me with some details and I'm more than willing.
Finally had a chance to complete an NS. House Gallus is posted in the CS section.

@Isotope next time you go to edit the map, you can change the "TBA" to "House Gallus" or "Gallus".

Anyone that's interested in using another titan of industry like the Seft Trust, let me know. After all, two systems building ships and weaponry tends to speed up the process considerably.
Name: The Territory of House Gallus
Ruling Body:

The Council of Five

  • Brem Gallus - Head of House Gallus, First Seat of the Council
  • Yone Petasius - Grand Admiral, Adopted Daughter and Charge of House Gallus, Second Seat of the Council
  • Saddavir Valeria - Lord of Industry, Head of House Valeria, Third Seat of the Council
  • Iman Aulus - Lord Administrator, Head of House Aulus, Fourth Seat of the Council
  • Errin Papus - Lord of State, Fifth Seat of the Council, Head of Vacare Cabal within House Gallus territory

Home System: Lepta System

  • Lepta: G Class star of the Lepta System.
  • Fides: The closest planet to Lepta, Fides is a barren planet. With surface temperatures too high for standard settlements. Fides supports a rather small contingent of research facilities and support personnel.

  • Minerva: The industrial heart of the Territory. Minerva is a massive, polluted and cramped mega city. Its entire surface as much as is possible is covered in a single city. Factories span as far as one can see in all directions and those that live on Minerva work punishingly in the industries of the planet.

    • Salus: The only moon of Minerva. Due to its small size and relatively low gravity, Salus is the major shipbuilding hub of the territory. Hundreds upon hundreds of shipyards specializing in everything from small craft to massive ships of war orbit the moon and dot its surface.

      • Scalabis Drive Yards: The oldest and largest of any of the shipyards in orbit around Salus, Scalabis was the first of the true shipyards to be built in the Lepta system. Originally just a single slip capable of constructing mining and cargo ships, Scalabis has evolved with time into one of the largest shipyards in the Empire, with three massiv slips capabile of constructing two of the Imperial Authorities largest Dreadnoughts and refitting a third similarly sized vessel at once its capacity as a single station is unmatched. It does come with its woes however, being as old of a Station as it is, Scalabis suffers from maintenance issues around the clock and itself is in dire need of a refit. Due to the older technology of the yard, Scalabis constructs ships at a slower rate than newer yards and a slip or two are often taken down for maintenance.
    • Portus Lemanis: A massive orbital station tethered to Minerva by a single space elevator. Portus Lemanis acts as the central collection and distribution center for Minerva and Salus, the material hungry manufactorums of Gallus Territory. The station consists of several hundred docks for cargo and then nearly two hundred more for completed ships from Salus that are awaiting skeleton crews to take them to their final destinations. The space elevator located in the center of the station consists of twenty massive cars, ten of which are external and ten of which are internally mounted on the tether. These cars take all materials and goods to and from Minerva. Materials bound for Salus are shuttle by a seemingly endless fleet of small cargo craft. The administration of space around Portus Lemanis is among one of the most demanding and exhausting jobs within Gallus Territory.

  • Eros: The seat of House Gallus's power and the capital of the Territory. Eros is a planet that stands in stark opposition to the sites of Minerva. Sweeping blue oceans, clear blue skys, and lush forests dot the landscape, accented by well planned and well kept cities and towns. Eros's capital city of Falerrii consists of seemingly endless federal buildings and institutions. The smaller towns of Eros consist mostly of agriculture and a small amount of mining. Headquarters and testing ranges of the heavy industry companies that use Minerva and Salus are located on Eros.
  • Ceres: A molten ball of rock. Ruins of what once was are still visible as the tides of the molten lava give way to the charred and barren skeletons of cities that will never melt. A remnant of the Machine Wars, Ceres was once a populous agricultural planet. It was capable of providing food for Eros and Salus, and although the exact details have long since been forgotten, it is common knowledge that the Machines used some sort of unthinkable weapon to turn Ceres into what it is today.
  • Fons: The final planet in the Lepta system, Fons is a massive Gas Giant. Hewed in Deep purples and dark blues, the planet serves little purpose to the Gallus family save for single military installation nestled just below the clouds of the planet.

    • Bonna Installation: A rather small station nestled beneath the clouds of Fons, it houses a small contingent of military researchers and a patrol fleet.

Primary Resource: Heavy Industry - Heavy Equipment Manufacturing (Mining, Agriculture, Military Vehicles, Manufacturing Equipment etc.), Ship Building

Armed Forces:

House Gallus is an oddity within the Empire. Where many Houses and governing bodies of the Empire possess large fleets and sizable armies for both defense and offense, House Gallus possess only a small fraction of what others do. House Gallus's position as one of the largest manufacturers of starships, military equipment, and absolutely necessary equipment for continued expansion and development of the Empire has placed them in a position of comfort within the Empire. The Imperial Authority sees the manufacturing capabilities held within House Gallus territory at absolute value, meaning that the IA itself does much of the patrolling and military action within Gallus territory, of which there is very little to begin with. In the past heavily reliant on the Imperial Authority for both peacekeeping operations and defense within their territory, their armies are nothing more than conscripted soldiers with very few career officers and enlisted to control them. The conscripts are forced to serve three years sometime between the ages of eighteen and twenty eight, their placement in either the Army or Navy is based off of an aptitude test and the conscript is given little choice in what they end up doing.

The Army of House Gallus territory consists of little more than defensive armies with little to no offensive capabilities. The armies themselves are nominally equipped and trained, but lack the true ability to function outside of small offensive operations. They specialize in defense, their bases consisting of large fortress like structures supported by artillery batteries and air units to thin enemy forces before they can get close to the fortress walls.

The Navy of House Gallus territory is nothing more than a few glorified patrol fleets. They do little more than patrol the outskirts of the territory and ward off any wanton pirates and outlaws from trying to poach on the many cargo ships that enter and exit the territory.

Imperial Assessment

A house that rose to oversee the colonization and development of the Lepta system in the few hundred years before the Machine Wars, House Gallus has been a staunch supporter of the Royal Family since they came to power, relying heavily on the Emperor and his power to keep themselves and their industry protected they have not once stepped out of line in relation to Him. Despite this, it is this Agents opinion that House Gallus will not remain loyal to the Royal Family following their ousting. Everything this Agent has collected on House Gallus points to a simple unspoken rule present within the family, that only power deserves respect, meaning it is very likely that House Gallus will remain loyal to the Imperial Bureaucracy over the now dethroned and weak Royal Family.

In the event that House Gallus acts contrary to these findings, it is my suggestion that the Imperial Authority act quickly to seize all production capabilities in the Lepta System to stop any fledgling rebellion before it can arm itself. In the most likely course of action, it is safe to assume House Gallus will remain loyal to the Bureaucracy which we must ensure remains true in order to continue to utilize their manufacturing capability in this sector.

House Gallus respects power. Even if they themselves have little in the way of military might they well make up for it in industry, as long as the Imperial Authority remains the most prominent force in the Empire, it is safe to say that House Gallus will continue to be loyal to the new seat of power.
@Isotope I very much did. I said supplemental, if you need more I can assist.
I realize I haven't posted my NS yet, night shift isn't exactly conducive to doing much of anything after I'm off, but my faction is essentially just Heavy Manufacturing focused. You guys need ships, walkers, or any other military/agricultural/colonization/manufacturing equipment? House Gallus will be the way to go.

They have a military best described as a militia that waits for the real military to show up when something goes South.

@Isotope if you're going to be in need of supplemental manufacturing capability for that mobilization... I can help with that.
I'd like to claim these two systems if possible. I'll have my NS up soon.

Thought about it, and to me, Gene-locking sounds pretty neat! Of course final say goes to the GM, but this could be a fine addition to the setting.

I don't really get it, can you explain?
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