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For the most part I think he's changed to fit better here. Let me know if there are any issues.

Oh hey I made that picture lol.

I saw the Interest Check, may think about bringing Emil back if that's okay.
@Jbcool it did. I'm sure this unpleasant exchange could have been avoided with a simple update that you were busy. Sorry to hear about your recent losses.
@Jbcool is there a reason you abandon and delete your roleplays without a word? Asking for a friend.
I'll keep a watch on this.
He'd worked the docks of Jafetsport his whole life and never had he seen so many people packed into the square as he did today. The call from the Governor had gone out not long ago, he himself was standing where he was precisely because he'd answered it, but it still shocked him how many people had come at the beckoning of the Governor and in the name of Emperor to muster and fight for their capital planet. He had an odd sense of pride welling within him, a feeling he was finally doing something that the Emperor Himself would be proud of, something he'd be able to tell his kids long in the future about.

He felt a heavy push from behind him as the line moved along, so lost had he been in his own thoughts of pride and grandure for this undertaking that he hadn't kept track of the line in front of him as it moved. He turned and offered a quick apology in low gothic and hurried to catch up with the line as he neared the tables of men signing up for the mustering.

He stepped forward to occupy a spot at the table and smiled at the Administratum clerk on the other side of the table who didn't even look up from his paperwork.

"Papers." the man rasped out as he reached a hand out without looking.

He quickly complied and pulled his documents from his pocket, smoothing them out slightly before handing them over with a meager smile, "Aleksander Leone, Jafetsport, Dock Hand, twenty eight years old." He stated confidently to the clerk who just shook his head as he filled in the paperwork in front of him.

"All set here. Take this paperwork, don't lose it, you'll need it for issuing." the clerk finished as he tore a sheet from the rest of the paperwork and handed it to Aleksander once again without looking. He took it and read it over for a moment before the clerk shooed him off and took the next man in line. Now all he had to do was figure out where to go next.
That's all I want here. To have droves of player characters die in the name of the God Emperor of Man.
Interested in being cannon fodder.
@Krayzikk yes please XD
Interested, I'll keep an eye on this.

Do you have example pictures of the provided Federation Mechs?
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