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Current I fell behind on replies. I will get some posts up shortly. Some of you I have already gotten to. Please feel free to bump me if it's possible our post is buried. Thanks!
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So tired and exhausted from a long, incredible wink. Trying to keep my eyes open lovelies, but I might pass out :(
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I won't be on this week my loves.
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Midnight is apparently the dead zone. No partners on to play with me. Sad times.
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I am on and replying all night. Cum play with me ;)
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Really in the mood for some SoL roleplays.
You know I won't stop or faaallll!
Hiya! FDR again. Time for a new Interest Check.

So I want to recap really quick, my "rules" if you can call them that.

*No one-liners. Please reply with at least a well thought out one to two paragraphs at least.

*No fade-to-black for romance/sex scenes. I enjoy including adult content including smut in my roleplays. If you do not, that is understandable but we are not compatible roleplayers.

*I only play and chat on the site, in PMs. I do not go off site to discord, email, or anything. Not do I send nudes. Please don't ask.

*Finally, I prefer to play F in MxF pairings BUT I am totally fine playing M or any other gender as well as any pairing; MxM, FxF, etc.

Now, my DBZ Idea:

It is set a bit later in the Dragon Ball Z/Super timeline. Goku and Vegeta are gone. Possibly dead. This way, our characters can't rely on their superior God strength to save the day. Instead we will have to push past our own limits and reach new levels ourselves.

I have a couple ideas for story arcs. A world tournament, Dr. Geros work being copied and new Android's out hunting. A new villian arriving to conquer the planet. And also, plenty of slice of life/day to day activities much like the Super episodes.

I would prefer to play OCs, possibly the children of DBZ characters.
Bump me!
Hello all of my beautiful lovely writers!

So I have a new craving. You guessed it. I want to play something set in a Harry Potter Universe. Though not necessarily during the time or events of the books/movies.

So I have several ideas. All of them may be changed and tweaked to better fit with my partner's own cravings and ideas. Please just let me know what you have in mind.

I am looking for partners that are 18 and older because I am looking for the stories to get quite smutty and sexual, as well as other possible adult themes. Please discuss kinks with me in our PM. I am open to anything.

I usually play female in MxF pairings but I am willing to play any gender or pairing.

Now here are my ideas:

* Quidditch Stars - So this will be a story that follows professional Quidditch Players in a modern Wizarding World. Perhaps one of our characters is new to the team and learning how things work. Will be full of sports action as well as locker room fun.

* The Dark Lord Rises - So this is kind of your classic Hogwarts roleplay. Our characters are students at Hogwarts and either they discover there is a rising dark wizard in the school. Or they themselves are becoming the dark wizards. Could be fun to play with dark magic.

*Hunting Aurors - Our characters are Aurors. An auror killer is on the loose. Perhaps a new dark lord or just a wizard serial killer. Our characters have to track the killer down while keeping an eye over their shoulder.

* Muggle-Wizard War - Muggles have learned of the existence of magic and find it threatening to their species and their way of life. They have developed weapons capable of suppressing magic. Our characters could be normal wizards/witches who unfortunately get caught up in the war and are forced to choose a side. Or we could be extremist Wizard warfighters hell bent on destroying the muggle armies and societies no matter the cost.

So those are my ideas. Please PM me to discuss ideas, kinks, and anything else. I only roleplay on here. I don't do discord or email or anything. Please be able to write more than one line.
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Hiya! I am FDR or you can call me Kitten or Princess. :)

If you have seen my other interest checks or my Newcomer post, then I am sure you know that I am a dirty young woman who enjoys very smutty roleplays. I definitely require lots of plot too, however. As straight smut just gets quite boring. So please be 18+ before messaging me.

Also I do only play on the guild through PMs. I don't go off-site to chat or play. Please respect that. Also my post length requirement is pretty casual-ish. I don't play with anyone who posts one or two sentences. There is no substance there and I personally can't get into it. Please post at least one, maybe two paragraphs minimum. That is really all I ask.

I will play any gender, M or F. Even trans if that is a request. Also I am open to any pairing. I prefer playing F in a MxF but will also play MxF or FxF or any pairing as well as double. In fact I like having multiple side characters at least even if I do have only one main.

Now... For the ideas!

X-Men Ideas

  • Classic X-Men idea. Very fun. Very simple. Lots of ways to go. Our characters are students at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. We go to classes, train to use our powers. And join the X-Men team and go on missions.
  • Mutants all across the globe began to get ill. It came on quick and lasted days, possibly weeks. No one suspected it was anything more than a flu. Until homosapiens began to catch it as well. All over the entire world, humans began to die from the X-virus. Mutants were safe, for the most part. But nearly all of humanity was wiped out. A small percentage still exist but it is mostly just mutants now. Population across the globe became very low and governments and economy descended into chaos. Some mutant groups still survive and are trying to rebuild civilization. Others have taken advantage of the situation, using their abilities to raid and enslave others. It is truly a post-apocalyptic Mutant world.
  • Humans have tolerated Homosuperior for far too long. After a mutant terrorist attack on the president failed, a war has begun between humans and mutants. Andro-Sentinels, or Asents, a smaller and more lethal design of the Sentinel program have been deployed to hunt mutants across the globe. The X-mansion is gone. A nuclear weapons was detonated in the capital city of Genosha. Mutants who can hide in plain sight must be weary of Mutation detector devices installed in all government buildings and most human businesses. Those who cannot blend in have filed underground.
  • Zombie Survival!

*Any of these plots can be played with Canon or original characters. Or a combination of the two.

I look forward to hearing from you all. Please remember that all of these plots will include adult themes as I don't like to censor my writing and I also enjoy including smut. So please be okay with that before messaging. Thank you everyone.
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