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Quick bump then back to work.
So, I have returned from my Hiatus and I am looking to start up just a few roleplays. I need some fun Smut action. I will go ahead and let you know the plot idea I have in mind. I worked on this plot idea with another partner. But they seem to be on a hiatus of their own, so I would like to find other partners wanting to play this with me.

The near future has made quite a good bit of progress in terms of Technology and Virtual Reality. At birth everyone is given an Identity Chip. It is a cybernetic augment installed in the brain. It is how you ID yourself, make payments, and access the Cyberworld, which is the evolved version of the internet.

So for my idea we could be friends, roommates, classmates, lovers, or just Cyber friends. Open to any pairing ideas, including incest. And while I do want a lot of smut in this roleplay I am also looking for lots of action and plot.

So we can play different games in this world. There are open world MMOs of every genre. Pirates, Airships, Fantasy, even licensed games like Pokemon, Harry Potter, Assassin's Creed.

There are also linear story games. Like war games. Shooters. And simulation games. Life Sims, Medieval Sims, Business Sims, honestly whatever you can imagine... It exists in this world.

But it's not just gaming. There are other parts of the Cyber web. Dark zones. Black market dealings. Hangout spots. Cyber clubs. Sex Dens. Because the chip is integrated into your neural system, as you lay in bed and play it truly feels like you are actually experiencing these things.

However, you do have to log off in order to eat. Use the bathroom. Etc. Work, if you have a real life job. Though most people work in the Cyber world now. There are also online schools as well as local public schools.

So that is my idea. Like I said, if it sounds familiar, I was inspired by an idea that I worked on with another partner. But that person hasn't responded so I am looking to play with others.

I do require my partners to be over the age of 18. I also would like at least one paragraph minimum in response. If you one line, I am not interested. Just a preference thing.

Please PM me, don't just reply to this thread and expect something to happen. If you aren't interested enough to send me a PM to show it, then I won't be interested enough either.

We can discuss Kinks in PM. I am open to anything. Also open to any gender pairings be it MxF FxF or any fluid pairings.

If we have roleplayed together before please don't hesitate to hit me up if you are interested in this idea. I look forward to seeing what we can do together.
Bump. Please PM me if interested.
Still craving slice of life pairings
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