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Hullo, my name is Kalo! I'm fairly new so bare with me okay?
Age: 16
Height: 5'2
Weight: 110
Religion: pagan (I practice witchcraft)
Sign: Capricorn
Sexuality: biromantic
Relationship status: faithfully taken~
Location: Michigan (woo water state!)

Other info: extremely sensitive, I draw most of my characters myself

Roleplay partner info!: if you wanna rp with me, just know first of all that I am very inexperienced in plot first, oc second kind of roleplays. I've done it flipped for most of my life.
1: any nsfw roleplays will (unfortunately) go to ftb (im sad too)
2: I can't think of anything right now I'll update this later hnnngvg

Want a private one on one rp that's not totally visible to anyone or a hassle to get to on a mobile device? Kik me at kalo_kalypso! I also have a deviant art, kalo_kalypso... again. And a tumblr but we won't talk about that

I prefer oc roleplay, where the oc comes first, so if you're also into that contact me! I have several muses I love to roleplay with.
I also interview people who contact me to rp, so just be prepared for questions about you and your ocs

And that's it maybe I'll update this when I take this website seriously or abandon it forever

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@KatherinWinter I was looking forward to this but no one else wants in SOb
I believe I can meet the requirements, and I'm knowledgeable about
Avatar LAB and LOK,
Dragon age,
Fallout 3 and four,
And skyrim
Name: Cadfael (cad-fay-el)


Class: tooth and claw

Appearance: Cadfael is a male with an athletic but not muscly build, and is taller than most fairies. He wears a laced tunic, pants and boots made from shed (blue racer) snake skin, and has a cloak of hawk feathers. His hair is dark brown and brushed back, he has thick eyebrows, a little stubble, and mixed green and brown eyes. For dangerous situations, he carries a sword made from a sharpened Hawthorne thorn.

Bio: Cadfael was excited when he found his animal talent upon arriving to pixie hollow and mistakenly believed it applied to all animals, but soon discovered his animal talent companions didn't share his interest in the more dangerous species. He set out to prove that even predators could be taken care of but the others didn't have the special touch that cadfael did. After finding a snake egg, he decided he'd raise it, and train it to behave to show it was possible. While the snake, an ordinary garden snake, had no interest in Cadfael, after it had gotten bigger it escaped Cadfael's watch, and brought chaos and terror to pixie hollow until cadfael was able to catch it. He was then told by the queen that he had a talent more advanced than simple animal talents, and was sent to live in hollow cave

(I hope this character is okay, tell me if there's anything you'd like me to change!)

I have a question? I'm really interested in the hollow cave classes and was wondering if there's any extra context for them? Like did I miss a movie? This idea seems more than good enough to be a movie.
The fairies in hollow cave, are they born the same way as pixie hollow fairys? Do they have their own ruler or still follow queen clarian? Were they originally pixie hollow fairies but left for hollow cave because of their unpopular talents, are they shunned or considered a necessary evil? Does hollow cave have it's own dust? You'd need blue dust to create regular dust and blue dust is produced by the moonstone thingy and the blue moon so how would hollow cave fairies get dust if there supposedly is only one moonstone? (Unless there's secretly another they've had all along gasp!"
Im still interested, I'll get a cs by tomorrow
@Alupi if you have such high standards you should go to advanced and not be rude to people who are looking for casual rp
War is at a fever pitch, and a group has split off from the Gem Empire to protest it's conquest of inhabited worlds, The Crystal Gems. The last battle is being fought, gem vs gem, when suddenly homeworld retreats. A song and a flash of white light is all it takes and the war is over. A nuke of corruption has been launched by the fusion of the Gem Empire leaders, Black Diamond. Thousands, both rebels and homeworld gems are caught in the blast and twisted into disfigured monsters, corrupted gems. The cost was great on both sides, and despite their losses the Crystal Gems kept Earth safe, while Homeworld bided their time.

Homeworld gems have drilled in the arctic, fusing the remains of gems into a geoweapon and incubating it within the earth. It is a top secret mission, but somehow a few select rebels discover information about it. They go to stop homeworld and the battle is fierce, but in the end no one wins because the nuke hits worldwide.
Thanks to the forsight of a gem with future vision, both rebels and homeworld gems are able to find safety as the gem nuke strikes. But the nuke triggered a change in weather and a freak blizzard froze the gems, friend or foe, to solid ice.

It is years later, and global warming has taken its toll. The gems emerge from their icy prisons to a new Earth, and without homeworld contact or a working warp pad, it's up to them to find out what happened and survive on this strange planet, or tear eachother apart trying.
You are one of these gems, and it's up to you and your peers if you survive or get shattered.

(Hullo! This is my attempt at rp, anyone wanting to join is welcome as long as it's not too full, maybe a max of ten characters?
You can be any gem on either side, if anyone is interested I'll make a character sheet!)
<Snipped quote by Starsteemer>Yeah, I feel the same way. The lack of effort is quite discouraging.

What the fuck. You're a rude person. I was reading everything and thought it looked good but if this is how you treat roleplayers you must be not very fun to rp with
Oooo this is really cool I like it
Cool website im new hey hi hullo there
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