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3 yrs ago
Aren`t there any good Alucards left any more... - sigh -
3 yrs ago
Current Aren`t there any good Alucards left any more... - sigh -
4 yrs ago
Would love to find some Hellsing or Final fantasy 7 rp, or something involving Vampires.


I play different versions of this character to fit into different settings / verses.

Medieval victorian type or modern fantasy.
Final Fantasy 7
Vampire Hunter D
Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger / Chrono Cross crossovers.
Interested in trying something Doctor Who based.
Always up for Vampire RP

I do not like " realistic" rp, i need fantasy, i need supernatural, i need something thats not normal every day boring.

I do not " fade to black" I rp out the adult scenes and rather enjoy it, but i require plot with my pleasure.

I am over 18, you should be too. OOC i am female, i dont care what you are but i only pair Gena with MALE CHARACTERS.

I do have a few limits / no no`s , things i will not rp because they make me uncomfortable and i find them morally or legally objectionable or just plain creepy or gross.

Casual to advanced, depending on the rp, the mood, the situation and what i have to go off of.

Romance, adventure, mystery, action, even some comic bits are all desirable.

Up for ooc chatting and plotting sessions.

I RP in PM or on Discord.

Please see request thread for more details and ask any questions you may have. Detailed character info and some plot ideas on my character website, ask for the link.

My RP Request thread -…

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Slightly edited the OP. Still looking.
Hello everyone. Over 21 female looking for male characters / over 18 players. Central time zone, likes to chat and plot. Hoping to find some RP for a few Fandom / Fandom AU settings.

I like to pair my OC with certain Canons but might consider other OC's if they fit in the setting well. Feel free to add some depth to a Canon if you like. One does not always have to stick to 100 percent what the game / anime / etc. shows us.

Hellsing - seeking Alucard
Final Fantasy 7 - seeking Vincent , Sephiroth , Reno, maybe Rufus or Rude
Doctor Who - seeking The Doctor
Chrono Cross / Chrono Trigger - seeking Karsh , Guile , Magus
Vampire Hunter D - seeking D

Romance is a must but i do want a deeper plot as well with adventure, mystery and so forth. I have a few ideas, feel free to share yours. My OC can fit into many settings and i have back ground info for her in these above settings.

DM if interested. I know these are older Fandoms and very hard to find these days though they will always hold a place in my heart, but a gal can still hope, right?

ALSO wanting non Fandom RP involving Vampires. This could likely be a modern day setting but might consider Medieval or Victorian type eras.

I dont mind pairing my character with Lycans, Elves or Humans, magic users are cool as well.

Prefer to RP in Private messages or on Discord.
I would love to try some Doctor Who rp, though sadly i do not claim i can crank out 5 paragraphs all the time
Yeah, theres lots of potential , the player is free of course to add their own twists to the historical narrative about him. It could be quite interesting. What are his goals, has he mellowed any, has being a vampire for so long given him any sort of immunity to the sun even for a short time.

Then theres the romance aspect of it which i have a kind of back story for and for how my character woke him from his centuries of sleep.
still looking, really craving vampire rp just now.
Still looking. May consider a non fandom setting if the plot and character intrigues me enough.
Wow, i`m surprised this old post is still here lol. I have not been around in a long time and real life and family illnesses and a death had kept my rp mood at nearly zero. But every so often, i sit back and think of the good old days. All the fun i used to have back when AOL was popping and the aim messenger was still alive for those who did not have or want the whole aol shebang. Even yahoo messenger has been killed off... So many fun times, so many friends made.. ahh nostalgia..

My above listed likes have not changed. I know these games and animes are old and old school but they forever have my heart. And probably they are about the only things that will interest me enough to get mme to consider rping .

So, on the very rare chance someone out there shares my interests / fandoms please contact me.
@Flamelord Final fantasy 7 or something involving vampires maybe if you are interested. I can fit different versions of my oc into different settings.
Would you accepted oc`s ? I have some ideas for an AU type hellsing with alucard and my oc or possibly an alucardish oc and my oc.
i love final fantasy 7, its the whole reason i started to rp back in 03
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