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Current Bored and wanting to rp. I need online friends :'3


My name is GGGingerRps, but please, just call me Ginger. My pronouns are she/her and I am into a great many things, and I absolutely love to rp. Any and all will be done for rp, except for 18+ things, being I am a minor. I have no triggers to any subjects, though please do understand if I am to get uncomfortable with anything. Send me a PM if you are interested in a rp!

Points of view for rp I will do:
Third person(Ex. She walked on, looking left and right occasionally., She smiled happily at the boy.)
Or the basic style(Ex. *She walked, looking left and right occasionally*, *smiles*
My fandoms:
My Hero Academia
Cookie Run
Friday Night Funkin
(I may be forgetting some, but these are my current main fandoms)

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