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Current Animal Crossing... Okay I am Hooked.
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2 mos ago
Was at Parents House Most of the week. Came home relaxed. Need to stay up all night! and Sleep ALL day again D:
4 mos ago
Getting back into things. Watched sad anime movies yesterday and cried like a little biiii... Baby. :(
6 mos ago
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Its been months i am very sorry I moved and started a new job... I know i was gone for a long time aha...
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8 mos ago
Remember why i stopped roleplaying on certain sites...
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Hello! Just call me Pony. I have been Roleplaying on and off for nearly 10 years. (I started on Gaia Online) I am 24 years old so really I enjoy looking for people over the age of 18. Just so I can have darker themes and such. Not really interested in anything else. I try to get on every day but sometimes it won't be until very late at night. PM me or look at my interest page and we can talk!

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Hello! My name is Pony/Gigits/Or what every you enjoy calling me. I do not mind. I am just getting back into the Swing on things and work 10 hour days so I may not reply daily like I would want to! I will try but I do not know. It might take me a month to respond sometimes BUT I dont want to let it happen. I do have a few Ideas I would LOVE to try and RP out.

Simple Rules

  • Please be over 18. It would make me feel more comfortable in the end
  • Quality > Quantity
  • I play both Genders but I play mostly Male.
  • Talk to me. Please. Don't enjoy what we are doing? Let me know! Have an idea? Let me know. Communication is a big key. I even need to work on it myself.
  • 18+ Plus because of Adult themes and whatnot. Not only for the devils tango
  • 3rd person if preferred! I can do others it just will not be as long just giving you a warning.
  • I write between One to 3 Paragraphs.
  • Trying to improve my writing as well if something does not make sense I can rewrite it.

This means I crave this
This means I am In too many/Not at this time Convince me

Send me a PM if you like to have contact! I do have ideas and whatnot for random things!
Bump~~ :D
I was gone for 3 months and i do feel bad leaving people hanging... Shoot me a message if you like to continue a role play we had going but I had stopped cause of life issues...

But if you are new lets get started.

This roleplay idea is this...

"Death knew it was their time but he couldn't let them leave earth. A one and one million chance it seems. They shouldn't die. They don't need to die... The person of death has taken a liking to them and cannot shake a feeling someone else will take them away.

In this world their are Demons who take on the role of death and take the souls either to heaven or hell. These demons once forced to take this path they are never allowed to enter the gates of heaven or hell. They stay on Earth hidden away from humans until one day a Demon of Death decided to not let a soul die. What is the reason? (Could be war or something along those lines. Romance can happen, I would like it, but I would love for it to develop from friendship.)"

Sorry if its terrible explaining i wrote this quickly. Could go further into depth if need to be. Shoot me a PM if interested.
Edited a little

I know I bumped my main one but this is a craving I currently have... Looking for someone to do a League of Legends RP. Im still trying to get a hold on the lore so give me a minute or help me along the way. PM me and we can discuss things and whatnot.

Not very much into the Devils Tango portation of 18+ of it but i love playing darker themes always. Things do not have to be long! Maybe a Paragraph thats all :)

Added an EXTRA section to help anything I guess
ANother Bump :P
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