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25 days ago
Current Remember why i stopped roleplaying on certain sites...
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30 days ago
Were Eatin Chocolate~!
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2 mos ago
Moving in 4 months. Planning it right now.
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2 mos ago
Working then Home tomorrow night :>
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2 mos ago
7 More kittens to add... Well I guess nothing will come of fixing Mama now :B


Hello! Just call me Pony. I have been Roleplaying on and off for nearly 10 years. (I started on Gaia Online) I am 24 years old so really I enjoy looking for people over the age of 18. Just so I can have darker themes and such. Not really interested in anything else. I try to get on every day but sometimes it won't be until very late at night. PM me or look at my interest page and we can talk!

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Edited a little

I know I bumped my main one but this is a craving I currently have... Looking for someone to do a League of Legends RP. Im still trying to get a hold on the lore so give me a minute or help me along the way. PM me and we can discuss things and whatnot.

Not very much into the Devils Tango portation of 18+ of it but i love playing darker themes always. Things do not have to be long! Maybe a Paragraph thats all :)

Added an EXTRA section to help anything I guess
ANother Bump :P
Edited Main Post. Added Fandoms and whatnot.
Added a couple of plot ideas!! Might add more in the morning...
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