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Current I need someone to roleplay with. I've been feeling like I've been doing nothing but sitting all day.
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Want to know the ox version of OxiClean? OXCLEAN
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Hey guys! Anyone up for a dog roleplay, maybe stray dog?
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Hey guys! Currently I'm up and ready for a roleplay.


Hello guys! I'm GingaLord. I'm a fan of the Ginga dog manga series by Yoshihiro Takahashi, and I love servals. I have a passion for writing books, and I absolutely love reading, and roleplaying! My favorite books, and book series are Warrior Cats, Ginga, The Phoenix Files, Max(movie novel), and The Tygrine Cat. I tend to do advanced roleplays, or free roleplays. Basically just throw a plot idea at me and I'd be willing!

•Stray dogs
•Cats, mainly Warrior Cats
•Roleplays that are based off of a book or book series, movie, or documentary, manga(those that I am familiar with)
•Anime(If I know that kind of anime)
•Anthro animals(furries or not, as long as it's not inappropriate)
•Crime, like police officers, etc
•Maybe some magic school things, like Harry Potter

•18+ themed
•Potentially inappropriate
•One-liners, or roleplays where people do very short replies
•Gore(I'm squeamish)

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There we go, edited the post!
Just noticed that! I'll fix that, but since the Noctis mainly consists of teenagers and does have adults here and there, the Alphas of the Noctis don't have to have children.
Ooh, sure! I really like that idea :o

In a forest in California, with cabins scattered around here and there lie the home of a pack of werewolves called the Noctis. They have their own lore, and are developing. They are also locked in a feud with their rival pack, the Serum pack, who are more experienced and are usually full of people who have graduated college, while the Noctis pack is mainly consisting of teenagers. They Noctis and Serum, however, have alphas who are allies, and are trying to seal in the crack between the 2 werewolf packs. You can create a character and find yourself among them, or you can also choose to be a loner.

In the forest, called Albany Ridge, the packs both have main cabins that are larger and house the main of each pack. The packs both have the same lore, and have the same beliefs. There are also 3 different kinds of werewolf types, based on their shifting abilities: The Shifting Ones, the Half-Shifters, and the Temporary. The Shifting Ones are those who can completely shift whenever they want, wherever. The Half-Shifters are those who can't really shift whenever, wherever, but they sometimes can. They usually sometimes require motivation or some kind of inspiration, and the Temporary are those who kind of have the same problems as the Half-Shifters, except they usually require more help and inspiration, and they are usually quiet about shifting as well and can be reluctant. The packs only have 3 ranks: Alpha Male/Female, Beta, and Gamma. Everyone else can do any kind of job they want, and do not have a separate rank for that. Therefore, everyone else is known as a "Brother" or "Sister". The packs also hold meetings in their main cabins when they feel is necessary, and only the Alpha Male/Female or the Beta may call meetings. The meetings are mandatory and everyone must attend them or face the consequences.

The Noctis and Serum packs are also known to have different personalities. The Noctis are generally happy, quirky, outgoing, and helpful, and very forgiving. However, the Serum are very serious, skeptical of others sometimes, and aren't always forgiving, and sometimes aggressive. The different personalities are one of the reasons why the feud between them and the Noctis is happening, but what is the main, other reason, you may ask? The answer to that is that once, during a war, the Alphas of the Noctis pack were killed by a Serum member 2 years ago. Since then, the Noctis have begun seeking revenge, as they will not tolerate their own being killed by any other pack, or fellow Noctis wolves. The Serum don't seem to be too upset about the situation, as some of their members had problems with the Noctis Alphas.

The Alphas are known to be the head honchos of their pack. They are in charge of everything, and are the only ones allowed to have children. They can be usurped by the Beta who will then choose a random member to be their mate. The Alpha pair must have a good relationship with each other in order for the pack to function.

The Beta is the second-in-command of their pack. They help the Alphas, and do anything they can. They are allowed to hold meetings when the Alphas are absent, and they, along with the Gamma, are in charge if the Alphas are out on a mission or something like that. The Beta can usurp the Alpha Male or Female if the latter dies, retires, or is exiled, and they choose a random member to then be their mate. They may choose the Gamma if they want.

A Gamma has the job of a third-in-command. They are somewhat of a general, or advisor to the Beta and Alphas. They are known to often take charge in battles, and are responsible for training the youth of their pack. If their pack's current Beta dies, retires, or is exiled, they have a chance of becoming the new Beta. The Gamma may also become the new Beta's mate if the current Beta usurps the current Alpha Male or Alpha Female. A Gamma, just like the Beta, cannot have children.

The Noctis and Serum both have the same lore and share similar beliefs. They believe that there is an afterlife, 2 exactly, just like how some people, known as Christians, believe in a Heaven and a Hell. The Serum and Noctis call these afterlife places called Oku(equivalent to Heaven) and Ikiri(Hell). The good go to Oku when they die, and the bad go to Ikiri. They do not have a place similar to Purgatory. The Serum and Noctis also believe that their youth members must learn their lore, and must be trained by the Gamma, or other experienced members, in order to become experienced members themselves. They have a "god" called Lelie, who was the founder of the two packs. Both of the packs pray to Lelie, and believe that she will help the packs. The lore the Noctis and Serum have is pretty simple, to say the least.

These are the rules the Noctis and Serum packs both live by, and must be followed. Breaking even one of these rules can result in serious consequences. The rules the packs live by is known as the Pack Code.

1. Only the Alphas may have children.
2. Since the Alphas must be able to produce children(except Noctis, it's optional to have children), they must be heterosexual. However, they may be able to have attractions towards those of the same sex(doesn't really apply to Noctis being they mainly consist of teenagers)
3. The Alphas, Beta, and Gamma are to be greatly respected.
4. The Gamma is responsible for training their pack's youth for what will happen in the mere future.
5. Any disrespect towards the Alphas, Beta, and Gamma is punishable by exile or death.
6. New members must earn the approval of at least 5 members of their pack before they can become full members.
7. Youth must be respected greatly, for they will provide a great future one day.
8. During full moons, a truce shall happen. No disrespect will be tolerated during these times.
9. Only the Beta may hold a pack meeting if the Alphas are away.
10. If the Alpha Female is expecting children, she may not be disrespected and she must not be pressured.
11. Young children may not witness fights of any kind.
12. Packmates may not attack each other, for they are family, not enemies.

1. Do not disrespect any roleplayers no matter what.
2. As this roleplay is advanced, we expect you to be able to at least write a paragraph or more, and use good grammar.
3. A post must at least have some dialogue in it, in order to give someone something to reply to.
4. No graphic depictions of sexual content, or even any depictions of sexual content, as young people are allowed to join.
5. Do not include inappropriate dialogue, or excessive swearing.
6. Your character can dislike the character, not the person roleplaying them.
7. No extremely long OOC notes. If you have longer OOC notes, post them in the OOC tab for the official roleplay.
8. Graphic violence is allowed, but not serious violence with intestines, etc. You can do major blood.
9. No graphic depictions of health issues.
10. Do not powerplay, metagame, or godmod. Only powerplay if given permission, while metagaming and godmodding is strictly forbidden either way.
11. Contact the GM(me) if you have any issues, do not make the issues seriously known on the roleplay.
12. No sensitive topics in the OOC tab.
Oh damn, just realized I'm only 12 and that this is 18+
I'd definitely be interested! Major fan of the Ginga manga and anime series here!
Isn't smut against the rules?
I'm probably the youngest person to watch Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal, well, because I love watching dark movies.

Used in: Stray Dogs of Northerndale
Breed: Cane Corso
Gender: Female
Personality: Harsh, aggressive, intolerant towards Collared dogs, queenly
Occupation: Alpha of the Slashers pack
The official roleplay will begin August 15th or earlier. For now, chat in the OOC tab and post your character applications there, also to find the link to the interest check for more information.
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